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13th Oct 14 04:05:04Characters.The Hunger Games
13th Jul 14 10:47:03Comic Book.Cyclops 2014
13th Jul 14 10:40:46Comic Book.X Men
13th Jun 14 05:18:41Windmill Political
9th Jun 14 04:51:18Caramelldansen Vid
7th Jun 14 10:48:10Film.X Men Daysof Future Past
28th Mar 14 01:37:11Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
10th Feb 14 06:47:30Shut Up Hannibal.Video Games
24th Dec 13 11:18:22Nightmare Fuel.Final Fantasy VIII
7th Dec 13 08:05:39Copy Cat Sue
29th Nov 13 06:27:44Western Animation.South Park Bigger Longer And Uncut
28th Nov 13 12:00:44Town Girls
20th Nov 13 05:43:43But Thou Must
4th Aug 13 11:12:27Game Breaking Bug
4th Aug 13 11:12:01Game Breaking Bug
4th Aug 13 11:10:15Game Breaking Bug
26th Feb 13 03:13:43Fridge.Kid Radd
26th Feb 13 02:56:53Prophecy Twist
12th Feb 13 09:42:21Film.A Nightmare On Elm Street Part 2 Freddys Revenge
5th Feb 13 08:18:12Hollywood Darkness
5th Feb 13 08:17:50Hollywood Darkness
19th Jan 13 08:47:53Comic Book.Blackest Night
19th Jan 13 08:31:58Headscratchers.Blackest Night
18th Jan 13 01:20:40Whip It Good
10th Jan 13 09:29:31Cycle Of Hurting
12th Dec 12 01:12:17The Killing Joke
12th Dec 12 12:25:09No Ending
5th Dec 12 09:12:16Webcomic.Dumbing Of Age
4th Nov 12 05:56:12Fridge.Wreck It Ralph
4th Nov 12 03:35:26Tear Jerker.Wreck It Ralph
20th Oct 12 11:11:27Pandering To The Base
19th Oct 12 01:16:30Vitriolic Best Buds
8th Oct 12 11:17:44Recap.QUILTBAG Part One Q
25th Sep 12 08:19:15YMMV.Punch An Pie
25th Sep 12 08:18:43YMMV.Punch An Pie
25th Sep 12 07:49:46Webcomic.Punch An Pie
25th Sep 12 07:49:01Webcomic.Punch An Pie
24th Sep 12 09:47:04Schedule Slip.Comic Books
24th Sep 12 08:47:19Last Minute Hookup
19th Sep 12 10:05:00A Winner Is You
9th Sep 12 02:09:55Creator.Kate Higgins
6th Sep 12 11:10:36Everything Is Online
20th Aug 12 10:48:55Film.Die Hard
14th Aug 12 02:14:12Revenue Enhancing Devices
21st Jul 12 11:09:24Wasted Song
21st Jul 12 08:22:33Chuck Cunningham Syndrome
7th Jun 12 05:18:49Characters.Babylon 5
31st May 12 06:40:14No Export For You.Tabletop Games
20th May 12 02:36:33X Men Legends
19th May 12 11:22:03Bragging Rights Reward
2nd May 12 11:09:01Video Game.Silent Hill Shattered Memories
6th Apr 12 07:46:14Shaggy Dog Story
28th Jan 12 02:10:06Headscratchers.Cowboy Bebop
27th Jan 12 05:58:34Video Game.Amagami
24th Jan 12 03:47:21The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
1st Jan 12 02:25:07Wizards And Warriors
1st Jan 12 08:13:38Fridge.Bleach
28th Dec 11 01:09:51Fridge.Magic The Gathering
28th Dec 11 12:32:54Fridge.Green Lantern
28th Dec 11 12:20:36Fridge.Bleach
27th Dec 11 09:24:55Black Mesa Commute
13th Dec 11 01:05:22Fridge.Final Fantasy IV
4th Dec 11 05:05:52Fridge.Final Fantasy IV
15th Nov 11 01:08:57Marvel Zombies
15th Nov 11 01:08:00Marvel Zombies
15th Nov 11 01:07:08Marvel Zombies
13th Nov 11 05:42:23Marvel Zombies
13th Nov 11 04:38:01Vasquez Always Dies
1st Nov 11 05:16:52Freelance Astronauts
1st Nov 11 05:09:58Freelance Astronauts
30th Oct 11 01:46:17Freelance Astronauts
22nd Oct 11 04:31:36Toyless Toyline Character
17th Sep 11 01:02:27Video Game.Crisis Core
17th Sep 11 01:02:06Video Game.Crisis Core