Willbyr's Recent Edits

20th Jun 18 05:23:26Characters.Warhammer 40000 Current Imperial Factions
20th Jun 18 05:15:52Characters.Warhammer 40000 Tau Empire
20th Jun 18 05:14:08Web Video.Lucas The Spider
18th Jun 18 08:38:04Disney.Beauty And The Beast
18th Jun 18 08:37:38Disney.Beauty And The Beast
18th Jun 18 05:46:16Characters.Warhammer 40000 Chaos Marines
18th Jun 18 05:42:04Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
17th Jun 18 04:36:45Wheres The Kaboom
17th Jun 18 07:23:27Anime.Mary And The Witchs Flower
15th Jun 18 06:51:27Lead Drummer
15th Jun 18 06:25:54Characters.Warhammer 40000 Necrons
15th Jun 18 06:24:13Characters.Warhammer 40000 Xeno Races
15th Jun 18 06:22:57Webcomic.You Suck
14th Jun 18 04:08:52Questionable Content.Tropes A To D
13th Jun 18 04:19:20YMMV.Vanoss Gaming And Company
13th Jun 18 04:17:25YMMV.Vanoss Gaming And Company
13th Jun 18 04:16:08Lets Play.Vanoss Gaming And Company
13th Jun 18 04:14:17Lets Play.Vanoss Gaming And Company
13th Jun 18 03:48:11Series.The Joy Of Painting
13th Jun 18 10:04:21Thieving Magpie
13th Jun 18 10:02:14Thieving Magpie
13th Jun 18 09:54:12Make It Look Like An Accident
13th Jun 18 04:13:50Funny.Super Smash Bros
13th Jun 18 04:09:35YMMV.Reservoir Dogs
13th Jun 18 04:08:15Film.Reservoir Dogs
12th Jun 18 08:29:23Dream Team
12th Jun 18 08:29:13Dream Team
12th Jun 18 06:47:10Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion The Children
12th Jun 18 02:38:56Creator Killer
11th Jun 18 09:25:52Music.New Kids On The Block
11th Jun 18 08:24:14Boy Band
11th Jun 18 08:19:14Boy Band
11th Jun 18 06:57:48Homeless Pigeon Person
11th Jun 18 03:53:56Web Video.Bennett The Sage
11th Jun 18 09:38:23Web Video.ASMR
11th Jun 18 09:25:36Manga.Fragments Of Horror
10th Jun 18 08:09:58Homeless Pigeon Person
10th Jun 18 07:50:57Webcomic.Outsider
10th Jun 18 07:38:09Space Elves
10th Jun 18 07:24:37Space Elves
10th Jun 18 06:36:57Webcomic.Outsider
10th Jun 18 06:27:31Trivia.Outsider
10th Jun 18 06:25:30Webcomic.Outsider
10th Jun 18 07:29:52Thin Line Animation
9th Jun 18 10:12:56All Or Nothing
9th Jun 18 09:25:13Deity Of Human Origin
9th Jun 18 08:47:04A Date With Rosie Palms
9th Jun 18 08:44:19A Date With Rosie Palms
9th Jun 18 08:35:25Naked Apron
9th Jun 18 08:29:42Monster.Anime And Manga A To J
9th Jun 18 08:29:08Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon
9th Jun 18 08:27:42Western Animation.How To Train Your Dragon
9th Jun 18 08:26:10Double Standard Rape Female On Male
9th Jun 18 08:01:58Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion GEHIRN Staff
9th Jun 18 08:00:22Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion Other Characters
9th Jun 18 07:59:27Horrible.Anime And Manga
9th Jun 18 07:56:16Light Novel.Kinos Journey
9th Jun 18 07:33:37Tropers.Willbyr
9th Jun 18 07:32:44Big Lipped Alligator Moment
9th Jun 18 07:29:19Screwed By The Network
9th Jun 18 07:25:07Trapped By Mountain Lions
9th Jun 18 07:15:06Image Links.Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 07:14:28Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 07:10:30Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 07:09:59Image Links.Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 07:03:46Image Links.Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 07:00:55Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 06:51:08Hover Bike
9th Jun 18 06:42:13Bunny Ears Picture Prank
9th Jun 18 05:05:05Homophobic Hate Crime
9th Jun 18 05:04:15Bury Your Gays
9th Jun 18 04:45:00Animal Religion
9th Jun 18 04:41:00Film.Ultraviolet
9th Jun 18 04:38:48Video Game.Tokyo Xanadu
9th Jun 18 04:35:19Afterlife Antechamber
9th Jun 18 04:33:38Mr Alt Disney
8th Jun 18 08:26:46Anime.Cowboy Bebop Knockin On Heavens Door
8th Jun 18 04:21:38Useful Notes.Cambodia
8th Jun 18 04:14:46Holiday In Cambodia
8th Jun 18 04:13:03Holiday In Cambodia
7th Jun 18 09:04:22Awesome.Revenge Of The Sith
7th Jun 18 09:02:23Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Real Life
7th Jun 18 08:59:58Chainmail Bikini
7th Jun 18 08:55:39Nightmare Fuel.SOMA
7th Jun 18 08:53:01Police Procedural
7th Jun 18 08:36:28Dumb Dinos
7th Jun 18 08:34:12Thick Line Animation
7th Jun 18 08:31:13Helping Hands
7th Jun 18 08:28:09Jackass Genie
7th Jun 18 08:20:07Nazi Nobleman
7th Jun 18 07:00:47Narm.Video Games
7th Jun 18 06:58:44Narm.The Legend Of Zelda
7th Jun 18 06:55:33Narm.Video Games
7th Jun 18 06:54:15Narm.Video Games
7th Jun 18 06:50:54Heartwarming.Cinderella
7th Jun 18 09:41:25Color Contrast
7th Jun 18 04:28:14Tabletop Game.Cards Against Humanity
6th Jun 18 03:57:05Jackass Genie
6th Jun 18 03:36:41Your Normal Is Our Taboo
5th Jun 18 04:37:32Your Normal Is Our Taboo
5th Jun 18 04:33:19Hates Being Touched
5th Jun 18 04:32:15Webcomic.Outsider
5th Jun 18 04:08:33Hates Being Touched
4th Jun 18 09:46:05Web Video.Bennett The Sage
4th Jun 18 08:35:46Characters.So I Cant Play H
4th Jun 18 08:33:10Manga.Solanin
4th Jun 18 08:18:23Manga.Solanin
4th Jun 18 07:38:23Funny.The Powerpuff Girls
4th Jun 18 07:29:03Helping Hands
4th Jun 18 07:26:02You Do NOT Want To Know
4th Jun 18 07:20:32Characters.Friendship Is Magic Spike
4th Jun 18 07:20:02Characters.Friendship Is Magic Spike
3rd Jun 18 08:46:07Thick Line Animation
3rd Jun 18 08:40:06Remixed Level
3rd Jun 18 08:36:55Action Survivor
3rd Jun 18 08:35:04Action Survivor
3rd Jun 18 08:28:20Thick Line Animation
3rd Jun 18 08:00:23Anime.Mary And The Witchs Flower
3rd Jun 18 07:57:14Tropers.Willbyr
3rd Jun 18 07:55:37Film.I Am A Fugitive From A Chain Gang
3rd Jun 18 07:32:58Series.Tour Of Duty
3rd Jun 18 07:22:51Evil Orphan
3rd Jun 18 07:17:56Anime.Castle In The Sky
3rd Jun 18 07:14:23Tear Jerker.Rugrats
3rd Jun 18 03:25:50Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
3rd Jun 18 03:22:02Just For Fun.Tropes Examined By The Mythbusters
1st Jun 18 12:11:36Hyperactive Metabolism
1st Jun 18 12:06:32Action Survivor
1st Jun 18 12:02:46Hyperactive Metabolism
31st May 18 11:57:20Power Up Food
31st May 18 11:48:32Oblivious Adoption
31st May 18 11:45:26Oblivious Adoption
31st May 18 11:20:35The Night That Never Ends
31st May 18 11:20:09The Night That Never Ends
31st May 18 11:09:09Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 11:03:38Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:55:42Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:51:20Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:41:55Manga.Private Actress
31st May 18 10:41:10Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:20:07Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:17:48Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 10:10:30Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 09:54:23Characters.Questionable Content
31st May 18 08:35:21Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
31st May 18 01:06:00Monster.Superman
31st May 18 01:03:57Characters.Warhammer 40000 Chaos Marines
31st May 18 12:13:37Characters.Warhammer 40000 Xeno Races
30th May 18 08:47:47Sword Cane
30th May 18 08:17:53Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion GEHIRN Staff
30th May 18 08:01:01Remixed Level
29th May 18 09:13:28Nightmare Fuel.Teen Wolf
29th May 18 09:09:50Manga.Sailor Moon
29th May 18 09:06:02Image Links.Throat Slitting Gesture
29th May 18 09:03:03Image Links.Throat Slitting Gesture
29th May 18 09:02:26Image Links.Throat Slitting Gesture
29th May 18 08:55:29Throat Slitting Gesture
29th May 18 08:44:49Killing Intent
29th May 18 08:38:28Undying Loyalty
29th May 18 08:29:11Ambiguously Brown
29th May 18 08:25:37Dumb Dinos
29th May 18 06:00:28Chick Magnet
29th May 18 11:24:27Tabletop Game.Warhammer 40000
29th May 18 12:37:40Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
28th May 18 11:58:34Manga.Fragments Of Horror
28th May 18 11:14:35Manga.Tomie
28th May 18 10:59:47Web Video.Bennett The Sage
28th May 18 08:21:44Characters.Bennett The Sage
28th May 18 07:34:56Web Video.Bennett The Sage
28th May 18 02:12:11Power Up Food
28th May 18 02:10:25Power Up Food
28th May 18 02:04:28Deletion As Punishment
28th May 18 01:19:30Franchise.Wolverine
28th May 18 12:45:26Franchise.Wolverine
28th May 18 03:22:30Characters.Warhammer 40000 Tau Empire
28th May 18 01:21:53Series.The Dead Files
28th May 18 01:09:19Cluster F Bomb.Live Action TV
28th May 18 01:03:46Confession Cam
28th May 18 01:01:39Deliberately Monochrome
28th May 18 12:56:40The End
28th May 18 12:52:01Occult Detective
28th May 18 12:47:14Once Per Episode
28th May 18 12:44:39Precision F Strike.Live Action TV
28th May 18 12:34:16Useful Notes.American Football Penalties
28th May 18 12:01:38Tropers.Willbyr
27th May 18 11:59:05Tropers.Willbyr
27th May 18 11:44:23Comic Book.Rachel Rising
27th May 18 11:39:24Comic Book.Ultra Force
27th May 18 11:22:32Rejection Ritual
27th May 18 11:01:00Rejection Ritual
27th May 18 10:41:08Tropers.Willbyr
27th May 18 10:40:09Video Game.Space Harrier
27th May 18 09:42:55Manga.Junji Itos Cat Diary Yon And Mu
27th May 18 09:35:00Manga.Junji Itos Cat Diary Yon And Mu
27th May 18 07:45:51Nightmare Fuel.Shokugeki No Soma
27th May 18 07:44:14Magnificent Bastard.Western Animation
27th May 18 07:43:01Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion The Children
26th May 18 11:38:57Video Game.Mortal Kombat 2
26th May 18 10:44:49Music.Steve Taylor
26th May 18 10:35:19The Fundamentalist
26th May 18 10:21:38The Fundamentalist
26th May 18 09:06:29Naval Blockade
26th May 18 09:04:56Real Men Take It Black
26th May 18 09:04:36Real Men Take It Black
26th May 18 09:03:17Real Men Take It Black
26th May 18 08:56:12Afterlife Antechamber
26th May 18 08:55:06Afterlife Antechamber
26th May 18 08:53:46Afterlife Antechamber
26th May 18 08:49:54Nightmare Fuel.Doctor Who
26th May 18 08:47:34Nightmare Fuel.Doctor Who
26th May 18 08:40:33Academic Alpha Bitch
26th May 18 08:33:43Never My Fault
26th May 18 08:24:25Trivia.Tina Turner
26th May 18 08:24:13Music.Tina Turner
26th May 18 08:23:11Music.Tina Turner
26th May 18 01:34:25Reward From Nowhere
26th May 18 11:05:09Horny Devils
26th May 18 11:05:00Horny Devils
26th May 18 11:03:11Horny Devils
26th May 18 10:49:05Hot As Hell
26th May 18 10:44:46Undying Loyalty
26th May 18 10:42:27Tropers.Willbyr
26th May 18 10:40:46The Trope Formerly Known As X
26th May 18 01:10:35Manga.Solanin
26th May 18 01:05:50Manga.Solanin
26th May 18 01:05:27Manga.Solanin
26th May 18 01:00:53Manga.Solanin
25th May 18 10:29:37Deity Of Human Origin
25th May 18 10:04:33Video Game.Diablo II
24th May 18 10:56:56Series.Mythbusters
24th May 18 10:49:19Nightmare Fuel.Fullmetal Alchemist
24th May 18 10:46:13Big Beautiful Woman
24th May 18 10:14:18Tropers.Willbyr
24th May 18 10:12:56Extended Greetings
24th May 18 10:01:34Hand Behind Head
23rd May 18 11:18:59Chainmail Bikini
23rd May 18 11:05:47Hand Behind Head
23rd May 18 11:00:42Wham Episode
23rd May 18 10:36:56Useful Notes.Miyamoto Musashi
23rd May 18 10:15:18Residual Self Image
23rd May 18 09:46:32Web Video.The Needle Drop
23rd May 18 09:46:19Web Video.The Needle Drop
23rd May 18 09:26:05Negated Moment Of Awesome
23rd May 18 09:24:34Awesome.The Last Jedi
23rd May 18 09:24:00Awesome.The Last Jedi
23rd May 18 09:20:07Tear Jerker.The Last Jedi
23rd May 18 09:16:44Nightmare Fuel.The Last Jedi
23rd May 18 11:43:09Beware My Stinger Tail
23rd May 18 11:38:40Ridiculously Difficult Route
22nd May 18 11:45:06The Vietnam Vet
22nd May 18 11:41:58Aside Glance
22nd May 18 11:41:38Aside Glance
22nd May 18 11:21:30Film.Godzilla Vs Destoroyah
22nd May 18 10:32:01Cartoon Bomb
22nd May 18 10:31:27Cartoon Bomb.Western Animation
22nd May 18 10:30:13Cartoon Bomb.Video Games
22nd May 18 10:29:06Cartoon Bomb.Live Action TV
22nd May 18 10:27:47Cartoon Bomb.Film
22nd May 18 10:17:51Film.Powers Of Ten
22nd May 18 08:12:29The Chanteuse
22nd May 18 08:08:50Anime.Porco Rosso
22nd May 18 07:34:43Questionable Content.Tropes Q To T
19th May 18 08:00:59The Straight And Arrow Path
18th May 18 10:11:01Shout Out.Warhammer 40000
17th May 18 10:13:55Aside Glance
17th May 18 10:00:59Aside Glance
17th May 18 10:00:10Aside Glance
17th May 18 09:58:45Aside Glance
17th May 18 04:21:23Aside Glance
17th May 18 04:16:54Video Game.Ginormo Sword
16th May 18 08:35:53Tropers.Willbyr
16th May 18 08:34:02Hyperspace Is A Scary Place
16th May 18 08:09:32Bunny Ears Picture Prank
15th May 18 09:46:16YMMV.Vanoss Gaming And Company
15th May 18 03:33:28Video Game.Animal Crossing
15th May 18 03:33:09Single Palette Town
15th May 18 03:22:15Five Man Band.Toys
15th May 18 03:20:17Monster.Film A To C
15th May 18 03:19:10Creator.Fox News Channel
15th May 18 03:18:34Administrivia.Wick Namespace Migration
15th May 18 03:16:49Administrivia.Complete Monster
15th May 18 03:16:25YMMV.The Lion King
15th May 18 03:15:55Darth Wiki.Fallen Creator
15th May 18 03:15:32YMMV.You Can Play This
15th May 18 03:11:06Comic Book.The New 52 Futures End
15th May 18 02:49:47Webcomic.Strong Female Protagonist
14th May 18 09:18:56Trivia.Berserk
14th May 18 09:16:11Video Game.Animal Crossing
14th May 18 09:09:14Teasing Creator
14th May 18 09:02:57I Read It For The Articles
14th May 18 08:36:25Tropers.Willbyr
14th May 18 08:32:44Film.Excalibur
14th May 18 08:26:16Tropes In Shining Armor
14th May 18 08:07:26Single Palette Town
14th May 18 08:03:31Big Lipped Alligator Moment
14th May 18 06:57:17Literature.Gate
14th May 18 06:42:35Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes Chapters
14th May 18 10:09:47Web Video.Lucas The Spider
11th May 18 09:26:31Open Mouth Insert Foot
11th May 18 09:26:12Open Mouth Insert Foot
11th May 18 09:21:04Noble Demon
11th May 18 01:12:21Color Contrast
11th May 18 05:53:59Web Video.ASMR
10th May 18 09:02:34YMMV.ASMR
10th May 18 09:01:38Web Video.ASMR
10th May 18 08:58:38Web Video.ASMR
10th May 18 08:55:13Fun For Some
10th May 18 08:52:35Web Video.ASMR
10th May 18 07:06:03Dont Answer That
10th May 18 06:59:42Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam
10th May 18 06:13:37Nightmare Fuel.Krypton
10th May 18 05:58:46Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
10th May 18 01:02:28YMMV.ASMR
9th May 18 11:18:47Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:54:04Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:49:41YMMV.ASMR
9th May 18 10:36:30Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:34:59Trivia.ASMR
9th May 18 10:34:29Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:34:00Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:16:15Trivia.ASMR
9th May 18 10:04:11Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 10:00:33Web Video
9th May 18 09:59:10Trivia.ASMR
9th May 18 09:59:00Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 09:57:35Web Video.ASMR
9th May 18 09:32:18Weaponized Camera
9th May 18 09:31:47Weaponized Camera
9th May 18 09:30:46Blinding Camera Flash
9th May 18 09:30:15Blinding Camera Flash
9th May 18 09:24:28Fandom Berserk Button
9th May 18 09:22:27Tropers.Willbyr
9th May 18 09:21:08Creator.Sam Waterston
9th May 18 09:15:00Exhausted Eye Bags
9th May 18 09:14:51Exhausted Eye Bags
9th May 18 09:03:16Shapeshifting Failure
9th May 18 08:54:21Fanon Pokedex.Gastly
8th May 18 09:22:41Anime.Mary And The Witchs Flower
8th May 18 08:13:00Web Video.Michelle Phan
8th May 18 08:02:29Cooking Show
8th May 18 08:00:37Web Video.Ephemeral Rift
8th May 18 07:38:14Series.The Joy Of Painting
8th May 18 06:42:05Vanity Window
8th May 18 06:39:54Vanity Window
8th May 18 06:36:12Puppet King
8th May 18 06:31:28Light Is Not Good
8th May 18 06:23:23Thats No Moon
8th May 18 06:04:28Lets Play.Vanoss Gaming And Company
8th May 18 05:53:01Lets Play.Vanoss Gaming And Company
8th May 18 05:25:44Lets Play.Vanoss Gaming And Company
7th May 18 09:43:09Comic Strip.Dilbert
7th May 18 07:27:03Together We Are X
7th May 18 07:17:18Pop Culture Isolation
7th May 18 07:16:36Pop Culture Isolation.Other
7th May 18 07:15:42Pop Culture Isolation.Sports
7th May 18 07:14:16Pop Culture Isolation.Food And Drink
7th May 18 07:11:44Pop Culture Isolation.Film
7th May 18 07:09:37Light Is Not Good
7th May 18 07:06:17Discovering Your Own Dead Body
7th May 18 07:02:43Pop Culture Isolation
7th May 18 06:56:55Comic Book.Sensational She Hulk
7th May 18 06:37:23Nightmare Fuel.Game Of Thrones
7th May 18 06:28:57Nightmare Fuel.Crazy Ex Girlfriend
7th May 18 06:24:26All Or Nothing
7th May 18 06:22:07Exhausted Eye Bags
7th May 18 06:18:41Chainmail Bikini
7th May 18 05:54:25Western Animation.Jetsons The Movie
7th May 18 05:54:06Comic Strip.Dilbert
7th May 18 06:28:31Animated Music Video
6th May 18 10:12:14YMMV.Thomas Sanders
6th May 18 09:47:44Exit Pursued By A Bear
6th May 18 09:47:35Exit Pursued By A Bear
5th May 18 09:26:21Nightmare Fuel.Shrek Forever After
5th May 18 08:43:36Tabletop Game.Warhammer 40000
5th May 18 04:49:29Heartwarming.Mary Poppins Returns
5th May 18 04:46:51Beehive Hairdo
5th May 18 04:45:30Beehive Hairdo
4th May 18 07:27:37Underground City
4th May 18 07:25:09Noble Demon
4th May 18 06:53:21Comic Book.Red Ears
4th May 18 05:45:48Music.Kenny Rogers
4th May 18 05:45:40Music.Kenny Rogers
4th May 18 05:21:10Music.Kenny Rogers
4th May 18 06:30:19False Rape Accusation
4th May 18 06:03:02Music.Soundgarden
4th May 18 05:59:49Characters.Warhammer 40000 Tau Empire
3rd May 18 09:53:38Mistaken For Pregnant
3rd May 18 09:34:59Animal Athlete Loophole
3rd May 18 09:33:26Artistic License Sports
3rd May 18 09:30:23False Rape Accusation
3rd May 18 09:27:01The Strategist
3rd May 18 09:24:02Tropers.Willbyr
3rd May 18 09:23:32Narrow Parody
3rd May 18 09:14:23Monster.Web Original
3rd May 18 09:09:33Career Resurrection
3rd May 18 09:02:08Video Game.Super Mario World
3rd May 18 08:51:31Webcomic.Vegan Artbook
3rd May 18 08:34:08The Beard
3rd May 18 08:32:32The Beard
3rd May 18 08:20:27We Cannot Go On Without You