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30th Apr 18 02:01:02Lack Of Empathy
16th Nov 17 01:23:31Video Game.Final Fantasy X
26th Sep 17 07:31:26Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:25:31Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:10:15Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:09:43Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:07:24Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:07:02Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 07:05:16Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
26th Sep 17 06:46:53Sandbox.Hugo Chavez
14th Sep 17 06:24:04Video Game.Touhou
9th May 17 06:54:16You Will Not Evade Me
1st May 17 06:53:16Bullet Time
4th Feb 17 07:39:36Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
17th Jan 17 12:42:57Tropers.Stormtroper
17th Jan 17 12:42:20Tropers.Stormtroper
28th Nov 16 10:03:13Mind Rape.Video Games
28th Nov 16 09:40:17Mind Rape.Tabletop Games
28th Nov 16 09:18:24Memento Mac Guffin
27th Nov 16 10:16:29Holy Is Not Safe
17th Nov 16 06:00:12Perfect Play AI
15th Nov 16 10:45:11Godzilla Threshold
15th Nov 16 10:42:27Godzilla Threshold
14th Nov 16 04:56:55General Failure
14th Nov 16 04:43:50Evil Is Not A Toy
18th Jul 16 08:30:35World Of Silence
14th Jul 16 01:12:24Kaiju
14th Jul 16 01:05:40Scale Of Scientific Sins
14th Jul 16 12:00:03Token Good Teammate
28th Jun 16 04:35:13Badass Pacifist
28th Jun 16 02:58:16Agony Beam
27th Jun 16 10:31:26You Cant Thwart Stage One
15th Jun 16 08:12:18Hobbes Was Right
15th Jun 16 10:51:22Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
10th Jun 16 08:13:15Quotes.Sanity Slippage
18th Apr 16 09:02:27Despotism Justifies The Means
23rd Dec 15 05:59:16Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
21st Dec 15 12:26:36Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
21st Dec 15 12:02:11Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Oct 15 10:50:45Paper Thin Disguise.Web Original
16th Oct 15 10:44:50Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
12th Oct 15 11:27:07Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
12th Sep 15 12:47:27Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
31st Aug 15 01:26:16Magic The Gathering.Gameplay Tropes
30th Aug 15 04:02:36Magic The Gathering.Gameplay Tropes
30th Aug 15 03:26:18Magic The Gathering.Gameplay Tropes
30th Aug 15 03:21:03Magic The Gathering.Gameplay Tropes
30th Aug 15 01:49:45Magic The Gathering.Gameplay Tropes
20th Aug 15 09:27:00Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
20th Aug 15 09:24:31Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
6th Aug 15 03:47:52Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
6th Aug 15 03:43:07Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
1st Aug 15 03:03:40Hollywood Density
1st Aug 15 02:46:13No Flow In CGI
31st Jul 15 03:31:31Deal With The Devil.Tabletop Games
28th Jul 15 05:35:33Empty Levels
28th Jul 15 05:19:46Empty Levels
28th Jul 15 04:51:12Unexpected Gameplay Change
23rd Jul 15 01:10:16Happiness Is Mandatory
23rd Jul 15 01:09:44Happiness Is Mandatory
23rd Jul 15 01:04:08Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Food
23rd Jul 15 12:59:45Corrupt Politician
23rd Jul 15 12:38:41Bling Bling Bang
23rd Jul 15 12:34:53Big Brother Is Watching
23rd Jul 15 12:31:27Becoming The Costume
23rd Jul 15 12:28:21Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Other
23rd Jul 15 12:26:00Anthropomorphic Personification
23rd Jul 15 12:22:01Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
23rd Jul 15 10:07:06Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
23rd Jul 15 10:04:29Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
23rd Jul 15 03:54:19Video Game.Valkyrie Profile
23rd Jul 15 03:45:48End Of The World Special
17th Jul 15 03:10:07Super Fun Happy Thing Of Doom
17th Jul 15 02:49:46Straw Character
17th Jul 15 02:40:04Skewed Priorities
17th Jul 15 02:39:27Skewed Priorities
17th Jul 15 02:36:54Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
17th Jul 15 02:32:09The Reptilians
17th Jul 15 02:25:13Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
17th Jul 15 02:18:36Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
17th Jul 15 03:32:24Dressed To Heal
17th Jul 15 02:39:43Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
17th Jul 15 12:46:16Poes Law
17th Jul 15 12:45:16Patriotic Fervor
17th Jul 15 12:44:40Parody Religion
17th Jul 15 12:41:24Lies Damned Lies And Statistics
17th Jul 15 12:39:06News Parody
17th Jul 15 12:38:35New Media Are Evil
17th Jul 15 12:37:47Lego Genetics
17th Jul 15 12:36:06Killed Mid Sentence
17th Jul 15 12:35:14Imaginary Friend
17th Jul 15 12:34:27Incredibly Lame Fun
17th Jul 15 12:33:46Heteronormative Crusader
17th Jul 15 12:33:07The Generalissimo
17th Jul 15 12:32:38Gender Bender
17th Jul 15 12:31:16Creator Breakdown.Web Original
17th Jul 15 12:29:59Chest Of Medals
17th Jul 15 12:29:32Alternate History
17th Jul 15 12:28:59A Dog Ate My Homework
17th Jul 15 12:27:02Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
17th Jul 15 12:20:00Regenerating Health
17th Jul 15 12:17:14Recurring Character
17th Jul 15 12:10:01Punny Name
17th Jul 15 12:08:22Punny Name
17th Jul 15 12:00:16Poes Law
16th Jul 15 11:31:05News Parody
16th Jul 15 11:29:08Patriotic Fervor
16th Jul 15 11:23:12Parody Religion
16th Jul 15 11:17:43Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Jul 15 11:15:01Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Jul 15 11:08:57New Media Are Evil
16th Jul 15 10:54:26Lies Damned Lies And Statistics
16th Jul 15 10:34:28Lego Genetics
16th Jul 15 10:25:52Killed Mid Sentence
16th Jul 15 10:20:37Imaginary Friend
16th Jul 15 10:16:24Incredibly Lame Fun
16th Jul 15 10:10:58Heteronormative Crusader
16th Jul 15 09:20:47The Generalissimo
16th Jul 15 09:14:09Gender Bender
16th Jul 15 09:10:22Creator Breakdown.Web Original
16th Jul 15 08:25:16Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Jul 15 08:21:09Chest Of Medals
16th Jul 15 08:15:29Alternate History
16th Jul 15 08:11:12A Dog Ate My Homework
16th Jul 15 08:06:28Other Sites
16th Jul 15 08:04:47Blog
16th Jul 15 08:02:15Blog.El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Jul 15 07:49:44El Chiguire Bipolar
16th Jul 15 07:42:00El Chiguire Bipolar
18th May 15 04:38:20Turns Red
18th May 15 04:26:59Turns Red