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3rd Dec 16 01:17:37Characters.Moonflowers
1st Dec 16 05:33:09Turtle Island
1st Dec 16 05:28:29WMG.Moana
1st Dec 16 05:23:53Characters.Moana
30th Nov 16 03:28:36Age Appropriate Angst
30th Nov 16 03:25:01Age Appropriate Angst
30th Nov 16 12:03:10Web Original.Takotsubo
30th Nov 16 12:02:36Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:42:27Red String Of Fate
29th Nov 16 09:40:07Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:31:14By The Book Cop
29th Nov 16 09:28:49Characters.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:23:28Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:12:59Characters.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:10:31Characters.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:05:08Characters.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:03:01Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Nov 16 09:01:54Web Original.Takotsubo
28th Nov 16 07:01:23Literature.Moonflowers
28th Nov 16 06:59:00Literature.Moonflowers
28th Nov 16 06:57:11Literature.Moonflowers
28th Nov 16 06:40:38Playing With.Unicorn
27th Nov 16 04:29:42This Is My Story
27th Nov 16 04:27:14This Is My Story
27th Nov 16 04:25:44This Is My Story
27th Nov 16 04:25:04This Is My Story
26th Nov 16 08:50:37Fanfic.Hunting The Unicorn
24th Nov 16 10:12:42Fainting Seer
23rd Nov 16 04:10:55Playing With.Rock Beats Laser
23rd Nov 16 04:10:02Playing With.Rock Beats Laser
21st Nov 16 02:50:23Series.Into The Badlands
21st Nov 16 02:36:06YMMV.Into The Badlands
20th Nov 16 02:37:25Characters.Moonflowers
20th Nov 16 01:53:11Nature Is Not Nice
20th Nov 16 01:40:43Characters.Moonflowers
19th Nov 16 11:34:23Literature.Moonflowers
3rd Nov 16 10:45:24Playing With.Medieval Stasis
30th Oct 16 11:34:04Arent You Going To Ravish Me
30th Oct 16 11:30:08Arent You Going To Ravish Me
30th Oct 16 11:29:20Arent You Going To Ravish Me
29th Oct 16 09:48:15YMMV.My Cat From Hell
29th Oct 16 09:23:28Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 09:21:03Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 06:20:16Cats Are Magic
29th Oct 16 06:19:12Cats Are Magic
29th Oct 16 06:06:12Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 06:04:05Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 05:59:08Playing With.Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 05:57:50Cats Are Mean
29th Oct 16 12:22:44Stereotype Flip
29th Oct 16 12:20:55Useful Notes.Oakland
29th Oct 16 12:20:10Useful Notes.Oakland
29th Oct 16 12:16:31Asian And Nerdy
29th Oct 16 12:10:44Asian And Nerdy
28th Oct 16 11:54:48Characters.Takotsubo
28th Oct 16 11:50:00Characters.Takotsubo
24th Oct 16 03:23:30The Nameless
24th Oct 16 03:21:38The Sacred Darkness
24th Oct 16 03:19:31The Sacred Darkness
24th Oct 16 03:17:44The Sacred Darkness
24th Oct 16 03:12:33Literature.Moonflowers
23rd Oct 16 04:32:49The Joy Of First Flight
23rd Oct 16 04:32:25The Joy Of First Flight
23rd Oct 16 04:25:26Funny.Rise Of The Guardians
23rd Oct 16 04:14:13Characters.Rise Of The Guardians
17th Oct 16 08:54:43Characters.Hunting The Unicorn
14th Oct 16 03:53:34But Not Too Black
14th Oct 16 03:50:57But Not Too Black
14th Oct 16 03:39:24Literature.Moonflowers
14th Oct 16 03:25:15Characters.Moonflowers
10th Oct 16 12:59:05Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:37:45Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:35:17Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:31:17Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:30:09Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:29:02Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:27:26Playing With.Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:20:52Asian And Nerdy
10th Oct 16 12:14:45Web Original.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 12:11:47Web Original.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 12:10:32Web Original.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 12:07:12Characters.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 12:06:25Characters.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 11:58:28Characters.Takotsubo
10th Oct 16 11:55:55Characters.Takotsubo
5th Oct 16 08:30:04Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 02:24:41Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:52:17Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:46:56Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:40:19Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:36:58Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:36:20Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:47:36Characters.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:45:58Characters.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:41:56Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:28:10Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:25:52Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:22:38Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:19:43Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:18:49Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:17:35Literature.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:15:26Characters.Moonflowers
5th Oct 16 12:14:34Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Oct 16 10:02:44Food Porn
2nd Oct 16 01:28:56Genre Deconstruction.Web Original
2nd Oct 16 01:25:51Internalized Categorism
2nd Oct 16 01:16:01Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Oct 16 06:24:26Tear Jerker.Mulan
1st Oct 16 06:14:04YMMV.Captain America
28th Sep 16 10:44:57Dinosaurs Are Dragons
27th Sep 16 09:10:17By The Book Cop
24th Sep 16 08:21:06Characters.Takotsubo
24th Sep 16 04:09:40Playing With.Pay Evil Unto Evil
23rd Sep 16 02:00:39Web Original.Takotsubo
23rd Sep 16 01:47:57Web Original.Takotsubo
22nd Sep 16 12:35:04Word Of Saint Paul
20th Sep 16 11:31:58Video Game.Final Fantasy X
19th Sep 16 10:08:35WMG.The Hunger Games
19th Sep 16 01:25:06Internalized Categorism
19th Sep 16 01:16:48Web Original.Takotsubo
19th Sep 16 01:13:27Web Original.Takotsubo
19th Sep 16 01:07:59Super Hero Origin
19th Sep 16 01:05:46Super Hero Origin
19th Sep 16 12:58:07Genre Deconstruction.Web Original
19th Sep 16 12:32:22Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 12:23:45Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 02:11:00Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 02:03:19Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 01:59:35Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 01:37:05Asian And Nerdy
19th Sep 16 01:26:13Characters.Takotsubo
18th Sep 16 10:26:56Web Original.Takotsubo
18th Sep 16 10:11:04Web Original.Takotsubo
18th Sep 16 03:15:53Characters.Takotsubo
17th Sep 16 04:30:06YMMV.Animal Planet Heroes
17th Sep 16 02:39:11You Are Better Than You Think You Are
17th Sep 16 02:33:38Asian And Nerdy
17th Sep 16 11:01:14You Are Better Than You Think You Are
17th Sep 16 10:57:28Asian And Nerdy
17th Sep 16 10:56:58Asian And Nerdy
17th Sep 16 10:55:58Asian And Nerdy
17th Sep 16 10:39:05Super Hero Origin
16th Sep 16 11:17:35Characters.Takotsubo
16th Sep 16 11:14:45Shout Out Theme Naming
16th Sep 16 11:13:41Shout Out Theme Naming
16th Sep 16 11:08:30Tragic Villain
16th Sep 16 11:01:27Characters.Takotsubo
16th Sep 16 10:30:49Web Original.Takotsubo
16th Sep 16 10:09:23Characters.Takotsubo
15th Sep 16 07:48:24Characters.Celtic Mythology
15th Sep 16 07:32:14Rule Of Scary
15th Sep 16 07:10:33The Nameless
15th Sep 16 07:06:27The Wild Hunt
15th Sep 16 07:05:58The Wild Hunt
15th Sep 16 07:01:08Nature Is Not Nice
15th Sep 16 06:44:50Literature.Moonflowers
15th Sep 16 06:40:38Literature.Moonflowers
15th Sep 16 06:35:30Literature.Moonflowers
12th Sep 16 07:02:48Literature.Moonflowers
12th Sep 16 06:59:27Nature Is Not Nice
12th Sep 16 06:57:43Anthropomorphic Personification
12th Sep 16 06:55:40Gods Hands Are Tied
12th Sep 16 06:39:40Series.Indio
11th Sep 16 06:28:44Apocalypse How.Class 0
11th Sep 16 06:05:47Literature.Green Angel
11th Sep 16 02:23:12Characters.Moonflowers
11th Sep 16 02:21:17Characters.Moonflowers
11th Sep 16 02:19:55Characters.Moonflowers
11th Sep 16 02:19:11Characters.Moonflowers
11th Sep 16 02:15:14Windows To The Soul
11th Sep 16 02:10:38Characters.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 08:28:07Motor Mouth
9th Sep 16 08:15:54Casts No Shadow
9th Sep 16 08:09:34YMMV.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:33:30Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:32:17Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:30:37Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:23:55Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:22:44Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 03:20:35YMMV.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:46:23Oireland
9th Sep 16 12:42:21Oireland
9th Sep 16 12:31:54Characters.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:29:11Characters.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:28:23Trivia.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:24:42Analysis.The Fair Folk
9th Sep 16 12:16:09YMMV.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:15:05Neurodiversity Is Supernatural
9th Sep 16 12:13:26YMMV.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:11:13Literature.Moonflowers
9th Sep 16 12:08:55Literature.Moonflowers
8th Sep 16 01:39:31Characters.Moonflowers
8th Sep 16 01:20:31Anthropomorphic Personification
8th Sep 16 01:18:14Anthropomorphic Personification
7th Sep 16 09:05:05Funny.Scandinavia And The World
7th Sep 16 06:28:30Literature.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 06:22:17Characters.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 06:06:59Literature.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 05:56:38Characters.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 05:50:16Literature.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 05:03:07Literature.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 04:57:12Literature.Moonflowers
7th Sep 16 04:44:18Literature.Moonflowers
6th Sep 16 12:45:15Fanfic.Hunting The Unicorn
6th Sep 16 12:30:02Characters.Hunting The Unicorn
6th Sep 16 12:25:59Shout Out.Hunting The Unicorn
6th Sep 16 12:22:31Characters.Hunting The Unicorn
5th Sep 16 10:29:24Anime.Princess Mononoke
3rd Sep 16 03:05:08Series.Hotel Hell
3rd Sep 16 12:56:01Twenty Four Hour Party People
28th Aug 16 03:50:50Fisher King
27th Aug 16 07:08:52Dinosaurs Are Dragons
26th Aug 16 11:13:37Playing With.Modest Royalty
26th Aug 16 11:23:51Characters.Moonflowers
26th Aug 16 11:21:56Characters.Moonflowers
26th Aug 16 11:10:56Literature.Moonflowers
26th Aug 16 11:06:37Web Original.Takotsubo
25th Aug 16 11:07:48Fairytale Wedding Dress
25th Aug 16 12:41:58Characters.Tortall Universe
24th Aug 16 10:03:04The Good Chancellor
22nd Aug 16 07:54:47Web Original.Takotsubo
22nd Aug 16 01:49:38Supernatural Gold Eyes
22nd Aug 16 01:46:20Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
22nd Aug 16 01:45:28Writing By The Seat Of Your Pants
22nd Aug 16 01:42:53Nature Is Not Nice
22nd Aug 16 01:26:54Literature.Moonflowers
22nd Aug 16 01:26:02Literature.Moonflowers
21st Aug 16 02:02:42Web Original.Takotsubo
21st Aug 16 01:59:53Web Original.Takotsubo
21st Aug 16 01:55:58Internalized Categorism
21st Aug 16 01:53:16Internalized Categorism
21st Aug 16 01:49:05Internalized Categorism
21st Aug 16 01:47:30Internalized Categorism
21st Aug 16 01:44:23Tin Man
21st Aug 16 01:42:29Tin Man
21st Aug 16 01:40:37Tin Man
21st Aug 16 01:29:10Web Original.Takotsubo
21st Aug 16 01:27:19Web Original.Takotsubo
21st Aug 16 01:25:57Useful Notes.Oakland
21st Aug 16 01:24:46Useful Notes.Oakland
21st Aug 16 01:08:43Web Original.Takotsubo
20th Aug 16 09:40:06Tear Jerker.Hotel Hell
20th Aug 16 09:37:16Tear Jerker.Hotel Hell
20th Aug 16 09:33:42Tear Jerker.Hotel Hell
20th Aug 16 05:17:36Characters.Yu Gi Oh Main Characters
20th Aug 16 05:16:00Characters.Yu Gi Oh Main Characters
20th Aug 16 05:08:38Characters.Yu Gi Oh Main Characters
18th Aug 16 10:51:21Web Original.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 10:13:08Useful Notes.The Bechdel Test
17th Aug 16 10:11:00Useful Notes.The Bechdel Test
17th Aug 16 10:05:11Useful Notes.The Bechdel Test
17th Aug 16 09:45:42Awesome.Mad Max Fury Road
17th Aug 16 03:40:46Characters.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 03:39:03The Napoleon
17th Aug 16 03:11:23Characters.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 03:10:20Characters.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 03:09:24Characters.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 02:48:41Web Original.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 02:44:59Characters.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 02:37:47Web Original.Takotsubo
17th Aug 16 02:12:39Web Original.Takotsubo
15th Aug 16 08:14:02Characters.Takotsubo
15th Aug 16 08:04:09Web Original.Takotsubo
15th Aug 16 07:50:36Characters.Takotsubo
15th Aug 16 07:22:37Characters.Takotsubo
15th Aug 16 07:17:52Web Original.Takotsubo
12th Aug 16 11:37:23Older Than They Think.Technology
12th Aug 16 03:03:41Fridge.William Shakespeares Romeo And Juliet
11th Aug 16 11:58:09Funny.Yu Gi Oh The Abridged Series Season Four
9th Aug 16 11:09:24Lyrical Dissonance.Indie
9th Aug 16 11:07:47Lyrical Dissonance.Indie
9th Aug 16 11:07:13Lyrical Dissonance.Indie
9th Aug 16 10:38:59Red String Of Fate
8th Aug 16 10:19:32Characters.Moonflowers
8th Aug 16 10:18:39Characters.Moonflowers
8th Aug 16 10:11:27Characters.Moonflowers
7th Aug 16 05:50:21Department Of Child Disservices
7th Aug 16 12:52:37Raven Hair Ivory Skin
6th Aug 16 11:15:07Web Original.Takotsubo
6th Aug 16 02:53:02Sharpened To A Single Atom
6th Aug 16 09:25:48The Dying Walk
6th Aug 16 09:23:28Anime.Wolfs Rain
3rd Aug 16 06:50:25Film.I Am Legend
1st Aug 16 01:15:26Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 01:13:34Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 01:03:10Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 01:00:14Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:59:17Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:55:34Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:54:43Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:44:57Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:35:36Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:34:37Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:33:46Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:25:54Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:24:15Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:20:06Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:14:42Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 12:09:23Web Original.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 11:38:26Characters.Takotsubo
1st Aug 16 11:02:56Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 09:27:27Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 09:20:20Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 09:18:30Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 09:03:47Web Original.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 08:54:23Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 08:53:26Characters.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 08:16:15Web Original.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 08:15:47Web Original.Takotsubo
31st Jul 16 08:14:32Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Jul 16 08:01:50Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Jul 16 02:10:27YMMV.Pokemon 2000
25th Jul 16 11:47:23Tragic Villain
25th Jul 16 11:45:02Super Hero Origin
25th Jul 16 11:39:18Super Hero Origin
21st Jul 16 02:14:01YMMV.Allegiance
21st Jul 16 02:12:54YMMV.Allegiance
21st Jul 16 02:12:14YMMV.Allegiance
21st Jul 16 02:11:53YMMV.Allegiance
19th Jul 16 10:49:18Headscratchers.Mulan
19th Jul 16 10:48:28Headscratchers.Mulan
18th Jul 16 04:05:55You Are Better Than You Think You Are
18th Jul 16 04:05:08You Are Better Than You Think You Are
18th Jul 16 04:03:45You Are Better Than You Think You Are
18th Jul 16 04:01:01Internalized Categorism
18th Jul 16 12:47:13Red String Of Fate
18th Jul 16 12:46:33Red String Of Fate
18th Jul 16 12:39:13Web Original.Takotsubo
18th Jul 16 12:27:10Characters.Takotsubo
18th Jul 16 12:25:13Characters.Takotsubo
18th Jul 16 12:24:40Characters.Takotsubo
18th Jul 16 12:10:50Tropers.Sharysa
18th Jul 16 12:07:42You Are Better Than You Think You Are
18th Jul 16 12:04:40You Are Better Than You Think You Are
17th Jul 16 11:35:48Super Hero Origin
17th Jul 16 11:29:20Tragic Villain
17th Jul 16 11:16:52Tropers.Sharysa
17th Jul 16 10:25:38Characters.Takotsubo
12th Jul 16 04:11:58Web Original.Takotsubo
11th Jul 16 02:38:24Gods Hands Are Tied
11th Jul 16 02:37:53Gods Hands Are Tied
10th Jul 16 09:31:06WMG.Princess Mononoke
10th Jul 16 09:29:39WMG.Princess Mononoke
10th Jul 16 09:27:54WMG.Princess Mononoke
10th Jul 16 09:26:59WMG.Princess Mononoke
10th Jul 16 09:25:52WMG.Princess Mononoke
10th Jul 16 09:00:07Talking Animal
10th Jul 16 08:51:09Characters.Princess Mononoke
6th Jul 16 02:40:46Character Sheets.Web Original
5th Jul 16 12:44:31Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
30th Jun 16 04:37:08Never Bring A Knife To A Gun Fight
30th Jun 16 04:25:12Characters.Takotsubo
30th Jun 16 03:02:38Characters.Takotsubo
30th Jun 16 02:56:29Web Original.Takotsubo
30th Jun 16 11:29:48Tin Man
30th Jun 16 11:19:16Characters.Takotsubo
30th Jun 16 11:16:44Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 06:32:53Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 06:08:34Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 05:59:03Tragic Villain
29th Jun 16 05:57:25Tragic Villain
29th Jun 16 05:48:00Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 05:39:07Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 05:37:47Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 01:39:46Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 01:28:54Web Original.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 01:22:44Characters.Takotsubo
29th Jun 16 12:31:11Characters.Takotsubo
28th Jun 16 08:05:08Tin Man
28th Jun 16 07:53:55Characters.Takotsubo
28th Jun 16 07:51:50Characters.Takotsubo
28th Jun 16 07:34:49Characters.Takotsubo
28th Jun 16 07:33:35Neighbourhood Friendly Gangsters
28th Jun 16 07:00:12Web Original.Takotsubo
28th Jun 16 06:43:51Troper Works
28th Jun 16 06:42:34Urban Fantasy
27th Jun 16 11:40:55Headscratchers.Frozen
27th Jun 16 11:37:27Headscratchers.Frozen
27th Jun 16 09:19:49Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 09:18:56Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 09:16:59Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 09:03:31Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:56:52Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:54:58Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:54:35Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:51:10Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:07:22Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 08:06:02Character Sheets.Web Original
27th Jun 16 08:03:35Characters.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:59:04Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:27:32Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:25:26Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:13:17Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:03:25Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:02:42Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 07:01:51Web Original.Takotsubo
27th Jun 16 04:07:49Headscratchers.Frozen
11th Jun 16 12:53:46Super Hero Origin
11th Jun 16 12:52:54Super Hero Origin
10th Jun 16 09:31:12Headscratchers.Captain America