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13th Apr 18 01:11:36YMMV.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
9th Apr 18 03:46:02Video Game.Total War Attila
29th Mar 18 04:37:48Series.Peep Show
27th Mar 18 02:09:02YMMV.The Last Jedi
15th Mar 18 05:41:25Old Shame.Music
15th Mar 18 05:40:07Old Shame.Music
15th Mar 18 05:36:19Trivia.Alestorm
14th Mar 18 06:46:24Series.Peep Show
14th Mar 18 06:30:15Series.Peep Show
14th Mar 18 06:21:43Series.Peep Show
14th Mar 18 03:24:25Useful Notes.The Roman Empire
10th Mar 18 08:43:19Fluffy The Terrible
8th Mar 18 08:42:08Bilingual Bonus
8th Mar 18 08:41:48Bilingual Bonus
8th Mar 18 08:35:58Film.Hunger
8th Mar 18 06:02:21BLAM.Film
8th Mar 18 05:53:05Film.Hunger
7th Mar 18 07:53:39Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
5th Mar 18 04:37:50Series.Britannia
5th Mar 18 02:30:02Series.Britannia
4th Mar 18 09:35:13Series.Britannia
4th Mar 18 09:34:51Series.Britannia
4th Mar 18 09:28:11Series.Britannia
3rd Mar 18 08:34:39Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
3rd Mar 18 05:46:00YMMV.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 08:20:24YMMV.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 08:19:50YMMV.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 08:19:09YMMV.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 08:18:24Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 08:16:43Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
2nd Mar 18 07:53:20Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
27th Feb 18 07:02:24Grand Theft Auto V.Single Player Tropes E To M
26th Feb 18 04:40:54Characters.Peep Show
22nd Feb 18 11:11:04Video Game.Kingdom Come Deliverance
21st Feb 18 05:12:31Characters.Peep Show
16th Feb 18 06:41:55Characters.Overwatch Support
14th Feb 18 07:16:50YMMV.The Witch
9th Feb 18 11:19:05Artistic License History.Video Games
9th Feb 18 11:16:55Artistic License History.Video Games
9th Feb 18 11:12:47Special Effect Failure.Video Games
9th Feb 18 11:10:23YMMV.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
30th Jan 18 08:58:20Video Game.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
30th Jan 18 08:26:41Video Game.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
30th Jan 18 08:13:18Video Game.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
30th Jan 18 08:12:35Video Game.Hellblade Senuas Sacrifice
22nd Jan 18 03:17:44Characters.Overwatch Support
16th Jan 18 08:01:42Characters.Devilman Crybaby
16th Jan 18 07:59:06Anime.Devilman Crybaby
14th Jan 18 08:56:25Anime.Devilman Crybaby
15th Dec 17 04:01:00Characters.The Witcher Aen Elle
15th Dec 17 03:50:19Videogame.Doom 2016
30th Nov 17 07:51:09Characters.For Honor
30th Nov 17 07:18:50YMMV.For Honor
30th Nov 17 07:06:22YMMV.For Honor
30th Nov 17 06:51:22YMMV.For Honor
30th Nov 17 06:51:11YMMV.For Honor
30th Nov 17 08:29:10Music.Mastodon
20th Nov 17 06:59:36Video Game.Dota 2
20th Nov 17 01:19:22Music.Mastodon
20th Nov 17 01:18:32Music.Mastodon
20th Nov 17 01:05:33Music.Mastodon
20th Nov 17 12:53:06Music.Mastodon
20th Nov 17 12:49:19Music.Mastodon
14th Nov 17 08:17:23Video Game.Total War
8th Nov 17 06:57:34Useful Notes.The Roman Empire
5th Nov 17 07:11:56Useful Notes.The Roman Empire
5th Nov 17 07:05:41Useful Notes.The Roman Empire
31st Oct 17 11:14:13Film.Silence
23rd Oct 17 07:50:35Videogame.Nier Automata
23rd Oct 17 07:50:23Videogame.Nier Automata
21st Oct 17 06:01:45YMMV.Wonder Woman 2017
19th Oct 17 03:49:19YMMV.For Honor
5th Oct 17 11:35:35Music.Mastodon
5th Oct 17 11:34:52Music.Mastodon
5th Oct 17 11:22:54Music.Mastodon
16th Sep 17 02:09:32YMMV.The Witcher
8th Sep 17 06:52:25Series.Outlander
23rd Aug 17 06:12:14Characters.For Honor
23rd Aug 17 05:43:33Video Game.For Honor
23rd Aug 17 05:46:20Video Game.For Honor
22nd Aug 17 04:52:32Video Game.For Honor
20th Aug 17 03:36:53Video Game.For Honor
17th Aug 17 03:16:17Video Game.For Honor
15th Aug 17 11:09:44Series.Outlander
6th Aug 17 03:15:39Web Video.Schola Gladiatoria
2nd Aug 17 03:23:53Video Game.For Honor
29th Jul 17 02:05:24Series.The Pacific
27th Jul 17 04:21:55Videogame.Nier Automata
14th May 17 03:19:03Music.Ayreon
13th May 17 02:05:53Music.Ayreon
1st May 17 05:19:06Bilingual Bonus
1st May 17 05:18:13Bilingual Bonus
1st May 17 05:13:07Bilingual Bonus
1st May 17 05:08:27Samurai Jack.Tropes Season 1 To Season 4
1st May 17 05:07:43Samurai Jack.Tropes Season 1 To Season 4
1st May 17 04:46:50Characters.Samurai Jack Recurring
18th Apr 17 09:30:03Literature.All Tomorrows
18th Apr 17 09:29:25Literature.All Tomorrows
18th Apr 17 09:28:14Literature.All Tomorrows
18th Apr 17 09:27:55Literature.All Tomorrows
18th Apr 17 09:27:33Literature.All Tomorrows
14th Apr 17 02:19:57Dummied Out.The Elder Scrolls
14th Apr 17 02:19:13Dummied Out.The Elder Scrolls
14th Apr 17 12:42:26Characters.Peep Show
13th Apr 17 07:23:36Videogame.Nier Automata
13th Apr 17 01:42:47Videogame.Nier Automata
11th Apr 17 06:36:36Franchise.Drakengard
11th Apr 17 06:35:54Franchise.Drakengard
11th Apr 17 06:35:34Franchise.Drakengard
20th Mar 17 09:20:22Video Game.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
18th Mar 17 11:35:13Characters.Nioh
9th Mar 17 04:52:54Video Game.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
8th Mar 17 08:01:15Video Game.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
17th Feb 17 04:24:50Characters.Metalocalypse
16th Feb 17 02:33:19Western Animation.Metalocalypse
31st Jan 17 01:17:30Western Animation.Metalocalypse
15th Dec 16 05:53:38Video Game.Dark Souls II
12th Sep 16 09:10:51Music.Black Sabbath
11th Sep 16 04:51:12YMMV.A Man For All Seasons
10th Sep 16 05:44:08Video Game.Nioh
5th Sep 16 01:36:37Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
13th Jul 16 04:21:11Video Game.Total War Attila
12th Jul 16 11:02:55Bilingual Dialogue
11th Jul 16 06:44:30Bilingual Dialogue
11th Jul 16 06:40:57Bilingual Dialogue
1st Jul 16 12:15:06Film.Batman V Superman Dawn Of Justice
28th May 16 10:06:42The Other Darrin.Live Action TV
18th Mar 16 11:37:14Film.The Witch
18th Mar 16 08:53:47Film.The Witch
15th Aug 15 02:14:22YMMV.Total War Attila
15th Aug 15 02:09:33YMMV.Total War Attila
15th Aug 15 02:07:18YMMV.Total War Attila
5th Mar 15 06:09:43Music.Axel Rudi Pell
12th Oct 14 06:45:29Film.Calvary
12th Oct 14 06:42:48Film.Calvary
12th Oct 14 06:41:13Film.Calvary
25th Sep 14 07:44:41Comic Book.Slaine
25th Sep 14 07:20:08Comic Book.Slaine
25th Sep 14 07:02:28Comic Book.Slaine
25th Sep 14 06:57:43Comic Book.Slaine
25th Sep 14 06:47:36Comic Book.Slaine
25th Sep 14 06:35:06Comic Book.Slaine
4th Jun 14 09:23:26Memes.The Dark Knight Saga
16th Jan 14 04:17:27Lets Play.Videogamedunkey
15th Jan 14 07:08:14Lets Play.Videogamedunkey
15th Jan 14 07:00:22Lets Play.Videogamedunkey
15th Jan 14 06:54:03Lets Play.Videogamedunkey
15th Jan 14 06:45:50Funny.Videogamedunkey
29th Nov 13 04:57:29Music.Blind Guardian
23rd Sep 13 06:17:54YMMV.Grand Theft Auto
1st Sep 13 07:02:29Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 07:01:44Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 07:01:23Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 07:00:55Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 07:00:25Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 06:54:40Comic Book.Slaine
1st Sep 13 06:52:49Comic Book.Slaine
7th Aug 13 08:46:03Our Dragons Are Different.Mythology
7th Aug 13 08:36:51Our Dragons Are Different.Mythology
1st Aug 13 07:07:54Characters.Silent Hill 2
25th May 13 07:13:36Video Game.Infamous Second Son
15th May 13 02:23:54Eternal English
27th Apr 13 12:13:16War Of The Spanish Succession
27th Mar 13 10:02:10Video Game.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
22nd Mar 13 10:56:56Useful Notes.Africa
1st Mar 13 09:30:29Bilingual Dialogue
1st Mar 13 09:29:01Bilingual Dialogue
1st Mar 13 09:27:53Bilingual Dialogue
9th Feb 13 06:53:14Video Game.Resistance
1st Jan 13 01:27:24Istanbul Not Constantinople
1st Jan 13 01:23:51Istanbul Not Constantinople
25th Aug 12 12:32:58Resistance
19th Jul 12 06:02:15Video Game.Max Payne
9th Jun 12 09:42:53Video Game.Dm C Devil May Cry
8th Apr 12 04:16:17Skyrim.Tropes H-M
30th Jan 12 02:48:29Cunning Linguist
29th Dec 11 12:50:27Characters.Uncharted
29th Dec 11 12:35:06Uncharted
27th Nov 11 02:45:15Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
26th Nov 11 04:54:27Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
26th Nov 11 04:11:58Video Game.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
2nd Nov 11 06:52:42Tropers.Sober Irishman
23rd Oct 11 09:25:55Fictionary
23rd Oct 11 09:25:22Fictionary
16th Oct 11 11:39:26Tropers.Sober Irishman
16th Oct 11 11:35:41Tropers.Sober Irishman
16th Oct 11 11:35:25Tropers.Sober Irishman
16th Oct 11 11:34:56Tropers.Sober Irishman
29th Sep 11 01:40:14Resistance
25th Sep 11 04:44:43Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 12 Closing Time
18th Sep 11 12:53:19Tropers.Irish Zombie
18th Sep 11 12:53:09Tropers.Irish Zombie
18th Sep 11 12:52:58Tropers.Irish Zombie
18th Sep 11 06:01:14Tropers.Dracosketch