Stealth's Recent Edits

25th Jan 15 02:58:15Comic Sutra
25th Jan 15 01:30:14Concealment Equals Cover
23rd Jan 15 11:12:50Characters.Samurai Warriors
23rd Jan 15 07:10:03Katanas Are Just Better
23rd Jan 15 03:37:12Ungrateful Bastard
23rd Jan 15 02:32:30Characters.The Elder Scrolls
21st Jan 15 08:00:01Psycho Supporter
21st Jan 15 02:51:04Eye Beams.Video Games
21st Jan 15 12:33:11Take That.Real Life
20th Jan 15 05:37:40Funny.Zero Punctuation
20th Jan 15 05:54:57Skull For A Head
20th Jan 15 04:42:09Impostor Exposing Test
19th Jan 15 03:12:37Fridge.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
19th Jan 15 02:20:09Fridge.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
18th Jan 15 05:07:40Friendly Sniper
18th Jan 15 04:12:22Hidden Supplies
15th Jan 15 09:02:26I Got You Covered
15th Jan 15 03:40:45Asshole Victim.Video Games
13th Jan 15 09:31:53Code Name
13th Jan 15 09:31:33Code Name
12th Jan 15 04:10:37Cruel And Unusual Death
12th Jan 15 04:34:12Characters.Punch Out
12th Jan 15 04:31:22Combat Sadomasochist
12th Jan 15 04:20:12Screams Like A Little Girl.Video Games
11th Jan 15 09:38:16Most Annoying Sound
11th Jan 15 06:08:05Ending Theme
11th Jan 15 05:32:00I Just Want To Have Friends
11th Jan 15 12:50:49Funny.Counter Monkey
9th Jan 15 03:38:16Uncanny Valley.Comics
8th Jan 15 07:19:47The Friends Who Never Hang
8th Jan 15 03:56:32Tier Induced Scrappy
8th Jan 15 03:24:37Rage Helm
7th Jan 15 07:21:38Beware The Nice Ones.Video Games
7th Jan 15 03:42:02Funny.Zero Punctuation
6th Jan 15 08:53:07Funny.The Spoony Experiment
6th Jan 15 08:52:49Funny.The Spoony Experiment
6th Jan 15 05:37:30Scrappy Weapon
5th Jan 15 11:26:39Flawed Prototype
4th Jan 15 08:16:07Characters.Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters
4th Jan 15 05:58:04Walking Armory
4th Jan 15 04:51:40Distant Reaction Shot
3rd Jan 15 10:41:57Backpack Cannon
3rd Jan 15 10:38:50Shoulder Cannon
3rd Jan 15 05:43:46Bacon Addiction
2nd Jan 15 05:38:02Revolvers Are Just Better
1st Jan 15 02:40:03Full Name Basis
31st Dec 14 07:51:13Untouchable Until Tagged
31st Dec 14 07:50:16Untouchable Until Tagged
31st Dec 14 07:34:46Infinity Minus One Sword
31st Dec 14 05:23:54Brother Sister Incest.Tabletop Games
30th Dec 14 10:08:36Distant Reaction Shot
30th Dec 14 10:07:14Distant Reaction Shot
30th Dec 14 09:25:31Funny.Beast Wars
30th Dec 14 04:16:14Dummied Out
30th Dec 14 12:33:30Shotguns Are Just Better
30th Dec 14 12:30:40Shotguns Are Just Better
30th Dec 14 12:19:33Curse Cut Short
28th Dec 14 08:19:26You Fool
28th Dec 14 06:13:59There Is No Kill Like Overkill.Tabletop Games
28th Dec 14 04:48:38Escape Artist
27th Dec 14 12:00:09Scrappy Weapon
26th Dec 14 09:22:10Point Build System
26th Dec 14 09:21:36Point Build System
26th Dec 14 08:29:44Memes.Transformers
25th Dec 14 10:51:59Good Animals Evil Animals
23rd Dec 14 10:04:57Fire Ice Lightning
23rd Dec 14 04:26:21Macross Missile Massacre
22nd Dec 14 09:41:51Judgment Of Solomon
22nd Dec 14 09:41:33Judgment Of Solomon
22nd Dec 14 07:41:52Fan Boy
22nd Dec 14 12:24:50Eyepatch Of Power
20th Dec 14 10:33:33Characters.Borderlands 2 Vault Hunters
20th Dec 14 10:29:32Taunt Button
19th Dec 14 08:34:56A Team Firing
19th Dec 14 05:12:40Headscratchers.Battle Tech
19th Dec 14 02:26:19Drinking Game.Borderlands
19th Dec 14 12:06:40More Teeth Than The Osmond Family
18th Dec 14 06:04:12Big No.Fan Works
17th Dec 14 10:58:44Funny.Red Vs Blue
17th Dec 14 09:54:32Dead Guy On Display
16th Dec 14 06:50:53Common Character Classes
16th Dec 14 06:46:47Common Character Classes
16th Dec 14 06:39:01Achievements In Ignorance
16th Dec 14 06:38:40Achievements In Ignorance
16th Dec 14 06:37:00Achievements In Ignorance
16th Dec 14 06:36:49Achievements In Ignorance
15th Dec 14 04:00:31Shoot The Medic First
13th Dec 14 07:51:02Small Annoying Creature
13th Dec 14 07:50:08Small Annoying Creature
13th Dec 14 06:27:50Characters.DCAU-Batman Beyond
13th Dec 14 06:26:11Poisonous Person
13th Dec 14 03:56:16Most Wonderful Sound.Video Game
12th Dec 14 01:20:18Full Name Basis
12th Dec 14 01:16:19Full Name Basis
11th Dec 14 01:20:37Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Decepticons
11th Dec 14 01:12:21Super Drowning Skills
11th Dec 14 12:50:24Buried Alive
11th Dec 14 12:30:55Exact Words
10th Dec 14 11:55:11Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
10th Dec 14 10:38:32OC Stand In
10th Dec 14 10:37:36OC Stand In
10th Dec 14 09:27:12Full Name Basis
10th Dec 14 05:38:23Knockback
10th Dec 14 03:01:41Self Parody
9th Dec 14 03:58:08Funny.Zero Punctuation
8th Dec 14 12:24:17Unwanted Revival
7th Dec 14 10:35:34Funny.Lets Drown Out
7th Dec 14 04:16:27Taking The Bullet
5th Dec 14 10:45:31Stock Scream
4th Dec 14 04:58:00Haunted Technology
2nd Dec 14 09:44:36Trivia.Xkcd
2nd Dec 14 09:44:21Webcomic.Xkcd
2nd Dec 14 06:24:18Asshole Victim.Video Games
2nd Dec 14 06:24:09Asshole Victim.Video Games
1st Dec 14 07:11:17Video Game.Battle Chess
1st Dec 14 07:00:57Video Game.Battle Chess
1st Dec 14 06:48:34High Collar Of Doom
1st Dec 14 06:45:43Groin Attack.Video Games
1st Dec 14 06:24:04Cycle Of Hurting
28th Nov 14 05:31:12No Bisexuals
28th Nov 14 02:55:19Uncoffee
27th Nov 14 10:25:55Chronic Backstabbing Disorder
26th Nov 14 09:16:52Martyr Without A Cause
26th Nov 14 05:22:45Deadly Disc
23rd Nov 14 06:32:36Defensive Feint Trap
22nd Nov 14 04:31:14Wheres The Kaboom
22nd Nov 14 04:28:50Wheres The Kaboom
21st Nov 14 08:42:06Totem Pole Trench
21st Nov 14 08:41:06Totem Pole Trench
19th Nov 14 07:54:20Cup Holders
18th Nov 14 11:48:51Amusing Injuries.Webcomics
18th Nov 14 04:15:47Action Bomb
18th Nov 14 04:04:05Walking Armory
17th Nov 14 03:17:51Funny.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
17th Nov 14 03:14:47Characters.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
17th Nov 14 12:49:14Buried Alive
17th Nov 14 12:46:25Buried Alive
15th Nov 14 11:22:13Stealth Pun.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 14 11:22:03Stealth Pun.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 14 01:34:13Groin Attack.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 14 05:02:07Ludicrous Gibs
14th Nov 14 03:19:19Metaphorgotten
14th Nov 14 03:18:50Metaphorgotten
13th Nov 14 04:58:10Cool Starship
13th Nov 14 03:54:16Shout Out.Tabletop Games
12th Nov 14 09:37:41Nightmare Fuel.Five Nights At Freddys 2
12th Nov 14 09:19:18Rapid Fire No
12th Nov 14 04:58:06Dressed To Plunder
11th Nov 14 09:24:12Leitmotif.Video Games
11th Nov 14 08:17:42ILLKILLYOU
11th Nov 14 07:14:55Sequel Difficulty Spike
11th Nov 14 07:14:28Sequel Difficulty Spike
11th Nov 14 06:46:04The Fourth Wall Will Not Protect You
11th Nov 14 05:40:00Funny.Markiplier
10th Nov 14 06:35:59Chainsaw Good
10th Nov 14 05:51:28Cluster F Bomb
10th Nov 14 05:18:01Characters.Team Fortress 2 Support
10th Nov 14 05:36:06Belly Mouth
9th Nov 14 10:42:36Funny.Zero Punctuation
9th Nov 14 02:18:29Captain Ersatz.Video Games
9th Nov 14 02:17:03Expy.Video Games
9th Nov 14 02:15:20Expy.Video Games
8th Nov 14 10:52:33Human Hammer Throw
8th Nov 14 10:37:27Leitmotif.Video Games
8th Nov 14 03:04:35Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
8th Nov 14 03:04:03Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
8th Nov 14 01:37:22Stay With Me Until I Die
6th Nov 14 01:26:04Characters.Saints Row The Third Street Saints
6th Nov 14 01:23:53Stout Strength
5th Nov 14 11:17:42Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
5th Nov 14 11:12:33Lets Play.Roahm Mythril
5th Nov 14 04:47:46Summon Bigger Fish
5th Nov 14 03:46:22Video Game.Assault Suits Valken
5th Nov 14 03:46:19YMMV.Assault Suits Valken
4th Nov 14 05:12:13Wrestler In All Of Us
4th Nov 14 02:58:39Funny.Five Nights At Freddys
4th Nov 14 02:35:17Wake Up Call Boss
4th Nov 14 02:29:53Half Dressed Cartoon Animal.Video Games
4th Nov 14 02:25:05Hook Hand
4th Nov 14 02:09:40More Teeth Than The Osmond Family
4th Nov 14 02:01:34Haunted Technology
3rd Nov 14 04:00:08Chairman Of The Brawl
3rd Nov 14 03:46:00Chairman Of The Brawl
3rd Nov 14 03:07:57Bad Powers Good People
3rd Nov 14 03:07:28Bad Powers Good People
3rd Nov 14 02:52:05Special Effect Branding
3rd Nov 14 02:02:33Instant Win Condition
2nd Nov 14 10:18:13Adorkable.Comic Books
2nd Nov 14 07:12:43Uncanny Valley.Other
2nd Nov 14 01:04:23Funny.The LEGO Movie
2nd Nov 14 12:08:06Groin Attack.Western Animation
2nd Nov 14 12:07:56Groin Attack.Western Animation
1st Nov 14 12:55:11Kindhearted Cat Lover
31st Oct 14 08:15:57Characters.The LEGO Movie
30th Oct 14 01:10:35Funny.Extra Credits
28th Oct 14 09:29:38Funny.The LEGO Movie
28th Oct 14 09:28:18Funny.The LEGO Movie
28th Oct 14 04:14:20Uncanny Valley.Tabletop Games
28th Oct 14 03:05:58Funny.Jon Tron
25th Oct 14 04:35:52Static Stun Gun
24th Oct 14 03:48:00Shoddy Knockoff Product
24th Oct 14 02:35:35Ambiguous Gender
23rd Oct 14 11:57:31Bait And Switch Comparison
22nd Oct 14 05:51:53Grave Humor
20th Oct 14 03:58:00Pummel Duel
19th Oct 14 09:05:01Audience Surrogate
19th Oct 14 02:07:24Smart Bomb
18th Oct 14 03:41:19Dropped A Bridge On Him.Anime And Manga
16th Oct 14 11:52:00Funny.Superman The Animated Series
16th Oct 14 05:35:40Vulnerable Civilians
16th Oct 14 05:18:10Funny.Kid Radd
16th Oct 14 02:55:08Just For Fun.Inherently Funny Words
14th Oct 14 03:33:35Unfortunate Names.Comic Books
12th Oct 14 05:29:58Characters.Yu Gi Oh Minor Antagonists
12th Oct 14 05:26:14Characters.Yu Gi Oh Minor Antagonists
12th Oct 14 05:05:30Characters.Yu Gi Oh Minor Antagonists
12th Oct 14 03:42:17Surplus Damage Bonus
12th Oct 14 03:41:30Surplus Damage Bonus
11th Oct 14 07:56:10Funny.Extra Credits
11th Oct 14 03:07:46Funny.Extra Credits
9th Oct 14 04:53:59Captain Ersatz.Video Games
9th Oct 14 04:51:22Captain Ersatz.Video Games
9th Oct 14 02:03:03Funny.Super Robot Wars Original Generation
9th Oct 14 02:02:51Funny.Super Robot Wars Original Generation
8th Oct 14 11:01:37This Is A Drill
8th Oct 14 10:48:02Living Motion Detector
8th Oct 14 10:11:37Invulnerable Knuckles
8th Oct 14 05:28:00Oh Crap.Anime And Manga
8th Oct 14 01:22:54Triangle Shades
8th Oct 14 01:22:21Triangle Shades
7th Oct 14 05:32:09Boogie Knights
7th Oct 14 03:15:03Awesome.Hot Pepper Gaming
7th Oct 14 03:14:42Awesome.Hot Pepper Gaming
7th Oct 14 12:02:05YMMV.Pacific Rim
6th Oct 14 11:22:51Fridge.Pacific Rim
6th Oct 14 10:48:42Pet The Dog.Live Action Films
6th Oct 14 08:21:34Lets Play.Lets Drown Out
6th Oct 14 08:21:04Lets Play.Lets Drown Out
5th Oct 14 06:29:20Web Video.Hot Pepper Gaming
2nd Oct 14 09:49:02Taking The Bullet
2nd Oct 14 09:34:37Taking The Bullet
1st Oct 14 05:46:53Waif Fu
30th Sep 14 08:37:47Fragile Speedster
30th Sep 14 08:37:21Fragile Speedster
30th Sep 14 04:25:53Knight Templar.Video Games
30th Sep 14 04:25:12Knight Templar.Video Games
30th Sep 14 02:50:05The Butcher
30th Sep 14 02:26:24Booby Trap
30th Sep 14 02:24:57Booby Trap
28th Sep 14 08:40:55Back Stab
28th Sep 14 08:40:43Back Stab
28th Sep 14 08:40:14Back Stab
27th Sep 14 12:19:01Char Clone
26th Sep 14 09:21:54Silent Running Mode
26th Sep 14 08:16:17Panthera Awesome
26th Sep 14 08:05:44Panthera Awesome
26th Sep 14 06:23:44Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
26th Sep 14 03:09:34Fanfic Recs.Team Fortress 2
26th Sep 14 03:09:52Combat Pragmatist.Other
25th Sep 14 07:51:55Toys.Robot Spirits
25th Sep 14 07:50:06Toys.Robot Spirits
25th Sep 14 05:57:58Final Battle
25th Sep 14 04:27:58Spoof Aesop
25th Sep 14 04:22:36Ugly Cute.Tabletop Games
25th Sep 14 04:22:11Ugly Cute.Tabletop Games
25th Sep 14 04:11:03Fanfic Recs.Battle Tech
25th Sep 14 04:04:18Fanfic Recs.Battle Tech
25th Sep 14 03:31:13Fanfic Recs.Team Fortress 2
24th Sep 14 07:35:48Video Game.MS Saga A New Dawn
24th Sep 14 06:37:29Humiliation Conga.Real Life
24th Sep 14 02:19:58The Starscream
23rd Sep 14 06:42:01Bear Trap
23rd Sep 14 01:50:47Web Video.Stuart Ashen
22nd Sep 14 08:26:10Awesome.Video Game Levels G To M
22nd Sep 14 07:38:20Never Learned To Read
21st Sep 14 02:59:18Web Video.Stuart Ashen
21st Sep 14 02:58:03Trivia.Stuart Ashen
20th Sep 14 04:31:41Weaponized Teleportation
20th Sep 14 03:48:10Smoldering Shoes
20th Sep 14 05:26:36Black Speech
20th Sep 14 12:57:14Alpha Strike
20th Sep 14 12:23:34Famous Last Words.Anime E To N
20th Sep 14 12:23:10Famous Last Words.Anime E To N
20th Sep 14 12:09:26Grievous Bottley Harm
20th Sep 14 12:08:39Grievous Bottley Harm
19th Sep 14 04:34:06Painfully Slow Projectile
18th Sep 14 09:43:34Slap On The Wrist Nuke
18th Sep 14 04:25:39Chaotic Stupid
17th Sep 14 10:23:32Funny.Extra Credits
17th Sep 14 03:21:49Lethal Joke Character
17th Sep 14 12:58:19Cephalothorax
16th Sep 14 02:30:21Hypocritical Humor.Video Games
15th Sep 14 06:54:17Gainax Ending
15th Sep 14 01:25:10Spotlight Stealing Squad
14th Sep 14 10:37:51Infernal Retaliation
14th Sep 14 10:16:56Infernal Retaliation
14th Sep 14 12:11:47Funny.Stuart Ashen
13th Sep 14 11:00:29Perpetual Frowner
13th Sep 14 10:09:40Civil Warcraft
12th Sep 14 11:44:48What Measureis A Non Cute
11th Sep 14 11:22:22Autocannibalism
11th Sep 14 09:59:37Bunny Ears Lawyer.Tabletop Games
11th Sep 14 09:59:05Bunny Ears Lawyer.Tabletop Games
11th Sep 14 09:21:27With Lyrics
11th Sep 14 07:12:39Squeaky Eyes
11th Sep 14 05:10:47Throw Away Guns
11th Sep 14 04:45:37Ikea Weaponry
11th Sep 14 04:38:09Ikea Weaponry
11th Sep 14 03:26:55Cute But Cacophonic
11th Sep 14 03:26:44Cute But Cacophonic
10th Sep 14 04:50:46Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Live Action TV
10th Sep 14 04:42:46Groin Attack.Video Games
10th Sep 14 03:36:15Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Live Action TV
10th Sep 14 03:35:54Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Live Action TV
10th Sep 14 03:34:51Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Live Action TV
10th Sep 14 02:26:42Easy Communication
10th Sep 14 01:23:42Videogame.Mech Warrior
9th Sep 14 07:25:57Companion Cube
8th Sep 14 02:48:42No Indoor Voice.Video Games
8th Sep 14 02:44:37American Accents
8th Sep 14 02:32:49Hot Blooded.Video Games
8th Sep 14 02:31:43Video Game.Mega Man Powered Up
8th Sep 14 02:31:19Hot Blooded.Video Games
8th Sep 14 02:30:55Justice Will Prevail
2nd Sep 14 10:09:05Anti Cavalry
2nd Sep 14 12:40:56Mighty Glacier
2nd Sep 14 12:40:14Mighty Glacier
2nd Sep 14 12:13:25Red Eyes Take Warning
2nd Sep 14 12:11:56Red Eyes Take Warning
2nd Sep 14 12:09:44Red Eyes Take Warning
1st Sep 14 09:57:28Signature Scene
1st Sep 14 08:56:37Screw The Rules I Have Connections
1st Sep 14 06:00:52Mook Mobile
1st Sep 14 01:07:09Western Animation.Duck Rabbit Duck
31st Aug 14 12:24:30Friend To All Children
30th Aug 14 02:54:25Mighty Glacier
29th Aug 14 07:57:26Watch Out For That Tree
29th Aug 14 07:54:56Video Game.One Must Fall
29th Aug 14 12:51:16Tornado Move
28th Aug 14 03:32:54Alpha Strike
28th Aug 14 03:27:56Alpha Strike
27th Aug 14 02:06:16The Starscream
27th Aug 14 01:52:48The Starscream
23rd Aug 14 01:46:06Flat What
23rd Aug 14 01:45:26Flat What
21st Aug 14 10:10:24Funny.MYTHBUSTERS
21st Aug 14 07:46:01Quicksand Box
21st Aug 14 02:15:33Kill It With Fire.VIDEOGAMES
20th Aug 14 03:49:41Characters.Mobile Suit Gundam SEED
17th Aug 14 02:20:55Super Smoke
16th Aug 14 11:22:31Shoulder Cannon
16th Aug 14 11:21:39Shoulder Cannon
16th Aug 14 08:50:18Sheathe Your Sword
16th Aug 14 07:58:04Smoking Is Cool
15th Aug 14 01:46:21Made Of Explodium
15th Aug 14 01:12:46Telescoping Robot
15th Aug 14 01:08:21Telescoping Robot
14th Aug 14 05:44:37Interservice Rivalry
13th Aug 14 12:29:19Sword Beam
12th Aug 14 11:18:31Grievous Harm With A Body
11th Aug 14 08:51:59Rock Beats Laser
11th Aug 14 07:30:18Mister Seahorse
11th Aug 14 01:02:36Video Game Cruelty Potential.Stealth Based Game
11th Aug 14 01:01:51Video Game Cruelty Potential.Stealth Based Game
10th Aug 14 03:41:00Robot Names
10th Aug 14 01:20:20This Is A Work Of Fiction
10th Aug 14 01:20:05This Is A Work Of Fiction
6th Aug 14 12:08:43Funny.Zero Punctuation
5th Aug 14 09:20:42Expressive Mask
5th Aug 14 06:19:45Disadvantageous Disintegration
5th Aug 14 03:55:32Poor Communication Kills
5th Aug 14 02:13:48Funny.Hitman
2nd Aug 14 09:17:50Spent Shells Shower
2nd Aug 14 12:40:09Tank Goodness
2nd Aug 14 05:26:01Army Of Thieves And Whores
31st Jul 14 09:36:33Use Your Head
29th Jul 14 10:50:50Lets Play.Lets Drown Out
28th Jul 14 02:31:25Flat What
28th Jul 14 02:17:10Solve The Soup Cans
25th Jul 14 10:58:20Taking The Kids
25th Jul 14 10:53:33Taking The Kids
24th Jul 14 06:40:02Boring But Practical.Video Games
24th Jul 14 06:37:33Boring But Practical.Video Games
24th Jul 14 04:24:08Lets Play.Lets Drown Out
24th Jul 14 04:43:22Char Clone
24th Jul 14 03:41:59Trigger Phrase
23rd Jul 14 12:46:48Cycle Of Hurting
23rd Jul 14 12:42:08Cycle Of Hurting
23rd Jul 14 02:09:25Groin Attack.Video Games
23rd Jul 14 01:48:29Action Commands
22nd Jul 14 04:54:26Malaproper
22nd Jul 14 03:32:01Char Clone
17th Jul 14 05:59:29Awesome.Super Robot Wars Z
14th Jul 14 06:05:06Technicolor Fire
14th Jul 14 04:41:56Evil Old Folks
14th Jul 14 12:25:47Nail Em
11th Jul 14 03:33:05Little Useless Gun
11th Jul 14 02:54:51Cool Guns.Shotguns
10th Jul 14 10:44:50Necessary Drawback
10th Jul 14 09:19:04Mighty Glacier