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28th Oct 12 08:51:37WMG.The Nightmare Before Christmas
19th Oct 12 03:11:13Game Breaker.Magic The Gathering
2nd Jun 12 06:01:02Tear Jerker.The Order Of The Stick
2nd Jun 12 05:52:29Funny.The Order Of The Stick
5th May 12 06:25:19Literal Minded
2nd May 12 08:16:33The Last Dance
20th Apr 12 11:38:29Precision F Strike.Video Games
20th Apr 12 06:59:21Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Other
17th Apr 12 01:13:45Video Game.Portal
4th Apr 12 03:12:08Film.The 5000 Fingers Of Dr T
3rd Apr 12 05:31:55Literature.One Flew Over The Cuckoos Nest
26th Feb 12 01:03:10Glacier Waif
29th Jan 12 12:04:22The Grey
24th Jan 12 06:21:12Tropers.Regiment
24th Jan 12 09:48:02Analysis.Magic The Gathering
20th Jan 12 08:23:23Testosterone Poisoning
6th Jan 12 09:18:50Faction Calculus
28th Dec 11 12:35:41Spinnerette
27th Dec 11 07:53:53That One Boss.Yu-Gi-Oh
23rd Dec 11 10:42:56Acting Unnatural
13th Dec 11 01:07:55Unorthodox Reload
1st Dec 11 09:29:46The Big List Of Booboos And Blunders
1st Dec 11 09:27:50Game.Cube
30th Nov 11 10:19:06Tropers.Regiment
30th Nov 11 05:02:29YMMV.Mystery Men
30th Nov 11 04:38:13Virtual Paper Doll
30th Nov 11 04:36:41Feed Dump
29th Nov 11 11:06:17Tropers.Regiment
29th Nov 11 10:58:27Tropers.Regiment
29th Nov 11 06:59:30Tropers.Regiment
28th Nov 11 07:50:28Tropers.Regiment
26th Nov 11 11:06:12
17th Nov 11 10:36:48Those Were Only Their Scouts
14th Nov 11 08:16:26Tropers.Regiment
14th Nov 11 09:53:31Tropers.Regiment
14th Nov 11 09:49:47Funny.Zero Punctuation
14th Nov 11 08:58:20Tropers.Regiment
12th Nov 11 09:32:43Tropers.Regiment
11th Nov 11 09:40:33Tropers.Regiment
10th Nov 11 06:48:32Tropers.Regiment
10th Nov 11 10:11:02Tropers.Regiment
10th Nov 11 09:20:19Tropers.Regiment
20th Oct 11 05:22:52That One Boss.Fighting
18th Oct 11 05:43:25Nay Theist
18th Oct 11 04:27:47Trivia.Fawlty Towers
17th Oct 11 06:42:29Sammy's Glass Eye
14th Oct 11 09:10:21Nobody Here But Us Statues
14th Oct 11 06:37:54Nightmare Fuel.Roald Dahl
14th Oct 11 05:27:43Acceptable Cultural Targets
14th Oct 11 05:18:29Series.The Big Bang Theory
11th Oct 11 09:30:33The Witches
11th Oct 11 06:35:38YMMV.The Imaginarium Of Doctor Parnassus
9th Oct 11 07:26:16Headscratchers.Axe Cop
7th Oct 11 11:24:12Tropers.Regiment
3rd Oct 11 05:53:44Awesome.Darths And Droids
22nd Sep 11 06:44:05Axe Cop
22nd Sep 11 04:59:44Precision F Strike
20th Sep 11 09:48:42Playing With.Thrifty Scot
20th Sep 11 09:45:52Playing With.That Man Is Dead
20th Sep 11 09:27:41Playing With.Arson Murder And Life Saving
20th Sep 11 09:23:55Playing With.Handicapped Badass
20th Sep 11 09:19:51Playing With.From Nobody To Nightmare
20th Sep 11 09:16:53Playing With.Progressively Prettier
20th Sep 11 09:12:17Playing With.Psychopathic Manchild
20th Sep 11 09:10:02Playing With.Pokemon Speak
16th Sep 11 05:09:45Tropers.Regiment