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4th Jan 18 10:46:36Web Comic.BACK
20th Aug 17 08:42:28Film.Spider Man Homecoming
23rd Mar 17 05:46:41Recap.Dragon Ball Z Abridged M 10
8th Mar 17 09:11:09Nightmare Fuel.Eleven Twenty Two Sixty Three
27th Feb 17 10:44:23Funny.Get Out 2017
19th Feb 17 07:59:27Mythology Gag.The LEGO Batman Movie
19th Feb 17 07:58:55Mythology Gag.The LEGO Batman Movie
2nd Feb 17 02:46:25Literature.The Gone Away World
20th Jan 17 08:36:54YMMV.The Good Place
20th Jan 17 08:35:20Series.The Good Place
20th Jan 17 08:32:41Series.The Good Place
13th Nov 16 07:33:20Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
14th Aug 16 07:16:21Sorting Algorithm Of Evil
24th Jul 16 11:34:58Girl Genius.Tropes F To J
15th Jun 16 08:10:24Headscratchers.Cutthroat Kitchen
23rd Apr 16 06:31:54YMMV.New Girl
23rd Apr 16 06:31:36Series.New Girl
23rd Apr 16 06:30:56Series.New Girl
16th Apr 16 11:29:54Shout Out.Fringe
16th Mar 16 07:43:30Webcomic.Skullkickers
9th Mar 16 01:48:51Series.Crazy Ex Girlfriend
30th Jan 16 10:27:34Film.Ex Machina
2nd Jan 16 06:05:14Comic Book.Glory
3rd Dec 15 08:19:59Western Animation.Samurai Jack
30th Jul 15 04:06:56WMG.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
17th May 15 08:46:03Comicbook.Atomic Robo
12th May 15 03:16:39Comicbook.Atomic Robo
18th Apr 15 09:25:06Trivia.Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
6th Apr 15 06:01:41Tropers.Shale
31st Mar 15 04:42:56Comicbook.Atomic Robo
20th Mar 15 08:27:04Recurring Extra
19th Feb 15 06:28:55Series.The Flash 2014
24th Jan 15 05:08:05Literature.Good Omens
29th Nov 14 02:30:32Headscratchers.X Men Days Of Future Past
29th Nov 14 02:12:23Film.X Men Days Of Future Past
19th Oct 14 09:42:50Film.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
3rd Aug 14 02:09:25WMG.Guardiansofthe Galaxy
20th Jun 14 05:36:32Series.Red Dwarf
8th Jun 14 07:46:04Quotes.Omnidisciplinary Scientist
9th Apr 14 10:38:25No Sell
26th Mar 14 10:34:23Gods Need Prayer Badly
25th Mar 14 07:19:46Headscratchers.Muppets Most Wanted
21st Mar 14 04:52:55Headscratchers.The Stormlight Archive
19th Mar 14 03:27:36Fridge.The Stormlight Archive
19th Mar 14 03:27:12Fridge.The Stormlight Archive
15th Mar 14 08:00:00Film.Marvel One Shots
13th Mar 14 02:44:47WMG.The Stormlight Archive
13th Mar 14 08:38:11Characters.The Stormlight Archive
12th Mar 14 11:49:09Headscratchers.The Stormlight Archive
12th Mar 14 11:27:06Headscratchers.The Stormlight Archive
12th Mar 14 08:22:11Literature.Words Of Radiance
12th Mar 14 08:21:46Literature.Words Of Radiance
12th Mar 14 04:35:46Headscratchers.The Stormlight Archive
12th Mar 14 04:15:11Literature.Words Of Radiance
28th Feb 14 11:01:41Undermined By Reality
5th Feb 14 02:35:00Audio Play.The Further Adventures Of Nick Danger
2nd Feb 14 02:55:16Comic Book.Code Monkey Save World
30th Jan 14 01:16:50Arbitrary Headcount Limit
24th Jan 14 01:54:33Verbal Backspace
13th Jan 14 03:30:39Headscratchers.Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
13th Jan 14 10:37:53Doomy Dooms Of Doom
13th Jan 14 10:37:38Doomy Dooms Of Doom
18th Dec 13 11:03:09My Grandson Myself
4th Dec 13 01:59:17Video Game.Dm C Devil May Cry
30th Nov 13 06:36:17Video Game.Sonic Adventure 2
29th Nov 13 03:35:29Indy Ploy
29th Nov 13 03:35:15Indy Ploy
27th Nov 13 03:38:15Unexpected Character
27th Nov 13 03:22:59WMG.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
26th Nov 13 05:15:05They Fight Crime
26th Nov 13 10:34:40Headscratchers.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
26th Nov 13 10:34:08Headscratchers.Doctor Who50th AS The Day Of The Doctor
18th Nov 13 11:03:50Comic Book.The Mighty Thor
15th Nov 13 01:35:45Franchise.Lupin III
13th Nov 13 02:19:09Big Damn Heroes.Webcomics
13th Nov 13 01:47:25Mentor Occupational Hazard
13th Nov 13 01:46:54Mentor Occupational Hazard
12th Nov 13 11:54:37Creator.Quentin Tarantino
12th Nov 13 08:00:46WMG.Pulp Fiction
25th Oct 13 01:53:45Audio Play.Stan Freberg Presents The United States Of America
21st Oct 13 04:50:26Spotlight Stealing Squad
19th Oct 13 08:21:36The Order Of The Stick.Tropes A-C
16th Oct 13 12:45:13Retirony
11th Oct 13 10:06:52Kryptonite Factor
10th Oct 13 02:31:54Literature.The Reckoners Trilogy
3rd Oct 13 10:45:07That One Attack
3rd Oct 13 09:15:35Video Game.Conkers Bad Fur Day
30th Sep 13 12:24:03Comic Book.Final Crisis
25th Sep 13 01:49:09Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
24th Sep 13 08:15:28Series.Kamen Rider Fourze
14th Sep 13 07:22:02In Spite Of A Nail
12th Sep 13 01:27:02Playing With.Made Of Explodium
12th Sep 13 01:22:47Playing With.Made Of Explodium
27th Aug 13 12:33:21Film.The Worlds End
8th Aug 13 12:23:10Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
22nd Jul 13 08:49:45Theme Tune Roll Call
22nd Jul 13 08:49:21Theme Tune Roll Call
18th Jul 13 02:08:48Comic Book.Legion Of Super-Heroes
15th Jul 13 11:55:16Webcomic.Eight Bit Theater
12th Jul 13 12:37:40Literature.Dragaera
8th Jul 13 07:43:02Beethoven Was An Alien Spy
25th Jun 13 07:46:10Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
12th Jun 13 08:54:50Hot Blooded Sideburns
12th Jun 13 04:48:11Comicbook.Locke And Key
11th Jun 13 07:44:05Comic Book.Locke And Key
10th Jun 13 12:18:21Video Game.Penny Arcade Adventures
10th Jun 13 12:16:55Video Game.Penny Arcade Adventures
9th Jun 13 10:13:34Comic Book.Locke And Key
30th May 13 07:05:35Comicbook.Annihilation
27th May 13 09:12:32Headscratchers.Locke And Key
27th May 13 08:54:30Comic Book.Locke And Key
24th May 13 07:42:25Punny Name
19th May 13 06:33:22Videogame.Shining Force III
17th May 13 07:53:33WMG.The Stormlight Archive
16th May 13 03:37:15No Export For You.Video Games
16th May 13 01:19:53Dragon Ball Abridged.Tropes N To Z
23rd Apr 13 08:06:00Video Game.Shining The Holy Ark
23rd Apr 13 08:03:45Videogame.Shining Force III
22nd Apr 13 09:17:20Literature.The Tales Of Alvin Maker
17th Apr 13 09:10:22Celebrity Paradox.Live Action TV
17th Apr 13 09:09:59Celebrity Paradox.Live Action TV
15th Apr 13 10:51:36Videogame.Shining Force III
28th Mar 13 06:34:10WMG.The Alloy Of Law
28th Mar 13 11:24:24WMG.The Stormlight Archive
28th Mar 13 11:07:44WMG.The Stormlight Archive
19th Mar 13 08:20:02Headscratchers.Y The Last Man
19th Mar 13 08:13:19Headscratchers.Y The Last Man
18th Mar 13 08:17:35Bittersweet Ending.Comic Books
13th Mar 13 07:07:23Series.Veronica Mars
11th Mar 13 11:22:18Noodle Incident.Doctor Who
11th Mar 13 10:57:54Comic Book.Y The Last Man
24th Feb 13 09:36:19Literature.The Alloy Of Law
23rd Feb 13 09:53:55Literature.Warbreaker
23rd Feb 13 08:41:24Literature.Warbreaker
1st Feb 13 02:14:56Film.The Dark Knight Rises
26th Jan 13 09:00:25Video Game.Super Robot Wars Original Generation
25th Jan 13 11:35:41Lamarck Was Right
17th Jan 13 06:23:51YMMV.The Hunger Games
16th Jan 13 02:27:57Literature.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
10th Jan 13 07:00:46Headscratchers.Buffy Season 3
9th Jan 13 06:59:21Headscratchers.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
9th Jan 13 06:59:04Headscratchers.Mistborn The Original Trilogy
28th Dec 12 08:22:54Taxonomic Term Confusion
27th Dec 12 12:16:42Series.Fringe
27th Dec 12 11:44:57Shrouded In Myth
27th Dec 12 07:30:01Never Say That Again
27th Dec 12 07:29:32Never Say That Again
26th Dec 12 09:40:32Headscratchers.Turtles Forever
26th Dec 12 07:16:32Video Game.Dust An Elysian Tail
23rd Dec 12 03:20:10Headscratchers.Fringe
23rd Dec 12 03:52:32Comic Book.Buck Godot Zap Gun For Hire
22nd Dec 12 08:06:34Comic Book.Buck Godot Zap Gun For Hire
22nd Dec 12 11:12:06Meet Your Early Installment Weirdness
20th Dec 12 08:23:53Video Game.In Famous
16th Dec 12 12:09:15Music.The Arrogant Worms
15th Dec 12 09:43:03Pieta Plagiarism
15th Dec 12 09:14:32Comicbook.Nova
15th Dec 12 09:13:24Comicbook.Nova
15th Dec 12 08:19:48One Hour Work Week
15th Dec 12 09:35:09Literature.Cold Days
15th Dec 12 09:34:28Literature.Cold Days
15th Dec 12 08:03:10Literature.Cold Days
15th Dec 12 07:57:07Literature.Cold Days
14th Dec 12 12:59:54Video Game.Super Robot Wars Original Generation
13th Dec 12 02:31:22Music.The Arrogant Worms
13th Dec 12 02:31:09Music.The Arrogant Worms
10th Dec 12 11:45:42Comic Book.Infinite Crisis
3rd Nov 12 09:45:39Funny.Dragon Ball Abridged
1st Nov 12 10:57:55Ragtag Bunch Of Misfits
17th Oct 12 03:09:15Headscratchers.Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
17th Oct 12 01:23:09Justice League Crisis On Two Earths
12th Sep 12 05:28:31Headscratchers.Sherlock
12th Sep 12 05:05:29Headscratchers.Sherlock
2nd Aug 12 05:17:35Video Game.Penny Arcade Adventures
2nd Aug 12 05:16:26Video Game.Penny Arcade Adventures
30th Jul 12 08:07:53Creator.Grant Morrison
27th Jul 12 05:18:23Trivia.Superman The Animated Series
27th Jul 12 05:18:13Trivia.Superman The Animated Series
22nd Jul 12 03:08:38Phineas And Ferb.Tropes J To P
12th Jul 12 03:38:36YMMV.Batman Arkham City
22nd Jun 12 08:31:21Music.Electric Six
22nd Jun 12 08:30:47Music.Electric Six
20th Jun 12 05:11:50Western Animation.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
4th Jun 12 03:48:42Headscratchers.Men In Black
3rd Jun 12 07:11:27Headscratchers.Men In Black
1st Jun 12 09:40:50Western Animation.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
1st Jun 12 05:55:54Western Animation.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
26th May 12 08:10:29Characters.Marvel Cinematic Universe
26th May 12 08:09:27Characters.Marvel Cinematic Universe
26th May 12 08:08:53Characters.Marvel Cinematic Universe
7th May 12 05:59:40Western Animation.Avengers Earths Mightiest Heroes
6th May 12 06:31:48Good Angel Bad Angel
9th Apr 12 08:23:59Get A Hold Of Yourself Man.Video Games
6th Mar 12 09:51:41WMG.The Order Of The Stick
4th Feb 12 04:34:11YMMV.Orcs Must Die
2nd Feb 12 09:27:39The Order Of The Stick Tropes A To L
2nd Feb 12 09:14:30The Order Of The Stick Tropes A To L
18th Jan 12 07:17:50Suicide Squad
17th Jan 12 05:15:43Suicide Squad
7th Jan 12 06:33:07Comic Book.BPRD
7th Jan 12 05:34:15Made Of Explodium
7th Jan 12 05:33:51Made Of Explodium
3rd Oct 11 05:03:40My Friends And Zoidberg
25th Sep 11 05:36:40Firestorm
25th Sep 11 05:21:35Blatant Lies
16th Sep 11 12:08:24Department Of Redundancy Department