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9th Oct 16 08:25:43Suspiciously Similar Song.Western Animation
18th Aug 16 07:39:58Content Warnings
18th Aug 16 07:36:39Content Warnings
3rd Mar 16 05:41:37Critical Research Failure
11th Mar 14 10:01:24Film.Mars Attacks
11th Mar 14 10:00:54Film.Mars Attacks
4th Mar 14 08:11:13WMG.Halo
3rd Mar 14 03:00:22YMMV.Portal Breach
3rd Mar 14 02:59:39YMMV.Portal Breach
8th Jan 14 01:43:47Late Arrival Spoiler
8th Dec 13 07:50:31What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Comic Books
24th Oct 13 06:33:52I Let Gwen Stacy Die
6th Oct 13 05:49:11Die For Our Ship.Western Animation
2nd Oct 13 07:00:44Trivia.Rugrats
19th Sep 13 09:01:15Crossover Ship
14th Aug 13 07:42:51Sailor Earth
13th Aug 13 07:39:09Laconic.Civil War
13th Aug 13 07:37:15Laconic.Civil War
12th Aug 13 05:21:01Soaperizing
12th Aug 13 05:20:22Soaperizing
5th Jul 13 06:23:28Merchandise Driven
28th Jun 13 08:19:31WMG.Hikonin Sentai Akibaranger
30th Apr 13 05:40:03Dork Age.Marvel
17th Apr 13 08:20:58Idiot Ball.Western Animation
17th Apr 13 08:01:14Idiot Ball.Comic Books
17th Apr 13 08:01:02Idiot Ball.Comic Books
14th Apr 13 05:51:09Franchise.Jurassic Park
14th Apr 13 05:50:17Franchise.Jurassic Park
11th Apr 13 05:54:12YMMV.Civil War
10th Apr 13 09:15:13YMMV.Civil War
15th Mar 13 05:24:34Unreadably Fast Text
15th Mar 13 05:09:40Western Animation.Space Ghost Coast To Coast
3rd Mar 13 02:28:47Hijacked By Jesus
18th Feb 13 10:24:06Flintstone Theming
31st Jan 13 06:31:56Headscratchers.The Emperors New School
7th Dec 12 07:47:21Western Animation.Barbie Life In The Dreamhouse
2nd Dec 12 02:51:25Flintstone Theming
29th Nov 12 10:19:44Video Game.Nicktoons MLB
23rd Nov 12 11:29:02Disney.Wreck It Ralph
13th Nov 12 08:53:24The Power Of Hate
11th Oct 12 09:09:22YMMV.Marissa Picard
16th Sep 12 04:39:50Spoof Aesop
17th Aug 12 08:56:13Heartwarming.Para Norman
6th Aug 12 06:16:22Roleplay.Ink City
31st May 12 06:51:31Laconic.Hatoful Boyfriend
19th May 12 07:55:03Fridge.Star Trek The Original Series
11th May 12 08:46:07Gone Horribly Right
8th May 12 08:34:22My Friends And Zoidberg
21st Apr 12 01:43:07WMG.Pattycakes
18th Mar 12 10:59:45WMG.Turtles Forever
18th Mar 12 10:42:14WMG.Teen Titans
22nd Feb 12 01:15:24Dreamworks Face
19th Feb 12 08:50:03YMMV.The Divine Comedy
19th Feb 12 08:49:07YMMV.The Divine Comedy
17th Jan 12 04:30:35Dumbstruck
22nd Dec 11 06:28:59Banned In China
10th Dec 11 07:24:08Lemon
1st Dec 11 04:12:30Ensign Sue Must Die
1st Dec 11 04:08:55Ensign Sue Must Die
1st Dec 11 01:58:32Daria
19th Nov 11 01:53:09Dexters Laboratory
1st Nov 11 08:33:39Good Bad Bugs.Massively Multiplayer Online RPG
30th Oct 11 07:58:57Transformers Animated
30th Oct 11 07:58:48Transformers Animated
2nd Oct 11 04:10:19Fridge.Ink City
2nd Oct 11 04:03:41YMMV.Ink City
28th Sep 11 08:33:17Flying Brick
28th Sep 11 05:40:56The Man Is Sticking It To The Man
28th Sep 11 05:40:29The Man Is Sticking It To The Man
22nd Sep 11 12:40:44Headscratchers.Supergirl
21st Sep 11 04:04:23The Sociopath
21st Sep 11 04:02:51The Sociopath
21st Sep 11 04:01:47The Sociopath