21st Aug 14 04:36:23Grimy Water
21st Aug 14 04:35:13Grimy Water
5th Aug 14 11:07:52Omnidisciplinary Lawyer
5th Aug 14 10:50:48Omnidisciplinary Scientist
5th Aug 14 10:44:53All Monks Know Kung Fu
2nd Aug 14 04:17:40Element Number Five
2nd Aug 14 02:11:49Patchwork Map
25th Jul 14 12:55:19Martial Arts And Crafts
23rd Jul 14 12:00:12Alternative Character Interpretation.Video Games
23rd Jul 14 10:13:30Easy Logistics
15th Jul 14 01:42:30Shotoclone
15th Jul 14 01:10:38Moveset Clone
15th Jul 14 01:06:44Shotoclone
15th Jul 14 12:36:16Mechanically Unusual Fighter
7th Jul 14 11:46:04Nightmare Fuel.Street Fighter III
7th Jul 14 09:48:33Big Ol Eyebrows.Video Games
4th Jul 14 12:46:54Low Level Run
29th Jun 14 09:43:30Videogame.Megaman X
29th Jun 14 12:56:05Cutscene Power To The Max
23rd Jun 14 11:39:43Fighting Clown
21st Jun 14 08:41:28Out Of Genre Experience
20th Jun 14 07:36:36Secret AI Moves
20th Jun 14 06:09:21Secret AI Moves
17th Jun 14 04:29:32Three Successful Generations
17th Jun 14 01:39:38Literature.Songof Solomon
7th Jun 14 07:15:57Bullfight Boss
7th Jun 14 01:27:52Rocket Tag Gameplay
23rd May 14 09:38:41Sequence Breaking
23rd May 14 09:31:25Sequence Breaking
23rd May 14 09:12:57Sequence Breaking
22nd May 14 10:54:10YMMV.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd May 14 10:40:19Video Game.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd May 14 10:39:16Video Game.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd May 14 10:35:11Funny.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd May 14 10:16:22Funny.BRAVELYDEFAULT
22nd May 14 10:11:38Headscratchers.BRAVELYDEFAULT
18th May 14 05:44:44Everything Fades
18th May 14 01:58:36Whats Up King Dude
9th May 14 02:59:02Drinking Game.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
6th May 14 12:15:40Violation Of Common Sense
6th May 14 11:38:22Violation Of Common Sense
5th May 14 12:06:55Forgotten Fallen Friend
26th Apr 14 08:52:58Deadly Dodging
17th Apr 14 04:47:58From Clones To Genre
10th Apr 14 07:11:59Video Game.Super Smash Bros
10th Apr 14 06:40:10Video Game.Super Smash Bros
8th Apr 14 11:51:42Nightmare Fuel.Arthur
8th Apr 14 11:47:03Nightmare Fuel.Arthur
8th Apr 14 11:46:10Nightmare Fuel.Arthur
3rd Apr 14 09:12:03Characters.Resident Evil 2
1st Apr 14 10:13:09Too Long Didnt Dub
28th Mar 14 10:16:14YMMV.Ame Comi Girls
28th Mar 14 10:16:08Toy.Ame Comi Girls
27th Mar 14 09:23:24YMMV.Nintendo
27th Mar 14 09:11:50Quotes.Nintendo
27th Mar 14 09:10:59Quotes.Nintendo
27th Mar 14 08:53:50God Never Said That
21st Mar 14 10:46:03Sailor Fuku
21st Mar 14 09:34:02Magic Knight
21st Mar 14 09:32:20Mana Drain
21st Mar 14 09:30:56Magic Knight
21st Mar 14 09:01:23Too Many Halves
20th Mar 14 08:39:22Shared Universe
20th Mar 14 08:29:29Shared Universe
19th Mar 14 09:46:39Video Game 3 D Leap
19th Mar 14 09:46:08Video Game 3 D Leap
19th Mar 14 09:19:22Editorial Synaesthesia
19th Mar 14 08:59:05Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
18th Mar 14 10:47:31Sliding Scale Of Content Density Vs Width
18th Mar 14 10:03:28Characters.The Legend Of Zelda
18th Mar 14 09:44:35Characters.The Legend Of Zelda
18th Mar 14 09:23:38Characters.The Legend Of Zelda
18th Mar 14 09:23:36Characters.The Legend Of Zelda
17th Mar 14 11:36:46Characters.Dangan Ronpa
14th Mar 14 09:49:14Badass Biker
13th Mar 14 02:12:15Lightning Reveal
13th Mar 14 11:15:45Fan Nickname.Video Games N-S
13th Mar 14 10:44:58Fan Nickname.Video Games G-M
13th Mar 14 10:41:54Fan Nickname.Video Games G-M
13th Mar 14 10:40:09Fan Nickname.Video Games G-M
13th Mar 14 09:14:18Black And White Morality
13th Mar 14 09:07:02Fan Nickname.Fire Emblem Awakening
12th Mar 14 10:11:57After Combat Recovery
12th Mar 14 09:33:59Video Game Stealing
12th Mar 14 09:29:11Video Game Stealing
12th Mar 14 09:17:11Combat Exclusive Healing
12th Mar 14 09:01:26Combat Exclusive Healing
11th Mar 14 08:36:03Video Game.Bravely Default
10th Mar 14 11:16:24Wheres The Kaboom
9th Mar 14 10:30:12Creator.Tomokazu Sugita
8th Mar 14 11:28:06Padded Sumo Gameplay
8th Mar 14 11:27:45Padded Sumo Gameplay
8th Mar 14 10:33:28Marathon Boss
8th Mar 14 10:32:24Marathon Boss
7th Mar 14 09:43:30Prison Episode
7th Mar 14 09:34:36Our Vampires Are Different.Real Life
7th Mar 14 09:33:58Our Vampires Are Different.Real Life
7th Mar 14 09:16:01Our Vampires Are Different.Video Games
6th Mar 14 06:09:33Abdicate The Throne
5th Mar 14 04:52:50Humanity Is Infectious
5th Mar 14 11:27:21YMMV.Twitch Plays Pokemon Red
4th Mar 14 11:36:55Lightning Bruiser.Video Games
4th Mar 14 11:15:59Revive Kills Zombie
4th Mar 14 08:18:01Heavily Armored Mook
4th Mar 14 08:01:33Heavily Armored Mook
16th Feb 14 11:56:01Trivia.The Last Days Of Foxhound
16th Feb 14 11:54:47Webcomic.The Last Days Of Foxhound
12th Feb 14 11:45:27Animesque
11th Feb 14 11:14:34YMMV.Bravely Default
28th Jan 14 08:46:55War Has Never Been So Much Fun
19th Jan 14 08:48:13Life Drain
16th Jan 14 10:44:22Augmented Reality
9th Jan 14 07:19:23Outdated Outfit
9th Jan 14 11:01:10Explosive Leash
2nd Jan 14 09:41:42Clothes Make The Superman
27th Dec 13 10:13:14Characters.Tales Of The Abyss
25th Dec 13 02:04:33Blind Shoulder Toss
24th Dec 13 08:01:58Blind Shoulder Toss
19th Dec 13 12:18:58Sound Coded For Your Convenience
19th Dec 13 11:57:54Sound Coded For Your Convenience
19th Dec 13 11:35:35Sound Coded For Your Convenience
19th Dec 13 11:35:02Sound Coded For Your Convenience
19th Dec 13 10:54:58Somewhere An Equestrian Is Crying
14th Dec 13 01:14:06Spoiler Opening
14th Dec 13 01:00:34Spooky Painting
13th Dec 13 12:00:43Dramatic Disappearing Display
13th Dec 13 11:54:36Dramatic Disappearing Display
13th Dec 13 11:30:13Power Creep
13th Dec 13 10:36:32Call A Pegasus A Hippogriff
13th Dec 13 10:08:27Call A Pegasus A Hippogriff
13th Dec 13 10:07:58Call A Pegasus A Hippogriff
13th Dec 13 10:07:27Call A Pegasus A Hippogriff
13th Dec 13 09:07:23Istanbul Not Constantinople
13th Dec 13 08:39:13Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
13th Dec 13 07:57:47Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
13th Dec 13 07:05:13Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
12th Dec 13 11:46:53YMMV.Kull
12th Dec 13 11:46:46Literature.Kull
12th Dec 13 11:21:46Fridge.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
12th Dec 13 11:20:43Fridge.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
12th Dec 13 11:04:23Fridge.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
12th Dec 13 10:14:07Celebrity Paradox.Comic Books
10th Dec 13 06:07:25Recurring Riff
10th Dec 13 05:19:14Recurring Riff
10th Dec 13 05:02:37Recurring Riff
9th Dec 13 11:57:52Play The Game Skip The Story
9th Dec 13 11:48:16Play The Game Skip The Story
9th Dec 13 11:47:45Play The Game Skip The Story
9th Dec 13 11:47:25Play The Game Skip The Story
9th Dec 13 11:28:02Play The Game Skip The Story
9th Dec 13 11:25:24YMMV.Monster Hunter
9th Dec 13 11:14:58Token Evil Teammate
9th Dec 13 11:01:11No Badass To His Valet
9th Dec 13 10:55:43No Badass To His Valet
9th Dec 13 10:08:46Characters.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
7th Dec 13 01:10:21Woolseyism.Video Games
7th Dec 13 12:48:51Woolseyism.Video Games
5th Dec 13 10:51:59Woolseyism.Video Games
5th Dec 13 09:36:44Woolseyism.Video Games
3rd Dec 13 11:36:53Funny.Monster Hunter
3rd Dec 13 11:02:53Victory Pose
3rd Dec 13 10:53:00Victory Pose
3rd Dec 13 10:37:15Victory Pose
2nd Dec 13 12:01:15Video Game.Street Pass Mii Plaza
2nd Dec 13 11:48:56Yin Yang Bomb
1st Dec 13 07:25:34Ludicrous Gibs
27th Nov 13 09:50:21Video Game.Metroid Fusion
27th Nov 13 09:34:24Video Game.Super Metroid
27th Nov 13 08:57:49Walk Dont Swim
25th Nov 13 09:04:05Samaritan Syndrome
20th Nov 13 10:02:50Narrative Filigree
20th Nov 13 09:57:33The Law Of Conservation Of Detail
20th Nov 13 09:04:53The Law Of Conservation Of Detail
19th Nov 13 05:48:27Triumphant Reprise
18th Nov 13 04:50:07The Original Series
17th Nov 13 08:01:20Latex Perfection
17th Nov 13 07:32:17Latex Perfection
17th Nov 13 06:20:50WMG.Arrow
17th Nov 13 01:53:48Appropriated Appellation
14th Nov 13 07:54:05Ho Yay.Ace Attorney
14th Nov 13 06:14:24Visual Novel.Apollo Justice Ace Attorney
12th Nov 13 08:54:54Shout Out.Ace Attorney
12th Nov 13 08:39:57Visual Novel.Phoenix Wright Ace Attorney Dual Destinies
7th Nov 13 10:08:27YMMV.Mega Man Battle Network
4th Nov 13 11:12:54Three Round Deathmatch
4th Nov 13 09:24:21Multiplayer Difficulty Spike
4th Nov 13 08:14:05Characters.Castlevania
4th Nov 13 07:37:36Glowing Eyes Of Doom
31st Oct 13 05:45:47One Bullet At A Time
31st Oct 13 10:21:55YMMV.Espgaluda
31st Oct 13 10:21:24Video Game.Espgaluda
30th Oct 13 09:53:55Game Breaker.Mega Man Battle Network
30th Oct 13 09:37:22Game Breaker.Mega Man Battle Network
30th Oct 13 08:38:38Shoot The Bullet
30th Oct 13 08:35:55Shoot The Bullet
29th Oct 13 06:13:24Moon Logic Puzzle
29th Oct 13 04:50:45Unexpectedly Realistic Gameplay
29th Oct 13 11:57:05Video Game 3 D Leap
28th Oct 13 11:36:15Useless Useful Spell
28th Oct 13 11:25:50Disadvantageous Disintegration
28th Oct 13 11:23:07Useless Useful Spell
28th Oct 13 11:14:31Useless Useful Spell
28th Oct 13 10:27:50Useless Useful Spell
28th Oct 13 10:02:07Camp Cook
28th Oct 13 09:55:42Real Men Cook
24th Oct 13 10:50:26All Lowercase Letters
24th Oct 13 10:48:59YMMV.Square Root Of Minus Garfield
24th Oct 13 10:18:04GIS Syndrome
24th Oct 13 09:42:41What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
24th Oct 13 09:05:30Creepy Changing Painting
24th Oct 13 08:56:25Dual World Gameplay
23rd Oct 13 10:13:08Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
23rd Oct 13 09:44:23Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
23rd Oct 13 09:26:04Characters.Pokemon Generation VI Families
23rd Oct 13 08:51:45Great Offscreen War
23rd Oct 13 08:47:34Funny.Pokemon X And Y
23rd Oct 13 08:03:26Video Game.Pokemon X And Y
22nd Oct 13 12:06:44BLAM.Video Games
22nd Oct 13 10:18:27Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
21st Oct 13 12:02:52Bleak Level
21st Oct 13 11:46:41Bleak Level
21st Oct 13 11:35:52Eternal Engine
21st Oct 13 10:42:28Butterfly Of Doom
21st Oct 13 09:11:29Film.Gravity
19th Oct 13 09:47:29Adaptation Displacement
19th Oct 13 09:24:55Adaptation Displacement
17th Oct 13 12:30:20Invisible Grid
17th Oct 13 12:18:36Not The Intended Use
17th Oct 13 12:07:09Not The Intended Use
17th Oct 13 11:52:55Not The Intended Use
17th Oct 13 11:32:50Not The Intended Use
17th Oct 13 10:31:30Do Well But Not Perfect
17th Oct 13 08:47:18Challenge Gamer
16th Oct 13 10:42:49Trivia.Pokemon
10th Oct 13 10:00:55Evil Wears Black
10th Oct 13 10:54:36Obvious Rule Patch
10th Oct 13 09:50:36YMMV.Chrono Trigger
9th Oct 13 12:04:18Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Females
9th Oct 13 11:49:48Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
9th Oct 13 11:41:30Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
9th Oct 13 11:41:09Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
9th Oct 13 11:08:51Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
9th Oct 13 10:39:06Roadrunner PC
8th Oct 13 10:38:21The Red Mage
8th Oct 13 10:33:03Crippling Overspecialization
8th Oct 13 10:06:43The Red Mage
7th Oct 13 11:39:50Our Vampires Are Different
7th Oct 13 11:21:29Glamour Failure
7th Oct 13 10:55:20Fountain Of Expies
7th Oct 13 10:11:41Western Animation.Goofy
7th Oct 13 09:37:29Universal Adaptor Cast
7th Oct 13 09:36:42Universal Adaptor Cast
7th Oct 13 09:06:59Space Friction
4th Oct 13 09:32:07Funny.Fire Emblem Awakening
4th Oct 13 09:16:35Funny.Fire Emblem Awakening
4th Oct 13 08:22:52Meteor Move
4th Oct 13 08:03:21Meteor Move
4th Oct 13 07:52:58Launcher Move
4th Oct 13 07:48:47Launcher Move
4th Oct 13 07:36:13Mage Killer
3rd Oct 13 11:07:09Dump Stat
3rd Oct 13 07:39:46YMMV.HAWX
3rd Oct 13 07:33:29Destruction Equals Off Switch
1st Oct 13 10:10:45Sinister Geometry
1st Oct 13 09:41:27Characters.Final Fantasy Recurring Characters
1st Oct 13 10:55:58Rainbow Speak
1st Oct 13 10:16:23Sinister Geometry
1st Oct 13 10:03:07YMMV.Pathologic
1st Oct 13 10:02:40Video Game.Pathologic
1st Oct 13 09:42:04Duel Boss
1st Oct 13 08:54:12Swiss Army Superpower
1st Oct 13 08:06:20Web Original.Man At Arms
1st Oct 13 08:03:52Web Original.Man At Arms
30th Sep 13 11:54:35Characters.Kingdom Hearts Supporting Disney
30th Sep 13 11:09:41Characters.Kingdom Hearts Supporting Disney
30th Sep 13 10:57:50Alternate Company Equivalent
30th Sep 13 10:57:30Alternate Company Equivalent
30th Sep 13 10:40:23Alternate Company Equivalent
30th Sep 13 09:58:07Characters.Kingdom Hearts Supporting Square Enix
30th Sep 13 09:21:17Characters.Kingdom Hearts Heroes
30th Sep 13 07:26:34Trivia.Kingdom Hearts I
30th Sep 13 07:26:22Trivia.Kingdom Hearts I
28th Sep 13 05:08:42Furry Reminder
28th Sep 13 05:08:06Furry Reminder
28th Sep 13 01:58:41Seen It All
27th Sep 13 09:54:31Video Game.Grand Theft Auto Chinatown Wars
26th Sep 13 11:47:35Hunk
26th Sep 13 10:09:45Whole Costume Reference
26th Sep 13 08:44:45Fiction 500
25th Sep 13 08:21:56Player Nudge
25th Sep 13 07:47:11Video Game.Grand Theft Auto
24th Sep 13 10:46:40Characters.Kingdom Hearts Heroes
24th Sep 13 10:16:59Fridge.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 10:03:15Fridge.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 09:28:50Franchise.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 09:23:50WMG.Kingdom Hearts III
24th Sep 13 09:00:26WMG.Kingdom Hearts III
24th Sep 13 08:09:30Disney.Aladdin
24th Sep 13 08:01:19Franchise.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 07:49:44Funny.Kingdom Hearts II
24th Sep 13 07:42:28Funny.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 07:41:43Funny.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 07:41:20Funny.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 07:31:10Bonus Boss
24th Sep 13 07:25:41That One Boss.Kingdom Hearts
24th Sep 13 06:52:22Nightmare Fuel.Kingdom Hearts
23rd Sep 13 09:03:31Not Drawn To Scale
23rd Sep 13 08:54:04Not Drawn To Scale
23rd Sep 13 08:48:30Bizarrchitecture
23rd Sep 13 07:52:00Plot Tailored To The Party
20th Sep 13 07:34:47I Found You Like This
19th Sep 13 09:00:57Fun With Subtitles
18th Sep 13 10:07:18Blatant Item Placement
18th Sep 13 09:12:56Finishing Move
18th Sep 13 08:54:37Kick Them While They Are Down
18th Sep 13 08:52:31You Get Knocked Down You Get Back Up Again
12th Sep 13 10:15:34YMMV.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
12th Sep 13 10:12:09Video Game.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
7th Sep 13 06:59:37YMMV.Tales Of Xillia
2nd Sep 13 02:46:57Video Game.Cookie Clicker
2nd Sep 13 04:11:35Tabletop Game.Grave Robbers From Outer Space
25th Aug 13 04:26:04Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
28th Jul 13 10:12:26Parental Sexuality Squick
24th Jul 13 12:46:35Sugar Wiki.No Problem With Licensed Games
24th Jul 13 12:24:47Sugar Wiki.No Problem With Licensed Games
23rd Jul 13 09:34:07Anachronism Stew.Video Games
21st Jul 13 04:08:58Talking Is A Free Action
21st Jul 13 03:07:15Transformation Sequence
20th Jul 13 10:32:10Film.Man Of Steel
18th Jul 13 06:28:53What Measure Is A Non Cute
18th Jul 13 03:52:21Video Game.Injustice Gods Among Us
18th Jul 13 02:44:18Video Game.Injustice Gods Among Us
10th Jul 13 08:13:36Hollywood Hacking
6th Jul 13 03:43:52Webcomic.Nedroid
19th Jun 13 10:58:02Franchise.LEGO
18th Jun 13 02:35:19Funny.The Last Story
18th Jun 13 02:24:04Awesome.The Last Story
4th Jun 13 09:42:47Save Point
4th Jun 13 08:54:29Justified Save Point
26th May 13 12:17:45Bullet Holes And Revelations
25th May 13 09:12:02Video Game.Nintendo Land
23rd May 13 08:17:22Color Coded Wizardry
23rd May 13 07:59:56Video Game.World Of Mana
23rd May 13 07:59:03Wind Is Green
21st May 13 08:50:43WMG.Ace Attorney
21st May 13 07:55:47Law Of Inverse Recoil
21st May 13 07:27:19Steel Ear Drums
18th May 13 03:50:52Series.Arrow
18th May 13 03:40:36Series.Arrow
18th May 13 02:16:37Series.Arrow
18th May 13 01:20:24Characters.Arrow
10th May 13 08:52:43Big Badass Wolf
2nd May 13 10:36:32Scrappy Mechanic
2nd May 13 09:37:47Good Bad Bugs.Action Adventure
2nd May 13 09:18:13Good Bad Bugs.Action Adventure
2nd May 13 09:00:45Good Bad Bugs.Driving Game
2nd May 13 08:56:53Good Bad Bugs.Fighting Game
1st May 13 07:05:17Comic Book.Mega Man
1st May 13 12:03:16Good Bad Bugs.Platform Game
1st May 13 08:31:03Good Bad Bugs.Third Person Shooter
30th Apr 13 09:15:30Alien Geometries
30th Apr 13 08:54:57Historical In Joke
20th Apr 13 04:26:36Video Game.Monster Hunter
7th Apr 13 05:12:29Animesque
7th Apr 13 05:12:26Animesque
5th Apr 13 07:55:03Headscratchers.Little Mosque On The Prairie
5th Apr 13 07:32:15WMG.Fire Emblem Awakening
5th Apr 13 07:29:44Headscratchers.Fire Emblem Awakening
5th Apr 13 07:17:14Hollywood Atheist
2nd Apr 13 11:32:30WMG.Super Smash Bros
2nd Apr 13 10:43:23Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
2nd Apr 13 10:27:02Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
2nd Apr 13 09:50:45Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
11th Mar 13 04:01:52Big Applesauce
7th Mar 13 07:00:55Franchise.Fire Emblem
7th Mar 13 06:41:05Franchise.Fire Emblem
7th Mar 13 05:06:39Franchise.Fire Emblem
4th Mar 13 05:29:17Franchise.Fire Emblem
4th Mar 13 05:11:20Video Game.Kirby
4th Mar 13 04:45:36Franchise.Fire Emblem
4th Mar 13 04:14:13Franchise.Fire Emblem
4th Mar 13 04:06:55Franchise.Fire Emblem
3rd Mar 13 03:59:44Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
26th Feb 13 09:19:55Only In It For The Money
26th Feb 13 09:10:29Only In It For The Money
14th Feb 13 09:14:42It May Help You On Your Quest
12th Feb 13 09:14:14The Psycho Rangers
12th Feb 13 09:08:53Plot Tailored To The Party
9th Feb 13 09:16:09Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
3rd Feb 13 09:11:23Awesome.Arrow
3rd Feb 13 09:07:23Funny.Arrow
3rd Feb 13 08:54:53Heartwarming.Arrow
3rd Feb 13 08:36:43Knight Templar Big Brother
3rd Feb 13 08:32:09Knight Templar Big Brother
3rd Feb 13 08:25:01Series.Arrow
1st Feb 13 08:05:04Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
13th Jan 13 09:40:29Non Indicative Name.Video Games
13th Jan 13 09:26:10Non Indicative Name.Video Games
13th Jan 13 09:04:40Non Indicative Name.Video Games
10th Jan 13 09:04:44Wooden Katanas Are Even Better

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