Rissa's Recent Edits

1st Mar 18 01:22:57Trrrilling Rrrs
1st Mar 18 01:22:56Trrrilling Rrrs
1st Mar 18 01:21:20Trrrilling Rrrs
14th Mar 17 03:40:02Series.Sherlock Holmes
14th Mar 17 03:39:11Series.Sherlock Holmes
12th Mar 17 01:28:34Series.Takeshis Castle
11th Mar 17 03:00:10Platform Hell
20th Mar 15 04:45:57The Watson
2nd Jan 15 12:41:29Characters.Old Mans War
1st Dec 14 01:13:45Series.Fawlty Towers
1st Dec 14 01:13:04Series.Fawlty Towers
13th Jul 14 12:58:40Our Dwarves Are All The Same
13th Jul 14 12:58:24Our Dwarves Are All The Same
13th Jul 14 12:55:27Our Dwarves Are All The Same
13th Jul 14 12:52:05Our Dwarves Are All The Same
27th May 14 03:33:56Metaphorgotten
3rd May 14 01:50:20Film.They Might Be Giants
3rd May 14 01:49:43Windmill Crusader
26th Apr 14 03:12:00Near Death Experience
26th Jan 14 02:05:39What Did You Expect When You Named It
26th Jan 14 01:46:21Film.In The Loop
26th Jan 14 01:38:36Film.In The Loop
9th Jan 14 03:22:40Suicidal Overconfidence
9th Jan 14 03:22:12Suicidal Overconfidence
7th Aug 13 03:51:42Cow Tools
6th Jul 13 02:41:21Sunset Over Imdahl
6th Jul 13 02:36:26Stable Time Loop
6th Jul 13 02:26:40Stable Time Loop
6th Jul 13 02:25:48Stable Time Loop
6th Jul 13 01:37:48Stable Time Loop
5th Jul 13 07:45:44Walking Spoiler
30th Jun 13 05:50:20What Exactly Is His Job
30th Jun 13 04:46:38Theatre.Forbidden Broadway
30th Jun 13 12:06:35Sorry Billy But You Just Dont Have Legs
29th Jun 13 03:02:01Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Universal
29th Jun 13 02:48:17Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Universal
29th Jun 13 02:08:34Tropes That Will Never Happen.Too Universal
29th Jun 13 02:06:18Steam
29th Jun 13 06:34:19Slobs Versus Snobs
29th Jun 13 06:31:44Good Is Old Fashioned
12th Jun 13 04:39:30There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
28th May 13 07:42:31The Watson
27th May 13 12:45:50Mysterious Middle Initial
27th May 13 12:20:31Fandom Berserk Button
27th May 13 11:33:12Recap.Blackadder S 2 E 1 Bells
27th May 13 10:37:55Recap.Blackadder S 2 E 1 Bells
27th May 13 10:32:21Recap.Blackadder S 2 E 1 Bells
26th May 13 06:49:50The Butler Did It
22nd May 13 10:59:22Noodle Incident.Literature
21st May 13 10:11:38Mortons Fork
21st May 13 07:43:14Cheesy Moon
21st May 13 07:28:02Older Than Feudalism
21st May 13 06:56:57The Great Repair
21st May 13 05:58:09Newsnight
21st May 13 03:05:28Doubling For London
18th May 13 07:20:55Hartman Hips
18th May 13 06:00:37Headscratchers.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 13 05:40:25Trivia.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 13 05:38:21Trivia.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 13 05:09:31Heartwarming.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 13 05:09:09Heartwarming.Sherlock Holmes
18th May 13 04:31:33Horsing Around
18th May 13 04:30:26Horsing Around
18th May 13 04:29:05Horsing Around
18th May 13 04:28:31Horsing Around
18th May 13 04:27:50Horsing Around
18th May 13 04:25:37Horsing Around
17th May 13 09:14:27They Have The Scent
17th May 13 08:13:13Disney.The Great Mouse Detective
17th May 13 03:40:39Strongly Worded Letter
16th May 13 02:59:19Literature.Basil Of Baker Street
16th May 13 02:56:01Victorian London
16th May 13 02:49:38Victorian London
15th May 13 11:18:34Lost In Imitation
14th May 13 12:35:18Creator.Ben Kingsley
14th May 13 12:17:33Informed Deformity
14th May 13 12:08:58Informed Deformity
14th May 13 12:05:51My Brain Is Big
14th May 13 12:01:24My Brain Is Big
14th May 13 10:59:09Ham And Cheese
14th May 13 10:49:17Film.Sherlock Holmes
14th May 13 10:20:53Wiki Sandbox
14th May 13 10:20:29Footnote Fever
12th May 13 09:35:27Wiki Sandbox
12th May 13 09:26:46Footnote Fever
12th May 13 09:25:29Footnote Fever
10th May 13 05:40:34The End Is Nigh
10th May 13 04:53:04Literature.Misery
10th May 13 01:32:25Bite The Wax Tadpole
10th May 13 12:53:49News Monopoly
10th May 13 12:40:07Film.Shaun Of The Dead
9th May 13 06:29:47Radio.Cabin Pressure
9th May 13 06:29:15Wiki Sandbox
9th May 13 06:28:03Radio.Cabin Pressure
9th May 13 06:26:48Radio.Cabin Pressure
7th May 13 12:27:06The World Is Just Awesome
6th May 13 03:27:54Series.Elementary
6th May 13 02:45:16Funny.Sherlock Holmes
6th May 13 02:35:59Funny.Sherlock Holmes
6th May 13 12:55:19Try Not To Die
6th May 13 12:54:11Try Not To Die
6th May 13 12:46:47How Dare You Die On Me
5th May 13 10:11:14Slash Fic
5th May 13 10:08:47Slash Fic
4th May 13 05:48:18Public Domain Character
1st May 13 03:33:05Adaptation Dye Job
1st May 13 03:22:51Series Continuity Error
1st May 13 07:23:43Drink Order
1st May 13 06:55:11Moon Logic Puzzle
1st May 13 05:55:29Pixel Hunt
1st May 13 05:55:01Radio.Janet And John
1st May 13 05:53:38Radio.Janet And John
1st May 13 04:43:07Driver Of A Black Cab
1st May 13 04:42:54Driver Of A Black Cab
1st May 13 03:01:00Tribute To Fido
1st May 13 12:45:25I Uh You Too
1st May 13 12:43:41The Four Loves
1st May 13 12:16:09String Theory
1st May 13 12:03:31Radio.Cabin Pressure
30th Apr 13 11:59:23Radio.Cabin Pressure
30th Apr 13 10:01:21Film.Sherlock Holmes
30th Apr 13 08:47:36Disney Death
30th Apr 13 07:42:27With Catlike Tread
28th Apr 13 04:31:57Refrain From Assuming
28th Apr 13 04:27:48Literature.Three Men In A Boat
28th Apr 13 03:29:57Great Detective
26th Apr 13 06:51:07Literature.Sherlock Holmes
26th Apr 13 06:25:47Literature.Sherlock Holmes
26th Apr 13 06:05:58The Gay Nineties
26th Apr 13 06:05:08The Gay Nineties
26th Apr 13 05:45:55Headscratchers.Sherlock Holmes
26th Apr 13 05:11:07Discworld.Going Postal
26th Apr 13 04:57:46Discworld.Going Postal
26th Apr 13 04:53:01Discworld.Going Postal
26th Apr 13 01:47:57Reptiles Are Abhorrent
25th Apr 13 10:01:57Video Game.Fallen London
25th Apr 13 09:53:19Video Game.Fallen London
25th Apr 13 09:14:11Series.The Thick Of It
25th Apr 13 08:54:07Radio.Cabin Pressure
25th Apr 13 08:45:00Blessed Are The Cheesemakers
23rd Apr 13 03:20:36YMMV.Stewart Lee
23rd Apr 13 03:20:00Creator.Stewart Lee
19th Apr 13 01:49:36Voodoo Shark
17th Apr 13 08:37:22Series.Elementary
17th Apr 13 08:19:12Anime.Sherlock Hound
17th Apr 13 07:12:29Continuing Is Painful
13th Apr 13 06:48:13Literature.World War Z
13th Apr 13 05:19:23Literature.World War Z
10th Apr 13 03:31:47Complaining About Rescues They Dont Like
9th Apr 13 08:56:17Twisted Ankle
9th Apr 13 07:13:29Complaining About Rescues They Dont Like
7th Apr 13 01:13:39Literature.Crimer Show
7th Apr 13 01:13:05Literature.Crimer Show
6th Apr 13 05:39:53Wham Line.Music
6th Apr 13 05:38:52Wham Line.Music
29th Mar 13 04:20:06Literature.The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Nighttime
22nd Mar 13 01:59:58Youjusttoldme
19th Mar 13 06:16:08Soft Water
19th Mar 13 04:03:38Metaphor Gotten
19th Mar 13 03:16:04The Presents Were Never From Santa
19th Mar 13 03:11:20E Equals MC Hammer
19th Mar 13 03:05:49Film.A Beautiful Mind
19th Mar 13 02:26:11We Have Ways Of Making You Talk
19th Mar 13 02:21:16Hooks And Crooks
18th Mar 13 06:35:32Life Or Limb Decision
18th Mar 13 06:28:23An Arm And A Leg
18th Mar 13 06:09:20Creator.Jimmy Carr
15th Mar 13 02:50:51Roger And The Rottentrolls
15th Mar 13 12:31:14Sand In My Eyes
15th Mar 13 12:18:54Western Animation.Sherlock Holmes In The Twenty Second Century
15th Mar 13 12:17:26Western Animation.Sherlock Holmes In The Twenty Second Century
7th Mar 13 02:40:58Discworld.Snuff
7th Mar 13 02:37:46Discworld.Snuff
5th Mar 13 02:49:47Insane Troll Logic
4th Mar 13 10:48:40Everybodys Dead Dave
4th Mar 13 10:48:17Everybodys Dead Dave
4th Mar 13 10:46:29Everybodys Dead Dave
4th Mar 13 02:21:31Series Continuity Error
4th Mar 13 02:20:52Series Continuity Error
2nd Mar 13 02:56:22Scully Box
2nd Mar 13 02:55:51Scully Box
25th Feb 13 03:46:51Shipper On Deck.Live Action TV
23rd Feb 13 12:21:07Grimy Water
21st Feb 13 12:55:37Rearing Horse
20th Feb 13 11:45:35Series.Sherlock Holmes
20th Feb 13 08:15:50Series.Sherlock Holmes
20th Feb 13 08:15:05Series.Sherlock Holmes
20th Feb 13 08:14:16Series.Sherlock Holmes
17th Feb 13 04:00:30Humans Are Morons
16th Feb 13 03:22:37Pants Positive Safety
15th Feb 13 05:19:43Film.Sherlock Holmes
15th Feb 13 05:18:51Film.Sherlock Holmes
13th Feb 13 01:47:20Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
3rd Feb 13 02:32:33Series.Sherlock
2nd Feb 13 02:10:46Series.Sherlock
1st Feb 13 03:49:16Ho Yay.Sherlock Holmes
1st Feb 13 03:42:43Ho Yay.Sherlock Holmes
1st Feb 13 03:40:05Ho Yay.Sherlock Holmes
27th Jan 13 03:29:34Waistcoat Of Style
27th Jan 13 01:12:40Armor Piercing Question
27th Jan 13 12:42:48Man Of Wealth And Taste
26th Jan 13 05:46:57Ho Yay.Sherlock
22nd Jan 13 01:47:47Preemptive Declaration
21st Jan 13 11:57:56Donut Mess With A Cop
20th Jan 13 10:35:56Tear Jerker.Monstrous Regiment
20th Jan 13 10:21:32Thinks Like A Romance Novel
20th Jan 13 10:21:19Thinks Like A Romance Novel
19th Jan 13 02:40:20Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
19th Jan 13 02:01:27Larynx Dissonance
19th Jan 13 05:53:01After Action Patch Up
19th Jan 13 05:39:34After Action Patch Up
19th Jan 13 05:39:29Series.Sherlock Holmes
19th Jan 13 05:24:49Hear Me The Money
19th Jan 13 04:29:36Names To Trust Immediately
19th Jan 13 04:11:12Love Martyr
19th Jan 13 04:07:34Ho Yay.Discworld
19th Jan 13 04:03:10Discworld.Hogfather
19th Jan 13 03:27:26Tomato In The Mirror
19th Jan 13 03:24:43Tomato In The Mirror
18th Jan 13 08:01:45Series.The League Of Gentlemen
18th Jan 13 05:35:34Funny.Sherlock
18th Jan 13 05:34:20Funny.Sherlock
18th Jan 13 05:33:10Funny.Sherlock
18th Jan 13 05:26:28Empty Fridge Empty Life
18th Jan 13 05:20:47Empty Fridge Empty Life
18th Jan 13 05:14:57Empty Fridge Empty Life
18th Jan 13 05:06:53Literature.Fight Club
18th Jan 13 04:59:07Haiku.Fight Club
18th Jan 13 04:05:58Fridge.Fight Club
18th Jan 13 03:40:19Fridge.Fight Club
18th Jan 13 08:21:58Raven Hair Ivory Skin
18th Jan 13 08:20:41Raven Hair Ivory Skin
17th Jan 13 07:49:50Stewart Lee
17th Jan 13 07:34:51Stewart Lee
17th Jan 13 07:31:55Stewart Lee
17th Jan 13 03:30:41Dug Too Deep
17th Jan 13 03:12:04Our Dwarves Are All The Same
17th Jan 13 02:48:51Phrase Catcher
17th Jan 13 02:46:00Phrase Catcher
17th Jan 13 02:45:03Margaret Thatcher
17th Jan 13 02:44:21Margaret Thatcher
17th Jan 13 02:36:23Suspect Is Hatless
17th Jan 13 02:28:54Suspect Is Hatless
17th Jan 13 06:37:33Film.Penn And Teller Get Killed
15th Jan 13 10:52:10Radar.Pinky And The Brain
15th Jan 13 10:01:40E Equals MC Hammer
15th Jan 13 09:55:06Western Animation.Pepper Ann
13th Jan 13 10:38:53Noodle Incident
13th Jan 13 10:27:08Wiki Walk
13th Jan 13 10:15:25Mythology Gag.Sherlock
13th Jan 13 09:28:45Heartwarming.Sherlock
13th Jan 13 09:21:52Heartwarming.Sherlock
13th Jan 13 03:50:21The Perfect Crime
13th Jan 13 03:22:53Not Quite Dead
13th Jan 13 03:21:41Sickening Crunch
13th Jan 13 03:18:02Awesome.Sherlock Holmes
13th Jan 13 03:04:24Heartwarming.Sherlock Holmes
13th Jan 13 02:42:51Heartwarming.Sherlock Holmes
13th Jan 13 02:40:51The Call Knows Where You Live
12th Jan 13 04:41:41Jeremy Brett
12th Jan 13 04:18:46Drinking Game.TV Tropes Wiki
12th Jan 13 04:14:42Vodka Drunkenski
12th Jan 13 04:10:23Film.The Private Life Of Sherlock Holmes
12th Jan 13 10:38:15Depraved Kids Show Host
12th Jan 13 10:34:42Series.Sherlock
12th Jan 13 10:28:48Multitasked Conversation
12th Jan 13 10:22:21No Fourth Wall
12th Jan 13 10:01:36Age Appropriate Angst
12th Jan 13 09:56:01Magazine.Private Eye
12th Jan 13 09:50:27Westminster Chimes
12th Jan 13 09:48:02Westminster Chimes
12th Jan 13 09:24:25Japanese Ranguage
12th Jan 13 09:03:43Eddie Izzard
11th Jan 13 02:35:10Land Mine Goes Click
11th Jan 13 12:26:17Series.Sherlock
11th Jan 13 06:00:47Radio.Car Talk
11th Jan 13 05:01:10Aluminum Christmas Trees
11th Jan 13 04:54:08Film.Kung Pow Enter The Fist
11th Jan 13 04:49:15Funny.Kung Pow Enter The Fist
10th Jan 13 10:42:07Recap.Sherlock S 02 E 03 The Reichenbach Fall
10th Jan 13 10:41:09Recap.Sherlock S 02 E 03 The Reichenbach Fall
10th Jan 13 10:10:25Bat Deduction
10th Jan 13 06:25:00WMG.Father Ted
10th Jan 13 06:14:28WMG.Sherlock
9th Jan 13 04:57:07The Not Love Interest
9th Jan 13 04:15:18Springtime For Hitler
9th Jan 13 12:06:51Series.Sherlock
9th Jan 13 12:03:33Failure Is The Only Option
8th Jan 13 09:02:18Series.Sherlock
8th Jan 13 09:00:06Series.Sherlock
8th Jan 13 08:52:49Series.Sherlock
8th Jan 13 08:41:23Kindly Housekeeper
8th Jan 13 08:41:01Kindly Housekeeper
8th Jan 13 07:52:05Spot Of Tea
8th Jan 13 07:44:32Spot Of Tea
8th Jan 13 07:36:01Literature.Sherlock Holmes
8th Jan 13 05:24:57Sniff Sniff Nom
8th Jan 13 05:23:49Sniff Sniff Nom
8th Jan 13 03:37:27Series.Sherlock
8th Jan 13 03:04:51Awesome.Jingo
8th Jan 13 02:50:59Violent Glaswegian
8th Jan 13 02:41:43House Of Cards
8th Jan 13 01:59:21Awesome.Men At Arms
7th Jan 13 06:39:56Creator Provincialism
7th Jan 13 06:36:25Creator Provincialism
7th Jan 13 06:12:29We All Live In America
7th Jan 13 04:55:39Its A Wonderful Plot
7th Jan 13 03:56:59Brick Joke
7th Jan 13 02:56:30WMG.Discworld
6th Jan 13 01:12:01Series.Black Books
6th Jan 13 12:58:52Series.Black Books
6th Jan 13 10:41:44Music.Bill Bailey
6th Jan 13 10:23:53Film.The Rocky Horror Picture Show
6th Jan 13 10:23:42Wiki Sandbox
6th Jan 13 10:08:18Rocky Roll Call
6th Jan 13 10:07:50Rocky Roll Call
6th Jan 13 09:46:54Music.Bill Bailey
6th Jan 13 09:00:08Discworld.Making Money
6th Jan 13 06:47:16Vetinari Job Security
6th Jan 13 06:45:38Vetinari Job Security
6th Jan 13 06:42:58Unfazed Everyman
6th Jan 13 06:13:11Bears Are Bad News
6th Jan 13 05:55:41Location Theme Naming
6th Jan 13 05:53:12Roger And The Rottentrolls
6th Jan 13 05:49:34Roger And The Rottentrolls
6th Jan 13 05:42:39Table Space
6th Jan 13 05:42:12Table Space
6th Jan 13 05:36:20Series.Blackadder
6th Jan 13 05:29:20Summary.Live Action TV
6th Jan 13 05:27:17Roger And The Rottentrolls
6th Jan 13 05:24:09Tropers.Rissa
6th Jan 13 05:23:54Tropers.Rissa
6th Jan 13 05:21:37Series.Blackadder
6th Jan 13 05:09:24The Cast Show Off
5th Jan 13 09:10:51Mysterious Middle Initial
5th Jan 13 05:47:38Oblivious Adoption
5th Jan 13 05:44:25Oblivious Adoption
5th Jan 13 05:38:55Oblivious Adoption
5th Jan 13 05:26:52YMMV.The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing
5th Jan 13 05:26:40The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing
5th Jan 13 05:26:28The Terrible Secret Of Animal Crossing
5th Jan 13 08:00:35Trivia.Sherlock
5th Jan 13 07:35:55Video Game.Spec Ops The Line
5th Jan 13 07:35:22Video Game.Spec Ops The Line
4th Jan 13 05:31:41Characters.Sherlock
4th Jan 13 05:30:54Characters.Sherlock
3rd Jan 13 02:47:36Recap.Sherlock S 02 E 02 The Hounds Of Baskerville
3rd Jan 13 02:38:06Recap.Sherlock S 01 E 03 The Great Game
3rd Jan 13 02:37:57Wiki Sandbox
3rd Jan 13 02:37:46Wiki Sandbox
3rd Jan 13 02:23:18Film.Hot Fuzz
3rd Jan 13 11:14:00Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
3rd Jan 13 10:25:27Web Animation.Zero Punctuation
2nd Jan 13 05:43:44Kill The Poor
2nd Jan 13 04:14:46Web Animation.Zero Punctuation
2nd Jan 13 04:14:38Web Animation.Zero Punctuation
2nd Jan 13 03:56:35Music.Mitch Benn
2nd Jan 13 03:16:52Video Game.Clive Barkers Jericho
2nd Jan 13 06:32:08Politeness Judo
2nd Jan 13 06:26:09Could Say It But
2nd Jan 13 06:23:19Could Say It But
2nd Jan 13 06:22:24Could Say It But
2nd Jan 13 06:21:41Could Say It But
2nd Jan 13 06:08:41Ill Never Tell You What Im Telling You
1st Jan 13 08:59:32Dramatic Gun Cock
25th Dec 12 05:42:20Who Would Want To Watch Us
25th Dec 12 05:41:38Wiki Sandbox
25th Dec 12 05:41:27Wiki Sandbox
25th Dec 12 05:41:14Wiki Sandbox
24th Dec 12 08:21:38Radio.Cabin Pressure
23rd Dec 12 10:15:41YMMV.Cabin Pressure
23rd Dec 12 09:12:24Radio.Cabin Pressure
23rd Dec 12 09:01:53Anthony Head
23rd Dec 12 08:56:45Radio.Cabin Pressure
23rd Dec 12 02:38:49The Watson
23rd Dec 12 05:37:26Funny.Sherlock
23rd Dec 12 05:36:59Funny.Sherlock
21st Dec 12 03:59:06Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 05:09:29Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 05:08:59Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 05:01:16The Teetotaler
12th Dec 12 04:51:28Series.The Thick Of It
12th Dec 12 04:45:10Series.The Thick Of It
12th Dec 12 04:40:22Series.The Thick Of It
12th Dec 12 04:27:45Series.The Thick Of It
12th Dec 12 04:13:42Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 04:11:00Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 04:08:49Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 03:54:41Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
12th Dec 12 03:53:00Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 02:28:21Radio.Cabin Pressure
12th Dec 12 02:25:05Radio.Cabin Pressure
30th Nov 12 03:04:23Conspicuous CG
30th Nov 12 12:41:09Ending Fatigue
29th Nov 12 11:53:25Ending Fatigue
29th Nov 12 11:12:43Ending Fatigue
29th Nov 12 11:06:33Film.Brazil
29th Nov 12 11:02:20Film.Brazil
29th Nov 12 06:02:18Truck Drivers Gear Change
29th Nov 12 05:33:05Try Not To Die