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23rd May 12 11:38:22War Horse
20th May 12 08:22:17Creator.Euripides
20th May 12 08:04:43Black Dude Dies First
20th May 12 07:43:17Forgotten Fallen Friend
20th May 12 03:46:55Sacrificial Lamb
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13th May 12 09:57:34It Gets Better
13th May 12 05:02:13Villains Out Shopping
2nd Apr 12 06:35:20The Fair Folk
14th Mar 12 05:45:08Aquila
9th Mar 12 05:03:49A Million Is A Statistic
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3rd Feb 12 03:52:40Surreal Humor
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26th Dec 11 06:33:34Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
26th Dec 11 06:14:35Sugar Wiki.He Really Can Act
26th Dec 11 06:10:48Rescued From The Scrappy Heap
16th Dec 11 09:28:48But Not Too Black
4th Dec 11 02:48:19Series.The Adventures Of Sinbad
23rd Nov 11 05:18:48Depraved Kids Show Host
23rd Nov 11 05:17:53Depraved Kids Show Host
23rd Nov 11 10:41:11Sliding Scale Of Living Toys
5th Nov 11 12:10:03Never Say Die
1st Nov 11 03:22:29Alas Poor Villain
16th Oct 11 09:42:54Awesome.Merlin
16th Oct 11 09:39:52Recap.Merlin S 04 E 03 The Wicked Day
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23rd Sep 11 10:05:35Hollywood Atheist
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18th Sep 11 10:07:08Recap.Doctor Who S 32 E 11 The God Complex