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12th May 18 12:49:38Characters.Kantai Collection Four
5th May 18 05:00:00Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Deception
24th Apr 18 02:38:18Characters.Kantai Collection Five
14th Apr 18 11:37:38Characters.Kantai Collection Four
11th Apr 18 12:20:01Characters.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
10th Apr 18 11:57:57Characters.Kantai Collection Two
6th Apr 18 12:54:15Characters.Kantai Collection Two
3rd Apr 18 07:57:12Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Deception
2nd Apr 18 07:59:32Characters.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
2nd Apr 18 07:36:31Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
2nd Apr 18 12:51:42Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Deception
1st Apr 18 08:41:30Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
12th Mar 18 08:36:09Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
12th Mar 18 03:35:02Characters.Kantai Collection Five
16th Feb 18 10:26:13Characters.Kantai Collection Four
28th Jan 18 03:26:39Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
17th Jan 18 04:34:09Characters.Kantai Collection Five
17th Jan 18 04:30:10Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Jan 18 10:05:48Characters.Kantai Collection Five
27th Dec 17 11:55:17Characters.Kantai Collection Two
14th Dec 17 07:51:41Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
7th Dec 17 10:27:14Funny.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
6th Dec 17 11:49:43Funny.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
30th Nov 17 11:13:51Video Game.Utawarerumono Mask Of Truth
26th Nov 17 07:05:14Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
26th Nov 17 06:34:20Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
19th Nov 17 08:18:52Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
19th Nov 17 06:33:57Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
18th Nov 17 08:26:02Characters.Kantai Collection Four
15th Nov 17 06:36:03Shout Out.Crusader Kings
12th Nov 17 07:59:44Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
12th Nov 17 07:56:06Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
11th Nov 17 06:25:36Shout Out.Crusader Kings
17th Oct 17 12:37:35Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G To M
9th Oct 17 10:16:33Characters.Kantai Collection Five
12th Sep 17 04:59:48Mask Of Power
12th Sep 17 04:59:24Mask Of Power
12th Sep 17 04:58:10Mask Of Power
11th Aug 17 10:49:37Characters.Kantai Collection Five
10th Aug 17 10:08:06Characters.Kantai Collection One
16th Jul 17 02:45:02Funny.Samurai Warriors
22nd Jun 17 04:59:17Characters.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
19th Jun 17 09:43:01Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
18th Jun 17 06:51:19Monkey King Lite
18th Jun 17 01:29:18Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
14th Jun 17 10:58:56Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
14th Jun 17 12:40:27Monkey King Lite
12th Jun 17 12:59:25YMMV.Pingu
12th Jun 17 12:59:03YMMV.Pingu
12th Jun 17 12:58:39YMMV.Pingu
12th Jun 17 12:58:20YMMV.Pingu
12th Jun 17 12:57:57YMMV.Pingu
9th Jun 17 11:38:37Video Game.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
9th Jun 17 11:23:47Characters.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
9th Jun 17 10:57:26Characters.Utawarerumono Itsuwari No Kamen
6th Jun 17 01:34:30Characters.Kantai Collection Four
1st Jun 17 12:52:18Puff Of Logic
30th May 17 09:03:19Characters.Kantai Collection Five
20th May 17 08:54:01Characters.Kantai Collection Six
6th May 17 08:07:46Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th May 17 08:04:41Characters.Kantai Collection Four
4th May 17 09:09:21Characters.Kantai Collection Four
4th May 17 03:16:03Video Game.Utawarerumono
3rd May 17 12:37:11Characters.Kantai Collection Four
2nd May 17 04:41:23Characters.Kantai Collection Five
2nd May 17 04:19:38Characters.Kantai Collection Four
2nd May 17 03:56:36Characters.Kantai Collection Four
2nd May 17 08:43:33Characters.Kantai Collection Four
17th Apr 17 08:23:24Characters.Kantai Collection Four
17th Apr 17 08:14:11Characters.Kantai Collection Four
16th Apr 17 09:16:10Characters.Toukiden
16th Apr 17 09:00:51Characters.Toukiden
15th Apr 17 10:22:41Video Game.Musou Stars
12th Apr 17 06:54:20Characters.Toukiden
12th Apr 17 05:02:47Characters.Toukiden
12th Apr 17 04:57:28Characters.Toukiden
12th Apr 17 04:41:10Characters.Toukiden
12th Apr 17 04:27:47Characters.Toukiden
10th Apr 17 09:00:29Characters.Toukiden
10th Apr 17 08:56:23Characters.Toukiden
9th Apr 17 02:18:32Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
9th Apr 17 02:15:28Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
9th Apr 17 02:12:18Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
9th Apr 17 02:01:22Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
9th Apr 17 01:53:38Characters.Toukiden
9th Apr 17 01:42:33Characters.Toukiden
9th Apr 17 08:49:00Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 09:35:53Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 08:16:32Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 07:55:14Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 07:37:18Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 11:16:20Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 11:05:02Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 10:51:35Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 10:26:26Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 09:14:39Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 09:13:29Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 09:04:17Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 08:44:01Characters.Toukiden
8th Apr 17 08:19:47Characters.Toukiden
7th Apr 17 08:08:15Video Game.Musou Stars
7th Apr 17 08:05:46Video Game.Musou Stars
7th Apr 17 10:39:48Characters.Toukiden
5th Apr 17 10:53:36Characters.Kantai Collection Four
5th Apr 17 10:50:50Characters.Kantai Collection Four
5th Apr 17 05:38:20Characters.Toukiden
5th Apr 17 05:35:32Characters.Toukiden
4th Apr 17 06:26:57Characters.Toukiden
4th Apr 17 05:23:19Characters.Toukiden
4th Apr 17 05:16:03Characters.Toukiden
4th Apr 17 05:15:15Characters.Toukiden
4th Apr 17 04:59:30Characters.Toukiden
3rd Apr 17 06:35:13Video Game.Musou Stars
30th Mar 17 06:41:42Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
30th Mar 17 06:40:44Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
26th Mar 17 09:11:42Characters.Kantai Collection One
15th Mar 17 07:49:39Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
15th Mar 17 06:51:44Video Game.One Hundred Percent Orange Juice
8th Mar 17 06:25:21Video Game.Samurai Warriors
21st Feb 17 03:44:40Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
17th Feb 17 07:15:39Video Game.Kantai Collection
16th Feb 17 07:38:38Characters.Kantai Collection Four
12th Feb 17 06:43:04Characters.Kantai Collection Four
12th Feb 17 03:28:26Characters.Kantai Collection Four
11th Feb 17 09:35:19Characters.Kantai Collection One
11th Feb 17 09:31:29Characters.Kantai Collection Two
11th Feb 17 09:27:09Characters.Kantai Collection One
11th Feb 17 09:20:19Characters.Kantai Collection Four
25th Jan 17 03:30:51Characters.Kantai Collection Two
25th Jan 17 03:25:19Characters.Kantai Collection Two
24th Jan 17 07:10:47Characters.Kantai Collection Two
4th Jan 17 01:17:42Characters.Jojos Bizarre Adventure Jojolion
4th Jan 17 01:16:58Characters.Jojos Bizarre Adventure Jojolion
31st Dec 16 05:18:23Characters.Jojos Bizarre Adventure Vento Aureo
29th Dec 16 11:19:53Video Game.Wipeout
20th Dec 16 09:03:17Characters.Dynasty Warriors Shu Kingdom
20th Dec 16 03:48:01Characters.Kantai Collection Five
16th Dec 16 05:43:17Awesome Music.SNK
16th Dec 16 05:39:57Awesome Music.SNK
11th Dec 16 02:41:21Characters.Kantai Collection Two
10th Dec 16 10:16:29Characters.Kantai Collection
3rd Dec 16 03:08:10Characters.Kantai Collection Four
3rd Dec 16 03:02:42Characters.Kantai Collection Four
3rd Dec 16 02:53:07Characters.Kantai Collection Four
3rd Dec 16 02:52:13Characters.Kantai Collection Four
3rd Dec 16 09:00:56Video Game.Warframe
3rd Dec 16 08:56:20Video Game.Warframe
20th Nov 16 10:20:08Trivia.Kantai Collection
19th Nov 16 10:08:57Web Video.Joueur Du Grenier
17th Nov 16 08:02:56Funny.Samurai Warriors
16th Nov 16 05:21:46Web Video.Joueur Du Grenier
11th Nov 16 04:52:47Characters.Kantai Collection One
11th Nov 16 04:32:11Characters.Kantai Collection Four
10th Nov 16 06:13:09Characters.Muramasa The Demon Blade
16th Oct 16 09:48:29Characters.Guilty Gear 2 Overture
16th Sep 16 11:22:24Characters.Kantai Collection Three
12th Sep 16 09:16:48Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Sep 16 08:40:14Trivia.Kantai Collection
28th Aug 16 03:09:12Characters.Kantai Collection Three
19th Aug 16 08:34:45Characters.Kantai Collection One
13th Aug 16 10:25:37Video Game.Romance Of The Three Kingdoms
13th Aug 16 12:50:31Trivia.Kantai Collection
12th Aug 16 01:43:22Characters.Kantai Collection Three
12th Aug 16 10:07:04Characters.Kantai Collection Three
12th Aug 16 10:06:16Characters.Kantai Collection Three
12th Aug 16 09:53:09Characters.Kantai Collection Two
18th Jul 16 01:49:23Video Game.Romance Of The Three Kingdoms
11th Jul 16 08:31:15Characters.Kantai Collection Two
10th Jul 16 10:21:57Characters.Kantai Collection Two
1st Jul 16 08:23:15Characters.Kantai Collection One
30th Jun 16 04:45:49Characters.Kantai Collection One
22nd Jun 16 07:20:52Characters.Kantai Collection Two
22nd Jun 16 07:16:00Characters.Kantai Collection One
20th Jun 16 08:13:46Webcomic.San Three Kingdoms Comic
20th Jun 16 08:02:25Webcomic.San Three Kingdoms Comic
19th Jun 16 03:43:18Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Jun 16 05:01:09Characters.Kantai Collection Two
26th May 16 02:02:31Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th May 16 07:15:02Fan Nickname.Kantai Collection
10th May 16 09:59:59Characters.Kantai Collection Three
10th May 16 07:17:46Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
10th May 16 07:16:40Better Than It Sounds.Video Games S To Z
8th May 16 04:39:24Characters.Kantai Collection Three
5th May 16 08:04:06Characters.Guilty Gear XX
3rd May 16 09:09:25Characters.Kantai Collection One
3rd May 16 08:59:31Characters.Kantai Collection Three
2nd May 16 04:17:03Characters.Kantai Collection Three
2nd May 16 12:49:32Characters.Kantai Collection One
26th Apr 16 07:20:15Characters.Kantai Collection Two
26th Apr 16 07:16:59Characters.Kantai Collection Two
14th Apr 16 06:10:42Video Game.Guilty Gear
18th Mar 16 04:58:21Video Game.Samurai Warriors
18th Mar 16 06:26:05Video Game.Kantai Collection
8th Mar 16 11:13:20Characters.Karin Dou4koma
1st Mar 16 07:12:08Characters.Mortal Kombat X
29th Feb 16 11:24:39Characters.Kantai Collection One
21st Feb 16 03:38:22Characters.Kantai Collection Three
15th Feb 16 06:25:13Characters.Kantai Collection One
10th Feb 16 03:16:43Characters.Kantai Collection Three
10th Feb 16 03:07:18Characters.Kantai Collection Two
23rd Jan 16 02:28:31Characters.Kantai Collection One
30th Dec 15 09:42:43Characters.Kantai Collection One
26th Dec 15 06:51:47Characters.Arcana Heart
14th Dec 15 03:38:37Video Game.Warframe
13th Dec 15 01:31:56Characters.Kantai Collection Two
9th Dec 15 06:52:00Characters.Kantai Collection One
9th Dec 15 06:41:18Characters.Kantai Collection Three
8th Dec 15 09:12:41Characters.Kantai Collection One
8th Dec 15 07:25:37Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Dec 15 05:53:53Laconic.Detournement
6th Dec 15 05:53:22Laconic.Detournement
27th Nov 15 08:53:24Characters.Kantai Collection Three
27th Nov 15 08:45:02Characters.Kantai Collection One
27th Nov 15 08:38:55Characters.Kantai Collection One
27th Nov 15 06:47:20Characters.Kantai Collection One
23rd Nov 15 01:54:32Characters.Kantai Collection One
20th Nov 15 11:19:03Characters.Kantai Collection Three
20th Nov 15 10:52:02Trivia.Kantai Collection
19th Nov 15 03:42:37Characters.Kantai Collection Three
18th Nov 15 10:19:51Characters.Kantai Collection Three
10th Nov 15 07:50:41The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Mortal Kombat 9
9th Nov 15 07:21:32The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Mortal Kombat 9
20th Sep 15 07:18:30Characters.Kantai Collection Two
20th Sep 15 07:17:22Characters.Kantai Collection Three
19th Aug 15 03:47:42Characters.Kantai Collection One
10th Aug 15 05:31:28Characters.Kantai Collection Four
10th Aug 15 02:17:52Characters.Kantai Collection Two
6th Aug 15 12:33:24Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Aug 15 12:24:39Characters.Kantai Collection One
31st Jul 15 01:39:28Characters.Kantai Collection Three
28th Jul 15 09:51:13Trivia.Kantai Collection
27th Jul 15 10:15:57Trivia.Kantai Collection
19th Jul 15 06:09:40Characters.Dynasty Warriors Other Characters
9th Jul 15 01:47:51Trivia.Kantai Collection
9th Jul 15 01:47:16Trivia.Kantai Collection
9th Jul 15 01:46:36Trivia.Kantai Collection
9th Jul 15 01:37:12Trivia.Kantai Collection
9th Jul 15 01:18:00Trivia.Kantai Collection
4th Jul 15 12:05:42Characters.Kantai Collection One
3rd Jul 15 11:45:15Characters.Kantai Collection One
30th Jun 15 09:41:21Video Game.Big Bang Beat
30th Jun 15 09:34:07Video Game.Big Bang Beat
19th Jun 15 09:43:05Characters.Kantai Collection One
19th Jun 15 08:45:43Characters.Kantai Collection One
19th Jun 15 08:40:34Characters.Kantai Collection One
15th Jun 15 03:31:02Characters.Dynasty Warriors Jin Kingdom
13th Jun 15 06:27:10Characters.Kantai Collection Two
13th Jun 15 06:12:57Characters.Kantai Collection Two
12th Jun 15 07:19:43Characters.Kantai Collection Two
4th Jun 15 06:20:26Awesome.Dynasty Warriors
4th Jun 15 06:19:09Awesome.Dynasty Warriors
4th Jun 15 06:32:07Characters.Kantai Collection Two
4th Jun 15 06:27:08Characters.Kantai Collection One
26th May 15 06:10:14Fanfic Recs.Kantai Collection
26th May 15 11:04:23Characters.Guilty Gear XX
26th May 15 10:56:17Characters.Guilty Gear XX
24th May 15 12:41:25Characters.Kantai Collection Two
16th May 15 05:52:17Characters.Kantai Collection One
4th May 15 11:35:48Characters.Kantai Collection Three
4th May 15 11:32:00Characters.Kantai Collection Two
4th May 15 11:12:50Characters.Kantai Collection Two
4th May 15 11:10:05Characters.Kantai Collection One
1st May 15 07:50:23Characters.Kantai Collection Three
30th Apr 15 06:38:21Characters.Kantai Collection Two
28th Apr 15 02:51:46Characters.Kantai Collection Three
28th Apr 15 08:31:16Characters.Kantai Collection Two
28th Apr 15 08:30:16Characters.Kantai Collection Two
28th Apr 15 07:23:13Characters.Kantai Collection Two
28th Apr 15 07:17:14Characters.Kantai Collection Two
22nd Apr 15 06:17:11Characters.Kantai Collection One
22nd Apr 15 02:14:49Characters.Kantai Collection One
4th Apr 15 01:18:12Creator.Saki Fujita
4th Apr 15 12:54:19Characters.Kantai Collection Two
3rd Apr 15 06:04:47Characters.Touken Ranbu
3rd Apr 15 12:10:17Characters.Touken Ranbu
2nd Apr 15 10:37:29Characters.Kantai Collection Two
31st Mar 15 02:00:24Characters.Kantai Collection One
29th Mar 15 07:20:03Video Game.Power Instinct
27th Mar 15 11:20:07Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
27th Mar 15 11:19:14Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
27th Mar 15 11:04:45Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
27th Mar 15 10:45:35Webcomic.Karin Dou4koma
23rd Mar 15 08:39:10Characters.Touken Ranbu
17th Mar 15 06:44:33Video Game.Touken Ranbu
26th Feb 15 08:53:13Characters.Dynasty Warriors Wu Kingdom
23rd Feb 15 03:13:23Characters.Kantai Collection One
22nd Feb 15 07:49:08Characters.Kantai Collection One
21st Feb 15 04:17:39Characters.Dynasty Warriors Wu Kingdom
18th Feb 15 05:03:07Characters.Dynasty Warriors Other Characters
15th Feb 15 11:25:33Funny.Kantai Collection
15th Feb 15 11:20:29Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Feb 15 08:39:12Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Feb 15 08:19:37Fanfic Recs.Kantai Collection
9th Feb 15 06:01:37Characters.Kantai Collection Three
9th Feb 15 02:09:27Characters.Kantai Collection One
8th Feb 15 03:22:08Characters.Kantai Collection One
8th Feb 15 09:29:09Characters.Kantai Collection Two
8th Feb 15 09:28:26Characters.Kantai Collection Two
8th Feb 15 09:23:22Characters.Kantai Collection Three
8th Feb 15 09:15:18Characters.Kantai Collection Three
8th Feb 15 09:01:39Video Game.Kantai Collection
7th Feb 15 06:37:04Characters.Kantai Collection One
7th Feb 15 05:54:30Characters.Kantai Collection Three
6th Feb 15 12:30:20Characters.Kantai Collection Two
6th Feb 15 12:29:16Characters.Kantai Collection Three
6th Feb 15 10:30:31Characters.Kantai Collection Three
6th Feb 15 10:23:43Characters.Kantai Collection Three
6th Feb 15 10:12:26Characters.Kantai Collection Two
6th Feb 15 10:07:56Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Feb 15 10:04:17Characters.Kantai Collection Three
6th Feb 15 09:59:32Characters.Kantai Collection Two
6th Feb 15 09:53:15Characters.Kantai Collection One
2nd Feb 15 08:20:22Characters.Kantai Collection One
2nd Feb 15 08:13:00Characters.Kantai Collection Two
2nd Feb 15 08:12:31Characters.Kantai Collection Two
2nd Feb 15 08:08:01Characters.Kantai Collection Two
2nd Feb 15 07:47:02Characters.Kantai Collection One
23rd Jan 15 10:36:10Characters.Kantai Collection One
9th Jan 15 04:35:37Characters.Kantai Collection One
9th Jan 15 12:51:14Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Jan 15 01:53:36YMMV.Dynasty Warriors
5th Jan 15 01:04:34Characters.Kantai Collection Two
2nd Jan 15 10:20:25Characters.Kantai Collection One
2nd Jan 15 10:05:29Characters.Kantai Collection One
31st Dec 14 06:20:15Funny.Joueur Du Grenier
26th Dec 14 06:28:37Characters.Kantai Collection Two
26th Dec 14 06:20:26Characters.Kantai Collection Two
26th Dec 14 06:15:42Characters.Kantai Collection One
26th Dec 14 06:15:09Characters.Kantai Collection One
25th Dec 14 11:41:02Characters.Kantai Collection One
12th Dec 14 06:20:16Video Game.Warframe
12th Dec 14 06:16:15Video Game.Warframe
5th Dec 14 11:34:07Characters.Kantai Collection One
1st Dec 14 01:59:51Characters.Kantai Collection Two
1st Dec 14 03:46:09Characters.Kantai Collection One
1st Dec 14 03:40:10Characters.Kantai Collection Two
30th Nov 14 07:23:11Characters.Kantai Collection Two
30th Nov 14 07:00:07Characters.Kantai Collection Two
30th Nov 14 06:52:30Characters.Kantai Collection Two
30th Nov 14 03:03:25Video Game.Dynasty Warriors
23rd Nov 14 02:15:32Characters.Kantai Collection Three
23rd Nov 14 02:14:04Characters.Kantai Collection One
21st Nov 14 09:03:51Characters.Kantai Collection Two
16th Nov 14 12:10:41Characters.Kantai Collection Three
14th Nov 14 01:08:30Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Nov 14 12:47:19Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Nov 14 12:26:05Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Nov 14 10:44:13Characters.Kantai Collection One
14th Nov 14 10:37:05Characters.Kantai Collection Three
8th Nov 14 01:58:32Characters.Kantai Collection Two
24th Oct 14 07:57:01Characters.Kantai Collection Two
24th Oct 14 07:53:37Characters.Kantai Collection Two
18th Oct 14 12:30:54Characters.Kantai Collection One
18th Oct 14 12:25:34Characters.Kantai Collection One
17th Oct 14 10:35:22Characters.Kantai Collection Two
17th Oct 14 10:26:37Characters.Kantai Collection One
11th Oct 14 03:53:59Web Video.Joueur Du Grenier
10th Oct 14 09:59:53Characters.Kantai Collection One
7th Oct 14 03:44:59Characters.Kantai Collection One
6th Oct 14 11:12:28Characters.Kantai Collection One
5th Oct 14 03:13:09Characters.Kantai Collection One
5th Oct 14 02:51:19Characters.Kantai Collection Four
26th Sep 14 12:40:32Characters.Kantai Collection Three
26th Sep 14 06:32:29Characters.Kantai Collection Two
26th Sep 14 06:21:38Characters.Kantai Collection Three
21st Sep 14 07:42:21Characters.Kantai Collection One
21st Sep 14 07:32:29Characters.Kantai Collection One
16th Sep 14 12:29:52Video Game.Warframe
15th Sep 14 09:07:34Characters.Muramasa The Demon Blade
10th Sep 14 06:34:03Characters.Kantai Collection One
10th Sep 14 06:03:40Characters.Kantai Collection One
5th Sep 14 04:38:20Characters.Kantai Collection Two
5th Sep 14 04:32:37Characters.Kantai Collection One
4th Sep 14 10:32:53Videogame.Warframe
3rd Sep 14 01:22:41Characters.Kantai Collection Two
31st Aug 14 07:34:59Characters.Kantai Collection One
31st Aug 14 07:32:10Characters.Kantai Collection One
30th Aug 14 11:04:45Characters.Kantai Collection Two
29th Aug 14 03:09:12Characters.Kantai Collection Two
29th Aug 14 01:32:09Characters.Kantai Collection Two
24th Aug 14 10:22:11Characters.Kantai Collection Two
20th Aug 14 10:03:43Characters.Kantai Collection One
19th Aug 14 02:46:12Fanfic Recs.Kantai Collection
11th Aug 14 02:06:34Characters.Kantai Collection One
10th Aug 14 04:40:25Characters.Kantai Collection One
8th Aug 14 08:25:04Characters.Kantai Collection Two
8th Aug 14 11:55:32Characters.Kantai Collection One
8th Aug 14 11:44:10Characters.Kantai Collection Two
8th Aug 14 11:42:11Characters.Kantai Collection Two
7th Aug 14 08:40:21Characters.Kantai Collection Two
3rd Aug 14 08:39:13Videogame.Kantai Collection
30th Jul 14 12:52:16Characters.Kantai Collection Two
30th Jul 14 12:52:12Characters.Kantai Collection Three
28th Jul 14 12:41:54Characters.Kantai Collection Two
27th Jul 14 06:02:55Videogame.Kantai Collection
27th Jul 14 05:43:16Videogame.Kantai Collection
27th Jul 14 01:31:44Characters.Kantai Collection One
27th Jul 14 01:16:19Characters.Kantai Collection Two
24th Jul 14 12:50:37Characters.Dynasty Warriors Other Characters
24th Jul 14 12:49:10Characters.Dynasty Warriors Other Characters