12th Jul 14 10:51:14Video Game.Magician Lord
10th Jul 14 12:05:18Author Tract
8th Jul 14 12:05:36Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Video Games
6th Jul 14 04:32:11Bad Writing Index
5th Jul 14 08:59:28Solve The Soup Cans
5th Jul 14 07:23:52Ignore The Disability
5th Jul 14 12:29:03Designated Hero
29th Jun 14 03:23:23Recap.Game Of Thrones S 4 E 10 The Children
28th Jun 14 03:49:07Characters.Game Of Thrones House Bolton
28th Jun 14 02:15:17Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
28th Jun 14 02:06:48Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
28th Jun 14 02:06:04Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
28th Jun 14 02:04:46Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
28th Jun 14 01:59:53Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
28th Jun 14 01:58:44Game Of Thrones.Tropes T To Z
27th Jun 14 05:19:44What Did You Expect When You Named It
23rd Jun 14 11:12:00Bad Writing Index
16th Jun 14 11:18:08Horrible.Traditional Games
15th Jun 14 04:48:34Alien Sky
15th Jun 14 12:53:18Video Game.Ride To Hell Retribution
15th Jun 14 12:53:08Video Game.Ride To Hell Retribution
14th Jun 14 03:26:23Casting Gag
14th Jun 14 02:04:40Reality Is Unrealistic.Live Action TV
13th Jun 14 05:06:36Web Video.Retsupurae
9th Jun 14 06:58:46YMMV.Last Alert
5th Jun 14 09:33:00Film.Banlieue 13
1st Jun 14 01:37:21Would Not Shoot A Good Guy
28th May 14 12:26:47Video Game.Golden Axe
23rd May 14 11:20:19Fashion Victim Villain
23rd May 14 04:11:33Fashion Victim Villain
19th May 14 01:36:39Soundtrack Dissonance.Video Games
18th May 14 06:37:05Manga.Bio Meat Nectar
16th May 14 02:09:15Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
15th May 14 07:52:29Web Video.Retsupurae
15th May 14 07:45:36Web Video.Retsupurae
12th May 14 08:25:34Obvious Beta
9th May 14 11:59:12Horrible.Video Games Other
7th May 14 09:00:10Disowned Adaptation
7th May 14 02:40:08Disowned Adaptation
7th May 14 12:08:46Disowned Adaptation
5th May 14 01:52:39Horrible.Video Games Other
5th May 14 01:45:44Horrible.Video Games Other
5th May 14 01:44:22Horrible.Video Games Other
4th May 14 12:04:01Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
4th May 14 11:28:11Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
4th May 14 11:26:01Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
4th May 14 11:25:02Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
4th May 14 11:14:12Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus Other
4th May 14 01:56:11Film.Riki Oh The Story Of Ricky
1st May 14 11:12:19Not Making This Up Disclaimer
26th Apr 14 02:23:14Manga.Fist Of The Blue Sky
21st Apr 14 05:27:44My Card
20th Apr 14 01:00:13Dan Browned
17th Apr 14 07:52:11Comic Book.Stanley And His Monster
16th Apr 14 06:39:07Rules Lawyer
12th Apr 14 06:12:10I Just Shot Marvin In The Face
7th Apr 14 07:51:08Cruel And Unusual Death
7th Apr 14 06:05:49Stupid Evil
7th Apr 14 04:07:11Epic Fail.Live-Action TV
5th Apr 14 03:08:43Series.Vikings
2nd Apr 14 07:08:02Animated Adaptation
31st Mar 14 02:46:32Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
31st Mar 14 11:55:56Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
31st Mar 14 11:50:12Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 10:50:47Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 10:50:15Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 10:45:06Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 10:44:40Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 10:44:12Video Game.Lethal Enforcers
30th Mar 14 04:01:32Two Decades Behind
30th Mar 14 12:08:34Instant Death Bullet
27th Mar 14 10:33:59Technology Marches On
27th Mar 14 10:33:11Technology Marches On
27th Mar 14 07:29:53Technology Marches On
25th Mar 14 01:22:51Film.Banlieue 13
19th Mar 14 09:58:40Video Game.Yakuza
7th Mar 14 11:37:31Shoot The Hostage Taker
6th Mar 14 05:50:40Series.Columbo
3rd Mar 14 05:25:11Yakuza
2nd Mar 14 10:10:32Administrivia.Images Without A Source
2nd Mar 14 10:10:01Image Source.Internet
28th Feb 14 09:44:01Do Not Do This Cool Thing
28th Feb 14 05:39:52Manga.Golgo 13
26th Feb 14 05:51:55Manga.Golgo 13
26th Feb 14 05:51:20Manga.Golgo 13
26th Feb 14 05:31:15Manga.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
18th Feb 14 02:16:19Comic Book.Chakan The Forever Man
18th Feb 14 02:15:19YMMV.Chakan The Forever Man
18th Feb 14 02:15:08Comic Book.Chakan The Forever Man
17th Feb 14 09:48:54Completed Migrations.Literature
17th Feb 14 08:43:44YMMV.Shambling Towards Hiroshima
17th Feb 14 08:43:35Literature.Shambling Towards Hiroshima
17th Feb 14 08:39:55Literature Of The2000s
17th Feb 14 08:39:16People In Rubber Suits
17th Feb 14 08:38:56Literature.Shambling Towards Hiroshima
17th Feb 14 08:38:23Shambling Towards Hiroshima
17th Feb 14 08:36:56Literature.Shambling Towards Hiroshima
17th Feb 14 07:19:19Filibuster Freefall
17th Feb 14 07:18:46Filibuster Freefall
17th Feb 14 02:35:32I Can See You
17th Feb 14 11:28:37Creator.Philip Jose Farmer
17th Feb 14 11:27:01Creator.Philip Jose Farmer
17th Feb 14 11:26:45Creator.Philip Jose Farmer
15th Feb 14 08:57:51YMMV.Gauntlet
15th Feb 14 06:36:38Irony As She Is Cast
15th Feb 14 06:34:23Irony As She Is Cast
15th Feb 14 06:33:58Irony As She Is Cast
15th Feb 14 06:22:22Characters.Goldeneye
15th Feb 14 04:47:11Yellowface
7th Feb 14 01:20:57Website.Bash Org
5th Feb 14 11:39:08Not Making This Up Disclaimer
5th Feb 14 05:05:03Obvious Beta
1st Feb 14 12:37:13The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure All Star Battle
1st Feb 14 12:19:00The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
31st Jan 14 01:41:26Recap.Doctor Who20th AS The Five Doctors
28th Jan 14 07:32:37Flawed Prototype
25th Jan 14 09:10:35Trivia.Shark Attack 3 Megalodon
25th Jan 14 04:59:56Super Registration Act
24th Jan 14 06:07:36Complexity Addiction
19th Jan 14 02:54:38Adult Fear.Literature
19th Jan 14 01:49:21Anime.Resident Evil Degeneration
19th Jan 14 01:40:28One Riot One Ranger
14th Jan 14 03:33:52So Bad Its Good.Western Animation
12th Jan 14 10:49:37So Bad Its Good.Comic Books
12th Jan 14 10:44:24So Bad Its Good.Comic Books
9th Jan 14 09:56:01Deliberately Bad Example
8th Jan 14 11:12:14Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
8th Jan 14 07:49:58Snark Bait
5th Jan 14 07:31:00Tyop On The Cover
3rd Jan 14 02:31:20Horrible.Video Game Generations
1st Jan 14 02:25:55Trivia.Pain And Gain
29th Dec 13 08:07:46Coup De Grace Cutscene
29th Dec 13 07:25:43Giftedly Bad
27th Dec 13 05:33:43Film.Kindergarten Cop
24th Dec 13 04:10:48Fashion Victim Villain
20th Dec 13 10:40:36Obvious Beta
20th Dec 13 09:58:06Video Game.Pharaohs Tomb
20th Dec 13 12:32:53Obvious Beta
20th Dec 13 12:18:09Obvious Beta
19th Dec 13 10:26:25Darth Wiki.Useless Notes
19th Dec 13 10:24:49Darth Wiki.Useless Notes
19th Dec 13 05:07:40Fashion Victim Villain
19th Dec 13 04:53:16Fashion Victim Villain
19th Dec 13 04:39:17Fashion Victim Villain
19th Dec 13 04:31:34Fashion Victim Villain
19th Dec 13 04:30:07Fashion Victim Villain
17th Dec 13 10:37:06A Space Marine Is You
10th Dec 13 02:52:24IKEA Weaponry
5th Dec 13 11:57:24Awesome.Max Payne
29th Nov 13 03:18:09Reality Is Unrealistic.Film
17th Nov 13 01:28:25Protagonist Centered Morality
17th Nov 13 01:27:50Protagonist Centered Morality
16th Nov 13 03:50:48Recap.Doctor Who S 17 E 1 Destiny Of The Daleks
15th Nov 13 01:29:14Take Over The City
15th Nov 13 01:17:45Series.Night Court
15th Nov 13 01:08:45Epic Fail.Live-Action TV
15th Nov 13 01:00:02Epic Fail.Web Original
15th Nov 13 12:58:31Same Story Different Names
14th Nov 13 08:37:38No Gear Level
13th Nov 13 12:54:32Epic Fail.Web Original
13th Nov 13 12:45:41Epic Fail.Web Comics
13th Nov 13 12:35:26Epic Fail.Film
13th Nov 13 10:38:16Epic Fail.Western Animation
11th Nov 13 07:23:49Filibuster Freefall
10th Nov 13 02:17:58Filibuster Freefall
10th Nov 13 02:07:37Filibuster Freefall
10th Nov 13 01:27:09Author Tract
6th Nov 13 10:06:54Dreamworks Face
4th Nov 13 10:16:27Vaporware
3rd Nov 13 10:55:03So Bad Its Good.Literature
2nd Nov 13 01:18:38Man Of Kryptonite
29th Oct 13 12:07:14Creator Killer
27th Oct 13 02:35:06Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:17:55Vaporware
27th Oct 13 12:30:54Vaporware
27th Oct 13 12:24:22Vaporware
27th Oct 13 12:16:16Vaporware
27th Oct 13 12:10:57Vaporware
27th Oct 13 03:05:46Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:52:37Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:35:30Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:18:33Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:11:12Vaporware
27th Oct 13 02:09:05Vaporware
27th Oct 13 01:24:22Vaporware
27th Oct 13 01:18:18Vaporware
25th Oct 13 10:29:11Porting Disaster
25th Oct 13 08:28:54Sugar Wiki.No Problem With Licensed Games
25th Oct 13 02:34:07Web Video.Retsupurae
22nd Oct 13 09:08:02Loophole Abuse.New Media
22nd Oct 13 03:37:27Porting Disaster
21st Oct 13 02:45:06Porting Disaster
19th Oct 13 06:54:55Web Video.Retsupurae
19th Oct 13 10:29:13Film.An American Werewolf In London
19th Oct 13 10:22:26Bloody Hilarious
19th Oct 13 10:18:34Full Circle Portraying
18th Oct 13 01:09:34All Natural Gem Polish
18th Oct 13 11:53:18Trivia.Star Wars
18th Oct 13 11:52:46Trivia.Star Wars
18th Oct 13 11:43:14And Your Reward Is Clothes
16th Oct 13 01:46:02Tyop On The Cover
16th Oct 13 01:45:15Series.Malcolm In The Middle
14th Oct 13 10:14:15Fashion Victim Villain
14th Oct 13 12:25:23Misplaced Retribution
13th Oct 13 03:28:07Video Game.Hugos House Of Horrors
13th Oct 13 03:25:05YMMV.Hugos House Of Horrors
13th Oct 13 03:22:42YMMV.Hugos House Of Horrors
13th Oct 13 03:21:33Video Game.Hugos House Of Horrors
13th Oct 13 03:20:22Video Game.Hugos House Of Horrors
12th Oct 13 11:44:54Reusable Lighter Toss
12th Oct 13 11:39:40Film.Showdown In Little Tokyo
10th Oct 13 11:33:52A Rare Sentence
10th Oct 13 05:49:49Witch With A Capital B
8th Oct 13 07:48:10Video Game.Streets Of Rage
7th Oct 13 10:50:40Clueless Aesop
6th Oct 13 01:24:47Reliably Unreliable Guns
6th Oct 13 12:23:46Unwinnable By Design
5th Oct 13 04:54:24Reliably Unreliable Guns
5th Oct 13 04:52:12Trial And Error Gameplay
5th Oct 13 12:01:31Unwinnable By Design
5th Oct 13 11:55:37Trial And Error Gameplay
30th Sep 13 11:30:49Cursed With Awesome
30th Sep 13 11:28:12Cursed With Awesome
30th Sep 13 09:47:50Film.Showdown In Little Tokyo
30th Sep 13 08:59:15Film.Showdown In Little Tokyo
30th Sep 13 08:55:30Film.Showdown In Little Tokyo
30th Sep 13 08:44:46Film.Showdown In Little Tokyo
30th Sep 13 08:43:45Neck Snap
30th Sep 13 06:12:34Schedule Fanatic
29th Sep 13 01:48:13Series.FX The Series
27th Sep 13 07:36:23Technicolor Ninjas
26th Sep 13 04:21:31YMMV.Arthur
26th Sep 13 12:54:58YMMV.Arthur
24th Sep 13 09:25:48Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
22nd Sep 13 03:34:12Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
22nd Sep 13 03:25:29Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
22nd Sep 13 02:35:51Franchise Killer
21st Sep 13 06:36:14You Shouldnt Know This Already
21st Sep 13 06:30:00You Shouldnt Know This Already
17th Sep 13 07:24:17Obvious Beta
17th Sep 13 07:22:45Obvious Beta
16th Sep 13 06:29:42Epic Fail.Literature
15th Sep 13 07:43:51Creator.Elmore Leonard
14th Sep 13 05:14:25Manga.Golgo 13
13th Sep 13 09:34:11Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
13th Sep 13 12:29:47Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
10th Sep 13 01:30:04Far East
10th Sep 13 01:23:02Interchangeable Asian Cultures
9th Sep 13 11:50:22Interchangeable Asian Cultures
9th Sep 13 02:08:03Film.Ong Bak
9th Sep 13 01:59:16Film.Ong Bak
8th Sep 13 03:27:08Long Title
4th Sep 13 04:00:20Webcomic.Housepets
1st Sep 13 01:11:21Creator.Ephraim Kishon
1st Sep 13 12:01:43Fascist But Inefficient
28th Aug 13 07:35:15Film.Lord Of Illusions
28th Aug 13 07:28:11Film.Lord Of Illusions
28th Aug 13 03:17:54Literature.Don Quixote
27th Aug 13 04:10:06Web Video.Retsupurae
27th Aug 13 03:39:17Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
27th Aug 13 03:29:51Visual Novel.Plumbers Dont Wear Ties
27th Aug 13 03:27:33YMMV.Retsupurae
27th Aug 13 03:25:08YMMV.Retsupurae
26th Aug 13 12:30:48Executive Meddling.Video Games
26th Aug 13 12:29:00Tyop On The Cover
25th Aug 13 01:08:11Author Existence Failure
25th Aug 13 01:16:30The Mockbuster
25th Aug 13 01:14:10The Mockbuster
16th Aug 13 11:04:50Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
11th Aug 13 03:22:55Film.North By Northwest
27th Jul 13 12:32:27Copycat Cover
24th Jul 13 12:14:12Special Effect Failure
23rd Jul 13 08:15:16Disastrous Demonstration
23rd Jul 13 08:14:34Film.Modern Times
16th Jul 13 01:38:48Quotes.Padding
15th Jul 13 06:01:14Quotes.Padding
15th Jul 13 10:03:32Trivia.The Crow
14th Jul 13 01:22:45Deliberate Values Dissonance
14th Jul 13 01:02:00Series.Sanctuary
14th Jul 13 01:01:13YMMV.Sanctuary
9th Jul 13 01:57:24Film.The Bourne Series
5th Jul 13 12:40:17Critical Research Failure
4th Jul 13 10:20:57Video Game.Ambition
1st Jul 13 10:31:07Video Game.Shodai Nekketsu Koha Kunio-kun
30th Jun 13 01:19:29Web Video.Retsupurae
29th Jun 13 01:18:32Web Video.Retsupurae
29th Jun 13 01:17:10Web Video.Retsupurae
28th Jun 13 11:47:05Literature.The Boys From Brazil
25th Jun 13 05:57:44Coitus Uninterruptus
22nd Jun 13 05:28:24Video Game.Crime Patrol
21st Jun 13 11:16:57Funny.Retsupurae
12th Jun 13 08:16:09Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
9th Jun 13 08:24:43YMMV.Retsupurae
3rd Jun 13 07:46:00Cat Girl
29th May 13 01:34:09Web Video.Retsupurae
26th May 13 04:53:08Web Video.Retsupurae
26th May 13 04:48:20Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
26th May 13 04:35:10Web Video.Retsupurae
26th May 13 11:05:19Trivia.Crime Patrol
25th May 13 08:45:28Improbable Aiming Skills
25th May 13 08:31:13Improbable Aiming Skills
25th May 13 01:28:52Instant Death Bullet
21st May 13 11:07:54Webcomic.Exterminatus Now
21st May 13 03:52:28Hot Blooded.Video Games
18th May 13 03:40:59Epic Fail.Film
18th May 13 02:25:45Your Cheating Heart
18th May 13 02:16:14Epic Fail.Film
18th May 13 12:16:10Landslide Election
18th May 13 12:12:30Landslide Election
15th May 13 03:47:26Reality Is Unrealistic.Film
7th May 13 03:30:10Unintentional Period Piece
5th May 13 11:55:10Saved From Development Hell
4th May 13 02:34:55Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 3 Walk Of Punishment
2nd May 13 05:23:11Laser Blade
27th Apr 13 03:05:23Ink Stain Adaptation
23rd Apr 13 10:18:18Instant Expert
22nd Apr 13 09:15:12Motive Decay
17th Apr 13 03:35:12Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
17th Apr 13 01:59:43Dolled Up Installment
14th Apr 13 11:21:22Power Loss Makes You Strong
14th Apr 13 11:14:52Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
14th Apr 13 11:05:41Web Video.Retsupurae
14th Apr 13 11:04:57Web Video.Retsupurae
14th Apr 13 10:46:52Funny.Retsupurae
14th Apr 13 10:45:28Funny.Retsupurae
14th Apr 13 10:45:00Funny.Retsupurae
13th Apr 13 06:25:23Unscientific Science
13th Apr 13 06:24:35Unscientific Science
12th Apr 13 10:55:10Dan Browned
11th Apr 13 08:07:29Seanbaby
6th Apr 13 12:56:50Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 1 Valar Dohaeris
6th Apr 13 12:54:23Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 1 Valar Dohaeris
6th Apr 13 12:51:22Recap.Game Of Thrones S 3 E 1 Valar Dohaeris
5th Apr 13 06:09:01Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List
5th Apr 13 06:07:44Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List
5th Apr 13 06:06:42Roger Ebert Most Hated Film List
30th Mar 13 05:12:59YMMV.Crime Patrol
28th Mar 13 06:55:07Fashion Victim Villain
28th Mar 13 06:50:10Fashion Victim Villain
26th Mar 13 10:07:46Cutting The Knot
25th Mar 13 06:58:14Public Execution
25th Mar 13 01:30:24Vaporware
23rd Mar 13 04:24:38Funny.Retsupurae
23rd Mar 13 04:23:38Funny.Retsupurae
19th Mar 13 02:46:02Ignorant Of Their Own Ignorance
16th Mar 13 10:21:20Mainstream Obscurity
12th Mar 13 10:28:12Film.Lethal Weapon
11th Mar 13 08:54:22Film.Lethal Weapon
10th Mar 13 04:18:59YMMV.Mad Dog Mc Cree
9th Mar 13 07:08:53Do Not Pass Go
5th Mar 13 11:04:17YMMV.Crime Patrol
5th Mar 13 10:54:22Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
5th Mar 13 05:16:36Video Game.The Town With No Name
5th Mar 13 05:14:44Video Game.The Town With No Name
5th Mar 13 11:56:24Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
5th Mar 13 11:45:58Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 09:53:29Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 09:49:36Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 04:35:49Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 04:24:17Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 03:36:19Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 03:31:29Cut The Fuse
3rd Mar 13 03:19:42Sword Cane
3rd Mar 13 03:13:50Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 03:09:28Blasting It Out Of Their Hands
3rd Mar 13 03:04:23Light Gun Game
3rd Mar 13 01:04:16YMMV.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 12:40:17Web Video.Retsupurae
3rd Mar 13 12:26:40Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 12:21:10Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 12:19:15Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 12:10:04Video Game.Crime Patrol
3rd Mar 13 09:54:20Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
3rd Mar 13 09:19:14Video Game.Crime Patrol
2nd Mar 13 06:22:24Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
2nd Mar 13 05:34:50Video Game.Crime Patrol
2nd Mar 13 05:22:12Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
2nd Mar 13 05:19:32Video Game.Crime Patrol
2nd Mar 13 05:07:48Video Game.Mad Dog Mc Cree
2nd Mar 13 04:33:57Video Game.Crime Patrol
2nd Mar 13 04:07:32Web Video.Retsupurae
28th Feb 13 08:46:00Video Game.Exmortis
26th Feb 13 03:14:06Obvious Beta
26th Feb 13 02:41:13Obvious Beta
26th Feb 13 02:38:38Web Video.Retsupurae
25th Feb 13 02:07:01Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
22nd Feb 13 10:39:15Web Video.Retsupurae
22nd Feb 13 10:33:15Web Video.Retsupurae
20th Feb 13 02:12:59Obvious Beta
19th Feb 13 05:20:49Obvious Beta
19th Feb 13 02:01:45Obvious Beta
19th Feb 13 12:57:03Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
19th Feb 13 12:46:24Web Video.Retsupurae
18th Feb 13 10:42:38Web Video.Retsupurae
18th Feb 13 12:36:37Funny.Retsupurae Slowbeef And Diabetus
17th Feb 13 05:52:32Web Video.Retsupurae
17th Feb 13 01:27:51Quotes.Bloodless Carnage
17th Feb 13 01:15:22Bloodless Carnage
16th Feb 13 03:29:31Web Video.Retsupurae
16th Feb 13 03:20:54Web Video.Retsupurae

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