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27th Apr 16 08:29:47Achievements In Ignorance
27th Apr 16 08:10:24Crazy Enough To Work
26th Apr 16 05:43:58Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
21st Apr 16 12:22:49Characters.Smite Egyptian Pantheon
20th Apr 16 07:41:13Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
17th Apr 16 03:39:11Characters.Battleborn
16th Apr 16 05:24:51Characters.Battleborn
16th Apr 16 04:56:37Characters.Battleborn
15th Apr 16 05:00:50Characters.Battleborn
14th Apr 16 11:00:14Characters.Battleborn
14th Apr 16 07:34:14Video Game.Battleborn
14th Apr 16 07:02:19Video Game.Battleborn
14th Apr 16 06:46:01Video Game.Battleborn
12th Apr 16 08:01:00Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
12th Apr 16 07:19:54Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
12th Apr 16 12:27:15Web Video.TIE Fighter Short Film
11th Apr 16 09:26:51Web Video.TIE Fighter Short Film
9th Apr 16 09:25:08Characters.Battleborn
9th Apr 16 04:48:46Characters.Battleborn
9th Apr 16 01:56:52Characters.Battleborn
9th Apr 16 01:46:07Characters.Battleborn
9th Apr 16 01:39:18YMMV.Battleborn
9th Apr 16 01:31:09Characters.Battleborn
7th Apr 16 06:01:58Creator.Blizzard Entertainment
7th Apr 16 06:00:19Creator.Blizzard Entertainment
7th Apr 16 07:50:15Video Game.Battleborn
7th Apr 16 06:38:48YMMV.Rainbow Six
6th Apr 16 05:52:07Characters.Battleborn
6th Apr 16 05:21:45Music.Two Steps From Hell
5th Apr 16 07:57:28Abnormal Ammo
5th Apr 16 07:46:37YMMV.Company Of Heroes
4th Apr 16 07:26:06Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
4th Apr 16 06:49:48Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
4th Apr 16 05:55:42Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
4th Apr 16 05:27:49Webcomic.No Need For Bushido
2nd Apr 16 08:43:51Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
2nd Apr 16 12:06:01Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 10:05:39Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 09:35:08Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 09:27:05Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 09:25:48Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 08:20:18Video Game.Verdun
1st Apr 16 08:15:55Video Game.Verdun
31st Mar 16 10:19:01Trivia.Smite
31st Mar 16 10:18:43Trivia.Smite
30th Mar 16 09:00:55Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
30th Mar 16 08:59:18Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
30th Mar 16 08:55:02Heartwarming.RWBY
24th Mar 16 09:34:54Webcomic.Hark A Vagrant
24th Mar 16 11:25:55Tank Goodness
24th Mar 16 11:24:33Tank Goodness
24th Mar 16 11:01:48Flawed Prototype
24th Mar 16 10:58:10Flawed Prototype
23rd Mar 16 05:00:20YMMV.XCOM 2
19th Mar 16 06:25:54YMMV.XCOM 2
19th Mar 16 06:22:42Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
19th Mar 16 06:12:27Concussion Frags
19th Mar 16 06:04:41One Bullet Clips
19th Mar 16 05:44:19Characters.Battleborn
19th Mar 16 05:24:31Video Game.Battleborn
19th Mar 16 05:17:04Characters.Battleborn
19th Mar 16 04:59:26Characters.Battleborn
17th Mar 16 09:08:23Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
6th Mar 16 03:39:59Precursors
5th Mar 16 10:54:39Trivia.The IT Crowd
3rd Mar 16 10:24:52Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
3rd Mar 16 10:22:03Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
3rd Mar 16 09:36:26Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
3rd Mar 16 09:23:47Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
26th Feb 16 08:56:56Small Reference Pools.Real Life
26th Feb 16 08:55:37Small Reference Pools.Real Life
26th Feb 16 08:44:18Small Reference Pools.Real Life
24th Feb 16 09:18:53Video Game.XCOM 2
24th Feb 16 09:17:19Video Game.XCOM 2
22nd Feb 16 12:41:15YMMV.Diablo III
22nd Feb 16 12:39:03Diablo III.Tropes A To E
21st Feb 16 08:52:45Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 09:45:12Characters.RWBY Team JNPR
18th Feb 16 09:32:36Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 08:35:51Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 07:02:13Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:49:58Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:47:20Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:44:29Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:41:26Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:30:54Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:28:37Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:18:01Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 06:04:55Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 05:57:17Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
18th Feb 16 09:16:20Trivia.Star Wars Battlefront 2015
18th Feb 16 09:11:28Trivia.Company Of Heroes
17th Feb 16 11:18:20Characters.XCOM 2
17th Feb 16 11:00:20YMMV.XCOM 2
17th Feb 16 10:50:45YMMV.XCOM 2
15th Feb 16 04:10:50Mook Commander
11th Feb 16 02:25:54Blog.RWBY Recaps
11th Feb 16 08:59:16Characters.Killing Floor 2
11th Feb 16 08:54:03Characters.Killing Floor 2
9th Feb 16 10:34:47YMMV.XCOM 2
9th Feb 16 07:45:58YMMV.XCOM 2
7th Feb 16 07:57:12A Bloody Mess
7th Feb 16 04:15:01YMMV.RWBY
6th Feb 16 09:49:16Characters.XCOM 2
6th Feb 16 09:40:05Video Game.XCOM 2
3rd Feb 16 10:50:26Webcomic.Penny Arcade
2nd Feb 16 09:58:47Useful Notes.Canucks With Chinooks
2nd Feb 16 07:41:46Funny.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
31st Jan 16 11:04:55Characters.Attack On Titan Others
31st Jan 16 10:43:33Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
30th Jan 16 03:16:44Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
30th Jan 16 02:52:39Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
30th Jan 16 02:44:31Characters.Attack On Titan The104th Trainee Corps
30th Jan 16 02:32:51Characters.Attack On Titan Military Police Brigade
24th Jan 16 11:49:43Characters.Darkest Dungeon
24th Jan 16 11:35:36Characters.Darkest Dungeon
24th Jan 16 11:01:54YMMV.Darkest Dungeon
24th Jan 16 10:46:50Fridge.Company Of Heroes
24th Jan 16 10:39:02Trivia.Company Of Heroes
24th Jan 16 10:31:53Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Jan 16 12:33:11Characters.Darkest Dungeon
16th Jan 16 12:43:23Characters.XCOM 2
16th Jan 16 12:32:57Trivia.XCOM 2
11th Jan 16 05:16:53The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
9th Jan 16 04:34:10YMMV.The End Times Vermintide
5th Jan 16 12:02:11Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
1st Jan 16 09:48:03Characters.Darkest Dungeon
1st Jan 16 09:47:53Characters.Darkest Dungeon
29th Dec 15 06:49:47YMMV.The Force Awakens
29th Dec 15 06:32:14YMMV.The Force Awakens
23rd Dec 15 08:53:40Highly Conspicuous Uniform
23rd Dec 15 08:46:46We Have Reserves
23rd Dec 15 08:12:31Zerg Rush.Real Life
20th Dec 15 06:49:56Characters.Killing Floor 2
20th Dec 15 06:18:52Video Game.Killing Floor 2
20th Dec 15 06:10:26Trivia.Killing Floor 2
18th Dec 15 05:16:00Characters.Bloodline Champions
18th Dec 15 04:44:00Memes.RWBY
16th Dec 15 04:03:16Video Game.Secret Ponchos
12th Dec 15 11:47:27Characters.Darkest Dungeon
12th Dec 15 10:56:20Characters.Darkest Dungeon
12th Dec 15 09:54:10Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
12th Dec 15 09:17:22Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
11th Dec 15 07:03:54Characters.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
9th Dec 15 02:55:08Webcomic.Hark A Vagrant
9th Dec 15 02:44:23Webcomic.Hark A Vagrant
5th Dec 15 08:10:50Video Game.Rainbow Six
4th Dec 15 07:27:25Tabletop Game.Paranoia
4th Dec 15 07:19:41Tabletop Game.Paranoia
4th Dec 15 06:35:36Funny.Company Of Heroes
4th Dec 15 06:30:33Trivia.Company Of Heroes
24th Nov 15 06:33:45Germanic Efficiency
22nd Nov 15 07:56:48Trivia.RWBY
16th Nov 15 07:04:17Memetic Badass.Real Life
15th Nov 15 03:05:16Video Game.Company Of Heroes
11th Nov 15 05:10:03Trivia.Company Of Heroes
5th Nov 15 07:07:14Characters.The End Times Vermintide
5th Nov 15 04:19:42Characters.The End Times Vermintide
1st Nov 15 11:34:15Web Animation.RWBY
1st Nov 15 11:25:01Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
1st Nov 15 11:16:09Groin Attack.Web Original
25th Oct 15 04:16:47Characters.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
24th Oct 15 09:13:47Characters.Darkest Dungeon
11th Oct 15 12:19:48Trivia.Company Of Heroes
10th Oct 15 11:30:51Web Video.Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
10th Oct 15 03:17:38Characters.Darkest Dungeon
7th Oct 15 03:10:52Video Game.Company Of Heroes
7th Oct 15 02:57:05Video Game.Company Of Heroes
5th Oct 15 08:46:07Characters.Battleborn
5th Oct 15 08:30:03Characters.Battleborn
2nd Oct 15 03:15:48Characters.Darkest Dungeon
28th Sep 15 06:41:23Web Animation.X Ray And Vav
28th Sep 15 06:40:32Characters.X Ray And Vav
19th Sep 15 06:53:24Trivia.PAYDAY 2
12th Sep 15 12:09:36Characters.Tin Star Choice Of Games
12th Sep 15 12:01:33Video Game.Tin Star Choice Of Games
12th Sep 15 11:57:35Characters.Tin Star Choice Of Games
9th Sep 15 06:06:31Characters.Tin Star Choice Of Games
9th Sep 15 05:32:55Shout Out.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
9th Sep 15 05:22:05Shout Out.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
4th Sep 15 08:03:42Video Game.Killing Floor 2
4th Sep 15 07:52:23Trivia.Killing Floor 2
1st Sep 15 08:34:03Characters.Team Fortress 2 Non Player Characters
1st Sep 15 07:50:55Characters.Halo Spartan IV Program
1st Sep 15 07:47:15Characters.Halo Spartan IV Program
29th Aug 15 11:21:01Characters.Saints Row Saints Row The Third Gangs
29th Aug 15 11:19:13Characters.Saints Row Saints Row The Third Gangs
28th Aug 15 02:40:54Video Game.Red Orchestra
22nd Aug 15 03:11:51Characters.League Of Legends P To R
19th Aug 15 07:56:47Characters.Classical Mythology Olympians
19th Aug 15 06:55:11Characters.Smite Roman Pantheon
18th Aug 15 07:59:51Video Game.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 07:21:02Funny.Tales From The Borderlands
18th Aug 15 07:14:20Characters.Borderlands
17th Aug 15 06:55:08Characters.The Wolf Among Us
17th Aug 15 06:13:13Characters.The Wolf Among Us
15th Aug 15 04:47:03Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
11th Aug 15 06:20:16Memetic Sex God
7th Aug 15 03:16:03Characters.Smite Roman Pantheon
2nd Aug 15 08:55:51Series.Band Of Brothers
25th Jul 15 10:17:04Anti Infantry
25th Jul 15 10:16:38Anti Infantry
25th Jul 15 10:08:53Anti Vehicle
25th Jul 15 10:07:44Anti Armor
25th Jul 15 10:05:26Anti Armor
24th Jul 15 12:36:21YMMV.Company Of Heroes
21st Jul 15 09:02:38YMMV.XCOM Enemy Unknown
21st Jul 15 08:42:38Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
21st Jul 15 08:26:36Characters.Darkest Dungeon
5th Jul 15 04:11:29Couldnt Find A Lighter
20th Jun 15 09:52:07Characters.Killing Floor 2
17th Jun 15 12:27:44Firing One Handed
16th Jun 15 07:06:49Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
16th Jun 15 07:01:16Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
16th Jun 15 06:03:51Is That The Best You Can Do
13th Jun 15 03:32:40Characters.Warhammer 40000 Space Marine
10th Jun 15 02:34:21Video Game.Company Of Heroes
5th Jun 15 10:45:16Video Game.Company Of Heroes
1st Jun 15 11:49:07Characters.Video Games
31st May 15 10:04:33Characters.Strife MOBA
31st May 15 09:58:57Characters.Strife MOBA
31st May 15 09:54:32Characters.Strife MOBA
31st May 15 08:52:40Characters.Strife MOBA
30th May 15 03:13:55Characters.Darkest Dungeon
30th May 15 03:13:03Characters.Darkest Dungeon
30th May 15 03:08:42Face Design Shield
30th May 15 02:41:57Characters.Darkest Dungeon
13th May 15 11:48:01YMMV.Company Of Heroes
13th May 15 11:41:13Trivia.Company Of Heroes
11th May 15 07:45:48YMMV.Company Of Heroes
11th May 15 07:44:35YMMV.Company Of Heroes
11th May 15 07:06:58Video Game.Company Of Heroes
11th May 15 06:55:34Characters.Overwatch
8th May 15 11:34:47Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
26th Apr 15 12:56:45Web Animation.RWBY
26th Apr 15 12:51:20Ascended Fanon
26th Apr 15 12:46:26Fanon
18th Apr 15 11:16:24Video Game.Company Of Heroes
17th Apr 15 09:18:01Funny.Silver Spoon
15th Apr 15 04:08:42Warrior Monk
11th Apr 15 05:12:56Fan Service Pack
11th Apr 15 05:05:41Fan Service Pack
10th Apr 15 02:06:10Webcomic.Xkcd
10th Apr 15 12:52:15Webcomic.Xkcd
7th Apr 15 02:05:36YMMV.Company Of Heroes
21st Mar 15 08:38:17Video Game.Dawn Of War
20th Mar 15 10:54:48Video Game.Resident Evil 5
14th Mar 15 05:07:28Video Game.Company Of Heroes
9th Mar 15 02:28:26Video Game.Red Orchestra
8th Mar 15 01:22:40Video Game.The Banner Saga
8th Mar 15 01:13:18Characters.The Banner Saga
8th Mar 15 12:51:42Video Game.The Banner Saga
6th Mar 15 03:18:10Mystery Meat
5th Mar 15 06:19:21Cool Guns.Rifles
22nd Feb 15 10:36:59Funny.Company Of Heroes
22nd Feb 15 10:36:10Funny.Company Of Heroes
21st Feb 15 06:30:52Video Game.Wargame European Escalation
21st Feb 15 08:38:52Trivia.Company Of Heroes
21st Feb 15 08:30:50YMMV.Company Of Heroes
21st Feb 15 08:22:05YMMV.Wargame European Escalation
21st Feb 15 08:18:19Video Game.Wargame European Escalation
14th Feb 15 12:46:00Characters.Darkest Dungeon
8th Feb 15 06:11:40Video Game.Bloodline Champions
8th Feb 15 06:08:14Characters.Bloodline Champions
8th Feb 15 05:44:58YMMV.Bloodline Champions
7th Feb 15 01:08:04Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
7th Feb 15 12:58:33Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
3rd Feb 15 06:29:34Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
3rd Feb 15 06:17:42Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
3rd Feb 15 05:42:05Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
1st Feb 15 10:55:19Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
31st Jan 15 02:25:21Break The Scientist
25th Jan 15 02:12:40Characters.Dragon Age
22nd Jan 15 04:16:59The Musketeer
18th Jan 15 04:24:29Veteran Unit
18th Jan 15 03:43:10Veteran Unit
14th Jan 15 02:12:37Video Game.Darkest Dungeon
11th Jan 15 10:44:59Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
11th Jan 15 08:53:18Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
11th Jan 15 08:34:17Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
9th Jan 15 05:49:38Characters.RWBY Other
5th Jan 15 06:51:54Awesome Music.RWBY
5th Jan 15 04:10:15Outranking Your Job
4th Jan 15 01:21:23Film.Twenty One Jump Street
3rd Jan 15 08:39:37Characters.The Banner Saga
25th Dec 14 03:00:51Film.Letters From Iwo Jima
25th Dec 14 02:53:35Film.Letters From Iwo Jima
25th Dec 14 02:41:11Film.Letters From Iwo Jima
25th Dec 14 02:16:11Film.Letters From Iwo Jima
24th Dec 14 08:58:13Characters.The Banner Saga
24th Dec 14 08:43:54Video Game.The Banner Saga
24th Dec 14 07:56:38Armor Is Useless
24th Dec 14 01:59:32Comicbook.Fables
12th Dec 14 11:47:11Video Game.Company Of Heroes
9th Dec 14 01:47:36Video Game.Chivalry Medieval Warfare
8th Dec 14 02:07:55Video Game.Company Of Heroes
6th Dec 14 01:05:09Web Animation.X Ray And Vav
28th Nov 14 05:37:48Web Video.X Ray And Vav
23rd Nov 14 10:23:13Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Nov 14 08:13:02Web Animation.RWBY
19th Nov 14 08:07:48Characters.RWBY Other
19th Nov 14 10:09:02Video Game.Company Of Heroes
12th Nov 14 05:09:01Funny.Company Of Heroes
11th Nov 14 09:10:54Video Game.Xenonauts
9th Nov 14 09:59:18Video Game.The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
7th Nov 14 07:13:53Video Game.Overwatch
7th Nov 14 05:15:56Video Game.Overwatch
25th Oct 14 09:31:02Characters.The Banner Saga
25th Oct 14 09:29:20Characters.The Banner Saga
25th Oct 14 08:03:49Characters.The Banner Saga
25th Oct 14 07:32:13Characters.The Banner Saga
24th Oct 14 02:17:49Characters.RWBY Other
18th Oct 14 08:20:51Servile Snarker
13th Oct 14 12:52:20Blog.RWBY Recaps
5th Oct 14 08:16:48Black Swords Are Better
3rd Oct 14 01:44:32Trivia.Company Of Heroes
2nd Oct 14 06:02:29Warhammer40000.W40k Tropes Q To Z
30th Sep 14 05:58:21Trivia.Company Of Heroes
30th Sep 14 05:57:23Video Game.Company Of Heroes
27th Sep 14 07:17:44Characters.The Banner Saga
27th Sep 14 12:51:10Easy Logistics
25th Sep 14 06:37:25Teeth Flying
23rd Sep 14 07:35:00Boxed Crook
23rd Sep 14 06:28:58Kill It With Fire.Video Games
20th Sep 14 04:12:23Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Sep 14 07:18:48Video Game.Company Of Heroes
19th Sep 14 07:01:41YMMV.Red Orchestra
19th Sep 14 06:09:43Video Game.Company Of Heroes
15th Sep 14 03:37:26Funny.Company Of Heroes
15th Sep 14 03:33:58Trivia.Company Of Heroes
13th Sep 14 12:23:02Tabletop Game.Vampire The Requiem
10th Sep 14 11:45:54Badass Grandpa.Real Life
10th Sep 14 11:44:10Badass Grandpa.Real Life
10th Sep 14 11:37:12Badass Grandpa.Real Life
7th Sep 14 01:38:05Funny.Archer
6th Sep 14 05:19:36Our Liches Are Different
6th Sep 14 10:33:53Trial By Combat
6th Sep 14 10:33:12Combat By Champion
5th Sep 14 04:20:42Trivia.RWBY
3rd Sep 14 02:59:17Sore Loser
3rd Sep 14 02:45:26Characters.RWBY Beacon Academy
3rd Sep 14 02:23:15Suicide Mission
3rd Sep 14 02:21:30Suicide Mission
3rd Sep 14 01:59:34Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard
3rd Sep 14 01:59:18Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard
3rd Sep 14 01:56:25Mortonsfork
3rd Sep 14 01:50:44Human Resources
3rd Sep 14 01:39:52Trial By Friendly Fire
3rd Sep 14 01:16:45Trial By Friendly Fire
3rd Sep 14 01:11:31Friend Or Foe
3rd Sep 14 01:02:53Friend Or Foe
2nd Sep 14 02:27:11Video Game.Company Of Heroes
2nd Sep 14 10:43:51Characters.Roosterteeth
1st Sep 14 11:42:21Characters.RWBY Team JNPR
31st Aug 14 06:00:34Characters.Ciaphas Cain
31st Aug 14 12:47:52Tabletop Game.Paranoia
31st Aug 14 12:19:12Tabletopgame.Paranoia
31st Aug 14 09:15:11Video Game.Hearthstone Heroes Of Warcraft
28th Aug 14 06:46:41Characters.RWBY Beacon Academy
28th Aug 14 06:34:32Characters.RWBY Team JNPR
22nd Aug 14 06:19:45Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
13th Aug 14 12:57:04Stand Your Ground
13th Aug 14 12:14:46Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
10th Aug 14 12:12:07Characters.RWBY Beacon Academy
7th Aug 14 06:46:41Windbag Politician
6th Aug 14 10:29:13Video Game.Company Of Heroes
6th Aug 14 10:16:55Video Game.Company Of Heroes
5th Aug 14 08:39:35Characters.Diablo
5th Aug 14 07:56:10Characters.Diablo
5th Aug 14 07:24:13Testosterone Brigade
5th Aug 14 07:20:12Serrated Blade Of Pain
5th Aug 14 07:18:58Serrated Blade Of Pain
4th Aug 14 06:45:24Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
4th Aug 14 06:08:51Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
31st Jul 14 08:24:44Video Game.Company Of Heroes
31st Jul 14 04:52:21Diablo III.Tropes F To J
31st Jul 14 09:33:23Characters.League Of Legends G To J
31st Jul 14 09:19:39Characters.League Of Legends G To J
29th Jul 14 04:22:07Video Game.Company Of Heroes
28th Jul 14 07:37:06Helmets Are Hardly Heroic
28th Jul 14 06:43:30YMMV.Black Legion
28th Jul 14 05:57:47Asskicking Equals Authority
28th Jul 14 05:57:20Asskicking Equals Authority
26th Jul 14 11:02:58Meaningful Name.Tabletop Games
26th Jul 14 10:58:12Characters.Warhammer 40000 Astartes
25th Jul 14 01:10:50YMMV.Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
24th Jul 14 11:52:03Bacon Addiction
24th Jul 14 07:16:10Video Game.Company Of Heroes
17th Jul 14 11:01:50Shadow Dictator
17th Jul 14 10:37:59Shadow Dictator
17th Jul 14 10:36:56Shadow Dictator
15th Jul 14 08:16:21Characters.Rise Of The Reds
13th Jul 14 07:08:51Funny.Splintercell
13th Jul 14 07:04:37Funny.Splintercell
8th Jul 14 12:08:49Lightning Bruiser.Real Life
8th Jul 14 10:21:15Fantasy Character Classes
8th Jul 14 09:50:18Dark Fantasy
6th Jul 14 05:58:38Literature.Knight And Rogue Series
6th Jul 14 03:43:38Guilt Based Gaming
3rd Jul 14 01:03:56Comic Strip.The Perry Bible Fellowship