Stealth's Recent Edits

28th Aug 15 04:08:03Bodyguard Betrayal
28th Aug 15 04:04:34Bodyguard Betrayal
27th Aug 15 09:56:53Blade On A Stick
27th Aug 15 07:46:00Funny.Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
26th Aug 15 06:28:17Lets Play.Lets Drown Out
26th Aug 15 06:26:56Redundancy.Video Games
26th Aug 15 05:25:55Skippable Boss
25th Aug 15 07:38:25Mini Mecha
25th Aug 15 07:18:25Ignored Expert
25th Aug 15 04:58:29Video Game.Starsiege
25th Aug 15 02:55:06Deleted Scene
24th Aug 15 11:37:28No Sell
24th Aug 15 11:33:31No Sell
23rd Aug 15 11:06:29Oop North
23rd Aug 15 05:35:40Mistaken For Cheating
23rd Aug 15 05:35:02Mistaken For Cheating
23rd Aug 15 04:51:57Superweapon Surprise
23rd Aug 15 04:29:32Power Pincers
23rd Aug 15 03:19:48Reptiles Are Abhorrent
23rd Aug 15 03:03:35Fell Off The Back Of A Truck
23rd Aug 15 01:26:44Characters.One Must Fall
22nd Aug 15 11:38:22Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
22nd Aug 15 04:34:23Orbiting Particle Shield
22nd Aug 15 03:41:41No Sell
21st Aug 15 10:14:35Sanity Meter
21st Aug 15 09:51:04Flat What
21st Aug 15 09:45:27Funny.Lets Drown Out
21st Aug 15 09:44:57Funny.Lets Drown Out
21st Aug 15 09:44:44Funny.Lets Drown Out
21st Aug 15 09:24:23Sanity Meter
21st Aug 15 02:52:12Fan Nickname.Gundam
21st Aug 15 02:51:49Fan Nickname.Gundam
21st Aug 15 04:20:04Video Game.Metal Arms Glitch In The System
21st Aug 15 01:42:42Equippable Ally
21st Aug 15 01:19:44Super Drowning Skills
20th Aug 15 11:52:28Hot Skitty On Wailord Action
20th Aug 15 09:08:30Deadpan Snarker.Web Original
20th Aug 15 08:04:03Deadpan Snarker.Web Original
20th Aug 15 07:19:33Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
19th Aug 15 08:02:39Characters.World Of Tanks Germany
19th Aug 15 12:42:44Slide Attack
19th Aug 15 12:23:54Characterization Marches On.Live Action TV
18th Aug 15 07:26:53Screams Like A Little Girl.Web Original
17th Aug 15 06:44:26Never My Fault
17th Aug 15 02:51:40Funny.Lets Drown Out
17th Aug 15 02:33:11Funny.Lets Drown Out
16th Aug 15 08:09:27Worthy Opponent
16th Aug 15 07:05:52Nightmare Fuel.Chzo Mythos
16th Aug 15 07:05:17Nightmare Fuel.Chzo Mythos
16th Aug 15 12:56:54Funny.Lets Drown Out
16th Aug 15 12:56:44Funny.Lets Drown Out
15th Aug 15 08:29:36Video Game.Chzo Mythos
15th Aug 15 07:34:29Impaled With Extreme Prejudice
15th Aug 15 12:06:10Gadget Watches
15th Aug 15 11:51:56Would Not Shoot A Civilian
15th Aug 15 11:36:54Robot Religion
15th Aug 15 11:36:16Robot Religion
15th Aug 15 11:08:49Choke Holds
14th Aug 15 03:56:32When All You Have Is A Hammer
14th Aug 15 07:56:36Write What You Know
14th Aug 15 07:18:19Atop A Mountain Of Corpses
14th Aug 15 07:14:43Shapeshifter Mode Lock
14th Aug 15 07:13:26Shapeshifter Mode Lock
14th Aug 15 06:14:29Cute Machines
14th Aug 15 05:58:27On A Scale From One To Ten
14th Aug 15 05:44:07In A Single Bound
14th Aug 15 05:30:41Multi Melee Master
14th Aug 15 05:21:00Libation For The Dead
14th Aug 15 04:56:29How Many Fingers
14th Aug 15 04:20:07Never Speak Ill Of The Dead
14th Aug 15 04:09:12Drinking Game.Team Fortress 2
14th Aug 15 04:07:22Whip It Good
14th Aug 15 12:13:27Funny.Lets Drown Out
13th Aug 15 07:57:17Characters.Chzo Mythos
13th Aug 15 02:55:40Disabled Snarker
12th Aug 15 06:04:19Awesome Bosses.Other Games
11th Aug 15 02:00:09Never My Fault
11th Aug 15 03:38:31Fan Nickname.Tabletop Games
10th Aug 15 05:54:52Combat Hand Fan
9th Aug 15 04:57:27Awesome Bosses.Other Games
9th Aug 15 04:56:23Awesome Bosses.Other Games
9th Aug 15 04:47:27Bouncing Battler
9th Aug 15 04:42:30Awesome Bosses.Other Games
9th Aug 15 04:01:59WMG.Mystery Skulls Animated
8th Aug 15 05:46:30Awesome Music.Mega Man
7th Aug 15 06:29:57Sex Comedy
7th Aug 15 06:25:13Died Standing Up
7th Aug 15 03:33:59Mook Horror Show
7th Aug 15 01:14:12Hey You Haymaker
7th Aug 15 12:37:53Web Animation.Mystery Skulls Animated
7th Aug 15 12:16:25Impaled With Extreme Prejudice
7th Aug 15 12:09:38Flaming Hair
7th Aug 15 12:09:15Web Animation.Mystery Skulls Animated
6th Aug 15 10:41:03Gender Neutral Writing
6th Aug 15 10:38:34Gender Neutral Writing
6th Aug 15 04:38:19Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
6th Aug 15 04:25:13Firemen Are Hot
4th Aug 15 10:06:00Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 1000 And Beyond
4th Aug 15 09:30:40Threatening Shark
4th Aug 15 09:09:37Drunken Boxing
4th Aug 15 05:18:41Humble Hero
4th Aug 15 05:00:11Awesome.Transformers The Movie
4th Aug 15 04:36:27Oh Crap.Animated Film
4th Aug 15 04:30:11Oh Crap.Western Animation
4th Aug 15 12:52:59Not So Different.Video Games
4th Aug 15 05:22:36Not So Different.Video Games
4th Aug 15 05:21:44Not So Different.Video Games
4th Aug 15 12:01:44Funny.Zero Punctuation Even More
3rd Aug 15 06:38:05Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Video Games
3rd Aug 15 06:34:06Unusually Uninteresting Sight.Video Games
3rd Aug 15 06:49:50Funny.Zero Punctuation Even More
3rd Aug 15 01:37:28Seppuku
3rd Aug 15 01:37:06Seppuku
2nd Aug 15 08:21:24Incoming Ham
2nd Aug 15 03:21:12Blood From Every Orifice
2nd Aug 15 03:03:08Webcomic.Nerf Now
2nd Aug 15 03:02:04Webcomic.Nerf Now
2nd Aug 15 02:48:30Flawed Prototype
1st Aug 15 07:40:37Sound Effect Bleep
1st Aug 15 07:40:00Sound Effect Bleep
1st Aug 15 01:53:39Funny.Shack Tactical
31st Jul 15 03:21:44Hijacked By Ganon
31st Jul 15 01:51:20Companion Cube
30th Jul 15 09:34:04Incredibly Obvious Bomb
29th Jul 15 12:25:35Supernaturally Delicious And Nutritious
28th Jul 15 04:02:38Ridiculously Cute Critter
28th Jul 15 03:41:31Shoo Out The Clowns
28th Jul 15 03:40:45Shoo Out The Clowns
28th Jul 15 03:34:42No Sell
28th Jul 15 03:01:16Fridge.Five Nights At Freddys 4
28th Jul 15 02:59:44Fridge.Five Nights At Freddys 4
28th Jul 15 12:04:40Funny.Markiplier
27th Jul 15 11:59:12Funny.Markiplier
27th Jul 15 08:57:33Boogie Knights
26th Jul 15 08:38:24Dragon Hoard
26th Jul 15 08:38:02Dragon Hoard
26th Jul 15 06:08:01Funny.Markiplier
26th Jul 15 01:10:30Experience Meter
26th Jul 15 12:20:57Simple Yet Awesome
25th Jul 15 01:20:23Car Fu
24th Jul 15 07:14:31Funny.Lets Drown Out
24th Jul 15 03:19:01Vitriolic Best Buds.Video Games
23rd Jul 15 11:28:26Oxymoronic Being
23rd Jul 15 04:24:21Ink Suit Actor
23rd Jul 15 02:24:51Mecha Mooks
23rd Jul 15 01:57:05Fridge.Area 88
23rd Jul 15 12:32:50Multiform Balance
23rd Jul 15 12:19:51Apologetic Attacker
22nd Jul 15 09:27:39Super Breath
22nd Jul 15 01:16:15Funny.Lets Drown Out
21st Jul 15 08:08:45Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
21st Jul 15 08:07:18Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
21st Jul 15 07:52:50Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
21st Jul 15 07:51:33Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
21st Jul 15 02:40:09Big Ol Eyebrows.Anime And Manga
21st Jul 15 04:37:46Wins By Doing Absolutely Nothing
21st Jul 15 04:13:37Greed
20th Jul 15 12:18:38Decapitation Presentation
19th Jul 15 11:17:18Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 11:17:01Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:47:45Trivia.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:47:36Video Game.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:40:37Fridge.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:40:16Fridge.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:36:21YMMV.Tachyon The Fringe
19th Jul 15 10:26:46Macross Missile Massacre
19th Jul 15 03:43:46Outside The Box Tactic
19th Jul 15 03:42:51Outside The Box Tactic
18th Jul 15 03:59:25My Name Is Inigo Montoya
18th Jul 15 02:17:57Hes Got A Weapon
18th Jul 15 01:42:18Characters.Mortal Kombat 1
16th Jul 15 07:12:04Shout Out.Team Fortress 2
16th Jul 15 06:16:25Characters.Team Fortress 2 Defense
16th Jul 15 04:44:53Cloudcuckoolanders Minder
16th Jul 15 04:38:32Characters.Team Fortress 2 Defense
16th Jul 15 12:33:05Shout Out.Tabletop Games
16th Jul 15 12:06:36Funny.Team Fortress 2
14th Jul 15 08:03:06Big Ol Eyebrows.Anime And Manga
14th Jul 15 07:32:24Dem Bones
14th Jul 15 07:21:48Skewed Priorities
14th Jul 15 06:40:22Sound Defect
12th Jul 15 11:01:15Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
12th Jul 15 02:45:47Competitive Balance
12th Jul 15 12:00:01Open Says Me
11th Jul 15 11:19:24Freeze Frame Bonus.Video Games
11th Jul 15 03:06:24Arms Dealer
11th Jul 15 01:48:14Marked Bullet
11th Jul 15 01:28:45The Friend Nobody Likes
11th Jul 15 01:06:57The Friend Nobody Likes
11th Jul 15 12:52:52Good Parents
11th Jul 15 12:34:35Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.Video Games
11th Jul 15 12:34:20Pre Ass Kicking One Liner.Video Games
9th Jul 15 08:48:38Funny.Lets Drown Out
6th Jul 15 10:11:04Cloud Cuckoolander.Video Games
6th Jul 15 09:58:14Affably Evil.Video Games
5th Jul 15 11:42:35Funny.Zero Punctuation
5th Jul 15 06:24:34Oddball In The Series
25th Jun 15 03:07:59Hammerspace.Comic Books
25th Jun 15 02:20:18The Nicknamer
22nd Jun 15 03:36:25Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy
22nd Jun 15 03:32:29Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy
21st Jun 15 07:24:01Went To The Great X In The Sky
21st Jun 15 03:16:35Funny.Battle Tech
20th Jun 15 12:59:44Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
19th Jun 15 05:36:58Lethal Harmless Powers
18th Jun 15 06:50:32Fridge.Mega Man
18th Jun 15 06:22:02Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
18th Jun 15 06:20:50Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
18th Jun 15 06:19:27Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
18th Jun 15 05:28:02Lovable Coward.Video Games
18th Jun 15 05:04:39Cunning Like A Fox
18th Jun 15 04:15:11Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
17th Jun 15 06:14:28Made Of Bologna
17th Jun 15 06:11:42Absurdly Sharp Blade
16th Jun 15 09:14:08Im A Doctor Not A Placeholder
16th Jun 15 09:01:26Funny.World Of Tanks
16th Jun 15 01:30:18Not Enough To Bury
15th Jun 15 02:31:53Bowel Breaking Bricks
15th Jun 15 03:17:06Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits
15th Jun 15 03:16:32Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits
13th Jun 15 11:11:16So Bad Its Good.Video Games
13th Jun 15 10:08:21Vibroweapon
13th Jun 15 05:07:38This Is My Side
13th Jun 15 03:56:14Food Pills
13th Jun 15 01:39:49Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
13th Jun 15 01:39:35Mexicans Love Speedy Gonzales
12th Jun 15 03:04:50North Is Cold South Is Hot
11th Jun 15 03:24:41Sinister Shiv
11th Jun 15 12:17:48Drives Like Crazy
10th Jun 15 01:05:57YMMV.Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
9th Jun 15 11:24:18Lantern Jaw Of Justice
9th Jun 15 11:21:44Lantern Jaw Of Justice
9th Jun 15 11:21:32Lantern Jaw Of Justice
9th Jun 15 09:56:20Undying Loyalty
8th Jun 15 10:42:08Red Shirt
7th Jun 15 09:38:39Back Alley Doctor
7th Jun 15 09:33:47Open Heart Dentistry
7th Jun 15 03:55:49Epic Fail.Video Games
7th Jun 15 03:28:18Funny.World Of Tanks
5th Jun 15 11:43:21Just Plane Wrong
5th Jun 15 10:15:45Universal Ammunition
5th Jun 15 09:40:24Punch Packing Pistol
4th Jun 15 02:41:14Groin Attack.Comic Books
3rd Jun 15 11:57:50Poltergeist
3rd Jun 15 09:08:31Boring But Practical.Videogames
3rd Jun 15 05:26:19Cornered Rattlesnake
3rd Jun 15 02:00:06Characters.Home Improvement
3rd Jun 15 01:55:07Giftedly Bad
2nd Jun 15 09:18:35Establishing Character Moment.Tabletop Games
2nd Jun 15 08:35:01Truce Zone
2nd Jun 15 08:22:57Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
1st Jun 15 09:14:20Mascot Mook
1st Jun 15 09:02:41Mascot Mook
1st Jun 15 08:03:53Money Spider
1st Jun 15 08:01:54Money Spider
1st Jun 15 05:10:37Walking Armory
1st Jun 15 05:10:21Walking Armory
31st May 15 06:53:36Fission Mailed
31st May 15 05:42:44Gas Cylinder Rocket
31st May 15 04:10:52Fire Ice Lightning
31st May 15 04:02:26Characters.Mega Man X Command Mission
31st May 15 12:20:27Headscratchers.Gundam Build Fighters
29th May 15 05:29:37Oxymoronic Being
29th May 15 05:28:49Oxymoronic Being
29th May 15 05:06:07Cephalothorax
29th May 15 01:57:19Everything Trying To Kill You
29th May 15 01:56:11Everything Trying To Kill You
29th May 15 01:43:28Quotes.Australia
29th May 15 01:43:12Quotes.Australia
28th May 15 11:38:42Torso With A View
25th May 15 11:41:50Cloudcuckoolander.Other
25th May 15 09:01:21Universal Ammunition
25th May 15 04:52:04Webcomic.MS Paint Masterpieces
25th May 15 03:01:10Cherry Tapping
25th May 15 02:40:33Drinking Game.Team Fortress 2
24th May 15 08:38:47Hot Blooded.Video Games
24th May 15 07:32:55Gatling Good
24th May 15 05:30:30Putting A Hand Over His Mouth
24th May 15 02:56:18Fanfic Recs.Five Nights At Freddys
22nd May 15 06:24:09Funny.Lets Drown Out
22nd May 15 01:58:26Hammerspace Hair
22nd May 15 12:44:54Competitive Balance
22nd May 15 12:43:32Competitive Balance
22nd May 15 12:41:10Competitive Balance
22nd May 15 03:36:24Computer Voice
22nd May 15 12:48:49Characters.Schlock Mercenary
21st May 15 05:26:08Funny.Zero Punctuation
20th May 15 05:46:19Understatement
20th May 15 04:55:40Harsher In Hindsight.Tabletop Games
20th May 15 05:09:11Bubble Gun
20th May 15 05:03:24Japanese School Club
20th May 15 01:26:22Made Of Iron.Real Life
20th May 15 01:24:07Made Of Iron.Real Life
20th May 15 01:10:22Unstoppable Rage
19th May 15 11:40:04Mythology Gag.Gundam Build Fighters
19th May 15 11:20:30The Mourning After
19th May 15 11:14:15The Mourning After
19th May 15 11:13:32The Mourning After
19th May 15 10:33:23Mythology Gag.Gundam Build Fighters Try
19th May 15 08:30:50Multi Ranged Master
19th May 15 05:58:30Awesome Mc Coolname.Tabletop Games
19th May 15 05:50:15Characters.Team Fortress 2 Non Player Characters
19th May 15 05:39:26Big Bad Duumvirate
19th May 15 05:13:43Thanatos Gambit
19th May 15 01:35:22Enemy Mine.Video Games
18th May 15 12:37:39Now You Tell Me
18th May 15 12:19:30Epilogue Letter
18th May 15 01:14:17Funny.Lets Drown Out
18th May 15 12:12:03YMMV.Mister Rogers Neighborhood
17th May 15 11:04:22Wanted Poster
17th May 15 10:26:17Good Is Not Nice
17th May 15 09:13:43Gatling Good
17th May 15 08:08:54Merchandise Driven
17th May 15 05:46:34Multipurpose Tongue
17th May 15 04:42:52Last Of His Kind
17th May 15 04:41:01Last Of His Kind
17th May 15 06:22:47Beyond The Impossible.Anime And Manga
17th May 15 05:39:26Stealth Expert
17th May 15 04:40:00Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Decepticons
17th May 15 04:10:11The Load
17th May 15 04:08:58The Load
17th May 15 03:40:03Suicidal Overconfidence
17th May 15 03:37:41Suicidal Overconfidence
17th May 15 03:17:02Humans Are White
17th May 15 02:18:16Characters.BB Senshi Sangokuden
17th May 15 02:08:33Trivia.Lets Drown Out
17th May 15 02:03:40Last Of His Kind
17th May 15 01:13:49Absurdly Bright Light
16th May 15 11:53:53Concealment Equals Cover
16th May 15 11:28:40Eye Beams.Video Games
16th May 15 09:43:30Walking Armory
16th May 15 09:42:45Walking Armory
15th May 15 07:32:52Marked Bullet
15th May 15 06:54:02Chairman Of The Brawl
15th May 15 06:49:45Hurricane Kick
15th May 15 05:00:04Artistic License Ships
15th May 15 04:47:28Villainous Cheekbones
15th May 15 04:40:45Pintsized Powerhouse.Real Life
15th May 15 04:38:21Pintsized Powerhouse.Real Life
14th May 15 07:21:16Awesome.Stuart Ashen
14th May 15 07:12:12Uncanny Valley.Video Games
14th May 15 07:11:46Uncanny Valley.Video Games
14th May 15 06:19:55Panthera Awesome
14th May 15 06:19:19Panthera Awesome
14th May 15 04:22:56Mugging The Monster.Real Life
14th May 15 03:25:19Suspend Save
14th May 15 02:46:32Mugging The Monster.Real Life
14th May 15 02:06:57Badass.Real Life
14th May 15 02:06:14Badass.Real Life
14th May 15 01:41:24Extreme Melee Revenge
14th May 15 01:41:01Extreme Melee Revenge
14th May 15 01:29:05Quotes.Theodore Roosevelt
14th May 15 01:08:03Memetic Badass.Tabletop Games
12th May 15 05:17:31Anti Magic
12th May 15 05:14:59Anti Magic
12th May 15 04:18:15Shield Bearing Mook
11th May 15 09:51:06Rule Thirty Four Creator Reactions
11th May 15 08:22:37Useless Spleen
11th May 15 08:03:50Suspend Save
11th May 15 06:32:44I Phony
11th May 15 04:46:18Ramming Always Works
11th May 15 04:37:35Saharan Shipwreck
11th May 15 04:27:25Outside The Box Tactic
11th May 15 04:08:49Defeat Equals Explosion
11th May 15 04:08:31Defeat Equals Explosion
11th May 15 03:34:52Inexplicably Tailless
11th May 15 05:07:00Disproportionate Reward
10th May 15 03:54:06Bar Brawl
10th May 15 03:53:44Bar Brawl
10th May 15 03:43:45Enemy Scan
10th May 15 03:42:43Enemy Scan
10th May 15 03:31:33Item Drop Mechanic
10th May 15 03:00:47Friend To All Children
10th May 15 02:39:18Dynamic Entry
10th May 15 01:23:27Even Evil Has Standards.Tabletop Games
10th May 15 01:01:40Off With His Head
10th May 15 12:59:43Off With His Head
10th May 15 12:34:30Blazing Inferno Hellfire Sauce
10th May 15 12:28:43Hot Sauce Drinking
10th May 15 12:14:20Catharsis Factor
10th May 15 12:13:53Catharsis Factor
9th May 15 06:25:02Shamu Fu
9th May 15 03:33:51Tyop On The Cover
9th May 15 03:32:26Tyop On The Cover
8th May 15 10:56:49Memes.Gundam
8th May 15 01:26:36Obligatory War Crime Scene
7th May 15 04:58:33Thief Bag
7th May 15 04:32:00Extendo Boxing Glove
7th May 15 04:31:50Extendo Boxing Glove
7th May 15 04:13:02Computer Voice
7th May 15 12:41:17Sociopathic Soldier
7th May 15 12:39:23Sociopathic Soldier
7th May 15 12:19:44What Measure Is A Mook.Video Games
7th May 15 02:00:18Strange Minds Think Alike
7th May 15 01:47:36Magic Misfire
6th May 15 11:19:30Characters.Team Fortress 2 Non Player Characters
6th May 15 05:33:16Anime.Gundam Build Fighters
6th May 15 05:20:09Anime.Gundam Build Fighters
6th May 15 04:35:17Fixed Forward Facing Weapon
6th May 15 03:11:59Sword Plant