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29th Mar 18 05:14:36Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
29th Mar 18 05:13:46Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
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11th Jan 18 08:35:11Heartwarming.Zero Punctuation
22nd Nov 17 11:20:52YMMV.The Editing Room
11th Nov 17 07:37:35WMG.Bill And Ted
7th Oct 17 01:53:51Fridge.Rick And Morty
22nd Jun 17 05:10:09WMG.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
6th Apr 17 11:35:40Funny.Zero Punctuation
24th Feb 17 06:50:26Awesome.The Editing Room
14th Jan 17 02:07:40Awesome.How To Train Your Dragon
10th Jan 17 05:51:09WMG.Film
10th Jan 17 05:48:03WMG.The Lobster
10th Jan 17 05:35:39WMG.Nocturnal Animals
15th Dec 16 10:23:37Film.Sam
15th Dec 16 09:57:34Film.Sam
2nd Nov 16 12:05:26YMMV.The Editing Room
2nd Nov 16 12:03:41YMMV.The Editing Room
9th Aug 16 04:33:41YMMV.Bojack Horseman
9th Aug 16 01:15:58YMMV.Bojack Horseman
6th Aug 16 02:46:50Lame Pun Reaction
4th Aug 16 12:13:43Funny.Wikipedia
28th Jul 16 03:00:42Timeshifted Actor
22nd Jul 16 05:27:51Zero Punctuation.Tropes A To D
15th Jul 16 04:26:51Headscratchers.Kevin And Kell
23rd Jun 16 12:51:00Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
17th Jun 16 12:00:50WMG.Bojack Horseman
25th Mar 16 10:14:17Website.The Editing Room
19th Feb 16 07:16:02Funny.Zero Punctuation
17th Feb 16 02:20:45Fridge.Silicon Valley
6th Jan 16 07:40:35Dissimile
23rd Dec 15 12:33:49Awesome.The Editing Room
20th Dec 15 12:28:31Website.The Editing Room
11th Dec 15 05:26:28Funny.Zero Punctuation
7th Nov 15 05:35:59Website.The Editing Room
24th Jul 15 12:58:51Web Video.After Hours
12th Jul 15 04:39:30Funny.Zero Punctuation
25th May 15 01:04:31Awesome.Mad Max Fury Road
18th May 15 12:19:46X Called They Want Their Y Back
22nd Apr 15 12:06:08Funny.Zero Punctuation
11th Mar 15 11:38:25Funny.Wondermark
7th Jan 15 04:35:45Web Video.Honest Trailers
3rd Nov 14 02:29:06Fridge.Wreckit Ralph
1st Oct 14 03:50:22Funny.Zero Punctuation
29th Sep 14 04:02:54Funny.The Editing Room
17th Sep 14 04:28:32Funny.The Editing Room
13th Sep 14 04:10:48Cracked.Tropes I To Z
14th Jul 14 05:24:00Quotes.Itmakessenseincontext
15th May 14 04:12:17Funny.Freemans Mind Spinoffs
11th May 14 05:27:22Funny.Freemans Mind Spinoffs
12th Apr 14 09:44:24Film.All Is Lost
11th Apr 14 01:42:49Website.The Editing Room
11th Apr 14 01:41:42Website.The Editing Room
11th Apr 14 01:36:03Website.The Editing Room
29th Mar 14 06:14:28Webcomic.Basic Instructions
22nd Feb 14 05:30:38YMMV.The Editing Room
14th Feb 14 07:31:32Western Animation.Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century
14th Feb 14 07:31:30Western Animation.Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century
31st Jan 14 07:43:35Suddenly Shouting
15th Dec 13 02:10:48Funny.To Be Or Not To Be That Is The Adventure
13th Dec 13 03:10:46YMMV.The Editing Room
13th Dec 13 03:10:08YMMV.The Editing Room
6th Dec 13 08:39:31Arent You Going To Ravish Me
10th Nov 13 06:23:01Funny.Monty Pythons Flying Circus
8th Nov 13 03:23:16Funny.Irregular Webcomic
4th Oct 13 06:13:41Literature.Gone Girl
4th Oct 13 06:04:59Literature Of The2010s
29th Sep 13 03:43:13My Eyes Are Up Here
27th Sep 13 01:15:49Machinima.Freemans Mind
3rd Sep 13 05:28:45I Never Said It Was Poison
3rd Sep 13 01:16:30Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
3rd Sep 13 01:16:05Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
26th Aug 13 02:53:18WMG.Eraserhead
21st Aug 13 04:26:21The Editing Room
14th Aug 13 12:21:33The Editing Room
9th Aug 13 03:00:04Throw It In.Web Comics
22nd Jun 13 08:54:11Good Cop Bad Cop
21st Jun 13 04:41:40Web Comic.Sinfest
21st Jun 13 03:11:39Fridge.The Hangover
3rd Jun 13 04:20:40Headscratchers.Pi
3rd Jun 13 04:20:16Headscratchers.Pi
1st Jun 13 08:22:09YMMV.The Editing Room
1st Jun 13 07:51:55Webcomic.Dinosaur Comics
28th May 13 03:34:49Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Webcomics
18th May 13 09:57:58Video Game.Mass Effect 1
18th May 13 07:40:59Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Music
5th May 13 06:21:49Major Injury Underreaction
5th May 13 05:51:12Pirate Latitudes
1st Apr 13 02:22:22Myths Retold
30th Jan 13 04:28:31Fiction Isnt Fair
25th Jan 13 09:11:19Fridge.Infamous
24th Jan 13 02:21:24Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
22nd Jan 13 12:44:24The Editing Room
17th Jan 13 12:53:44Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
15th Jan 13 01:21:33The Editing Room
6th Jan 13 10:22:04Fridge.The Artist
12th Dec 12 09:40:47Fridge.The Order Of The Stick
12th Dec 12 04:18:54Awesome.Thirty Rock
21st Nov 12 02:37:15Funny.The Dark Knight Saga
18th Nov 12 09:12:51Framing The Guilty Party
11th Nov 12 04:20:50The Editing Room
11th Nov 12 03:55:33The Editing Room
27th Oct 12 07:10:14Quotes.Hypocritical Humor
17th Oct 12 11:32:55Funny.Zero Punctuation
9th Sep 12 08:22:56Fridge.Mass Effect
7th Sep 12 04:38:47Bleep Dammit
24th Aug 12 09:49:37Headscratchers.The Big Bang Theory
17th Aug 12 04:38:27Refuge In Audacity.Film
31st Jul 12 03:58:34The Editing Room
18th Jul 12 05:02:18The Editing Room
9th Jul 12 08:09:41The Editing Room
9th Jul 12 06:16:11The Editing Room
8th Jul 12 05:19:07The Editing Room
8th Jul 12 05:13:18The Editing Room
8th Jul 12 05:02:00The Editing Room
7th Jul 12 10:54:13The Editing Room
7th Jul 12 08:18:11The Editing Room
6th Jul 12 11:49:53The Editing Room
30th Jun 12 06:59:16Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
18th Jun 12 06:41:00WMG.How I Met Your Mother
14th Jun 12 07:09:46Myths Retold
14th Jun 12 05:20:22Im Standing Right Here
7th Jun 12 01:35:30Series.Parks And Recreation
6th Jun 12 06:38:46Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
27th May 12 08:26:01WMG.Bio Shock
25th May 12 08:02:20Those Two Actors
24th May 12 05:21:26WMG.Friends
9th May 12 12:21:56Go To Alias
4th Feb 12 07:44:50Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
27th Dec 11 10:36:07Film.Charade
16th Nov 11 01:37:33Myths Retold
16th Nov 11 01:36:48Myths Retold
16th Nov 11 01:25:27Web Original
13th Nov 11 02:46:41Sam And Fuzzy
13th Oct 11 01:48:32Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
4th Oct 11 04:35:00Quotes.It Makes Sense In Context
25th Sep 11 12:03:11Window Pain
18th Sep 11 02:26:27Funny.Zero Punctuation