30th Jul 14 08:41:00Straight Gay
30th Jul 14 08:40:16Straight Gay
30th Jul 14 06:26:52Character Gush.Western Animation
30th Jul 14 06:23:14Character Gush.Western Animation
28th Jul 14 06:53:00Unexpected Successor
28th Jul 14 06:52:34Unexpected Successor
22nd Jul 14 12:46:43Better Than It Sounds.Music
22nd Jul 14 12:46:02Better Than It Sounds.Music
22nd Jul 14 12:45:06Better Than It Sounds.Music
22nd Jul 14 12:44:06Better Than It Sounds.Music
22nd Jul 14 12:34:45Better Than It Sounds.Comic Books
22nd Jul 14 12:34:03Better Than It Sounds.Comic Books
22nd Jul 14 12:26:55Awesome Music.Hard Rock
22nd Jul 14 12:26:19Awesome Music.Hard Rock
22nd Jul 14 12:24:49Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
22nd Jul 14 12:24:38Awesome Music.Hard Rock
22nd Jul 14 12:24:13Awesome Music.Hard Rock
22nd Jul 14 06:59:39Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
22nd Jul 14 06:41:12Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
21st Jul 14 10:15:21Sugar Wiki.Gushing About Villains You Like
21st Jul 14 10:14:34Sugar Wiki.Gushing About Villains You Like
9th Jul 14 02:05:18The Great Politics Mess Up
9th Jul 14 01:07:31Funny.The X Files
26th May 14 05:42:05Film.Soylent Green
26th May 14 05:41:29Film.Soylent Green
25th Apr 14 06:36:32Political Correctness Gone Mad
25th Apr 14 06:35:18Political Correctness Gone Mad
25th Apr 14 06:34:11Political Correctness Gone Mad
24th Apr 14 12:09:05Real Life.Mean Character Nice Actor
14th Apr 14 09:20:53Creators Pet.Comic Books
14th Apr 14 07:48:32Series.Benson
14th Apr 14 07:47:59Series.Benson
14th Apr 14 07:47:13Series.Benson
14th Apr 14 07:44:52Series.Benson
4th Apr 14 06:44:59Political Correctness Gone Mad
4th Apr 14 06:37:13Political Correctness Gone Mad
4th Apr 14 06:35:54Political Correctness Gone Mad
14th Feb 14 10:38:59Real Life.Mean Character Nice Actor
14th Feb 14 07:34:06Nobody Over 50 Is Gay
14th Feb 14 07:33:09Nobody Over 50 Is Gay
3rd Feb 14 08:43:36YMMV.Saga
23rd Jan 14 01:37:20And The Fandom Rejoiced.Comic Book
21st Jan 14 10:24:36Buffy Speak
21st Jan 14 10:17:33Music.Deep Purple
21st Jan 14 07:20:56End Of An Age
21st Jan 14 07:20:20End Of An Age
21st Jan 14 07:18:27End Of An Age
17th Jan 14 12:04:35Good Smoking Evil Smoking
17th Jan 14 12:03:42Good Smoking Evil Smoking
18th Dec 13 07:59:21Film.American Hustle
22nd Nov 13 06:25:55Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
22nd Nov 13 06:24:11Awesome Music.Heavy Metal
20th Nov 13 07:15:51Damsel Scrappy
20th Nov 13 07:14:55Damsel Scrappy
31st Oct 13 07:34:43Buffy Speak
30th Oct 13 01:44:50Characters.Avengers Founding Members
24th Oct 13 08:12:49Headscratchers.Blackadder
24th Oct 13 08:12:24Headscratchers.Blackadder
24th Oct 13 08:07:46Headscratchers.Blackadder
23rd Oct 13 10:54:15Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
21st Oct 13 06:35:13Funny.Blackadder
21st Oct 13 06:33:21Funny.Blackadder
21st Oct 13 06:31:09Funny.Blackadder
21st Oct 13 06:30:13Funny.Blackadder
18th Oct 13 07:44:28Headscratchers.Archie Comics
18th Oct 13 07:42:12Headscratchers.Archie Comics
8th Oct 13 10:16:01Characters.Cowboy Bebop
8th Oct 13 10:15:22Characters.Cowboy Bebop
7th Oct 13 11:20:37Music.Fiona Apple
25th Sep 13 11:57:05Abusive Parents.Literature
25th Sep 13 11:49:01Offing The Offspring
25th Sep 13 06:54:31Abusive Parents.Literature
24th Sep 13 11:54:23Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
24th Sep 13 11:53:30Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
24th Sep 13 11:51:07Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
24th Sep 13 08:09:04The Load.Western Animation
24th Sep 13 07:57:24Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
24th Sep 13 07:56:32Headscratchers.Josie And The Pussy Cats
24th Sep 13 07:55:19Headscratchers.Western Animation
24th Sep 13 07:40:39Western Animation.Josie And The Pussy Cats
9th Sep 13 09:39:14Music.Deep Purple
21st Aug 13 06:58:18Awesome.Daredevil
19th Aug 13 12:54:28Unfinished Business
19th Aug 13 12:45:17Barred From The Afterlife
19th Aug 13 12:44:45Barred From The Afterlife
19th Aug 13 12:42:55Barred From The Afterlife
19th Aug 13 11:17:27Stage Names
19th Aug 13 11:15:20Stage Names
19th Aug 13 11:14:23Stage Names
13th Aug 13 09:18:27Lipstick Lesbian
19th Jul 13 07:00:16Buffy Speak
30th Jun 13 02:01:52Creator Couple
30th Jun 13 01:44:13Creator Couple
30th Jun 13 01:34:00And I Must Scream.Comic Books
28th Jun 13 11:04:26Abdicate The Throne
28th Jun 13 10:34:45Hereditary Republic
28th Jun 13 09:52:03Music.George Clinton
28th Jun 13 09:49:19Revolving Door Band
28th Jun 13 09:48:18Revolving Door Band
28th Jun 13 09:46:53Revolving Door Band
28th Jun 13 09:44:49Revolving Door Band
28th Jun 13 09:32:38Music.X
27th Jun 13 12:05:32What Could Have Been.Real Life
27th Jun 13 11:57:04Band Of Relatives
27th Jun 13 11:46:11Music.X
27th Jun 13 11:43:14Music.X
27th Jun 13 11:34:39Faceofthe Band
27th Jun 13 11:32:21Faceofthe Band
27th Jun 13 11:24:02Faceofthe Band
27th Jun 13 11:23:33Faceofthe Band
27th Jun 13 11:22:54Faceofthe Band
27th Jun 13 10:25:40Heartwarming.Daredevil
27th Jun 13 10:25:24Heartwarming.Daredevil
27th Jun 13 08:50:35And I Must Scream.Comic Books
27th Jun 13 08:49:39And I Must Scream.Comic Books
27th Jun 13 08:40:09Characters.Daredevil
27th Jun 13 08:37:19Characters.Daredevil
27th Jun 13 08:30:38YMMV.X
27th Jun 13 08:30:04Creator Breakdown.Music
27th Jun 13 08:29:31Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:29:25Creator Breakdown.Music
27th Jun 13 08:28:05Creator Breakdown.Music
27th Jun 13 08:27:15Creator Breakdown.Music
27th Jun 13 08:21:56Revolving Door Band
27th Jun 13 08:20:54Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:20:02YMMV.X
27th Jun 13 08:18:39Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:17:27Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:13:54Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:12:18Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:09:21Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:08:41Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:07:24Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:07:03Music.X
27th Jun 13 08:03:33Long Runner Line Up
27th Jun 13 07:49:32Long Runner Line Up
26th Jun 13 01:02:58Long Runner Lineup
26th Jun 13 12:39:56Long Runner Lineup
26th Jun 13 08:41:11Music.Mudhoney
26th Jun 13 08:38:40Long Runner Lineup
26th Jun 13 08:36:20Long Runner Lineup
19th Jun 13 11:09:12Music.Britney Spears
28th May 13 10:24:23Music.Britney Spears
28th May 13 10:22:57YMMV.Britney Spears
25th Apr 13 09:17:25Music.Britney Spears
24th Apr 13 01:04:08Music.Britney Spears
24th Apr 13 12:59:11Music.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 12:30:09Music.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 12:29:14Fridge.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 12:25:12YMMV.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 12:22:45Music.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 07:27:09YMMV.Britney Spears
23rd Apr 13 07:26:22Music.Britney Spears
21st Feb 13 10:12:35Film.Mary Queen Of Scots
15th Feb 13 12:15:14Music.Shonen Knife
14th Feb 13 12:49:38Music.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:46:58Music.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:45:55Heartwarming.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:45:02Music.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:42:33Music.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:41:05Music.Britney Spears
14th Feb 13 12:39:43Auto Tune
7th Feb 13 12:25:02Music.Steeleye Span
9th Jan 13 09:44:36Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Music
12th Dec 12 01:15:16Critical Dissonance
11th Dec 12 07:06:41Tropers.Penny Dreadful
11th Dec 12 07:06:33Tropers.Penny Dreadful
5th Dec 12 08:34:39Music.X
5th Dec 12 08:32:13Music.X
5th Dec 12 08:32:00Music.X
5th Dec 12 08:31:45Music.X
13th Oct 12 06:08:23Running The Asylum
13th Oct 12 06:06:22Running The Asylum
13th Oct 12 06:05:19Running The Asylum
14th Sep 12 06:15:32Headscratchers.Twenty Eight Weeks Later
14th Sep 12 08:32:42Headscratchers.Twenty Eight Weeks Later
13th Sep 12 01:48:35Dork Age.The DCU
13th Sep 12 01:44:39Dork Age.The DCU
13th Sep 12 01:42:55Dork Age.The DCU
6th Sep 12 12:49:08Creator Couple
6th Sep 12 12:42:05Music.X
17th Jul 12 06:00:33Roman Holiday
17th Jul 12 05:57:55Harsher In Hindsight.Film
17th Jul 12 05:57:21Harsher In Hindsight.Film
17th Jul 12 05:56:58Harsher In Hindsight.Film
8th May 12 01:46:28Yoko Oh No
7th May 12 12:15:24Body Horror.Real Life
7th May 12 12:03:00Cloudcuckoolander.Others
7th May 12 11:57:10Cloudcuckoolander.Others
7th May 12 11:56:31Cloudcuckoolander.Others
7th May 12 11:47:22Cloudcuckoolander.Others
1st May 12 04:33:41Berserk Button.Music
1st May 12 04:31:47Berserk Button.Music
27th Apr 12 11:01:25Sugar Wiki.Villain Whitewashing Service
27th Apr 12 10:59:02Sugar Wiki.Villain Whitewashing Service
27th Apr 12 07:07:25Headscratchers.Soylent Green
27th Apr 12 06:43:57Sugar Wiki.Villain Whitewashing Service
27th Apr 12 06:42:45Sugar Wiki.Villain Whitewashing Service
4th Apr 12 01:48:39Cats Are Snarkers
3rd Apr 12 07:23:36Face Of The Band
3rd Apr 12 07:22:42Face Of The Band
3rd Apr 12 07:11:50Garfunkel
3rd Apr 12 07:07:56Garfunkel
2nd Apr 12 05:05:25Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 05:04:55Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 05:04:28Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 04:53:41Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 04:52:31Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 04:50:00Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 04:48:15Funny.Music
2nd Apr 12 08:17:02Vocal Dissonance
20th Mar 12 09:46:47Legacy Implosion
20th Mar 12 09:40:50Demoted To Extra
20th Mar 12 09:39:53Demoted To Extra
1st Feb 12 07:19:24Funny.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
20th Jan 12 07:11:16Characters.The Flash
18th Jan 12 02:25:12Running The Asylum
26th Dec 11 10:59:05Characters.The Flash
9th Dec 11 09:25:10Bedlam House
9th Dec 11 09:18:10Music.Steeleye Span
9th Dec 11 09:16:20Music.Steeleye Span
1st Dec 11 11:38:26Music.Steeleye Span
29th Nov 11 09:11:50Music.Steeleye Span
29th Nov 11 09:00:09Music.Steeleye Span
16th Nov 11 12:22:52Music.Britney Spears
16th Nov 11 12:20:21Stage Mom
16th Nov 11 09:36:50Thora Birch
16th Nov 11 09:36:04Stage Mom
16th Nov 11 09:31:59Music.Britney Spears
16th Nov 11 09:30:29Stage Mom
4th Nov 11 10:33:01All Drummers Are Animals
4th Nov 11 10:32:13All Drummers Are Animals
4th Nov 11 10:31:35All Drummers Are Animals
2nd Nov 11 11:25:31Music.Pink Floyd
2nd Nov 11 11:25:09Music.Pink Floyd
1st Nov 11 08:15:16Woobie.Real Life
26th Oct 11 08:04:04Music.Van Der Graaf Generator
26th Oct 11 07:13:42Music.Steeleye Span
26th Oct 11 07:13:07Music.Steeleye Span
25th Oct 11 08:44:11Violent Glaswegian
25th Oct 11 08:39:18Violent Glaswegian
25th Oct 11 08:37:33Violent Glaswegian
24th Oct 11 12:42:38Accidental Nightmare Fuel.Music Videos
24th Oct 11 08:59:58Everythings Better With Princesses
24th Oct 11 08:50:14Royals Who Actually Do Something
24th Oct 11 08:49:23Royals Who Actually Do Something
24th Oct 11 08:48:19Royals Who Actually Do Something
3rd Oct 11 07:02:45Steeleye Span
3rd Oct 11 06:56:11Steeleye Span
3rd Oct 11 06:55:18Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:36:48Band Of Relatives
28th Sep 11 12:34:02Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:33:50Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:28:57Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:19:47Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:15:28Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 12:14:33Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 07:04:05Steeleye Span
28th Sep 11 07:03:30Steeleye Span
22nd Sep 11 06:17:23The Cattanooga Cats
22nd Sep 11 06:16:35The Cattanooga Cats
20th Sep 11 11:42:49Berserk Button.Real Life
20th Sep 11 11:40:03Berserk Button.Real Life
20th Sep 11 09:00:47Berserk Button.Real Life
20th Sep 11 08:58:37Berserk Button.Real Life

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