Stevie C's Recent Edits

27th Apr 16 09:35:24Radio.A Prairie Home Companion
27th Apr 16 09:21:51Long Runners
27th Apr 16 09:07:30Long Runners
27th Apr 16 08:54:01Listing Cities
27th Apr 16 08:38:45Music.Johnny Cash
27th Apr 16 05:10:31Unfinished Untested Used Anyway
23rd Apr 16 01:36:58Western Animation.Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century
23rd Apr 16 01:36:27Western Animation.Duck Dodgers In The Twenty Fourth And A Half Century
20th Apr 16 11:11:12Cool Train
20th Apr 16 10:44:23Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
20th Apr 16 10:37:14Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
20th Apr 16 10:04:16Film.The Dish
20th Apr 16 09:49:00Useful Notes.NASA
19th Apr 16 09:48:30Trivia.Bruce Willis
7th Apr 16 08:15:54Awesome.Real Life
7th Apr 16 07:55:27Didnt See That Coming
7th Apr 16 12:48:50Bug Buzz
6th Apr 16 07:16:31Film.Independence Day
6th Apr 16 04:31:59Film.The Hunt For Red October
27th Mar 16 07:46:56Funny.XKCD
27th Mar 16 07:21:26Funny.XKCD
27th Mar 16 07:18:23Funny.XKCD
22nd Mar 16 11:34:55Hidden Depths.Anime And Manga
22nd Mar 16 08:24:25Petting Zoo People
16th Mar 16 11:24:36Useful Notes.Gauls With Grenades
6th Mar 16 05:58:56Cassandra Truth.Real Life
23rd Feb 16 05:31:24Series.Countdown With Keith Olbermann
23rd Feb 16 05:08:09Super Senses
23rd Feb 16 01:38:52Film.Two Thousand One A Space Odyssey
22nd Feb 16 05:36:10Series.QI
19th Feb 16 07:12:12Tidally Locked Planet
19th Feb 16 07:11:51Tidally Locked Planet
9th Feb 16 10:38:09Awesome.The Hunt For Red October
8th Feb 16 10:52:59Creator.Dick Van Dyke
1st Feb 16 01:15:09The Other Rainforest
1st Feb 16 07:09:05Moral Luck
31st Jan 16 11:18:27Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
30th Jan 16 11:54:48YMMV.Mousehunt
30th Jan 16 11:52:43YMMV.Mousehunt
30th Jan 16 12:43:02Godwins Law
27th Jan 16 11:35:15Big Friendly Dog
27th Jan 16 11:31:08Big Friendly Dog
25th Jan 16 07:46:54Useful Notes.Atlanta
23rd Jan 16 10:13:12Real Life.Cool Plane
21st Jan 16 07:49:58Characters.Now You See Me
17th Jan 16 05:25:04Creator.Alan Rickman
8th Jan 16 09:36:41Hyper Awareness
8th Jan 16 09:06:52Film.Kingsman The Secret Service
8th Jan 16 09:06:31Film.Kingsman The Secret Service
29th Dec 15 06:30:10Series.The Cube
29th Dec 15 06:29:38Series.The Cube
29th Dec 15 06:29:19Series.The Cube
25th Dec 15 04:31:38Better Than Sex
25th Dec 15 04:31:10Better Than Sex
25th Dec 15 01:59:19Funny.Olympic Games
23rd Dec 15 06:35:09Creator.Stephen Hawking
22nd Dec 15 04:22:33Useful Notes.Space X
19th Dec 15 10:18:47Trivia.Artistic License Nuclear Physics
19th Dec 15 07:10:22Abandoned Mine
19th Dec 15 07:09:01Abandoned Mine
16th Dec 15 06:21:37Web Video.Jimquisition
15th Dec 15 10:02:26Useful Notes.Australian States And Territories
15th Dec 15 11:52:20Useful Notes.The Falklands War
15th Dec 15 10:55:24Funny.Twister
15th Dec 15 10:54:28Funny.Twister
15th Dec 15 10:51:05Casual Danger Dialog
12th Dec 15 04:44:59Radio.A Prairie Home Companion
12th Dec 15 04:14:21Radio.A Prairie Home Companion
7th Dec 15 11:13:39Types Of Nuclear Weapons
7th Dec 15 10:15:41Useful Notes.Superior Firepower Bombers
7th Dec 15 10:07:02Failsafe Failure
6th Dec 15 08:28:30Shout Out.Nobody Dies
6th Dec 15 08:27:32Shout Out.Nobody Dies
6th Dec 15 08:26:45Shout Out.Nobody Dies
24th Nov 15 08:48:16Series.QI
24th Nov 15 08:45:40Series.QI
24th Nov 15 08:43:32Series.QI
24th Nov 15 08:41:42Series.QI
24th Nov 15 07:34:45Series.QI
24th Nov 15 07:20:01Useful Notes.Switzerland
23rd Nov 15 08:46:11Literature.The Salvation War
23rd Nov 15 10:08:33Useful Notes.That South East Asian Country
23rd Nov 15 10:08:13Useful Notes.That South East Asian Country
22nd Nov 15 11:43:17Funny.The Rachel Maddow Show
21st Nov 15 11:49:08Film.Willy Wonka And The Chocolate Factory
21st Nov 15 03:43:37Oddly Shaped Sword
21st Nov 15 11:10:07Shout Out.Bayonetta
21st Nov 15 10:58:39Video Game.Bayonetta
21st Nov 15 10:55:15Funny.Bayonetta
21st Nov 15 10:54:48Funny.Bayonetta
20th Nov 15 09:59:21Theatre.Amadeus
20th Nov 15 08:48:00Insufferable Genius
20th Nov 15 08:47:34Insufferable Genius
20th Nov 15 08:11:10Funny.Sonic Sat AM
20th Nov 15 08:03:54Recap.Sonic Sat AMS 01 E 05 Sonic And Sally
20th Nov 15 07:56:09Trivia.Sonic Sat AM
15th Nov 15 08:57:24Rampage From A Nail
15th Nov 15 08:50:06Androcles Lion
12th Nov 15 06:38:09Literature.The Salvation War
12th Nov 15 06:36:50Literature.The Salvation War
9th Nov 15 11:04:40Misery Poker
30th Oct 15 09:27:48Funny.The Hunt For Red October
29th Oct 15 11:26:43Parental Sexuality Squick
16th Oct 15 01:34:01Unacceptable Targets
16th Oct 15 01:25:56The Complainer Is Always Wrong
16th Oct 15 01:22:08Stepford Smiler.Real Life
13th Oct 15 04:29:54Film.The Fugitive
11th Oct 15 11:53:42Forbidden Zone
3rd Oct 15 05:48:36Creator.Gordon Ramsay
2nd Oct 15 09:30:51Funny.The Hunt For Red October
29th Sep 15 01:44:36Playing The Player
29th Sep 15 01:42:51Playing The Player
25th Sep 15 01:28:02Funny.Olympic Games
24th Sep 15 05:05:27Gainaxing
17th Sep 15 11:33:43I Have Boobs You Must Obey
12th Sep 15 10:55:50Film.Mad Max Fury Road
9th Sep 15 08:53:42Funny.The Hollywood Squares
9th Sep 15 08:50:10Funny.The Hollywood Squares
7th Sep 15 10:10:25Against My Religion
7th Sep 15 09:52:58Starving Student
3rd Sep 15 04:30:28Eat That
3rd Sep 15 04:29:16Eat That
3rd Sep 15 10:21:44Happiness Is Mandatory
3rd Sep 15 09:21:14Nightmare Fuel.System Shock
2nd Sep 15 11:06:23Inspirationally Disadvantaged
2nd Sep 15 10:53:00Useful Notes.Olympic Games
2nd Sep 15 09:40:56Useful Notes.Olympic Games
28th Aug 15 08:23:34Siblings Wanted
28th Aug 15 08:22:52Siblings Wanted
28th Aug 15 08:19:14Manga.Futari Ecchi
24th Aug 15 02:18:38Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
22nd Aug 15 12:19:55Awesome.Wreck It Ralph
21st Aug 15 09:19:38Funny.Wreck It Ralph
18th Aug 15 06:28:52Bedlam House
18th Aug 15 06:24:48Bedlam House
16th Aug 15 09:10:22Useful Notes.The Moons Of Saturn
16th Aug 15 08:22:46Useful Notes.Michigan
16th Aug 15 08:16:56Useful Notes.Michigan
25th Jul 15 09:58:07The Poor Mans Atomic Bomb
16th Jul 15 11:36:13Useful Notes.The Solar System
26th Jun 15 12:16:01Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
17th Jun 15 06:45:18Video Game.Star Fox
17th Jun 15 06:41:55Video Game.Star Fox
17th Jun 15 05:45:49Useful Notes.The Space Race
17th Jun 15 04:49:05Useful Notes.Jupiter
17th Jun 15 04:48:47Useful Notes.Jupiter
17th Jun 15 04:48:23Useful Notes.Jupiter
17th Jun 15 04:44:09Useful Notes.Mars
17th Jun 15 04:43:30Useful Notes.Mars
17th Jun 15 04:14:14Useful Notes.The Space Race
16th Jun 15 11:12:43Useful Notes.Venus
13th Jun 15 10:10:47Characters.Top Gear
12th Jun 15 11:31:40The Elevator From Ipanema
7th Jun 15 08:28:31Characters.Neon Genesis Evangelion NERV Staff
7th Jun 15 06:39:37The City Formerly Known As
7th Jun 15 05:03:28Fake Russian
31st May 15 08:08:47Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
31st May 15 08:03:44Recap.The Legend Of Korra S 2 E 14 Light In The Dark
27th May 15 01:07:57Useful Notes.The United States
27th May 15 01:05:21Useful Notes.Hawaii
24th May 15 02:18:31Useful Notes.Lack Of Empathy
24th May 15 02:17:41Useful Notes.Lack Of Empathy
24th May 15 02:02:37Wheelchair Woobie
24th May 15 01:29:29Indy Car
24th May 15 01:28:00Indy Car
24th May 15 01:25:55Indy Car
24th May 15 11:08:25Indy Car
16th May 15 10:59:27Wham Line.Film
16th May 15 10:58:10Wham Line.Film
16th May 15 10:57:36Wham Line.Film
15th May 15 07:33:24Woolseyism.Anime
15th May 15 07:32:55Woolseyism.Anime
13th May 15 03:45:30Useful Notes.Compact Disc
13th May 15 03:10:41Better On DVD
9th May 15 09:39:58Fun With Acronyms.Real Life
8th May 15 09:13:31Synchronized Swarming
8th May 15 09:11:44Synchronized Swarming
8th May 15 09:07:32Bee Afraid
8th May 15 08:30:15Police Brutality
2nd May 15 06:44:04Pretentious Latin Motto
29th Apr 15 02:44:51Heartwarming.Olympic Games
29th Apr 15 02:37:03Heartwarming.Olympic Games
27th Apr 15 08:24:15Fingerless Gloves
27th Apr 15 07:39:06Happy Dance
27th Apr 15 07:24:35Film The Hand
27th Apr 15 07:01:43Useful Notes.Signed Language
27th Apr 15 02:52:27Useful Notes.Olympic Games
27th Apr 15 02:18:11Useful Notes.Jimmy Carter
14th Apr 15 10:24:23Film.Now You See Me
11th Apr 15 10:02:02Disabled Means Helpless
31st Mar 15 11:32:26Bothering By The Book
31st Mar 15 03:16:53Funny.Men In Black
28th Mar 15 05:51:45Characters.Myth Busters
28th Mar 15 05:32:46Quotes.Mythbusters
28th Mar 15 04:59:18I Regret Nothing
26th Mar 15 08:22:22Creator.Tommy Lee Jones
22nd Mar 15 03:32:20Video Game.Riven
20th Mar 15 07:33:53Heartwarming.Five Nights At Freddys
6th Mar 15 05:43:18Awesome.Olympic Games
6th Mar 15 05:42:23Awesome.Olympic Games
27th Feb 15 11:40:51Unfortunate Implications
25th Feb 15 09:56:15Real Life.Cool Plane
22nd Feb 15 08:47:28Useful Notes.American Currency
22nd Feb 15 08:40:51Useful Notes.American Currency
21st Feb 15 06:39:29Theatre.Zombie Prom
20th Feb 15 09:39:06Trivia.RWBY
20th Feb 15 09:32:19Trivia.RWBY
20th Feb 15 09:15:20Web Animation.RWBY
19th Feb 15 03:12:48Major World Cities
19th Feb 15 03:01:29Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 03:01:05Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:59:15Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:57:56Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:55:55Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:55:18Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:54:37Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:54:12Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:53:47Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:53:10Useful Notes.Toronto
19th Feb 15 02:52:10Useful Notes.Toronto
13th Feb 15 06:39:06Mood Whiplash.Radio
12th Feb 15 07:13:08Built With LEGO
10th Feb 15 07:55:28The Speechless
10th Feb 15 07:55:01The Speechless
9th Feb 15 03:29:39It Is Pronounced Tro PAY
9th Feb 15 03:21:50It Is Pronounced Tro PAY
9th Feb 15 01:21:09Psmith Psyndrome
8th Feb 15 05:03:07Heartwarming.Guardians Of The Galaxy
2nd Feb 15 09:21:26Real Life.Cool Plane
31st Jan 15 12:28:17Quotes.With Us Or Against Us
31st Jan 15 12:14:24Is That A Threat
31st Jan 15 11:58:42If I Wanted You Dead
31st Jan 15 09:28:02Fridge.The Newsroom
31st Jan 15 09:14:56Switch To English
31st Jan 15 09:08:04Film.The Hunt For Red October
31st Jan 15 09:00:09Dutch Angle
25th Jan 15 11:17:45Fridge.RWBY
23rd Jan 15 12:20:11Shout Out.RWBY
23rd Jan 15 08:23:37Useful Notes.Fermats Last Theorem
23rd Jan 15 08:07:59Disney.Wreck It Ralph
22nd Jan 15 10:10:21Disney.Wreck It Ralph
17th Jan 15 05:51:58Creator.Brad Dourif
16th Jan 15 09:16:04Film.Baraka
12th Jan 15 10:27:45Heartwarming.Top Gear
12th Jan 15 10:19:10Heartwarming.Top Gear
9th Jan 15 09:40:38Annoying Laugh
9th Jan 15 09:36:59Annoying Laugh
9th Jan 15 09:34:37Annoying Laugh
9th Jan 15 09:34:03Annoying Laugh
9th Jan 15 09:33:03Annoying Laugh
9th Jan 15 09:26:26The Hyena
6th Jan 15 12:09:19Headscratchers.Now You See Me
4th Jan 15 06:44:41Heartwarming.Now You See Me
4th Jan 15 05:20:27Film.Field Of Dreams
26th Dec 14 08:04:28Insult Backfire
24th Dec 14 11:29:17Video Game.Riven
24th Dec 14 11:27:16Video Game.Riven
24th Dec 14 11:24:49Video Game.Riven
17th Dec 14 09:02:46Game Breaker.Team Fortress 2
17th Dec 14 08:53:03Game Breaker.Team Fortress 2
15th Dec 14 11:25:49High On Catnip
15th Dec 14 11:25:12High On Catnip
15th Dec 14 10:45:05Real Life.Cool Plane
15th Dec 14 10:30:15The Aesthetics Of Technology
15th Dec 14 10:05:26Real Life.Cool Plane
15th Dec 14 10:00:52Real Life.Cool Plane
14th Dec 14 10:43:04Real Life.Cool Plane
14th Dec 14 10:19:21Elaborate Underground Base
14th Dec 14 10:15:42Elaborate Underground Base
8th Dec 14 08:22:25Whip It Good
5th Dec 14 03:10:47Useful Notes.Russia
1st Dec 14 09:14:16Video Game.Riven
1st Dec 14 09:03:17The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
30th Nov 14 06:21:02Alien Geometries
27th Nov 14 06:59:42Funny.The Carol Burnett Show
27th Nov 14 06:46:12Series.The Carol Burnett Show
27th Nov 14 04:44:58Hulk Speak
24th Nov 14 07:53:24Scenery Porn.Video Games
24th Nov 14 07:47:31Scenery Porn.Live Action TV
24th Nov 14 05:11:03Black Comedy
24th Nov 14 04:57:56Black Comedy
24th Nov 14 04:55:03Gallows Humor
22nd Nov 14 10:51:21Electric T Orture
22nd Nov 14 10:49:45Electric T Orture
22nd Nov 14 10:42:50Bedlam House
22nd Nov 14 10:25:22All Therapists Are Muggles
22nd Nov 14 09:46:20Masochists Meal
22nd Nov 14 09:34:08Masochists Meal
16th Nov 14 06:56:21Webcomic.Applegeeks
16th Nov 14 06:54:59Kissing In A Tree
4th Nov 14 08:54:57Masochists Meal
3rd Nov 14 08:46:44Video Game.Radiant Silvergun
30th Oct 14 07:19:14Creator.Sophia Loren
30th Oct 14 07:18:16Creator.Sophia Loren
29th Oct 14 08:13:53Creator.Joseph Gordon Levitt
29th Oct 14 08:12:00Heartwarming.Angels In The Outfield
28th Oct 14 02:14:57Hair Raising Hare
28th Oct 14 01:56:47Stage Magician
28th Oct 14 01:39:22Impossibly Awesome Magic Trick
27th Oct 14 03:54:13Schmuck Bait.Real Life
25th Oct 14 10:36:05Film.Twister
21st Oct 14 08:49:55Real Life.Cool Plane
21st Oct 14 08:41:55Real Life.Cool Plane
14th Oct 14 07:50:35This Loser Is You
14th Oct 14 07:45:18This Loser Is You
14th Oct 14 07:42:23This Loser Is You
10th Oct 14 09:27:59Funny.Inu Yasha
9th Oct 14 08:21:30No Sense Of Direction
6th Oct 14 09:04:46Break The Scientist
5th Oct 14 03:55:13Film.The Hunt For Red October
5th Oct 14 03:44:01The Backwards R
5th Oct 14 03:17:07Olympic Games
5th Oct 14 03:09:36Funny.Olympic Games
5th Oct 14 02:46:18Olympic Games
5th Oct 14 02:37:18Olympic Games
5th Oct 14 02:16:32Website.Darwin Awards
3rd Oct 14 06:33:43Made Of Indestructium
1st Oct 14 10:11:25Fedora Of Asskicking
30th Sep 14 01:35:00Useful Notes.Alcohol
29th Sep 14 10:59:41Space Plane
29th Sep 14 06:46:54Webcomic.Dominic Deegan
29th Sep 14 06:46:10Webcomic.Dominic Deegan
29th Sep 14 07:08:54Heroic RROD
29th Sep 14 07:03:24Heroic RROD
29th Sep 14 06:55:44What Could Possibly Go Wrong
29th Sep 14 06:39:15Theatre.Amadeus
29th Sep 14 06:37:03Theatre.Amadeus
29th Sep 14 06:32:36Trivia.Amadeus
24th Sep 14 08:24:57Useful Notes.William Mc Kinley
22nd Sep 14 09:13:35One Of Us.Film Nerds
21st Sep 14 09:59:04Paranoia Fuel.Video Games
15th Sep 14 07:17:07Ear Worm.Music ABC
15th Sep 14 07:16:39Ear Worm.Music ABC
15th Sep 14 07:15:52Ear Worm.Music ABC
15th Sep 14 07:10:09Ear Worm.Music 0 To 9
14th Sep 14 09:27:31Heartwarming.The Dark Knight Saga
14th Sep 14 08:39:46Creator.Liam Neeson
14th Sep 14 08:39:14Creator.Liam Neeson
14th Sep 14 07:27:10Heartwarming.Inu Yasha
14th Sep 14 07:17:24Heartwarming.Inu Yasha
12th Sep 14 06:48:48Non Answer
10th Sep 14 07:47:45Film.Its A Mad Mad Mad Mad World
10th Sep 14 07:18:19Creator.Rowan Atkinson
6th Sep 14 10:17:38Heartwarming.Guardians Of The Galaxy
6th Sep 14 07:22:00Film.Five Men And A Limo
6th Sep 14 07:21:31Film.Five Men And A Limo
29th Aug 14 05:25:51Bait And Switch Comparison
26th Aug 14 08:54:24Series.Hawaii Five O
26th Aug 14 08:02:50Goddamned Bats.First Person Shooter
26th Aug 14 07:56:47Goddamned Bats.First Person Shooter
26th Aug 14 07:30:09Platform Hell
22nd Aug 14 09:11:52Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
22nd Aug 14 05:48:26YMMV.Cracked
20th Aug 14 05:39:55One Of Us.Other Pencilnecks
20th Aug 14 05:18:08One Of Us.Political Geeks
20th Aug 14 04:53:03Film.The Addams Family
20th Aug 14 04:26:15Characters.The Addams Family
18th Aug 14 12:18:25Most Annoying Sound
13th Aug 14 05:47:15Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
13th Aug 14 05:35:53Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
13th Aug 14 05:18:44Film.Guardians Of The Galaxy
12th Aug 14 09:51:37Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
12th Aug 14 09:11:45Cool Starship
12th Aug 14 08:48:55Brown Note
12th Aug 14 08:44:30Brown Note
12th Aug 14 08:32:19Brown Note
12th Aug 14 08:10:13Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:09:33Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:08:36Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:07:55Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:07:41Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:07:27Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:07:13Quotes.Calling The Old Man Out
12th Aug 14 08:03:37Website.Bash Org
12th Aug 14 07:39:42Oh Crap Smile
12th Aug 14 07:37:58Oh Crap Smile
11th Aug 14 05:31:35Useful Notes.Japanese Pronouns
11th Aug 14 05:29:06Useful Notes.Japanese Language
10th Aug 14 10:23:35Paddleball Shot
3rd Aug 14 01:47:30Trouser Space
2nd Aug 14 05:08:25Film.A Few Good Men
2nd Aug 14 05:05:43YMMV.A Few Good Men
2nd Aug 14 05:04:59YMMV.A Few Good Men
2nd Aug 14 05:00:39Film.A Few Good Men
29th Jul 14 10:25:34Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 10:24:24Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 09:54:38Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 09:47:45Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 09:43:53Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 09:36:13Real Life.Cool Plane
29th Jul 14 09:33:52Real Life.Cool Plane
24th Jul 14 03:01:00Obnoxious Snarker
24th Jul 14 02:33:10Useful Notes.Ohio
24th Jul 14 02:28:54Useful Notes.Boston
24th Jul 14 02:18:53American Accents
22nd Jul 14 12:13:56Funny.Portal 2
22nd Jul 14 06:18:07Living Statue
22nd Jul 14 06:12:56The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
17th Jul 14 09:16:50Sex For Solace
14th Jul 14 08:35:34And I Must Scream.Real Life