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7th Jan 15 01:58:41Absent Aliens
7th Jan 15 11:13:16Withholding The Cure
7th Jan 15 09:10:29Disaster Dominoes
7th Jan 15 08:58:35Disaster Dominoes
7th Jan 15 08:16:38Violation Of Common Sense
5th Jan 15 11:36:24Toon Physics
5th Jan 15 10:19:32We Are Not Alone Index
25th Dec 14 08:00:32Characters.Indiana Jones
21st Dec 14 04:40:03Creator.Shuichi Ikeda
13th Dec 14 10:59:49Series Mascot Mook
13th Dec 14 10:59:27Mook Mascot
5th Dec 14 06:22:36Discontinuity.Video Games
5th Dec 14 05:57:38Camp
5th Dec 14 03:48:23Video Game.Fallout
5th Dec 14 03:18:16Video Game.Fallout
5th Dec 14 02:43:31Video Game.Fallout
5th Dec 14 02:02:52Purely Aesthetic Gender
18th Nov 14 08:11:16Series.Garth Marenghis Darkplace
9th Nov 14 04:52:11Anime.Mobile Fighter G Gundam
9th Nov 14 04:25:37Anime.Mobile Fighter G Gundam
9th Nov 14 04:07:06Anime.Mobile Fighter G Gundam
8th Nov 14 04:47:47God Created Canon Foreigner
4th Nov 14 05:00:41Char Clone
31st Oct 14 05:35:04Draco In Leather Pants.Anime
31st Oct 14 03:57:25YMMV.Saikano
20th Oct 14 04:24:02Never My Fault
20th Oct 14 04:01:40Memes.Shin Megami Tensei Persona
16th Oct 14 06:33:39Die For Our Ship.Gundam
11th Oct 14 07:34:38Leave Behind A Pistol
11th Oct 14 07:30:03Gunjo
9th Oct 14 01:28:37I Love Nuclear Power
7th Oct 14 04:03:43Tropers.RJ Savoy
7th Oct 14 09:06:56What Measure Is A Non Badass
7th Oct 14 08:37:27Ginga Hyouryuu Vifam
6th Oct 14 05:22:07Characters.Rahxephon
6th Oct 14 05:06:17The Four Gods
23rd Sep 14 07:21:00Hitbox Dissonance
19th Sep 14 03:17:45Script.The Creepy Teen Years
15th Sep 14 07:47:24Persona Non Grata
14th Sep 14 11:39:51Creator.Romi Park
14th Sep 14 11:24:54Anime.Zambot 3
14th Sep 14 10:20:34YMMV.Mobile Suit Gundam
14th Sep 14 10:09:30Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam
14th Sep 14 10:05:43Anime.Mobile Suit Gundam
11th Sep 14 03:33:25Squishy Mage
5th Sep 14 02:49:44So Bad Its Good.Anime
1st Sep 14 04:32:57It Came From The Fridge
31st Aug 14 03:17:08Characters.Bakemonogatari
31st Aug 14 10:05:53Antlion Monster
31st Aug 14 09:46:24Grumpy Old Man
31st Aug 14 08:37:29Classical Mythology
31st Aug 14 07:30:35Characters.Touhou Windows One
28th Aug 14 10:16:00Trivia.Gekkan Shoujo Nozakikun
28th Aug 14 10:14:02YMMV.Bunny Drop
28th Aug 14 10:12:31Speech Centric Work
25th Aug 14 04:40:59Characters.Fallout 3
23rd Aug 14 05:44:58Game Breaker.World Of Warcraft
21st Aug 14 02:13:09And The Fandom Rejoiced.Film
18th Aug 14 10:56:56Vote Early Vote Often
18th Aug 14 10:29:13Trivia.Fallout 3
18th Aug 14 10:28:10Video Game.Fallout 3
8th Aug 14 10:41:18Just For Fun.Come For The X Stay For The Y
7th Aug 14 01:48:08Clueless Chick Magnet
7th Aug 14 12:52:30Memes.World Of Warcraft
29th Jul 14 03:13:09Sanju Sai No Hoken Taiiku
29th Jul 14 02:29:06Music.Kanon Wakeshima
27th Jul 14 03:16:13Amnesiacs Are Innocent
25th Jul 14 09:52:24Teenage Death Songs
24th Jul 14 03:47:50Characters.Fallout 1
24th Jul 14 02:11:05Video Game.Fallout 1
16th Jul 14 10:31:16Science Marches On
15th Jul 14 04:36:17Trivia.Sos Mi Vida
15th Jul 14 04:35:45Series.Sos Mi Vida
6th Jul 14 03:11:54Legion Of Lost Souls
5th Jul 14 11:51:27Characters.Warcraft The Dragonflights
19th Jun 14 12:36:58Creator Breakdown.Anime
19th Jun 14 12:28:27Disney.Aladdin And The King Of Thieves
19th Jun 14 08:11:54Ho Yay.Bakemonogatari
19th Jun 14 08:10:53Ho Yay.Bakemonogatari
18th Jun 14 12:27:23Anime.M Obile Suit Gundam 00
16th Jun 14 10:19:51Characters.NICHIJOU
4th Jun 14 02:59:27Health And Physical Education For 30 Year Olds
4th Jun 14 02:58:56Anime.Health And Physical Education For 30 Year Olds
4th Jun 14 02:58:14Thirty San No Hoken Taiiku
4th Jun 14 02:15:06There Are Two Kinds Of People In The World
4th Jun 14 02:06:08Light Novel.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
4th Jun 14 01:56:40Anime.DD Fist Of The North Star
4th Jun 14 01:43:49Light Novel.Boku Wa Tomodachi Ga Sukunai
14th May 14 03:00:57Discontinuity.Anime
3rd May 14 09:13:35Tropers.RJ Savoy
3rd May 14 06:40:52Just For Fun.Come For The X Stay For The Y
3rd May 14 06:33:57Came For The X Stayed For The Y
23rd Apr 14 02:50:24Adaptational Attractiveness
23rd Apr 14 02:20:15Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Beach
12th Apr 14 08:56:47Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th Apr 14 06:05:18Trivia.The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall
12th Apr 14 06:05:18Trivia.The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall
12th Apr 14 06:05:15Video Game.The Elder Scrolls II Daggerfall
10th Apr 14 04:06:42Comic Book.Lex Luthor
10th Apr 14 01:46:22The Computer Is A Lying Bastard
30th Mar 14 04:51:03Original Man
15th Mar 14 08:54:38Tropers.RJ Savoy
15th Mar 14 05:42:45Discworld.The Last Continent
2nd Mar 14 10:09:11Dead To Begin With
16th Feb 14 11:18:05Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th Feb 14 03:56:28Chokepoint Geography
19th Jan 14 05:53:49Recap.Avatar The Last Airbender The Ember Island Players
14th Jan 14 05:58:42Bunny Ears Lawyer.Anime And Manga
2nd Jan 14 02:48:38WMG.Yume Nikki
18th Dec 13 03:18:47YMMV.How I Became Yours
18th Dec 13 02:27:03YMMV.How I Became Yours
17th Dec 13 08:39:47Video Game.Love Plus
15th Dec 13 02:55:56Fridge.Haze
15th Dec 13 08:47:41Underwater Base
1st Dec 13 10:02:04Tropers.RJ Savoy
24th Nov 13 09:59:24Weather Of War
22nd Nov 13 02:19:28Tropers.RJ Savoy
17th Nov 13 10:17:54Tropers.RJ Savoy
11th Nov 13 03:32:38WMG.Final Fantasy Type- 0
9th Nov 13 07:13:48Freakiness Shame
9th Nov 13 06:58:36Tropers.RJ Savoy
8th Nov 13 04:46:08How Unscientific
30th Oct 13 05:36:58Tropers.RJ Savoy
13th Oct 13 04:28:53Webcomic.Dan And Mabs Furry Adventures
13th Oct 13 04:06:06Characters.Dan And Mabs Furry Adventures
13th Oct 13 09:26:45Saving Christmas
13th Oct 13 09:23:12Saving Christmas
5th Oct 13 10:11:34Space Age Stasis
5th Oct 13 09:34:45Tropers.RJ Savoy
5th Oct 13 07:25:03Take That Kiss
3rd Oct 13 05:11:00Video Game.Yume Nikki
3rd Oct 13 04:46:29Blood From The Mouth
3rd Oct 13 04:43:55Video Game.Yume Nikki
2nd Oct 13 05:40:45Real Dreams Are Weirder
1st Oct 13 04:50:52Dream People
29th Sep 13 04:18:14Video Game.Yume Nikki
29th Sep 13 04:09:27Video Game.Yume Nikki
29th Sep 13 03:20:49Surreal Symbolic Heads
29th Sep 13 03:17:53TV Head Robot
29th Sep 13 09:36:54Character Select Forcing
29th Sep 13 09:07:42Trial And Error Gameplay
26th Sep 13 04:33:28Sleeper Hit
26th Sep 13 03:53:09Sleeper Hit
18th Sep 13 03:46:31Geeky Glasses
15th Sep 13 09:26:23Characters.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
12th Sep 13 03:40:44Tropers.RJ Savoy
10th Sep 13 07:40:44Dueling Show
10th Sep 13 07:40:08Plot Arc
10th Sep 13 07:23:29Soap Wheel
9th Sep 13 02:56:32Fighting For A Homeland
1st Sep 13 02:15:25Tropers.RJ Savoy
1st Sep 13 08:44:47Memes.Film
1st Sep 13 08:24:29Memes.Attack On Titan
24th Aug 13 06:31:34Sliding Scale Of Anti Villains
24th Aug 13 06:14:18Characters.The Silmarillion
24th Aug 13 05:58:06What Could Have Been.Comic Books
24th Aug 13 05:52:43What Could Have Been.Anime
24th Aug 13 05:26:21Trailers Always Spoil.Anime And Manga
22nd Aug 13 03:03:31Tropers.RJ Savoy
19th Aug 13 05:34:21Ape Shall Never Kill Ape
19th Aug 13 01:14:26Film.The Birth Of A Nation
18th Aug 13 04:24:26Tropers.RJ Savoy
18th Aug 13 04:02:10Discworld.Witches Abroad
15th Jul 13 03:23:58Trivia.World Of Warcraft
15th Jul 13 02:54:31Game Breaker.Massively Multiplayer Online Games
11th Jul 13 08:44:00Characters.Warcraft The Alliance
11th Jul 13 07:46:23Characters.Warcraft The Alliance
9th Jul 13 02:09:51Characters.His Dark Materials
2nd Jul 13 12:52:46Fan Fic
1st Jul 13 02:13:45Quotes.Teacher Student Romance
1st Jul 13 02:11:04Quotes.Teacher Student Romance
1st Jul 13 01:57:01The Sociopath
1st Jul 13 01:49:00Dorothy L Sayers
1st Jul 13 01:13:49Characters.Thirty Rock
1st Jul 13 12:41:07Graying Morality
22nd Jun 13 02:10:34Character Alignment
21st Jun 13 04:16:04Headscratchers.Doctor Who Series 2
17th Jun 13 08:08:39Blood Knight
12th Jun 13 04:07:28Revive Kills Zombie
12th Jun 13 03:00:12Literature.Arthas
12th Jun 13 09:51:34Baseball Episode
12th Jun 13 09:24:19Bad Present
12th Jun 13 09:11:52Renamed Tropes.Q To Z
12th Jun 13 09:05:14Villains Blend In Better
11th Jun 13 12:47:16Cultural Cringe
11th Jun 13 12:16:51Cultural Cringe
10th Jun 13 11:57:43Legendary In The Sequel
10th Jun 13 11:39:46Pantheon.GUAG Psych Warfare
10th Jun 13 11:20:49Video Game.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
10th Jun 13 11:16:27Characters.Final Fantasy III
10th Jun 13 11:13:47Continuity Snarl
10th Jun 13 11:09:51Ridiculously Average Guy
9th Jun 13 10:05:26Deceased Parents Are The Best
8th Jun 13 07:10:05Characters.Star Trek Online
8th Jun 13 06:49:44Characters.Mass Effect 1 Antagonists And Npcs
8th Jun 13 06:46:36Mirror Boss
5th Jun 13 09:38:14Cruelty Is The Only Option
5th Jun 13 09:07:53Your Worst Nightmare
5th Jun 13 08:27:09Prophetic Fallacy
5th Jun 13 08:18:27Mask Of Sanity
5th Jun 13 08:08:10Video Game.The Witchs House
5th Jun 13 07:50:40Escape Sequence
5th Jun 13 07:36:07Cruel Twist Ending
4th Jun 13 04:49:32Video Game.The Witchs House
4th Jun 13 09:57:11Territorial Smurfette
4th Jun 13 09:55:59WMG.Bishoujo Kamen Poitrine
4th Jun 13 09:52:26Funny.Guilty Gear
4th Jun 13 09:50:45YMMV.Iji
4th Jun 13 09:46:27Characters.Iji
4th Jun 13 09:40:52Image Links.Refuge In Audacity
4th Jun 13 09:38:11Image Links.Refuge In Audacity
4th Jun 13 09:36:27Tomboyish Name
4th Jun 13 09:32:57YMMV.Infinite Stratos
4th Jun 13 09:31:33YMMV.Infinite Stratos
3rd Jun 13 04:01:24Every Car Is A Pinto
3rd Jun 13 03:43:54Gameplay Derailment
3rd Jun 13 09:31:31Abridged Arena Array
2nd Jun 13 05:41:04Western Animation.Jayce And The Wheeled Warriors
1st Jun 13 05:50:43Unequal Pairing
1st Jun 13 05:18:54Tropers.RJ Savoy
1st Jun 13 12:15:33YMMV.Legend Of Galactic Heroes
1st Jun 13 12:06:15Monster From Beyond The Veil
1st Jun 13 11:56:13I Love You Because I Cant Control You
1st Jun 13 11:54:04YMMV.Legend Of Galactic Heroes
1st Jun 13 11:47:08YMMV.Les Lumieres De L Amalou
1st Jun 13 11:46:53YMMV.Les Lumieres De L Amalou
1st Jun 13 11:45:54Comic Book.Les Lumieres De L Amalou
1st Jun 13 11:43:35WMG.Korra I Knew It
1st Jun 13 11:43:05WMG.Korra Amon
1st Jun 13 11:41:16Ho Yay.Azumanga Daioh
1st Jun 13 11:38:16WMG.Axis Powers Hetalia Other Nations
1st Jun 13 11:35:56YMMV.Barbarella
1st Jun 13 11:33:46Role Association.Anime Japanese
1st Jun 13 11:22:48Tropers.RJ Savoy
1st Jun 13 10:05:19All Lowercase Letters
31st May 13 09:01:16Just For Fun.Surprisingly Similar Stories
31st May 13 08:51:35Square Peg Round Trope
31st May 13 08:45:57Roleplay.Star Army
31st May 13 08:42:11YMMV.Spider Man
31st May 13 08:33:29YMMV.Spider Man Downfall
31st May 13 08:32:45Fan Fic.Spider Man Downfall
31st May 13 08:31:14Characters.Spider Man
31st May 13 08:20:08Characters.Spider-Man The Animated Series
31st May 13 08:16:50Roleplay.Shadowside
31st May 13 08:15:22Video Game.Shadow Of The Colossus
31st May 13 08:12:56Characters.Shadow Of The Colossus
31st May 13 08:10:49Video Game.Shadow Of The Colossus
31st May 13 08:08:15Characters.Star Trek Reboot
31st May 13 08:05:21Characters.Skyrim DLC
31st May 13 08:04:29Characters.Skyrim Main Characters
31st May 13 07:57:11World Of Badass
31st May 13 07:50:39Characters.Resident Evil 4
31st May 13 07:45:27Regenerating Health
31st May 13 07:43:21Comic Book.Quantum And Woody
30th May 13 04:46:07Crucified Hero Shot
30th May 13 04:09:05Alternative Calendar
30th May 13 12:06:10Characters.Warcraft The Horde
30th May 13 12:00:49Characters.Warcraft The Horde
30th May 13 11:56:29Characters.Warcraft The Horde
30th May 13 11:53:31Disney.Mulan
30th May 13 11:43:41Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
30th May 13 11:38:47Discworld.Monstrous Regiment
28th May 13 03:37:23Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th May 13 11:06:44Tropers.RJ Savoy
25th May 13 01:53:15Bollywood.Mother India
25th May 13 01:52:58Bollywood.Mother India
24th May 13 04:55:09Billy Elliot Plot
22nd May 13 10:49:50Parasol Of Pain
22nd May 13 10:39:29Flechette Storm
22nd May 13 10:10:00Pantheon.Weapons
21st May 13 04:21:21Characters.Eight Bit Theater
21st May 13 04:12:06Characters.Eight Bit Theater
21st May 13 12:07:55Strictly Formula
21st May 13 11:47:22YMMV.Dungeons And Dragons
19th May 13 05:57:43YMMV.Real Life
19th May 13 04:48:55Married In The Future
19th May 13 04:29:27Sinking Ship Scenario
19th May 13 04:24:25YMMV.Armored Core
19th May 13 04:20:51Bottle Episode
19th May 13 04:20:11Western Animation.My Little Pony
19th May 13 04:08:54Memes.Video Games
19th May 13 03:30:28Memes.World Of Warcraft
19th May 13 03:17:09Memes.World Of Warcraft
19th May 13 03:16:33Memes.World Of Warcraft
19th May 13 12:41:39Periphery Demographic.Western Animation
19th May 13 12:32:45Periphery Demographic
19th May 13 12:31:28Orphaned Series
19th May 13 12:27:19Advertising.The Most Interesting Man In The World
19th May 13 12:26:13Advertising.The Most Interesting Man In The World
19th May 13 09:07:54Theatre.Julius Caesar
18th May 13 05:04:17Tropers.RJ Savoy
18th May 13 04:09:19The Seven Basic Plots
18th May 13 07:10:41Tropers.RJ Savoy
18th May 13 06:12:26Tropers.RJ Savoy
17th May 13 07:40:46Tropers.RJ Savoy
15th May 13 04:54:14No Guy Wants To Be Chased
15th May 13 03:58:35The Seven Basic Plots
15th May 13 03:56:52The Seven Basic Plots
12th May 13 04:44:26Light Novel.Haganai
12th May 13 10:16:20Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th May 13 10:01:21Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th May 13 10:00:24Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th May 13 09:37:14Sorry To Interrupt
12th May 13 09:24:53Tropers.RJ Savoy
12th May 13 09:07:52Tropers.RJ Savoy
8th May 13 05:11:28Tropers.RJ Savoy
8th May 13 05:11:03Tropers.RJ Savoy
8th May 13 04:17:09Tropers.RJ Savoy
8th May 13 04:04:35Tropers.RJ Savoy
7th May 13 10:58:42The Love Slap Of Epiphany
7th May 13 10:56:38Green Hill Zone
7th May 13 09:24:45Gratuitous Russian
5th May 13 03:34:21Tomato Surprise
5th May 13 12:49:29Tropers.RJ Savoy
5th May 13 11:02:31Playing With.What Do You Mean Its Not For Little Girls
5th May 13 11:01:56What Do You Mean Its Not For Little Girls
29th Apr 13 01:51:23Manga.Kuragehime
29th Apr 13 01:48:00Manga.Kuragehime
29th Apr 13 01:39:08YMMV.Kuragehime
28th Apr 13 01:17:02Eri Kitamura
28th Apr 13 08:37:32Awesome Anachronistic Apparel
27th Apr 13 06:43:18Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:42:50Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:32:09Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:31:36Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:26:44Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:15:43Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:13:47Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 06:09:34Tropers.RJ Savoy
27th Apr 13 05:36:38Screaming Warrior
27th Apr 13 12:20:44Reptiles Are Abhorrent
27th Apr 13 11:54:57Playable Epilogue
27th Apr 13 08:39:36Fanon Discontinuity
27th Apr 13 08:35:45Discontinuity.Live Action TV
27th Apr 13 08:24:56YMMV.Star Trek Voyager
27th Apr 13 04:15:16Discontinuity.Anime
22nd Apr 13 04:02:59Pantheon.Knowledge
22nd Apr 13 11:41:23Character Derailment.Anime And Manga
22nd Apr 13 10:35:23Stance System
22nd Apr 13 10:12:27Kick Chick
21st Apr 13 09:55:32Humans Are Average
21st Apr 13 09:24:39Amusing Alien
21st Apr 13 09:01:03YMMV.Babylon Five
20th Apr 13 06:31:20Tropers.RJ Savoy
20th Apr 13 06:05:54Tropers.RJ Savoy
20th Apr 13 06:05:35Tropers.RJ Savoy
20th Apr 13 12:04:29The Remnant
20th Apr 13 11:31:58Magic Contract Romance
20th Apr 13 11:29:17Creepy Housekeeper
19th Apr 13 06:28:04Manga.Mirai Nikki
19th Apr 13 12:40:02Black Comedy Rape
19th Apr 13 11:02:39Tropers.RJ Savoy
17th Apr 13 01:51:48Recurring Element
17th Apr 13 01:18:57Tropers.RJ Savoy
13th Apr 13 06:03:18Eyes Should Not Be There
12th Apr 13 05:30:50Characters.Mirai Nikki
12th Apr 13 05:03:06Ho Yay.Mirai Nikki
11th Apr 13 03:56:55Manga.Daily Lives Of High School Boys
10th Apr 13 03:56:24Western Animation.Perfect Hair Forever
10th Apr 13 10:02:50Alternate Character Interpretation.SF Debris
9th Apr 13 04:31:07So Bad Its Good.Live Action TV
9th Apr 13 12:32:10Esoteric Happy Ending
7th Apr 13 09:52:42Tropers.RJ Savoy
26th Mar 13 11:51:56Verbal Tic.Anime And Manga
26th Mar 13 11:49:27Verbal Tic.Anime And Manga
26th Mar 13 11:45:51Characters.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 11:32:41Manga.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 10:03:41Characters.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 09:48:27Characters.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 09:46:16Characters.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 09:14:00Fridge.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 09:05:40Manga.Mirai Nikki
26th Mar 13 08:44:09Surreal Theme Tune
26th Mar 13 08:42:16Surreal Theme Tune
25th Mar 13 05:41:05Characters.Mirai Nikki
25th Mar 13 05:13:03Characters.Mirai Nikki
25th Mar 13 10:22:56Tropers.RJ Savoy
25th Mar 13 10:22:18Tropers.RJ Savoy
24th Mar 13 01:19:28What Measure Is A Non Badass
24th Mar 13 09:53:13Funny.Mirai Nikki
24th Mar 13 09:47:16Characters.Minami-ke
24th Mar 13 09:41:10Characters.Girls Und Panzer
23rd Mar 13 06:52:55Even Evil Has Standards.Film
23rd Mar 13 03:00:01Mad Lib Fantasy Title
23rd Mar 13 02:49:20Mysterious Mercenary Pursuer
23rd Mar 13 02:47:38Mysterious Mercenary Pursuer
23rd Mar 13 02:45:11Bloodbath Villain Origin
23rd Mar 13 02:43:49Bloodbath Villain Origin
23rd Mar 13 12:12:28Characters.Command And Conquer Red Alert Series
23rd Mar 13 11:12:30YMMV.Mirai Nikki
23rd Mar 13 11:10:17Laconic.Mirai Nikki
23rd Mar 13 06:18:59YMMV.Mirai Nikki
22nd Mar 13 10:14:01Analysis.Analysis
22nd Mar 13 10:08:09Analysis.Analysis
22nd Mar 13 09:58:35Analysis.Percussive Maintenance
22nd Mar 13 09:56:17Analysis.Percussive Maintenance
22nd Mar 13 09:48:05Analysis.Analysis
20th Mar 13 12:40:34Token Yuri Girls
20th Mar 13 12:39:13Headscratchers.The Hobbit
20th Mar 13 12:37:17Audience.Team Fortress 2