Stealth's Recent Edits

21st Sep 17 03:58:37Tear Jerker.Batman Beyond
19th Sep 17 09:24:46Patricide
19th Sep 17 08:10:19Tear Jerker.Other
19th Sep 17 05:20:52Characters.World Of Tanks Soviet Union
15th Sep 17 03:11:11Awesome.Mech Warrior
10th Sep 17 01:40:13Cold Sniper
9th Sep 17 08:06:01Caped Mecha
9th Sep 17 08:00:57Forgot To Feed The Monster
9th Sep 17 12:41:24The Gadfly
8th Sep 17 12:46:34Colony Drop
8th Sep 17 01:29:18Polka Dork
8th Sep 17 01:25:25Family Friendly Firearms
8th Sep 17 01:18:23Fat Bastard.Video Games
8th Sep 17 01:06:45Fat Bastard.Video Games
8th Sep 17 12:42:11Big Guy Rodeo
6th Sep 17 07:40:37Funny.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure Phantom Blood
3rd Sep 17 11:14:17Punch Parry
3rd Sep 17 10:53:56Awesome.Gundam Build Fighters
1st Sep 17 08:34:29Butterfly Knife
1st Sep 17 08:31:24Butterfly Knife
1st Sep 17 08:23:13Butterfly Knife
1st Sep 17 08:18:24Grievous Harm With A Body
1st Sep 17 12:33:51WMG.Mystery Skulls Animated
1st Sep 17 12:10:59WMG.Mystery Skulls Animated
31st Aug 17 09:06:53Chainsaw Grip BFG
29th Aug 17 01:09:24Wolf Man
29th Aug 17 12:54:04Replacement Scrappy.Video Games
29th Aug 17 11:50:07Paper Tiger
29th Aug 17 11:45:21Paper Tiger
29th Aug 17 10:43:29Readings Are Off The Scale
29th Aug 17 10:42:09Readings Are Off The Scale
28th Aug 17 05:15:25Multi Track Drifting
27th Aug 17 10:29:27Characters.World Of Tanks Sweden
24th Aug 17 11:56:04Rashomon Style
24th Aug 17 10:07:40Funny.Gundam Build Fighters
24th Aug 17 10:03:52Funny.Gundam Build Fighters
24th Aug 17 10:03:15Funny.Gundam Build Fighters
24th Aug 17 09:50:26Funny.Gundam Build Fighters
24th Aug 17 09:44:27Awesome.Gundam Build Fighters
23rd Aug 17 05:32:07Turn Off The Camera
23rd Aug 17 04:50:03Pyro Maniac
23rd Aug 17 04:49:45Pyro Maniac
23rd Aug 17 04:49:18Pyro Maniac
20th Aug 17 01:05:23Epic Flail
20th Aug 17 12:45:32Friend To All Children
20th Aug 17 12:03:47Friend To All Children
20th Aug 17 12:00:39Friend To All Children
17th Aug 17 07:08:11Never Smile At A Crocodile
17th Aug 17 06:55:32Never Smile At A Crocodile
12th Aug 17 01:52:26Coup De Grace
12th Aug 17 01:18:20Obvious Rule Patch.Video Games
12th Aug 17 12:15:05Funny.Lets Drown Out
10th Aug 17 07:58:02Character Customization
10th Aug 17 12:44:23Colony Drop
6th Aug 17 05:16:30Fountain Of Memes
5th Aug 17 11:05:41Captain Crash
5th Aug 17 12:30:01Fountain Of Memes
4th Aug 17 08:38:22Captain Obvious.Tabletop Games
4th Aug 17 08:11:06Captain Obvious.Tabletop Games
3rd Aug 17 11:55:08Hoist By His Own Petard.Western Animation
3rd Aug 17 08:14:45Headscratchers.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Aug 17 08:08:50Headscratchers.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Aug 17 08:07:34Headscratchers.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Aug 17 07:25:45Fridge.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Aug 17 07:24:28Fridge.Gundam Build Fighters
3rd Aug 17 07:04:47Funny.Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
2nd Aug 17 10:22:09Talking Typography
2nd Aug 17 09:56:25Determined Defeatist
31st Jul 17 04:11:41Stealth Pun.Video Games
28th Jul 17 07:16:50Revolvers Are Just Better
28th Jul 17 06:10:01Funny.Justice League Action
25th Jul 17 10:15:59Fridge.Raiders Of The Lost Ark
25th Jul 17 08:57:53Conveniently Empty Building
25th Jul 17 08:24:16Muzzle Flashlight
25th Jul 17 07:12:43Nuke Em
25th Jul 17 07:12:26Nuke Em
25th Jul 17 06:57:13Determinator.Real Life
25th Jul 17 03:54:07Determinator.Real Life
24th Jul 17 02:40:00Noisy Guns
24th Jul 17 10:17:52Truce Zone
21st Jul 17 07:06:16Awesome.Queen
21st Jul 17 07:04:53Awesome.Queen
18th Jul 17 08:02:42War Has Never Been So Much Fun
16th Jul 17 04:32:56Shown Their Work.Girls Und Panzer
16th Jul 17 01:17:10Fan Nickname.World Of Warships
15th Jul 17 08:38:41Heartwarming.Rick And Morty
8th Jul 17 11:55:56Fandom Specific Plot.Digimon
8th Jul 17 03:22:41Pile Bunker
6th Jul 17 01:53:15Rainbow Pimp Gear
6th Jul 17 01:52:05Rainbow Pimp Gear
2nd Jul 17 07:27:50Lightning Bruiser.Anime And Manga
30th Jun 17 11:01:29Awesome.One Punch Man
15th Jun 17 10:41:29Stealth Pun.Video Games
12th Jun 17 08:14:28Armor Piercing Question.Video Games
12th Jun 17 07:19:42Armor Piercing Question.Video Games
31st May 17 09:26:58Funny.Mystery Skulls Animated
29th May 17 09:14:28Nuke Em
29th May 17 10:16:44Funny.Atop The Fourth Wall 2014 Episodes
29th May 17 01:51:12Big Why
28th May 17 04:23:32The Butcher
28th May 17 12:16:48The Butcher
27th May 17 11:16:09Outdated Outfit
27th May 17 10:07:01Organ Drops
27th May 17 12:14:45Eats Babies
27th May 17 01:18:11Precision F Strike.Video Games
24th May 17 08:35:15Precision F Strike.Video Games
24th May 17 11:18:55Stealth Pun.Video Games
23rd May 17 09:39:24Tear Jerker.Injustice 2
21st May 17 12:22:08Horrifying The Horror
20th May 17 11:27:17Stealth Pun.Video Games
20th May 17 07:45:14Badass Beard
20th May 17 06:21:26Honest Johns Dealership
18th May 17 05:16:34Video Game.World Of Tanks
18th May 17 12:33:11Webcomic.Insecticomics
18th May 17 12:23:24Must Have Caffeine.Live Action TV
16th May 17 06:55:11Large Ham.Western Animation
14th May 17 07:58:58Grave Robbing
14th May 17 03:44:23Brutal Honesty
14th May 17 10:53:08Boring But Practical.Videogames
14th May 17 10:51:41Boring But Practical.Videogames
14th May 17 10:51:01Boring But Practical.Videogames
9th May 17 10:07:36Macross Missile Massacre
7th May 17 10:08:53Funny.Samurai Jack
6th May 17 09:59:18Funny.Samurai Jack
4th May 17 12:37:44Characters.Samurai Jack Recurring
4th May 17 12:34:26Sissy Villain
28th Apr 17 10:04:24Characters.Samurai Jack Recurring
28th Apr 17 07:46:37Fridge.Indiana Jones And The Last Crusade
28th Apr 17 05:02:56Non Entity General
27th Apr 17 08:01:56Funny.Robot Wars
23rd Apr 17 02:05:21Boisterous Bruiser.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 01:29:18Infinity Minus One Sword
23rd Apr 17 11:47:57Victory Pose
23rd Apr 17 11:32:33Headscratchers.Samurai Jack
23rd Apr 17 11:25:18Headscratchers.Samurai Jack
22nd Apr 17 08:38:37Awesome Music.Third Generation Or Earlier
22nd Apr 17 02:41:25YMMV.Cooking With Dog
22nd Apr 17 02:06:40Critical Psychoanalysis Failure
22nd Apr 17 09:51:19Cant Un Hear It
22nd Apr 17 09:47:51Cant Un Hear It
20th Apr 17 09:33:29Not So Stoic
19th Apr 17 11:12:41Not Afraid To Die
19th Apr 17 11:09:20Not Afraid To Die
19th Apr 17 10:58:08Big Shut Up
16th Apr 17 10:58:12Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
16th Apr 17 10:57:48Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
16th Apr 17 10:20:07Dying Moment Of Awesome.Western Animation
16th Apr 17 10:19:21Dying Moment Of Awesome.Western Animation
16th Apr 17 08:26:25Awesome.Samurai Jack
16th Apr 17 08:25:02Awesome.Samurai Jack
13th Apr 17 11:59:22Tear Jerker.Other
13th Apr 17 12:46:45Characters.Samurai Jack Recurring
12th Apr 17 09:36:20Nightmare Fuel.Garfield
9th Apr 17 05:17:08Hate Sink
5th Apr 17 12:37:11Incoming Ham
3rd Apr 17 01:05:49Characters.Samurai Warriors
3rd Apr 17 12:54:58Characters.Samurai Warriors
2nd Apr 17 01:32:04Fridge.Metroid
1st Apr 17 10:34:48Autobots Rock Out
1st Apr 17 10:29:31With This Herring.Video Games
30th Mar 17 07:51:56Autobots Rock Out
23rd Mar 17 11:05:35Sentient Vehicle
11th Mar 17 09:10:37Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
11th Mar 17 09:10:17Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
5th Mar 17 10:07:42Muzzle Flashlight
24th Feb 17 09:25:16Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
18th Feb 17 06:51:54Game Face
18th Feb 17 06:51:44Game Face
15th Feb 17 11:12:50Awesome Music.PC Only
14th Feb 17 10:54:30Funny.Friendship Is Dragons
14th Feb 17 10:54:21Funny.Friendship Is Dragons
11th Feb 17 01:23:58Crazy Awesome.Real Life
11th Feb 17 01:18:27Crazy Awesome.Real Life
9th Feb 17 09:26:18Characters.Starfox
3rd Feb 17 10:34:20Notice This
3rd Feb 17 09:51:06Artificial Stupidity.First Person Shooter
2nd Feb 17 12:13:57Bunny Ears Picture Prank
1st Feb 17 10:47:34Expressive Mask
1st Feb 17 10:25:09Establishing Character Moment.Video Games
1st Feb 17 05:11:25Heroic Dog
1st Feb 17 05:07:02Heroic Dog
1st Feb 17 04:29:14Conveniently Empty Building
1st Feb 17 04:21:48Totem Pole Trench
31st Jan 17 10:04:06Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
30th Jan 17 11:20:38Saying Sound Effects Out Loud
30th Jan 17 08:46:42Tear Jerker.Other
30th Jan 17 08:43:52Tear Jerker.Other
29th Jan 17 03:23:50Red Eyes Take Warning
29th Jan 17 12:33:56Funny.The Punisher MAX
28th Jan 17 11:38:53Hoist By His Own Petard.Video Games
27th Jan 17 09:11:01Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
27th Jan 17 08:54:12Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
27th Jan 17 08:05:41POW Camp
26th Jan 17 09:11:37Gone Horribly Right
26th Jan 17 06:35:43Web Video.Muselk
25th Jan 17 12:00:24Opposing Combat Philosophies
24th Jan 17 05:55:10Characters.World Of Tanks United States Of America
22nd Jan 17 11:39:12Big What
21st Jan 17 09:16:23Improbable Aiming Skills
19th Jan 17 12:10:33Trauma Button
13th Jan 17 02:22:19Beat The Curse Out Of Him
10th Jan 17 01:36:27Eyes Are Unbreakable
5th Jan 17 07:54:03Oh No Not Again
1st Jan 17 05:37:50Smoldering Shoes
1st Jan 17 01:55:58Human Pack Mule
31st Dec 16 10:26:53Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
31st Dec 16 07:59:20Free Wheel
31st Dec 16 02:56:16Seldom Seen Species
28th Dec 16 06:45:11Vengeful Vending Machine
28th Dec 16 06:44:54Vengeful Vending Machine
28th Dec 16 12:12:54YMMV.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
26th Dec 16 09:18:33Black Comedy.Western Animation
26th Dec 16 09:18:19Black Comedy.Western Animation
25th Dec 16 02:13:22Establishing Character Moment.Comic Books
25th Dec 16 02:05:24Establishing Character Moment.Comic Books
25th Dec 16 12:53:44Awesome.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
22nd Dec 16 07:40:14Servile Snarker
18th Dec 16 05:22:27Pep Talk Song
18th Dec 16 05:21:42Western Animation.The Transformers The Movie
18th Dec 16 01:51:06Names To Run Away From.Verbs
18th Dec 16 01:44:05Names To Run Away From.Verbs
17th Dec 16 07:42:51WMG.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
17th Dec 16 07:40:54WMG.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
14th Dec 16 01:58:04Characters.The Punisher
14th Dec 16 01:49:11Heartwarming.Welcome Back Frank
12th Dec 16 02:05:48Cool And Unusual Punishment
12th Dec 16 02:05:09Cool And Unusual Punishment
12th Dec 16 01:55:20Fan Boy
10th Dec 16 08:37:40Heartwarming.Welcome Back Frank
3rd Dec 16 06:20:54Funny.Muselk
2nd Dec 16 10:32:02Colony Drop
30th Nov 16 10:05:39Percussive Maintenance
28th Nov 16 10:16:07Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
27th Nov 16 07:08:28Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
27th Nov 16 04:41:33You Monster
27th Nov 16 12:39:01Understatement
26th Nov 16 10:02:45Funny.The Punisher MAX
26th Nov 16 08:52:45One Man Army.Real Life
26th Nov 16 05:51:33Koosh Bomb
26th Nov 16 03:58:57No Holds Barred Beatdown.Video Games
26th Nov 16 10:14:38Memetic Molester.Comic Books
26th Nov 16 09:49:49Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Comic Books
25th Nov 16 04:54:08The Psycho Rangers
25th Nov 16 04:00:11Heartwarming.Zero Punctuation
25th Nov 16 03:57:20Heartwarming.Zero Punctuation
24th Nov 16 10:44:06Dump Stat
24th Nov 16 10:24:29Awesome.Mech Warrior
24th Nov 16 10:01:42Wacky Racing
24th Nov 16 09:45:32Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
24th Nov 16 09:22:16Awesome.Shovel Knight
24th Nov 16 12:05:10Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Comic Books
20th Nov 16 08:37:40Awesome.Shovel Knight
19th Nov 16 09:29:41Memetic Molester.Comic Books
19th Nov 16 07:32:37You Monster
19th Nov 16 07:32:22You Monster
18th Nov 16 07:53:36Funny.Muselk
18th Nov 16 02:32:40Characters.World Of Tanks United States Of America
18th Nov 16 09:19:01Characters.World Of Tanks United States Of America
18th Nov 16 01:30:12Characters.World Of Tanks United States Of America
18th Nov 16 01:29:56Characters.World Of Tanks United States Of America
18th Nov 16 12:06:36Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
16th Nov 16 09:12:18Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
11th Nov 16 07:46:49Signature Laugh
11th Nov 16 01:43:56Funny.Mech Warrior
10th Nov 16 11:12:14Obvious Rule Patch.Tabletop Games
10th Nov 16 10:02:05Failed A Spot Check
6th Nov 16 05:36:49Old Master
5th Nov 16 01:46:38Simple Staff
5th Nov 16 09:39:36Wacky Racing
2nd Nov 16 05:50:32Fridge.Kirby Planet Robobot
1st Nov 16 11:33:38Perpetual Frowner
1st Nov 16 11:28:38Perpetual Frowner
1st Nov 16 10:03:27Crippling Overspecialization
1st Nov 16 10:02:22Crippling Overspecialization
30th Oct 16 07:54:44Woobie.Video Games
29th Oct 16 11:53:33Awesome.Mech Warrior
29th Oct 16 02:18:28YMMV.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
27th Oct 16 09:38:15Alliance Meter
27th Oct 16 12:00:32Viewers Are Geniuses
26th Oct 16 11:19:29Comic Strip.The Far Side
26th Oct 16 09:22:03Rocket Jump
26th Oct 16 07:40:23Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Video Games
26th Oct 16 07:30:59Dump Stat
26th Oct 16 12:00:03Characters.One Must Fall
25th Oct 16 08:43:47Little Useless Gun
23rd Oct 16 07:52:05Taking The Bullet
21st Oct 16 02:33:49Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
21st Oct 16 01:51:44Mac Gyvering
19th Oct 16 10:34:13Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
19th Oct 16 10:33:39Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
19th Oct 16 09:23:05Genius Bruiser.Comic Books
18th Oct 16 10:44:55Multi Track Drifting
17th Oct 16 08:05:31Webcomic.One Punch Man
17th Oct 16 07:55:56Determinator.Anime
15th Oct 16 12:07:47Sequel Difficulty Spike
15th Oct 16 12:10:16Better To Die Than Be Killed
13th Oct 16 07:08:37Worthy Opponent.Real Life Combat
13th Oct 16 07:07:14Worthy Opponent.Real Life Combat
12th Oct 16 11:39:47Awesome Music.Arcade Only
10th Oct 16 11:48:24Exploited Immunity
9th Oct 16 07:03:40Awesome Music.Western Animation
9th Oct 16 07:00:51YMMV.Big Guy And Rusty The Boy Robot
9th Oct 16 06:58:22Awesome.GI Joe The Movie
8th Oct 16 09:11:00Eat Brain For Memories
8th Oct 16 05:09:43Killing Intent
8th Oct 16 01:08:38Canis Major
8th Oct 16 12:37:12Shout Out.Fallout New Vegas
6th Oct 16 10:01:59Bring My Brown Pants
6th Oct 16 09:53:03Roguish Poacher
6th Oct 16 09:52:52Roguish Poacher
6th Oct 16 09:35:48Video Game.Poacher
6th Oct 16 09:25:40Nightmare Fuel.Webcomics
6th Oct 16 07:49:24Skin Walker
5th Oct 16 07:54:53Cast Of Snowflakes
4th Oct 16 12:10:06One Man Army.Video Games
2nd Oct 16 08:44:35Top Heavy Guy
2nd Oct 16 08:36:40Tiny Headed Behemoth
30th Sep 16 09:28:53Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
29th Sep 16 08:45:03High Speed Missile Dodge
29th Sep 16 01:32:24Dump Stat
28th Sep 16 08:33:29Fan Nickname.World Of Warships
28th Sep 16 08:33:24Fan Nickname.World Of Warships
27th Sep 16 07:34:20Not The Intended Use
27th Sep 16 07:11:37Not The Intended Use
27th Sep 16 06:34:29Jerk With A Heart Of Gold.Video Games
27th Sep 16 12:06:45Jagged Mouth
27th Sep 16 12:01:48Guy In Back
25th Sep 16 06:00:54Characters.Mech Warrior
25th Sep 16 05:38:56Sailor Earth
25th Sep 16 08:35:27Sailor Earth
24th Sep 16 05:49:18Distinctive Appearances
24th Sep 16 04:20:27Villainous Friendship
23rd Sep 16 05:25:11Developers Foresight
23rd Sep 16 05:24:53Developers Foresight
23rd Sep 16 11:49:29Headscratchers.The Consuming Shadow
23rd Sep 16 02:24:44Vendor Trash
21st Sep 16 08:28:09Funny.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
21st Sep 16 07:09:48Tempting Fate.Video Games
21st Sep 16 07:04:28Tempting Fate.Video Games
18th Sep 16 07:26:41Red Is Heroic
17th Sep 16 02:42:15Incorruptible Pure Pureness
17th Sep 16 02:41:05Incorruptible Pure Pureness
16th Sep 16 06:12:54Cutting Off The Branches
16th Sep 16 06:01:14Cutting Off The Branches
16th Sep 16 06:00:37Cutting Off The Branches
15th Sep 16 10:05:17Fountain Of Memes
15th Sep 16 09:28:07Together In Death
14th Sep 16 10:16:27Force And Finesse
14th Sep 16 12:29:43Awesome.SD Gundam Force
14th Sep 16 12:29:33Awesome.SD Gundam Force
10th Sep 16 06:49:58Enormous Engine
10th Sep 16 10:04:05Shown Their Work.Girls Und Panzer
9th Sep 16 01:53:29Video Game.Mech Commander
8th Sep 16 08:27:33Funny.Looking For Group
7th Sep 16 10:34:48Back From The Dead
5th Sep 16 06:52:09Fridge.Glitchtale
5th Sep 16 09:55:24Swallowed Whole
3rd Sep 16 11:44:37Monster Munch
3rd Sep 16 10:35:44YMMV.World Of Tanks
3rd Sep 16 12:24:17Funny.Fallout New Vegas
1st Sep 16 10:17:36Moving The Goalposts
1st Sep 16 09:11:46Fridge.Glitchtale
1st Sep 16 09:11:35Fridge.Glitchtale
1st Sep 16 08:51:35Heartwarming.Glitchtale
25th Aug 16 05:44:33Stout Strength
22nd Aug 16 08:33:16Mook Commander
21st Aug 16 06:38:43Videogame Caring Potential
19th Aug 16 03:20:17Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
18th Aug 16 09:29:02Trigger
18th Aug 16 08:36:25Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
16th Aug 16 09:57:52Shout Out.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
15th Aug 16 08:24:47Not Enough To Bury
15th Aug 16 08:20:41Not Enough To Bury
14th Aug 16 12:16:59Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
13th Aug 16 12:44:29Fandom Berserk Button.Video Games
11th Aug 16 08:19:00Cuffs Off Rub Wrists
11th Aug 16 07:58:23Heartwarming.Atop The Fourth Wall
11th Aug 16 08:15:52Funny.Blue Beetle
9th Aug 16 10:29:42Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
9th Aug 16 09:11:26Skull For A Head
8th Aug 16 09:39:11Developers Foresight.Undertale
8th Aug 16 07:31:37Villainous Incest
7th Aug 16 01:56:55Awesome Music.Undertale
7th Aug 16 01:56:20Awesome Music.Undertale
5th Aug 16 11:53:31Nightmare Fuel.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:44:12Heartwarming.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:29:50Nightmare Fuel.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:26:54YMMV.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 10:59:09Developers Foresight.Undertale
5th Aug 16 06:50:38Railing Kill
5th Aug 16 12:41:31Patchwork Map
5th Aug 16 12:29:57Big Fun
5th Aug 16 12:17:50Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
4th Aug 16 07:19:19Cigar Chomper
2nd Aug 16 11:50:52Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
2nd Aug 16 09:01:28Large Ham.Video Games
2nd Aug 16 08:47:50Open Secret
31st Jul 16 04:21:32Kill It With Water
31st Jul 16 03:52:48Chaotic Good
31st Jul 16 01:13:10The Tetris Effect