22nd Apr 14 09:55:17Recap.Game Of Thrones S 4 E 3 Breaker Of Chains
22nd Apr 14 07:55:01Headscratchers.Captain America The Winter Soldier
22nd Apr 14 03:38:44YMMV.Dangan Ronpa
22nd Apr 14 03:07:57Headscratchers.Dangan Ronpa
19th Apr 14 05:43:06YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
18th Apr 14 05:46:26Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
18th Apr 14 05:03:21Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
17th Apr 14 11:42:39Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
17th Apr 14 06:17:47WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
17th Apr 14 12:47:11Characters.Infamous Second Son
16th Apr 14 01:20:10Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
15th Apr 14 02:18:53Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
14th Apr 14 04:20:02Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
13th Apr 14 03:38:04Headscratchers.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
12th Apr 14 12:20:22Headscratchers.Captain America The Winter Soldier
9th Apr 14 03:12:13Headscratchers.The Fast And The Furious
7th Apr 14 01:11:43YMMV.Diablo III
4th Apr 14 09:43:52Explosive Decompression
4th Apr 14 05:07:24Put On A Bus
4th Apr 14 05:05:29Characters.Infamous Second Son
3rd Apr 14 02:41:00WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
1st Apr 14 02:38:49Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
27th Mar 14 10:56:24Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
27th Mar 14 10:49:04Characters.Frozen
26th Mar 14 02:37:47WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
26th Mar 14 02:28:10WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Mar 14 02:38:11Headscratchers.Resident Evil 4
24th Mar 14 01:52:48Characters.Diablo
22nd Mar 14 12:40:40YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
20th Mar 14 04:15:26Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
18th Mar 14 04:48:45Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
16th Mar 14 11:15:23YMMV.Ace Attorney
16th Mar 14 01:32:32Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
12th Mar 14 02:47:20Tear Jerker.Dead Space
12th Mar 14 12:16:02Awesome.The Nostalgia Critic
11th Mar 14 12:25:01Characters.Diablo
9th Mar 14 07:36:37Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
9th Mar 14 05:53:03Headscratchers.Dead Space 2
9th Mar 14 05:40:04Headscratchers.Dead Space
9th Mar 14 04:09:40YMMV.The Vampire Diaries
7th Mar 14 01:47:36Characters.Diablo
6th Mar 14 09:33:07Characters.The Last Of Us
6th Mar 14 12:34:20Characters.Dead Rising 3
4th Mar 14 10:26:50Headscratchers.Dangan Ronpa
4th Mar 14 01:39:13Headscratchers.Diablo
1st Mar 14 06:19:24Characters.The Last Of Us
28th Feb 14 03:37:32Characters.The Last Of Us
27th Feb 14 12:24:15Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
25th Feb 14 11:56:57Headscratchers.Toonami
25th Feb 14 11:53:01Characters.Diablo
25th Feb 14 01:37:34Headscratchers.Dangan Ronpa
23rd Feb 14 10:03:50Characters.Diablo
21st Feb 14 04:39:45Characters.The Last Of Us
20th Feb 14 09:57:38Characters.The Last Of Us
20th Feb 14 09:42:21Characters.The Last Of Us
20th Feb 14 01:13:51Headscratchers.The Last Of Us
19th Feb 14 02:14:37Headscratchers.Dragonball Z Buu Saga
18th Feb 14 09:59:41Wrestling.CM Punk
15th Feb 14 10:33:59Characters.Diablo
14th Feb 14 08:22:54Headscratchers.Mortal Kombat 9
11th Feb 14 03:02:13Nightmare Fuel.Dead Space
7th Feb 14 03:12:51Characters.Diablo
7th Feb 14 03:10:03Characters.Diablo
4th Feb 14 12:07:48Wrestling.CM Punk
1st Feb 14 11:44:42Headscratchers.Iron Man 3
1st Feb 14 02:55:12Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
31st Jan 14 10:38:50Video Game.Octodad
31st Jan 14 06:03:20Stealth In Space
30th Jan 14 09:41:44Wrestling.CM Punk
29th Jan 14 01:07:24WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
27th Jan 14 02:16:18Headscratchers.Resident Evil 4
26th Jan 14 03:28:25YMMV.Matt Hardy
25th Jan 14 08:27:24Headscratchers.Death Note Characters Actions
25th Jan 14 08:21:58Headscratchers.Death Note Characters Actions
24th Jan 14 06:25:17Funny.WWE
24th Jan 14 06:07:15Funny.WWE
24th Jan 14 06:05:07YMMV.WWE Tag Teams
24th Jan 14 06:03:55YMMV.WWE Commentators
24th Jan 14 05:40:37YMMV.Bryan Danielson
24th Jan 14 04:23:20YMMV.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
24th Jan 14 03:41:38Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:56:37YMMV.Vickie Guerrero
24th Jan 14 02:56:08Wrestling.Vickie Guerrero
24th Jan 14 02:55:05YMMV.Triple H
24th Jan 14 02:54:10Wrestling.Triple H
24th Jan 14 02:53:15Characters.TNA
24th Jan 14 02:52:48YMMV.TNA
24th Jan 14 02:51:42Wrestling.TNA
24th Jan 14 02:51:03Wrestling.The Corporation
24th Jan 14 02:50:29Wrestling.Stephanie Mc Mahon
24th Jan 14 02:48:37Wrestling.The Big Show
24th Jan 14 02:46:40YMMV.Shane Douglas
24th Jan 14 02:46:13Wrestling.Shane Mc Mahon
24th Jan 14 02:45:08Its All About Me.Pro Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:44:48Wrestling.John Laurinaitis
24th Jan 14 02:43:40Kick The Dog.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:42:30Karma Houdini.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:37:07Wham Line.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:36:16Face Heel Turn.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:35:33Even Evil Has Standards.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:31:56Woobie.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:31:19Kick The Dog.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:30:17Fan Nickname.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:28:58Shut Up Hannibal.Professional Wrestling
24th Jan 14 02:28:11YMMV.John Laurinaitis
24th Jan 14 02:27:19Wrestling.John Laurinaitis
24th Jan 14 02:26:11Wrestling.John Cena
24th Jan 14 02:24:51Wrestling.Vince Mc Mahon
24th Jan 14 02:18:35YMMV.Wrestling Jesus
24th Jan 14 02:17:42Awesome.John Cena
24th Jan 14 02:09:02Wrestling.Doink The Clown
24th Jan 14 02:04:00Wrestling.Christian
24th Jan 14 02:02:39YMMV.Christian
24th Jan 14 02:01:21Awesome.Chris Benoit
24th Jan 14 01:58:32Awesome.Chris Benoit
24th Jan 14 01:57:19YMMV.Chris Benoit
24th Jan 14 01:56:22Wrestling.Chris Jericho
24th Jan 14 01:54:19Wrestling.Bobby Roode
24th Jan 14 01:52:12YMMV.Bobby Roode
24th Jan 14 01:50:36YMMV.Chris Jericho
22nd Jan 14 04:01:18Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
22nd Jan 14 01:49:23Headscratchers.The Avengers Film
21st Jan 14 09:23:46Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
19th Jan 14 09:59:43Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
18th Jan 14 03:19:30Invincibility Power Up
18th Jan 14 02:30:05Wrestling.John Bradshaw Layfield
18th Jan 14 02:29:18Wrestling.Edge
18th Jan 14 02:26:51Wrestling.HUSTLE
18th Jan 14 12:10:18Wrestling.David Heath
18th Jan 14 12:09:54Wrestling.Ministry Of Darkness
18th Jan 14 12:09:27Wrestling.Daffney Unger
18th Jan 14 12:08:46Wrestling.Ultimo Dragon
18th Jan 14 12:08:12Characters.New Japan Pro Wrestling
18th Jan 14 12:07:45Wrestling.Jacqueline
18th Jan 14 12:07:21Wrestling.Genichiro Tenryu
14th Jan 14 11:26:49Wrestling.Molly Holly
13th Jan 14 06:05:54Our Dragons Are Different
13th Jan 14 06:05:16Our Vampires Are Different
13th Jan 14 02:28:53Our Vampires Are Different.Professional Wrestling
13th Jan 14 02:22:01Our Dragons Are Different.Professional Wrestling
12th Jan 14 10:21:41Wrestling.Bryan Danielson
12th Jan 14 12:26:44Headscratchers.Jurassic Park The Game
9th Jan 14 02:46:41Headscratchers.Avatar The Last Airbender The Finale
4th Jan 14 03:12:06Recap.Doctor Who S 1 E 7 The Sensorites
2nd Jan 14 03:53:14Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
2nd Jan 14 02:26:58Writing Around Trademarks
2nd Jan 14 02:24:42Headscratchers.New World Of Darkness
1st Jan 14 09:13:08Characters.Homeland
1st Jan 14 09:12:55Characters.Homeland
31st Dec 13 08:13:35Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
31st Dec 13 08:04:56Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
31st Dec 13 07:36:12Headscratchers.Star Trek 2009
31st Dec 13 06:09:44Characters.Homeland
31st Dec 13 05:52:03Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
30th Dec 13 11:03:00Headscratchers.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
28th Dec 13 03:14:04Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
28th Dec 13 03:08:29Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
27th Dec 13 01:35:10Headscratchers.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
26th Dec 13 08:50:40Headscratchers.Homeland
26th Dec 13 02:45:02Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
26th Dec 13 02:17:32Headscratchers.Homeland
25th Dec 13 03:02:14Headscratchers.Homeland
24th Dec 13 05:18:44Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
24th Dec 13 03:21:27Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
24th Dec 13 02:59:05Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
24th Dec 13 02:38:48Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
23rd Dec 13 12:48:03Characters.Homeland
22nd Dec 13 11:52:24Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
22nd Dec 13 11:45:59Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
21st Dec 13 10:38:51Headscratchers.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
21st Dec 13 10:22:34Headscratchers.Games
21st Dec 13 04:16:00Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
19th Dec 13 02:18:13Nightmare Fuel.The Walking Dead
19th Dec 13 02:08:18Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
19th Dec 13 02:07:45Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
19th Dec 13 01:57:02Tear Jerker.The Walking Dead
18th Dec 13 11:07:55Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
18th Dec 13 09:52:47Headscratchers.Neverwhere
18th Dec 13 01:56:02Headscratchers.Twenty Four
17th Dec 13 11:30:10Characters.Homeland
17th Dec 13 10:19:25Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
17th Dec 13 02:40:30YMMV.Homeland
17th Dec 13 12:26:09Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
16th Dec 13 11:38:12WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
16th Dec 13 01:05:03Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
15th Dec 13 11:15:55Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
15th Dec 13 11:15:10Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
13th Dec 13 08:25:49Video Game.Watch Dogs
13th Dec 13 08:18:24Characters.Yu Yu Hakusho Team Urameshi
13th Dec 13 08:13:47Web Video.Feminist Frequency
13th Dec 13 05:04:03Headscratchers.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
13th Dec 13 05:01:37Video Game.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
12th Dec 13 07:37:37Characters.Yu Yu Hakusho Team Urameshi
11th Dec 13 10:19:11Mass Effect.Mass Effect Race Tropes
7th Dec 13 05:24:10Film.The Fast And The Furious
7th Dec 13 05:16:40The Character Died With Him
6th Dec 13 11:25:22Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
6th Dec 13 11:23:31Headscratchers.Homeland
6th Dec 13 08:36:08Headscratchers.Dragon Age Origins Part II
6th Dec 13 08:30:48Headscratchers.Dragon Age Origins Part II
6th Dec 13 07:52:09Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
6th Dec 13 07:03:59Headscratchers.Dragon Age II
6th Dec 13 02:28:22Genocide Backfire
4th Dec 13 02:36:41Headscratchers.Homeland
4th Dec 13 02:21:19Headscratchers.Homeland
4th Dec 13 02:02:14YMMV.The Walking Dead
4th Dec 13 02:01:36YMMV.The Walking Dead
3rd Dec 13 11:27:12YMMV.Mass Effect
3rd Dec 13 11:23:12Mecha Mooks
3rd Dec 13 03:39:28Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
3rd Dec 13 03:29:50Tropers.Shaoken
3rd Dec 13 03:28:53Tropers.Shaoken
3rd Dec 13 03:28:43Tropers.Shaoken
2nd Dec 13 11:49:08Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
2nd Dec 13 09:50:34Genocide Backfire
2nd Dec 13 09:49:06Mass Effect.Mass Effect Race Tropes
1st Dec 13 10:58:19Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
1st Dec 13 10:39:36Headscratchers.Homeland
30th Nov 13 08:22:44Headscratchers.The Fast And The Furious
26th Nov 13 02:58:08Tear Jerker.The Walking Dead
24th Nov 13 03:25:47Awesome But Impractical.Military
23rd Nov 13 01:28:33YMMV.Slender The Arrival
20th Nov 13 01:48:56Characters.Metal Gear 2 Solid Snake
19th Nov 13 11:44:21Headscratchers.Chzo Mythos
19th Nov 13 03:16:48Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
19th Nov 13 03:08:45Headscratchers.Homeland
19th Nov 13 03:01:20Funny.Homeland
16th Nov 13 12:57:29Headscratchers.XCOM Enemy Unknown
14th Nov 13 04:01:02Headscratchers.Resident Evil 5
14th Nov 13 03:47:19Headscratchers.Resident Evil 6
14th Nov 13 04:15:46Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
14th Nov 13 12:03:59Headscratchers.Saints Row IV
13th Nov 13 09:14:43Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
13th Nov 13 05:14:01Headscratchers.Star Trek Into Darkness
13th Nov 13 03:51:39Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
11th Nov 13 12:02:35YMMV.Shin Ra High Soldier
10th Nov 13 03:12:35Video Game.Batman Arkham Origins
9th Nov 13 08:18:39YMMV.Call Of Duty Ghosts
9th Nov 13 08:17:22YMMV.Call Of Duty Ghosts
9th Nov 13 07:48:16YMMV.Thor The Dark World
8th Nov 13 03:43:31Headscratchers.A Song Of Ice And Fire
8th Nov 13 03:12:13Headscratchers.Homeland
4th Nov 13 10:07:06Video Game.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
29th Oct 13 04:19:14Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
27th Oct 13 11:19:31Headscratchers.Turnabout Storm
26th Oct 13 02:33:46YMMV.Turnabout Storm
26th Oct 13 02:28:11Headscratchers.Turnabout Storm
26th Oct 13 02:23:47Headscratchers.Turnabout Storm
25th Oct 13 02:41:06Tear Jerker.Battle Los Angeles
25th Oct 13 02:37:35Values Dissonance.Literature
25th Oct 13 02:30:31YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man
25th Oct 13 02:25:35Film.Top Gun
25th Oct 13 02:24:09YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
25th Oct 13 02:18:18Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Literature
24th Oct 13 03:10:17Arbitrary Headcount Limit
24th Oct 13 02:59:45Headscratchers.Saints Row IV
24th Oct 13 02:19:11Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
22nd Oct 13 03:54:31Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
19th Oct 13 08:15:32Headscratchers.Agents Of SHIELD
19th Oct 13 08:06:22Awesome.Honor Harrington
19th Oct 13 05:48:13Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
17th Oct 13 03:59:22Sandbox.Complete Monster Debates Tracker
15th Oct 13 04:28:42Headscratchers.Homeland
14th Oct 13 11:26:31YMMV.Batman Arkham Origins
14th Oct 13 10:31:06And The Fandom Rejoiced.Professional Wrestling
14th Oct 13 10:24:20YMMV.Grand Theft Auto V
14th Oct 13 12:24:59Headscratchers.Grand Theft Auto V
13th Oct 13 11:40:59Headscratchers.Resident Evil 6
13th Oct 13 11:34:51Headscratchers.Resident Evil
12th Oct 13 01:48:55Wrestling.Mickie James
12th Oct 13 01:42:34Beauty Is Bad
11th Oct 13 11:29:49Headscratchers.Beyond Two Souls
11th Oct 13 07:16:01Moral Event Horizon.Live Action TV
11th Oct 13 06:13:39YMMV.Homeland
11th Oct 13 02:14:11Headscratchers.Homeland
11th Oct 13 01:04:40Series.Homeland
10th Oct 13 01:50:24WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
9th Oct 13 04:28:23Tear Jerker.Horus Heresy
9th Oct 13 12:51:32Sedgwick Speech
8th Oct 13 04:18:54Loser Leaves Town
8th Oct 13 02:32:33Headscratchers.Two Thousand Twelve
5th Oct 13 08:50:48WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
5th Oct 13 07:03:58YMMV.The Fast And The Furious
5th Oct 13 06:57:27Headscratchers.The Fast And The Furious
4th Oct 13 04:39:54Headscratchers.Grand Theft Auto V
2nd Oct 13 04:59:42Headscratchers.Ace Attorney
2nd Oct 13 02:55:02Headscratchers.Grand Theft Auto V
27th Sep 13 07:30:50Headscratchers.Neil Gaiman
27th Sep 13 07:25:48Trivia.Silicon Knights
26th Sep 13 02:08:56WMG.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
26th Sep 13 01:16:05Comic Book.Red Hood And The Outlaws
25th Sep 13 05:44:41Headscratchers.Homeland
25th Sep 13 03:45:50Headscratchers.Jason X
21st Sep 13 09:30:38Headscratchers.Frank Miller
20th Sep 13 04:27:35Headscratchers.The Legend Of Korra Team Avatar
18th Sep 13 04:01:05Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
18th Sep 13 02:41:54Headscratchers.Game Of Thrones
17th Sep 13 05:19:11Wrestling.Jerry Lawler
17th Sep 13 05:10:07Monster.Law And Order
17th Sep 13 05:08:54Trivia.Glacier
17th Sep 13 05:07:27YMMV.Glacier
17th Sep 13 05:06:39Wrestling.Glacier
17th Sep 13 01:12:33YMMV.Trish Stratus
17th Sep 13 01:11:45YMMV.Trish Stratus
15th Sep 13 05:02:25Headscratchers.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
14th Sep 13 10:50:01Wrestling.Money In The Bank
14th Sep 13 07:40:28Hilarious In Hindsight.Professional Wrestling
14th Sep 13 07:37:22Headscratchers.The Last Of Us
14th Sep 13 05:13:41Wrestling.Mickie James
14th Sep 13 05:07:24Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Professional Wrestling
14th Sep 13 03:34:31Wrestling.AJ Styles
14th Sep 13 03:33:20Wrestling.Chris Benoit
14th Sep 13 03:31:46Wrestling.Dolph Ziggler
14th Sep 13 03:29:58Wrestling.Jerry Lawler
14th Sep 13 03:29:24Wrestling.Ring Of Honor
14th Sep 13 03:25:28Wrestling.Jim Cornette
14th Sep 13 03:22:50Wrestling.Molly Holly
14th Sep 13 03:14:31Wrestling.Shawn Michaels
14th Sep 13 03:13:43Wrestling.Ricky Steamboat
14th Sep 13 03:12:04Wrestling.The Gobbledy Gooker
14th Sep 13 03:11:10Wrestling.Sable
14th Sep 13 03:10:40Wrestling.Sabu
14th Sep 13 03:02:05Wrestling.Stephanie Mc Mahon
14th Sep 13 02:59:10Wrestling.The Sheepherders
14th Sep 13 02:54:55Wrestling.Vader
14th Sep 13 02:54:26Wrestling.TNA
14th Sep 13 02:52:40Wrestling.Yokozuna
14th Sep 13 02:51:03Wrestling.The Undertaker
14th Sep 13 02:48:42Wrestling.Triple H
14th Sep 13 02:47:20Wrestling.Bret Hart
14th Sep 13 02:46:20Trivia.Boogeyman
14th Sep 13 02:44:16Wrestling.Big Bossman
14th Sep 13 02:43:14Wrestling.Abdullah The Butcher
14th Sep 13 02:39:07YMMV.WWE Divas
13th Sep 13 11:03:52Trivia.Kane
12th Sep 13 11:41:13YMMV.WWE Divas
11th Sep 13 11:34:40Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
11th Sep 13 03:39:52Tear Jerker.Professional Wrestling
11th Sep 13 04:55:18Wall Bangers.Wrestle Mania
11th Sep 13 04:47:02Tear Jerker.Professional Wrestling
11th Sep 13 04:06:09Tear Jerker.Professional Wrestling
11th Sep 13 02:22:03YMMV.John Morrison
11th Sep 13 02:15:27Wrestling.Trish Stratus
10th Sep 13 04:32:21Awesome.Horus Heresy
9th Sep 13 04:58:42Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
9th Sep 13 04:29:19Headscratchers.The Walking Dead
9th Sep 13 03:41:01Headscratchers.Resident Evil
9th Sep 13 01:28:30Headscratchers.Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
7th Sep 13 06:27:35Creators Pet.Video Games
7th Sep 13 06:16:56Awesome.TNA
7th Sep 13 05:39:55Wrestling.Sting
7th Sep 13 05:14:57Headscratchers.Warhammer 40000
7th Sep 13 01:41:28Headscratchers.Space Hulk
6th Sep 13 06:44:30Girls Need Role Models
6th Sep 13 06:11:43Characters.WWE Divas
6th Sep 13 05:54:11YMMV.WWE Divas
6th Sep 13 05:16:34Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
1st Sep 13 04:45:23Headscratchers.Space Hulk
1st Sep 13 12:03:06Wrestling.Trish Stratus
31st Aug 13 10:57:54Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Professional Wrestling
31st Aug 13 10:55:50Jobber
31st Aug 13 10:54:33Jobber
30th Aug 13 05:43:24Wrestling.Dungeon Of Doom
30th Aug 13 04:27:55YMMV.John Cena
29th Aug 13 01:52:11Headscratchers.Neon Genesis Evangelion
28th Aug 13 02:09:44Wrestling.Stephanie Mc Mahon
28th Aug 13 02:06:04Wrestling.Stephanie Mc Mahon
28th Aug 13 01:57:07Heartwarming.Professional Wrestling
26th Aug 13 03:37:36Designated Hero
26th Aug 13 02:50:45Headscratchers.Avengers Vs X-Men
24th Aug 13 08:08:17YMMV.Django Unchained
20th Aug 13 01:31:51Headscratchers.Persona 4
19th Aug 13 03:31:35Series.V 2009
19th Aug 13 02:15:56YMMV.V 2009
18th Aug 13 05:00:16Headscratchers.Space Hulk
18th Aug 13 01:28:46YMMV.Ed Edd N Eddys Big Picture Show
17th Aug 13 09:15:35Headscratchers.The Sandman
17th Aug 13 08:59:20Sandbox.Complete Monster Debates Tracker
17th Aug 13 06:16:52Sandbox.Complete Monster Debates Tracker
17th Aug 13 02:13:44Sandbox.Complete Monster Debates Tracker
17th Aug 13 02:09:04Sandbox.Complete Monster Debates Tracker
16th Aug 13 02:42:07Headscratchers.Gran Torino
15th Aug 13 12:27:28Headscratchers.Warhammer 40000
15th Aug 13 12:15:20Headscratchers.Warhammer 40000
11th Aug 13 03:21:51YMMV.The Last Of Us
11th Aug 13 12:06:44Characters.Werewolf The Apocalypse
10th Aug 13 11:54:25Headscratchers.Werewolf The Apocalypse
10th Aug 13 09:37:27Headscratchers.The Last Of Us
9th Aug 13 10:15:38YMMV.Savages
9th Aug 13 03:31:09Video Game.Dead Island
9th Aug 13 03:28:13YMMV.Hell On Wheels
3rd Aug 13 07:33:06Videogame.Evil Genius
3rd Aug 13 04:14:52Headscratchers.Death Note Characters Actions
31st Jul 13 04:58:21Headscratchers.Metal Gear Solid V The Phantom Pain
26th Jul 13 01:46:11YMMV.Man Of Steel
20th Jul 13 10:49:20Film.Man Of Steel
19th Jul 13 05:28:30Headscratchers.The Last Of Us
19th Jul 13 03:03:37Headscratchers.The Last Of Us
17th Jul 13 03:07:56YMMV.Avengers Arena
17th Jul 13 01:02:48Headscratchers.The Last Of Us

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