Phantom Dusclops 92's Recent Edits

17th Mar 18 01:57:24Marth Debuted In Smash Bros
17th Mar 18 12:02:29Clip Show
17th Mar 18 11:24:37Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
17th Mar 18 11:22:32Manga.Pop Team Epic
16th Mar 18 12:23:00Western Animation.Hey Duggee
16th Mar 18 12:17:23Early Installment Character Design Difference
16th Mar 18 12:03:33Adaptation Dye Job
16th Mar 18 11:41:57Adaptational Job Change
15th Mar 18 03:17:39YMMV.The Annotated Series
15th Mar 18 12:01:37Better Than It Sounds.Western Animation
14th Mar 18 11:20:51Toyless Toyline Character
12th Mar 18 03:30:03Honor Thy Abuser
11th Mar 18 01:09:54Retcon
11th Mar 18 12:32:58Bad Export For You
11th Mar 18 12:28:27Now Which One Was That Voice
11th Mar 18 12:07:12Trivia.Pop Team Epic
10th Mar 18 01:29:04Manga.Pop Team Epic
7th Mar 18 01:56:55Poorly Disguised Pilot
7th Mar 18 10:16:31Funny.The Secret Show
6th Mar 18 09:21:42Just For Fun.Miitopia
6th Mar 18 09:12:15Drinking Game.TV Tropes
4th Mar 18 12:17:42Characters.Yokai Watch Human Characters
4th Mar 18 11:26:07Clarkes Law For Girls Toys
4th Mar 18 03:51:42YMMV.Pop Team Epic
3rd Mar 18 11:08:49Universal Adaptor Cast
3rd Mar 18 10:29:45Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
3rd Mar 18 10:17:55Manga.Pop Team Epic
1st Mar 18 10:46:52Thinly Veiled Dub Country Change
28th Feb 18 11:34:04Just For Fun
28th Feb 18 11:33:25Just For Fun.Miitopia
28th Feb 18 09:48:01Warp That Aesop.Tropes
27th Feb 18 11:21:03Lost In Translation.Final Fantasy
27th Feb 18 10:13:43Trivia.Ralph Breaks The Internet Wreck It Ralph 2
25th Feb 18 11:51:24Adaptation Expansion
23rd Feb 18 11:53:19Uncanny Valley.Western Animation
22nd Feb 18 02:03:35What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Western Animation
21st Feb 18 10:58:43Toys.Amiibo
21st Feb 18 10:21:16Drinking Game.TV Tropes
20th Feb 18 02:44:00Drinking Game.TV Tropes
20th Feb 18 09:31:30The Theme Park Version
20th Feb 18 09:18:48Degraded Boss
17th Feb 18 12:36:52Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
17th Feb 18 12:36:25Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
17th Feb 18 12:30:04Trivia.Pop Team Epic
17th Feb 18 10:21:53Trivia.Pop Team Epic
17th Feb 18 10:10:55Manga.Pop Team Epic
17th Feb 18 09:56:12Manga.Pop Team Epic
15th Feb 18 11:49:33Urban Legend Of Zelda
14th Feb 18 11:47:36Shes A Man In Japan
14th Feb 18 11:46:07Shes A Man In Japan
12th Feb 18 02:51:26Early Draft Tie In
12th Feb 18 08:59:00YMMV.Camera Cafe
11th Feb 18 02:11:23Manga.Pop Team Epic
11th Feb 18 01:57:04Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
10th Feb 18 10:20:46Trivia.Pop Team Epic
10th Feb 18 10:20:08Trivia.Pop Team Epic
10th Feb 18 10:08:14Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
5th Feb 18 10:57:57Lost In Medias Res
28th Jan 18 01:16:07The Other Darrin.Anime And Manga
28th Jan 18 01:01:47The Other Darrin.Anime And Manga
28th Jan 18 12:54:23Trivia.My Little Pony The Movie 2017
28th Jan 18 10:21:08Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
28th Jan 18 10:20:44Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
27th Jan 18 12:12:45The Foreign Subtitle
27th Jan 18 12:07:45Characters.Yokai Watch Other Yokai
27th Jan 18 12:04:06Characters.Yokai Watch Prominent Yokai
27th Jan 18 12:02:44Characters.Yokai Watch Brave Tribe To Charming Tribe
27th Jan 18 11:59:39Characters.Yokai Watch Heartful Tribe To Slippery Tribe
27th Jan 18 11:42:11Trivia.Dragon Ball Super
27th Jan 18 11:28:23Trivia.Pop Team Epic
27th Jan 18 11:22:13Shout Out.Pop Team Epic
27th Jan 18 11:11:56Manga.Pop Team Epic
27th Jan 18 10:25:05YMMV.Pop Team Epic
14th Dec 17 10:54:44Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
14th Dec 17 09:10:07Trivia.Lion And Bobo Adventures
14th Dec 17 09:07:55Just For Fun.Lion And Bobo Adventures
12th Dec 17 02:18:40Just For Fun
12th Dec 17 02:16:51Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
11th Dec 17 08:21:24Product Displacement
8th Dec 17 11:57:45Bowdlerise.Western Animation
6th Dec 17 10:52:25Anvilicious.Comic Books
6th Dec 17 10:50:40Anvilicious.Comic Books
5th Dec 17 01:59:07Role Reprisal.Western Animation
5th Dec 17 11:34:27Never Trust A Trailer.Video Games
4th Dec 17 02:08:57Inconsistent Dub
4th Dec 17 09:17:18WMG.Pokemon Generations
3rd Dec 17 01:19:47Dummied Out.Role Playing Game
30th Nov 17 08:47:41Commercial Break Cliffhanger
26th Nov 17 09:31:01Urban Legend Of Zelda
25th Nov 17 12:02:12Creator.Saffron Henderson
25th Nov 17 12:01:29Trivia.Saffron Henderson
25th Nov 17 11:59:38YMMV.Saffron Henderson
22nd Nov 17 11:57:07Trivia.Power Rangers
21st Nov 17 09:00:50Characters.Mickey Mouse Comic Universe Subseries
19th Nov 17 11:10:54Trivia.The Star
17th Nov 17 12:12:38Inconsistent Dub
12th Nov 17 10:42:02Beam Me Up Scotty
9th Nov 17 02:39:55Completely Different Title.Italian
8th Nov 17 12:24:23Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
8th Nov 17 12:23:26Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
8th Nov 17 10:08:48Pre Order Bonus
8th Nov 17 10:02:32Limited Special Collectors Ultimate Edition
6th Nov 17 12:59:01Trivia.Lion And Bobo Adventures
6th Nov 17 12:56:07Just For Fun.Lion And Bobo Adventures
3rd Nov 17 02:44:59Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Web Media
3rd Nov 17 01:33:00Themed Stock Board Game
2nd Nov 17 02:52:14Role Association.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
1st Nov 17 03:31:58Role Association.Western Italian
30th Oct 17 11:19:26Role Association.Western Italian
30th Oct 17 11:18:54Role Association.Western Italian
30th Oct 17 10:11:14Trivia.Ben 102016
29th Oct 17 02:54:56Urban Legend Of Zelda
29th Oct 17 12:09:05Silly Animal Sound
27th Oct 17 10:32:00Version Exclusive Content
25th Oct 17 10:45:05Role Association.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
23rd Oct 17 10:13:18Comic Book.Zannablu
23rd Oct 17 09:43:57Western Animation.Transformers Rescue Bots
23rd Oct 17 09:38:44Dueling Dubs
22nd Oct 17 09:27:08Anti Climactic Unmasking
21st Oct 17 02:19:16Stock Footage
20th Oct 17 11:46:46Reference Overdosed
20th Oct 17 10:48:40Just For Fun.Lion And Bobo Adventures
18th Oct 17 09:57:09Rummage Sale Reject
16th Oct 17 02:17:53Drinking Game.Italian Disney Mouse And Duck Comics
15th Oct 17 12:24:51Critical Research Failure
15th Oct 17 09:26:08Role Reprisal.Western Animation
14th Oct 17 11:00:44Just For Fun.Lion And Bobo Adventures
13th Oct 17 02:56:17Just For Fun
13th Oct 17 02:55:39Trivia.Lion And Bobo Adventures
13th Oct 17 02:52:28Just For Fun.Lion And Bobo Adventures
12th Oct 17 01:42:35Urban Legend Of Zelda.Sonic The Hedgehog
11th Oct 17 11:40:54Role Reprisal.Western Animation
11th Oct 17 11:12:55Role Reprisal.Animated Films
11th Oct 17 11:06:12Trivia.The LEGO Ninjago Movie
11th Oct 17 08:58:54Recap.The Loud House S 1 E 24 Funny Business Snow Bored
10th Oct 17 09:16:50Characters.The Loud House Adults
10th Oct 17 09:14:04Characters.The Loud House Kids
10th Oct 17 09:10:38Losing A Shoe In The Struggle
9th Oct 17 12:12:31Inconsistent Dub
8th Oct 17 01:07:21Short Run In Peru
8th Oct 17 12:58:16Characters.The Loud House Family
8th Oct 17 12:41:47Early Installment Character Design Difference
8th Oct 17 11:01:07WMG.The Loud House
7th Oct 17 09:45:42Adored By The Network.Western Animation
4th Oct 17 10:56:28Early Installment Character Design Difference
4th Oct 17 10:34:47Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
3rd Oct 17 09:34:35Product Placement
1st Oct 17 12:07:59Awesome Music.Si Iva Gunner
1st Oct 17 12:01:10Awesome Music.Si Iva Gunner
29th Sep 17 11:33:36Trivia.Dragon Ball Super
27th Sep 17 11:25:23Trivia.Dragon Ball Super
24th Sep 17 01:45:22Characters.Yokai Watch Other Yokai
24th Sep 17 01:38:44Characters.Yokai Watch Human Characters
24th Sep 17 01:35:30Characters.Yokai Watch Prominent Yokai
24th Sep 17 01:31:43Characters.Yokai Watch Brave Tribe To Charming Tribe
24th Sep 17 01:25:44Characters.Yokai Watch Heartful Tribe To Slippery Tribe
24th Sep 17 12:22:19Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
22nd Sep 17 12:16:24Now Which One Was That Voice
22nd Sep 17 11:11:22Early Installment Character Design Difference
20th Sep 17 10:15:06Adored By The Network
20th Sep 17 09:58:24Screwed By The Network.Western Animation
18th Sep 17 11:46:26No Pronunciation Guide
18th Sep 17 11:22:04No Pronunciation Guide
15th Sep 17 12:22:44Early Bird Cameo
15th Sep 17 12:11:18Early Bird Cameo
15th Sep 17 12:04:50Early Bird Cameo
13th Sep 17 12:03:33YMMV.Power Rangers RPM
13th Sep 17 12:02:54Series.Power Rangers RPM
13th Sep 17 10:23:14Horrible.Live Action TV
13th Sep 17 10:06:08Deader Than Disco
12th Sep 17 11:01:22Flashback With The Other Darrin
7th Sep 17 02:30:03Literature.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
7th Sep 17 02:15:28Funny.Diary Of A Wimpy Kid
6th Sep 17 10:39:42Completely Different Title.Italian
6th Sep 17 10:30:35The Foreign Subtitle
6th Sep 17 10:21:10Market Based Title
6th Sep 17 09:50:25Market Based Title
3rd Sep 17 01:27:00Completely Different Title
3rd Sep 17 01:08:40Out Of Order.Western Animation
3rd Sep 17 11:48:29Alternative Foreign Theme Song.Film
3rd Sep 17 11:43:01Alternative Foreign Theme Song.Anime And Manga
2nd Sep 17 12:14:41Non Indicative First Episode
1st Sep 17 11:57:48Series.The Goldbergs
29th Aug 17 11:02:27Western Animation.Super Why
29th Aug 17 11:01:19Western Animation.Super Why
20th Aug 17 02:33:21Troll Fic
14th Aug 17 10:51:23Role Reprisal.Western Animation
13th Aug 17 11:46:37Bowdlerise.Western Animation
7th Aug 17 09:25:18Trivia.Splatoon 2
6th Aug 17 01:25:42Just For Fun.Weird Ass Games
4th Aug 17 11:03:15Bad Export For You
27th Jul 17 01:30:54Fleeting Demographic Rule
25th Jul 17 11:55:39Captain Obvious.Advertising
19th Jul 17 11:43:34Casting Gag
18th Jul 17 08:44:23Western Animation.Chop Socky Chooks
16th Jul 17 02:20:13YMMV.Warhammer 40000
15th Jul 17 12:04:32Better Than It Sounds.Game Mod
15th Jul 17 11:45:05Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
15th Jul 17 11:32:13Trivia.Krosmaster
15th Jul 17 11:30:02YMMV.Krosmaster
10th Jul 17 11:00:23Video Game.Super Mario Maker
9th Jul 17 01:27:02Production Throwback
9th Jul 17 11:16:16Lull Destruction
7th Jul 17 12:16:51Characters.Overwatch Offense
7th Jul 17 11:46:07Darth Wiki.Warp That Aesop
6th Jul 17 01:11:10Role Association.Overwatch
6th Jul 17 11:00:54Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
6th Jul 17 10:29:43Lull Destruction
5th Jul 17 11:58:34Shes A Man In Japan
4th Jul 17 02:39:56Non Dubbed Grunts
4th Jul 17 12:40:45Horrible.Live Action TV
3rd Jul 17 02:28:49Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Pokemon
1st Jul 17 11:05:53Funny.Yatterman
30th Jun 17 01:36:32Unfinished Dub
30th Jun 17 10:53:26Completely Different Title.Italian
27th Jun 17 12:01:14Thinly Veiled Dub Country Change
27th Jun 17 12:00:29Thinly Veiled Dub Country Change
27th Jun 17 09:34:47Common Knowledge.Western Animation
26th Jun 17 11:48:09Latex Perfection
26th Jun 17 11:26:55Cast As A Mask
26th Jun 17 11:09:30Inconsistent Dub
25th Jun 17 09:33:37Characters.World Of Winx
20th Jun 17 12:28:01Early Installment Character Design Difference
20th Jun 17 12:21:24Reading Foreign Signs Out Loud
20th Jun 17 12:16:58Reading Foreign Signs Out Loud
20th Jun 17 11:08:35Trivia.LEGO Dimensions
20th Jun 17 11:06:13Trivia.LEGO Dimensions
19th Jun 17 03:01:04Trivia.LEGO Dimensions
17th Jun 17 11:01:55Drinking Game.Cardfight Vanguard
14th Jun 17 02:22:26Foreign Re Score
14th Jun 17 02:20:09Localization Tropes
12th Jun 17 10:57:30Referenced By.Tintin
12th Jun 17 10:37:55Franchise.Tintin
6th Jun 17 08:21:02Inconsistent Dub
3rd Jun 17 10:08:23Never Live It Down.Other Media
3rd Jun 17 09:43:13Official Fan Submitted Content
1st Jun 17 01:55:21Covers Always Lie.Animated Film
30th May 17 11:00:28Obvious Beta
30th May 17 08:50:08Inconsistent Dub
27th May 17 10:52:40Woolseyism.Other
24th May 17 11:22:22Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
9th May 17 08:27:38Characters.Overwatch Offense
9th May 17 08:21:19Characters.Overwatch Tank
3rd May 17 10:14:18Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
2nd May 17 01:15:59Late Export For You
2nd May 17 09:03:00Inconsistent Dub
2nd May 17 08:47:32Reading Foreign Signs Out Loud
19th Apr 17 12:04:13Product Placement.Anime And Manga
19th Apr 17 11:35:12Spoiled By The Merchandise
17th Apr 17 08:10:28Late Export For You
12th Apr 17 02:45:25Trivia.Overwatch
11th Apr 17 01:03:41Marth Debuted In Smash Bros
11th Apr 17 12:30:06Trivia.Overwatch
11th Apr 17 08:51:33Urban Legend Of Zelda
8th Apr 17 09:08:57Characters.NES Godzilla Creepypasta
6th Apr 17 11:21:01Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
6th Apr 17 10:51:47Funny.Gi Iva Sunner
6th Apr 17 10:50:21Funny.Gi Iva Sunner
3rd Apr 17 11:55:28Early Installment Character Design Difference
3rd Apr 17 11:49:12Early Installment Character Design Difference
3rd Apr 17 11:43:59Early Installment Character Design Difference
2nd Apr 17 10:42:06Critical Research Failure
1st Apr 17 09:51:21Just For Fun.TV Tropes Symphony Orchestra
31st Mar 17 11:40:41Off The Shelf FX
31st Mar 17 11:09:03Horrible.Live Action Films
30th Mar 17 11:15:42Ruined FOREVER.Anime And Manga
28th Mar 17 09:15:27Western Animation.Sabrina The Animated Series
28th Mar 17 08:22:43Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Western Animation
27th Mar 17 12:14:07YMMV.South Park The Fractured But Whole
20th Mar 17 03:32:03Pac Man Fever
18th Mar 17 02:18:25Shallow Parody
17th Mar 17 12:37:17Earth Bound.Tropes A To G
14th Mar 17 09:39:45YMMV.Beauty And The Beast 2017
12th Mar 17 12:26:23YMMV.Dofus The Treasures Of Kerubim
12th Mar 17 12:24:15Western Animation.Dofus The Treasures Of Kerubim
12th Mar 17 12:23:42Western Animation.Dofus The Treasures Of Kerubim
11th Mar 17 12:34:27Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
11th Mar 17 12:25:20Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Western Animation
11th Mar 17 12:02:21The Other Darrin.Anime And Manga
11th Mar 17 11:52:51Role Reprisal
11th Mar 17 11:42:47Role Reprisal
11th Mar 17 11:40:10Trivia.Yu Gi Oh The Dark Side Of Dimensions
7th Mar 17 11:18:32Western Animation.Fireman Sam
6th Mar 17 10:08:51YMMV.Il Etait Une Fois
5th Mar 17 11:51:18Inconsistent Dub
2nd Mar 17 10:10:07Marth Debuted In Smash Bros
28th Feb 17 12:53:47Inconsistent Dub
28th Feb 17 10:52:09Shallow Parody
27th Feb 17 12:18:34Advertised Extra
23rd Feb 17 11:15:16Running Gag.The Annotated Series
22nd Feb 17 12:12:28Hey Its That Sound
20th Feb 17 08:52:07Trivia.Overwatch
17th Feb 17 01:54:01You Wanna Get Sued
13th Feb 17 02:26:52Celebrity Voice Actor
13th Feb 17 01:25:16Production Foreshadowing
9th Feb 17 10:53:37Celebrity Voice Actor
8th Feb 17 02:51:23Awesome Music.Haruhi Suzumiya
26th Jan 17 08:42:48Power Limiter
25th Jan 17 10:15:25Woolseyism.Anime
21st Jan 17 11:48:14Take That Audience
21st Jan 17 10:33:31Trivia.Professor Layton And The Azran Legacy
21st Jan 17 10:28:30Trivia.Professor Layton And The Eternal Diva
21st Jan 17 10:00:23Flashback With The Other Darrin
19th Jan 17 10:53:38Dueling Dubs
19th Jan 17 10:03:25Truncated Theme Tune
18th Jan 17 09:57:10The Other Darrin.Western Animation
16th Jan 17 01:34:16YMMV.Wizards Of Mickey
16th Jan 17 01:32:54Comic Book.Wizards Of Mickey
16th Jan 17 12:19:27Recurring Extra
16th Jan 17 12:18:35Recurring Extra
14th Jan 17 03:19:27Trivia.Teen Titans Go
13th Jan 17 01:21:30Urban Legend Of Zelda
10th Jan 17 11:40:37You Wanna Get Sued
9th Jan 17 11:30:20Early Installment Character Design Difference
7th Jan 17 12:29:01Clue From Ed
5th Jan 17 09:33:39Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
3rd Jan 17 12:50:22Anime.Hamtaro
3rd Jan 17 12:49:08Thinly Veiled Dub Country Change
31st Dec 16 11:18:39Trivia.Toy Story That Time Forgot
30th Dec 16 01:54:29Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
29th Dec 16 02:12:54Woolseyism.Video Games
26th Dec 16 12:17:12Dethroning Moment.Web Original
24th Dec 16 02:13:20Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
24th Dec 16 12:01:59Lucky Translation
24th Dec 16 11:45:55Woolseyism.Film
22nd Dec 16 09:41:13Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
19th Dec 16 12:38:43Feelies
16th Dec 16 11:19:43YMMV.Super Mario Run
15th Dec 16 12:35:34What Song Was This Again
15th Dec 16 12:26:45The Foreign Subtitle
10th Dec 16 11:07:12Defictionalization
8th Dec 16 11:18:15Art Shift
7th Dec 16 09:31:39Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
6th Dec 16 02:06:08Western Animation.The New Adventures Of Peter Pan
5th Dec 16 10:26:04The Other Darrin.Western Animation
3rd Dec 16 01:29:55Western Animation.Dofus The Treasures Of Kerubim
3rd Dec 16 01:26:50Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Western Animation
3rd Dec 16 01:25:19Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Western Animation
30th Nov 16 12:49:43Role Reprisal
28th Nov 16 01:31:52Depending On The Artist
28th Nov 16 08:55:21Voice Acting Tropes
28th Nov 16 08:54:18Multiple Languages Same Voice Actor
28th Nov 16 08:53:21Multiple Languages Same Voice Actor
26th Nov 16 12:55:07Role Reprisal
24th Nov 16 09:28:46YMMV.Gormiti The Lords Of Nature Return
21st Nov 16 12:48:55Clumsy Copyright Censorship
18th Nov 16 12:52:21Trivia.Pokemon Generations
15th Nov 16 11:41:39Dethroning Moment.Other
15th Nov 16 08:52:26Inconsistent Dub
13th Nov 16 10:17:28Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
13th Nov 16 08:46:25The Other Darrin.Western Animation
13th Nov 16 08:45:19The Other Darrin.Western Animation
12th Nov 16 01:29:12Repurposed Pop Song
12th Nov 16 01:25:23Repurposed Pop Song
12th Nov 16 12:58:29Bowdlerise.Western Animation
10th Nov 16 10:09:33Bowdlerise.Western Animation
9th Nov 16 11:36:29Role Reprisal
9th Nov 16 10:39:53Bland Name Product
8th Nov 16 11:05:37Franchise.Tintin
7th Nov 16 01:56:14Inconsistent Dub
5th Nov 16 04:14:46Spoiled By The Manual
5th Nov 16 10:57:03YMMV.Gormiti The Lords Of Nature Return
5th Nov 16 10:55:41Western Animation.Gormiti The Lords Of Nature Return
4th Nov 16 02:54:59Warp That Aesop.Tropes
1st Nov 16 12:20:46Web Video.The Annotated Series
31st Oct 16 12:02:17Woolseyism.Video Games
31st Oct 16 11:33:49Shout Out.Overwatch
22nd Oct 16 11:25:57Web Animation.Strong Bad Email
22nd Oct 16 11:23:40Web Animation.Strong Bad Email
17th Oct 16 12:26:52Totally Radical.Advertising
17th Oct 16 12:11:35Warp That Aesop.Tropes
17th Oct 16 09:50:11Crappy Carnival
17th Oct 16 09:49:19Crappy Carnival
17th Oct 16 09:16:24Trivia.Cardfight Vanguard
17th Oct 16 08:46:00Anime.Cardfight Vanguard
16th Oct 16 12:48:50Horrible.Other
15th Oct 16 01:33:49Pac Man Fever
15th Oct 16 11:46:41Arc Number
14th Oct 16 02:49:29What Could Have Been
14th Oct 16 02:30:49Trivia.LEGO Dimensions
14th Oct 16 02:24:03Comic Book.Zannablu
14th Oct 16 02:11:55Story Branch Favoritism
13th Oct 16 09:01:50Named By The Adaptation
10th Oct 16 02:50:07And The Fandom Rejoiced.Transformers
10th Oct 16 02:43:48And The Fandom Rejoiced.Tabletop Games
10th Oct 16 09:43:53Bowdlerise.Western Animation
10th Oct 16 09:00:16Trivia.Yatterman
5th Oct 16 11:56:36Role Reprisal
4th Oct 16 01:20:10Trivia.LEGO Dimensions
4th Oct 16 06:14:13Role Reprisal
3rd Oct 16 11:18:02Blind Idiot Translation.Tabletop Games
3rd Oct 16 10:44:22Reading Foreign Signs Out Loud
2nd Oct 16 02:56:44Completely Different Title.Italian
2nd Oct 16 02:11:45Beam Me Up Scotty
2nd Oct 16 12:48:24Now Which One Was That Voice
2nd Oct 16 12:15:16Inconsistent Dub
1st Oct 16 10:52:49The Other Darrin.Anime And Manga
30th Sep 16 02:55:28Comic Book.Zannablu
29th Sep 16 10:28:39Just For Fun.Phantom Dusclops 92
28th Sep 16 12:37:21Shes A Man In Japan