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1st Jan 18 06:35:46Villain Protagonist
26th Dec 17 09:51:07Villain Protagonist
26th Dec 17 09:43:27Villainous Valour
25th Dec 17 04:34:32Villainous Valour
25th Dec 17 02:22:20Characters.Vampire The Masquerade Sabbat
16th Dec 17 07:35:45Characters.Vampire The Masquerade Sabbat
16th Dec 17 07:35:13Characters.Vampire The Masquerade Sabbat
16th Dec 17 07:34:44Characters.Vampire The Masquerade Sabbat
16th Dec 17 07:31:06Characters.Vampire The Masquerade Sabbat
16th Dec 17 06:12:12Video Game.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
16th Dec 17 06:09:45Video Game.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
15th Dec 17 12:38:38Video Game.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
27th Sep 17 06:54:32YMMV.DID Napper
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24th Aug 17 03:05:27YMMV.DID Napper
24th Aug 17 03:01:33YMMV.DID Napper
24th Aug 17 03:00:13Characters.DID Napper
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24th Aug 17 02:48:22Video Game.DID Napper
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23rd Aug 17 03:03:28Headscratchers.DID Napper
23rd Aug 17 10:50:06Video Game.DID Napper
23rd Aug 17 08:49:50Slave Liberation
23rd Aug 17 07:07:14Headscratchers.DID Napper
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22nd Jul 17 05:56:28YMMV.Xenonauts
22nd Jul 17 05:35:42YMMV.Xenonauts
22nd Jul 17 05:31:45Video Game.DID Napper
20th Jul 17 05:24:36Literature.The Turner Diaries
26th Mar 17 04:51:57Pandering To The Base
26th Mar 17 04:49:34Pandering To The Base
24th Mar 17 01:34:50Video Game.War Wind
22nd Mar 17 06:07:00Literature.The Draka
22nd Mar 17 05:55:04Literature.The Draka
12th Mar 17 09:22:23Video Game.DID Napper
12th Mar 17 12:29:20Characters.DID Napper
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11th Mar 17 11:53:39Video Game.DID Napper
11th Mar 17 09:50:27Video Game.DID Napper
27th Feb 17 05:57:45Karma Houdini.Video Games
20th Feb 17 08:48:23World Of Warcraft.Tropes S To Z
8th Feb 17 01:49:03Intellectually Supported Tyranny
7th Feb 17 02:45:06YMMV.World Of Warcraft
30th Jan 17 05:44:27YMMV.World Of Warcraft
27th Jan 17 03:05:25Headscratchers.Warcraft
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26th Jan 17 07:36:14World Of Warcraft.Tropes F To L
25th Jan 17 10:12:53YMMV.Caliphate
25th Jan 17 06:25:37World Of Warcraft.Tropes F To L
25th Jan 17 06:18:42Nightmare Fuel.Warcraft
14th Dec 16 12:52:07Literature.The Draka
14th Dec 16 12:46:57Literature.The Draka
5th Dec 16 05:17:22Video Game.Stellaris
2nd Dec 16 12:15:37Literature.Carreras Legions
1st Dec 16 11:55:36Creator.Tom Kratman
1st Dec 16 11:47:48Literature.Caliphate
16th Nov 16 10:55:42WMG.The Draka
16th Nov 16 10:54:16WMG.The Draka
25th Nov 15 07:49:26Literature.The Draka
25th Nov 15 07:09:43Literature.Carreras Legions
23rd Nov 15 09:54:20Literature.Carreras Legions
23rd Nov 15 09:44:22Literature.Carreras Legions
24th Jan 14 01:49:18Literature.The Draka
17th Nov 13 02:48:39Useful Notes.Turks With Troops
26th Oct 13 05:03:44Literature.Caliphate
26th Oct 13 04:52:58Literature.Caliphate
26th Oct 13 04:44:37Literature.Caliphate
26th Oct 13 04:43:19Literature.Caliphate
26th Oct 13 04:41:51Literature.Caliphate
24th Oct 13 01:16:20Literature.Caliphate
23rd Oct 13 07:04:13Literature.Caliphate
23rd Oct 13 06:35:53Literature.Caliphate
2nd Apr 13 06:27:07Non Chess Motif Examples
2nd Apr 13 06:08:41Non Chess Motif Examples
7th Feb 13 11:44:30Tabletop Game.Mage The Ascension
25th Nov 12 05:26:45YMMV.The Draka
3rd Nov 12 04:17:02Fair For Its Day
25th Oct 12 10:50:51WMG.X-COM
25th Oct 12 10:44:21WMG.X-COM
19th Oct 12 10:06:19The Draka
19th Oct 12 10:02:34The Draka
4th Oct 12 06:01:09The Draka
3rd Oct 12 12:15:14The Draka
3rd Oct 12 11:16:42The Draka
7th Sep 12 03:57:44Headscratchers.The Draka
7th Sep 12 03:53:11YMMV.The Draka
5th Sep 12 09:15:06Tear Jerker.Film C-G
3rd Sep 12 04:04:27The Draka
3rd Sep 12 11:24:23The Draka
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