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21st Sep 14 01:21:19Grey And Gray Morality
7th Dec 13 11:45:18Shaped Like Itself
20th Nov 13 09:11:21Eating The Eye Candy
20th Nov 13 09:08:36Neck Snap
20th Nov 13 09:03:58Fanfic.NGE Broken Sequence
1st Oct 13 11:11:28Fanfic.NGE Broken Sequence
30th Sep 13 11:21:56Crack Pairing
13th Jul 13 05:37:03Tropers.Redeadlink
23rd Jun 13 12:23:17Daydream Surprise
14th Jun 13 12:46:33Web Video.AMV Hell
23rd May 13 11:17:57Web Video.AMV Hell
23rd May 13 11:13:36Web Video.AMV Hell
16th Apr 13 05:42:19With Catlike Tread
1st Jan 13 04:11:23Tropers.Redeadlink
9th Dec 12 10:43:52Affectionate Gesture To The Head
15th Oct 12 09:49:14Memes.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
15th Oct 12 09:49:01Memes.Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann
6th Aug 12 05:34:27Mega City
4th Aug 12 08:38:20Shoot The Bullet
2nd Aug 12 12:15:19Tropers.Redeadlink
2nd Aug 12 12:12:30Tropers.Redeadlink
29th Jul 12 12:56:16Soundtrack Dissonance.Video Games
16th Jul 12 08:36:51Tabletop Game.Risk
25th Jun 12 08:52:00Made Of Win
21st Jun 12 09:29:40Triangle Shades
12th Jun 12 11:37:05Alas Poor Villain
12th Jun 12 11:15:12Memetic Bystander
29th May 12 12:10:16Characters.Nobody Dies
29th May 12 11:58:31Characters.Nobody Dies
21st May 12 04:10:30Holding Both Sides Of The Conversation
21st May 12 04:09:53Holding Both Sides Of The Conversation
21st May 12 04:08:13Holding Both Sides Of The Conversation
19th May 12 04:35:47Man Of Wealth And Taste
10th May 12 10:48:33Ear Worm.Web
10th May 12 10:47:40Ear Worm.Web
10th May 12 10:46:59Ear Worm.Web
10th May 12 10:31:35Ear Worm.Video Games
10th May 12 10:29:59Ear Worm.Video Games
10th May 12 10:18:02Ear Worm.Video Games
7th May 12 03:16:18Incendiary Exponent
4th May 12 11:33:12Pre Asskicking One Liner
4th May 12 01:28:38Hit You So Hard Your X Will Feel It
3rd May 12 01:08:21Food Porn
27th Apr 12 02:44:30Doomy Dooms Of Doom
25th Apr 12 01:32:37Cool Shades
24th Apr 12 08:46:05Impossibly Cool Weapon
15th Apr 12 08:37:39Took A Level In Badass.Anime And Manga
15th Apr 12 12:16:23Sadistic Choice
6th Apr 12 05:46:38Oh Crap.Video Games
29th Mar 12 09:01:36Breaking The Fourth Wall.Anime And Manga
23rd Mar 12 12:03:46More Dakka
19th Mar 12 03:33:30Hot Blooded
17th Mar 12 12:02:22Memes.Anime