Rothul's Recent Edits

17th Nov 17 07:51:19Historys Crime Wave
24th Oct 17 07:02:10Base Breaker.SURVIVOR
19th Jul 17 11:33:26Epic Fail.Comic Books
8th Jul 17 01:26:43Video Game.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
8th Jun 17 11:30:11Take That.Other
22nd May 17 04:37:01Nightmare Fuel.The Punisher MAX
28th Apr 17 08:35:32YMMV.Ciaphas Cain
27th Apr 17 04:28:45Insult Backfire.Comic Books
14th Mar 17 01:55:02Heartwarming.Bloom County
7th Nov 16 10:35:50Video Game.Badlands
7th Nov 16 10:35:34Video Game.Badlands
31st Oct 16 08:23:17Aborted Arc
27th Oct 16 07:19:54Nightmare Fuel.The Boondocks
26th Aug 16 10:51:48Creator.The History Channel
23rd Aug 16 06:03:36Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu.Comic Books
6th Aug 16 04:30:32Deconstruction Game
3rd Aug 16 05:36:17Obvious Beta
24th Jun 16 08:15:21Adjustable Censorship
28th Apr 16 05:36:19Immoral Reality Show
25th Apr 16 08:47:00Insult Backfire
14th Apr 16 08:55:35No Canon For The Wicked
14th Apr 16 08:53:35No Campaign For The Wicked
2nd Apr 16 07:55:31Unsound Effect
26th Mar 16 10:48:38Cycle Of Revenge
19th Mar 16 01:39:18Real Life.We ARE Struggling Together
28th Feb 16 06:11:19Right Way Wrong Way Pair
28th Feb 16 03:34:03Manga.Rurouni Kenshin
8th Feb 16 05:01:26Awesome Music.Live Action TV
30th Jan 16 07:42:17Overshadowed By Controversy
17th Jan 16 09:36:15Logical Weakness
30th Dec 15 05:01:49Arc Fatigue
21st Dec 15 12:56:19The Ending Changes Everything
21st Dec 15 07:23:43Web Original.Captains Log
21st Dec 15 06:03:11Wall Bangers.Other
20th Dec 15 09:27:30Villain Decay.Professional Wrestling
15th Dec 15 06:38:35Acceptable Ethnic Targets
15th Dec 15 06:10:24A Glass In The Hand
13th Dec 15 10:26:32Wacky Racing
13th Dec 15 09:50:42Refuge In Audacity.Comic Books
13th Dec 15 08:23:12Adult Fear.Comics
13th Dec 15 07:20:01Unintentionally Sympathetic
13th Dec 15 07:18:49Daylight Horror
12th Dec 15 09:54:20Inspector Lestrade
8th Dec 15 05:51:22Nightmare Fuel.Live Action TV
4th Dec 15 07:30:03Fridge.Marvel Avengers Alliance
11th Oct 15 06:54:27YMMV.Game Grumps
8th Oct 15 02:43:48YMMV.Game Grumps
29th Sep 15 06:52:35Break The Cutie
28th Sep 15 09:11:40Web Original
14th Sep 15 07:57:00Film.Five Came Back
14th Sep 15 06:16:38The Reason You Suck Speech.Live Action TV
13th Sep 15 05:23:06The Reason You Suck Speech.Live Action TV
8th Sep 15 02:22:56The Alleged Car.Real Life
7th Sep 15 07:23:25The Alleged Car
6th Sep 15 05:25:24Funny.Jupiter Ascending
28th Aug 15 10:44:48Video Game.Mega Man Classic
19th Jul 15 06:32:03Manga.Private Actress
19th Jul 15 06:24:32Shameful Strip
17th Jul 15 08:29:00My Greatest Failure
17th Jul 15 08:09:29Do Not Taunt Cthulhu
15th Jul 15 11:07:53The Reason You Suck Speech.Real Life
3rd Jul 15 08:34:04Nightmare Fuel.Professional Wrestling
3rd Jul 15 08:06:20Epic Fail.Professional Wrestling
3rd Jul 15 07:40:29Appropriated Appellation
2nd Jul 15 07:15:45Never Live It Down.Other Media
2nd Jul 15 07:15:08Never Live It Down.Other Media
2nd Jul 15 07:14:47Never Live It Down.Other Media
1st Jul 15 11:41:03Never Live It Down.Other Media
1st Jul 15 07:44:04Fridge.Inside Out
19th Jun 15 10:07:08So Bad Its Good
19th Jun 15 12:58:55The Scrappy.Other Media
20th May 15 08:49:25The Reason You Suck Speech.Comic Books
11th May 15 12:21:44Censor Decoy
5th May 15 10:27:22YMMV.Big Hero 6
20th Mar 15 07:24:00Video Game.Marvel Avengers Alliance
20th Mar 15 05:31:59Overshadowed By Controversy
20th Feb 15 11:45:38Trivia.ET The Extra Terrestrial
13th Feb 15 01:34:01Wrestling.Jim Cornette
31st Jan 15 09:51:49X Pac Heat
31st Jan 15 12:51:09Misblamed
29th Jan 15 01:29:56X Ray Vision
26th Jan 15 11:52:39Reactionary Fantasy
5th Jan 15 09:25:03Just Eat Gilligan
3rd Jan 15 10:48:38But Thou Must
29th Dec 14 08:29:22Dethroning Moment.Cracked
26th Dec 14 11:23:34Men Are The Expendable Gender
26th Dec 14 08:46:12Box Office Bomb
26th Dec 14 03:23:51Spiritual Antithesis
26th Dec 14 02:34:16Critical Dissonance
9th Dec 14 08:56:49Real Award Fictional Character
7th Dec 14 07:28:56YMMV.Gone Home
7th Dec 14 07:00:35Would Hit A Girl.Professional Wrestling
7th Dec 14 07:00:19Would Hit A Girl.Professional Wrestling
7th Dec 14 07:00:00Would Hit A Girl.Professional Wrestling
7th Dec 14 06:58:40Would Hit A Girl.Professional Wrestling
7th Dec 14 06:56:58Would Hit A Girl
3rd Dec 14 08:41:41Unbuilt Trope
20th Oct 14 01:29:44One Letter Title
20th Oct 14 01:29:27One Letter Title
19th Oct 14 11:07:53Political Correctness Gone Mad
19th Oct 14 01:51:21Sequel Displacement
13th Sep 14 10:25:05Hilarious In Hindsight.Other
13th Sep 14 09:43:54Adaptation Distillation
12th Sep 14 02:57:13Streisand Effect
8th Sep 14 07:49:53Villain Has A Point
8th Sep 14 05:35:34Unintentionally Notorious Crime
4th Sep 14 05:18:22Happily Married
4th Sep 14 05:18:14Happily Married
4th Sep 14 05:18:03Happily Married
22nd Aug 14 02:46:58Videogame.Marvel Avengers Alliance
22nd Aug 14 02:04:02YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
22nd Aug 14 12:13:17Streisand Effect
21st Aug 14 11:49:30Streisand Effect
21st Aug 14 11:37:56Streisand Effect
19th Aug 14 12:20:36Ignored Vital News Reports
8th Aug 14 08:05:38Tyop On The Cover
2nd Aug 14 07:40:09Trolling Creator
2nd Aug 14 12:16:23Lying Creator
31st Jul 14 11:35:38Intolerable Tolerance
31st Jul 14 01:30:19Film.Sharknado 2 The Second One
26th Jul 14 11:13:18Home Field Advantage
26th Jul 14 11:11:45Home Field Advantage
13th Jul 14 12:30:59Literature.Time Machine Series
11th Jul 14 01:15:51Unbuilt Trope
10th Jul 14 11:55:13Anguished Declaration Of Love
7th Jul 14 12:19:41Do Not Spoil This Ending
5th Jul 14 02:10:24WMG.Harry Potterandthe Methodsof Rationality
4th Jul 14 11:39:28Strawman Ball
4th Jul 14 11:36:36Gone Horribly Right
1st Jul 14 10:01:13Wrong Genre Savvy.Literature
1st Jul 14 10:00:22Take That Critics
27th Jun 14 12:18:39YMMV.Another
27th Jun 14 12:17:24YMMV.Another
26th Jun 14 01:28:19Ironic Echo
24th Jun 14 09:10:10Cast Speciation
17th Jun 14 09:09:14Continuity Lockout
17th Jun 14 01:17:45And Knowing Is Half The Battle
16th Jun 14 08:49:35The Scrappy.Comic Books
14th Jun 14 12:28:25Hard Work Fallacy
13th Jun 14 10:36:37Give Geeks A Chance
10th Jun 14 10:09:57Evasive Fight Thread Episode
10th Jun 14 10:07:22Evasive Fight Thread Episode
10th Jun 14 12:59:08YMMV.Spec Ops The Line
7th Jun 14 01:07:03Ambiguous Disorder
6th Jun 14 09:53:14Voiceover Translation
5th Jun 14 10:07:10Tabletop RPG
2nd Jun 14 01:31:43Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
31st May 14 06:20:03YMMV.Gravity
31st May 14 06:16:14YMMV.Gravity
31st May 14 06:10:31Nobody Poops
30th May 14 01:20:59YMMV.Give A Boy A Gun
30th May 14 01:20:44YMMV.Give A Boy A Gun
24th May 14 10:28:51Worked Shoot
24th May 14 10:28:23Worked Shoot
21st May 14 10:54:20Headscratchers.Doom House
20th May 14 04:33:13The Dog Was The Mastermind
20th May 14 03:45:32Super Registration Act
20th May 14 03:43:43Does This Remind You Of Anything.Comic Books
20th May 14 03:42:31Does This Remind You Of Anything.Comic Books
20th May 14 03:41:01Fantastic Racism
20th May 14 03:38:48Have You Tried Not Being A Monster
20th May 14 11:15:51Values Dissonance.Comic Books
23rd Apr 14 12:59:19Trivia.All The Boys Love Mandy Lane
21st Apr 14 12:59:57YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
11th Apr 14 10:58:01Awesome.Marvel Avengers Alliance
7th Apr 14 01:33:56Awesome.Wrestle Mania
7th Apr 14 01:33:23Awesome.Wrestle Mania
6th Apr 14 11:05:46Screwed By The Lawyers
6th Apr 14 10:27:16Ruined FOREVER.Comic Books
31st Mar 14 04:33:21Wrestling.Montreal Screwjob
31st Mar 14 01:39:42Misblamed
29th Mar 14 01:45:49Unacceptable Targets
24th Mar 14 10:40:09Strawman Has A Point
23rd Mar 14 07:07:24Common Place Rare
7th Mar 14 11:20:04Analogy Backfire
5th Mar 14 03:39:51Heartwarming.Comic Books
27th Feb 14 02:29:18Subverted Kids Show
25th Feb 14 06:35:23Embarrassing Cover Up
25th Feb 14 10:29:59Game Show Appearance
18th Feb 14 11:07:35Spotting The Thread
18th Feb 14 07:34:39Unintentionally Unsympathetic
12th Feb 14 04:52:13Frivolous Lawsuit
5th Feb 14 09:43:54Obscured Special Effects
5th Feb 14 09:43:04Obscured Special Effects
30th Jan 14 11:16:35Criminal Mind Games
29th Jan 14 01:57:22Spank The Cutie
26th Jan 14 01:14:51One Episode Wonder
21st Jan 14 09:39:23YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
21st Jan 14 09:35:33YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
12th Jan 14 01:21:04Nightmare Fuel.Justice League The Flashpoint Paradox
11th Jan 14 06:11:48Just For Fun.Ad Of Win
9th Jan 14 03:12:13Space Western
5th Jan 14 07:34:30YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
28th Dec 13 11:31:22YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
28th Dec 13 11:29:03YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
28th Dec 13 05:49:39Memes.Politics
28th Dec 13 10:54:18Memes.Politics
28th Dec 13 08:24:01Interrupting Meme
26th Dec 13 07:16:22Running Gagged
24th Dec 13 09:08:44Missing Episode.Game Shows
23rd Dec 13 04:43:35Shocking Defeat Legacy
23rd Dec 13 04:01:52Shocking Defeat Legacy
15th Dec 13 03:51:23Kangaroo Court
7th Dec 13 08:25:11Women In Refrigerators
25th Nov 13 11:29:06Competitive Balance
24th Nov 13 04:05:17Nightmare Fuel.Papers Please
24th Nov 13 07:16:26Damned By A Fools Praise
21st Nov 13 10:00:41No Medication For Me
21st Nov 13 09:21:59Screw The Rules Im Doing Whats Right.Live Action Films
20th Nov 13 10:12:07Never Bareheaded
20th Nov 13 08:43:41Funny.Doonesbury
20th Nov 13 08:43:28Funny.Newspaper Comics
20th Nov 13 08:43:08Funny.Newspaper Comics
13th Nov 13 10:34:59Radio.Adventures In Odyssey
10th Nov 13 06:50:52Unbuilt Trope
10th Nov 13 03:49:51Unbuilt Trope
6th Nov 13 10:19:41Witch Hunt
3rd Nov 13 05:12:41Story Branch Favoritism
1st Nov 13 10:45:38The Reason You Suck Speech.Western Animation
1st Nov 13 08:54:45Never Live It Down.Sports
1st Nov 13 02:44:53Early Installment Weirdness.Anime And Manga
1st Nov 13 01:43:31Early Installment Weirdness.Comic Books
1st Nov 13 01:41:14Early Installment Weirdness.Comic Books
30th Oct 13 08:48:34Stupid Sacrifice
30th Oct 13 11:26:13Chuck Cunningham Syndrome
20th Oct 13 07:17:55Film.Friday The13th The Final Chapter
20th Oct 13 07:15:58Franchise.Friday The13th
20th Oct 13 05:52:54Awful Truth
20th Oct 13 02:17:33Ignored Epiphany
20th Oct 13 08:02:34Creator.Graeme Base
18th Oct 13 11:27:23Easy Come Easy Go
18th Oct 13 06:43:15Town With A Dark Secret
13th Oct 13 10:21:49Wrestling.Money In The Bank
13th Oct 13 06:12:54Professional Wrestling
13th Oct 13 06:09:28Mac Guffin.Real Life
13th Oct 13 05:38:55Ten Minute Retirement
13th Oct 13 04:53:41Signature Sound Effect
13th Oct 13 12:24:46Wring Every Last Drop Out Of Him
6th Oct 13 05:45:54Unbuilt Trope
5th Oct 13 10:04:33Spiritual Antithesis
1st Oct 13 09:11:56Spiritual Antithesis
30th Sep 13 11:15:32Credits Gag
27th Sep 13 09:04:37Documentary Of Lies
27th Sep 13 04:10:27Smug Snake.Comic Books
27th Sep 13 04:06:12Hate Sink
27th Sep 13 03:58:51Hate Sink
22nd Sep 13 12:12:23Blessed With Suck.Professional Wrestling
22nd Sep 13 12:12:17Blessed With Suck.Professional Wrestling
22nd Sep 13 12:11:18Blessed With Suck.Professional Wrestling
22nd Sep 13 12:11:03Blessed With Suck.Professional Wrestling
21st Sep 13 11:59:07Comic Book.What If
21st Sep 13 10:17:45YMMV.Survivor Heroes Vs Villains
19th Sep 13 04:56:25Banned In China
19th Sep 13 01:43:56Kryptonite Factor
18th Sep 13 07:40:20Awesome.Fox Trot
18th Sep 13 11:56:07Playing With.Made Of Win
17th Sep 13 10:42:49Crippling Overspecialization
17th Sep 13 12:34:54Trolling Creator
10th Sep 13 12:54:37Pintsized Powerhouse.Comic Books
10th Sep 13 12:03:54Never Needs Sharpening
26th Aug 13 12:17:16Promotional Consideration
23rd Aug 13 07:32:48Cool And Unusual Punishment
23rd Aug 13 01:31:25Hope Spot
20th Aug 13 07:31:36Censored For Comedy
20th Aug 13 07:31:00Censored For Comedy
20th Aug 13 07:30:46Censored For Comedy
20th Aug 13 07:30:36Censored For Comedy
20th Aug 13 07:30:24Censored For Comedy
20th Aug 13 07:17:25Box Office Bomb
17th Aug 13 02:47:50Funny.Botchamania
16th Aug 13 09:41:33Jerkass Has A Point
16th Aug 13 09:38:49Jerkass Has A Point
15th Aug 13 10:22:42Hufflepuff House
13th Aug 13 02:22:19Random Events Plot
9th Aug 13 11:09:50Stealth Cigarette Commercial
9th Aug 13 11:08:28Stealth Cigarette Commercial
3rd Aug 13 09:27:42Alternate Company Equivalent
3rd Aug 13 09:18:58Funny.Annie
29th Jul 13 08:16:51Our Slogan Is Terrible
28th Jul 13 09:29:47Cheap Heat
28th Jul 13 10:03:13The Most Dangerous Video Game
28th Jul 13 10:02:27Deadly Games
23rd Jul 13 01:14:41Absurdly Ineffective Barricade
23rd Jul 13 01:07:28Bad Humor Truck
22nd Jul 13 01:59:01Draco In Leather Pants.Comic Books
22nd Jul 13 02:04:06Awesome.Poker Night At The Inventory
20th Jul 13 08:09:55Aluminum Christmas Trees
19th Jul 13 08:03:47Last Lousy Point
19th Jul 13 07:55:50Sacrificial Lamb.Live Action TV
17th Jul 13 07:40:22Once A Season
17th Jul 13 07:32:13Once A Season
17th Jul 13 07:21:18Once A Season
16th Jul 13 01:21:27The New Rock And Roll
16th Jul 13 01:16:32The New Rock And Roll
16th Jul 13 10:55:15Awesome.Star Wars
16th Jul 13 09:02:47Awesome.Star Wars
15th Jul 13 09:45:27Schmuck Bait.Real Life
15th Jul 13 06:53:17Inferred Holocaust
15th Jul 13 11:21:37Informed Flaw
15th Jul 13 11:20:06Un Canceled
11th Jul 13 09:42:25Creator Backlash
7th Jul 13 09:08:42Moral Dissonance
7th Jul 13 09:07:50Moral Dissonance
6th Jul 13 11:53:57Narrative Filigree
6th Jul 13 10:07:29Funny.Golden Eye 1997
30th Jun 13 11:47:01Improbable Weapon User.Pro Wrestling
30th Jun 13 11:19:50Improbable Weapon User.Real Life
30th Jun 13 08:00:05Viral Marketing
30th Jun 13 07:55:31Viral Marketing
30th Jun 13 07:54:16Viral Marketing
30th Jun 13 07:50:38Viral Marketing
30th Jun 13 07:19:00Viral Marketing
29th Jun 13 11:13:27The Great Video Game Crash Of 1983
28th Jun 13 10:17:05Subverted Kids Show
28th Jun 13 10:13:15Subverted Kids Show
26th Jun 13 12:57:42Evil Is One Big Happy Family
24th Jun 13 12:52:15Combat Pragmatist.Real Life
24th Jun 13 12:47:14Combat Pragmatist.Real Life
20th Jun 13 11:15:42Killer App
19th Jun 13 11:29:41Alternative Character Interpretation.New Media
18th Jun 13 10:52:52Holding Out For A Hero
18th Jun 13 10:47:02Holding Out For A Hero
18th Jun 13 10:40:48Metaplot
18th Jun 13 10:30:41Popularity Power.Comic Books
18th Jun 13 10:18:30Why Do You Hate The Dog
18th Jun 13 02:47:22Awesome But Impractical.Comic Books
18th Jun 13 11:41:09Get Back In The Closet
18th Jun 13 11:40:53Get Back In The Closet
18th Jun 13 12:40:31Incest Subtext
17th Jun 13 02:24:34Schedule Slip.Video Games
17th Jun 13 02:15:51Schedule Slip.Video Games
17th Jun 13 02:12:16Misblamed
16th Jun 13 11:20:36Periphery Hatedom
13th Jun 13 09:58:12Narm.Professional Wrestling
11th Jun 13 05:54:34Awesome.ECW
11th Jun 13 05:48:25Awesome.ECW
10th Jun 13 11:45:35Karma Houdini.Live Action TV
10th Jun 13 11:00:00Not So Different.Real Life
9th Jun 13 08:51:29Literature.Ciaphas Cain
8th Jun 13 10:28:33Genre Throwback
4th Jun 13 10:02:06Discontinuity.Comic Books
4th Jun 13 10:07:26Quotes.Unwitting Pawn
4th Jun 13 09:52:15Heartwarming.Sgt Frog
4th Jun 13 09:34:32Daylight Horror
2nd Jun 13 11:06:27The Extremist Was Right
2nd Jun 13 10:40:45Four One Nine Scam
2nd Jun 13 10:32:50Chew Out Fake Out
2nd Jun 13 10:28:53Chew Out Fake Out
1st Jun 13 11:29:08Calvin Ball
1st Jun 13 06:40:34Horrible.TNA
1st Jun 13 12:23:36Horrible.WWE
1st Jun 13 12:13:39Horrible.WWE
1st Jun 13 09:42:15Day Dream Believer
1st Jun 13 09:39:00Worked Shoot
31st May 13 07:24:53Honky Tonk Man
31st May 13 07:24:40Honky Tonk Man
31st May 13 07:23:00Honky Tonk Man
27th May 13 09:24:53Inventional Wisdom
27th May 13 08:30:21Smooch Of Victory
27th May 13 07:55:05Token Mini Moe
26th May 13 02:15:07Curb Stomp Battle.Real Life
26th May 13 02:12:10Curb Stomp Battle.Real Life
26th May 13 01:44:46Curb Stomp Battle.Comic Books
22nd May 13 06:54:00Awesome.Real Life
22nd May 13 12:40:46Bungled Suicide
22nd May 13 09:25:02Even Better Sequel
21st May 13 10:46:50Wiki.SCP Foundation
19th May 13 04:22:51Professional Wrestling
17th May 13 10:21:53Wrestling.Doink The Clown
17th May 13 09:53:55Shocking Swerve
15th May 13 01:09:25Funny.Survivor
13th May 13 08:58:21YMMV.Marvel Avengers Alliance
6th May 13 09:27:16Conviction By Contradiction
30th Apr 13 11:24:43Eureka Moment
24th Apr 13 05:37:57Conversational Troping
22nd Apr 13 10:30:55Stepford Smiler
22nd Apr 13 10:30:40Stepford Smiler
22nd Apr 13 10:30:22Stepford Smiler
22nd Apr 13 10:17:44Stepford Smiler
21st Apr 13 09:41:12The Reason You Suck Speech.Other
21st Apr 13 09:27:06The Reason You Suck Speech.Real Life
21st Apr 13 08:36:11Pull The Thread
21st Apr 13 06:41:26Took The Bad Film Seriously
21st Apr 13 06:39:23International Showdown By Proxy
21st Apr 13 06:28:21Took The Bad Film Seriously
21st Apr 13 06:13:54Comic Book.Johnny Turbo
20th Apr 13 08:23:08Stunt Double
19th Apr 13 08:47:55Tear Jerker.Survivor
18th Apr 13 09:38:26Artificial Stupidity.Simulation Games
17th Apr 13 10:31:56Common Knowledge
15th Apr 13 11:12:19Manga.King Of Thorn
15th Apr 13 11:36:15Yank The Dogs Chain
14th Apr 13 04:42:06Creator.Penn And Teller
8th Apr 13 11:45:06Hitler Ate Sugar
8th Apr 13 07:39:18Hitler Ate Sugar
8th Apr 13 07:36:04Golden Mean Fallacy
8th Apr 13 07:33:32Golden Mean Fallacy
7th Apr 13 04:20:02Scrappy Mechanic
7th Apr 13 06:47:57Jumping The Shark
6th Apr 13 06:51:37Useless Superpowers