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20th Aug 17 02:40:56Cool Old Guy
19th Aug 17 07:52:03Characters.Saints Row The Third Street Saints
19th Aug 17 06:04:50Characters.Agents Of Mayhem
16th Aug 17 04:25:37There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
15th Aug 17 06:42:29There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
13th Aug 17 10:19:45Characters.Smite Celtic Pantheon
13th Aug 17 09:53:12Characters.Smite Japanese Pantheon
13th Aug 17 09:52:28Characters.Smite Japanese Pantheon
13th Aug 17 10:50:03Characters.Tales Of Berseria
12th Aug 17 06:57:23Characters.Smite Norse Pantheon
10th Aug 17 07:02:59Video Game.Total War Warhammer
9th Aug 17 09:06:36YMMV.Terminal Lance
9th Aug 17 09:06:22YMMV.Terminal Lance
8th Aug 17 09:53:56Gamebreaker.Total War
8th Aug 17 06:52:35Characters.Tales Of Berseria
6th Aug 17 09:38:44Chain Lightning
6th Aug 17 09:25:22YMMV.Total War Warhammer
5th Aug 17 11:25:22Video Game.Evolve
4th Aug 17 05:52:06Webcomic.Terminal Lance
3rd Aug 17 10:21:53Grappling With Grappling Rules
30th Jul 17 09:50:26Characters.Tales Of Berseria
30th Jul 17 09:48:13Characters.Tales Of Berseria
30th Jul 17 08:32:27Characters.Tales Of Berseria
30th Jul 17 07:54:45Characters.Tales Of Berseria
30th Jul 17 07:26:29Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 10:02:40Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 09:03:12Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 08:04:54Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:52:40Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:47:58Alternative Character Interpretation.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:44:39Alternative Character Interpretation.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:30:56Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:17:14Characters.Tales Of Berseria
27th Jul 17 07:02:30Characters.Tales Of Berseria
12th Jul 17 11:26:24Gamebreaker.Total War
12th Jul 17 11:16:45YMMV.Total War
12th Jul 17 11:13:49Video Game.Total War
10th Jul 17 11:13:50Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Founders
10th Jul 17 09:54:59Video Game.Warhammer 40000 Space Marine
5th Jul 17 08:38:07Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
4th Jul 17 05:56:40Knight In Shining Armor
4th Jul 17 05:51:52Knight In Shining Armor
4th Jul 17 05:37:43Knight In Shining Armor
2nd Jul 17 05:30:57Literature.Captain Underpants
1st Jul 17 10:39:43Bows Versus Crossbows
1st Jul 17 09:48:28Suffer The Slings
25th Jun 17 11:30:20Bows Versus Crossbows
25th Jun 17 08:34:07Video Game.Total War Attila
24th Jun 17 08:24:19Webcomic.Apocalyptic Horseplay
20th Jun 17 10:48:34Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 10:39:54Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 10:35:34Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 10:31:46Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 08:49:38Hopeless War
20th Jun 17 07:27:44Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 07:08:11Characters.Gravity Rush
20th Jun 17 07:06:06Characters.Gravity Rush
18th Jun 17 10:15:40Video Game.Total War Attila
17th Jun 17 07:54:46Characters.Darkest Dungeon
15th Jun 17 03:58:32Characters.Darkest Dungeon
15th Jun 17 03:24:46Characters.Darkest Dungeon
15th Jun 17 02:13:46Characters.Battleborn UPR
12th Jun 17 09:59:24YMMV.Total War Warhammer
12th Jun 17 09:58:13YMMV.Total War Warhammer
7th Jun 17 10:10:55Characters.Paragon
7th Jun 17 10:00:53Characters.Paragon
5th Jun 17 08:56:14Video Game.Total War Rome II
5th Jun 17 08:36:44Video Game.Total War Rome II
5th Jun 17 07:46:45Video Game.Total War Attila
2nd Jun 17 09:12:18Webcomic.Terminal Lance
29th May 17 08:50:00Suffer The Slings
28th May 17 06:22:14Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
28th May 17 06:19:04Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
23rd May 17 09:46:16Characters.Gigantic
16th May 17 04:28:11YMMV.Rainbow Six Siege
15th May 17 07:08:06Characters.Nier Automata
15th May 17 07:06:20Characters.Nier Automata
10th May 17 05:24:32YMMV.Darkest Dungeon
10th May 17 05:23:14YMMV.Darkest Dungeon
9th May 17 10:53:25Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 10:33:40Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 10:27:34Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 10:24:03Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 10:17:23Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 09:51:07Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 09:25:07Characters.Nier Automata
9th May 17 08:48:55Decoy Protagonist
9th May 17 01:36:25Creator.Michelangelo Buonarroti
8th May 17 03:48:32Overly Narrow Superlative
5th May 17 11:27:48Video Game.Medieval II Total War
4th May 17 12:15:09Morale Mechanic
4th May 17 12:13:02Morale Mechanic
4th May 17 11:42:53Video Game.Total War Attila
2nd May 17 09:02:46Comicbook.The Unbelievable Gwenpool
2nd May 17 08:42:55Comicbook.The Unbelievable Gwenpool
2nd May 17 12:16:19Characters.The Unbelievable Gwenpool
1st May 17 11:53:36Comicbook.The Unbelievable Gwenpool
1st May 17 11:24:52Characters.The Unbelievable Gwenpool
30th Apr 17 11:06:01Webcomic.Undead Ed
28th Apr 17 08:31:06YMMV.Rome Total War
28th Apr 17 07:56:41Characters.Battlefield 1
28th Apr 17 10:53:55Memes.Western Animation
26th Apr 17 10:47:22Characters.Battlefield 1
23rd Apr 17 11:01:15Skill Shot
20th Apr 17 01:46:11Characters.For Honor
19th Apr 17 11:22:23Characters.For Honor
19th Apr 17 11:12:23Video Game.For Honor
19th Apr 17 10:56:49Characters.For Honor
19th Apr 17 10:38:12YMMV.For Honor
13th Apr 17 10:44:05YMMV.Total War
12th Apr 17 08:45:17Gamebreaker.Total War
8th Apr 17 11:48:59Useful Notes.The American Civil War
8th Apr 17 07:22:09Characters.For Honor
8th Apr 17 06:34:47Epic Flail
28th Mar 17 03:40:17Top Heavy Guy
26th Mar 17 03:51:12Memetic Badass.Real Life
26th Mar 17 10:18:04Video Game.Total War Attila
24th Mar 17 03:11:57Blood Splattered Warrior
24th Mar 17 02:46:27Attack On Titan.Tropes S To Z
24th Mar 17 11:56:55Warrior Poet
23rd Mar 17 09:57:38Characters.Attack On Titan Survey Corps
23rd Mar 17 09:13:36Attack On Titan.Tropes A To F
20th Mar 17 06:05:51Characters.Norse Mythology
20th Mar 17 06:04:29Characters.Norse Mythology
20th Mar 17 05:24:03Characters.Rainbow Six Siege
19th Mar 17 05:25:19Mad Lib Metal Lyrics
17th Mar 17 01:01:17Unfortunate Names
15th Mar 17 06:21:47YMMV.For Honor
14th Mar 17 02:35:16Video Game.Total War Attila
13th Mar 17 12:56:00Series.Letterkenny
13th Mar 17 12:40:18Series.Letterkenny
11th Mar 17 01:21:39Tabletop Game.Red Dragon Inn
11th Mar 17 12:22:27Characters.Smite Egyptian Pantheon
8th Mar 17 08:23:31Characters.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
8th Mar 17 08:19:49Characters.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
8th Mar 17 02:19:00YMMV.Xenonauts
8th Mar 17 01:22:15Camp Follower
8th Mar 17 10:49:44YMMV.Skallagrim
6th Mar 17 09:10:18Unnecessary Combat Roll
2nd Mar 17 05:22:20Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
23rd Feb 17 08:57:07The Berserker
23rd Feb 17 07:49:19One True Threesome
23rd Feb 17 07:48:35One True Threesome
23rd Feb 17 07:47:52One True Threesome
22nd Feb 17 04:38:00The Berserker
22nd Feb 17 12:39:40YMMV.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
21st Feb 17 04:14:31YMMV.For Honor
19th Feb 17 11:43:49Characters.For Honor
19th Feb 17 11:30:59Characters.For Honor
19th Feb 17 11:11:25YMMV.For Honor
19th Feb 17 10:05:25YMMV.For Honor
17th Feb 17 07:57:38Funny.For Honor
17th Feb 17 07:42:31Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
17th Feb 17 07:31:37Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
17th Feb 17 07:30:51Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
14th Feb 17 02:35:08Characters.For Honor
14th Feb 17 02:06:39Characters.For Honor
14th Feb 17 10:34:38Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard
13th Feb 17 05:31:34Running Gag.Web Original
12th Feb 17 01:25:08YMMV.Rainbow Six
12th Feb 17 01:10:52Video Game.Rainbow Six
12th Feb 17 01:08:06Video Game.Rainbow Six
10th Feb 17 09:21:15Webcomic.Terminal Lance
10th Feb 17 08:11:52YMMV.For Honor
10th Feb 17 08:00:24Characters.For Honor
10th Feb 17 07:17:20YMMV.For Honor
9th Feb 17 07:48:40Characters.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 07:36:08Western Animation.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 07:36:07Western Animation.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 07:35:51Western Animation.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 06:54:53Characters.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 06:30:28Characters.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 06:14:10Characters.Samurai Jack
9th Feb 17 07:41:10Creator.Gideon Emery
9th Feb 17 07:39:25Creator.Gideon Emery
9th Feb 17 07:38:59Creator.Gideon Emery
8th Feb 17 03:00:45Video Game.Shadow Tactics Blades Of The Shogun
3rd Feb 17 10:16:20Characters.Darkest Dungeon
30th Jan 17 01:06:26Characters.Darkest Dungeon
22nd Jan 17 11:27:59Insistent Terminology.Western Animation
22nd Jan 17 10:52:21Everythings Better With Monkeys
19th Jan 17 06:56:39Video Game.Total War Attila
17th Jan 17 04:38:22Shoulders Of Doom
17th Jan 17 11:41:05Video Game.Total War Attila
16th Jan 17 05:37:13Hypocritical Humor.Video Games
16th Jan 17 05:16:30Hypocritical Humor.Video Games
14th Jan 17 09:46:17YMMV.PAYDAY 2
14th Jan 17 12:29:55Cool Guns.Machine Guns
13th Jan 17 12:30:46Film.Rogue One
12th Jan 17 10:41:15Video Game.Epic Battle Fantasy
10th Jan 17 04:39:39YMMV.Rainbow Six
8th Jan 17 12:18:59Characters.Darkest Dungeon
8th Jan 17 12:15:07Characters.Darkest Dungeon
8th Jan 17 12:09:46Ridiculous Future Inflation
7th Jan 17 11:52:38Characters.Darkest Dungeon
7th Jan 17 11:31:08Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
7th Jan 17 11:26:11Characters.Darkest Dungeon
7th Jan 17 10:38:54Characters.Darkest Dungeon
5th Jan 17 12:36:15Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
5th Jan 17 11:28:20Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
4th Jan 17 04:18:38Video Game.Total War Attila
3rd Jan 17 03:48:47Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
3rd Jan 17 03:48:41Tear Jerker.RWBY
3rd Jan 17 03:36:40Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
31st Dec 16 01:00:22Sex For Services
31st Dec 16 12:50:33Video Game.Total War Rome II
29th Dec 16 01:03:22Video Game.Total War Rome II
27th Dec 16 08:18:46Video Game.Total War
24th Dec 16 01:59:25YMMV.Penny Arcade
24th Dec 16 01:59:04YMMV.Penny Arcade
18th Dec 16 03:18:40Characters.RWBY Other
18th Dec 16 03:15:21Characters.RWBY Other
18th Dec 16 03:12:00Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
16th Dec 16 04:36:51Dual Wielding
14th Dec 16 07:25:31YMMV.Warhammer 40000
14th Dec 16 07:16:21Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard
14th Dec 16 07:05:30Characters.Warhammer 40000 Imperial Guard
12th Dec 16 11:27:17Literature.Gaunts Ghosts
12th Dec 16 10:35:47Useful Notes.Andrew Jackson
10th Dec 16 10:19:17Automaton Horses
9th Dec 16 06:36:45YMMV.Two Steps From Hell
7th Dec 16 05:13:55Playing With.Zerg Rush
5th Dec 16 08:56:53Playing With.Attack Attack Retreat Retreat
4th Dec 16 07:44:33Characters.Darkest Dungeon
4th Dec 16 07:25:02Characters.Darkest Dungeon
4th Dec 16 06:34:46Shout Out.League Of Legends
3rd Dec 16 02:23:56Characters.Warhammer 40000 Eldar Gods
3rd Dec 16 02:09:43Impossible Hourglass Figure
2nd Dec 16 02:52:18Webcomic.Terminal Lance
2nd Dec 16 02:43:52Characters.Terminal Lance
2nd Dec 16 09:57:30The Paladin
2nd Dec 16 09:23:30Characters.Diablo Character Classes
2nd Dec 16 09:12:47Characters.Diablo
28th Nov 16 01:25:04YMMV.Hark A Vagrant
24th Nov 16 02:41:01Video Game.Killing Floor 2
24th Nov 16 02:12:33Video Game.Killing Floor 2
24th Nov 16 01:49:16Video Game.Killing Floor 2
23rd Nov 16 11:25:20Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
23rd Nov 16 11:11:18Gamebreaker.Total War
23rd Nov 16 11:04:09Zerg Rush.Real Life
23rd Nov 16 10:46:48Gamebreaker.Total War
23rd Nov 16 10:39:08Gamebreaker.Total War
23rd Nov 16 08:11:08Characters.RWBY Friends And Allies
23rd Nov 16 04:55:27Webcomic.Nerf Now
23rd Nov 16 04:55:00Webcomic.Nerf Now
23rd Nov 16 04:48:07YMMV.Nerf Now
23rd Nov 16 04:41:17YMMV.Nerf Now
23rd Nov 16 04:39:15Webcomic.Nerf Now
23rd Nov 16 04:17:31Webcomic.Nerf Now
22nd Nov 16 07:58:56Combos
22nd Nov 16 07:50:14Good Bad Bugs.Fighting Game
21st Nov 16 11:38:26Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
21st Nov 16 11:27:23Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
21st Nov 16 11:05:50Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
21st Nov 16 06:08:16Art Major Biology
21st Nov 16 05:49:53Memes.Overwatch
21st Nov 16 05:47:46Memes.Overwatch
21st Nov 16 05:30:44Memes.Overwatch
21st Nov 16 04:40:17Warfare Regression
21st Nov 16 11:48:53Playing With.Power Makes Your Voice Deep
20th Nov 16 10:49:37YMMV.Rainbow Six
20th Nov 16 10:39:18Video Game.Empire Total War
20th Nov 16 10:00:34Video Game.Killing Floor 2
18th Nov 16 11:31:06Suspiciously Small Army
18th Nov 16 10:33:44Playing With.Bow And Sword In Accord
17th Nov 16 10:29:15YMMV.Total War Warhammer
16th Nov 16 11:43:16Funny.Tyranny
16th Nov 16 03:49:04Reinventing The Wheel
15th Nov 16 08:54:22Film.The Emperor And The Assassin
14th Nov 16 07:24:57Webcomic.Terminal Lance
12th Nov 16 03:37:37Characters.Tyranny
12th Nov 16 03:09:02Video Game.Tyranny
12th Nov 16 03:05:10Rage Helm
12th Nov 16 02:55:55Death Glare
12th Nov 16 02:41:58Funny.Blazing Saddles
12th Nov 16 02:32:38Characters.Tyranny
12th Nov 16 01:51:38Video Game.Tyranny
12th Nov 16 10:18:20Characters.Tyranny
11th Nov 16 03:35:17YMMV.Company Of Heroes
11th Nov 16 02:47:54Video Game.Company Of Heroes
11th Nov 16 10:32:29Playing With.Heroic Albino
11th Nov 16 10:25:07Playing With.Resigned To The Call
11th Nov 16 10:17:41Playing With.Helmets Are Hardly Heroic
11th Nov 16 10:07:55Playing With.Helmets Are Hardly Heroic
8th Nov 16 01:01:45Useful Notes.Simo Hayha
8th Nov 16 12:13:24Selective Historical Armoury
8th Nov 16 12:13:03Selective Historical Armoury
8th Nov 16 07:53:27Shoulders Of Doom
7th Nov 16 04:21:19Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 1 To 5
7th Nov 16 04:00:57Funny.The Simpsons Seasons 6 To 8
4th Nov 16 11:52:53Characters.Pokemon Anime Ash And Pikachu
4th Nov 16 04:07:53Video Game.Overwatch
3rd Nov 16 05:14:51YMMV.Rainbow Six
3rd Nov 16 01:54:05Useful Notes.Oliver Cromwell
1st Nov 16 06:58:23Cliche Storm
1st Nov 16 06:47:17Cliche Storm
1st Nov 16 06:37:29Cliche Storm
1st Nov 16 06:30:43Troperiffic
1st Nov 16 11:11:33Batman Gambit.Real Life
31st Oct 16 01:27:28Bottomless Magazines
31st Oct 16 12:25:06YMMV.XCOM 2
31st Oct 16 12:23:05YMMV.XCOM 2
31st Oct 16 11:28:44YMMV.Rainbow Six
31st Oct 16 11:15:58YMMV.Rainbow Six
31st Oct 16 11:03:38Characters.Rainbow Six
31st Oct 16 10:42:28Video Game.Rainbow Six
30th Oct 16 11:47:19Trivia.XCOM Enemy Unknown
30th Oct 16 11:42:21YMMV.XCOM Enemy Unknown
30th Oct 16 10:32:49YMMV.Rainbow Six
28th Oct 16 11:36:58Characters.Overwatch Tank
27th Oct 16 06:28:55Web Animation.RWBY Chibi
27th Oct 16 06:09:23Video Game.Rainbow Six
26th Oct 16 08:12:08Guide Dang It.Other
25th Oct 16 08:09:07Bloody Hilarious
25th Oct 16 08:07:51Bloody Hilarious
25th Oct 16 02:45:56Characters.Heroes Of The Storm Warcraft Universe
25th Oct 16 02:32:15Web Animation.Wow Craft
25th Oct 16 02:24:28Web Animation.Hero Storm
21st Oct 16 09:24:26Trivia.Rainbow Six
20th Oct 16 09:20:45Funny.Evolve
19th Oct 16 01:37:03Chainsaw Good
19th Oct 16 01:27:03Throwing Your Sword Always Works
19th Oct 16 01:19:48Throw Away Guns
15th Oct 16 02:21:44Samurai
15th Oct 16 01:56:26Samurai
14th Oct 16 09:29:35Characters.RWBY Team JNPR
14th Oct 16 06:07:28YMMV.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:59:42Video Game.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:53:16Video Game.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:52:53Trivia.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:47:26Trivia.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:33:40Characters.Rainbow Six
14th Oct 16 05:02:57YMMV.Rainbow Six
11th Oct 16 11:36:56Characters.Classical Mythology Mortals And Demigods
11th Oct 16 10:48:02Cutting The Knot
3rd Oct 16 01:37:24Samurai
30th Sep 16 04:03:51Characters.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
30th Sep 16 10:26:47Creator.Valve Software
28th Sep 16 06:40:46Funny.If The Emperor Had A Text To Speech Device
28th Sep 16 01:49:22Losing The Team Spirit
27th Sep 16 09:07:10Ho Yay.RWBY
27th Sep 16 10:08:50Walking Tank
27th Sep 16 10:07:32Walking Tank
26th Sep 16 06:09:41Video Game.Battlefield 2142
26th Sep 16 11:54:48Video Game.Vampyr
26th Sep 16 11:42:45Video Game.Overwatch
25th Sep 16 07:04:32Film.Kagemusha
25th Sep 16 06:49:27Mummies At The Dinner Table
23rd Sep 16 10:37:44Characters.Bloodline Champions
23rd Sep 16 10:35:31Characters.Bloodline Champions
23rd Sep 16 09:32:05Naginatas Are Feminine
21st Sep 16 07:21:52Video Game.Fall From Heaven
20th Sep 16 11:25:08Tabletop Game.Flames Of War
20th Sep 16 09:54:56Vaporware
20th Sep 16 09:52:04The Three Certainties In Life
20th Sep 16 09:47:19New Tech Is Not Cheap
20th Sep 16 09:31:08Video Game.The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
20th Sep 16 09:30:54Video Game.The Incredible Adventures Of Van Helsing
20th Sep 16 09:28:25Video Game.King Arthur The Role Playing Wargame
20th Sep 16 08:29:34Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
20th Sep 16 08:18:21Church Militant
19th Sep 16 01:00:06Light Em Up
19th Sep 16 09:21:08Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
18th Sep 16 03:00:29Onrushing Army
16th Sep 16 01:00:39Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
16th Sep 16 12:49:04Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
13th Sep 16 11:18:31Western Animation.Samurai Jack
13th Sep 16 10:59:29Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
13th Sep 16 08:50:32HAD To Be Sharp
13th Sep 16 08:38:45Characters.Darkest Dungeon
13th Sep 16 08:09:47Glass Cannon.Video Games
13th Sep 16 08:02:25BFS
13th Sep 16 08:00:43BFS
12th Sep 16 11:45:46An Axe To Grind
9th Sep 16 02:53:49YMMV.A Modest Proposal
7th Sep 16 02:24:19Onrushing Army
7th Sep 16 01:56:05Suicide Mission
7th Sep 16 01:41:08Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
6th Sep 16 06:50:18Videogame.Darkest Dungeon
6th Sep 16 06:30:40Characters.Darkest Dungeon
28th Aug 16 09:32:54Ho Yay.RWBY
28th Aug 16 09:25:10Ho Yay.RWBY
28th Aug 16 08:50:23Web Animation.RWBY
28th Aug 16 08:28:15Characters.RWBY Team RWBY
26th Aug 16 09:36:59Useful Notes.Genji
26th Aug 16 09:35:51Useful Notes.Genji
26th Aug 16 09:25:54Film.Kagemusha
26th Aug 16 09:12:42YMMV.Kagemusha
26th Aug 16 08:28:12Film.Kagemusha
26th Aug 16 01:09:15Useful Notes.Ishikawa Goemon
25th Aug 16 09:03:08Funny.Smite
22nd Aug 16 01:17:55Purposely Overpowered
19th Aug 16 08:37:59Video Game.Total War Shogun 2
18th Aug 16 09:04:14Characters.Battleborn Rogues
17th Aug 16 09:36:48Characters.Battleborn Rogues
17th Aug 16 08:24:17Iaijutsu Practitioner
15th Aug 16 11:17:53Trivia.Total War Shogun 2
15th Aug 16 05:19:34Characters.Battleborn Eldrid
15th Aug 16 04:48:06Characters.Battleborn Eldrid
14th Aug 16 08:27:54Webcomic.Apocalyptic Horseplay