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1st Sep 13 11:16:28Kangaroo Court
31st Aug 13 03:00:24Super Move Portrait Attack
31st Aug 13 02:37:34Sore Loser
31st Aug 13 02:35:33Sore Loser
31st Aug 13 02:34:45Sore Loser
31st Aug 13 02:33:14Sore Loser
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9th Aug 13 07:33:11Klingon Scientists Get No Respect
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8th Jul 13 07:55:20Oh My Gods
30th Apr 13 01:25:35Wacky Americans Have Wacky Names
30th Apr 13 01:12:09Evil Brit
20th Apr 13 02:25:58Heartwarming.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
12th Mar 13 05:32:41Falling Into The Cockpit
23rd Jan 13 02:05:49Useful Notes.Alaska
14th Jan 13 11:23:30The Cynical Brit
14th Jan 13 11:23:04The Cynical Brit
14th Jan 13 11:22:36The Cynical Brit
4th Dec 12 12:26:39Dropped A Bridge On Him
12th Nov 12 12:26:47Military Moonshiner
12th Nov 12 12:25:36Useful Notes.Scotland
12th Nov 12 12:20:10Useful Notes.Scotland
10th Nov 12 10:10:23Time Master
1st Nov 12 11:03:14Ascended Fanboy
29th Oct 12 12:11:19Red And Black And Evil All Over
28th Oct 12 09:10:16Bifurcated Weapon
27th Oct 12 05:17:48Solar Sail
27th Oct 12 05:17:19Solar Sail
27th Oct 12 05:16:39Solar Sail
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6th Jun 12 08:29:13Video Game.Starcraft I
6th Jun 12 08:25:31Video Game.Starcraft I
29th Mar 12 02:44:35Recap.The Sarah Jane Adventures S 4 E 5 E 6 Death Of The Doctor
21st Feb 12 06:17:36Series.Torchwood
21st Feb 12 06:16:55Series.Torchwood
21st Feb 12 01:14:14Recap.Doctor Who NSS 3 E 11 Utopia
13th Feb 12 11:56:03Phantom Zone Picture
12th Feb 12 09:40:33Phantom Zone Picture
30th Jan 12 10:48:44Butt Monkey.Live Action TV
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16th Jan 12 05:54:03Recap.Doctor Who S 20 E 2 Snakedance
25th Nov 11 11:23:59Seinfeld Is Unfunny
24th Nov 11 06:52:08Disproportionate Retribution
21st Nov 11 02:47:34I Know Your True Name
3rd Nov 11 12:51:22Talking To Himself
31st Oct 11 12:48:49No Fourth Wall
23rd Oct 11 11:52:38Recap.Doctor Who20th AS The Five Doctors
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