Stealth's Recent Edits

23rd Sep 16 05:25:11Developers Foresight
23rd Sep 16 05:24:53Developers Foresight
23rd Sep 16 11:49:29Headscratchers.The Consuming Shadow
23rd Sep 16 02:24:44Vendor Trash
21st Sep 16 08:28:09Funny.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
21st Sep 16 07:09:48Tempting Fate.Video Games
21st Sep 16 07:04:28Tempting Fate.Video Games
18th Sep 16 07:26:41Red Is Heroic
17th Sep 16 02:42:15Incorruptible Pure Pureness
17th Sep 16 02:41:05Incorruptible Pure Pureness
16th Sep 16 06:12:54Cutting Off The Branches
16th Sep 16 06:01:14Cutting Off The Branches
16th Sep 16 06:00:37Cutting Off The Branches
15th Sep 16 10:05:17Fountain Of Memes
15th Sep 16 09:28:07Together In Death
14th Sep 16 10:16:27Force And Finesse
14th Sep 16 12:29:43Awesome.SD Gundam Force
14th Sep 16 12:29:33Awesome.SD Gundam Force
10th Sep 16 06:49:58Enormous Engine
10th Sep 16 10:04:05Shown Their Work.Girls Und Panzer
9th Sep 16 01:53:29Video Game.Mech Commander
8th Sep 16 08:27:33Funny.Looking For Group
7th Sep 16 10:34:48Back From The Dead
5th Sep 16 06:52:09Fridge.Glitchtale
5th Sep 16 09:55:24Swallowed Whole
3rd Sep 16 11:44:37Monster Munch
3rd Sep 16 10:35:44YMMV.World Of Tanks
3rd Sep 16 12:24:17Funny.Fallout New Vegas
1st Sep 16 10:17:36Moving The Goalposts
1st Sep 16 09:11:46Fridge.Glitchtale
1st Sep 16 09:11:35Fridge.Glitchtale
1st Sep 16 08:51:35Heartwarming.Glitchtale
25th Aug 16 05:44:33Stout Strength
22nd Aug 16 08:33:16Mook Commander
21st Aug 16 06:38:43Videogame Caring Potential
19th Aug 16 03:20:17Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
18th Aug 16 09:29:02Trigger
18th Aug 16 08:36:25Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
16th Aug 16 09:57:52Shout Out.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
15th Aug 16 08:24:47Not Enough To Bury
15th Aug 16 08:20:41Not Enough To Bury
14th Aug 16 12:16:59Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
13th Aug 16 12:44:29Fandom Berserk Button.Video Games
11th Aug 16 08:19:00Cuffs Off Rub Wrists
11th Aug 16 07:58:23Heartwarming.Atop The Fourth Wall
11th Aug 16 08:15:52Funny.Blue Beetle
9th Aug 16 10:29:42Funny.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
9th Aug 16 09:11:26Skull For A Head
8th Aug 16 09:39:11Developers Foresight.Undertale
8th Aug 16 07:31:37Villainous Incest
7th Aug 16 01:56:55Awesome Music.Undertale
7th Aug 16 01:56:20Awesome Music.Undertale
5th Aug 16 11:53:31Nightmare Fuel.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:44:12Heartwarming.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:29:50Nightmare Fuel.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 11:26:54YMMV.Glitchtale
5th Aug 16 10:59:09Developers Foresight.Undertale
5th Aug 16 06:50:38Railing Kill
5th Aug 16 12:41:31Patchwork Map
5th Aug 16 12:29:57Big Fun
5th Aug 16 12:17:50Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
4th Aug 16 07:19:19Cigar Chomper
2nd Aug 16 11:50:52Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
2nd Aug 16 09:01:28Large Ham.Video Games
2nd Aug 16 08:47:50Open Secret
31st Jul 16 04:21:32Kill It With Water
31st Jul 16 03:52:48Chaotic Good
31st Jul 16 01:13:10The Tetris Effect
30th Jul 16 11:54:42Real Time With Pause
30th Jul 16 01:50:26YMMV.World Of Tanks
30th Jul 16 12:28:33Descriptively Named Species
29th Jul 16 10:21:39Badass Grandpa.Video Games
29th Jul 16 09:16:37Funny.World Of Tanks
29th Jul 16 07:26:06Painfully Slow Projectile
29th Jul 16 07:19:19Unskilled But Strong
25th Jul 16 07:34:33Not The Intended Use
23rd Jul 16 08:54:53Fox Chicken Grain Puzzle
23rd Jul 16 08:40:28Autodoc
23rd Jul 16 02:11:52No Sense Of Humor
22nd Jul 16 09:32:49Smoke Out
20th Jul 16 11:02:40ILLKILLYOU
20th Jul 16 10:26:26He Who Fights Monsters.Video Games
19th Jul 16 08:47:11Unusual Weapon Mounting
18th Jul 16 02:08:43Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
18th Jul 16 01:54:50Ludicrous Precision
17th Jul 16 12:03:29Money For Nothing
11th Jul 16 11:10:58Technicolor Ninjas
5th Jul 16 12:06:38Game Breaker.Platform
4th Jul 16 06:12:04Funny.Police Academy
4th Jul 16 04:40:46Fridge.Shovel Knight
30th Jun 16 04:00:53Nightmare Face
30th Jun 16 04:00:35OOCIS Serious Business.Video Games
28th Jun 16 10:16:52Rainbow Pimp Gear
28th Jun 16 09:36:54Friend Or Foe
28th Jun 16 05:24:24Video Game.I Am Bread
28th Jun 16 03:11:26Webcomic.Freefall
28th Jun 16 03:08:55Webcomic.Freefall
28th Jun 16 12:28:41Bag Of Spilling
25th Jun 16 05:40:42More Dakka
25th Jun 16 09:36:18Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits.Video Games
24th Jun 16 12:48:49Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits
21st Jun 16 02:19:36Distinctive Appearances
21st Jun 16 12:38:07Webcomic.Peter Is The Wolf
20th Jun 16 02:22:21Suicide As Comedy
18th Jun 16 10:42:36Hollywood Heart Attack
15th Jun 16 01:48:31Friendly Enemy
15th Jun 16 11:45:37An Axe To Grind
14th Jun 16 01:26:01Rocket Jump
13th Jun 16 07:01:02Silliness Switch
11th Jun 16 01:07:41Combat Medic
11th Jun 16 12:50:14Nineties Anti Hero
9th Jun 16 01:31:54The Worf Effect
8th Jun 16 09:13:05Monumental Damage
8th Jun 16 09:10:17Monumental Damage
8th Jun 16 08:56:57Leg Cannon
8th Jun 16 08:53:32Backpack Cannon
8th Jun 16 08:17:04Sentry Gun
8th Jun 16 07:55:14Swiss Army Weapon
8th Jun 16 07:24:59Strategy Guide
8th Jun 16 02:04:30Smoldering Shoes
7th Jun 16 07:18:03Motion Capture Mecha
7th Jun 16 01:45:33Characters.Beast Wars Maximals
5th Jun 16 05:48:30Russian Guy Suffers Most
5th Jun 16 05:13:28Characters.Overwatch Defensive
2nd Jun 16 03:21:59Snake Oil Salesman
2nd Jun 16 01:27:34Expendable Clone
31st May 16 07:27:29Lethal Joke Character
31st May 16 05:01:25Not The Intended Use
29th May 16 12:37:02Friendly Enemy
29th May 16 11:58:17Friendly Enemy
28th May 16 05:12:04Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
25th May 16 12:23:08Mood Whiplash.Western Animation
25th May 16 12:22:49Mood Whiplash.Western Animation
23rd May 16 11:16:42Funny.Batman Beyond
23rd May 16 11:16:06Funny.Batman Beyond
20th May 16 08:41:30Taking The Bullet
18th May 16 06:29:16Im Going To Hell For This
14th May 16 05:10:38Confusion Fu
14th May 16 02:47:24Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
13th May 16 03:14:29Power Creep
9th May 16 04:34:44Creepy Crows
8th May 16 08:45:50The Napoleon
7th May 16 08:53:43Blade Reflection
7th May 16 08:51:08Blade Reflection
5th May 16 06:15:40The Napoleon
3rd May 16 08:43:03The Heart
1st May 16 07:00:47Go Out With A Smile
1st May 16 06:59:51Go Out With A Smile
30th Apr 16 11:41:34Hit You So Hard Your X Will Feel It
26th Apr 16 08:41:21More Dakka
22nd Apr 16 10:05:47Hand Cannon
22nd Apr 16 09:11:51Little Useless Gun
22nd Apr 16 07:44:03Scenery Gorn.Video Games
22nd Apr 16 07:43:21Scenery Gorn.Video Games
18th Apr 16 05:16:10Drives Like Crazy
18th Apr 16 04:46:17Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Decepticons
18th Apr 16 04:37:57Never My Fault
18th Apr 16 10:59:54Nintendo Hard.Shoot Em Ups
16th Apr 16 12:24:29Characters.World Of Tanks United Kingdom
10th Apr 16 07:31:30Combinatorial Explosion
10th Apr 16 01:34:10Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
9th Apr 16 04:31:04Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
8th Apr 16 08:00:18Last Stand
6th Apr 16 08:55:35The Dreaded.Video Games
6th Apr 16 08:55:11The Dreaded.Video Games
2nd Apr 16 01:27:22Klingon Promotion
2nd Apr 16 01:27:05Klingon Promotion
2nd Apr 16 12:24:24Sacred Hospitality
24th Mar 16 10:59:50Happy Ending Override
24th Mar 16 10:58:44Happy Ending Override
19th Mar 16 07:24:30A Mech By Any Other Name
19th Mar 16 06:49:10Mission Pack Sequel
19th Mar 16 06:47:50Mission Pack Sequel
19th Mar 16 11:56:52Web Video.The Mighty Jingles
18th Mar 16 05:50:39Writing Around Trademarks
18th Mar 16 05:44:59Writing Around Trademarks
18th Mar 16 05:43:59Writing Around Trademarks
17th Mar 16 08:15:22Expressive Mask
14th Mar 16 05:27:16Gradual Grinder
12th Mar 16 09:40:52Pure Energy
12th Mar 16 06:08:14Tear Jerker.Undertale
12th Mar 16 04:14:58Fragile Speedster
12th Mar 16 02:52:42Swallowed Whole
9th Mar 16 07:31:13Go Out With A Smile
6th Mar 16 07:55:12Lightning Bruiser.Video Games
6th Mar 16 07:42:43Jack Of All Stats
6th Mar 16 04:01:03Teen Pregnancy
4th Mar 16 07:06:29Elite Mooks
4th Mar 16 06:20:10Big Brother Instinct.Video Games
4th Mar 16 05:42:35Characters.Undertale Sans
4th Mar 16 05:41:10Characters.Undertale Sans
4th Mar 16 04:06:16Top Heavy Guy
27th Feb 16 03:54:59Funny.Gravity Falls Non Canon
19th Feb 16 03:20:18Hand Cannon
19th Feb 16 03:19:56Hand Cannon
19th Feb 16 09:52:40Head Desk
17th Feb 16 04:08:01Retired Badass
16th Feb 16 11:55:13Attack Attack Attack
16th Feb 16 03:38:13Revolvers Are Just Better
16th Feb 16 03:36:39Revolvers Are Just Better
15th Feb 16 11:44:05Tank Goodness
15th Feb 16 10:47:28Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
15th Feb 16 08:14:59With This Herring.Video Games
15th Feb 16 07:09:14Glass Cannon
15th Feb 16 11:57:08Knights And Knaves
14th Feb 16 05:12:25Shotguns Are Just Better
14th Feb 16 02:11:43Developers Foresight.Undertale
14th Feb 16 02:08:45Developers Foresight.Undertale
14th Feb 16 02:03:44Funny.Undertale
13th Feb 16 03:20:17Webcomic.SSDD
13th Feb 16 03:20:09Webcomic.SSDD
13th Feb 16 03:19:30Webcomic.SSDD
9th Feb 16 08:00:52Never Say Die
5th Feb 16 06:59:06Funny.Undertale
4th Feb 16 10:01:58Time Bomb
4th Feb 16 09:29:12Time Passage Beard
4th Feb 16 07:57:02Demonic Spiders.Real Time Strategy
4th Feb 16 07:44:23Suspicious Videogame Generosity
4th Feb 16 05:02:24Humiliation Conga.Real Life
3rd Feb 16 01:03:46Unscrewed Salt Shaker
3rd Feb 16 12:42:56Divided We Fall
3rd Feb 16 12:41:30Divided We Fall
31st Jan 16 07:02:38Blade Below The Shoulder
31st Jan 16 04:47:53Technically A Transport
31st Jan 16 12:15:14Boring But Practical.Videogames
31st Jan 16 12:10:02Boring But Practical.Videogames
29th Jan 16 10:41:06Fly Crazy
29th Jan 16 05:12:09No Swastikas
28th Jan 16 09:21:51Grasp The Sun
28th Jan 16 09:15:27Grasp The Sun
28th Jan 16 08:16:25Doing It For The Art
28th Jan 16 07:15:12Magical Eye
28th Jan 16 06:03:38Family Friendly Firearms
27th Jan 16 05:23:30Chainsaw Good
27th Jan 16 01:19:06Chainsaw Good
26th Jan 16 08:43:45Characters.Transformers Shattered Glass
26th Jan 16 07:38:26Playing Both Sides
26th Jan 16 07:38:12Playing Both Sides
26th Jan 16 05:49:44Funny.Red Vs Blue
26th Jan 16 04:43:11Funny.Red Vs Blue
26th Jan 16 01:20:13Non Elemental
26th Jan 16 12:42:22Even Evil Has Standards.Video Games
25th Jan 16 02:13:21Scary Scorpions
25th Jan 16 01:15:21Funny.Zero Punctuation 3
24th Jan 16 04:30:43Mascot Mook
24th Jan 16 04:26:06Mascot Mook
23rd Jan 16 05:25:30Even Evil Has Standards.Video Games
22nd Jan 16 03:25:57Video Game.The Art Of Theft
22nd Jan 16 03:20:55Video Game.The Art Of Theft
22nd Jan 16 03:20:51Trivia.The Art Of Theft
22nd Jan 16 03:20:40Trivia.The Art Of Theft
21st Jan 16 03:59:44Big Ball Of Violence
21st Jan 16 01:11:36Characters.World Of Tanks Japan
21st Jan 16 05:50:30Characters.World Of Tanks Japan
21st Jan 16 05:50:02Characters.World Of Tanks Japan
21st Jan 16 05:41:27Characters.World Of Tanks Japan
19th Jan 16 09:20:23Fandom Berserk Button.Video Games
19th Jan 16 08:21:21Dark Is Not Evil.Tabletop Games
19th Jan 16 08:20:50Dark Is Not Evil.Tabletop Games
19th Jan 16 03:25:51Funny.World Of Tanks
19th Jan 16 03:23:40Funny.World Of Tanks
18th Jan 16 08:06:01Characters.Megaman Classic Robot Masters
18th Jan 16 06:42:34Characters.Transformers Generation 1 Autobots
18th Jan 16 04:58:36Cartridges In Flight
18th Jan 16 04:48:56Cartridges In Flight
18th Jan 16 03:30:28Nightmare Fuel.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
18th Jan 16 03:30:18Nightmare Fuel.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
18th Jan 16 03:29:44Nightmare Fuel.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
17th Jan 16 10:51:02Pay Evil Unto Evil
17th Jan 16 09:50:38Mission Briefing
17th Jan 16 05:41:09Off The Shelf FX
17th Jan 16 04:45:56Casts No Shadow
15th Jan 16 07:07:56Nightmare Fuel.The Transformers More Than Meets The Eye
14th Jan 16 11:28:23Nightmare Face
14th Jan 16 05:11:31Borrowed Biometric Bypass
14th Jan 16 03:10:21Bait And Switch Comment
13th Jan 16 03:04:29Nonstandard Character Design
12th Jan 16 10:11:02Glass Cannon
12th Jan 16 10:02:26Fridge.Borderlands 2
12th Jan 16 04:15:35Subsystem Damage
11th Jan 16 06:07:55Junk Rare
11th Jan 16 06:03:39Junk Rare
11th Jan 16 06:02:42Junk Rare
11th Jan 16 04:12:57Dark Is Not Evil.Tabletop Games
11th Jan 16 04:12:48Dark Is Not Evil.Tabletop Games
11th Jan 16 03:37:32Bad Powers Good People
11th Jan 16 03:37:00Bad Powers Good People
11th Jan 16 04:09:43Carry A Big Stick
11th Jan 16 04:03:55Two By Fore
11th Jan 16 12:43:19Inertia Is A Cruel Mistress
10th Jan 16 11:24:40Funny.Lets Drown Out
10th Jan 16 11:23:18Funny.Lets Drown Out
10th Jan 16 06:11:59Expy.Video Games
10th Jan 16 06:10:14Expy.Video Games
10th Jan 16 06:09:54Expy.Video Games
8th Jan 16 08:10:41Situational Damage Attack
7th Jan 16 10:32:32Enemy Civil War
7th Jan 16 10:32:07Enemy Civil War
7th Jan 16 08:16:52That One Attack
6th Jan 16 05:54:16Sonic Stunner
6th Jan 16 05:54:33Funny.Star Wars Republic Commando
5th Jan 16 04:02:23Funny.Team Fortress 2
4th Jan 16 06:48:17Trivia.Legend Of The Blue Wolves
4th Jan 16 05:37:46Infernal Retaliation
4th Jan 16 04:30:45Metaphorgotten
3rd Jan 16 09:59:25Chinese Vampire
3rd Jan 16 05:02:58Funny.Undertale
3rd Jan 16 04:43:31Awesome Music.Undertale
3rd Jan 16 03:31:11Narrative Profanity Filter
3rd Jan 16 02:45:34Vibroweapon
3rd Jan 16 02:44:12Vibroweapon
2nd Jan 16 11:47:15Tabletop Game.Battle Tech
1st Jan 16 02:25:03With This Herring
31st Dec 15 12:02:58Bullying A Dragon.Anime And Manga
30th Dec 15 11:56:46Webcomic.One Punch Man
30th Dec 15 11:52:43Mugging The Monster.Anime And Manga
30th Dec 15 04:00:02Punch Catch
30th Dec 15 02:54:48Smarter Than You Look
29th Dec 15 11:53:40Characters.Manly Guys Doing Manly Things
26th Dec 15 06:21:31Establishing Character Moment.Western Animation
26th Dec 15 04:13:50Funny.Ben Croshaw
25th Dec 15 02:49:19Awesome.World Of Tanks
25th Dec 15 01:42:32David Versus Goliath
25th Dec 15 01:42:22David Versus Goliath
25th Dec 15 01:22:06Characters.Video Games
25th Dec 15 12:56:33Characters.One Must Fall
24th Dec 15 11:05:15No Sell
24th Dec 15 11:01:57Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
24th Dec 15 11:01:44Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
24th Dec 15 01:41:23Awesome.World Of Tanks
24th Dec 15 01:33:04Awesome.Videogames
24th Dec 15 01:31:41Awesome.Videogames
24th Dec 15 01:17:53Russian Guy Suffers Most
23rd Dec 15 10:20:49Characters.Polandball Organisations
23rd Dec 15 09:47:41Cut His Heart Out With A Spoon
23rd Dec 15 09:47:10Cut His Heart Out With A Spoon
23rd Dec 15 01:30:25Awesome.One Punch Man
23rd Dec 15 01:29:39Awesome.One Punch Man
22nd Dec 15 10:47:28Webcomic.One Punch Man
22nd Dec 15 10:42:39Webcomic.One Punch Man
22nd Dec 15 10:36:04Full Frontal Assault
22nd Dec 15 10:34:58Full Frontal Assault
22nd Dec 15 06:59:07Idiot Crows
22nd Dec 15 01:59:40Naked People Are Funny
22nd Dec 15 01:58:15Naked People Are Funny
22nd Dec 15 01:51:23Funny.One Punch Man
22nd Dec 15 01:31:38Bloody Hilarious
22nd Dec 15 12:38:21Eye Scream.Anime And Manga
21st Dec 15 09:59:51Uncanny Valley.Western Animation
21st Dec 15 09:55:40Uncanny Valley.Western Animation
21st Dec 15 06:34:23Booze Based Buff
21st Dec 15 05:59:20Foreign Cuss Word
19th Dec 15 12:08:38Funny.Polandball
18th Dec 15 06:41:31His And Hers
18th Dec 15 05:22:05Themed Tarot Deck
18th Dec 15 02:21:11Nuns Are Funny
18th Dec 15 02:13:27The Pig Pen
18th Dec 15 02:02:27Murder The Hypotenuse
18th Dec 15 01:54:45If I Cant Have You
18th Dec 15 01:28:55Lethally Stupid
18th Dec 15 01:02:22Reflexive Response
18th Dec 15 12:39:57Reflexive Response
18th Dec 15 11:27:11Weapons Kitchen Sink
18th Dec 15 11:26:36Weapons Kitchen Sink
18th Dec 15 11:03:45Incoming
16th Dec 15 03:50:40Unfortunate Names.Tabletop Games
12th Dec 15 01:02:19Deadpan Snarker.Web Original
11th Dec 15 09:19:41Sphere Of Destruction
11th Dec 15 05:19:51Incorruptible Pure Pureness
11th Dec 15 12:50:52WMG.Undertale
11th Dec 15 12:50:10WMG.Undertale
11th Dec 15 12:48:15WMG.Undertale
11th Dec 15 12:03:19All Drummers Are Animals
11th Dec 15 12:02:58All Drummers Are Animals
10th Dec 15 11:21:28Calling Your Bathroom Breaks
10th Dec 15 09:25:09Unsound Effect
10th Dec 15 09:18:27Characters.Team Fortress 2 Offense
10th Dec 15 06:05:29Flawed Prototype
10th Dec 15 06:04:37Flawed Prototype
10th Dec 15 05:25:53New And Improved
9th Dec 15 02:24:45Characters.Undertale Monster Encounters
8th Dec 15 09:06:54Razor Sharp Hand
8th Dec 15 04:00:57Unsound Effect
8th Dec 15 05:32:15Good Bad Bugs.Simulation Game
8th Dec 15 04:37:09Good Bad Bugs
8th Dec 15 04:36:43Good Bad Bugs.Mech
8th Dec 15 04:30:20Characters.World Of Tanks Japan
8th Dec 15 01:01:50Funny.Lets Drown Out
7th Dec 15 10:05:24Characters.World Of Tanks Soviet Union
7th Dec 15 10:02:01Characters.World Of Tanks Soviet Union
7th Dec 15 07:07:26Glowing Eyelights Of Undeath
7th Dec 15 05:28:53Grenade Launcher
7th Dec 15 05:26:10Grenade Launcher
7th Dec 15 05:06:14Hilariously Abusive Childhood
7th Dec 15 03:06:20Funny.TV Tropes
7th Dec 15 03:05:14Funny.TV Tropes
6th Dec 15 04:11:43Lightning Bruiser.Video Games
5th Dec 15 11:56:37Fan Nickname.World Of Tanks
5th Dec 15 06:58:12Webcomic.One Punch Man
5th Dec 15 06:50:56Awakening The Sleeping Giant