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24th Mar 17 12:26:32YMMV.Stellaris
18th Mar 17 07:24:05Video Game.Iji
18th Mar 17 07:21:44Video Game.Iji
6th Mar 17 05:11:39Sad Clown
3rd Mar 17 01:49:01Characters.Path Of Exile
26th Feb 17 04:53:28Video Game.Path Of Exile
25th Feb 17 01:53:22Video Game Cruelty Punishment
17th Feb 17 07:43:55Hobbes Was Right
15th Feb 17 06:23:44No Harm Requirement
13th Feb 17 09:30:00YMMV.Stellaris
8th Feb 17 07:22:57Video Game.Stellaris
22nd Jan 17 03:40:29Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
19th Jan 17 07:10:44Shout Out.Stellaris
19th Jan 17 07:00:19Shout Out.Stellaris
19th Jan 17 05:58:38Quotes.No Guy Wants An Amazon
19th Jan 17 11:48:16Quotes.No Guy Wants An Amazon
10th Jan 17 12:43:59Video Game.Stellaris
26th Dec 16 03:07:30Fantastic Religious Weirdness
16th Dec 16 01:31:05Macross Missile Massacre
10th Dec 16 05:56:46Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy XIV
7th Dec 16 09:05:43Stepford Smiler.Video Games
21st Nov 16 07:01:30Characters.Path Of Exile
20th Nov 16 10:36:21Shaming The Mob
10th Nov 16 03:30:24Cigarette Of Anxiety
30th Oct 16 04:50:37Foreign Language Tirade
22nd Oct 16 09:29:54Cool And Unusual Punishment
20th Oct 16 09:32:25Hope Is Scary
19th Oct 16 06:00:51Gender And Sexuality Tropes
19th Oct 16 05:59:46Characters As Device
19th Oct 16 05:57:15Stereotype
19th Oct 16 05:55:49Love Tropes
19th Oct 16 05:54:45Topical Tropes
19th Oct 16 05:53:38Quotes.Queer As Tropes
19th Oct 16 05:52:38Prejudice Tropes
19th Oct 16 05:50:20Just For Pun
16th Oct 16 05:09:40Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy XIV
12th Oct 16 05:02:59YMMV.Final Fantasy XIV
11th Oct 16 04:24:16Mean Character Nice Actor
3rd Oct 16 03:19:18Ho Yay.Final Fantasy
2nd Oct 16 07:02:56Miser Advisor
29th Sep 16 04:14:43Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
28th Sep 16 06:54:27Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy XIV
18th Sep 16 05:54:56Quotes.Know When To Fold Em
9th Sep 16 08:54:28Characters.Path Of Exile
9th Sep 16 06:50:54Characters.Path Of Exile
8th Sep 16 07:13:45You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
3rd Sep 16 05:15:33Characters.Path Of Exile
28th Aug 16 07:10:56Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
26th Aug 16 05:04:01Immortals Fear Death
26th Aug 16 01:58:25YMMV.Path Of Exile
26th Aug 16 07:11:14YMMV.Path Of Exile
26th Aug 16 06:20:06WMG.Final Fantasy XIV
10th Aug 16 04:45:57Video Game.Path Of Exile
10th Aug 16 04:44:41Video Game.Path Of Exile
10th Aug 16 04:42:40Video Game.Path Of Exile
10th Aug 16 04:36:11Video Game.Path Of Exile
30th Jun 16 05:08:51Artistic License Gun Safety
27th Jun 16 07:47:36YMMV.Final Fantasy XIV
27th Jun 16 07:41:59Video Game.Path Of Exile
26th Jun 16 09:33:28Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes D To F
25th Jun 16 08:35:09Loyal To The Position
19th Jun 16 02:05:09Do Wrong Right
6th Jun 16 05:43:22Pragmatic Villainy
5th Jun 16 07:35:00Quotes.Combat Breakdown
3rd Jun 16 04:52:35Throw The Book At Them
28th May 16 09:29:29Characters.Path Of Exile
23rd May 16 07:10:26Tear Jerker.Live A Live
22nd May 16 07:41:06Video Game.Path Of Exile
15th May 16 07:37:52Weaponized Teleportation
10th May 16 08:27:13Fridge.Bravely Second
7th May 16 05:02:44Shoot The Builder
3rd May 16 05:04:58Rant Inducing Slight
2nd May 16 03:01:21Characters.Path Of Exile
2nd May 16 02:25:10Villain Song.Video Games
2nd May 16 10:00:23YMMV.Bravely Second
22nd Apr 16 04:28:47Run Or Die
21st Apr 16 02:06:16Quotes.The Chains Of Commanding
31st Mar 16 01:16:27Quotes.Combat Breakdown
31st Mar 16 01:15:49Quotes.Combat Breakdown
31st Mar 16 01:12:37Quotes.Combat Breakdown
30th Mar 16 01:26:36Rage Breaking Point
23rd Mar 16 04:12:23YMMV.Path Of Exile
23rd Mar 16 07:58:01Battle Ballgown
23rd Mar 16 07:45:41Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes A To C
21st Mar 16 04:02:51Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
18th Mar 16 02:36:25Fridge.Final Fantasy XIV
18th Mar 16 02:35:49YMMV.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Mar 16 04:59:47Characters.Etrian Odyssey
14th Mar 16 07:19:50Evidence Dungeon
13th Mar 16 03:39:46Famous Last Words.Video Games H To P
13th Mar 16 03:37:41Famous Last Words.Video Games H To P
13th Mar 16 03:02:46Video Game.Path Of Exile
13th Mar 16 12:38:49Video Game.Path Of Exile
6th Mar 16 08:56:02Mistreatment Induced Betrayal
5th Mar 16 08:27:22Video Game.Path Of Exile
2nd Mar 16 08:58:48Fan Nickname.Video Games A To F
26th Feb 16 05:19:41Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes S To U
25th Feb 16 08:39:50Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
25th Feb 16 08:38:17Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
23rd Feb 16 03:02:37Tear Jerker.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Feb 16 06:15:52Light Novel.Baccano
7th Feb 16 09:57:29Video Game.Path Of Exile
1st Feb 16 05:32:00Catharsis Factor
27th Jan 16 04:17:03Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Live Action TV
23rd Jan 16 03:42:51Sanity Ball
18th Jan 16 05:39:35Hilarity Ensues
16th Jan 16 02:26:40Video Game.Path Of Exile
16th Jan 16 02:25:12Video Game.Path Of Exile
15th Jan 16 12:00:51Video Game.Path Of Exile
7th Jan 16 10:12:25Cut Himself Shaving
5th Jan 16 10:35:36Better Living Through Evil
3rd Jan 16 02:36:10Interplay Of Sex And Violence
3rd Jan 16 05:19:52Video Game Cruelty Punishment
28th Dec 15 03:42:50Useful Notes.Green Is Blue
28th Dec 15 05:54:06Stray Shots Strike Nothing
26th Dec 15 03:46:54Video Game.Dishonored
26th Dec 15 09:29:33Video Game.Dishonored
19th Dec 15 08:13:00Stray Shots Strike Nothing
19th Dec 15 08:12:27Stray Shots Strike Nothing
13th Dec 15 08:33:45YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
12th Dec 15 05:39:03Police Code For Everything
11th Dec 15 06:48:37Fridge.Final Fantasy XIV
10th Dec 15 10:20:04Zero Percent Approval Rating
10th Dec 15 08:02:49Zero Percent Approval Rating
6th Dec 15 09:59:01Beef Gate
5th Dec 15 07:04:08Statuesque Stunner
1st Dec 15 03:52:48Characters.Questionable Content
30th Nov 15 04:55:44Video Game Cruelty Punishment
29th Nov 15 09:17:17Signature Scene.Video Games
27th Nov 15 07:24:06Characters.Final Fantasy XIV Antagonists
25th Nov 15 05:29:43Complete The Quote Title
25th Nov 15 04:59:14Complete The Quote Title
23rd Nov 15 05:20:22Hope Is Scary
22nd Nov 15 04:53:20YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
22nd Nov 15 04:25:11Anti Villain.Webcomics
22nd Nov 15 12:04:03Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
22nd Nov 15 05:31:26Characters.Path Of Exile
22nd Nov 15 05:25:02Characters.Path Of Exile
22nd Nov 15 05:19:37Video Game.Path Of Exile
13th Nov 15 02:49:17Funny.Xenoblade
10th Nov 15 07:18:28YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
10th Nov 15 07:16:32YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
6th Nov 15 02:56:44Vestigial Empire
3rd Nov 15 04:02:02Film.The Godfather
3rd Nov 15 03:57:52Film.The Godfather
3rd Nov 15 09:54:02Video Game.Metroid Fusion
2nd Nov 15 05:35:23Small Girl Big Gun
31st Oct 15 05:49:08Artistic License Gun Safety
30th Oct 15 02:10:25Force And Finesse
28th Oct 15 04:28:38Quotes.I Need A Freaking Drink
27th Oct 15 04:46:48Quotes.Blood Knight
23rd Oct 15 01:30:41Walking Spoiler
23rd Oct 15 01:30:17Walking Spoiler
23rd Oct 15 11:00:05Quotes.You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
21st Oct 15 08:01:25Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain.Western Animation
21st Oct 15 09:25:52Funny.Devil May Cry
19th Oct 15 05:04:48Two Girls To A Team
19th Oct 15 04:55:30Two Girls To A Team
19th Oct 15 11:51:07Nightmare Fuel.Final Fantasy XIV
17th Oct 15 04:52:07Pragmatic Villainy
17th Oct 15 10:00:13WMG.Etrian Odyssey
16th Oct 15 01:10:33Stepford Smiler.Video Games
16th Oct 15 07:16:25Get A Room
15th Oct 15 03:23:32Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
12th Oct 15 03:29:31Benevolent Boss
12th Oct 15 06:46:05Franchise Original Sin
11th Oct 15 05:25:40Catch Phrase.Video Games
7th Oct 15 07:11:24Characters.Etrian Odyssey
1st Oct 15 08:52:37Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
22nd Sep 15 04:25:39Memes.Final Fantasy
21st Sep 15 06:47:25Only Sane Man.Tabletop Games
19th Sep 15 03:02:21Mythology Gag.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Sep 15 09:34:37Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
14th Sep 15 06:34:31Entitled Bastard
12th Sep 15 06:38:26YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
1st Sep 15 01:25:09Angrish.Real Life
30th Aug 15 04:16:07Funny.Etrian Odyssey
23rd Aug 15 05:13:10We Cannot Go On Without You
23rd Aug 15 05:10:39We Cannot Go On Without You
19th Aug 15 05:55:26Characters.Etrian Odyssey
15th Aug 15 04:02:45Team Dad
11th Aug 15 05:08:32Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
3rd Aug 15 03:12:11Bribe Backfire
28th Jul 15 04:31:14Fridge.Final Fantasy XIV
27th Jul 15 04:12:34YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
24th Jul 15 06:23:22Fan Nickname.Video Games A To F
24th Jul 15 06:20:37Fan Nickname.Video Games A To F
22nd Jul 15 08:16:29Videogame Caring Potential
22nd Jul 15 01:17:26Villain Song.Video Games
18th Jul 15 06:55:36Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
8th Jul 15 02:39:01Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes D To F
6th Jul 15 05:12:50Ancient Grome
6th Jul 15 05:12:20Quotes.Ancient Grome
6th Jul 15 05:30:28Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
4th Jul 15 05:16:43Cuteness Overload
1st Jul 15 08:50:09Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
30th Jun 15 03:46:22Fan Nickname.Video Games A To F
27th Jun 15 05:08:00Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
21st Jun 15 08:57:55Final Fantasy XIV.Tropes P To R
20th Jun 15 12:39:07Ring Out
13th Jun 15 12:56:13The Power Of Hate
8th Jun 15 07:29:01Quotes.Drowning My Sorrows
4th Jun 15 09:15:10Bodyguarding A Badass
3rd Jun 15 05:32:36Quotes.Kinetic Weapons Are Just Better
1st Jun 15 04:44:34Drinking Game.Xenoblade
31st May 15 02:51:45Drinking Game.Xenoblade
31st May 15 11:45:11Drinking Game.Xenoblade
30th May 15 09:24:04He Who Fights Monsters
27th May 15 09:59:42Tear Jerker.The Godfather
26th Apr 15 02:12:42Culture Justifies Anything
16th Apr 15 01:26:31World Gone Mad
5th Apr 15 03:59:46Devour The Dragon
3rd Apr 15 10:09:53Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
2nd Apr 15 03:54:41Stopped Caring
2nd Apr 15 03:19:46Well Intentioned Extremist.Video Games
1st Apr 15 05:53:33Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
1st Apr 15 05:51:02Complete The Quote Title
28th Mar 15 07:47:32Game Breaker
28th Mar 15 07:46:04YMMV.Etrian Odyssey
28th Mar 15 07:44:30Game Breaker.Etrian Odyssey
20th Mar 15 02:26:43Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
7th Mar 15 11:44:16Iron Buttmonkey
2nd Mar 15 10:00:05Myopic Architecture
1st Mar 15 04:13:18Nightmare Fuel.Final Fantasy XIV
27th Feb 15 05:03:04Fridge.The Legend Of Zelda
22nd Feb 15 03:50:10OOC Is Serious Business
22nd Feb 15 09:32:39Censored For Comedy
22nd Feb 15 09:32:13Censored For Comedy
18th Feb 15 04:19:02Video Game Cruelty Punishment
16th Feb 15 07:00:52Double Standard Abuse Female On Male
15th Feb 15 07:01:17Quotes.Badass Adorable
10th Feb 15 03:56:38Ho Yay.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
10th Feb 15 03:39:40Ho Yay.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
6th Feb 15 08:50:24Survivor Guilt
6th Feb 15 05:04:54Socially Awkward Hero
5th Feb 15 09:15:38Hilarity Ensues
4th Feb 15 04:53:40Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
3rd Feb 15 02:20:25Funny.Final Fantasy XIV
31st Jan 15 09:33:17Benevolent Boss
28th Jan 15 08:22:55Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
26th Jan 15 04:51:48Quotes.Giving Up On Logic
24th Jan 15 09:09:34Flipping The Bird
24th Jan 15 09:08:58Quotes.Flipping The Bird
23rd Jan 15 04:27:34Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
23rd Jan 15 10:04:40YMMV.Questionable Content
22nd Jan 15 08:05:01Questionable Content.Tropes A To D
22nd Jan 15 01:30:48Quotes.Written By The Winners
21st Jan 15 04:23:56Ear Worm.Video Games
17th Jan 15 04:39:58Questionable Content.Tropes A To D
17th Jan 15 04:39:04Questionable Content.Tropes A To D
14th Jan 15 12:08:44Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
11th Jan 15 04:46:21Ho Yay.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
11th Jan 15 11:42:01Who Is Driving
6th Jan 15 02:27:04Funny.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
6th Jan 15 05:52:25Four Is Death
6th Jan 15 05:45:10Funny.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
26th Dec 14 05:17:41Funny.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
25th Dec 14 04:47:06Characters.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
22nd Dec 14 04:24:21Pragmatic Villainy
14th Dec 14 04:16:07Big Eater.Video Games
11th Dec 14 06:01:18What The Hell Player
9th Dec 14 03:45:09What The Hell Player
8th Dec 14 05:29:25Pragmatic Villainy
6th Dec 14 05:41:50Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
6th Dec 14 03:37:04We Cannot Go On Without You
6th Dec 14 09:17:33Quotes.Who Wants To Live Forever
3rd Dec 14 04:23:56Ho Yay.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
30th Nov 14 03:48:16Ho Yay.Video Games
27th Nov 14 06:24:12Video Game.Persona Q Shadow Of The Labyrinth
26th Nov 14 05:24:59The Dividual
22nd Nov 14 09:30:36Characters.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
20th Nov 14 05:42:17YMMV.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
4th Nov 14 06:00:40Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
26th Oct 14 02:18:11Quotes.Leave No Survivors
26th Oct 14 08:52:38Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
22nd Oct 14 04:18:59YMMV.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
22nd Oct 14 04:59:58Shout Out.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
18th Oct 14 07:59:55Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
18th Oct 14 07:58:05Video Game.Borderlands The Pre Sequel
16th Oct 14 02:31:49Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
13th Oct 14 12:17:49Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
12th Oct 14 01:00:42Pragmatic Villainy
12th Oct 14 05:41:47Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
11th Oct 14 05:18:10What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
11th Oct 14 10:01:10Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
10th Oct 14 06:00:18Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
9th Oct 14 04:44:21Random Number God
6th Oct 14 05:24:52Lame Pun Reaction
5th Oct 14 05:43:47Bedlam House
30th Sep 14 03:37:29Purple Is The New Black
30th Sep 14 09:09:10Misplaced Retribution
25th Sep 14 05:41:03Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
24th Sep 14 02:56:55Purposely Overpowered
19th Sep 14 04:39:30Quotes.Whos On First
19th Sep 14 09:33:09Hilarity Ensues
18th Sep 14 05:33:44Characters.Etrian Odyssey
18th Sep 14 05:33:15Characters.Etrian Odyssey
15th Sep 14 04:23:25Quotes.Kill Em All
11th Sep 14 06:07:47Belligerent Sexual Tension
5th Sep 14 04:04:06Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
2nd Sep 14 06:02:04Starboarding
2nd Sep 14 05:57:07Starboarding
1st Sep 14 04:49:13Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
1st Sep 14 04:24:03Buffy Speak
30th Aug 14 09:17:04Awesome.Strider
29th Aug 14 01:44:50Shout Out.Final Fantasy
18th Aug 14 04:36:30Fanfic.No Gods Only Guns
17th Aug 14 05:34:06Projectile Kiss
16th Aug 14 01:15:28Stray Shots Strike Nothing
12th Aug 14 05:46:22Weapon For Intimidation
10th Aug 14 04:13:02Autobots Rock Out
10th Aug 14 02:45:01Autobots Rock Out
9th Aug 14 12:12:44YMMV.Metal Gear Rising Revengeance
4th Aug 14 05:19:30Heartwarming In Hindsight
3rd Aug 14 07:19:36Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
2nd Aug 14 10:16:11Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
1st Aug 14 07:28:46Characters.Final Fantasy XIV
1st Aug 14 07:20:47Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
29th Jul 14 09:31:17YMMV.Final Fantasy XIV
28th Jul 14 05:02:52Uncle Sam Wants You
23rd Jul 14 02:15:52Video Game.Strider
18th Jul 14 07:23:20Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Females
18th Jul 14 05:48:39Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Females
14th Jul 14 05:33:48Video Game.Etrian Odyssey
10th Jul 14 03:05:56Artistic License Gun Safety
9th Jul 14 11:02:06Stray Shots Strike Nothing
9th Jul 14 06:13:22Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
8th Jul 14 06:34:38Even Evil Has Standards
7th Jul 14 04:03:16Know When To Fold Em
4th Jul 14 05:20:04Characters.Etrian Odyssey
3rd Jul 14 04:18:39This Index Is Not An Example
3rd Jul 14 05:55:52Quotes.Written By The Winners
29th Jun 14 03:16:31Plot Powered Stamina
26th Jun 14 03:10:18No Good Deed Goes Unpunished.Video Games
22nd Jun 14 05:40:16Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
19th Jun 14 07:28:25Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
15th Jun 14 05:29:56Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
15th Jun 14 05:28:42Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
25th May 14 09:26:45Quotes.Go Mad From The Isolation
25th May 14 05:47:08Quotes.Go Mad From The Isolation
22nd May 14 09:57:03The Night That Never Ends
22nd May 14 07:12:39The Night That Never Ends
15th May 14 12:21:50Fanfic.No Gods Only Guns
14th May 14 05:24:52Fanfic.No Gods Only Guns
12th May 14 12:17:50Video Game.The Elder Scrolls Online
12th May 14 12:17:33Video Game.The Elder Scrolls Online
11th May 14 12:30:44Funny.No Gods Only Guns
11th May 14 11:11:04Wrong Insult Offence
11th May 14 11:09:27Do Wrong Right
8th May 14 02:14:45Just For Fun.Made Of Win
29th Apr 14 03:49:21Characters.The Elder Scrolls Online
22nd Apr 14 06:36:27Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening The Lords
18th Apr 14 06:15:01Anti Frustration Features
17th Apr 14 10:49:35YMMV.The Elder Scrolls Online
14th Apr 14 04:07:30Video Game.Bravely Default
11th Apr 14 03:50:23Videogame.Shogo Mobile Armor Division
9th Apr 14 09:32:12Characters.Etrian Odyssey
9th Apr 14 09:31:02Characters.Etrian Odyssey
9th Apr 14 09:23:55Choice Of Two Weapons
6th Apr 14 02:55:40Borderlands2.Tropes O To Z
6th Apr 14 11:41:25I Need A Freaking Drink
6th Apr 14 05:23:08The Coroner Doth Protest Too Much
4th Apr 14 02:10:18Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
3rd Apr 14 03:47:22Questionable Content.Tropes I To L
1st Apr 14 04:02:48Funny.Kingdom Hearts
27th Mar 14 06:10:32Quotes.Humans Are Flawed
26th Mar 14 03:39:54Video Game.Bravely Default
26th Mar 14 03:30:36Video Game.Bravely Default
21st Mar 14 05:35:18Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
21st Mar 14 05:33:46Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
19th Mar 14 03:50:47Made Myself Sad
19th Mar 14 01:52:44Shout Out.Videogames
19th Mar 14 01:52:32Shout Out.Videogames
18th Mar 14 05:14:55Video Game.Final Fantasy XIV
18th Mar 14 05:14:24Shout Out.Final Fantasy XIV
17th Mar 14 01:53:50Fanfic.No Gods Only Guns
17th Mar 14 01:50:20Fanfic.No Gods Only Guns
16th Mar 14 05:15:34Creepy Child
16th Mar 14 04:32:58Tear Jerker.Fire Emblem Awakening
15th Mar 14 09:56:03Anti Frustration Features
15th Mar 14 07:34:38Anti Frustration Features
14th Mar 14 03:10:26Good Cannot Comprehend Evil
12th Mar 14 05:20:27Tear Jerker.Fire Emblem Awakening
6th Mar 14 07:31:29Video Game.Shadowrun Returns
4th Mar 14 09:29:32Ghostapo
3rd Mar 14 02:15:54Clean Dub Name
24th Feb 14 09:29:24Characters.Fire Emblem Awakening First Generation Males
14th Feb 14 02:57:46Sound Only Death
13th Feb 14 03:47:22Tomboy And Girly Girl
13th Feb 14 03:46:58Tomboy And Girly Girl
12th Feb 14 03:12:51Bad Omen Anecdote
12th Feb 14 03:12:17Bad Omen Anecdote
10th Feb 14 11:45:19Image Source.Web Comics
9th Feb 14 08:05:00Beard Of Sorrow
27th Jan 14 05:20:46Referenced By.Schlock Mercenary
24th Jan 14 01:55:39Video Game.Saints Row IV
20th Jan 14 12:38:07Nightmare Fuel.Borderlands 2
13th Jan 14 04:23:29Characters.Mahouka Koukou No Rettousei
13th Jan 14 01:25:17What The Hell Player
12th Jan 14 02:02:38Tear Jerker.Fire Emblem Awakening