21st Jul 14 10:47:11Broken Ace
20th Jul 14 02:34:44Funny.A Very Potter Musical
20th Jul 14 12:53:33Approval Of God
19th Jul 14 10:13:29Characters.Moonflowers
19th Jul 14 02:17:21By The Hair
19th Jul 14 02:07:24Literature.Moonflowers
19th Jul 14 02:04:52Hairof Gold Heartof Gold
19th Jul 14 02:02:09Hairof Gold Heartof Gold
19th Jul 14 01:59:40Characters.Moonflowers
18th Jul 14 04:37:39Alcohol Induced Idiocy
18th Jul 14 10:50:45Characters.Moonflowers
18th Jul 14 10:32:35Literature.Moonflowers
18th Jul 14 10:15:47Literature.Moonflowers
18th Jul 14 09:53:12Literature.Moonflowers
17th Jul 14 08:20:11Traumatic Haircut
17th Jul 14 07:41:30Literature.Moonflowers
17th Jul 14 07:12:58Characters.Moonflowers
17th Jul 14 06:54:49Tropers.Sharysa
17th Jul 14 06:53:14Tropers.Sharysa
17th Jul 14 06:51:26Tropers.Sharysa
15th Jul 14 11:49:01Important Haircut
14th Jul 14 02:02:02Awesome.Daniel Radcliffe
14th Jul 14 01:57:33Creator.Daniel Radcliffe
14th Jul 14 01:56:22Creator.Daniel Radcliffe
13th Jul 14 01:49:46Characters.Moonflowers
10th Jul 14 09:03:44Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
10th Jul 14 08:53:36Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
10th Jul 14 08:44:25Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
10th Jul 14 05:02:49Traumatic Haircut
10th Jul 14 01:14:09Barbarian Longhair
9th Jul 14 01:04:26Urban Fantasy
9th Jul 14 12:19:28Characters.Moonflowers
9th Jul 14 08:50:34Characters.Moonflowers
9th Jul 14 08:43:55Characters.Moonflowers
8th Jul 14 09:25:30Literature.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 10:06:39Characters.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 09:59:38Characters.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 09:57:00Characters.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 09:54:15Characters.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 09:43:22Characters.Moonflowers
4th Jul 14 09:29:02Literature.Moonflowers
3rd Jul 14 08:38:16Dark Action Girl
3rd Jul 14 08:32:24Dark Action Girl
3rd Jul 14 08:01:33Literature.Moonflowers
3rd Jul 14 07:44:17Characters.Moonflowers
3rd Jul 14 07:42:12Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 11:17:32Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 09:41:11Literature.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 03:34:33Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 02:52:00Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 01:46:14Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 01:27:11Literature.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 01:25:16Literature.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 12:38:24Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 12:21:22Characters.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 12:11:54Literature.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 12:08:46Literature.Moonflowers
2nd Jul 14 12:01:53Misplaced Accent
2nd Jul 14 11:44:28Food Chains
2nd Jul 14 11:43:20Food Chains
27th Jun 14 11:46:18Literature.Moonflowers
27th Jun 14 11:33:41Literature.Moonflowers
27th Jun 14 10:59:27Literature.Moonflowers
27th Jun 14 10:57:09Literature.Moonflowers
26th Jun 14 10:46:10Literature.Moonflowers
26th Jun 14 04:47:24Literature.Moonflowers
26th Jun 14 04:39:43Literature.Moonflowers
22nd Jun 14 09:49:41Characters.How To Train Your Dragon Films
22nd Jun 14 08:56:13Characters.How To Train Your Dragon Films
19th Jun 14 01:59:18Groin Attack.Real Life
4th Jun 14 12:26:39Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:20:49Characters.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:17:36Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:14:52Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:12:09Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:03:26Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:01:44Literature.Moonflowers
31st May 14 04:01:00Literature.Moonflowers
26th May 14 08:16:25Tear Jerker.Criminal Minds
26th May 14 03:34:48Literature.Moonflowers
26th May 14 03:28:53Literature.Moonflowers
26th May 14 03:26:42Literature.Moonflowers
26th May 14 03:25:02Characters.Moonflowers
26th May 14 03:13:44Fairy Tale
26th May 14 03:12:48Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 06:47:36Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 06:46:53Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 06:39:55Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 06:35:59Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 03:45:34Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 03:26:19Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 03:23:41Literature.Moonflowers
25th May 14 12:21:47Characters.Moonflowers
24th May 14 09:30:38Characters.Moonflowers
24th May 14 09:15:56The Fair Folk
23rd May 14 06:44:48Fairy Tale
23rd May 14 08:13:35Literature.Moonflowers
23rd May 14 12:07:43Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
22nd May 14 11:47:22Grimmification
22nd May 14 11:45:31Grimmification
22nd May 14 11:37:15The Fair Folk
22nd May 14 05:21:18Literature.Moonflowers
22nd May 14 05:07:40Characters.Moonflowers
22nd May 14 02:35:34Characters.Moonflowers
22nd May 14 01:46:42Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 10:40:39Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 10:34:14Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 10:13:29Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 10:05:40Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 09:35:38Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 07:49:21Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 07:40:38Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 07:39:35Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 07:38:04Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 02:26:53Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 02:20:57Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 02:17:40Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 01:58:26Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 01:47:01Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 01:16:45Fairy Tale
21st May 14 12:42:19Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 12:36:49Literature.Moonflowers
21st May 14 12:22:08Characters.Moonflowers
21st May 14 11:24:51Urban Fantasy
21st May 14 11:20:54The Fair Folk
20th May 14 06:24:20Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 06:09:39Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 06:06:25Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 06:02:12Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 05:33:05Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 05:21:29Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 05:20:40Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 05:09:56Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 05:08:20Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 04:47:10Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 04:40:53Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 04:36:52Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 04:23:08Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 04:01:51Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 03:49:32Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 03:36:40Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 03:23:38Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 02:39:16Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 02:27:36Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 12:08:16Literature.Moonflowers
20th May 14 12:05:34Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 11:59:12Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 11:31:58Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 11:28:45Characters.Moonflowers
20th May 14 11:00:58Tropers.Sharysa
20th May 14 10:57:38Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 08:30:40Characters.Moonflowers
19th May 14 08:28:39Characters.Moonflowers
19th May 14 08:01:48Character Sheets.Troper Works
19th May 14 08:01:17Character Sheets.Troper Works
19th May 14 07:46:40Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 07:46:38Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:45:19Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:44:46Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:41:28Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:29:16Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:28:37Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:27:58Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 05:26:24Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 02:36:37Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 02:32:00Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 02:15:35Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 02:14:40Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 01:38:55Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 01:36:43Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 01:12:08Literature.Moonflowers
19th May 14 01:06:06Troper Works
19th May 14 01:04:25Troper Works
26th Apr 14 05:23:12Tropers.Sharysa
26th Apr 14 05:18:38Tropers.Sharysa
26th Apr 14 05:16:37Tropers.Sharysa
26th Apr 14 05:15:50Tropers.Sharysa
18th Apr 14 02:03:40Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
13th Apr 14 08:00:52Headscratchers.Labyrinth
13th Apr 14 07:59:46Headscratchers.Labyrinth
13th Apr 14 07:40:47Fridge.Labyrinth
13th Apr 14 07:39:12Fridge.Labyrinth
25th Mar 14 08:50:45Informed Attractiveness
15th Mar 14 06:52:13Fanfic Recs.A Song Of Ice And Fire
12th Mar 14 11:35:36Funny.Spring Awakening
12th Mar 14 11:35:10Funny.Spring Awakening
6th Mar 14 10:18:43Hover Board
4th Mar 14 02:42:02Hover Board
14th Feb 14 08:37:18Theatre.Wicked
14th Feb 14 08:36:14Theatre.Wicked
2nd Feb 14 11:54:51Fanfic Recs.Harry Potter Shipping
22nd Jan 14 12:49:17Film.Edward Scissorhands
22nd Jan 14 12:48:22Film.Edward Scissorhands
22nd Jan 14 12:47:42Film.Edward Scissorhands
22nd Jan 14 12:42:42Film.Edward Scissorhands
22nd Jan 14 12:42:12Film.Edward Scissorhands
20th Jan 14 10:57:21Awesome.Frozen
18th Jan 14 10:17:50Trivia.Game Of Thrones
18th Jan 14 10:17:14Trivia.Game Of Thrones
18th Jan 14 10:16:55Trivia.Game Of Thrones
18th Jan 14 10:15:04Trivia.Game Of Thrones
16th Jan 14 02:48:31WMG.Frozen
16th Jan 14 02:47:44WMG.Frozen
15th Jan 14 08:05:28WMG.Frozen
15th Jan 14 08:03:40WMG.Frozen
14th Jan 14 08:32:03Fridge.Frozen
12th Jan 14 08:06:43Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
12th Jan 14 07:58:57Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
11th Jan 14 02:12:51Narm.Fan Fiction
11th Jan 14 01:51:14Narm.Literature
9th Jan 14 01:25:59Pretty Boy
8th Jan 14 11:47:18Creator.Sophie Turner
8th Jan 14 11:45:06Dawson Casting
8th Jan 14 11:44:09Dawson Casting
6th Jan 14 02:14:44YMMV.Forty Seven Ronin
6th Jan 14 02:03:54YMMV.Forty Seven Ronin
6th Jan 14 01:37:29Newer Than They Think
29th Dec 13 06:42:22Compressed Hair
23rd Dec 13 08:49:30Funny.Frozen
23rd Dec 13 12:22:08Fridge.Frozen
21st Dec 13 08:18:13Tear Jerker.The Wizard Of Oz
21st Dec 13 02:21:37Disney.Frozen
19th Dec 13 03:30:12From Bad To Worse.Fanfic
19th Dec 13 03:21:56Fridge.Hunting The Unicorn
19th Dec 13 03:21:09Fridge.Hunting The Unicorn
19th Dec 13 03:20:48Fridge.Hunting The Unicorn
17th Dec 13 02:07:17Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
17th Dec 13 12:39:41Fanfic Recs.Glee
17th Dec 13 12:25:54Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
17th Dec 13 12:22:30Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
16th Dec 13 11:16:16Fan Fic.Hunting The Unicorn
15th Dec 13 10:43:43The Scream
15th Dec 13 05:55:55Expository Hairstyle Change
15th Dec 13 05:37:19Characters.Frozen
14th Dec 13 04:32:10WMG.Frozen
14th Dec 13 04:30:36WMG.Frozen
14th Dec 13 04:24:53WMG.Frozen
9th Dec 13 07:25:30Characters.Princess Mononoke
9th Dec 13 07:24:39Characters.Princess Mononoke
9th Dec 13 01:12:58Fridge.Frozen
7th Dec 13 10:16:05Disney.Frozen
7th Dec 13 05:26:28You Are Not Alone
6th Dec 13 09:49:22WMG.Brave
6th Dec 13 09:47:19WMG.Brave
6th Dec 13 10:52:36Heartwarming.American Horror Story Coven
4th Dec 13 01:15:26Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped
3rd Dec 13 07:38:24Manga.Akira
3rd Dec 13 01:32:45Mad Oracle
1st Dec 13 10:24:34Awesome.Spring Awakening
1st Dec 13 10:22:05Awesome.Spring Awakening
1st Dec 13 10:20:32Awesome.Spring Awakening
1st Dec 13 10:11:07Awesome.Spring Awakening
1st Dec 13 10:02:38Headscratchers.Spring Awakening
1st Dec 13 09:47:17WMG.Spring Awakening
30th Nov 13 01:51:16Literature.Unicorns Of Balinor
30th Nov 13 11:05:47Disney.Frozen
29th Nov 13 06:58:32Trivia.Frozen
29th Nov 13 06:57:29Trivia.Frozen
29th Nov 13 06:55:23Award Bait Song
29th Nov 13 05:24:42Disney.Frozen
29th Nov 13 05:22:03Disney.Frozen
24th Oct 13 08:01:27Characters.American Horror Story Coven
24th Oct 13 12:39:45Nightmare Fuel.American Horror Story Coven
24th Oct 13 12:37:02Nightmare Fuel.American Horror Story Coven
12th Oct 13 04:42:07Heartwarming.Wicked
8th Oct 13 05:45:24Villainous Breakdown.Theater
8th Oct 13 05:44:34Villainous Breakdown.Theater
8th Oct 13 12:46:54Reality Is Unrealistic.Real Life
6th Oct 13 10:55:53Muscles Are Meaningless
2nd Oct 13 11:16:03Music.Kidz Bop
1st Oct 13 12:32:46Heartwarming.Digger
28th Sep 13 02:08:09YMMV.Celtic Mythology
28th Sep 13 02:05:43YMMV.Celtic Mythology
28th Sep 13 02:05:08Adult Fear
28th Sep 13 11:48:57YMMV.Maleficent
28th Sep 13 11:44:53Film.Maleficent
28th Sep 13 11:11:26Film.Maleficent
28th Sep 13 11:07:17YMMV.Maleficent
9th Sep 13 11:14:13Tragic Villain
9th Sep 13 11:01:55Tragic Villain
5th Sep 13 11:52:51Awesome.Wicked
1st Sep 13 08:44:36Boring But Practical.Real Life
1st Sep 13 05:39:23YMMV.Dragonriders Of Pern
1st Sep 13 05:38:05YMMV.Dragonriders Of Pern
1st Sep 13 03:30:18Playing With.Rapunzel Hair
1st Sep 13 03:27:06Rapunzel Hair
1st Sep 13 02:51:36But Not Too White
31st Aug 13 03:54:01Funny.Wicked
31st Aug 13 03:51:02Funny.Wicked
31st Aug 13 03:49:11Funny.Wicked
31st Aug 13 03:48:04Funny.Wicked
31st Aug 13 03:42:58Theatre.Wicked
29th Aug 13 11:30:51Tear Jerker.A Softer World
29th Aug 13 11:25:45Tear Jerker.A Softer World
29th Aug 13 10:06:57Tear Jerker.A Softer World
29th Aug 13 12:03:51Characters.The Marvelous Misadventures Of Flapjack
28th Aug 13 09:54:20Fridge.Wicked
28th Aug 13 09:53:07Fridge.Wicked
14th Jul 13 05:51:27Tear Jerker.Glee
14th Jul 13 04:16:59Tear Jerker.Glee
13th Jul 13 11:41:47From Bad To Worse.Fanfic
30th Jun 13 04:11:22Awesome Music.Theatre
30th Jun 13 04:10:57Awesome Music.Theatre
21st Jun 13 07:08:54Career Ending Injury
21st Jun 13 04:36:26Rapunzel Hair
21st Jun 13 04:34:37Rapunzel Hair
19th Jun 13 06:26:06Fan Fic.Acts Of Treason
19th Jun 13 06:24:15Fan Fic.Acts Of Treason
12th Jun 13 07:49:32Heartwarming.Darren Criss
21st May 13 06:31:39Bears Are Bad News
6th May 13 07:46:18Knight Templar Big Brother
5th May 13 11:54:25Fanfic.Hunting The Unicorn
22nd Apr 13 01:13:22Badass Family
11th Apr 13 09:53:56Fanfic Recs.A Song Of Ice And Fire
7th Apr 13 11:11:51Hot God
4th Apr 13 08:48:55Adult Fear
4th Apr 13 08:40:43Adult Fear
4th Apr 13 08:38:35Adult Fear
4th Apr 13 08:19:36YMMV.Celtic Mythology
4th Apr 13 08:10:27Literature.The Children Of Lir
4th Apr 13 08:02:28The Trickster
3rd Apr 13 04:40:15Tropers.Sharysa
3rd Apr 13 03:42:23Badass Longhair
3rd Apr 13 03:39:53Badass Longhair
31st Mar 13 10:07:38Spring Awakening
31st Mar 13 10:03:20Tear Jerker.Spring Awakening
26th Mar 13 01:45:26Literature.Unicorns Of Balinor
15th Mar 13 10:08:05Mysterious Skin
11th Mar 13 08:06:34Better Luck Tomorrow
9th Feb 13 01:43:11Characters.Green Lantern The Animated Series
7th Feb 13 11:34:17Traumatic Haircut
31st Dec 12 11:26:18Ms Fanservice.Theater
1st Dec 12 10:24:25Celtic Mythology
18th Sep 12 08:41:46Characters.Celtic Mythology
17th Sep 12 07:56:57Characters.Game Of Thrones House Stark
8th Sep 12 08:02:20Kindhearted Simpleton
5th Sep 12 12:30:25Counterpoint Duet
5th Sep 12 12:28:49Counterpoint Duet
5th Sep 12 12:19:29Lonely Piano Piece
4th Sep 12 01:36:54Tropers.Sharysa
3rd Sep 12 07:21:02Celtic Mythology
2nd Sep 12 01:15:38Reality Is Unrealistic
31st Aug 12 07:55:33Delivery Stork
27th Aug 12 10:41:04Bears Are Bad News
13th Aug 12 05:12:51Tropers.Sharysa
11th Aug 12 08:29:04Tropers.Sharysa
5th Aug 12 07:24:17Tropers.Sharysa
5th Aug 12 07:23:48Tropers.Sharysa
5th Aug 12 07:22:34Tropers.Sharysa
5th Aug 12 06:36:34Tear Jerker.Blue October
27th Jul 12 08:38:59Wild Hair
27th Jul 12 08:36:47Characters.Spring Awakening
27th Jul 12 06:32:29Awesome.Na No Wri Mo
22nd Jul 12 12:12:27Characters.The Dark Knight Saga
18th Jul 12 09:46:37I Just Want To Be Normal
18th Jul 12 08:50:33Horror Films
15th Jul 12 10:54:26Mockumentary
15th Jul 12 10:53:34Mockumentary
15th Jul 12 10:51:44Mockumentary
15th Jul 12 10:23:39Mermaids The Body Found
14th Jul 12 09:08:12Vampire Fiction
9th Jul 12 09:23:06Beauty Is Bad
2nd Jul 12 06:09:09Adult Fear
24th Jun 12 02:29:31Characters.Celtic Mythology
24th Jun 12 02:03:03So Beautiful Its A Curse
22nd Jun 12 09:20:59Fridge.Tangled
20th Jun 12 09:24:42Does Not Like Spam
20th Jun 12 02:34:12No Arc In Archery
20th Jun 12 02:32:19No Arc In Archery
18th Jun 12 03:12:36Scotireland
18th Jun 12 02:59:18Characters.Celtic Mythology
18th Jun 12 02:58:22Characters.Celtic Mythology
11th Jun 12 06:54:57Magic Music
7th Jun 12 08:57:46Swans A Swimming
7th Jun 12 01:28:53Tropers.Sharysa
7th Jun 12 01:27:12Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:49:19YMMV.Celtic Mythology
4th Jun 12 08:48:13YMMV.Celtic Mythology
4th Jun 12 08:40:13Characters.Celtic Mythology
4th Jun 12 08:35:56Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:25:55Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:25:08Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:23:13Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:22:30Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:17:48Tropers.Sharysa
4th Jun 12 08:16:03Tropers.Sharysa
30th May 12 03:36:21Break The Cutie.Theater
26th May 12 12:44:16Values Resonance
23rd May 12 06:44:39Heartwarming.Other
14th May 12 02:15:13Childhood Friend Romance
14th May 12 02:13:47Childhood Friend Romance
12th May 12 08:55:53YMMV.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
7th May 12 08:58:27Happily Ever After
7th May 12 08:27:50Blood Is Squicker In Water
5th May 12 09:11:11Chick Magnet
28th Apr 12 07:36:53Rape Is A Special Kind Of Evil
28th Apr 12 06:18:32Heartwarming.Big Fish
11th Apr 12 07:26:59Literally Falling In Love
6th Apr 12 04:46:07Tropers.Sharysa
2nd Apr 12 11:06:03The Glomp

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