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5th May 16 09:54:56YMMV.Batman The Dark Knight Returns
5th May 16 09:44:09Western Animation.Batman The Dark Knight Returns
5th May 16 06:19:23Black Comedy Cannibalism
5th May 16 06:15:16Noodle People
5th May 16 06:12:26Wham Episode.Gravity Falls
4th May 16 01:52:23Film.Soultaker
4th May 16 10:58:17WMG.Go Get A Roomie
4th May 16 10:57:12YMMV.Go Get A Roomie
4th May 16 10:48:07Webcomic.Go Get A Roomie
4th May 16 10:02:40Converse Error
4th May 16 09:56:35Coup De Grace
4th May 16 09:55:42Coup De Grace
4th May 16 06:00:57Door Closes Ending
3rd May 16 06:33:45Characters.Warhammer 40000 Tau Empire
3rd May 16 04:24:13Completed Migrations.Anime And Manga
3rd May 16 04:23:36Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
3rd May 16 04:21:32Combat Tentacles
3rd May 16 04:19:16Combat Tentacles
3rd May 16 04:18:36Leeroy Jenkins
3rd May 16 04:17:26Living With The Villain
3rd May 16 04:16:54Fanfic Recs.Super Robot Wars
3rd May 16 04:15:53Throwing Down The Gauntlet
3rd May 16 04:15:04Trope Overdosed
3rd May 16 04:13:27Arranged Marriage
3rd May 16 04:13:06Headscratchers.Code Geass And Alternate History
3rd May 16 04:11:47Characters.Code Geass Lelouch Lamperouge
3rd May 16 04:10:10Fan Fic.Code Geass Lelouch Of Britannia
3rd May 16 04:09:28Characters.Code Geass Main Characters
3rd May 16 04:08:57Headscratchers.Code Geass Miscellaneous One
3rd May 16 04:08:23Headscratchers.Code Geass Miscellaneous Two
3rd May 16 04:07:51Characters.Code Geass Others
3rd May 16 04:06:19Anime.Code Geass
3rd May 16 04:05:25Fridge.Code Geass
3rd May 16 04:04:26Ho Yay.Code Geass
3rd May 16 04:03:52Awesome Moment Of Crowning
3rd May 16 04:01:31Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
3rd May 16 04:01:18Completed Migrations.Anime And Manga
3rd May 16 03:59:05Mythology Porn
3rd May 16 02:00:42Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
3rd May 16 02:00:24Completed Migrations.Anime And Manga
3rd May 16 01:59:43What Is This Thing You Call Love
3rd May 16 01:58:38Fanfic Recs.Touhou Crossover
3rd May 16 01:57:59The Power Of Love
3rd May 16 01:56:41Stop Or I Will Shoot
3rd May 16 01:56:25Secret Project Refugee Family
3rd May 16 01:55:12Light Novel.Sasamisan At Ganbaranai
3rd May 16 01:54:50Pantheon.Reworking Gods
3rd May 16 01:54:36Pirate
3rd May 16 01:54:20Panthera Awesome
3rd May 16 01:53:25Characters.MUGEN
3rd May 16 01:53:03Characters.Super Robot Wars W
3rd May 16 01:52:27Laconic.Super Robot Wars Original Generation
3rd May 16 01:51:37Video Game.Super Robot Wars K
3rd May 16 01:50:51YMMV.Super Robot Wars Alpha
3rd May 16 01:50:29WMG.Super Robot Wars
3rd May 16 01:48:08Creator.Studio Mark
3rd May 16 01:47:11Trivia.Skull Girls
3rd May 16 01:46:14Trivia.Skull Girls
3rd May 16 01:45:34Roleplay.Sieg Zeon
3rd May 16 01:45:21Characters.MUGEN
3rd May 16 01:18:42YMMV.Rune Factory Frontier
3rd May 16 10:18:29But Wait Theres More
3rd May 16 08:14:29Anime.Neon Genesis Evangelion
3rd May 16 07:51:31Eyelid Pull Taunt
3rd May 16 07:46:11Creator.Jeff Dunham
3rd May 16 07:16:12Eyebrow Waggle
3rd May 16 07:16:06Film.Spies Like Us
3rd May 16 07:13:55Web Original.Vine
3rd May 16 07:12:38The Simpsons.Tropes E To H
3rd May 16 07:11:50Disney.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
3rd May 16 07:11:15Creator.Marx Brothers
3rd May 16 07:08:35Creator.Marx Brothers
3rd May 16 07:03:34Creator.Jeff Dunham
3rd May 16 07:02:45Western Animation.Bugs Bunny
3rd May 16 06:57:47Adventure Time.Tropes D To H
3rd May 16 06:46:48Western Animation.Adventure Time
3rd May 16 06:46:11Film.Animal House
3rd May 16 06:45:04Series.Worlds Dumbest
3rd May 16 06:30:36Characters.Mega Man Classic Villains
3rd May 16 06:28:31Video Game.Tekken
3rd May 16 06:26:48Self Referential Humor
3rd May 16 06:24:38Body Language
3rd May 16 06:23:53Western Animation.The Perils Of Penelope Pitstop
3rd May 16 06:22:09Eyebrow Waggle
3rd May 16 06:21:44Tropers.Willbyr
3rd May 16 06:20:33Eyebrow Waggle
3rd May 16 06:20:00Eyebrow Waggle
3rd May 16 06:13:57Eyebrow Waggle
2nd May 16 07:53:28Scope Snipe
2nd May 16 07:23:20Self Mutilation Demonstration
2nd May 16 07:09:16Self Harm
2nd May 16 06:51:12Self Harm
2nd May 16 06:44:43Traumatic C Section
2nd May 16 06:42:44A Date With Rosie Palms
2nd May 16 02:26:43Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
2nd May 16 02:26:21Kotatsu
2nd May 16 02:24:46Ladykiller In Love
2nd May 16 02:24:26Lipstick And Load Montage
2nd May 16 02:24:11Lonely Doll Girl
2nd May 16 02:23:47Missing Steps Plan
2nd May 16 02:23:32My Sibling Will Live Through Me
2nd May 16 02:23:08NEET
2nd May 16 02:22:44Nerd Nanny
2nd May 16 02:22:27Odd Couple
2nd May 16 02:22:08Otaku
2nd May 16 02:21:49Trivia.Psycho Pass
2nd May 16 02:21:22Creator.RIC
2nd May 16 02:21:05Saving The Orphanage
2nd May 16 02:20:47Jesu Otaku List
2nd May 16 02:20:28Funny.Jesu Otaku
2nd May 16 02:18:35No Export For You.Video Games
2nd May 16 02:18:16Creator.Sanae Kobayashi
2nd May 16 02:17:09Power Creep Power Seep
2nd May 16 02:16:52One Mario Limit
2nd May 16 02:15:54Manga.Nisekoi
2nd May 16 02:15:35Creator.Megumi Toyoguchi
2nd May 16 02:14:50Creator.Madhouse
2nd May 16 02:14:28Love Confession
2nd May 16 02:14:14Video Game.Jump Superstars
2nd May 16 02:13:25Intercontinuity Crossover
2nd May 16 02:13:05Idiot Crows
2nd May 16 02:12:45Manga.Hatsukoi Limited
2nd May 16 02:11:32Fanfic.The Emiya Clan
2nd May 16 02:11:00Spinoff
2nd May 16 02:09:19Rank Up
2nd May 16 02:08:04Putting The Band Back Together
2nd May 16 02:07:26Omnicidal Maniac
2nd May 16 02:05:40My Greatest Failure
2nd May 16 02:04:07Mid Season Twist
2nd May 16 02:03:08Fan Fic.Material Days
2nd May 16 02:02:37WMG.Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Silly
2nd May 16 02:02:19Lensman Arms Race
2nd May 16 02:01:42It Gets Easier
2nd May 16 02:01:24Horror Hunger
2nd May 16 02:00:26Fanfic.Future Tense
2nd May 16 01:58:22X Meets Y.Fan Works
2nd May 16 01:58:04Defeat Means Friendship
2nd May 16 01:57:44Sandbox.Badass Examples 3
2nd May 16 01:56:14WMG.Grand Unifying Guesses Neon Genesis Evangelion
2nd May 16 01:55:11WMG.Grand Unifying Guesses Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
2nd May 16 01:54:47Happily Adopted
2nd May 16 01:53:55High School Sweethearts
2nd May 16 01:53:05Honorary Uncle
2nd May 16 01:52:17Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
2nd May 16 01:50:10Giving Someone The Pointer Finger
2nd May 16 01:49:35Trivia.Chance Pop Session
2nd May 16 01:49:16Deadpan Snarker.Anime And Manga
2nd May 16 01:46:14Mercy Kill
2nd May 16 01:40:47Film.Die Hard 2
2nd May 16 01:31:25Used To Be A Sweet Kid
2nd May 16 01:31:00Used To Be A Sweet Kid
2nd May 16 01:10:30Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
2nd May 16 12:57:42Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Other Characters
2nd May 16 12:57:07Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Other Characters
2nd May 16 12:56:46Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion The Children
2nd May 16 12:50:24Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion The Children
2nd May 16 09:51:30Noodle People
2nd May 16 06:41:27Manga.Pokemon Adventures
2nd May 16 06:40:58Manga.Pokemon Adventures
1st May 16 11:41:12Boring Insult
1st May 16 11:23:06Do Androids Dream
1st May 16 11:17:13All Work Vs All Play
30th Apr 16 10:11:30Interplay Of Sex And Violence
30th Apr 16 10:09:35Interplay Of Sex And Violence
30th Apr 16 09:59:07Killed Mid Sentence
30th Apr 16 09:41:48Distant Finale
30th Apr 16 09:36:14Suicide Not Murder
30th Apr 16 09:14:41Series.Reading Rainbow
29th Apr 16 10:44:32Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
29th Apr 16 10:44:10Real Place Background
29th Apr 16 10:43:56Personality Blood Types
29th Apr 16 10:43:44Otaku Surrogate
29th Apr 16 10:41:28Odd Shaped Panel
29th Apr 16 10:40:33New Transfer Student
29th Apr 16 10:40:00Must Have Nicotine
29th Apr 16 10:38:38Most Writers Are Writers
29th Apr 16 10:38:01Medium Awareness
29th Apr 16 10:37:33Creator.Mamiko Noto
29th Apr 16 10:36:54Mad Lib Anime Title
29th Apr 16 10:35:41Loudspeaker Truck
29th Apr 16 10:34:44Hollywood Pudgy
29th Apr 16 10:33:54Faux Paw
29th Apr 16 10:33:00Fandom Rivalry
29th Apr 16 10:32:07Christmas Episode
29th Apr 16 10:29:50Christmas Episode
29th Apr 16 10:20:25Darth Wiki.Broken Memory
29th Apr 16 10:19:06Broken Ace
29th Apr 16 10:18:01YMMV.Bravoman
29th Apr 16 10:16:19Funny.Brain Scratch Commentaries
29th Apr 16 10:15:40Brains And Brawn
29th Apr 16 10:15:02Boss Vulnerability
29th Apr 16 10:14:33Boss Arena Idiocy
29th Apr 16 10:14:11Darth Wiki.Bonus Round
29th Apr 16 10:12:07Blood Bath
29th Apr 16 06:20:08Reclusive Artist
28th Apr 16 02:00:26Pages Needing Example Sorting
28th Apr 16 02:00:19Time Lapse
28th Apr 16 01:55:43They Dont Make Them Like They Used To
28th Apr 16 01:53:18They Dont Make Them Like They Used To
28th Apr 16 10:01:19Music.A Perfect Circle
28th Apr 16 09:56:10Music.A Perfect Circle
28th Apr 16 07:09:28Shrouded In Myth
28th Apr 16 07:09:08Shrouded In Myth
28th Apr 16 07:06:15Tropers.Willbyr
28th Apr 16 07:03:58Anime.Lupin III
28th Apr 16 06:47:31Tropers.Willbyr
28th Apr 16 06:46:42Persecution Flip
28th Apr 16 06:46:30Persecution Flip
28th Apr 16 06:43:25Magic Bus
28th Apr 16 06:38:20Film.They Saved Hitlers Brain
28th Apr 16 06:37:32Apocalypse Hitler
28th Apr 16 06:37:21Apocalypse Hitler
28th Apr 16 06:35:49Apocalypse Hitler
28th Apr 16 06:25:09Mentors
28th Apr 16 06:24:38Mentor Index
28th Apr 16 04:22:07Webcomic.Headless Bliss
28th Apr 16 04:17:25Webcomic.Headless Bliss
28th Apr 16 04:16:12Matricide
28th Apr 16 04:01:03Questionable Content.Tropes M To P
27th Apr 16 08:50:47Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
26th Apr 16 02:19:02Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
26th Apr 16 02:18:36Yandere.Anime And Manga
26th Apr 16 02:17:49Telepathy
26th Apr 16 02:16:56Characters.Soul Chess Code Geass
26th Apr 16 02:16:37Powered Armor
26th Apr 16 02:15:40Necromancer
26th Apr 16 02:14:58WMG.Naruto Open Three
26th Apr 16 02:14:08Mysterious Protector
26th Apr 16 02:12:58Lawful Good
26th Apr 16 02:12:30Useful Notes.Japanese Honorifics
26th Apr 16 02:11:52Memes.Gundam
26th Apr 16 02:11:11Fix Fic
26th Apr 16 02:10:30Divided We Fall
26th Apr 16 02:10:05Narm.Code Geass
26th Apr 16 02:09:07But Now I Must Go
26th Apr 16 02:07:55Bully Hunter
26th Apr 16 02:07:15Ill Girl.Anime And Manga
26th Apr 16 02:06:32Shut Up Hannibal.Anime And Manga
26th Apr 16 02:03:51Hand Behind Head
26th Apr 16 02:03:36Atlantis Is Boring
26th Apr 16 02:03:22Visual Novel.Ever 17
26th Apr 16 02:02:47Good Bad Translation
26th Apr 16 02:02:02Negative Continuity
26th Apr 16 02:01:49Magical Defibrillator
26th Apr 16 02:00:34Negative Continuity
26th Apr 16 01:59:11Oracular Urchin
26th Apr 16 01:58:25Awesome Music.PC Only
26th Apr 16 01:57:20Robo Ship
26th Apr 16 01:54:47Satiating Sandwich
26th Apr 16 01:54:24The All Concealing I
26th Apr 16 01:53:25Spiritual Successor.Video Games
26th Apr 16 10:06:27Sign Of The Apocalypse
26th Apr 16 06:37:55Anime.Lupin III
26th Apr 16 06:15:41Monster.Dragon Ball
26th Apr 16 06:14:25Pages Needing Example Sorting
26th Apr 16 06:14:10Sapient All Along
26th Apr 16 06:02:58Time Out
26th Apr 16 05:58:22Pages Needing Example Sorting
26th Apr 16 03:43:37Characters.Warhammer 40000 Dark Eldar
25th Apr 16 10:58:50Web Video.Thomas Sanders
25th Apr 16 10:40:30Web Video.Thomas Sanders
25th Apr 16 10:34:51Web Video.Thomas Sanders
25th Apr 16 10:33:52Anything You Can Do I Can Do Better
25th Apr 16 10:33:13Web Video.Paint
25th Apr 16 10:13:30Tropers.Willbyr
25th Apr 16 10:11:28Tropers.Willbyr
25th Apr 16 10:11:02Tropers.Willbyr
25th Apr 16 10:09:08Tropers.Willbyr
25th Apr 16 09:57:51Tropers.Willbyr
25th Apr 16 06:07:47Image Links.Dark Lord On Life Support
25th Apr 16 06:05:58Dark Lord On Life Support
25th Apr 16 05:57:17Image Links.Space Plane
25th Apr 16 05:55:51Image Links.Space Plane
25th Apr 16 05:53:21Space Plane
25th Apr 16 05:49:55Traumatic Superpower Awakening
25th Apr 16 05:49:32Traumatic Superpower Awakening
25th Apr 16 05:49:09Traumatic Superpower Awakening
25th Apr 16 05:48:49Traumatic Superpower Awakening
25th Apr 16 05:45:26Western Animation.The Lorax
25th Apr 16 05:38:50Monster.Dragon Ball
25th Apr 16 05:34:19Monster.Dragon Ball
25th Apr 16 03:41:03Comic Book.Transformers Generation 2
24th Apr 16 08:34:05Reality Breaking Paradox
24th Apr 16 08:17:12Reality Breaking Paradox
24th Apr 16 08:14:28Reality Breaking Paradox
24th Apr 16 11:24:32Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
24th Apr 16 06:51:10Persecution Flip
23rd Apr 16 08:12:12Fight Like A Card Player
23rd Apr 16 08:11:45Fight Like A Card Player
23rd Apr 16 08:05:49Fight Like A Card Player
23rd Apr 16 08:05:01Fight Like A Card Player
23rd Apr 16 04:57:52Literature.The Call Of Cthulhu
23rd Apr 16 03:56:10Public Exposure
23rd Apr 16 03:49:03Arms Fair
23rd Apr 16 03:42:57Battleaxe Nurse
23rd Apr 16 03:42:32Battleaxe Nurse
23rd Apr 16 03:38:29Turn In Your Badge
23rd Apr 16 03:08:05Conspiracy Kitchen Sink
23rd Apr 16 02:59:55Bedroom Adultery Scene
23rd Apr 16 02:49:55Sleepwalking
23rd Apr 16 01:49:29Music.Metallica
22nd Apr 16 10:06:40Characters.Warhammer 40000 Craftworld Eldar
22nd Apr 16 09:55:55Characters.Warhammer 40000 Craftworld Eldar
22nd Apr 16 06:46:21Pages Needing Example Sorting
22nd Apr 16 06:45:28Weddings In Japan
22nd Apr 16 06:38:56Pages Needing Example Sorting
22nd Apr 16 06:38:36Ronin
22nd Apr 16 06:12:27Pages Needing Example Sorting
22nd Apr 16 06:12:05Paddleball Shot
22nd Apr 16 05:58:53Tropers.Willbyr
22nd Apr 16 05:58:00Same Clothes Different Year
22nd Apr 16 05:57:49Same Clothes Different Year
22nd Apr 16 05:52:58Fast Girls
22nd Apr 16 05:52:53Ben Pictures 1
22nd Apr 16 05:52:47Necrosis Resurrection
22nd Apr 16 05:52:42Media Slayer Productions
21st Apr 16 04:30:54Redemption Equals Death
21st Apr 16 02:18:01Dis Raps For Hire
21st Apr 16 09:46:49All Beer Is Ale
21st Apr 16 09:45:32Tropers.Willbyr
21st Apr 16 09:41:02My God What Have I Done
21st Apr 16 09:40:49My God What Have I Done
21st Apr 16 07:24:08The Talk
21st Apr 16 07:16:31Chou Sei Kantai Sazer X
21st Apr 16 07:16:24Godforsaken Future.Godforsaken Future
21st Apr 16 03:42:42Creator.Stephen King
20th Apr 16 10:44:10Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
20th Apr 16 10:41:20Creator.Kasper A Vestergaard
20th Apr 16 10:39:34Fanfic Recs.Kingdom Hearts Crossovers
20th Apr 16 10:37:44Headscratchers.Kingdom Hearts II
20th Apr 16 10:36:14Recap.Kingdom Hearts Twilight Of The Stars
20th Apr 16 10:36:00Characters.Kingdom Hearts Twilight Of The Stars
20th Apr 16 10:35:42WMG.Kirby
20th Apr 16 10:35:28Trivia.Kirby Right Back At Ya
20th Apr 16 10:35:07Kiss Of Death
20th Apr 16 10:34:31Webcomic.Kiwi Blitz
20th Apr 16 10:34:07Fan Works.K On
20th Apr 16 10:33:31Lets Play.Kung Fu Jesus
20th Apr 16 10:32:54And The Fandom Rejoiced.Kingdom Hearts 3 D Dream Drop Distance
20th Apr 16 10:32:43WMG.Kingdom Hearts 3 D Dream Drop Distance
20th Apr 16 10:32:17Shout Out.Kid Icarus Uprising
20th Apr 16 10:31:59Manga.Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple
20th Apr 16 10:29:44Kasper A Vestergaard
20th Apr 16 10:27:47Visual Novel.Kana Little Sister
20th Apr 16 10:22:16Characters.Kamen Rider Hour Of The Void
20th Apr 16 10:21:54Roleplay.Kamen Rider Hour Of The Void
20th Apr 16 10:21:33Series.Kamen Rider Double
20th Apr 16 10:21:16Series.Kamen Rider Decade
20th Apr 16 10:21:04Fan Fic.Kamen Rider Coronet
20th Apr 16 10:20:04Series.Kaiketsu Zubat
20th Apr 16 10:19:47Just Whistle
20th Apr 16 10:19:14Just A Kid
20th Apr 16 10:18:31Jousting Lance
20th Apr 16 10:16:42Characters.Journey Through The Multiverse
20th Apr 16 10:16:24YMMV.Jon Tron
20th Apr 16 10:15:52Joke Character
20th Apr 16 10:15:14Video Game.Joe Danger
20th Apr 16 10:14:50Characters.Jellyneo Random Roleplay
20th Apr 16 10:14:28Roleplay.Jellyneo Random Roleplay
20th Apr 16 06:46:15The Wraith
20th Apr 16 06:44:46Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 10 E 04 Future War
20th Apr 16 06:20:19Comic Book.Wolverine
19th Apr 16 09:05:42Predatory Business
19th Apr 16 08:59:21Transhuman
19th Apr 16 06:31:39Spontaneous Human Combustion
19th Apr 16 06:31:29Spontaneous Human Combustion
19th Apr 16 02:26:50Website.Jellyneo Forums
19th Apr 16 02:26:28I Want Them Alive
19th Apr 16 02:26:05I Want Song
19th Apr 16 02:25:53I Want Song
19th Apr 16 02:25:06Video Game.I Wanna Be The Fangame
19th Apr 16 02:24:44YMMV.I Wanna Be The Boshy
19th Apr 16 02:24:22Roleplay.Its Just A Game
19th Apr 16 02:24:10Item Caddy
19th Apr 16 02:23:46Invulnerable Attack
19th Apr 16 02:23:35Inverse Law Of Utility And Lethality
19th Apr 16 02:23:22Webcomic.International Comic Continuity
19th Apr 16 02:22:15Trivia.Kaiketsu Zubat
19th Apr 16 02:22:08Characters.Jake Englishs Mysterious Theater Of Scientific Romance From The Year 3000
19th Apr 16 02:21:55Image Links.Insurmountable Waist Height Fence
19th Apr 16 02:21:34Lack Of Empathy
19th Apr 16 02:20:28Completed Migrations.Anime And Manga
19th Apr 16 02:20:04Sandbox.Anime Namespacing Project
19th Apr 16 02:18:09Useful Notes.Vatican City
19th Apr 16 02:17:32Useful Notes.The Pope
19th Apr 16 02:16:33The Magic Poker Equation
19th Apr 16 02:16:19Sliding Scale Of Like Reality Unless Noted
19th Apr 16 02:15:44Seppuku
19th Apr 16 02:15:01Characters.Saki Main Characters
19th Apr 16 02:14:38Useful Notes.Ukraine
19th Apr 16 02:14:16Laconic.The Legend Of Koizumi
19th Apr 16 02:13:56WMG.Saki
19th Apr 16 02:13:33Fan Fic.Pretty Cure Balls To The Wall
19th Apr 16 02:13:11Power Limiter
19th Apr 16 02:12:19Power Levels
19th Apr 16 02:10:48One Of Us.Political Geeks
19th Apr 16 02:10:21Patriotic Fervor
19th Apr 16 02:09:50Ominous Latin Chanting
19th Apr 16 02:09:35Not Cheating Unless You Get Caught
19th Apr 16 02:07:44Useful Notes.North Korea