Shoruke's Recent Edits

14th Jun 17 12:12:45Deadpan Snarker.Video Games
12th May 17 01:41:54Video Game.Overwatch
1st May 17 06:43:03Secret Shop
1st May 17 06:40:32Secret Shop
3rd Jan 17 12:29:59Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
17th Nov 16 02:06:18Fire Emblem Awakening.Tropes M To R
17th Nov 16 01:43:18NPC Random Encounter Immunity
14th Nov 16 10:54:22Franchise.Kingdom Hearts
14th Nov 16 10:48:21Video Game.Bravely Default
14th Nov 16 10:44:25NPC Random Encounter Immunity
14th Nov 16 10:17:38Video Game.Fable I
14th Nov 16 10:15:20Pokemon.Tropes J To R
14th Nov 16 10:10:11Video Game.Tales Of Zestiria
14th Nov 16 09:18:08NPC Random Encounter Immunity
14th Nov 16 09:16:55Video Game.Tales Of Xillia 2
14th Nov 16 09:13:48Video Game.Tales Of Xillia
14th Nov 16 09:07:10NPC Random Encounter Immunity
14th Nov 16 09:06:28Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes M To O
14th Nov 16 08:59:17Video Game.Final Fantasy X
14th Nov 16 08:54:05Video Game.Final Fantasy IX
14th Nov 16 08:50:43Skyrim.Tropes N To T
14th Nov 16 08:46:10Video Game.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
14th Nov 16 08:44:47Video Game.Zelda II The Adventure Of Link
14th Nov 16 08:36:51Video Game.Mabinogi
14th Nov 16 08:33:22NPC Random Encounter Immunity
14th Nov 16 08:31:56Gameplay And Story Segregation
14th Nov 16 08:29:55NPC Random Encounter Immunity
25th Oct 16 11:30:22Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
12th Sep 16 09:57:29Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
9th Sep 16 10:16:15Fishing Minigame
9th Sep 16 10:05:12Edge Gravity
9th Sep 16 09:58:57Brainwashed And Crazy
9th Sep 16 09:51:00An Adventurer Is You
9th Sep 16 09:31:58Not Always Evil
9th Sep 16 09:27:52Video Game.Black Desert Online
7th Sep 16 09:18:20Video Game.Black Desert Online
7th Sep 16 06:41:35Video Game.Black Desert Online
7th Sep 16 10:20:58Video Game.Black Desert Online
24th Jun 16 03:13:41Acronym And Abbreviation Overload
14th Mar 16 12:29:03Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
14th Mar 16 09:25:26Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
9th Mar 16 08:45:15Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
9th Mar 16 08:03:59Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
23rd Dec 15 11:37:27Video Game.FTL Faster Than Light
21st May 15 07:11:17Literal Split Personality
21st May 15 06:44:52Sugar And Ice Personality
9th May 15 04:52:01Always Check Behind The Chair
5th Mar 15 01:57:50Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
8th Feb 15 01:45:19Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
18th Jan 15 09:59:43Cant Hold His Liquor
9th Jan 15 07:47:29Video Game.Tactics Ogre
9th Jan 15 07:38:55Video Game.Tactics Ogre
9th Jan 15 05:31:31Tear Jerker.Tactics Ogre
30th Dec 14 01:24:15Medieval Stasis
28th Dec 14 08:26:59Video Game.Tactics Ogre
27th Dec 14 07:17:37Random Drop
27th Dec 14 07:07:08Video Game.Tactics Ogre
20th Dec 14 05:44:11Video Game.Tactics Ogre
20th Dec 14 05:38:03Outside Man Inside Man
20th Dec 14 02:21:33Signature Move
10th Dec 14 11:40:58Shakespeare In Fiction
28th Nov 14 10:57:47Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
22nd Nov 14 06:26:50Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
4th Nov 14 07:16:12Chaotic Good
30th Sep 14 02:48:03Squaring The Love Triangle
19th Jul 14 12:53:40Just For Fun.Hello
21st May 14 09:26:48Climbing Climax
20th May 14 11:12:48Acronym And Abbreviation Overload
11th Apr 14 02:03:42Video Game.Valkyria Chronicles
24th Mar 14 11:18:49Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
24th Mar 14 10:14:15Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Mar 14 08:05:30Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
11th Mar 14 01:13:49Stealth Pun.Western Animation
6th Mar 14 08:15:45Dwarf Fortress.Drunk Fortress
29th Jan 14 08:38:17That One Level.Final Fantasy
11th Dec 13 04:40:25Breaking The Fourth Wall.Video Games
5th Dec 13 11:17:19Gag Boobs
17th Oct 13 10:16:51Liberal Crime Squad
10th Oct 13 02:08:11Monsters Everywhere
16th Sep 13 02:09:34Ryzom
16th Sep 13 02:02:08Quicksand Box
25th Aug 13 02:19:26Call Reception Area
21st Aug 13 02:04:42Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
9th Jul 13 11:04:47Cluster Bleep Bomb
29th May 13 01:21:40Mythology Upgrade
30th Apr 13 07:46:16While Rome Burns
21st Apr 13 10:41:51Hyperactive Metabolism
5th Apr 13 01:11:15Video Game.Mabinogi
5th Apr 13 12:22:59Video Game.Mabinogi
5th Apr 13 11:15:46Video Game.Mabinogi
5th Apr 13 10:21:11Video Game.Mabinogi
5th Apr 13 09:37:30Video Game.Mabinogi
18th Mar 13 04:40:40Anime.Final Fantasy VII Advent Children
14th Mar 13 06:04:03Video Game.MULE
4th Mar 13 12:15:16Exposition Break
25th Feb 13 10:17:55Video Game.Resonance Of Fate
24th Feb 13 02:31:50Video Game.Resonance Of Fate
21st Feb 13 01:57:31Silly Walk
12th Feb 13 10:30:01Broken Bridge
8th Feb 13 10:59:51Talk To Everyone
8th Feb 13 09:40:28A Taste Of Power
7th Feb 13 10:40:12Gladiator Subquest
7th Feb 13 10:35:17Gladiator Subquest
5th Feb 13 07:07:10Headscratchers.Final Fantasy Tactics Advance
1st Feb 13 10:19:04Video Game.Ancient Domains Of Mystery
1st Feb 13 09:11:25Probability Pileup
26th Jan 13 05:11:37Video Game.Resonance Of Fate
18th Jan 13 08:38:23Video Game.Devil May Cry
18th Jan 13 07:57:55Video Game.Devil May Cry
18th Jan 13 07:31:51Video Game.Devil May Cry
10th Jan 13 02:48:51Who Writes This Crap
10th Jan 13 02:28:15Rocket Tag Gameplay
5th Jan 13 02:35:14Video Game.Tactics Ogre The Knight Of Lodis
5th Jan 13 01:43:29Secret Shop
4th Jan 13 11:15:40Gameplay And Story Segregation
18th Dec 12 12:36:48Video Game.Borderlands 2
13th Dec 12 06:45:03Always Check Behind The Chair
5th Nov 12 09:28:19Hypocrite
31st Oct 12 12:28:27Videogame Culture
5th Oct 12 03:44:47Video Game.Azure Dreams
5th Oct 12 03:31:12Characters.Azure Dreams
9th Sep 12 11:14:55Film.Pirates Of The Caribbean
4th Sep 12 10:00:11Homing Boulders
30th Jun 12 12:35:43Superpowered Alter Ego
30th Jun 12 12:32:43Superpowered Alter Ego
6th Jun 12 10:09:33Video Game.Mabinogi
31st May 12 10:53:52Stat Sticks
27th May 12 11:21:10Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII- 2
25th May 12 02:47:57Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII- 2
14th May 12 08:57:22Shadow Archetype
26th Apr 12 07:09:04Gate Of Truth
15th Apr 12 11:44:29No OSHA Compliance
9th Apr 12 12:03:25Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
30th Mar 12 02:16:50Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
29th Mar 12 11:47:20Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
29th Mar 12 10:43:54Tabletop Game.Adeptus Evangelion
29th Mar 12 11:05:48Dawson Casting
26th Mar 12 01:49:55Beware The Nice Ones.Real Life
25th Mar 12 11:08:43Wedding Deadline
9th Mar 12 10:55:51Silver Has Mystic Powers
29th Feb 12 08:54:27Video Game.Final Fantasy XIII- 2
29th Feb 12 08:54:00Funny.Final Fantasy XIII- 2
15th Feb 12 12:18:14In A Single Bound
13th Feb 12 12:33:56Better Than It Sounds.Anime And Manga P-S
13th Feb 12 12:15:55Non POV Protagonist
13th Feb 12 10:20:45Be All My Sins Remembered
10th Feb 12 11:11:47Skybox
30th Jan 12 01:19:28Home Run Hitter
13th Jan 12 12:16:27Naruto The Abridged Comedy Fandub Spoof Series Show
12th Jan 12 11:56:35Inevitable Waterfall
11th Jan 12 12:55:51Took A Level In Dumbass
11th Jan 12 12:02:12Its Up To You
28th Dec 11 09:56:20Unwinnable By Insanity
21st Nov 11 10:17:30Anime.Makai Senki Disgaea
1st Nov 11 01:17:58Video Game.Assassins Creed 2
1st Nov 11 11:07:40Spy School
27th Oct 11 03:10:35RPG Mechanics Verse
17th Oct 11 11:14:37Tales Of Symphonia
17th Oct 11 09:36:47Big Fancy House
17th Oct 11 08:48:05Civilian Villain
22nd Sep 11 01:14:19Dwarf Fortress