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13th Apr 18 08:47:28Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
11th Apr 18 06:26:17Trivia.Jake And Amir
7th Apr 18 02:56:32Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
7th Apr 18 02:56:17Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
25th Mar 18 05:30:01Web Animation.Brain Dump
19th Mar 18 07:44:11Funny.Family Guy Seasons13to 16
19th Mar 18 07:27:30A Cup Angst
17th Mar 18 06:56:29Fanfic Recs.The Loud House
9th Mar 18 05:52:33Fridge.Family Guy
1st Mar 18 04:16:57Stealing The Handicapped Spot
28th Feb 18 11:31:14Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
12th Feb 18 11:34:18Fanfic.Babysitter From Heaven
12th Feb 18 11:24:19Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
5th Feb 18 08:28:12Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
2nd Feb 18 07:30:14Fanfic.Peeking Through The Fourth Wall
19th Dec 17 07:04:13Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
6th Dec 17 10:04:29Unsportsmanlike Gloating
6th Dec 17 07:17:30Video Game.Devils Third
3rd Dec 17 06:21:34YMMV.Dragon Ball Super
26th Nov 17 07:54:14Heartwarming.The Loud House Non Canon
21st Nov 17 09:52:36Characters.Dragon Ball Universe 2
18th Nov 17 12:56:20Tear Jerker.Family Guy
15th Nov 17 04:44:26Knock Knock Joke
17th Oct 17 08:58:07Western Animation.The Loud House
17th Oct 17 06:57:21Tear Jerker.The Loud House Non Canon
7th Oct 17 02:54:20Characters.Dragon Ball Universe 11
23rd Sep 17 07:56:57Characters.Dragon Ball Universe 3
23rd Sep 17 07:25:35Headscratchers.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Spirit Of Justice
3rd Sep 17 08:36:54Fanfic Recs.The Loud House
29th Aug 17 06:11:15Characters.Dragon Ball Universe 6
20th Aug 17 05:26:35Death Battle.Tropes A To C
16th Aug 17 10:33:01Famous Last Words.Death Battle
12th Aug 17 05:43:04Fright Induced Bunkmate
12th Aug 17 05:38:58Recap.The Loud House S 2 E 17 Arggh You For Real Garage Banned
7th Aug 17 08:10:26Bad To The Last Drop
15th Jul 17 08:00:01Heartwarming.The Loud House Non Canon
23rd Jun 17 10:11:19Fanfic Recs.The Loud House
4th Jun 17 06:49:12Wrong Restaurant
26th May 17 12:44:31Heartwarming.The Loud House Non Canon
23rd May 17 08:57:44Video Game.Dead Rising 2
23rd May 17 08:56:05Video Game.Dead Rising 2
23rd May 17 08:54:44Video Game.Dead Rising 3
23rd May 17 08:52:14Video Game.Altered Beast
23rd May 17 08:50:40Video Game.Luigis Mansion
23rd May 17 08:49:20Video Game.God Of War III
23rd May 17 08:05:50Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
23rd May 17 08:04:28Video Game.Dead Rising
23rd May 17 08:02:46Video Game.Punch Out
23rd May 17 07:59:10Video Game.Crash Bash
23rd May 17 07:56:00Laconic.Enemy Posturing
23rd May 17 07:42:21Video Game.Donkey Kong Country 3 Dixie Kongs Double Trouble
23rd May 17 07:40:41Video Game.Donkey Kong 64
23rd May 17 07:38:41Characters.Mortal Kombat 2
23rd May 17 07:34:54Video Game.Batman Arkham Asylum
23rd May 17 07:33:00Boss Battle
23rd May 17 07:30:50Enemy Posturing
21st May 17 02:17:15Fanfic Recs.The Loud House
18th May 17 05:44:54New Job As The Plot Demands
12th May 17 07:31:30Web Video.Jake And Amir
10th May 17 02:16:11Web Video.Jake And Amir
10th May 17 02:13:04Web Video.Jake And Amir
10th May 17 02:06:20Tear Jerker.Web Original
10th May 17 09:06:35Web Video.Jake And Amir
10th May 17 08:42:05Web Video.Jake And Amir
10th May 17 06:11:30Quotes.Makes Just As Much Sense In Context
30th Apr 17 12:37:39Western Animation.Yellow Submarine
29th Apr 17 12:35:31Anticlimax Boss
29th Apr 17 10:20:55That One Boss.Dead Rising
29th Apr 17 10:12:59YMMV.Sly 2 Band Of Thieves
29th Apr 17 07:33:46Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
28th Apr 17 06:18:45Fright Induced Bunkmate
28th Apr 17 06:18:05Fan Fic.The Second Try
27th Apr 17 05:13:02Webcomic.Life Of Maid
27th Apr 17 05:10:24Laconic.Fright Induced Bunkmate
27th Apr 17 05:08:37Family Guy.Tropes D To I
27th Apr 17 05:03:57Webcomic.Cyanide And Happiness
27th Apr 17 05:00:00Disney.The Lion King One And A Half
27th Apr 17 04:55:07Music.Ninja Sex Party
27th Apr 17 04:53:51Heartwarming.Get Fuzzy
27th Apr 17 04:53:16Comic Book.Runaways
27th Apr 17 04:51:12Sugar Wiki.Heartwarming Moments
27th Apr 17 04:50:13Sleep And Wakefulness Tropes
27th Apr 17 04:49:31Fright Induced Bunkmate
27th Apr 17 03:23:21Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
27th Apr 17 11:13:58Trivia.Jake And Amir
23rd Apr 17 11:12:14Podcast.If I Were You
23rd Apr 17 11:08:52Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
22nd Apr 17 04:53:22Safety Gear Is Cowardly
22nd Apr 17 04:50:38Safety Gear Is Cowardly
19th Apr 17 05:39:21Heartwarming.The Loud House Non Canon
12th Apr 17 07:24:57Curb Stomp Battle.Western Animation
11th Apr 17 06:00:41Recap.Rick And Morty S 2 E 4 Total Rickall
9th Apr 17 06:29:01Backhanded Apology
9th Apr 17 06:18:04Wrench Wench
8th Apr 17 08:03:41Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
8th Apr 17 07:48:21Film.The Punisher 2004
8th Apr 17 07:44:41Series.Hustle
8th Apr 17 07:43:00Western Animation.Duckman
8th Apr 17 07:36:46Video Game.Life Is Strange
8th Apr 17 07:30:42Laconic.Stealing The Handicapped Spot
8th Apr 17 07:30:33Laconic.Stealing The Handicapped Spot
8th Apr 17 07:27:31Recap.The Simpsons S 6 E 23 The Springfield Connection
8th Apr 17 07:23:58Parking Payback
8th Apr 17 07:23:17Series.Kingdom Hospital
8th Apr 17 07:20:55Series.One Thousand Ways To Die
8th Apr 17 07:15:53Recap.Family Guy S 2 E 18 E Peterbus Unum
8th Apr 17 07:12:10Motor Vehicle Tropes
8th Apr 17 07:11:08Stealing The Handicapped Spot
4th Apr 17 06:48:43Broken Base.Dragon Ball Super
30th Mar 17 08:21:30Sandbox.Con Crit Thread
30th Mar 17 08:19:54Sandbox.Con Crit Thread
29th Mar 17 12:37:27Broken Base.Dragon Ball Super
28th Mar 17 12:57:21Music.Ed Sheeran
27th Mar 17 09:25:15Scrappy Weapon
27th Mar 17 08:34:21Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
26th Mar 17 03:39:26Funny.Web Video
26th Mar 17 12:26:57Music.Ed Sheeran
23rd Mar 17 09:15:40Hilariously Abusive Childhood
23rd Mar 17 09:13:44Web Animation.Brain Dump
22nd Mar 17 03:17:43Death Battle.Tropes A To C
7th Mar 17 06:03:00Quotes.They Changed It Now It Sucks
18th Dec 16 05:53:30YMMV.Family Guy
16th Dec 16 12:36:49Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
16th Dec 16 12:33:44Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
16th Dec 16 12:31:49Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
16th Dec 16 12:31:09Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
13th Dec 16 08:35:11Headscratchers.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
11th Dec 16 06:40:20Shout Out.Welcome To
30th Nov 16 12:20:44Trivia.Jake And Amir
30th Nov 16 12:16:30Podcast.If I Were You
30th Nov 16 12:10:47Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
30th Nov 16 10:54:34Death Battle.Tropes N To Z
28th Oct 16 05:04:25Recap.The Loud House S 1 E 22 Dance Dance Resolution A Fair To Remember
28th Oct 16 07:48:57Funny.The Loud House
27th Oct 16 02:09:33Characters.South Park Elementary School Staff
12th Sep 16 08:22:11YMMV.Dragon Ball Z Budokai
5th Sep 16 09:55:18YMMV.Smogon
19th Aug 16 10:59:38Funny.Steven Universe Non Canon
15th Apr 16 07:32:05Web Video.Bart Baker
29th Mar 16 06:43:40Headscratchers.Todd In The Shadows
8th Mar 16 06:19:17Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
8th Mar 16 06:18:55Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
11th Jan 16 11:51:53Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket.Advertising
28th Dec 15 01:28:13Funny.South Park
24th Dec 15 11:17:11Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
22nd Dec 15 08:06:14YMMV.Adam Ruins Everything
22nd Dec 15 04:59:51Awesome Music.South Park
17th Dec 15 07:12:43Funny.Family Guy
13th Dec 15 09:07:00Awesome.Family Guy
30th Nov 15 05:17:32Funny.This Is It
27th Nov 15 08:43:13Series.Adam Ruins Everything
24th Oct 15 04:04:39Tier Induced Scrappy.Super Smash Bros
20th Oct 15 01:02:11Podcast.If I Were You
15th Oct 15 05:22:55Headscratchers.Rick And Morty
8th Sep 15 09:48:43Headscratchers.The Nostalgia Critic
17th Aug 15 12:33:10Headscratchers.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
15th Aug 15 09:10:16Tear Jerker.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney
16th Jul 15 07:27:49Headscratchers.Inside Out
14th Jul 15 05:28:49Radar.Steven Universe
10th Jul 15 07:34:01Headscratchers.Steven Universe
7th Jul 15 09:10:23Rhymes On A Dime
24th Jun 15 07:51:54Podcast.If I Were You
13th Jun 15 06:15:54Disappeared Dad
12th Jun 15 05:58:13Podcast.If I Were You
11th Jun 15 05:11:46Red Oni Blue Oni.Web Original
11th Jun 15 05:11:10Red Oni Blue Oni.Web Original
11th Jun 15 04:55:44Evil Is Petty
11th Jun 15 07:16:01Podcast.If I Were You
11th Jun 15 07:15:23Pod Cast
11th Jun 15 07:14:02Podcast.If I Were You
26th May 15 07:10:44Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
4th May 15 07:36:03Web Video.Jake And Amir
18th Apr 15 02:27:20Wall Bangers.Teen Titans Go
4th Apr 15 06:00:24Funny.Teen Titans Go
24th Mar 15 06:40:25The Reason You Suck Speech.Western Animation
5th Mar 15 07:36:04Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
27th Feb 15 07:06:09Cheek Copy
24th Feb 15 07:37:36Fridge.Pokemon
23rd Feb 15 07:54:17Outside Ride
22nd Feb 15 02:29:06Tear Jerker.One Thousand Ways To Die
17th Feb 15 07:06:21Characters.Pokemon Generation I Geodude To Blissey
6th Feb 15 07:26:17Film.Night Of The Living Dead
6th Feb 15 07:21:35Literature.The Zombie Survival Guide
6th Feb 15 07:15:29Video Game.Dead Rising
6th Feb 15 07:10:48Tropes Of The Living Dead
6th Feb 15 07:08:25Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 07:01:21Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 07:01:07Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 07:00:06Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 06:59:53Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 06:57:28Laconic.Beware The Living
6th Feb 15 06:54:53Beware The Living
6th Nov 14 05:49:18Just Joking Justification
5th Nov 14 06:54:41Funny.Markiplier
24th Aug 14 07:19:53No Except Yes
26th Jul 14 07:58:43Hilariously Abusive Childhood
26th May 14 06:54:27Scrappy Weapon
21st May 14 06:12:28Awesome Music.MEGAMAN
13th Apr 14 08:42:16Funny.Death Battle
13th Apr 14 08:38:46Awesome.Death Battle
16th Feb 14 02:28:21Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 4
13th Feb 14 05:35:45Funny.Portal 2
8th Jan 14 09:21:31Fridge.Pokemon
8th Jan 14 09:20:16Fridge.Pokemon
24th Dec 13 07:36:16Musical Chores
22nd Dec 13 08:12:14Growing Muscles Sequence
9th Dec 13 06:58:27Web Video.Feminist Frequency
28th Oct 13 04:49:11Quotes.Stop Having Fun Guys
26th Oct 13 08:41:26Trivia.Rihanna
20th Oct 13 02:13:05Horrible.Music
16th Oct 13 07:38:22Headscratchers.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
16th Oct 13 07:38:01Headscratchers.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
6th Oct 13 10:41:18Funny.Jake And Amir
2nd Oct 13 10:45:45Dethroning Moment.Dragon Ball Z
21st Sep 13 12:16:44Fridge.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
25th Jul 13 11:20:36Self Fulfilling Prophecy
25th Jul 13 08:15:57Headscratchers.Donkey Kong Country
23rd Jul 13 05:56:06YMMV.Donkey Kong 64
17th Jul 13 11:42:38Why Do You Keep Changing Jobs
4th Jul 13 01:18:26Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
4th Jul 13 11:53:27High Fat Index
4th Jul 13 11:42:10Characters.Harry Potter Order Of The Phoenix Members
28th Jun 13 06:12:55Pages Needing Wicks
26th Jun 13 01:01:39Characters.The Legend Of Zelda Skyward Sword
26th Jun 13 12:57:39Characters.Friendship Is Magic-Supporting Cast
26th Jun 13 12:53:16Chubby Mama Skinny Papa
24th Jun 13 02:50:09Personal Appearance Tropes
24th Jun 13 12:11:16Duo Tropes
24th Jun 13 11:38:39Chubby Mama Skinny Papa
24th Jun 13 11:38:12Chubby Mama Skinny Papa
24th Jun 13 11:35:03Chubby Mama Skinny Papa
19th Jun 13 07:07:36Autocannibalism
19th Jun 13 07:07:07Autocannibalism
18th Jun 13 01:14:09Embarrassing First Name
13th Jun 13 12:38:03YMMV.Mario And Luigi Superstar Saga
18th May 13 09:39:59Disc One Nuke
17th May 13 06:00:05Shout Out.Dead Rising
16th May 13 11:58:27Headscratchers.Dead Rising
7th May 13 12:01:25Headscratchers.The Zombie Survival Guide
22nd Apr 13 07:42:17YMMV.Play Station All Stars Battle Royale
18th Apr 13 05:42:59Tropers.Wolf Man 16
17th Apr 13 11:34:23YMMV.Rammstein
16th Apr 13 06:39:53Title Drop.Music
16th Apr 13 06:39:01Title Drop.Music
16th Apr 13 04:42:09Characters.Calvin And Hobbes
16th Apr 13 07:58:51Creator Backlash
14th Apr 13 09:02:40Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
12th Apr 13 09:06:54Suck Out The Poison
7th Apr 13 08:24:28Characters.Sly Cooper
7th Apr 13 08:22:51YMMV.Sly Cooper
3rd Apr 13 08:55:31Unexplained Accent
31st Mar 13 08:53:58Headscratchers.Paper Mario
31st Mar 13 08:43:08Headscratchers.Paper Mario
29th Mar 13 09:04:49Playing With.Boss Rush
23rd Mar 13 06:32:09Shout Out.The Powerpuff Girls
21st Mar 13 02:50:21Awesome.The Powerpuff Girls
21st Mar 13 02:37:48Awesome.The Powerpuff Girls
17th Mar 13 12:31:26Headscratchers.Sly Cooper
15th Mar 13 06:17:54WMG.The Powerpuff Girls
15th Mar 13 07:33:27Too Incompetent To Operate A Blanket
25th Feb 13 09:14:20Nightmare Fuel.Batman Arkham Asylum
21st Feb 13 05:59:20Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
19th Jan 13 07:21:30YMMV.Game Grumps
26th Nov 12 08:17:48Headscratchers.Wreck It Ralph
29th Jan 12 08:02:56Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2
9th Jan 12 09:49:12Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2
9th Jan 12 09:15:38Headscratchers.Kesha
26th Dec 11 09:04:33Quotes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
14th Dec 11 11:44:32Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 2
14th Dec 11 08:33:48Jake And Amir
9th Dec 11 02:35:53YMMV.Carrie Underwood
9th Dec 11 06:38:37YMMV.Pimp My Ride
28th Nov 11 01:12:04Red Oni Blue Oni
28th Nov 11 08:45:00Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
20th Nov 11 01:21:17Awesome.One Thousand Ways To Die
16th Nov 11 11:37:29Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
13th Nov 11 02:15:50Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
13th Nov 11 02:15:00Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest
11th Oct 11 03:55:23Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
9th Oct 11 01:29:55
9th Oct 11 07:38:26Paranoia Fuel
2nd Oct 11 09:14:17Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
1st Oct 11 07:12:45YMMV.Cupcakes
21st Sep 11 08:28:05Tropers.Vanthebaron
20th Sep 11 03:21:07Tropers.Katana Cat
20th Sep 11 03:17:11Tropers.Tye Dye Wildebeest