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21st Aug 17 06:55:58I Take Offense To That Last One
20th Aug 17 07:29:07Series.The Defenders 2017
20th Aug 17 07:28:25Wicked Cultured
18th Aug 17 02:17:59I Take Offense To That Last One
17th Jul 17 02:27:44Is The Answer To This Question Yes
17th Jul 17 02:21:01I Take Offense To That Last One
26th Jun 17 08:09:14Literature.Temeraire
15th Jun 17 09:38:40Literal Surveillance Bug
4th Jun 17 09:27:12Quotes.Aerith And Bob
24th Apr 17 02:19:35Radio.Cabin Pressure
10th Apr 17 06:05:48Playing With.Spot The Imposter
10th Apr 17 06:00:13Spot The Imposter
5th Nov 16 02:24:16Bruce Wayne Held Hostage
4th Nov 16 05:09:00Fighting Fingerprint
4th Nov 16 02:25:47Bruce Wayne Held Hostage
16th Feb 16 08:36:04Actor Allusion.Live Action TV
31st Jan 16 07:16:18But He Sounds Handsome
27th Jan 16 10:43:27Series.Galavant
27th Jan 16 10:41:18Unholy Matrimony
11th Sep 15 07:42:02Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
11th Sep 15 07:41:28Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
11th Sep 15 07:39:28Judgment Of Solomon
11th Sep 15 07:37:13Judgment Of Solomon
11th Sep 15 07:24:18Bluff The Impostor
11th Sep 15 07:19:24Bluff The Impostor
30th Aug 15 05:53:34You Have Failed Me
30th Aug 15 05:27:50You Have Failed Me
30th Aug 15 05:26:34You Have Failed Me
10th Aug 15 04:06:46Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
5th May 15 07:31:03No Sell
29th Apr 15 12:28:39Sarcastic Confession
29th Apr 15 10:22:14Even Bad Men Love Their Mamas
29th Apr 15 10:08:43Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Live Action TV
24th Mar 15 03:17:42Costume Copycat
11th Feb 15 11:39:55Sarcastic Confession
26th Jan 15 10:55:15Analogy Backfire
8th Jan 15 05:37:25Mistaken For Spies
4th Dec 14 08:26:42Stock Superhero Day Jobs
4th Dec 14 08:17:01Stock Superhero Day Jobs
28th Nov 14 09:16:02It Is Pronounced Tro PAY
28th Nov 14 09:09:11Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
28th Nov 14 09:02:07Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
23rd Nov 14 03:23:19Literature.Rivers Of London
11th Nov 14 06:35:19The I Love You Stigma
3rd Nov 14 07:40:25Radio.John Finnemores Souvenir Programme
8th Aug 14 09:12:44Mistaken For Gay
8th Aug 14 08:39:12Mistaken For Gay
23rd May 14 03:43:07Not With The Safety On You Wont
15th May 14 04:53:25Code Emergency
15th May 14 10:43:36Radio.Cabin Pressure
15th May 14 09:57:31Radio.Cabin Pressure
15th May 14 09:48:54Radio.Cabin Pressure
15th May 14 09:41:13Radio.Cabin Pressure
15th May 14 09:24:01Radio.Cabin Pressure
15th May 14 09:08:43Damned By Faint Praise
15th May 14 08:57:41Damned By Faint Praise
9th May 14 09:23:46Conviction By Counterfactual Clue
9th May 14 07:04:33Mirror Monster
28th Mar 14 08:53:03Honor Before Reason.Literature
28th Mar 14 08:51:51Honor Before Reason.Literature
11th Mar 14 03:34:43Buffy Speak
11th Mar 14 03:33:22Buffy Speak
11th Mar 14 03:09:07Giver Of Lame Names
9th Mar 14 09:03:51Whos Your Daddy
7th Mar 14 08:02:28Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
7th Mar 14 07:50:44Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
7th Mar 14 07:17:43Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
7th Mar 14 07:04:02Mamas Baby Papas Maybe
6th Mar 14 05:04:53Family Relationship Switcheroo
4th Mar 14 01:23:45Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
4th Mar 14 01:22:11Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
4th Mar 14 01:19:00Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
1st Mar 14 03:36:53Stealth Insult
1st Mar 14 03:10:26Stealth Insult
1st Mar 14 03:09:34Stealth Insult
19th Feb 14 04:36:05Never Heard That One Before
26th Jan 14 06:04:27Quotes.Awesome Mc Cool Name
26th Jan 14 06:03:50Quotes.Awesome Mc Cool Name
26th Jan 14 06:03:33Quotes.Awesome Mc Cool Name
7th Dec 13 10:16:51Sarcastic Confession
30th Nov 13 11:05:40Politeness Judo
30th Nov 13 08:50:51Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
30th Nov 13 08:48:16Podcast.Welcome To Night Vale
23rd Nov 13 07:45:11Cozy Voice For Catastrophes
13th Nov 13 05:48:05But He Sounds Handsome
9th Oct 13 09:13:22WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
24th Sep 13 07:11:25WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
3rd Sep 13 09:51:25WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
21st Aug 13 12:34:19Family Relationship Switcheroo
19th Aug 13 07:54:20Rattling Off Legal
15th Aug 13 01:20:54Honest Johns Dealership
15th Aug 13 12:56:17Snake Oil Salesman
15th Aug 13 12:20:14Sibling Triangle
15th Aug 13 10:37:05Hereditary Curse
15th Aug 13 09:31:07Imposter Forgot One Detail
10th Aug 13 11:10:32Bait And Switch Comparison
22nd Jul 13 07:12:18Family Theme Naming
22nd Jul 13 07:10:46Family Theme Naming
26th Jun 13 09:10:42Stealth Insult
24th Jun 13 12:02:46Dawson Casting
24th Jun 13 11:35:54Leaning On The Fourth Wall
24th Jun 13 11:06:27Leaning On The Fourth Wall
19th Jun 13 11:24:02Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
19th Jun 13 08:33:18Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
19th Jun 13 08:29:27Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
19th Jun 13 07:54:08Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 03:37:21Power Degeneration
18th Jun 13 03:19:52King Incognito
18th Jun 13 03:10:27Marriage Before Romance
18th Jun 13 01:26:00Good Cop Bad Cop
18th Jun 13 01:23:02Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 12:13:45Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 12:05:51Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 10:02:22Quotes.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 09:59:30Quotes.Vorkosigan Saga
18th Jun 13 07:42:07Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
27th May 13 06:50:12Our Vampires Are Different.Comic Books
27th May 13 06:31:44I Want My Beloved To Be Fashionable
27th May 13 05:26:03Vampires Are Sex Gods
27th May 13 05:24:35You Sexy Beast
16th May 13 08:15:44No Except Yes
16th May 13 08:13:32Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word
16th May 13 08:10:46Blackmail Is Such An Ugly Word
11th May 13 07:57:46Two Person Love Triangle
2nd May 13 06:51:48The Unwritten
19th Apr 13 03:31:34Make Wrong What Once Went Right
7th Mar 13 10:08:20Only Sane Employee
6th Feb 13 01:17:24Red Panda Adventures
5th Jan 13 01:35:19Suspiciously Specific Denial.Radio
5th Jan 13 01:27:28Damned By Faint Praise
10th Dec 12 11:24:48Radio.Cabin Pressure
5th Dec 12 11:02:07Headscratchers.Live Action TV
5th Dec 12 11:00:47Headscratchers.The Pretender
21st Nov 12 12:19:14Out Of Character Alert
15th Nov 12 08:49:14Fake Static
4th Nov 12 06:54:31Mister Sandman Sequence
4th Nov 12 06:52:34Series.Better Off Ted
4th Nov 12 06:51:40Series.Better Off Ted
4th Nov 12 06:51:39Series.Better Off Ted
2nd Nov 12 07:48:20Your Approval Fills Me With Shame
2nd Nov 12 06:15:01Worthless Foreign Degree
23rd Oct 12 01:29:04Recycled In Space.Live Action TV
23rd Oct 12 01:21:02Literature.The Count Of Monte Cristo
23rd Oct 12 01:15:54Real Name As An Alias
23rd Oct 12 01:13:43Name That Unfolds Like Lotus Blossom
18th Oct 12 07:14:50False Reassurance
14th Oct 12 08:13:00Black Jack Justice
14th Oct 12 08:12:22Black Jack Justice
7th Oct 12 01:52:29The Exit Is That Way
13th Sep 12 10:47:00Sarcastic Confession
4th Sep 12 02:58:55Roger Allam
4th Sep 12 02:32:22Could Say It But
4th Sep 12 02:29:50Could Say It But
26th Aug 12 05:03:01Chain Of Deals
21st Aug 12 09:44:00Sarcastic Confession
20th Aug 12 03:01:19Chain Of Deals
14th Aug 12 05:31:46Series.Terriers
14th Aug 12 05:30:22Title Drop.Live Action TV
16th Jul 12 01:36:50Mommas Boy
11th Jul 12 08:34:23Literature.Vorkosigan Saga
22nd Jun 12 06:45:17Sarcasm Blind
9th Jun 12 08:33:54Stealth Insult
28th May 12 01:10:45Bluff The Impostor
28th May 12 01:07:37Bluff The Impostor
22nd May 12 10:33:41Mommas Boy
19th May 12 08:04:25Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
18th May 12 10:56:33Best Friends In Law
17th May 12 07:26:37The Legend Of Chekhov
17th May 12 07:21:36Royalty Super Power
16th May 12 05:11:36Translation Yes
28th Apr 12 07:40:02Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
18th Apr 12 03:30:11Radio.Cabin Pressure
18th Apr 12 01:14:41Politically Active Princess
18th Apr 12 07:51:21Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
16th Apr 12 12:05:53Radio.Cabin Pressure
13th Apr 12 10:03:18Hyper Awareness
13th Apr 12 10:00:55Sherlock Scan
12th Apr 12 05:27:51Irrevocable Order
10th Apr 12 09:49:41Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Web Original
5th Apr 12 02:19:50Hollywood Hacking
3rd Apr 12 04:47:09Georgette Heyer
3rd Apr 12 04:42:20Code Silver
3rd Apr 12 04:37:20Confess In Confidence
3rd Apr 12 04:36:39Confess In Confidence
3rd Apr 12 04:25:34Second Verse Curse
3rd Apr 12 10:59:52Conviction By Contradiction
3rd Apr 12 10:10:28Appropriated Appellation
1st Apr 12 06:13:22Red Panda Adventures
1st Apr 12 06:06:04Red Panda Adventures
26th Mar 12 03:25:26Worthless Foreign Degree
26th Mar 12 03:16:35Fallen On Hard Times Job
26th Mar 12 03:16:11Fallen On Hard Times Job
23rd Mar 12 11:44:54Stating The Simple Solution
10th Mar 12 11:41:04Is That What Theyre Calling It Now
5th Mar 12 06:33:14Defeat By Modesty
5th Mar 12 06:06:28Cheesy Moon
5th Mar 12 06:05:58Cheesy Moon
4th Mar 12 07:13:27Playing With.Worthless Foreign Degree
4th Mar 12 06:55:53Janitor Impersonation Infiltration
29th Feb 12 11:01:56Unfortunate Names
28th Feb 12 11:04:29Sarcastic Confession
26th Feb 12 12:59:51Writers Suck
26th Feb 12 09:39:00Stealth Insult
25th Feb 12 11:44:39Visions Of Another Self
25th Feb 12 11:36:07But You Were There And You And You
22nd Feb 12 09:44:31Bluff The Eavesdropper
22nd Feb 12 10:45:58WMG.Hustle
17th Feb 12 06:34:07Series.Being Human Remake
12th Feb 12 02:28:38Canon Welding
12th Feb 12 02:28:26Canon Welding
3rd Feb 12 04:49:30Chekhovs Lecture
3rd Feb 12 04:31:18Series.Sherlock
3rd Feb 12 04:29:35Series.Sherlock
18th Jan 12 10:00:46Bluff The Impostor
10th Jan 12 08:40:07Fanfic Recs.White Collar
10th Jan 12 08:39:16Fanfic Recs.White Collar
24th Dec 11 01:06:03Fake Out Make Out
14th Dec 11 02:13:20Playing With.Sherlock Scan
14th Dec 11 02:13:04Playing With.Sherlock Scan
13th Dec 11 08:49:08Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
13th Dec 11 08:48:32Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
12th Dec 11 02:51:55Stock Episode Titles
12th Dec 11 02:50:45Stock Episode Titles
12th Dec 11 02:50:24Stock Episode Titles
12th Dec 11 02:49:44Stock Episode Titles
11th Dec 11 09:55:27Leverage
11th Dec 11 09:52:24It Works Better With Bullets
11th Dec 11 09:37:01Leverage
11th Dec 11 08:59:52Not With The Safety On You Wont
11th Dec 11 11:52:03Fanfic Recs.Vorkosigan Saga
11th Dec 11 11:51:37Fanfic Recs.Vorkosigan Saga
4th Dec 11 08:34:20Insult To Rocks
4th Dec 11 03:09:28Teeny Weenie
4th Dec 11 03:07:19Teeny Weenie
4th Dec 11 02:56:27Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Web Original
4th Dec 11 02:55:53Sorting Algorithm Of Deadness.Web Original
3rd Dec 11 04:10:03WMG.Leverage
3rd Dec 11 04:03:31WMG.Leverage
3rd Dec 11 04:03:02WMG.Leverage
1st Dec 11 01:52:21Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
1st Dec 11 12:09:46Fanfic Recs.Doctor Who
29th Nov 11 06:57:00Caretaker Reversal
28th Nov 11 11:11:43Face Of An Angel Mind Of A Demon
28th Nov 11 03:51:57Please Dump Me
25th Nov 11 06:18:49Two Person Love Triangle
24th Nov 11 08:12:13Date Peepers
23rd Nov 11 07:33:04Religious Robot
20th Nov 11 08:07:32Im Mr Future Pop Culture Reference
20th Nov 11 07:59:56Character Name Alias
15th Nov 11 08:23:06Sundial Waypoint
13th Nov 11 10:41:52Nothing Is The Same Anymore
13th Nov 11 05:56:47Mortons Fork
13th Nov 11 04:29:00Swallow The Key
13th Nov 11 04:25:15Bluff The Eavesdropper
12th Nov 11 11:49:14If You Die I Call Your Stuff
12th Nov 11 05:44:12Occult Blue Eyes
12th Nov 11 05:42:42Matthew Swift
8th Nov 11 09:42:39Clueless Detective
8th Nov 11 09:30:01Staying With Friends
8th Nov 11 09:20:01Social Services Does Not Exist
7th Nov 11 05:27:44Mad Libs Catchphrase
7th Nov 11 06:59:59Scarpia Ultimatum
7th Nov 11 03:23:58The Villain Sucks Song
6th Nov 11 10:50:56Oblivious To His Own Description
5th Nov 11 02:11:43I Need To Go Iron My Dog
2nd Nov 11 08:37:49Spinning Paper
2nd Nov 11 07:11:41Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Live Action TV
1st Nov 11 12:29:46Canon Welding
31st Oct 11 09:42:52Red Panda Adventures
27th Oct 11 10:51:43Will Not Tell A Lie
27th Oct 11 10:42:36Knight And Rogue Series
27th Oct 11 10:32:48Alias Smith And Jones
27th Oct 11 10:24:09Knight And Rogue Series
27th Oct 11 10:22:57Bench Breaker
27th Oct 11 10:22:44Bench Breaker
27th Oct 11 10:22:16Bench Breaker
25th Oct 11 04:54:05Mad Libs Catchphrase
22nd Oct 11 09:15:42Kiss Of Distraction
19th Oct 11 11:18:18
18th Oct 11 02:48:03Hello Insert Name Here
18th Oct 11 02:32:06Beetle Maniac
18th Oct 11 02:21:00Friend To Bugs
18th Oct 11 02:19:37Cassandra Gambit
13th Oct 11 09:03:23Line Of Sight Name
13th Oct 11 08:46:54Tykebomb
13th Oct 11 08:01:28Deadly Hug
12th Oct 11 01:47:13Georgette Heyer
10th Oct 11 07:18:18Character Name Alias
6th Oct 11 06:20:35Really Seven Hundred Years Old
5th Oct 11 07:21:17Exasperated Perp
5th Oct 11 07:06:40Fakeout Escape
5th Oct 11 06:54:08Go To Alias
5th Oct 11 06:53:04Go To Alias
2nd Oct 11 08:05:09Rape By Proxy
28th Sep 11 10:42:38Playing With.Excalibur In The Rust
27th Sep 11 06:50:45Rodents Of Unusual Size
27th Sep 11 06:42:45Reduced To Ratburgers
27th Sep 11 05:58:57I Never Told You My Name
26th Sep 11 08:44:33Soldiers At The Rear
25th Sep 11 08:51:34Quotes.Magitek
25th Sep 11 08:51:26Quotes.Magitek
24th Sep 11 11:10:39Ghost Amnesia
24th Sep 11 11:06:33Godly Sidestep
24th Sep 11 10:22:26Mistaken For Gay
24th Sep 11 10:18:48Mistaken For Gay
24th Sep 11 07:40:10Platonic Life Partners
24th Sep 11 07:33:42Better As Friends
24th Sep 11 02:58:04Black Jack Justice
24th Sep 11 02:57:29City With No Name
24th Sep 11 02:50:19Fillmore
24th Sep 11 02:48:41Red Panda Adventures
22nd Sep 11 08:12:53Most Definitely Not A Villain
22nd Sep 11 07:36:54Real Name As An Alias
22nd Sep 11 06:24:36Knight And Rogue Series
21st Sep 11 08:29:16Finally Found The Body
20th Sep 11 06:22:01Legendary In The Sequel
20th Sep 11 06:17:36Reports Of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
20th Sep 11 06:17:07Reports Of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
20th Sep 11 05:58:31Reality Writing Book
20th Sep 11 05:18:18Primal Scene
20th Sep 11 09:33:33Reports Of My Death Were Greatly Exaggerated
19th Sep 11 04:38:39Red Panda Adventures
19th Sep 11 03:23:45Red Panda Adventures
19th Sep 11 11:38:17Please Shoot The Messenger
17th Sep 11 07:14:12Hopeless Suitor
17th Sep 11 06:59:23The Dog Was The Mastermind
17th Sep 11 06:29:48Scout Out
17th Sep 11 06:23:43Emancipated Child
17th Sep 11 06:22:32Emancipated Child
17th Sep 11 05:52:18Brain Bleach
16th Sep 11 07:18:58Close Up On Head
15th Sep 11 05:13:34One Winged Angel
15th Sep 11 05:02:30Red Panda Adventures
15th Sep 11 03:12:50Playing With.But He Sounds Handsome
15th Sep 11 02:40:11But He Sounds Handsome
15th Sep 11 02:27:49Playing With.Somebody Doesnt Love Raymond
15th Sep 11 02:21:58Playing With.Heel Realization
15th Sep 11 02:00:31Playing With.Ignored Epiphany
15th Sep 11 02:00:31Playing With.Ignored Epiphany
15th Sep 11 01:55:44Playing With.Punch Clock Villain
15th Sep 11 01:33:50Playing With.Broken Aesop
15th Sep 11 01:11:22Playing With.All Part Of The Show
15th Sep 11 01:08:49Playing With.All Part Of The Show
15th Sep 11 12:34:19Poke The Poodle
15th Sep 11 12:11:28Playing With.Mentor Occupational Hazard
15th Sep 11 12:07:19Playing With.Mentor Occupational Hazard