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6th Dec 14 06:58:23Fridge.The Legend Of Korra
12th Aug 14 05:00:32Tear Jerker.Mork And Mindy
9th Aug 14 02:22:46WMG.Korra Plot General
27th Jul 14 02:58:24Dethroning Moment.How I Met Your Mother
23rd Jul 14 07:22:37Screwed By The Network.Western Animation
20th Jul 14 01:36:01Trivia.A Mighty Wind
20th Jul 14 01:35:37Trivia.A Mighty Wind
19th Jul 14 04:54:21He Also Did
16th Jul 14 11:59:01Heartwarming.Lawand Order Special Victims Unit
28th Jun 14 10:08:49Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
9th May 14 02:21:12Series Fauxnale
27th Apr 14 10:59:50Series.Parks And Recreation
27th Apr 14 10:27:48Funny.Parks And Recreation
22nd Mar 14 09:26:44Trivia.Fillmore
18th Mar 14 06:55:23YMMV.Saturday Night Live
13th Mar 14 06:57:46Video Game.Rune Factory 4
13th Mar 14 06:57:28Video Game.Rune Factory 4
13th Mar 14 06:56:35Video Game.Rune Factory 4
24th Feb 14 03:06:49YMMV.The Three Stooges
21st Jan 14 08:25:40Series.Top Chef
21st Dec 13 03:04:03Awesome.What Would You Do
27th Sep 13 11:04:52Network Decay.Influences On Other Media
12th Jul 12 12:07:43Funny.Homestar Runner
12th Jun 12 05:41:41Funny.Mad Men
9th Jun 12 09:33:08Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 09:32:03Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 09:18:38Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 09:18:08Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
9th Jun 12 09:17:27Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
6th Jun 12 11:50:42Trivia.Matilda
6th Jun 12 11:46:21Trivia.Mad Men
6th Jun 12 11:45:49Trivia.Mad Men
6th Jun 12 11:44:51Trivia.Mad Men
6th Jun 12 11:44:25Trivia.Mad Men
6th Jun 12 10:32:46Heartwarming.Mad Men
28th May 12 03:50:00Miracle Rally
11th May 12 12:21:12YMMV.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
8th May 12 11:53:46Characters.The Legend Of Korra
5th May 12 02:40:42Trivia.The Legend Of Korra
3rd May 12 02:06:39Funny.Mad Men
2nd May 12 11:00:13YMMV.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
15th Apr 12 11:36:24Funny.Mad Men
11th Apr 12 06:32:34Cassandra Truth
7th Apr 12 10:21:40WMG.The Legend Of Korra
4th Apr 12 04:06:01Real Person Fic
28th Mar 12 02:00:16Series.Mad Men
28th Mar 12 01:56:15Funny.Mad Men
14th Mar 12 07:29:19Funny.Saturday Night Live
25th Jan 12 07:12:05YMMV.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
9th Jan 12 08:23:50Hey Its That Voice.A To H
9th Jan 12 07:57:36He Also Did
20th Dec 11 11:43:24Funny.The Cinema Snob
14th Dec 11 09:49:16Tear Jerker.Prominent Deaths
12th Dec 11 02:57:33Funny.Saturday Night Live
6th Dec 11 08:23:39Funny Aneurysm Moment.Live Action TV
4th Dec 11 12:28:36Heartwarming.Saturday Night Live
6th Nov 11 09:10:22Trivia.Recess
6th Nov 11 09:10:02Trivia.Recess
17th Oct 11 06:05:18Daytime Drama Queen
4th Oct 11 03:06:47Unintentionally Sympathetic