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30th Mar 15 12:08:26Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
29th Mar 15 02:54:20Call To Agriculture
28th Mar 15 09:00:00Funny.Looper
28th Mar 15 08:58:05Film.Looper
27th Mar 15 12:34:57Small Role Big Impact
26th Mar 15 02:30:36Characters.Looper
25th Mar 15 08:52:41First Episode Resurrection
18th Mar 15 01:07:52Elite Zombie
18th Mar 15 12:59:38Elite Zombie
15th Mar 15 12:31:44Film.I Robot
12th Mar 15 10:04:50Zeroth Law Rebellion
6th Mar 15 05:29:33Awesome But Impractical.Magic The Gathering
6th Mar 15 05:27:31Awesome But Impractical.Magic The Gathering
4th Mar 15 04:57:51Characters.Yu Gi Oh Kaiba Corporation And Death T
2nd Mar 15 04:23:17Characters.Skyrim Factions
25th Feb 15 09:19:14Incompletely Trained
25th Feb 15 03:37:14Film.Tom Yum Goong
25th Feb 15 12:46:55Film.Wheels On Meals
25th Feb 15 12:44:12Film.Wheels On Meals
25th Feb 15 12:42:28Film.Wheels On Meals
24th Feb 15 03:11:36Film.Tom Yum Goong
24th Feb 15 02:43:40YMMV.Tom Yum Goong
24th Feb 15 02:42:29Film.Tom Yum Goong
24th Feb 15 12:16:42Evil Has A Bad Sense Of Humor
24th Feb 15 12:07:51Evil Has A Bad Sense Of Humor
16th Feb 15 10:27:17Weird Al Effect
16th Feb 15 05:51:43Film.Ghostbusters
15th Feb 15 03:02:19Heartwarming.Sea Nanners
15th Feb 15 02:54:48Lets Play.Sea Nanners
13th Feb 15 10:13:47And Man Grew Proud
13th Feb 15 10:04:02Nightmare Fuel.The Elder Scrolls
11th Feb 15 06:04:45Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 05:55:47Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 05:37:02Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 05:33:07Western Animation.Rango
11th Feb 15 05:30:18Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 04:57:29Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 04:21:42Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 04:17:05Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 04:10:27Characters.Rango
11th Feb 15 03:31:38Heartwarming.Rango
11th Feb 15 03:17:25Western Animation.Rango
11th Feb 15 02:31:54Western Animation.Rango
10th Feb 15 09:31:18Western Animation.Rango
10th Feb 15 08:40:23Western Animation.Rango
10th Feb 15 08:36:51Western Animation.Rango
10th Feb 15 06:55:00Film.Childs Play
6th Feb 15 12:28:58Western Animation.Rango
5th Feb 15 05:18:56Funny.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
3rd Feb 15 08:40:58Tearjerker.The Amazing Spider Man 2
3rd Feb 15 08:24:09YMMV.The Amazing Spider Man 2
29th Jan 15 03:54:33Lets Play.Markiplier
29th Jan 15 12:44:38Fruit Of The Loon
27th Jan 15 11:40:22Awesome But Impractical.Magic The Gathering
26th Jan 15 11:59:39I Can Still Fight
18th Jan 15 12:11:47Film.Inside
17th Jan 15 02:59:01Western Animation.Batman Under The Red Hood
17th Jan 15 02:18:36Nightmare Fuel.Batman Under The Red Hood
17th Jan 15 01:20:58Nightmare Fuel.The Powerpuff Girls
9th Jan 15 01:59:23Underestimating Badassery
4th Jan 15 01:11:30Tear Jerker.Doctor Who
4th Jan 15 12:59:19Funny.Doctor Who New Series
29th Dec 14 04:06:02Film.Escape From New York
25th Dec 14 11:44:52The Reason You Suck Speech.Film
25th Dec 14 11:42:53The Reason You Suck Speech.Film
25th Dec 14 11:21:09The Reason You Suck Speech.Live Action TV
25th Dec 14 11:19:40The Reason You Suck Speech.Live Action TV
21st Dec 14 08:00:59One Hit Kill
21st Dec 14 07:47:23Wrestling.Sheamus
21st Dec 14 05:07:16Funny.Deus Ex Human Revolution
20th Dec 14 03:15:38Characters.Kenichi The Mightiest Disciple
16th Dec 14 02:47:42Single Power Superhero
15th Dec 14 09:41:01YMMV.The6th Day
10th Dec 14 01:10:58All Magicians Are Wizards
10th Dec 14 01:09:47All Magicians Are Wizards
10th Dec 14 03:05:02Characters.El Goonish Shive
9th Dec 14 11:47:55Clone By Conversion
5th Dec 14 09:59:14Growing Muscles Sequence
5th Dec 14 09:55:24Growing Muscles Sequence
3rd Dec 14 10:47:27Depleted Phlebotinum Shells
2nd Dec 14 01:40:57Sufficiently Analyzed Magic
2nd Dec 14 01:35:29Sufficiently Analyzed Magic
1st Dec 14 11:34:05Nightmare Fuel.The Matrix
1st Dec 14 10:51:21Funny.X Men Days Of Future Past
29th Nov 14 06:57:44Film.Law Abiding Citizen
27th Nov 14 01:58:11Webcomic.Wapsi Square
27th Nov 14 04:45:42Webcomic.Wapsi Square
25th Nov 14 02:38:50Fan Fic.Old Man Henderson
25th Nov 14 02:28:31Fan Fic.Old Man Henderson
24th Nov 14 06:36:03Lets Play.Seananners
24th Nov 14 06:33:04Lets Play.Seananners
22nd Nov 14 03:31:15Awesome But Impractical.Magic The Gathering
19th Nov 14 02:46:33Characters.Devil May Cry Villains
13th Nov 14 01:21:16Trigger
12th Nov 14 05:08:32Animalistic Abomination
8th Nov 14 10:50:58More Predators Than Prey
8th Nov 14 10:31:35More Predators Than Prey
7th Nov 14 06:19:32Schmuck Bait.Card Games
3rd Nov 14 07:25:46Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 300 To 999
3rd Nov 14 04:57:06Characters.SCP Foundation SC Ps 300 To 999
27th Oct 14 05:46:59Dungeon Shop
15th Oct 14 01:40:12Characters.Parasyte
6th Oct 14 02:02:23Kingmaker Scenario
6th Oct 14 01:58:10Fallout New Vegas.Tropes I To M
5th Oct 14 12:16:05Fallout New Vegas.Tropes E To H
4th Oct 14 05:09:02Characters.Questionable Content
28th Sep 14 10:37:12Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys
27th Sep 14 12:28:28Nightmare Fuel Station Attendant
20th Sep 14 12:32:37Awesome.Hook
20th Sep 14 12:09:50Film.Hook
14th Sep 14 05:38:05Characters.Yu Yu Hakusho Team Urameshi
11th Sep 14 03:14:02Funny.Justice League War
9th Sep 14 08:50:04YMMV.Reservoir Dogs
9th Sep 14 06:09:34Impossible Mission
9th Sep 14 05:51:25Impossible Mission
6th Sep 14 02:00:20Creator.Patrick Mc Manus
3rd Sep 14 11:35:37Lethal Joke Character
3rd Sep 14 06:10:04Workplace Acquired Abilities
3rd Sep 14 05:04:12Video Game.Street Pass Mii Plaza
28th Aug 14 11:38:32Funny.Star Trek First Contact
28th Aug 14 11:35:46Funny.Star Trek First Contact
28th Aug 14 11:00:00Rule Of Scary
27th Aug 14 12:43:55Characters.Danny Phantom
25th Aug 14 10:26:54Memes.Tabletop Games
22nd Aug 14 03:41:43Cutting The Knot
12th Aug 14 06:31:46YMMV.MINECRAFT
9th Aug 14 12:15:39Characters.Pacificrim
8th Aug 14 11:58:02Friend In The Black Market
2nd Aug 14 09:17:01Web Video.Hellsing Ultimate Abridged
1st Aug 14 05:56:06YMMV.The Rundown
1st Aug 14 05:46:49Film.The Rundown
30th Jul 14 09:46:04No Honor Among Thieves
21st Jul 14 02:53:35Stealing From The Till
5th Jul 14 12:40:30Film.Pulp Fiction
5th Jul 14 12:25:59Film.Pulp Fiction
22nd Jun 14 02:40:20Evil Is Sexy
20th Jun 14 02:15:00Film.Lockout
20th Jun 14 01:23:00Disc One Nuke
18th Jun 14 06:57:30Game Of Thrones.Tropes C To D
13th Jun 14 12:09:37Fridge.Who Framed Roger Rabbit
27th May 14 04:49:20Explosive Breeder
27th May 14 04:39:23Lethal Joke Character
27th May 14 01:04:23Manga.Murcielago
15th May 14 01:37:04Mundanger
2nd May 14 01:59:04Too Clever By Half
30th Apr 14 03:49:58Funny.Demolition Man
29th Apr 14 04:03:53Blue And Orange Morality.Card Games
20th Apr 14 12:42:23YMMV.Punisher War Zone
20th Apr 14 12:38:06Film.Punisher War Zone
20th Apr 14 12:36:18Film.Punisher War Zone
16th Apr 14 04:12:50Characters.Game Of Thrones House Baratheon Of Kings Landing
14th Apr 14 04:09:25Literature.American Gods
14th Apr 14 04:00:12Gods Need Prayer Badly
12th Apr 14 02:32:19Wrestling.Ultimate Warrior
10th Apr 14 02:10:43Characters.Magic The Gathering Factions
10th Apr 14 01:05:39YMMV.Magic The Gathering
29th Mar 14 09:18:01Powers Do The Fighting
23rd Mar 14 01:19:39Awesome.Bound
21st Mar 14 07:38:33Characters.Bioshock Infinite
20th Mar 14 02:01:09Awesome.Bee And Puppycat
18th Mar 14 10:13:51Music.El P
18th Mar 14 10:09:51Music.El P
18th Feb 14 03:07:11Western Animation.The LEGO Movie
11th Feb 14 07:47:20Nightmare Fuel.The Order Of The Stick
11th Feb 14 04:40:20Tear Jerker.The Order Of The Stick
8th Feb 14 06:17:16Funny.Death Battle
30th Jan 14 12:09:46Came Back Wrong
29th Jan 14 11:44:05Characters.Wall E
22nd Jan 14 04:42:11Fridge.Borderlands 2
21st Jan 14 07:18:26Prayer Is A Last Resort
21st Jan 14 03:51:20Awesome Yet Practical
15th Jan 14 01:55:06Animalistic Abomination
14th Jan 14 11:09:09Characters.High School Of The Dead
5th Jan 14 10:55:10Characters.The Order Of The Stick The Order Of The Stick
5th Jan 14 09:41:52YMMV.Between Failures
5th Jan 14 09:41:04YMMV.Between Failures
30th Dec 13 11:02:47Munchkin
30th Dec 13 09:10:42YMMV.Little Inferno
30th Dec 13 08:33:20Awesome But Impractical.Tabletop Games
30th Dec 13 08:03:35Awesome But Impractical.New Media
14th Dec 13 12:01:23Technician Versus Performer
9th Dec 13 05:16:08YMMV.Thirty Days Of Night
2nd Dec 13 06:47:03Mundane Utility.Tabletop Games
2nd Dec 13 04:41:39Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
2nd Dec 13 04:21:58Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
29th Nov 13 11:18:35Blessed With Suck.Card Games
19th Nov 13 03:04:35Surprise Creepy
19th Nov 13 08:10:38Boring But Practical.Other Media
19th Nov 13 03:10:28Kleptomaniac Hero
12th Nov 13 08:32:48Film.Paul
11th Nov 13 01:24:12YMMV.Cookie Clicker
6th Nov 13 01:28:56YMMV.Lollipop Chainsaw
31st Oct 13 01:53:34Characters.Saints Row
31st Oct 13 01:11:08Characters.Saints Row
31st Oct 13 12:08:11Video Game.Spec Ops The Line
30th Oct 13 07:28:30Chaotic Good
28th Oct 13 08:10:03Marionette Motion
28th Oct 13 06:29:32Film.Pacific Rim
28th Oct 13 01:08:54Animalistic Abomination
27th Oct 13 12:19:31Have I Mentioned I Am Heterosexual Today
19th Oct 13 03:07:00Manga.Narutaru
16th Oct 13 02:57:25Dungeon Bypass
16th Oct 13 01:47:32Creator.George Carlin
22nd Aug 13 02:45:08Western Animation.Rango
21st Aug 13 05:48:42Literature.The Elder Scrolls In Universe Books
18th Aug 13 03:38:11Film.Drunken Master
18th Aug 13 03:37:22Film.Drunken Master
18th Aug 13 03:12:31Film.Drunken Master
18th Aug 13 02:20:31Video Game.God Hand
17th Aug 13 01:39:43Film.Kung Fu Hustle
17th Aug 13 01:17:15Funny.Kung Fu Hustle
17th Aug 13 01:11:10Tear Jerker.Kung Fu Hustle
17th Aug 13 01:09:24Tear Jerker.Film
17th Aug 13 01:06:59Tear Jerker.Kung Fu Hustle
17th Aug 13 01:05:26Tear Jerker.Kung Fu Hustle
17th Aug 13 12:41:48YMMV.Kung Fu Hustle
16th Aug 13 11:24:41Film.Kung Fu Hustle
16th Aug 13 01:23:00Characters.Blade
16th Aug 13 12:48:59For Happiness
8th Aug 13 03:23:18Film.Zombie Land
7th Aug 13 12:30:23That Makes Me Feel Angry
29th Jul 13 07:50:12Post Modernism
25th Jul 13 07:36:15Memes.Anime
25th Jul 13 07:33:16Memes.Anime
24th Jul 13 02:01:04Came Back Strong
22nd Jul 13 09:45:36Awesome But Impractical.Video Games
22nd Jul 13 09:22:52Stupid Evil
22nd Jul 13 09:02:25Film.Bound
21st Jul 13 08:43:05Psychopathic Man Child
17th Jul 13 05:33:38Overranked Soldier
15th Jul 13 03:19:43Characters.Questionable Content
14th Jul 13 11:02:56Random Number God
12th Jul 13 08:04:17Funny.Borderlands 2
12th Jul 13 06:40:01Webcomic.Sinfest
11th Jul 13 06:29:23Tinman Typist
9th Jul 13 04:09:46The Minion Master
9th Jul 13 12:40:48Zero Approval Gambit
6th Jul 13 09:45:13Characters.The Walking Dead TV Show Main Characters
3rd Jul 13 04:56:30Sugar Wiki.Sweet Dreams Fuel
2nd Jul 13 03:33:03Manga.Black Lagoon
27th Jun 13 11:43:51Recap.Doctor Who NSS 2 E 10 Love And Monsters
25th Jun 13 03:23:53Humanity Is Insane
21st Jun 13 06:41:50Fridge.Fight Club
21st Jun 13 04:44:31Death By Genre Savviness
20th Jun 13 04:19:45Awesome.The Order Of The Stick
14th Jun 13 03:43:10Dangerously Genre Savvy
14th Jun 13 12:09:26Film.Good Fellas
13th Jun 13 11:28:49Dangerously Genre Savvy
13th Jun 13 09:56:48Film.Ghostbusters
11th Jun 13 02:47:07Blunt Yes
3rd Jun 13 05:48:08Video Game.War Of The Monsters
3rd Jun 13 05:45:51Video Game.War Of The Monsters
31st May 13 12:18:11Fridge.Borderlands 2
30th May 13 10:59:44Funny.Borderlands 2
28th May 13 08:15:28Literature.Footfall
25th May 13 06:58:05Its Quiet Too Quiet
25th May 13 12:59:42Seemingly Wholesome Fifties Girl
23rd May 13 06:19:14Useful Notes.The Vietnam War
21st May 13 11:56:32Funny.Hey Ash Whatcha Playin
21st May 13 03:46:27Anime.Puni Puni Poemi
21st May 13 01:39:27Characters.Borderlands 2
21st May 13 01:34:52Characters.Borderlands 2
21st May 13 01:04:15Neuro Vault
20th May 13 07:20:53Slobs Versus Snobs
16th May 13 05:08:30Mundane Utility.Tabletop Games
11th May 13 02:02:34Utility Weapon
11th May 13 01:20:55Utility Weapon
6th May 13 11:43:22Fantastic Arousal
6th May 13 11:21:15Funny.Zero Punctuation
6th May 13 10:52:57Funny.Zero Punctuation
6th May 13 09:25:12Film.Demon Knight
6th May 13 09:52:01Unholy Holy Sword
3rd May 13 11:00:58Heartwarming.Hanna
3rd May 13 10:28:40Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training
1st May 13 05:01:36The Gunslinger
25th Apr 13 11:50:03Wrong Context Magic
23rd Apr 13 08:48:59Upper Class Twit
16th Apr 13 05:17:21Do Well But Not Perfect
15th Apr 13 11:43:18Film.The Forty Year Old Virgin
15th Apr 13 11:41:39Film.The Forty Year Old Virgin
14th Apr 13 12:52:41Funny.Extra Credits
11th Apr 13 11:14:19Film.Total Recall 2012
10th Apr 13 06:26:06Stepford Suburbia
3rd Apr 13 04:25:42Awesome.World War Z
3rd Apr 13 04:17:00Literature.World War Z
3rd Apr 13 03:53:17Literature.World War Z
3rd Apr 13 03:20:55Literature.World War Z
2nd Apr 13 04:36:14Nightmare Fuel.Bio Shock Infinite
21st Mar 13 04:45:53Wrong Genre Savvy
12th Mar 13 02:48:16YMMV.Girls With Slingshots
9th Mar 13 07:39:50Western Animation.Kung Fu Panda 2
2nd Mar 13 11:48:00Incongruously Dressed Zombie
28th Feb 13 06:42:00Franchise.Terminator
28th Feb 13 08:50:53Chairman Of The Brawl
26th Feb 13 02:35:34Locking Mac Gyver In The Store Cupboard
21st Feb 13 02:55:00Music.Aesop Rock
20th Feb 13 11:04:03Webcomic.Questionable Content
20th Feb 13 12:02:02Film.The Uninvited 2009
20th Feb 13 11:59:41Film.The Uninvited 2009
19th Feb 13 02:19:13Appendage Assimilation
19th Feb 13 02:02:52Appendage Assimilation
19th Feb 13 12:45:02Funny.Mars Attacks
19th Feb 13 12:44:07Awesome.Mars Attacks
19th Feb 13 11:50:23Film.Mars Attacks
19th Feb 13 04:18:25Five Moves Of Doom
15th Feb 13 07:47:40Borrowed Biometric Bypass
14th Feb 13 03:58:07Bow Ties Are Cool
8th Feb 13 10:18:58All Your Colors Combined
8th Feb 13 10:13:36All Your Colors Combined
7th Feb 13 10:10:05Jerk With A Heart Of Jerk
5th Feb 13 08:30:02Nightmare Fuel.Fallout New Vegas
28th Jan 13 02:01:42Badass Adorable.Real Life
24th Jan 13 01:34:47Every Bullet Is A Tracer
16th Jan 13 03:15:18My God What Have I Done.Western Animation
13th Jan 13 06:28:00Video Game.Die By The Sword
10th Jan 13 11:59:24Recap.Doctor Who S 33 E 01 Asylum Of The Daleks
9th Jan 13 01:11:57Badass Creed.Web Original
7th Jan 13 02:58:05Eagleland
5th Jan 13 03:04:47The Cover Changes The Meaning
4th Jan 13 01:22:53Lonely Together
1st Jan 13 06:56:57Characters.SCP Foundation
30th Dec 12 09:29:33YMMV.Django Unchained
25th Dec 12 02:26:29Manga.Franken Fran
16th Dec 12 02:48:58Characters.Borderlands 2
10th Dec 12 09:15:13Video Game.Spec Ops The Line
10th Dec 12 08:52:39One Hour Photo
30th Nov 12 03:33:53Heartwarming.Questionable Content
29th Nov 12 03:19:01Characters.Skyrim Main Characters
21st Nov 12 06:43:49YMMV.Zero Punctuation
18th Nov 12 08:05:41Memes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
15th Nov 12 02:41:15Awesome.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
11th Nov 12 07:49:55Funny.Feed Dump
11th Nov 12 06:12:40Heartwarming.Questionable Content
11th Nov 12 05:22:46Cover Version
11th Nov 12 03:41:04Nightmare Fuel.The Sims
8th Nov 12 10:25:04Characters.Wreck It Ralph
8th Nov 12 09:35:29Attention Whore
8th Nov 12 09:34:25Attention Whore
8th Nov 12 09:14:04Attention Whore
8th Nov 12 06:23:48Disney.Wreck It Ralph
8th Nov 12 06:22:02Disney.Wreck It Ralph
6th Nov 12 09:44:37Disney.Wreck It Ralph
6th Nov 12 09:43:28Disney.Wreck It Ralph
2nd Nov 12 01:55:15Funny.The Muppet Christmas Carol
30th Oct 12 05:21:17Funny.Eight Mile
30th Oct 12 03:50:24Awesome.Lollipop Chainsaw
30th Oct 12 02:49:59Characters.Lollipop Chainsaw
30th Oct 12 02:46:59Fridge.Lollipop Chainsaw
26th Oct 12 01:21:28Seinfeld Is Unfunny.Film
25th Oct 12 04:06:17Fridge.Edward Scissorhands
25th Oct 12 03:28:26Characters.Lollipop Chainsaw
23rd Oct 12 06:35:46Characters.Borderlands 2
22nd Oct 12 10:16:02Characters.Borderlands 2
9th Oct 12 04:50:11Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
3rd Oct 12 11:30:36Webcomic.Johnny Wander
25th Sep 12 10:48:45Characters.Planescape Torment
25th Sep 12 06:24:44Video Game.Planescape Torment
21st Sep 12 05:58:29Film.Resident Evil
21st Sep 12 03:00:55The Neidermeyer
11th Sep 12 05:29:51Recap.Doctor Who NSS 4 E 8 Silence In The Library
11th Sep 12 01:00:44Defensive What
11th Sep 12 12:59:52Defensive What
11th Sep 12 12:20:22Heartwarming.The Truman Show
10th Sep 12 02:41:42Music.Regina Spektor
5th Sep 12 08:34:29Web Video.Extra Credits
5th Sep 12 08:31:31Web Video.Extra Credits
2nd Sep 12 11:30:42Awesome.Megamind
2nd Sep 12 10:04:58Videogame Flamethrowers Suck
28th Aug 12 09:56:32Film.Iron Man
28th Aug 12 08:19:23Artistic License Gun Safety
27th Aug 12 03:58:10Characters.Bio Shock
27th Aug 12 12:04:37Required Secondary Powers
26th Aug 12 10:40:34Heart Is An Awesome Power
26th Aug 12 09:49:02Tranquil Fury
26th Aug 12 09:34:47Heart Is An Awesome Power
26th Aug 12 06:23:29Trope Makers
26th Aug 12 07:11:31WMG.Prometheus
26th Aug 12 06:42:25Funny.Prometheus
23rd Aug 12 07:03:40Franchise.Terminator
23rd Aug 12 06:22:13Film.Idiocracy
23rd Aug 12 11:12:04The Reason You Suck Speech.Real Life
23rd Aug 12 07:20:39Quotes.Leave No Witnesses
21st Aug 12 04:24:05Organic Technology
19th Aug 12 01:46:38N Word Privileges
16th Aug 12 12:21:52Crippling Overspecialization
15th Aug 12 10:40:41YMMV.The Troll Hunter
4th Aug 12 12:44:36Establishing Character Moment.Film
4th Aug 12 12:12:16Establishing Character Moment.Film
23rd Jul 12 07:24:46Characters.Magic The Gathering
23rd Jul 12 07:24:07Characters.Magic The Gathering
12th Jul 12 03:45:10Gainaxing
10th Jul 12 03:21:55Memes.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
8th Jul 12 01:26:56Sheep In Wolfs Clothing
8th Jul 12 01:19:14Film.Dog Soldiers
8th Jul 12 01:18:02Film.Dog Soldiers
7th Jul 12 10:49:31Webcomic.Girls With Slingshots
7th Jul 12 09:43:28YMMV.Girls With Slingshots
7th Jul 12 09:42:02YMMV.Girls With Slingshots
6th Jul 12 11:42:28Cowardly Lion
6th Jul 12 06:50:05Bill Cosby