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20th Sep 14 10:40:28Romanticism Versus Enlightenment
9th Sep 14 08:11:56Characters.The Wire Other Drug Dealers
17th Jul 14 09:29:36Headscratchers.The Wire
7th Jul 14 01:49:53National Stereo Types.North America
7th Jul 14 01:48:11National Stereo Types.North America
2nd Jul 14 11:32:45Characters.Scandinaviaandthe World
1st Jun 14 01:34:10Tabletop Game.The Gates Of Hell
16th May 14 03:41:06Series.Thirty Rock
14th May 14 08:33:23Creator Provincialism
14th Mar 14 08:42:35Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
12th Mar 14 01:58:19YMMV.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
9th Mar 14 08:24:34Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
9th Mar 14 08:24:08Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
9th Mar 14 07:07:37Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
9th Mar 14 07:06:55Characters.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
5th Mar 14 07:40:56Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon Crystal
12th Feb 14 09:01:20One Of Us.Writing Wonks
11th Feb 14 08:39:47One Of Us.Writing Wonks
11th Feb 14 08:39:24One Of Us.Writing Wonks
11th Feb 14 08:31:42One Of Us.Writing Wonks
9th Feb 14 02:46:03YMMV.Star Wars The Old Republic
28th Dec 13 04:14:02Series.Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip
26th Jun 13 02:03:54Headscratchers.Golden Sun
26th Jun 13 01:56:24Headscratchers.Golden Sun
26th Jun 13 01:54:44Headscratchers.Golden Sun
13th May 13 03:38:24Series.Downton Abbey
22nd Oct 11 09:38:42Heart Of Darkness
22nd Oct 11 09:32:33Heart Of Darkness
22nd Oct 11 09:26:21Heart Of Darkness

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