Willbyr's Recent Edits

26th May 15 02:12:44Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Other Characters
26th May 15 01:07:28Comic Book.Batman The Dark Knight Returns
26th May 15 12:56:05Power Pincers
26th May 15 11:11:43Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion The Children
26th May 15 10:13:23Secret Stab Wound
26th May 15 10:12:54Senseless Violins
26th May 15 10:12:37Sentry Gun
26th May 15 10:12:20Trivia.Sgt Frog
26th May 15 10:11:04Shiny Bulbasaur
26th May 15 10:10:25Ship Sinking
26th May 15 10:10:09Shooting Gallery
26th May 15 10:10:04Skinship Grope
26th May 15 10:07:15Shoot The Hostage
26th May 15 10:06:52Cool Guns.Shotguns
26th May 15 10:06:14Cool Guns.Sniper Rifles
26th May 15 10:03:49Quotes.Master Of Unlocking
26th May 15 10:03:33Its Always Spring
26th May 15 10:03:22Glamour Failure
26th May 15 10:02:26Firing One Handed
26th May 15 10:01:32Red Shirt
26th May 15 10:01:13Relationship Voice Actor
26th May 15 10:00:50Remote Body
26th May 15 10:00:19Restrained Revenge
26th May 15 09:59:23Revolvers Are Just Better
26th May 15 09:58:30Robo Speak
26th May 15 09:58:19Trivia.Rollbots
26th May 15 09:58:05Roofhopping
26th May 15 09:56:04Quotes.Rule Of Cool
26th May 15 09:55:48Rule Of Cool
26th May 15 09:55:30Fan Fic.Showa And Vampire
26th May 15 09:49:02Five Bad Band.Video Games A To F
26th May 15 09:48:52Action Dad.Video Games
26th May 15 09:48:27All There In The Manual.Video Games
26th May 15 09:48:16Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
26th May 15 09:47:52Ear Worm.Video Games
26th May 15 09:47:42Goofy Print Underwear.Video Games
26th May 15 09:47:00Papa Wolf.Video Games
26th May 15 09:46:16Recycled In Space.Video Games
26th May 15 09:45:36Worse Than It Sounds.Video Games
26th May 15 09:44:52The Tetris Effect
26th May 15 09:44:39WMG.The Simpsons
26th May 15 09:44:13The Mockbuster
26th May 15 09:43:11The Just Series
26th May 15 09:42:31Fan Fic.The Just Series
26th May 15 09:41:38Funny.The Daily Show And The Colbert Report
26th May 15 09:41:26The Bet
26th May 15 09:41:07Web Video.The Annoying Orange
26th May 15 09:41:00Virgin Power
26th May 15 09:37:55Sequel Episode
26th May 15 09:37:41Sergeant Rock
26th May 15 09:37:15Awesome Music.Seventh Generation
26th May 15 09:37:00Shout Out.Showa And Vampire
26th May 15 09:36:33Fan Fic.Showa And Vampire
26th May 15 09:36:03Sickbed Slaying
26th May 15 09:35:26Single Tear
26th May 15 09:35:16Skyward Scream
26th May 15 09:34:13Slice Of Life
26th May 15 09:33:25Slow Electricity
26th May 15 09:27:24Glorified Sperm Donor
26th May 15 09:23:39Quotes.They Called Me Mad
26th May 15 09:23:28They Called Me Mad
26th May 15 09:23:11Film.Threads
26th May 15 09:22:52SF Debris.Tropes Ato F
26th May 15 09:22:39Tropes In Space
26th May 15 09:22:24Tropes On Science And Unscience
26th May 15 09:21:47SF Debris.Tropes S To Z
26th May 15 08:23:04Cooldown Hug
26th May 15 08:19:04Chromosome Casting
26th May 15 08:15:36Image Links Wiki
26th May 15 08:15:13Image Links.Evil Chef
26th May 15 08:10:28Image Links Wiki
26th May 15 08:09:57Image Links.Power Pincers
26th May 15 07:59:05Your Days Are Numbered
26th May 15 07:48:53Card Carrying Villain.Web Comics
26th May 15 07:30:06Mental Affair
26th May 15 06:20:36Quotes.The World Is Just Awesome
26th May 15 06:20:18Literature.The Lost Fleet
26th May 15 06:20:07The Last Of These Is Not Like The Others
26th May 15 06:19:53Film.The Earth Day Special
26th May 15 06:18:51Shout Out.The Dogs
26th May 15 06:18:40Film.The Day After
26th May 15 06:18:25Heartwarming.The Big Bang Theory
26th May 15 06:17:51Super Window Jump
26th May 15 06:17:24Suicide Pact
26th May 15 06:17:03Spurned Into Suicide
26th May 15 06:16:06Spent Shells Shower
26th May 15 06:14:06Someone To Remember Him By
26th May 15 06:13:27Soaperizing
26th May 15 06:12:22Surprise Difficulty
26th May 15 06:12:02WMG.Super Smash Bros Items
26th May 15 06:11:45Web Video.Super Mario Logan
26th May 15 06:10:46Creator.Sunwoo Entertainment
26th May 15 06:10:20Funny.Stuart Ashen
26th May 15 06:10:06Characters.Street Fighter III
26th May 15 06:09:49Space Is Cold
26th May 15 06:09:40Space Friction
26th May 15 06:09:06Recap.South Park S 16 E 12 A Nightmare On Face Time
26th May 15 06:08:42Trivia.Skull Girls
26th May 15 06:08:33Funny.Skulduggery Pleasant
26th May 15 06:08:20YMMV.Seltzer And Friedberg
26th May 15 06:08:03Rube Goldberg Device
26th May 15 06:07:43I Thought That Was.R To Z
26th May 15 06:07:21Misaimed Marketing
26th May 15 06:06:00Snot Bubble
26th May 15 06:05:40Snowy Screen Of Death
26th May 15 06:05:14Sound Effect Bleep
26th May 15 06:04:13Staged Populist Uprising
26th May 15 06:03:46Stand Alone Episode
26th May 15 06:03:18Standard Sci Fi Army
26th May 15 04:20:30Webcomic.Headless Bliss
25th May 15 04:19:33Characters.Warhammer 40000 Mechanicus
25th May 15 10:43:10Video Game.Angry Birds Transformers
25th May 15 08:17:20Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
25th May 15 07:18:43Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperium
25th May 15 07:12:54Orphanage Of Fear
24th May 15 09:12:48Hello Nurse
22nd May 15 11:26:57Music.The Dillinger Escape Plan
22nd May 15 09:33:32Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
22nd May 15 09:11:55Dark Lord On Life Support
22nd May 15 08:59:40Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
22nd May 15 06:20:27YMMV.Cerebus The Aardvark
22nd May 15 04:04:08Bathroom Stall Graffiti
22nd May 15 04:02:33Comic Book.Cerebus The Aardvark
21st May 15 09:24:32You Need A Breath Mint
21st May 15 09:22:36Weather Report
21st May 15 09:21:37Squee
21st May 15 09:17:39Sound Effect Bleep
21st May 15 09:15:30Sickeningly Sweethearts
21st May 15 09:11:59Shout Out.Web Original
21st May 15 09:09:57The Scottish Trope
21st May 15 09:07:01Save The Princess
21st May 15 09:05:35The Prankster
21st May 15 08:54:30Potty Emergency
21st May 15 08:52:02Pie In The Face
21st May 15 08:48:55Nice Guy.Web Original
21st May 15 08:48:27Nice Guy.Web Original
21st May 15 08:46:58Motivation On A Stick
21st May 15 08:45:49Mood Whiplash.Web Original
21st May 15 08:43:59In The Style Of
21st May 15 08:40:26In A World
21st May 15 08:39:14Heterosexual Life Partners
21st May 15 08:38:20Groin Attack.Web Original
21st May 15 08:32:51Fun T Shirt
21st May 15 08:30:18For Inconvenience Press One
21st May 15 08:27:41Ending Fatigue
21st May 15 08:05:09Deconstructive Parody
21st May 15 08:03:46Curse Cut Short
21st May 15 07:45:15Bowdlerise.New Media
21st May 15 07:36:30The Baby Trap
21st May 15 07:34:19And Knowing Is Half The Battle
21st May 15 07:32:49Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 07:31:12Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 07:29:33Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 07:15:42Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 07:07:30Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 07:05:03Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 06:44:15Web Video.Thomas Sanders
21st May 15 11:34:01Self Destruct Mechanism
21st May 15 11:33:46Recruiting The Criminal
21st May 15 11:33:22Mad Lib Anime Title
21st May 15 11:33:02I Am Spartacus
21st May 15 11:32:24WMG.Gunslinger Girl
21st May 15 11:30:16Fallen On Hard Times Job
21st May 15 11:29:39Music.Deadmau 5
21st May 15 11:28:44Chain Link Fence
21st May 15 11:28:21Badass Driver
21st May 15 11:27:24What The Hell Hero.Anime And Manga
21st May 15 11:24:38Creator.Vihart
21st May 15 11:24:20Western Animation.The Angry Beavers
21st May 15 11:23:30Series.Running Man
21st May 15 11:23:20Funny.Rifftrax Feature Films
21st May 15 11:22:59That One Level.Puzzle Game
21st May 15 11:22:19Game Breaker.Puzzle
21st May 15 11:21:46Physics Engine
21st May 15 11:20:55Roleplay.Our Avatars Are In A Room Together
21st May 15 11:20:41Funny.Other Friendship Is Magic Fan Vids
21st May 15 11:19:20Creator.Monica Gilbey Bieber
21st May 15 11:18:38Mission Pack Sequel
21st May 15 11:18:17Misaimed Marketing
21st May 15 11:17:55Mind Control Device
21st May 15 11:16:47At The Opera Tonight
21st May 15 11:16:20Bus Crash
21st May 15 11:16:03Cyborg
21st May 15 11:13:22Dramatic Irony
21st May 15 11:11:06Fan Web Comics
21st May 15 11:10:40Grave Marking Scene
21st May 15 11:10:25Harp Of Femininity
21st May 15 11:09:54Knife Nut
21st May 15 11:09:33Kill Em All
21st May 15 11:09:04Killed To Uphold The Masquerade
21st May 15 11:08:30Creator.Kanako Mitsuhashi
21st May 15 11:08:03Creator.Kana Akutsu
21st May 15 11:07:49Luminescent Blush
21st May 15 11:06:49Shout Out.Pathfinder
21st May 15 11:06:31Useful Notes.New Roman Legions
21st May 15 11:05:48More Than Mind Control
21st May 15 11:03:00Super Soldier
21st May 15 10:59:01Tomboyish Name
21st May 15 10:58:33Together In Death
21st May 15 10:58:09The Topic Of Cancer
21st May 15 10:56:43The Presidents Daughter
21st May 15 10:55:55The Masquerade Will Kill Your Dating Life
21st May 15 10:47:07The Mafia
21st May 15 10:45:37The Love Slap Of Epiphany
21st May 15 10:45:08The Handler
21st May 15 10:44:00The Gunslinger
21st May 15 10:43:26The Gunslinger
21st May 15 10:40:45Tested On Humans
21st May 15 10:40:11Tender Tears
21st May 15 10:38:01Signature Line
21st May 15 10:37:43WMG.The Bible
21st May 15 10:32:38Web Video.Symphony Of Science
21st May 15 10:30:37Awesome.Star Trek Enterprise
21st May 15 10:30:05Quotes.Smart People Play Chess
21st May 15 10:29:14Silicon Based Life
21st May 15 10:28:21Alternative Character Interpretation.SF Debris Star Trek In General
21st May 15 10:28:00YMMV.Scooby Doo
21st May 15 10:26:51Science Marches On
21st May 15 07:39:30Rooftop Confrontation
21st May 15 07:35:47Cooldown Hug
21st May 15 07:24:29Fatal Method Acting
21st May 15 07:04:25Film.Terminator 2 Judgment Day
21st May 15 06:41:04Boring But Practical.Real Life
21st May 15 06:40:51Mistook The Dominant Lifeform
21st May 15 06:40:37Quotes.Missing Steps Plan
21st May 15 06:40:03Nightmare Fuel.Live Action TV
21st May 15 06:39:20Heartwarming.Literature
21st May 15 06:39:10Real Song Theme Tune
21st May 15 06:38:40Shout Out.Regular Show
21st May 15 06:38:29Romanticism Versus Enlightenment
21st May 15 06:35:26Tomboyish Sidetails
21st May 15 06:34:33Too Good For This Sinful Earth
21st May 15 06:34:16Too Long Didnt Dub
21st May 15 06:33:53Trivia.Transformers Prime
21st May 15 06:32:30Nightmare Fuel.Mass Effect
21st May 15 06:32:11YMMV.Making Fiends
21st May 15 06:31:58The Runaway Guys.Main Lets Plays
21st May 15 06:31:43Fanfic.Its A Small World After All
21st May 15 06:30:27Webcomic.ISAC And Dem
21st May 15 06:29:43Fan Fic.Hottie 3 The Best Fan Fic In The World
21st May 15 06:29:18Webcomic.Grim Tales From Down Below
21st May 15 06:20:46Trivia.Sakura Wars
21st May 15 06:15:14Trivia.Salute Your Shorts
21st May 15 06:13:56Save Sat
21st May 15 06:13:46Scope Snipe
21st May 15 04:11:54Webcomic.Headless Bliss
20th May 15 09:23:06NASCAR
20th May 15 07:31:43Web Video.Thomas Sanders
20th May 15 07:30:27Trivia.Thomas Sanders
20th May 15 07:30:06Web Video.Thomas Sanders
20th May 15 12:03:51Characters.Warhammer 40000 Chaos Marines
20th May 15 10:00:51Characters.Warhammer 40000 Forces Of Chaos
20th May 15 09:28:01YMMV.Ghost In The Shell
20th May 15 08:17:16Enlightened Antagonist
20th May 15 06:43:19Moe Stare
20th May 15 06:31:36Spider Tank
20th May 15 06:28:53Suicide Attack
20th May 15 06:26:36Subordinate Excuse
20th May 15 06:25:05Hey Its That Voice.S To Z
20th May 15 06:24:25Static Stun Gun
20th May 15 06:23:18WMG.Star Trek Voyager
20th May 15 06:22:39Webcomic.Grim Tales From Down Below
20th May 15 06:22:07Characters.Grid Warrior
20th May 15 06:21:55Video Game.Grid Warrior
20th May 15 06:21:46Good Animals Evil Animals
20th May 15 06:21:06Funny.GI Joe Retaliation
20th May 15 06:20:23Characters.GI Joe Film Series
20th May 15 06:20:01Giant Flyer
20th May 15 06:19:12Trash Landing
20th May 15 06:18:12Trial By Friendly Fire
20th May 15 06:17:25TV Tropes As A Gateway Drug.Tropers S To Z
20th May 15 06:16:36Troubling Unchildlike Behavior
20th May 15 06:16:19Tykebomb
20th May 15 06:14:37Quotes.Go Mad From The Revelation
20th May 15 06:14:20Give My Regards In The Next World
20th May 15 06:14:05Useful Notes.Genetics
20th May 15 06:13:54Fanfic.Son Of The Warp
20th May 15 06:13:31Film.Two Thousand One A Space Odyssey
20th May 15 04:21:55It Always Rains At Funerals
19th May 15 02:25:11Comic Book.Wolverine
19th May 15 01:49:04Creator.CLAMP
19th May 15 01:47:33Narm.Code Geass
19th May 15 10:26:44Shoot Him He Has A Wallet
19th May 15 10:21:08Reading Lips
19th May 15 10:20:52WMG.MAD
19th May 15 10:20:37I Work Alone
19th May 15 10:20:00Guile Hero
19th May 15 10:19:24Shout Out.For Good
19th May 15 10:19:05Triumphant Example.F
19th May 15 10:18:55Creator.DAST Corparation
19th May 15 10:18:18Cel Shading
19th May 15 10:17:33Shout Out.Blaz Blue
19th May 15 10:16:56Anti Air
19th May 15 10:08:46Quotes.Measuring The Marigolds
19th May 15 10:08:21Names The Same.Real Life
19th May 15 10:08:07Science Hero
19th May 15 10:07:50Recap.The Amazing World Of Gumball S 2 E 35 The Tape
19th May 15 10:07:42Wall Bangers.Literature
19th May 15 10:07:25Game Of Nerds
19th May 15 10:07:07Recap.Futurama S 6 E 7 The Late Phillip J Fry
19th May 15 10:06:56One Of Us.Film Nerds
19th May 15 10:05:53Fictional Colour
19th May 15 10:05:27Fantastically Indifferent
19th May 15 10:04:20Darth Wiki.Open Blue
19th May 15 10:03:57Only One Name
19th May 15 10:02:59One Woman Wail
19th May 15 09:58:52Omnibus
19th May 15 09:57:20Ominous Latin Chanting
19th May 15 09:56:49Olive Garden
19th May 15 09:55:41Music.Ode To Joy
19th May 15 09:54:20Music.Ode To Joy
19th May 15 09:52:44WMG.Yume Nikki
19th May 15 09:52:36WMG.Whose Line Is It Anyway
19th May 15 09:52:11Circling Birdies.Web Original
19th May 15 09:52:00Weapons That Suck
19th May 15 09:51:43Web Video.Video Game Confessions
19th May 15 09:51:21Website.Ten Thousand Rads
19th May 15 09:51:06Space Episode
19th May 15 09:49:20Real Trailer Fake Movie
19th May 15 09:48:43Real Trailer Fake Movie
19th May 15 09:48:18WMG.Phineas And Ferb
19th May 15 09:48:00Trivia.Odd 1
19th May 15 09:47:04No Talking Or Phones Warning
19th May 15 09:46:34Fridge.Nemu Nemu
19th May 15 09:45:58Western Animation.Mad
19th May 15 09:45:38Hilarious In Hindsight.Literature
19th May 15 09:45:24Funny.League Of Legends
19th May 15 09:45:08King Mook
19th May 15 09:44:36Series.I Didnt Do It
19th May 15 09:44:18Funny.Horrible Bosses
19th May 15 09:43:48Comic Strip.Garfield
19th May 15 09:43:24Feathered Fiend
19th May 15 09:43:03Exploding Barrels
19th May 15 09:42:25Everythings Better With Plushies
19th May 15 09:42:12Everything Is Online
19th May 15 09:42:01Funny.Epic Rap Battlesof History
19th May 15 09:41:46Web Video.Epic Rap Battles Of History
19th May 15 09:39:44Girl On Girl Is Hot
19th May 15 09:35:08Quotes.All Men Are Perverts
19th May 15 07:31:51Kent Brockman News
19th May 15 07:16:32Bio Augmentation
19th May 15 07:12:58BFG
19th May 15 07:10:33Better On DVD
19th May 15 07:08:58Bathroom Break Out
19th May 15 07:07:29Banned In China
19th May 15 07:05:55Dan Browned
19th May 15 07:05:29Literature.Dinoverse
19th May 15 07:04:41Quotes.Dolphins Dolphins Everywhere
19th May 15 07:04:22Doorstop Baby
19th May 15 07:03:58Shout Out.Dungeons Of Dredmor
19th May 15 06:45:10Series.Home Improvement
19th May 15 06:44:47Useful Notes.Houston
19th May 15 06:44:36YMMV.James Ellroy
19th May 15 06:43:18Hilarious Outtakes
19th May 15 06:42:59Five Five Five
19th May 15 06:42:09Awesome.Prince
19th May 15 06:40:59Poor Mans Substitute
19th May 15 06:40:27Never Heard That One Before
19th May 15 06:39:51Creator Breakdown.Live Action TV
19th May 15 06:39:32Insistent Terminology.Live Action Films
19th May 15 06:38:46Insistent Terminology.Live-Action Films
19th May 15 06:37:34Enfant Terrible
19th May 15 06:37:19Empty Shell
19th May 15 06:36:27Fanfic Recs.Elfen Lied
19th May 15 06:36:15Elegant Classical Musician
19th May 15 06:35:24Just A Kid
19th May 15 06:33:27Jerkass Facade
19th May 15 06:32:55Not So Invincible After All
19th May 15 06:32:33Not Good With Rejection
19th May 15 06:31:47Useful Notes.New Roman Legions
19th May 15 06:31:18Necktie Leash
19th May 15 06:30:48Rubber Face
19th May 15 06:30:28Characters.Relaxing Chime Pretty Cure
19th May 15 06:30:08Relationship Voice Actor
19th May 15 06:28:11Trivia.Rebuild Of Evangelion
19th May 15 06:27:40Rare Guns
19th May 15 06:26:18Dueling Games
19th May 15 06:24:29Video Game.Dragon Island Blue
19th May 15 06:24:02Webcomic.Dont Name It
19th May 15 06:23:30Disney Owns This Trope
19th May 15 06:23:09YMMV.Digimon Adventure 02
19th May 15 06:21:45Western Animation.Detentionaire
19th May 15 06:21:24Fan Fic.Dangan Ronpa The Courage Of Hope And The Strength Of Despair
19th May 15 04:39:31Webcomic.Headless Bliss
19th May 15 04:39:18Webcomic.Headless Bliss
19th May 15 04:33:42Webcomic.Headless Bliss
19th May 15 04:20:34Webcomic.Headless Bliss
19th May 15 04:08:13Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
19th May 15 04:07:33Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes
19th May 15 04:04:28And The Fandom Rejoiced.Webcomics
19th May 15 04:00:36YMMV.Go Get A Roomie
18th May 15 03:58:26YMMV.Go Get A Roomie
18th May 15 03:54:41Webcomic.Go Get A Roomie
18th May 15 01:42:56The New Tens
18th May 15 01:28:12Technicolor Ninjas
18th May 15 01:25:15Speech Bubble Censoring
18th May 15 01:24:33Speech Bubble Censoring
18th May 15 01:24:10Speech Bubble Censoring
18th May 15 12:14:31Dawson Casting
18th May 15 12:01:34Characters.Warhammer 40000 Current Imperial Factions