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28th Jul 17 04:50:34Evil Cannot Comprehend Good.Live Action TV
24th Sep 16 03:54:13Series.Tomes And Talismans
14th Sep 15 12:06:36Heartwarming.Voltron Force
14th Sep 15 11:46:21No Name Given.Western Animation
14th Sep 15 11:41:11No Name Given.Western Animation
18th Aug 15 06:49:36Explosive Decompression
28th Jun 15 10:41:43Tyrannosaurus Rex
24th Jun 15 04:31:16Tear Jerker.Transformers Rescue Bots
5th Apr 15 12:30:49Series.Webster
3rd Apr 15 07:28:39Mirror Chemistry
18th Oct 14 09:00:55Ripple Effect Proof Memory
17th Sep 14 07:45:48Cephalothorax
16th Mar 13 07:22:44Cassette Craze
16th Mar 13 06:35:05Jump Physics
13th Feb 13 01:59:04WMG.Being Erica
21st Jan 13 08:11:53I Am Not Shazam.Literature
1st Jan 13 10:08:43Moon Logic Puzzle
17th Nov 12 07:15:22Black Hole High
17th Nov 12 11:51:03Series.Captain Power And The Soldiers Of The Future
22nd Jan 12 09:45:39Breaking The Fourth Wall
22nd Jan 12 01:28:14Forgotten Phlebotinum
22nd Jan 12 12:59:12Fantastic Aesop
22nd Oct 11 02:15:23Voltron Force
22nd Oct 11 02:12:06Voltron Force
16th Oct 11 10:03:59Prop Recycling