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4th Jan 18 01:10:11Characters.Questionable Content
24th Sep 17 11:21:21Blank Slate
21st Jan 17 05:03:55Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
14th Dec 16 06:12:19OOC Is Serious Business.Literature
25th Nov 16 02:11:11Quirky Mini Boss Squad.Literature
25th Nov 16 01:08:28Forgettable Character
19th Aug 16 03:52:48Literature.Worm
9th Jul 16 09:52:53Characters.Worm Sponsored Heroes
29th Jun 16 05:18:14But For Me It Was Tuesday.Web Original
29th Jun 16 04:58:02Funny.Worm
29th Jun 16 04:52:38Funny.Worm
19th Jun 16 02:31:26Literature.Worm
6th Jun 16 04:57:39Literature.Worm
6th Jun 16 07:25:05Characters.Worm Brockton Bay Gangs
30th May 16 01:17:19Crazy Awesome.Western Animation
30th May 16 01:16:58Crazy Awesome.Western Animation
5th Apr 16 09:41:46Characters.The Dresden Files The Fae
14th Mar 16 10:12:38Web Video.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
26th Jan 16 09:01:06Contralto Of Danger
13th Jan 16 03:21:01Took A Shortcut
12th Jan 16 02:33:47Characters.The Dresden Files Other Powerful People And Entities
9th Jan 16 07:54:53Jackass Genie
9th Jan 16 07:48:30Jackass Genie
5th Jan 16 03:32:37Manga.Assassination Classroom
4th Jan 16 07:47:20Webcomic.Erfworld
28th Dec 15 03:29:57Characters.Parks And Recreation
9th Dec 15 08:31:18Five Stages Of Grief
7th Dec 15 05:24:24Web Video.Thomas Sanders
24th Nov 15 08:35:17Recap.Jessica Jones 2015 S 1 E 4 AKA 99 Friends
24th Nov 15 07:46:42Kung Shui
3rd Nov 15 07:59:14Film.The Covenant
3rd Nov 15 07:49:16Characters.The Martian
3rd Nov 15 07:42:16Characters.The Martian
3rd Nov 15 05:16:43Characters.SHIELD
20th Oct 15 06:06:08Web Video.Thomas Sanders
3rd Aug 15 05:24:21Characters.Questionable Content
3rd Aug 15 05:13:34Running Gagged
3rd Aug 15 03:49:13Characters.Doctor Who Aliens And Monsters
17th Mar 15 05:50:58False Flag Operation
6th Mar 15 04:27:32The Wheel Of Time.Tropes G To L
5th Mar 15 09:43:25Funny.The Wheel Of Time
18th Jan 15 03:20:44Characters.Supernormal Step
11th Jan 15 08:18:53Characters.The Wheel Of Time Independent Characters
3rd Jan 15 11:04:27Video Game.Kingdom Hearts Birth By Sleep
3rd Jan 15 10:21:15Once Upon A Time.Tropes E To F
3rd Jan 15 10:12:12Once Upon A Time.Tropes E To F
3rd Jan 15 08:43:21Once Upon A Time.Tropes A To D
11th Dec 14 10:46:41Bio Punk
2nd Dec 14 12:50:08Meaningful Background Event
16th Nov 14 09:07:01Youre Insane
11th Nov 14 11:20:24Literature.Turn Coat
9th Nov 14 09:14:14Disney.Big Hero 6
20th Oct 14 01:33:54Awesome.The Order Of The Stick
18th Oct 14 08:01:15Western Animation.Corpse Bride
16th Oct 14 11:56:47Badass On Paper
9th Oct 14 07:44:31Walking Wasteland
14th Sep 14 02:53:36Characters.The Dresden Files Other Powerful People And Entities
14th Sep 14 02:02:48Characters.The Dresden Files The Fae
14th Sep 14 01:51:21Characters.The Dresden Files The Fae
13th Sep 14 10:15:47Characters.Grrl Power
11th Sep 14 11:45:37Characters.CORALINE
11th Sep 14 10:39:34Characters.CORALINE
19th Aug 14 07:16:26Answers To The Name Of God
10th Aug 14 06:57:38Film.Chronicle
7th Aug 14 08:36:40Western Animation.The LEGO Movie
3rd Aug 14 04:25:03Scylla And Charybdis
3rd Aug 14 03:04:41Characters.The Dresden Files Other Powerful People And Entities
24th Jul 14 09:53:19Western Animation.Paranorman
2nd Jul 14 11:02:03Running Gag.Webcomics
25th Jun 14 01:26:26Film.The Mexican
9th Jun 14 04:07:04Not Hyperbole
9th Jun 14 04:03:18Characters.Bleach Gotei 13 Squads8- 13
7th Jun 14 12:51:24Webcomic.Blip
30th May 14 02:58:03Megamind.Tropes A To L
30th May 14 02:22:43Big Entrance
26th May 14 04:12:28Verbal Backspace
26th May 14 04:12:28Verbal Backspace
20th May 14 10:23:50This Is Gonna Suck
9th May 14 05:32:33Flanderization
28th Apr 14 06:07:26Characters.Sinfest
27th Apr 14 04:05:18I Never Got Any Letters
17th Apr 14 03:22:02The Law Of Diminishing Defensive Effort
12th Apr 14 11:18:21Good Is Not Nice
4th Mar 14 07:28:33Characters.Friends
26th Feb 14 03:17:36Funny.Sherlock
21st Feb 14 05:14:04Open And Shut
26th Jan 14 08:44:09Characters.Princess Mononoke
22nd Jan 14 04:15:20Characters.Gemma Doyle
22nd Jan 14 03:50:05Characters.Gemma Doyle
22nd Jan 14 03:48:18Characters.Gemma Doyle
12th Jan 14 07:45:05Scarily Competent Tracker
21st Dec 13 01:54:50Present Company Excluded
21st Dec 13 01:51:11Present Company Excluded
18th Dec 13 07:58:50Characters.House
18th Dec 13 07:53:55Characters.House
18th Dec 13 06:00:09Series.House
18th Dec 13 11:30:14Heartwarming.House
14th Dec 13 05:52:20Webcomic.Oglaf
14th Dec 13 05:06:38Webcomic.Oglaf
14th Dec 13 05:06:16Funny.Oglaf
12th Dec 13 05:33:58Awesome.Treasure Planet
12th Dec 13 04:28:57Characters.Treasure Planet
12th Dec 13 11:10:16Characters.Treasure Planet
12th Dec 13 03:39:20Quotes.Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
12th Dec 13 03:36:00Quotes.Sesquipedalian Loquaciousness
12th Dec 13 02:36:30Walking Wasteland
11th Dec 13 10:31:21Early Installment Weirdness.Live Action TV
11th Dec 13 08:59:57Characters.Runescape
7th Dec 13 01:47:30Obvious Judas
1st Dec 13 03:04:26Characters.RWBY
1st Dec 13 01:43:43Characters.Black Cat
30th Nov 13 08:28:25Characters.RWBY
30th Nov 13 07:22:22Web Animation.RWBY
29th Nov 13 09:22:22Oh Crap.Web Comics
28th Nov 13 09:15:41Film.The Mask Of Zorro
28th Nov 13 01:06:19Characters.Aladdin
22nd Nov 13 01:30:47Beware The Nice Ones.Literature
16th Nov 13 03:52:16Funny.Scott Pilgrim
16th Nov 13 03:07:17Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.Tropes Q To Z
16th Nov 13 03:05:27Scott Pilgrim Vs The World.Tropes Q To Z
29th Oct 13 06:13:57Noodle Incident.Film
29th Oct 13 03:31:40Mohs.World Of Phlebotinum
24th Oct 13 02:28:30He Was Right There All Along
24th Oct 13 01:58:53Its Quiet Too Quiet
22nd Oct 13 03:22:47Video Game.Banjo Kazooie
22nd Oct 13 02:09:05Required Secondary Powers.Literature
21st Oct 13 11:43:56Required Secondary Powers.Literature
21st Oct 13 09:50:54Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
21st Oct 13 09:15:27Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
21st Oct 13 09:03:32Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
21st Oct 13 06:16:27Characters.The Dresden Files Other Powerful People And Entities
21st Oct 13 05:55:27Characters.The Dresden Files The Fae
21st Oct 13 05:45:01Characters.The Dresden Files The Fae
21st Oct 13 03:23:23Characters.El Goonish Shive
21st Oct 13 02:15:42Characters.Discworld
19th Oct 13 10:11:57Crazy Awesome.Web Original
19th Oct 13 09:54:51Characters.RWBY
19th Oct 13 12:31:11Film.Ace Ventura
18th Oct 13 12:57:17String Theory
18th Oct 13 12:53:34Nobody Touches The Hair
17th Oct 13 01:33:49Who Needs Their Whole Body
13th Oct 13 08:09:30This Banana Is Armed
13th Oct 13 07:45:56Film.Chronicle
12th Oct 13 10:29:27Characters.DCAU-Justice League
7th Oct 13 02:31:41Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
5th Oct 13 04:28:09Cloudcuckoolander.Literature
5th Oct 13 03:32:16Cloudcuckoolander.Video Games
5th Oct 13 03:04:45Cloudcuckoolanders Minder
28th Sep 13 11:30:14Nightmare Fuel.Wreck It Ralph
28th Sep 13 11:27:22Disney.Wreck It Ralph
28th Sep 13 11:11:20Characters.Wreck It Ralph Other Characters
27th Sep 13 10:58:59Disney.Wreck It Ralph
27th Sep 13 10:43:43Disney.Wreck It Ralph
26th Sep 13 09:05:09Disney.Wreck It Ralph
26th Sep 13 07:58:02Characters.Wreck It Ralph Main Characters
26th Sep 13 07:48:01Characters.Wreck It Ralph Main Characters
25th Sep 13 06:55:47Living Lie Detector
25th Sep 13 03:52:10Assimilation Backfire
25th Sep 13 02:22:17Characters.Wreck It Ralph Main Characters
25th Sep 13 12:58:22Characters.Wreck It Ralph Main Characters
24th Sep 13 11:26:35Funny.RWBY
24th Sep 13 09:18:23Empowered Badass Normal
21st Sep 13 11:06:48WMG.Dresden Files Skin Game Predictions
20th Sep 13 01:30:28Walking Wasteland
18th Sep 13 11:06:18Characters.Chronicle
18th Sep 13 10:56:08Film.Chronicle
17th Sep 13 02:18:00Heartwarming.Chronicle
17th Sep 13 02:05:48Characters.Chronicle
17th Sep 13 02:03:40Characters.Chronicle
16th Sep 13 11:24:39Kick The Son Of A Bitch
16th Sep 13 10:44:36Film.Chronicle
14th Sep 13 04:41:46Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
14th Sep 13 04:25:22Characters.The Legend Of Korra Allies
14th Sep 13 04:14:00Characters.The Legend Of Korra Other Characters
8th Sep 13 05:58:42Sophisticated As Hell
8th Sep 13 02:28:35Film.Dude Wheres My Car
4th Sep 13 03:07:40Literature.Cold Days
4th Sep 13 02:20:23No Conservation Of Energy
4th Sep 13 12:57:00Literature.Cold Days
3rd Sep 13 05:00:55Funny.Blood Rites
3rd Sep 13 03:58:22Funny.Cold Days
2nd Sep 13 10:04:59Girl Genius.Tropes F-J
2nd Sep 13 10:02:50Characters.Girl Genius
2nd Sep 13 04:21:51Funny.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
2nd Sep 13 04:10:29Disney.Aladdin
2nd Sep 13 02:22:42Disney.Aladdin
2nd Sep 13 02:12:36Disney.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
2nd Sep 13 02:10:57Disney.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
2nd Sep 13 01:46:51Miranda Rights
2nd Sep 13 01:25:55Film.Hot Fuzz
1st Sep 13 01:11:02Instant Sedation
31st Aug 13 04:55:41Characters.Sherlock
31st Aug 13 04:49:14Characters.Sherlock
30th Aug 13 11:00:12Funny.The Boondock Saints
30th Aug 13 09:49:11Western Animation.Rise Of The Guardians
29th Aug 13 04:36:40Characters.El Goonish Shive
29th Aug 13 02:40:50The Wonka
27th Aug 13 12:47:51Characters.RWBY
27th Aug 13 12:32:33Characters.RWBY
26th Aug 13 10:27:53Badass Bookworm
24th Aug 13 11:14:04No Sell
24th Aug 13 11:08:42No Sell
23rd Aug 13 07:25:04Wizards Live Longer
23rd Aug 13 12:35:59Webcomic.Sequential Art
23rd Aug 13 12:11:01Funny.Sequential Art
19th Aug 13 09:25:04Awesome.Cold Days
19th Aug 13 09:17:02Funny.Cold Days
18th Aug 13 03:57:23Cold Flames
17th Aug 13 06:29:08Creepy Housekeeper
16th Aug 13 10:50:30Time For Plan B
16th Aug 13 12:48:45Time For Plan B
13th Aug 13 06:59:43Film.The Covenant
13th Aug 13 06:52:53Film.The Covenant
13th Aug 13 06:51:03Funny.The Covenant
11th Aug 13 05:03:39Creepy Child
10th Aug 13 02:33:26Last Chance To Quit
8th Aug 13 03:56:54Blunt Yes
5th Aug 13 10:37:30Film.Mr And Mrs Smith
5th Aug 13 10:20:42Film.Mr And Mrs Smith
5th Aug 13 09:52:45Heartwarming.Mr And Mrs Smith
5th Aug 13 03:27:41Eldritch Location
4th Aug 13 04:08:20Limited Wardrobe
3rd Aug 13 02:03:03Characters.Erfworld
29th Jul 13 06:24:53Funny.Harry Potter
29th Jul 13 06:03:27Funny.Harry Potter
29th Jul 13 01:59:26Film.Mr And Mrs Smith
27th Jul 13 09:12:57Funny.Mr And Mrs Smith
27th Jul 13 06:53:05Characters.RWBY
27th Jul 13 12:56:44Film.Kangaroo Jack
25th Jul 13 03:10:59Dragged Off To Hell
23rd Jul 13 03:06:21Doublethink
23rd Jul 13 02:06:27Army Of Lawyers
22nd Jul 13 08:23:07Characters.Erfworld
19th Jul 13 07:55:09Characters.RWBY
17th Jul 13 02:14:18Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
17th Jul 13 01:41:11Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
17th Jul 13 01:38:54Characters.Final Fantasy X
17th Jul 13 01:32:41Good Is Not Soft
17th Jul 13 01:16:58Good Is Not Soft
17th Jul 13 12:51:02Characters.Erfworld
17th Jul 13 12:27:40Characters.Gunnerkrigg Court
16th Jul 13 03:27:02Hell Is That Noise.Literature
15th Jul 13 01:52:54El Goonish Shive.Tropes F To L
13th Jul 13 11:15:51Characters.Monsters University
2nd Jul 13 11:48:50Characters.Monsters University
2nd Jul 13 11:36:02Characters.Monsters University
2nd Jul 13 11:33:47Western Animation.Monsters University
2nd Jul 13 10:05:34Western Animation.Monsters University
2nd Jul 13 10:03:59Western Animation.Monsters University
26th Jun 13 06:57:25Characters.The Wheel Of Time Seanchan
26th Jun 13 06:54:16Black And White Insanity
26th Jun 13 06:44:33Characters.The Wheel Of Time Taveren
26th Jun 13 01:37:04Characters.The Wheel Of Time The Shadow And Darkfriends
26th Jun 13 01:31:42Impossible Item Drop
26th Jun 13 01:07:38Stupid Evil
25th Jun 13 08:58:56Literature.Everworld
25th Jun 13 08:56:53Literature.Everworld
25th Jun 13 08:09:38Characters.Girl Genius
25th Jun 13 08:03:46Alternative Character Interpretation.Web Comics
25th Jun 13 03:47:39Funny.Dogma
18th Jun 13 05:07:06Death World
18th Jun 13 02:09:40Murderous Thighs
17th Jun 13 10:51:17Non Chess Motif Examples
17th Jun 13 12:04:50Awesome.Star Trek Into Darkness
14th Jun 13 09:46:37I Do Not Drink Wine
14th Jun 13 09:45:05I Do Not Drink Wine
14th Jun 13 12:46:16Technically A Smile
11th Jun 13 07:36:54The Wheel Of Time.Tropes M To R
11th Jun 13 07:23:45The Wheel Of Time.Tropes M To R
11th Jun 13 06:28:58Funny.The Wheel Of Time
11th Jun 13 06:21:43The Wheel Of Time.Tropes S To Z
11th Jun 13 02:05:22Magical Gesture
11th Jun 13 02:03:18Magical Gesture
11th Jun 13 01:42:46Film.The Mummy Trilogy
10th Jun 13 05:38:31Characters.Final Fantasy X
10th Jun 13 05:07:11Characters.Final Fantasy X
7th Jun 13 03:02:25A Villain Named Zrg
7th Jun 13 03:01:24A Villain Named Zrg
7th Jun 13 02:56:49A Villain Named Zrg
7th Jun 13 01:09:29Literal Metaphor
7th Jun 13 12:47:05Western Animation.Robots
6th Jun 13 06:35:31Sequel Non Entity
6th Jun 13 03:50:11Funny.Treasure Planet
6th Jun 13 03:48:27Disney.Treasure Planet
6th Jun 13 03:01:51Awesome.Robots
6th Jun 13 03:00:37Western Animation.Robots
6th Jun 13 12:28:23Video Game.Final Fantasy X
4th Jun 13 12:22:00Two Timer Date
4th Jun 13 12:19:21Film.Max Keebles Big Move
1st Jun 13 07:39:49Characters.Once Upon A Time Secondary Characters
1st Jun 13 07:03:01Series.Once Upon A Time
1st Jun 13 02:58:00Poor Communication Kills
1st Jun 13 02:11:22Characters.The Matrix
1st Jun 13 02:02:24Characters.The Matrix
1st Jun 13 01:58:27Offscreen Teleportation.Film
31st May 13 08:26:07Series.Once Upon A Time
31st May 13 03:43:51Boredom Montage
31st May 13 03:34:55Series.Once Upon A Time
31st May 13 03:24:17Trivia.Once Upon A Time
31st May 13 02:35:36Drives Like Crazy
31st May 13 01:23:25Fridge.Once Upon A Time
30th May 13 10:58:59Victory Is Boring
30th May 13 10:52:32Victory Is Boring
30th May 13 03:47:34Sleepyhead
30th May 13 02:18:05Wake Up Make Up
29th May 13 03:02:09Promotional Powerless Piece Of Garbage
29th May 13 01:28:08Funny.Once Upon A Time
27th May 13 10:47:50Sadistic Choice.Live Action TV
26th May 13 11:36:43Film.The Hot Chick
24th May 13 11:25:08Funny.Once Upon A Time
23rd May 13 08:23:22Equivalent Exchange
23rd May 13 04:55:55The Cretaceous Is Always Doomed
21st May 13 02:23:01Funny.Exterminatus Now
20th May 13 02:25:22Mobile Maze
19th May 13 05:46:48Webcomic.The Adventures Of Dr Mc Ninja
18th May 13 10:03:35Breaking The Fourth Wall.Webcomics
17th May 13 05:26:15Squee
16th May 13 01:33:47Badass In A Nice Suit
16th May 13 01:22:59Characters.Zombieland
16th May 13 01:14:56Hot Chick In A Badass Suit
15th May 13 07:59:53Shaping Your Attacks
15th May 13 07:47:38Characters.Fushigi Yuugi
14th May 13 07:07:06Characters.Once Upon A Time Minor Characters
14th May 13 06:37:51Characters.Once Upon A Time Main Characters
13th May 13 06:41:27Tear Jerker.Erfworld
12th May 13 02:05:24Series.Once Upon A Time
11th May 13 11:41:00Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
11th May 13 11:23:27Noble Demon
11th May 13 11:17:53Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
11th May 13 11:13:00Characters.The Dresden Files The Vampires
11th May 13 10:58:42Nerves Of Steel
11th May 13 10:13:44Ultimate Job Security
10th May 13 06:36:30Psychic Nosebleed
7th May 13 01:47:45Lightmare Fuel
1st May 13 02:20:40Asshole Victim
1st May 13 01:17:16Film.Liar Liar
1st May 13 01:14:18Film.Liar Liar
30th Apr 13 04:21:13Awesome.Ink
30th Apr 13 04:05:08Even The Subtitler Is Stumped
26th Apr 13 09:47:54A Rare Sentence
26th Apr 13 09:37:37A Rare Sentence
25th Apr 13 03:26:15No OSHA Compliance
23rd Apr 13 09:36:53In Harmony With Nature
22nd Apr 13 07:12:43Awesome.Harry Potter And The Order Of The Phoenix
22nd Apr 13 02:56:03Characters.The Princess And The Frog
21st Apr 13 02:35:59Franchise.Pirates Of The Caribbean
21st Apr 13 02:23:35Franchise.Pirates Of The Caribbean
21st Apr 13 02:56:35Threat Backfire
21st Apr 13 02:30:04Backstab Backfire
20th Apr 13 08:05:48Hot Skitty On Wailord Action
19th Apr 13 09:09:19Film.Mr Deeds
19th Apr 13 08:56:16Funny.Mr Deeds
18th Apr 13 02:04:14Driven To Suicide.Literature
18th Apr 13 01:57:56Obliviously Evil
17th Apr 13 02:17:49Webcomic.Erfworld
17th Apr 13 01:36:23Smarter Than You Look
17th Apr 13 12:51:23Webcomic.Erfworld
16th Apr 13 06:12:20Music.Enrique Iglesias
15th Apr 13 05:40:26You Answered Your Own Question
14th Apr 13 09:07:26It Amused Me
14th Apr 13 06:56:56Time Travel Tense Trouble
10th Apr 13 05:35:54Shout Out.Rune Scape
10th Apr 13 05:16:13YMMV.World Of Warcraft
10th Apr 13 04:32:05Nightmare Fuel.Predators
10th Apr 13 03:50:07How Do I Shot Web
10th Apr 13 02:23:33Characters.Rune Scape
9th Apr 13 10:41:52Hormone Addled Teenager
8th Apr 13 07:08:52Genius Loci
5th Apr 13 01:47:42Chandlers Law
3rd Apr 13 01:06:58Hates Everyone Equally
2nd Apr 13 05:08:50Same Sex Triplets
2nd Apr 13 04:09:22Western Animation.Brave
2nd Apr 13 03:17:35Western Animation.Brave
2nd Apr 13 02:58:22Heartwarming.Brave
2nd Apr 13 02:20:26Commander Contrarian
2nd Apr 13 02:18:13Characters.Brave
2nd Apr 13 12:55:15Shipper On Deck.Real Life
2nd Apr 13 12:07:53Western Animation.Brave
1st Apr 13 07:07:44Western Animation.Rocky And Bullwinkle
1st Apr 13 06:41:16Funny.Osmosis Jones
1st Apr 13 06:41:16Funny.Osmosis Jones
1st Apr 13 06:38:52Film.Osmosis Jones
1st Apr 13 06:13:58Scenery Gorn
31st Mar 13 05:23:34Western Animation.Toy Story 2
27th Mar 13 10:38:30Characters.The Wheel Of Time Others From The Two Rivers
27th Mar 13 10:21:08Characters.The Wheel Of Time The Shadow And Darkfriends
27th Mar 13 10:13:20Characters.The Wheel Of Time The Shadow And Darkfriends
26th Mar 13 02:31:00Disney.Hercules
26th Mar 13 12:24:28Tear Jerker.Hercules
25th Mar 13 11:59:52Heartwarming.Hercules
25th Mar 13 11:52:20Tear Jerker.Hercules
25th Mar 13 03:56:52Attack Backfire
25th Mar 13 01:19:50Characters.League Of Legends Five
23rd Mar 13 05:06:36Super OCD
20th Mar 13 02:27:07Kaizo Trap
17th Mar 13 11:04:52Do You Want To Haggle
17th Mar 13 07:18:22Film.Alice In Wonderland
11th Mar 13 06:47:13Who Dares
11th Mar 13 05:53:42Did You Get A New Haircut
11th Mar 13 05:49:05Characters.Buffy The Vampire Slayer Antagonists