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13th Apr 12 08:04:08YMMV.Kid Icarus Uprising
13th Apr 12 08:04:06YMMV.Kid Icarus Uprising
13th Apr 12 08:04:01YMMV.Kid Icarus Uprising
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31st Mar 12 02:48:01TV Tropes Wiki Drinking Game
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29th Jan 12 04:48:41Video Game.Devil May Cry
29th Jan 12 04:24:22Video Game.Devil May Cry
29th Jan 12 03:48:48Breaking The Reviewers Wall
26th Jan 12 01:34:34Vocal Minority
10th Jan 12 04:00:45Zero Punctuation
10th Jan 12 12:03:48Biting The Hand Humor
9th Jan 12 01:13:52Critical Dissonance
3rd Jan 12 06:01:00Everybody Knows That
3rd Jan 12 03:49:15Genre Busting
11th Dec 11 08:34:09Bloodier And Gorier
11th Dec 11 08:26:11Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
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6th Dec 11 12:57:24Awesome.Dune
5th Dec 11 05:08:02Leftfor Dead
3rd Dec 11 07:37:39Uncharted
1st Dec 11 04:00:28YMMV.Mario Kart
28th Nov 11 05:24:45Artifact Of Doom
27th Nov 11 02:46:33Cursed With Awesome
27th Nov 11 02:36:37Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion
26th Nov 11 05:07:01Video Game.Super Mario Galaxy
26th Nov 11 04:52:26Killer App
25th Nov 11 06:19:24YMMV.Super Mario Sunshine
24th Nov 11 12:43:19Random Events Plot
24th Nov 11 10:27:38Shadow The Hedgehog
24th Nov 11 10:23:41Shadow The Hedgehog
22nd Nov 11 05:20:53The Legend Of Zelda C Di Games
21st Nov 11 12:54:00Sleeper Hit
15th Nov 11 03:26:07Video Game.Sonic Generations
14th Nov 11 12:53:46Zero Punctuation
6th Nov 11 02:09:19Happiness Is Mandatory
5th Nov 11 02:25:35Video Game.Sonic Generations
5th Nov 11 11:48:49Disc One Nuke
5th Nov 11 11:09:08Disc One Nuke
5th Nov 11 10:43:41Bag Of Spilling
1st Nov 11 04:12:14Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today
31st Oct 11 04:03:14Non Standard Game Over
31st Oct 11 03:39:32Video Game.Sonic Unleashed
15th Sep 11 06:15:43That One Boss.Kingdom Hearts