Westrim's Recent Edits

11th Oct 14 08:44:04Series.NUMB 3 RS
11th Oct 14 08:40:45Franchise.Halloween
11th Oct 14 08:36:46Film.Kick Ass
11th Oct 14 08:32:18First Person Perspective
10th Oct 14 12:50:20Funny.Maoyuu Maou Yuusha
9th Oct 14 04:15:12Freemium
9th Oct 14 07:30:27Characters.Questionable Content
7th Oct 14 04:45:44Literature.The Lost Fleet
7th Oct 14 04:14:15Literature.The Lost Stars
7th Oct 14 01:02:41Castle.Tropes E To L
7th Oct 14 12:47:55Characters.Questionable Content
7th Oct 14 08:29:32Castle.Tropes E To L
6th Oct 14 06:14:18Characters.Rah Xephon
6th Oct 14 03:32:24Characters.Attack On Titan Others
6th Oct 14 12:54:30There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Real Life
6th Oct 14 12:46:04Manga.Jormungand
6th Oct 14 12:44:24Manga.Jormungand
6th Oct 14 12:43:20Manga.Jormungand
6th Oct 14 12:37:47Characters.Questionable Content
6th Oct 14 12:30:27Shot In The Ass
4th Oct 14 11:48:14Film.The Castle
4th Oct 14 06:18:00Administrivia.Linking To An Article Within The Article
4th Oct 14 03:11:37Literature.Honor Harrington
4th Oct 14 03:11:06Characters.Questionable Content
4th Oct 14 09:23:00Characters.Questionable Content
3rd Oct 14 09:51:44Funny.Attack On Titan
3rd Oct 14 09:48:13Characters.Questionable Content
2nd Oct 14 10:08:03Monumental View
2nd Oct 14 10:03:48Monumental View
2nd Oct 14 10:03:17Monumental View
2nd Oct 14 04:45:07Suddenly Significant City
2nd Oct 14 04:44:09Honor Harrington.Tropes A To F
2nd Oct 14 08:11:04Characters.Questionable Content
2nd Oct 14 01:05:42WMG.Morgan Freeman
2nd Oct 14 01:05:11WMG.Morgan Freeman
1st Oct 14 01:34:08Haruhi Suzumiya.Tropes F-I
1st Oct 14 01:11:39Alternate Universe Reed Richards Is Awesome
1st Oct 14 01:01:29Silly Me Gesture
30th Sep 14 01:11:31Cool But Inefficient
28th Sep 14 04:14:49Video Game.Rogue Squadron
28th Sep 14 03:54:44Video Game.Rogue Squadron
28th Sep 14 03:42:52Video Game.Rogue Squadron
28th Sep 14 03:38:31Trivia.Lair
28th Sep 14 03:36:51YMMV.Lair
26th Sep 14 05:10:33Heartwarming.Questionable Content
25th Sep 14 03:08:28Instant Runes
25th Sep 14 03:07:38Light Novel.Campione
25th Sep 14 02:25:54Attack On Titan.Tropes M To R
24th Sep 14 06:18:24Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
24th Sep 14 03:39:21Characters.Spice And Wolf
24th Sep 14 01:01:58YMMV.Ghost In The Shell Arise
24th Sep 14 12:58:45Anime.Ghost In The Shell Arise
23rd Sep 14 06:11:29Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
23rd Sep 14 06:04:03Useful Notes.Los Angeles
23rd Sep 14 06:03:34Useful Notes.Los Angeles
23rd Sep 14 04:54:19Funny.Continuum
23rd Sep 14 03:52:05Oddly Overtrained Security
22nd Sep 14 11:53:18Fridge.Fahrenheit 451
22nd Sep 14 10:24:43Trivia.Playboy
22nd Sep 14 10:17:11Nightmare Fuel.Attack On Titan
22nd Sep 14 06:36:36Series.Chuck
22nd Sep 14 05:59:33Suicidal Pacifism
21st Sep 14 10:01:01Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
21st Sep 14 02:32:27Literature.Safehold
21st Sep 14 12:46:37YMMV.The Walking Dead
21st Sep 14 08:42:15Characters.Spice And Wolf
21st Sep 14 08:38:02Headscratchers.Godzilla 2014
21st Sep 14 08:16:13YMMV.Castle
21st Sep 14 08:10:26Trivia.High School Of The Dead
21st Sep 14 08:02:18Attack On Titan.Tropes M To R
21st Sep 14 08:00:41Funny.Godzilla 2014
21st Sep 14 07:03:39Manga.Zipang
21st Sep 14 06:53:03Manga.Zipang
21st Sep 14 06:29:13Manga.Zipang
20th Sep 14 05:27:22Literature.Saga Of The Exiles
19th Sep 14 09:14:10Trivia.Godzilla 1998
19th Sep 14 09:01:16Film.Godzilla 1998
19th Sep 14 08:50:35Film.Godzilla 2014
19th Sep 14 06:16:13Web Video.Kara
19th Sep 14 06:03:31Video Game.Heavy Rain
19th Sep 14 05:43:51Tear Jerker.Godzilla 2014
19th Sep 14 05:42:50An Arm And A Leg
19th Sep 14 05:41:55Series.The Daily Show
18th Sep 14 10:14:30Manga.Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou
18th Sep 14 07:28:54Giving Radio To The Romans
18th Sep 14 07:23:27Giving Radio To The Romans
18th Sep 14 04:39:28Klingon Scientists Get No Respect
16th Sep 14 10:35:45Idiosyncratic Episode Naming
16th Sep 14 09:40:27Attack On Titan.Tropes A To F
15th Sep 14 08:28:42Series.Defiance
15th Sep 14 06:10:51Literature.Honor Harrington
15th Sep 14 12:26:13YMMV.Divergence Eve
14th Sep 14 11:52:22Literature.Honor Harrington
14th Sep 14 10:47:19YMMV.Questionable Content
14th Sep 14 10:26:03YMMV.Skyline
13th Sep 14 03:15:12Attack On Titan.Tropes A To F
13th Sep 14 03:12:00Tearjerker.Attack On Titan
12th Sep 14 07:08:21Manga.Mysterious Girlfriend X
12th Sep 14 07:06:14YMMV.Tokyo Magnitude 8
11th Sep 14 02:39:10Sadistic Choice
10th Sep 14 01:40:40Gratuitous Foreign Language
10th Sep 14 12:40:32Hidden Buxom
10th Sep 14 12:30:04Clark Kent Outfit
10th Sep 14 12:20:21Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
10th Sep 14 12:13:44Characters.Blood Plus
9th Sep 14 09:00:48This Is Reality
9th Sep 14 05:43:33Series.The Walking Dead
7th Sep 14 11:54:24Creator.Hayao Miyazaki
7th Sep 14 11:50:06The 47 Society
7th Sep 14 05:03:48YMMV.Battleship
7th Sep 14 02:51:40Headscratchers.Godzilla 2014
5th Sep 14 03:21:09Trivia.John Carter
5th Sep 14 02:09:17YMMV.Continuum
5th Sep 14 02:07:10YMMV.Continuum
3rd Sep 14 10:43:23Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
3rd Sep 14 10:55:02Literature.Honor Harrington
3rd Sep 14 10:08:40Characters.Attack On Titan Titans
3rd Sep 14 09:35:42Series.Dominion
3rd Sep 14 09:33:14Literature.Honor Harrington
2nd Sep 14 07:17:04Shout Out.Space Dandy
2nd Sep 14 06:29:36Anime.Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water
2nd Sep 14 12:22:50Literature.Honor Harrington
2nd Sep 14 04:04:09Needs More Love.Anime And Manga
2nd Sep 14 12:08:58Post Nine Eleven Terrorism Movie
30th Aug 14 12:07:30Tropers.Westrim
29th Aug 14 11:25:53Funny.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:58:50YMMV.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:57:35YMMV.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:57:00Awesome.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:53:26Awesome.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:52:27Heartwarming.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:51:43Heartwarming.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 10:45:07Headscratchers.Pearls Before Swine
29th Aug 14 09:30:40Light Novel.Spice And Wolf
29th Aug 14 09:18:20Light Novel.Spice And Wolf
29th Aug 14 04:12:01Death Is The Only Option
29th Aug 14 01:23:45Manga.Bokura Wa Minna Kawaisou
28th Aug 14 07:45:29Hero Of Another Story
28th Aug 14 06:05:33Film.Oblivion 2013
26th Aug 14 02:59:16Video Game.Resident Evil 4
25th Aug 14 12:09:06No Koreans In Japan
25th Aug 14 12:07:31Anime.Wizard Barristers
25th Aug 14 07:02:07YMMV.Happy Feet
25th Aug 14 06:56:01Funny Aneurysm Moment.Film
25th Aug 14 06:52:58Funny Aneurysm Moment.Western Animation
24th Aug 14 09:38:58Characters.Space Dandy
24th Aug 14 01:44:52Shout Out.Space Dandy
24th Aug 14 12:46:06Funny.Defiance
24th Aug 14 12:35:44Funny.Defiance
22nd Aug 14 09:19:53Characters.Stargate SG 1
22nd Aug 14 09:16:06Film.Skyfall
22nd Aug 14 05:13:01Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
22nd Aug 14 09:02:05Fridge.The Road
22nd Aug 14 01:09:18Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
21st Aug 14 05:50:56YMMV.Eden Of The East
21st Aug 14 03:42:19Administrivia.YKTTW Guidelines
21st Aug 14 03:41:44Administrivia.Yes We Do Have This One
21st Aug 14 03:39:22Administrivia.YKTTW Guidelines
21st Aug 14 03:39:15Administrivia.Yes We Do Have This One
21st Aug 14 03:10:39YMMV.Father Of The Bride
21st Aug 14 12:35:58The Main Characters Do Everything
20th Aug 14 11:50:34Series.The Twilight Zone
20th Aug 14 11:44:00Series.Nikita
20th Aug 14 11:41:07Death Is The Only Option
20th Aug 14 11:39:40Death Is The Only Option
20th Aug 14 11:27:58Characters.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 11:25:55Characters.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 11:16:46Film.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 08:07:56YMMV.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 08:02:52YMMV.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 07:58:54Film.Maleficent
20th Aug 14 12:13:29Characters.Continuum TV
20th Aug 14 12:12:44Funny.Falling Skies
20th Aug 14 12:12:22Funny.Falling Skies
19th Aug 14 03:18:06Trivia.TENGENTOPPAGURRENLAGANN
19th Aug 14 03:10:49Anime.FLCL
19th Aug 14 03:04:30Happy Place
17th Aug 14 08:06:29YMMV.Rah Xephon
16th Aug 14 11:22:23Video Game.The Last Ofus
15th Aug 14 09:18:08Manga.Jormungand
13th Aug 14 03:57:18Series.Falling Skies
13th Aug 14 03:53:50Series.Falling Skies
13th Aug 14 09:44:54Awesome.Pan Am
13th Aug 14 09:44:36Awesome.Pan Am
13th Aug 14 09:43:03Series.Pan Am
13th Aug 14 09:27:30Series.Pan Am
13th Aug 14 09:26:21Series.Pan Am
13th Aug 14 08:55:52Film.Godzilla 2014
13th Aug 14 05:08:59Characters.High School Of The Dead
12th Aug 14 10:19:31Literature.Vattas War
12th Aug 14 10:00:03Literature.Vattas War
12th Aug 14 09:12:37Funny.Stargate SG 1
10th Aug 14 12:57:47Literature.Vattas War
9th Aug 14 09:21:29Series.Dominion
7th Aug 14 06:04:59Funny.Battleship
7th Aug 14 03:57:24Characters.Falling Skies
6th Aug 14 11:10:04Funny.Resident Evil 4
6th Aug 14 10:56:55Characters.Resident Evil 4
6th Aug 14 07:58:30Characters.Maid Sama
6th Aug 14 06:02:52Film.Man Of Steel
6th Aug 14 06:02:46Western Animation.Stitch The Movie
6th Aug 14 06:01:46Film.Mission Impossible
6th Aug 14 05:59:01Film.X Men Days Of Future Past
6th Aug 14 05:56:35Star Trek Deep Space Nine.Tropes E To L
6th Aug 14 05:56:32Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
6th Aug 14 05:56:32Series.Metal Hurlant Chronicles
6th Aug 14 05:56:27Animorphs.Tropes I To P
6th Aug 14 05:56:24Literature.Halo First Strike
6th Aug 14 05:52:05Series.MASH
6th Aug 14 05:43:49Series.Diagnosis Murder
6th Aug 14 05:42:31Farscape.Tropes H To N
6th Aug 14 05:38:47Series.Sliders
6th Aug 14 05:32:50The Simpsons.Tropes I To M
6th Aug 14 05:30:19Webcomic.Accidental Centaurs
6th Aug 14 05:20:54Nightmare Fuel.Continuum
6th Aug 14 04:47:05Film.District 9
6th Aug 14 04:43:13Franchise.Pirates Of The Caribbean
6th Aug 14 04:38:59Anime.Casshern Sins
6th Aug 14 04:34:42Futurama.Tropes I To N
5th Aug 14 05:29:35Film.Olympus Has Fallen
4th Aug 14 11:10:46Values Dissonance.Live Action TV
4th Aug 14 09:58:00Killing For A Tissue Sample
4th Aug 14 09:39:13Plots
4th Aug 14 08:59:53Killing For A Tissue Sample
4th Aug 14 08:18:24Series.Falling Skies
4th Aug 14 08:13:31Funny.Defiance
4th Aug 14 12:27:58Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
3rd Aug 14 06:45:25Characters.Continuum TV
1st Aug 14 08:37:06YMMV.Warehouse 13
1st Aug 14 08:34:37Series.Defiance
1st Aug 14 08:30:54Characters.Defiance Votans
1st Aug 14 05:11:24Characters.Questionable Content
1st Aug 14 03:20:41Animorphs.Tropes A-H
1st Aug 14 12:19:01The Napoleon
1st Aug 14 12:16:36Playing Cyrano
1st Aug 14 12:10:57Series.Defiance
31st Jul 14 08:20:00Funny.Casino Royale
31st Jul 14 07:50:22Literature.War Horse
31st Jul 14 03:55:29Earth That Used To Be Better
31st Jul 14 03:45:29Revenge Myopia
31st Jul 14 03:44:27Revenge Myopia
30th Jul 14 02:13:56Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
29th Jul 14 09:37:55Funny.Godzilla 2014
29th Jul 14 02:08:51Characters.Last Exile
29th Jul 14 02:08:24Light Novel.Spice And Wolf
29th Jul 14 09:27:01Characters.Safehold
29th Jul 14 09:25:28Characters.Safehold
29th Jul 14 08:32:18Literature.Safehold
29th Jul 14 08:27:36Literature.Safehold
29th Jul 14 03:19:26Headscratchers.Nier
29th Jul 14 12:50:17Trivia.Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora
29th Jul 14 12:50:06Trivia.Hanbun No Tsuki Ga Noboru Sora
29th Jul 14 12:28:57Series.Warehouse 13
29th Jul 14 12:23:38YMMV.Warehouse 13
28th Jul 14 02:41:38Visual Novel.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
28th Jul 14 12:01:03Anime.The Wind Rises
27th Jul 14 09:28:08Visualnovel.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
27th Jul 14 09:10:02Occult Law Firm
27th Jul 14 09:03:52Anime.Wizard Barristers
27th Jul 14 08:56:38Funny.Attack On Titan
27th Jul 14 03:43:07Anime.Buddy Complex
27th Jul 14 09:30:24Characters.Godzilla 2014
27th Jul 14 09:28:13Nightmare Fuel.Godzilla 2014
27th Jul 14 03:01:15Drinking Game.Infinite Stratos
27th Jul 14 02:59:20Light Novel.Infinite Stratos
27th Jul 14 02:38:22Attack On Titan.Tropes A To F
27th Jul 14 02:29:36Shout Out.Space Dandy
27th Jul 14 02:22:44Attack On Titan.Tropes S To Z
26th Jul 14 06:33:37Series.Dominion
26th Jul 14 03:22:07Trivia.Godzilla 2014
26th Jul 14 01:21:14Literature.World War Z
25th Jul 14 11:22:48Literature.World War Z
25th Jul 14 10:04:51YMMV.The Walking Dead
25th Jul 14 09:14:48Series.Defiance
25th Jul 14 05:47:37YMMV.The Walking Dead
25th Jul 14 01:32:21Castle.Tropes E To L
24th Jul 14 10:50:27YMMV.Canaan
24th Jul 14 11:48:23Useful Notes.The Yugoslav Wars
24th Jul 14 11:46:35Characters.Questionable Content
24th Jul 14 11:45:52YMMV.Falling Skies
24th Jul 14 11:43:54YMMV.Falling Skies
24th Jul 14 12:25:10YMMV.The Walking Dead
24th Jul 14 12:21:27Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
24th Jul 14 12:17:36YMMV.Godzilla 2014
24th Jul 14 12:17:06Trivia.Godzilla 2014
23rd Jul 14 08:27:07Literature.The Lost Stars
23rd Jul 14 06:43:20Literature.The Lost Stars
23rd Jul 14 04:58:52Series.Battlestar Galactica Reimagined
23rd Jul 14 08:45:33Characters.Code Geass Britannians
23rd Jul 14 08:34:12Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
23rd Jul 14 02:01:50Literature.The Lost Fleet
23rd Jul 14 01:52:15Used Future
22nd Jul 14 09:47:22Characters.Questionable Content
20th Jul 14 04:11:44Characters.Black Lagoon
19th Jul 14 07:58:58The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
19th Jul 14 07:58:19The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
19th Jul 14 07:51:50The Worlds Expert On Getting Killed
19th Jul 14 07:48:05Tropers.Westrim
19th Jul 14 07:46:58Tropers.Westrim
19th Jul 14 07:46:28Tropers.Westrim
19th Jul 14 06:36:27Literature.Prince Roger
19th Jul 14 11:28:40California Collapse
19th Jul 14 11:26:21Series.Defiance
19th Jul 14 03:06:18Manga.High School Of The Dead
19th Jul 14 02:57:58Headscratchers.High School Of The Dead
19th Jul 14 01:19:59Wiki.TV Tropes
19th Jul 14 12:50:11Awesome.Defiance
18th Jul 14 07:19:15An Arm And A Leg
18th Jul 14 04:24:28Harsher In Hindsight.Newspaper Comics
18th Jul 14 03:20:01Film.Love Actually
18th Jul 14 02:07:59Harsher In Hindsight.Comic Books
18th Jul 14 01:47:29Artistic License Geology
17th Jul 14 11:39:44Harsher In Hindsight.Anime And Manga
17th Jul 14 11:14:13Harsher In Hindsight.Real Life
17th Jul 14 11:05:45Harsher In Hindsight.Real Life
17th Jul 14 11:02:19Critical Staffing Shortage
17th Jul 14 11:00:56Pen Pushing President
17th Jul 14 10:59:29Pen Pushing President
17th Jul 14 10:58:14Vast Bureaucracy
17th Jul 14 02:22:18Hero Secret Service
17th Jul 14 01:22:30Series.Defiance
17th Jul 14 01:18:29Amicable Exes
16th Jul 14 09:13:39Secret Government Warehouse
15th Jul 14 08:43:55Witness Protection
15th Jul 14 02:16:38Series.Defiance
14th Jul 14 04:50:55YMMV.The Last Ship
14th Jul 14 01:48:40Series.The Last Ship
14th Jul 14 12:45:02Joan Of Arc
14th Jul 14 08:03:01Military And Warfare Anime And Manga
14th Jul 14 08:02:36Military And Warfare Anime And Manga
14th Jul 14 02:27:02Joan Of Arc
14th Jul 14 12:16:04Funny.Infinite Stratos
13th Jul 14 12:59:52Anime.Wizard Barristers
10th Jul 14 04:15:44Film.Riseofthe Planetofthe Apes
10th Jul 14 02:50:32Characters.Nikita
9th Jul 14 01:56:15Punctuation Shaker
9th Jul 14 01:06:49Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
9th Jul 14 01:02:04Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
8th Jul 14 09:00:01Ninety Percent Of Your Brain
8th Jul 14 03:47:19Film.Lucy
8th Jul 14 12:37:13Series.Defiance
2nd Jul 14 04:54:09Funny.Falling Skies
1st Jul 14 07:32:19Manga.High School Of The Dead
1st Jul 14 12:45:26Shock And Awe
1st Jul 14 12:39:48Raised By Dudes
30th Jun 14 07:07:26Film.Maleficent
28th Jun 14 10:22:37YMMV.Wizard Barristers
27th Jun 14 11:12:40Light Novel.Guin Saga
27th Jun 14 10:44:26Film.Godzilla 2014
26th Jun 14 01:41:03Awesome.Falling Skies
26th Jun 14 01:38:05Awesome.Falling Skies
25th Jun 14 11:57:32Series.Defiance
25th Jun 14 11:53:42YMMV.Eureka Seven AO
25th Jun 14 12:39:12Video Game.Resident Evil 4
24th Jun 14 05:03:56Anime.Ghost In The Shell Stand Alone Complex
24th Jun 14 05:03:46Oddly Overtrained Security
24th Jun 14 12:52:48Film.Maleficent
24th Jun 14 02:26:21Series.Falling Skies
23rd Jun 14 10:48:45Series.Continuum
23rd Jun 14 02:13:27Harsher In Hindsight.Real Life
23rd Jun 14 02:12:17Too Soon
23rd Jun 14 01:46:46Harsher In Hindsight
22nd Jun 14 02:30:40A Lady On Each Arm
22nd Jun 14 12:43:47The Pornomancer
20th Jun 14 10:09:50Earth That Used To Be Better
20th Jun 14 01:37:44Film.Defiance
20th Jun 14 01:31:38Series.Dominion
20th Jun 14 12:58:51Trivia.Dominion
20th Jun 14 12:58:49Trivia.Dominion
20th Jun 14 12:58:28Series.Dominion
20th Jun 14 12:57:57Series.Dominion
20th Jun 14 12:33:12Video Game.Dominions
19th Jun 14 11:58:52Series.Dominion
19th Jun 14 11:46:49The New Tens
19th Jun 14 11:46:23Science Fiction Series
19th Jun 14 11:45:33The New Tens
19th Jun 14 11:44:19Series.Dominion
19th Jun 14 11:43:34Series.Dominion
19th Jun 14 11:39:09Film.Legion
19th Jun 14 11:37:11Creator.Sci Fi Channel
19th Jun 14 07:53:35Attack On Titan.Tropes A To F
19th Jun 14 07:45:51Useful Notes.Yanks With Tanks
19th Jun 14 05:45:34Film.Maleficent
19th Jun 14 12:37:47Advertising.The Man Your Man Could Smell Like
18th Jun 14 02:08:42Manga.High School Of The Dead
17th Jun 14 09:56:24Videogame Cruelty Punishment
17th Jun 14 09:50:51Die Chair Die
17th Jun 14 07:57:09YMMV.Godzilla 2014
16th Jun 14 12:32:37Awesome.STARCRAFT
15th Jun 14 11:29:18Series.Flashpoint
15th Jun 14 03:42:27YMMV.Black Lagoon
15th Jun 14 03:35:00Trivia.Black Lagoon
15th Jun 14 03:33:46Trivia.Black Lagoon
15th Jun 14 02:21:53Tear Jerker.Black Lagoon
15th Jun 14 02:20:57Ninja Maid
14th Jun 14 02:35:26Earth That Was
14th Jun 14 02:33:44Earth That Used To Be Better
14th Jun 14 01:38:26Useful Notes.The Gulf War
13th Jun 14 05:38:48YMMV.Godzilla 2014