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30th Sep 16 05:01:26The World Mocks Your Loss
26th Sep 16 03:23:55Short Range Long Range Weapon
16th Sep 16 05:21:25Ho Yay.Supergirl
10th Sep 16 11:12:45Loyal To The Position
20th Aug 16 11:23:02Cosmopolitan Council
20th Aug 16 11:22:31Cosmopolitan Council
10th Jul 16 10:16:18Real Men Love Jesus
19th Jun 16 06:21:41Adaptational Attractiveness
18th Jun 16 11:06:34Tuxedo And Martini
2nd Jun 16 06:47:21Characters.Secret Six
30th Apr 16 10:48:15Rule Sixty Three
30th Apr 16 04:15:26Idiosyncrazy
1st Jan 16 07:14:35Blind And The Beast
20th Dec 15 01:54:30Burger Fool
18th Dec 15 11:39:05Orphaned Reference
26th Nov 15 04:18:29Characters.Mortal Kombat Deception
18th Nov 15 06:31:29Magical Girl Queenliness Test
14th Sep 15 04:00:17Film.Ghostbusters
25th Aug 15 06:39:36The Renfield
23rd Aug 15 03:14:31Film.Mr Vampire
23rd Aug 15 03:04:45Film.Mr Vampire
21st Jun 15 04:04:17Nightmare Sequence
21st Jun 15 04:01:41Nightmare Sequence
21st Jun 15 04:01:40Nightmare Sequence
21st Jun 15 03:46:53Nightmare Sequence
25th May 15 07:38:30Self Promotion Disguised As News
17th Dec 14 05:55:27Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Comic Books
15th Dec 14 05:58:54Super OCD
15th Nov 14 03:35:50Characters.Galaxy Quest
13th Nov 14 11:29:34Asian Hooker Stereotype
17th Jul 14 05:38:41Literary Allusion Title
30th Jun 14 08:18:41Too Important To Walk
18th Dec 13 07:38:47Comic Book.Robin
16th Dec 13 05:00:38Violently Protective Girlfriend
25th May 13 10:35:41Middle Child Syndrome
25th May 13 10:31:17Middle Child Syndrome
15th Mar 13 06:52:04Values Dissonance.Real Life
15th Mar 13 06:51:38Values Dissonance.Real Life
15th Mar 13 06:51:01Values Dissonance.Real Life
10th Sep 12 05:52:51Ignore The Fanservice
26th Jul 12 06:58:59One Of Us.Political Geeks
26th Jul 12 06:51:26One Of Us.Political Geeks
26th Jul 12 06:49:24One Of Us.Political Geeks
11th Jul 12 06:47:05Strange Minds Think Alike
11th Jul 12 06:45:55Strange Minds Think Alike
5th Jul 12 06:16:37Bat Signal
22nd Jun 12 05:33:12Global Guardians PBEM Universe.Tropes I-P
24th Mar 12 08:18:30C List Fodder
3rd Nov 11 10:08:18The Xenophile