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17th Oct 14 05:16:42Western Animation.The Smurfs
17th Oct 14 05:13:30YMMV.The Smurfs
16th Oct 14 01:40:25Video Game.Octodad
14th Oct 14 04:51:12Characters.Alien Isolation
5th Oct 14 03:38:55Videogame.Planetary Annihilation
5th Oct 14 05:04:02Trivia.Space Station 13
5th Oct 14 02:31:37YMMV.Alien Isolation
5th Oct 14 02:30:04YMMV.Alien Isolation
4th Oct 14 03:58:58Keep The Reward
4th Oct 14 03:56:55Keep The Reward
2nd Oct 14 03:37:06Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
2nd Oct 14 03:00:40Video Game.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
2nd Oct 14 02:46:18Videogame.Middle Earth Shadow Of Mordor
2nd Oct 14 06:00:45Tis Only A Bullet In The Brain
27th Sep 14 11:41:07Video Game.Shadowgate
9th Sep 14 11:18:11Video Game.Mega Man X Corrupted
9th Sep 14 11:04:14Video Game.Mega Man X Corrupted
9th Sep 14 11:03:09Video Game.Mega Man X Corrupted
9th Sep 14 11:01:42Video Game.Mega Man X Corrupted
3rd Sep 14 09:04:32Video Game.Space Pirates And Zombies
3rd Sep 14 09:03:20Video Game.Space Pirates And Zombies
3rd Sep 14 09:02:43Video Game.Space Pirates And Zombies
30th Aug 14 08:03:41Video Game.Choice Of Games
7th Jul 14 11:18:43Black Comedy Suicide
7th Jul 14 11:17:24Wiki Sandbox
16th Jun 14 07:02:19Video Game.Xenonauts
14th Jun 14 04:25:39Video Game.Kings Bounty
13th Jun 14 11:36:19YMMV.Shin Mazinger Zero
13th Jun 14 07:58:56Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia
13th Jun 14 05:48:31Video Game.Hyperdimension Neptunia
5th Jun 14 11:30:20Video Game.The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt
4th Jun 14 03:05:38Lets Play.Pew Die Pie
3rd Jun 14 10:23:51Music.The Megas
2nd Jun 14 12:47:58Creator.BRIANBLESSED
2nd Jun 14 12:46:13Video Game.War Of The Roses
29th May 14 02:24:01Four Star Badass
26th May 14 03:16:08Videogame.Reincarnation
23rd May 14 05:02:53Our Dwarves Are All The Same
23rd May 14 03:25:26Comic Strip.Mafalda
20th May 14 03:50:44Video Game.Agarest Senki
19th May 14 05:56:01Video Game.Rumble Pack
19th May 14 05:55:25Rumble Pack
18th May 14 05:48:06WMG.Super Robotwars Z
17th May 14 04:24:51Anime.Dai Guard
9th May 14 12:10:46Video Game.The Last Federation
9th May 14 07:32:39Too Dumb To Live.Tabletop Games
8th May 14 05:34:11Videogame.Outlast
5th May 14 05:17:38This Means War
5th May 14 05:15:25This Means War
4th May 14 12:20:53Videogame.Croixleur
2nd May 14 08:39:14Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
2nd May 14 05:59:31Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
2nd May 14 05:58:07Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
1st May 14 06:40:59Video Game.The Last Federation
30th Apr 14 04:18:55Video Game.Croixleur
30th Apr 14 04:17:55Video Game.Croixleur
30th Apr 14 04:15:16Video Game.Croixleur
28th Apr 14 10:02:20Gay Option
28th Apr 14 09:48:40Video Game.The Last Federation
28th Apr 14 09:46:12Video Game.The Last Federation
23rd Apr 14 07:58:31Trivia.Rusty Hearts
23rd Apr 14 07:57:31Trivia.Rusty Hearts
23rd Apr 14 07:48:40Creator.Kanae Ito
13th Apr 14 11:20:48Gay Option
8th Apr 14 05:39:50YMMV.Rage Of The Gladiator
8th Apr 14 05:36:49YMMV.Rage Of The Gladiator
5th Apr 14 03:25:19Video Game.Reelism
5th Apr 14 03:24:13Video Game.Reelism
4th Apr 14 04:24:50Video Game.Mogeko Castle
4th Apr 14 01:24:48Video Game.Half Minute Hero
4th Apr 14 01:22:48Video Game.Half Minute Hero
4th Apr 14 02:51:00Steam
3rd Apr 14 05:44:51Child Soldiers
30th Mar 14 04:24:31YMMV.Diablo III
27th Mar 14 09:05:43Characters.The Witch And The Hundred Knight
27th Mar 14 09:04:12Characters.The Witch And The Hundred Knight
27th Mar 14 08:18:47YMMV.Diablo III
23rd Mar 14 02:00:16Video Game.Diablo III
21st Mar 14 01:33:45Videogame.Plague Inc
21st Mar 14 01:32:13Video Game.Pandemic
21st Mar 14 05:26:50YMMV.Shipping Wars
15th Mar 14 12:19:10Video Game.Scarlet Blade
9th Mar 14 05:02:28Awesome Moment Of Crowning
9th Mar 14 05:01:57Awesome Moment Of Crowning
7th Mar 14 05:49:06Video Game.Academagia
2nd Mar 14 10:01:10Video Game.Nexus War
28th Feb 14 03:57:34Characters.Elsword
28th Feb 14 03:51:50Film.Shaolin Soccer
24th Feb 14 05:16:13Nightmare Fuel.Thief
23rd Feb 14 03:21:29Video Game.Arcanum Of Steamworks And Magick Obscura
22nd Feb 14 03:37:23Video Game.Space Rangers
21st Feb 14 04:11:30Reality Subtext
20th Feb 14 03:03:11Video Game.Master Of Magic
19th Feb 14 01:57:49Video Game.Radix Beyond The Void
19th Feb 14 01:57:02Video Game.Radix Beyond The Void
19th Feb 14 01:49:43Video Game.Radix Beyond The Void
19th Feb 14 01:37:53Video Game.Titan Fall
12th Feb 14 06:56:35Awesome.Star Fleet
12th Feb 14 06:52:45YMMV.Star Fleet
12th Feb 14 02:23:59Star Fleet
12th Feb 14 02:15:52Star Fleet
11th Feb 14 01:29:06Poor Communication Kills
10th Feb 14 03:31:50Star Fleet
10th Feb 14 01:56:48Star Fleet
10th Feb 14 01:46:45Star Fleet
10th Feb 14 05:48:38Star Fleet
9th Feb 14 08:13:43Exactly What It Says On The Tin
9th Feb 14 08:02:40YMMV.Aguila Roja
9th Feb 14 08:01:08YMMV.Aguila Roja
9th Feb 14 08:00:04YMMV.Aguila Roja
9th Feb 14 07:56:56YMMV.La Celestina
9th Feb 14 07:56:07Literature.La Celestina
9th Feb 14 07:55:07Literature.La Celestina
8th Feb 14 04:33:44Ludicrous Gibs
5th Feb 14 03:02:51YMMV.God Of War
5th Feb 14 02:46:47Video Game.God Of War
5th Feb 14 05:16:02Game Breaker.Nintendo Wars
4th Feb 14 05:31:34Trope Namers.Anime And Manga
4th Feb 14 04:49:36Oddball In The Series
4th Feb 14 04:29:53Video Game.Castlevania Judgment
28th Jan 14 02:40:50Webcomic.Powerpuff Girls Doujinshi
28th Jan 14 01:54:53Deadly Rooms Of Death
27th Jan 14 03:23:41Characters.Yandere No Onna No Ko
27th Jan 14 02:55:22Characters.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
26th Jan 14 03:53:10Audio Play.Yandere No Onna No Ko
26th Jan 14 03:47:22Audio Play.Yandere No Onna No Ko
25th Jan 14 02:51:02Video Game.Namco High
25th Jan 14 02:50:26Video Game.Namco High
25th Jan 14 12:36:49Leeroy Jenkins
25th Jan 14 02:36:59Broke Your Arm Punching Out Cthulhu
23rd Jan 14 06:01:01YMMV.Breath Of Fire
22nd Jan 14 08:54:21YMMV.Markiplier
22nd Jan 14 03:59:03Video Game.God Of War
21st Jan 14 05:00:39Literature.The Canterbury Tales
21st Jan 14 04:59:13Literature.The Canterbury Tales
20th Jan 14 02:10:55Absurdly High Level Cap
19th Jan 14 07:34:45Characters.Star Craft II
19th Jan 14 07:33:38Characters.Star Craft II
15th Jan 14 01:58:01Awesome.Battlefield 3
15th Jan 14 01:57:41Awesome.Battlefield 3
11th Jan 14 04:32:52H Game
11th Jan 14 01:08:15Video Game.Heroines Quest
10th Jan 14 08:59:59Tsundere.Video Games
9th Jan 14 09:48:41Characters.Valkyria Chronicles III
7th Jan 14 02:55:55Trivia.Rusty Hearts
7th Jan 14 02:49:44Characters.Rusty Hearts
6th Jan 14 04:23:39Video Game.American Mcgees Grimm
5th Jan 14 10:26:33Creator.Mattel
4th Jan 14 02:11:11YMMV.Kerbal Space Program
2nd Jan 14 02:31:33Tabletop Game.Talisman
29th Dec 13 12:26:40Characters.Kantai Collection Two
27th Dec 13 09:07:29Amputation Stops Spread
26th Dec 13 01:58:17Rogue Like
21st Dec 13 02:58:51Video Game.Emperor Battle For Dune
20th Dec 13 07:26:11YMMV.Killer Instinct
18th Dec 13 02:52:09Characters.The Walking Dead Video Game
15th Dec 13 01:49:14So You Want To.Write A Yuri Manga
14th Dec 13 01:55:01Film.Final Destination
13th Dec 13 11:57:14Lets Play.Pew Die Pie
13th Dec 13 11:56:09Lets Play.Markiplier
10th Dec 13 02:05:11Microtransactions
10th Dec 13 01:20:38YMMV.Freedom Planet
9th Dec 13 02:12:37Trivia.The Cynical Brit
9th Dec 13 02:12:02Trivia.The Cynical Brit
9th Dec 13 01:32:16YMMV.Pew Die Pie
8th Dec 13 01:55:05Video Game.Invizimals
8th Dec 13 01:53:00Play Station 3
8th Dec 13 01:50:45Playstation Vita
8th Dec 13 01:47:19Playstation Portable
8th Dec 13 01:46:43Playstation Portable
8th Dec 13 01:46:24Playstation Portable
8th Dec 13 01:42:18Video Game.Invizimals
7th Dec 13 08:17:16Video Game.Muri
7th Dec 13 08:16:57Video Game.Muri
4th Dec 13 04:45:15Strange Adventures In Infinite Space
3rd Dec 13 03:56:57YMMV.Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
3rd Dec 13 03:56:19YMMV.Legend Of Heroes Trails In The Sky
1st Dec 13 01:28:48Video Game.Calm Time
1st Dec 13 12:52:19Video Game.Alice Mare
1st Dec 13 12:38:07Video Game.Alice Mare
30th Nov 13 09:51:09YMMV.Surgeon Simulator 2013
30th Nov 13 09:50:25YMMV.Surgeon Simulator 2013
30th Nov 13 08:42:12World Of Action Girls
28th Nov 13 03:34:31And The Fandom Rejoiced.Video Games
28th Nov 13 01:10:29Franchise.Ys
28th Nov 13 01:08:18Franchise.Ys
25th Nov 13 01:48:28Video Game.Calm Time
25th Nov 13 01:46:49Video Game.Calm Time
25th Nov 13 03:33:06Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 03:32:59Trivia.Hyrule Total War
24th Nov 13 01:21:52Infant Immortality
24th Nov 13 01:15:22The Bad Guy Wins.Video Games
24th Nov 13 01:11:03Lights Off Somebody Dies
24th Nov 13 01:04:50Surprise Creepy
24th Nov 13 01:01:11Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 01:00:45Kill Em All
24th Nov 13 12:55:15Ten Little Murder Victims
24th Nov 13 12:51:20Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 08:42:25Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 08:29:10Works Needing Tropes
24th Nov 13 08:28:17Freeware Games
24th Nov 13 08:25:23Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 08:24:37Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 08:24:09Video Game.Calm Time
24th Nov 13 08:23:48Video Game.Calm Time
23rd Nov 13 03:13:05Tropers.Sachiko
21st Nov 13 07:05:58Video Game.Candy Box
18th Nov 13 04:36:58Videogame.Breath Of Death VII
18th Nov 13 09:46:33YMMV.Digimon
17th Nov 13 03:32:46YMMV.Sweet Home
17th Nov 13 03:14:49YMMV.Splatterhouse
17th Nov 13 03:08:40YMMV.Splatterhouse
17th Nov 13 08:43:27YMMV.XCOM Enemy Unknown
15th Nov 13 10:02:56Video Game.XCOM Enemy Unknown
14th Nov 13 03:57:43Video Game.God Eater Burst
14th Nov 13 03:16:41Characters.The Binding Of Isaac
12th Nov 13 02:53:38YMMV.Lucius
12th Nov 13 02:53:08Characters.Lucius
10th Nov 13 07:06:43Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
10th Nov 13 03:55:14Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
10th Nov 13 03:53:05Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
9th Nov 13 05:18:23Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
9th Nov 13 02:18:21The Bad Guy Wins.Video Games
8th Nov 13 01:54:07Video Game.Freedom Planet
8th Nov 13 01:51:03Video Game.Freedom Planet
8th Nov 13 01:29:01Fiery Redhead
7th Nov 13 11:02:41Video Game.Desktop Dungeons
7th Nov 13 10:33:43WMG.Freedom Planet
7th Nov 13 09:07:47WMG.Freedom Planet
7th Nov 13 09:04:00WMG.Freedom Planet
7th Nov 13 07:00:04What An Idiot
7th Nov 13 06:59:15What An Idiot.Other
7th Nov 13 06:51:04Fiery Redhead
7th Nov 13 06:48:21Redheaded Bully
6th Nov 13 03:09:55Awesome.Blaz Blue
6th Nov 13 06:08:14Western Animation.Heavy Metal
6th Nov 13 04:53:57Video Game.Lakeview Cabin
1st Nov 13 03:54:33Video Game.Space Station 13
30th Oct 13 01:20:25Video Game.Avadon
24th Oct 13 01:57:05Video Game.Candy Box
23rd Oct 13 05:42:31Video Game.Candy Box
23rd Oct 13 06:47:21Video Game.Candy Box
22nd Oct 13 05:04:27Kissing Cousins
22nd Oct 13 03:27:16Depraved Dentist
22nd Oct 13 03:25:28Depraved Dentist
21st Oct 13 03:39:41Video Game.Deponia
19th Oct 13 04:54:41Wheres The Kaboom
18th Oct 13 11:18:41And The Fandom Rejoiced.Video Games
18th Oct 13 05:49:25Video Game.AI War Fleet Command
18th Oct 13 05:46:28YMMV.AI War Fleet Command
18th Oct 13 05:21:09YMMV.AI War Fleet Command
18th Oct 13 05:18:00YMMV.AI War Fleet Command
18th Oct 13 05:17:14YMMV.AI War Fleet Command
18th Oct 13 01:36:39Video Game.Deponia
17th Oct 13 10:55:19Tabletop Game.Earthdawn
16th Oct 13 02:52:05Video Game.Terraria
15th Oct 13 06:26:09Website.GOG Dot Com
14th Oct 13 11:50:27Tabletop Game.Talisman
14th Oct 13 11:40:58Tabletop Game.Talisman
13th Oct 13 07:35:22Anime.Jinki Extend
13th Oct 13 01:34:43Videogame.Doom The Roguelike
12th Oct 13 09:01:25Comic Book.Fables
12th Oct 13 08:54:29Video Game.The Wolf Among Us
12th Oct 13 05:20:07Characters.Terraria
12th Oct 13 05:15:12Shout Out.Video Games
12th Oct 13 05:13:37Shout Out.Terraria
12th Oct 13 05:08:54Video Game.Terraria
12th Oct 13 05:08:37Video Game.Terraria
12th Oct 13 04:34:21Video Game.Terraria
11th Oct 13 07:26:21Characters.Elsword
9th Oct 13 04:20:50Video Game.Terraria
9th Oct 13 04:17:10Video Game.Terraria
9th Oct 13 04:03:33Video Game.Terraria
8th Oct 13 09:42:18Tabletop Game.Talisman
8th Oct 13 09:40:05Tabletop Game.Talisman
6th Oct 13 02:52:05Video Game.Realm Of The Mad God
3rd Oct 13 02:56:56Video Game.Terraria
1st Oct 13 12:55:17Anime.Kuttsukiboshi
29th Sep 13 04:44:02Underwear Of Power
28th Sep 13 02:04:42Video Game.Fallen London
24th Sep 13 05:28:40Characters.Super Robot Wars MX
23rd Sep 13 11:12:20Video Game.Knights Of Pen And Paper
17th Sep 13 01:15:36Video Game.Diablo III
14th Sep 13 01:28:50YMMV.Phantasy Star Online 2
13th Sep 13 02:45:57Video Game.Iron Seed
30th Aug 13 03:35:21Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
24th Aug 13 02:22:40Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
20th Aug 13 02:18:53Visual Novel.Hate Plus
20th Aug 13 01:57:44Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
20th Aug 13 01:48:44Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
20th Aug 13 01:48:10Visual Novel.Analogue A Hate Story
20th Aug 13 01:43:06Visual Novel.Hate Plus
15th Jul 13 08:17:50Visual Novel.Limit Panic
13th Jul 13 07:41:10Hysterical Woman
13th Jul 13 07:30:45Hysterical Woman
13th Jul 13 07:30:10If Youre So Evil Eat This Kitten
13th Jul 13 07:29:52If Youre So Evil Eat This Kitten
13th Jul 13 03:44:29Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
13th Jul 13 03:37:21Trivia.Morty Kombat
13th Jul 13 03:36:57YMMV.Morty Kombat
12th Jul 13 02:50:12Video Game.Darksiders II
12th Jul 13 09:16:42Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
12th Jul 13 09:16:15Anime.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
12th Jul 13 09:12:59YMMV.Senki Zesshou Symphogear
11th Jul 13 02:45:00Tropers.Sachiko
7th Jul 13 07:01:02Video Game.Unepic
7th Jul 13 07:00:40Video Game.Unepic
6th Jul 13 03:31:43YMMV.Don Pachi
6th Jul 13 10:52:24Video Game.Afterlife
3rd Jul 13 04:02:22YMMV.Crescent Pale Mist
1st Jul 13 02:31:03Blake Stone
1st Jul 13 02:28:28Steam
1st Jul 13 02:25:53Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
1st Jul 13 02:24:28Video Game.Rise Of The Triad
1st Jul 13 07:36:42WMG.Kingdom Hearts III
30th Jun 13 02:40:48Unlockable Content
30th Jun 13 02:39:48Unlockable Content
29th Jun 13 08:09:06Evil Tower Of Ominousness
28th Jun 13 04:34:46Video Game.Rogue Legacy
28th Jun 13 01:51:52Steam
28th Jun 13 01:49:01Website.GOG Dot Com
28th Jun 13 01:46:32Video Game.Rogue Legacy
28th Jun 13 12:13:41WMG.Kingdom Hearts III
20th Jun 13 07:18:40Visual Novel.Koihime Musou
20th Jun 13 01:55:04Western Animation.The Amazing World Of Gumball
20th Jun 13 11:44:52Video Game.Disciples
20th Jun 13 11:42:56YMMV.Disciples
20th Jun 13 11:41:21Video Game.Disciples
20th Jun 13 11:37:58YMMV.Disciples
20th Jun 13 11:37:10Video Game.Disciples
19th Jun 13 10:51:33Characters.Vividred Operation
18th Jun 13 05:37:27Steam
18th Jun 13 05:35:38Video Game.Dungeons And Dragons
18th Jun 13 03:29:27Ear Worm.Western Animation
18th Jun 13 03:09:12Characters.Monster High
18th Jun 13 03:08:49Characters.Monster High
18th Jun 13 02:49:25Quotes.Freaky Is Cool
18th Jun 13 01:23:48Blake Stone
17th Jun 13 03:19:14Video Game.Maldita Castilla
17th Jun 13 03:17:39Video Game.Maldita Castilla
17th Jun 13 03:15:09Video Game.Maldita Castilla
14th Jun 13 03:47:31Video Game.Dungeons And Dragons
12th Jun 13 10:34:21Broken Base.Video Games
11th Jun 13 12:37:54Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
11th Jun 13 07:27:18Video Game.Fallen London
11th Jun 13 06:42:20Broken Base.Video Games
11th Jun 13 06:32:29YMMV.Killer Instinct
4th Jun 13 01:36:39Video Game.Class Of Heroes
3rd Jun 13 10:42:05Freeware Games
3rd Jun 13 10:23:49Freeware Games
2nd Jun 13 12:09:18Video Game.Second Wind
1st Jun 13 09:02:02Tube Adventures
31st May 13 04:04:04Video Game.Xenonauts
31st May 13 11:20:48Video Game.Don Pachi
30th May 13 03:26:20Steam
30th May 13 03:23:55Video Game.Shadow Warrior
29th May 13 01:30:14Video Game.Shadow Warrior
29th May 13 05:09:27Video Game.Dead Space 3
29th May 13 05:04:52Video Game.Dead Space 3
27th May 13 09:42:12YMMV.ARES
27th May 13 06:40:34Video Game.Star Command
27th May 13 06:24:42Video Game.Star Command
25th May 13 02:32:28Video Game.Robinsons Requiem
25th May 13 02:30:53Video Game.Robinsons Requiem
23rd May 13 02:13:53Website.GOG Dot Com
23rd May 13 02:11:46Video Game.Wizardry
23rd May 13 02:09:54Video Game.Wizardry
23rd May 13 06:49:25WMG.Vocaloid
20th May 13 03:36:53YMMV.Ginormo Sword
19th May 13 03:24:33Video Game.Fallen London
18th May 13 07:05:38Dream Sue
17th May 13 05:37:05Video Game.Dungeon Keeper
13th May 13 06:11:58Creator.Insomniac Games
10th May 13 01:38:46Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
9th May 13 10:17:21Visual Novel.Long Live The Queen
8th May 13 11:03:13I Love Nuclear Power
6th May 13 08:44:03Video Game.Master Of Magic
6th May 13 02:49:43YMMV.Freedom Planet
5th May 13 02:39:03Videogame.Star Drive
5th May 13 02:36:58Ursine Aliens
5th May 13 02:25:00Videogame.Star Drive
3rd May 13 05:22:57Western Animation.Chowder
2nd May 13 07:04:43Anime.Queens Blade
2nd May 13 06:54:43Video Game.Scarlet Blade
2nd May 13 04:53:52Video Game.Papers Please
2nd May 13 06:12:18Video Game.Mass Effect 3
2nd May 13 06:11:28Video Game.Mass Effect 3
2nd May 13 02:33:49Hey Its That Voice.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
1st May 13 12:45:05Five Stages Of Grief
1st May 13 10:40:27Video Game.Ys
1st May 13 10:19:03Magical Girl Hunters
1st May 13 06:26:34YMMV.Gamer Poop
30th Apr 13 04:30:38Aoi Yuuki
30th Apr 13 04:23:28YMMV.Sol Trigger
25th Apr 13 04:40:42Hey Its That Voice.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
25th Apr 13 04:39:45Hey Its That Voice.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
23rd Apr 13 11:51:33Anime.Vividred Operation
23rd Apr 13 11:17:51Characters.Dont Starve
23rd Apr 13 06:44:51Trivia.Shrek
23rd Apr 13 06:43:38Trivia.Shrek

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