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13th Feb 18 07:31:25Trapped In Another World
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30th Nov 17 09:08:01Characters.Pokken Tournament
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25th Oct 17 09:08:50Showy Invincible Hero
25th Oct 17 08:58:37Showy Invincible Hero
25th Oct 17 08:56:36Stock Light Novel Hero
25th Oct 17 08:53:40Stock Light Novel Hero
31st Aug 17 09:33:29Video Game.Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes
31st Aug 17 09:32:28Video Game.Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes
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31st Aug 17 09:31:23Video Game.Travis Strikes Again No More Heroes
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27th Aug 17 10:58:41Characters.Bakemonogatari
8th Jun 17 06:49:01Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Second Generation
8th Jun 17 06:47:52Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening Second Generation
1st Jun 17 07:25:08Criss Cross Attack
1st Jun 17 07:22:38Criss Cross Attack
1st Jun 17 07:22:06Criss Cross Attack
31st May 17 08:56:43Characters.No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle
31st May 17 08:55:18Characters.No More Heroes 2 Desperate Struggle
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7th May 17 06:04:23Characters.Persona 5 The Phantom Thieves Of Hearts
27th Mar 17 11:37:47Characters.Lucha Underground Season One
26th Mar 17 08:44:40Characters.Mass Effect Andromeda Party Members
26th Mar 17 08:43:23Characters.Mass Effect Andromeda Party Members
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23rd Mar 17 08:35:04Characters.Beast Wars Maximals
27th Feb 17 03:32:02WMG.Xenoblade Chronicles X
27th Feb 17 03:30:27WMG.Xenoblade Chronicles X
27th Feb 17 03:23:46Characters.Tsukihime
26th Feb 17 10:25:28Characters.Higurashi When They Cry
26th Feb 17 10:20:34Characters.Higurashi When They Cry
31st Dec 16 04:02:03Web Video.Two Best Friends Play
4th Dec 16 08:02:25Characters.Pokemon Villain Team Skull
13th Oct 16 04:17:51Characters.Kamen Rider Ex Aid Protagonists
22nd Sep 16 10:23:16Characters.Wakfu
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24th Aug 16 02:44:56Characters.Dangan Ronpa 3
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24th Aug 16 02:38:36Characters.Dangan Ronpa 3
24th Aug 16 02:33:29Characters.Dangan Ronpa 3
15th Jun 16 09:07:49Characters.My Hero Academia Other Classmates From Class 1 A
15th Jun 16 09:06:43Characters.My Hero Academia Other Classmates From Class 1 A
13th Aug 15 09:24:02Video Game.Bloodborne
13th Aug 15 09:22:40Video Game.Bloodborne
13th Aug 15 09:12:00Video Game.Bloodborne
3rd Aug 15 09:28:05Characters.Rising Thunder
3rd Aug 15 09:19:55Characters.Rising Thunder
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2nd Aug 15 09:08:32Characters.Kid Icarus
2nd Aug 15 09:07:01Characters.Kid Icarus
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23rd Apr 15 09:28:49Rotating Protagonist
22nd Jan 15 10:07:26Characters.The Wonderful 101
3rd Jan 15 07:31:03Characters.Higurashi When They Cry
1st Jan 15 02:08:41Manga.Sekainohate De Aimashou
15th Nov 14 08:31:27Characters.Azumanga Daioh
29th Oct 14 07:33:39Myers Briggs.Examples Of Idealist Personalities In Stories
16th Sep 14 06:37:12Characters.Super Smash Bros U 3 DS
27th Aug 14 09:49:45Our Mages Are Different
27th Aug 14 09:48:59Our Mages Are Different
27th Aug 14 09:48:22Our Mages Are Different
27th Aug 14 09:46:53Our Mages Are Different
27th Aug 14 09:45:05Our Mages Are Different
24th May 14 10:20:00Deconstructed Character Archetype
30th Mar 14 11:11:41Characters.Dangan Ronpa
7th Jan 14 05:50:03Just For Fun.Examples Of Myers Briggs Personalities In Stories
25th Dec 13 05:10:08Outside The Box Tactic
21st Dec 13 08:39:17Characters.Dangan Ronpa
18th Dec 13 04:42:46Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Empire Of Blood
18th Dec 13 04:36:48Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Empire Of Blood
17th Sep 13 12:44:14Hero Killer
26th Aug 13 09:10:38Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Empire Of Blood
26th Aug 13 09:09:15Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Empire Of Blood
4th Dec 12 06:24:25Coup De Grace Cutscene
4th Dec 12 06:24:24Coup De Grace Cutscene
25th Sep 12 09:05:39Characters.Homestuck Pre Scratch Trolls
24th Sep 12 01:15:57Characters.Homestuck Pre Scratch Trolls
31st Jul 12 10:38:11Home Field Advantage
26th Jul 12 07:42:12Characters.Puella Magi Madoka Magica 3
15th Jul 12 08:37:25Start Of Darkness
10th Jul 12 06:59:16Put The Laughter In Slaughter
5th Jul 12 03:32:11Gender Bender
4th Feb 12 11:38:34Fan Nickname.Video Games A-F
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