The Green Herring's Recent Edits

19th Feb 18 12:48:51Bad Export For You
19th Feb 18 12:30:29Bad Export For You
19th Feb 18 12:25:22Bad Export For You
15th Feb 18 03:43:33New Media Are Evil
15th Feb 18 03:42:16New Media Are Evil
14th Feb 18 10:34:14Troubled Production.Fictional Examples
1st Feb 18 03:01:00Role Ending Misdemeanor
29th Dec 17 07:09:09Recap.Mystery Science Theater 3000 S 11 E 01 Reptilicus
24th Dec 17 10:22:11Troubled Production.Video Games
20th Dec 17 07:23:38Epic Fail.Western Animation
18th Dec 17 09:04:45Inventional Wisdom
16th Dec 17 10:52:13Troubled Production.Film M To Z
2nd Dec 17 12:42:06Trivia.Jazz Jackrabbit
25th Nov 17 10:21:18Clueless Aesop
22nd Nov 17 10:55:28Film.Die Hard
15th Nov 17 02:24:45Creator Killer.Film Individual Creators
15th Nov 17 11:25:33Video Game.Max Payne
15th Nov 17 11:15:35Awesome.Max Payne
6th Nov 17 04:06:28Trivia.Gone In Sixty Seconds 2000
25th Oct 17 04:32:02Creator Killer.Film Individual Creators
21st Oct 17 02:58:48Extremely Short Timespan
21st Oct 17 02:05:11Film.I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore
21st Oct 17 01:46:40Film.I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore
20th Oct 17 10:24:23Film.I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore
20th Oct 17 10:10:21Film.I Dont Feel At Home In This World Anymore
12th Oct 17 11:02:34Obvious Beta
11th Oct 17 12:09:01Digital Piracy Is Evil
26th Sep 17 08:01:20Little People Are Surreal
20th Sep 17 08:19:39Troubled Production.Video Games
20th Sep 17 08:18:48Troubled Production.Video Games
13th Sep 17 07:19:33Troubled Production.Video Games
13th Sep 17 05:52:24Troubled Production.Video Games
13th Sep 17 05:46:56Troubled Production.Video Games
12th Sep 17 08:55:34Epic Fail.Web Original
30th Aug 17 05:05:47Film.Demolition Man
29th Aug 17 09:04:38Fan Disservice.Live Action Films
25th Aug 17 07:16:51Paying For The Action Scene
16th Aug 17 11:24:28Made Of Plasticine
5th Aug 17 11:25:09Short Run In Peru
24th Jul 17 04:43:32Springtime For Hitler
24th Jul 17 08:58:30Villain Protagonist.Live Action Films
24th Jul 17 08:43:52Useful Notes.Hollywood Accounting
17th Jul 17 05:27:59With Us Or Against Us
17th Jul 17 05:21:42Film.Magnum Force
16th Jul 17 12:22:06Reality Is Unrealistic
15th Jul 17 02:51:48Unwitting Instigator Of Doom
15th Jul 17 02:47:44Unwitting Instigator Of Doom
15th Jul 17 02:26:06Unwitting Instigator Of Doom
12th Jul 17 11:03:54Epic Fail.Web Original
8th Jul 17 09:14:56Epic Fail.Western Animation
8th Jul 17 09:08:50Epic Fail.Western Animation
6th Jul 17 10:12:10Epic Fail.Western Animation
30th Jun 17 04:25:58Epic Fail.Western Animation
30th Jun 17 09:33:33Epic Fail.Western Animation
20th Jun 17 08:44:25Unintentional Period Piece.The Eighties
20th Jun 17 08:32:24Unintentional Period Piece.The Eighties
20th Jun 17 08:30:40Unintentional Period Piece.The Eighties
16th Jun 17 09:30:50Film.Rambo First Blood Part II
16th Jun 17 09:15:40Film.First Blood
15th Jun 17 09:44:02Epic Fail.Live Action TV
15th Jun 17 09:41:22Epic Fail.Live Action TV
23rd May 17 03:45:57Doing It For The Art.Film
22nd May 17 09:09:47Clueless Aesop
21st May 17 08:08:46Clueless Aesop
19th May 17 03:51:23Doomed New Clothes
19th May 17 09:18:04Obvious Beta
16th May 17 11:23:08Explosive Instrumentation
16th May 17 11:19:26Explosive Instrumentation
9th May 17 09:45:32Film.Rambo First Blood Part II
9th May 17 09:39:54Film.Rambo First Blood Part II
5th May 17 05:23:12Not Quite Saved Enough
2nd May 17 10:30:35Film.Dog Day Afternoon
26th Apr 17 04:22:40Disabled Snarker
23rd Apr 17 09:29:31Epic Fail.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 01:10:20Epic Fail.Video Games
22nd Apr 17 01:15:16Epic Fail.Video Games
19th Apr 17 05:37:09Throw It In.Real Life
14th Apr 17 07:02:37Epic Fail.Video Games
9th Apr 17 11:00:12YMMV.Doctor Who S 13 E 4 The Android Invasion
9th Apr 17 10:56:22YMMV.Doctor Who S 13 E 4 The Android Invasion
8th Apr 17 03:32:35Epic Fail.Western Animation
7th Apr 17 05:53:51Troubled Production.Film Serial Offenders
7th Apr 17 04:41:28Weaksauce Weakness
2nd Apr 17 11:59:44Paparazzi
26th Mar 17 10:41:31What Do You Mean It Wasnt Made On Drugs.Comic Books
25th Mar 17 03:17:01What Do You Mean It Wasnt Made On Drugs.Comic Books
18th Mar 17 09:44:23Trivia.Jazz Jackrabbit
18th Mar 17 09:44:16Video Game.Jazz Jackrabbit
18th Mar 17 09:40:54Video Game.Jazz Jackrabbit
17th Mar 17 09:15:36Invincibility Power Up
17th Mar 17 08:59:09Tele Frag
11th Mar 17 10:23:53Digital Piracy Is Evil
11th Mar 17 10:09:27Digital Piracy Is Evil
11th Mar 17 06:27:57Film.Rambo III
11th Mar 17 05:42:35Video Game.The Punisher Capcom
11th Mar 17 11:02:03Film.Escape From New York
9th Mar 17 10:26:48Clueless Aesop
4th Mar 17 04:15:46Deader Than Disco
1st Mar 17 08:56:46Troubled Production.Comic Books
1st Mar 17 08:54:07Troubled Production.Comic Books
1st Mar 17 07:22:01Troubled Production.Comic Books
27th Feb 17 04:39:52Suspect Is Hatless
26th Feb 17 10:51:52Misaimed Marketing
26th Feb 17 10:48:28Misaimed Marketing
25th Feb 17 06:31:39Trivia.The Blue Bird
25th Feb 17 06:24:27Troubled Production.Film 0 To L
19th Feb 17 03:28:59One Man Army.Music
18th Feb 17 01:01:17Cliche Storm
12th Feb 17 10:02:51Troubled Production.Video Games
11th Feb 17 10:17:09Epic Fail.Web Comics
10th Feb 17 10:13:20Troubled Production.Film 0 To L
10th Feb 17 09:24:17Unintentional Period Piece.The Eighties
10th Feb 17 08:57:09Film.First Blood
10th Feb 17 08:53:23Film.First Blood
5th Feb 17 12:08:50Film.Blow Out
5th Feb 17 12:08:29Film.Blow Out
5th Feb 17 12:38:00Film.Blow Out
5th Feb 17 12:08:53Proscenium Reveal
4th Feb 17 01:59:35Controversy Proof Image
3rd Feb 17 05:08:59Fan Disservice.Live Action Films
1st Feb 17 11:15:54Contest Winner Cameo
1st Feb 17 08:51:22Serious Business.Film
22nd Jan 17 02:36:03Deader Than Disco
1st Jan 17 03:20:53Revealing Hug
30th Dec 16 08:24:42Insert Cameo
14th Dec 16 02:25:26Red Herring
11th Dec 16 07:05:02Suspect Is Hatless
9th Dec 16 12:12:36Creator Killer
9th Dec 16 12:08:53Creator Killer
27th Nov 16 10:33:25In The Back
27th Nov 16 10:21:38Film.Rambo IV
26th Nov 16 09:17:35Film.Rambo First Blood Part II
13th Nov 16 12:05:35Edible Ammunition
12th Nov 16 05:02:25Dancing Bear
10th Nov 16 11:14:15Too Dumb To Live.Live Action Films
7th Nov 16 12:41:47Horrible.Live Action Films
7th Nov 16 12:33:27Horrible.Live Action Films
6th Nov 16 06:42:51Super Drowning Skills.Video Games
6th Nov 16 02:37:12Creator Killer
4th Nov 16 10:44:59Series Continuity Error.Literature
3rd Nov 16 12:04:21Deader Than Disco.Film
1st Nov 16 12:12:56Film.Dog Day Afternoon
30th Oct 16 02:14:43One Episode Wonder
29th Oct 16 11:14:10Film.Full Metal Jacket
22nd Oct 16 01:37:55Berserk Button.Film
20th Oct 16 05:04:24Seeking The Missing Finding The Dead
20th Oct 16 05:03:33Seeking The Missing Finding The Dead
3rd Oct 16 08:36:42Literature.Crystal Rain
30th Sep 16 02:06:15The Gambling Addict
24th Sep 16 03:56:11Video Game.Syphon Filter
16th Sep 16 02:32:57Creator Killer
16th Sep 16 11:34:12Obvious Beta
15th Sep 16 07:38:40Obvious Beta
13th Sep 16 10:50:16Author Phobia
11th Sep 16 02:00:24Film.Big Fat Liar
11th Sep 16 01:58:53Film.Big Fat Liar
23rd Aug 16 08:23:16Inventional Wisdom
23rd Aug 16 05:03:04Dull Surprise
21st Aug 16 12:20:42Heroic BSOD.Film
7th Aug 16 02:27:55Generic Doomsday Villain
7th Aug 16 01:22:46Technology Marches On
2nd Aug 16 04:53:11Stock Footage
30th Jul 16 02:15:29Crapsaccharine World
22nd Jul 16 12:25:49Crapsaccharine World
20th Jul 16 04:51:29Film.Demolition Man
20th Jul 16 04:33:50Crapsaccharine World
18th Jul 16 01:13:36Soft Glass
16th Jul 16 01:02:49Violation Of Common Sense
12th Jul 16 08:43:06Epic Fail.Film
12th Jul 16 05:19:08Not With The Safety On You Wont
11th Jul 16 07:57:59Defiant To The End
11th Jul 16 02:09:34Video Game.Missile Command
11th Jul 16 02:07:02Video Game.Missile Command
10th Jul 16 08:31:22Comicbook.Atomic Robo
6th Jul 16 09:28:30Film.Cobra
6th Jul 16 09:14:24Generic Doomsday Villain
30th Jun 16 04:14:31Literature.Clocks That Dont Tick
30th Jun 16 04:13:51Literature.Clocks That Dont Tick
25th Jun 16 02:11:45Theatre.Captain Sabertooth
24th Jun 16 11:55:21Neutral Female
23rd Jun 16 11:28:22Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Western Animation
23rd Jun 16 10:51:20Stylistic Suck.Films
23rd Jun 16 10:49:49Stylistic Suck.Films
23rd Jun 16 12:30:22Special Effect Failure
19th Jun 16 12:33:08Offscreen Villain Dark Matter
2nd Jun 16 06:35:40Starts With A Suicide
2nd Jun 16 06:29:43Film.Lethal Weapon
1st Jun 16 04:17:01Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
1st Jun 16 02:38:19Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
1st Jun 16 02:36:14Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
27th May 16 01:26:13Special Effect Failure
26th May 16 01:21:50Deader Than Disco.Literature
26th May 16 01:18:56Deader Than Disco.Literature
23rd May 16 05:32:12Horrible.Video Games Other
20th May 16 01:02:30Action Survivor
19th May 16 05:54:31Pepper Sneeze
17th May 16 07:04:05Unintentional Period Piece.The Nineties
17th May 16 04:34:26Yellow Peril
17th May 16 04:18:05Unintentional Period Piece
16th May 16 06:52:15Yellow Peril
8th May 16 01:27:08Unintentional Period Piece.The Nineties
7th May 16 10:51:09Film.Dog Day Afternoon
5th May 16 08:04:32Generic Doomsday Villain
5th May 16 12:23:23Generic Doomsday Villain
4th May 16 11:07:03So Bad Its Good.Video Games
2nd May 16 10:12:31Administrivia.Needs A Better Description
2nd May 16 08:51:35Epic Fail.Anime And Manga
2nd May 16 04:34:52Film.Dog Day Afternoon
1st May 16 09:48:12Epic Fail.Film
1st May 16 09:32:50Epic Fail.Anime And Manga
1st May 16 08:54:05Epic Fail.Web Original
1st May 16 08:52:48Epic Fail.Web Original
1st May 16 07:33:56Epic Fail.Film
1st May 16 03:54:41Hilarious In Hindsight.Web Original
26th Apr 16 03:57:27Creator.Idris Elba
26th Apr 16 03:55:17Trivia.Idris Elba
24th Apr 16 09:13:40They Just Didnt Care
23rd Apr 16 02:28:18Film.First Blood
22nd Apr 16 10:08:16Manga.Golgo 13
21st Apr 16 06:07:25The Gambling Addict
21st Apr 16 02:37:26Manga.Golgo 13
21st Apr 16 02:36:49Manga.Golgo 13
21st Apr 16 11:03:41Improbable Aiming Skills
21st Apr 16 12:42:33Creator In Joke
20th Apr 16 11:13:23Improbable Aiming Skills
20th Apr 16 11:12:26Improbable Aiming Skills
20th Apr 16 08:57:15Shout Out.Zootopia
20th Apr 16 05:29:24Improbable Aiming Skills
19th Apr 16 07:11:31The Other Darrin.Live Action TV
19th Apr 16 11:04:20Film.Serpico
19th Apr 16 10:59:25Film.Serpico
19th Apr 16 02:10:58Film.Serpico
17th Apr 16 01:05:59Videogame.Hopkins FBI
17th Apr 16 12:58:00Inventional Wisdom
16th Apr 16 03:53:23Dancing Bear
13th Apr 16 10:35:17The Crime Job
6th Apr 16 08:07:44Critical Research Failure
5th Apr 16 07:53:57Critical Research Failure
5th Apr 16 07:38:08Critical Research Failure
5th Apr 16 07:17:52Film.Black Rain
5th Apr 16 07:13:07Film.Black Rain
3rd Apr 16 08:15:18Web Video.Retsupurae
3rd Apr 16 12:50:27Weaksauce Weakness
2nd Apr 16 05:58:09Recap.Doctor Who S 29 E 8 Human Nature
2nd Apr 16 04:55:02Fate Worse Than Death.Live Action TV
2nd Apr 16 04:53:54Taken For Granite
1st Apr 16 11:22:10Film.First Blood
31st Mar 16 04:02:09Fate Worse Than Death.Live Action TV
31st Mar 16 02:42:42They Just Didnt Care
31st Mar 16 12:38:48They Just Didnt Care
31st Mar 16 12:30:03They Just Didnt Care
31st Mar 16 12:29:41They Just Didnt Care
30th Mar 16 06:29:56Parental Bonus
30th Mar 16 03:12:11They Just Didnt Care
30th Mar 16 02:38:12They Just Didnt Care
30th Mar 16 02:30:57They Just Didnt Care
30th Mar 16 02:59:57They Just Didnt Care
29th Mar 16 10:41:03They Just Didnt Care
29th Mar 16 09:15:34They Just Didnt Care
29th Mar 16 08:48:06Might Makes Right
29th Mar 16 08:47:16Might Makes Right
27th Mar 16 09:11:53Literature.The Red Badge Of Courage
27th Mar 16 09:10:39Literature.The Red Badge Of Courage
26th Mar 16 08:04:09Lohengrin And Mendelssohn
26th Mar 16 01:13:30Super Drowning Skills.Video Games
24th Mar 16 11:45:59Mook Chivalry
24th Mar 16 11:42:01Mook Chivalry
24th Mar 16 11:37:27Mook Chivalry
24th Mar 16 01:53:56Weaksauce Weakness
19th Mar 16 11:53:01Generic Doomsday Villain
19th Mar 16 10:33:24Short Lived Big Impact
18th Mar 16 09:37:54Generic Doomsday Villain
18th Mar 16 07:48:01Generic Doomsday Villain
18th Mar 16 07:32:15Generic Doomsday Villain
17th Mar 16 10:53:35Do Not Do This Cool Thing
17th Mar 16 02:43:34Characters.The Living Daylights
15th Mar 16 12:23:50Film.First Blood
14th Mar 16 12:56:48Designated Hero.Literature
14th Mar 16 11:36:11They Just Didnt Care
13th Mar 16 08:49:06Film.Cobra
13th Mar 16 03:12:24Reality Ensues.Video Games
13th Mar 16 12:08:15Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Mar 16 09:26:59YMMV.Cobra
12th Mar 16 09:26:18Film.Cobra
12th Mar 16 09:16:46Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Mar 16 08:53:18Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Mar 16 04:21:28Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Mar 16 03:44:54Generic Doomsday Villain
12th Mar 16 01:13:39They Just Didnt Care
9th Mar 16 03:05:29They Just Didnt Care
8th Mar 16 11:07:39Special Effect Failure.Live Action Film
5th Mar 16 01:43:33They Just Didnt Care
3rd Mar 16 08:38:40Unwinnable By Design
3rd Mar 16 07:09:39Unwinnable Joke Game
1st Mar 16 03:09:08Deadly Training Area
1st Mar 16 03:01:31Deadly Training Area
1st Mar 16 03:00:49Deadly Training Area
27th Feb 16 08:12:08Comic Book.Uber
27th Feb 16 08:08:28Comic Book.Uber
26th Feb 16 11:15:21They Just Didnt Care
26th Feb 16 10:02:40So Bad Its Good.Video Games
26th Feb 16 09:59:00So Bad Its Good.Video Games
26th Feb 16 09:44:30So Bad Its Good.Video Games
26th Feb 16 08:13:55Clueless Aesop
26th Feb 16 11:26:10Characters.The Office US
26th Feb 16 11:16:11Designated Hero.Literature
26th Feb 16 11:15:44Designated Hero.Literature
24th Feb 16 05:32:53Stylistic Suck.Literature
24th Feb 16 05:26:17Plagiarism In Fiction
24th Feb 16 02:37:55Plagiarism In Fiction
23rd Feb 16 03:43:47Muse Abuse
21st Feb 16 12:27:20Hockey Mask And Chainsaw
17th Feb 16 09:04:27Asspull
14th Feb 16 12:27:00No Holds Barred Beatdown.Film
12th Feb 16 05:49:11Film.Lethal Weapon
11th Feb 16 09:15:45Horrible.Video Games Other
11th Feb 16 09:14:20Horrible.Video Games Other
11th Feb 16 06:45:58Film.The Godfather
6th Feb 16 02:37:37Offscreen Villain Dark Matter
6th Feb 16 02:31:34Offscreen Villain Dark Matter
6th Feb 16 02:16:07Offscreen Villain Dark Matter
5th Feb 16 09:35:22Videogame.Hopkins FBI
5th Feb 16 09:24:24Videogame.Hopkins FBI
5th Feb 16 09:05:45YMMV.Hopkins FBI
5th Feb 16 08:45:57Videogame.Hopkins FBI
3rd Feb 16 10:45:01They Just Didnt Care
31st Jan 16 09:43:19They Just Didnt Care
20th Jan 16 04:36:21Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Literature
20th Jan 16 02:23:33Could Have Avoided This Plot
17th Jan 16 12:20:42YMMV.The Wolf Of Wall Street
17th Jan 16 03:07:01Film.Escape From New York
11th Jan 16 03:34:21Series Continuity Error.Live Action TV
10th Jan 16 04:24:26Shoot Him He Has A Wallet
10th Jan 16 04:47:56Contested Sequel
9th Jan 16 07:30:44Film.Escape From New York
8th Jan 16 01:18:42New Powers As The Plot Demands
5th Jan 16 01:42:21Critical Research Failure
5th Jan 16 12:54:25Actionized Sequel
4th Jan 16 10:07:14Horrible.Live Action Films
2nd Jan 16 07:34:14Nightmare Fuel.Santa Claus 1959
24th Dec 15 07:26:03Not Making This Up Disclaimer
24th Dec 15 03:14:47Slice Of Life
22nd Dec 15 04:51:22Horrible.Live Action Films
22nd Dec 15 01:22:42Series Continuity Error
20th Dec 15 04:08:33So Bad Its Good.Music
19th Dec 15 02:00:32Tricked Out Gloves
19th Dec 15 01:51:21Tricked Out Gloves
19th Dec 15 01:50:13Tricked Out Gloves
19th Dec 15 01:48:50Tricked Out Gloves
17th Dec 15 12:51:19Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Literature
14th Dec 15 03:37:11Film.The Pentagon Wars
13th Dec 15 01:14:40So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
13th Dec 15 12:52:14So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
10th Dec 15 04:20:25Video Game.The Punisher Capcom
30th Nov 15 04:32:13Patchwork Map
30th Nov 15 02:01:06Moon Logic Puzzle
29th Nov 15 05:08:31Porting Disaster
29th Nov 15 04:52:51They Just Didnt Care
28th Nov 15 05:13:50Weaponized Exhaust
27th Nov 15 01:56:46Series Continuity Error
27th Nov 15 01:54:14Series Continuity Error
22nd Nov 15 04:22:19Violence Really Is The Answer
22nd Nov 15 04:18:55Violence Really Is The Answer
11th Nov 15 12:42:04Web Video.Retsupurae
11th Nov 15 12:39:01Web Video.Retsupurae
11th Nov 15 12:28:02Web Video.Retsupurae
8th Nov 15 05:49:09Franchise Killer
7th Nov 15 03:06:21Epic Fail.Web Comics
7th Nov 15 02:29:16Series.Dateline
7th Nov 15 02:13:35Quotes.Epic Fail
6th Nov 15 05:57:07Epic Fail.Video Games
6th Nov 15 04:32:37Quotes.Epic Fail
6th Nov 15 01:54:09Viewer Gender Confusion
6th Nov 15 12:57:15Web Video.Retsupurae
3rd Nov 15 08:29:39Special Effect Failure
3rd Nov 15 07:04:10Film.The Mechanic 1972
29th Oct 15 10:36:58Webcomic.Two Kinds
27th Oct 15 06:18:23Parenthetical Swearing
19th Oct 15 02:52:20Hair Raising Hare
19th Oct 15 10:54:47Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
17th Oct 15 08:44:10Pixel Hunt
16th Oct 15 11:51:53Pixel Hunt
15th Oct 15 07:39:04Pixel Hunt
15th Oct 15 07:32:47Pixel Hunt
15th Oct 15 06:53:47Kleptomaniac Hero
13th Oct 15 02:26:18Kleptomaniac Hero
13th Oct 15 02:14:00Kleptomaniac Hero
13th Oct 15 02:11:28Kleptomaniac Hero
13th Oct 15 02:01:59Kleptomaniac Hero
13th Oct 15 01:27:45Kleptomaniac Hero
12th Oct 15 06:11:53Kleptomaniac Hero
12th Oct 15 06:03:20Kleptomaniac Hero
12th Oct 15 05:40:29Videogame.Hopkins FBI
12th Oct 15 05:20:56Funny.Wrongpurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
11th Oct 15 08:16:33Pixel Hunt
7th Oct 15 08:18:55So Bad Its Good.Video Games
7th Oct 15 07:50:08So Bad Its Good.Video Games
7th Oct 15 02:17:28Petting Zoo People
3rd Oct 15 11:34:22Film.Cobra
3rd Oct 15 11:24:22Film.First Blood