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19th Nov 14 07:54:09Funny Aneurysm Moment.Other
22nd Jun 14 06:52:13Characters.Big Brother 16
20th May 14 09:09:52YMMV.Hairspray
21st Jan 14 08:40:23Webcomic.Survivor Fan Characters
17th Jan 14 08:58:05YMMV.Survivor Fan Characters
14th Oct 13 02:26:28Deader Than Disco.Live Action TV
13th Oct 13 09:45:23YMMV.Glee
13th Oct 13 09:39:15YMMV.Glee
1st Oct 13 05:13:38Better Than It Sounds.Live Action TV
16th Sep 13 11:56:11YMMV.Big Brother
4th May 13 08:49:33Characters.Big Brother 1 Canada
26th Apr 13 04:57:06Characters.Big Brother 1 Canada
12th Apr 13 01:20:27Characters.Big Brother 14
12th Apr 13 01:11:37Series.Big Brother
29th Mar 13 01:26:53Characters.Big Brother 1 Canada
29th Mar 13 01:24:37Characters.Big Brother 1 Canada
26th Mar 13 10:44:19Characters.Big Brother 1 Canada
5th Mar 13 06:02:28Fan Fic Recs.Survivor
5th Mar 13 05:34:41YMMV.Survivor Fan Characters
29th Jan 13 04:50:44Characters.Big Brother All Stars
4th Jan 13 01:20:02Ella Enchanted
16th Dec 12 11:02:01Spotlight Stealing Squad
16th Dec 12 11:01:59Spotlight Stealing Squad
30th Nov 12 09:42:05Deadpan Snarker.Animated Film
30th Nov 12 09:36:29Deadpan Snarker.Anime And Manga
30th Nov 12 09:35:23Deadpan Snarker.Anime And Manga
18th Nov 12 04:31:40Tykebomb
18th Nov 12 04:08:47WMG.The Fairly Odd Parents
15th Nov 12 05:15:12The Philip Defranco Show
19th Oct 12 08:31:40YMMV.Family Guy
19th Oct 12 08:31:38YMMV.Family Guy
9th Oct 12 05:47:48Machinima.The Strangerhood
24th Sep 12 06:42:39YMMV.Tenchi Muyo
7th Sep 12 02:25:44Characters.Big Brother 14
5th Sep 12 11:41:44Radar.Literature
5th Sep 12 11:33:12Radar.Harry Potter
1st Sep 12 05:20:50Kick The Son Of A Bitch
1st Sep 12 05:13:39Flowers For Algernon Syndrome
19th Aug 12 11:20:01Dethroning Moment.Film
19th Aug 12 11:19:08Dethroning Moment.Film
16th Aug 12 11:58:55Characters.Survivor One World
16th Aug 12 10:31:55Trivia.Love Actually
15th Aug 12 04:45:21Teens Are Monsters
15th Aug 12 04:06:08YMMV.Thats So Raven
15th Aug 12 04:05:51YMMV.Thats So Raven
15th Aug 12 04:02:01Trivia.Zathura
9th Aug 12 11:22:48Characters.Big Brother 14
8th Aug 12 10:01:57YMMV.Big Brother
8th Aug 12 09:25:01YMMV.Big Brother
8th Aug 12 06:10:43Big Brother
7th Aug 12 12:24:41Videogame Cruelty Potential
6th Aug 12 03:16:56Characters.Survivor Fan Characters
3rd Aug 12 02:03:33YMMV.I Carly
3rd Aug 12 02:02:19YMMV.I Carly
2nd Aug 12 06:40:28YMMV.Big Brother
1st Aug 12 12:55:16Videogame.Tetris
31st Jul 12 05:23:17Non Gameplay Elimination
31st Jul 12 04:30:41Broken Base.Western Animation
31st Jul 12 04:26:12Broken Base.Western Animation
31st Jul 12 04:10:20Broken Base.Video Games
31st Jul 12 04:02:19Broken Base.Music
31st Jul 12 03:55:32Broken Base.Live Action TV
28th Jul 12 03:28:31Funny.The Nostalgia Critic
28th Jul 12 03:28:12Funny.The Nostalgia Critic
28th Jul 12 03:15:08Cluster F Bomb
28th Jul 12 03:14:44Cluster F Bomb
27th Jul 12 04:16:43Camp Rock
27th Jul 12 01:17:07Love To Hate
26th Jul 12 10:04:52Western Animation.Puss In Boots
26th Jul 12 06:46:29Characters.Big Brother 8
26th Jul 12 01:38:07Born Unlucky
26th Jul 12 01:09:17Characters.Big Brother 13
26th Jul 12 01:03:18Characters.Big Brother 13
24th Jul 12 07:11:16YMMV.Big Brother
22nd Jul 12 01:31:12Characters.Family Guy
22nd Jul 12 01:18:47Covert Pervert
22nd Jul 12 01:15:11Covert Pervert
19th Jul 12 05:50:40Two And A Half Men
19th Jul 12 03:09:14Mind Screw.Western Animation
18th Jul 12 01:47:53Recap.Spongebob Squarepants S 3 E 4 Nasty Patty Idiot Box
17th Jul 12 01:04:44YMMV.Big Brother
16th Jul 12 11:05:54YMMV.Big Brother
16th Jul 12 11:04:34YMMV.Big Brother
13th Jul 12 08:27:02Characters.Big Brother 8
13th Jul 12 08:26:30Characters.Big Brother All Stars
13th Jul 12 08:25:08Characters.Big Brother 6
13th Jul 12 08:23:54Characters.Big Brother 2
12th Jul 12 11:37:46Characters.Big Brother 8
12th Jul 12 11:33:11Characters.Big Brother All Stars
12th Jul 12 11:32:52Characters.Big Brother All Stars
12th Jul 12 11:21:35Characters.Big Brother 6
12th Jul 12 11:20:30Characters.Big Brother 6
12th Jul 12 11:13:12Big Brother
12th Jul 12 11:11:56YMMV.Big Brother
12th Jul 12 11:10:40Big Brother
9th Jul 12 01:02:31Big Brother
9th Jul 12 01:01:37YMMV.Big Brother
8th Jul 12 04:31:08YMMV.The Nostalgia Critic
3rd Jul 12 01:59:42They Changed It Now It Sucks.Real Life
29th Jun 12 07:33:39Funny.Echo Chamber
26th Jun 12 08:34:42Radar.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
26th Jun 12 08:14:10Radar.The Fairly Oddparents
26th Jun 12 08:08:14Radar.Recess
26th Jun 12 03:04:42YMMV.South Park
17th Jun 12 11:40:36Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:39:32Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:37:26Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:36:34Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:34:27Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:33:54Characters.Big Brother 2
17th Jun 12 11:33:09Characters.Big Brother 2
11th Jun 12 12:33:46Characters.Big Brother 2
11th Jun 12 12:33:34Characters.Big Brother 2
11th Jun 12 12:32:05Characters.Big Brother
11th Jun 12 12:30:10Characters.Big Brother
11th Jun 12 12:28:20Characters.Big Brother 2
6th Jun 12 01:07:32Music.Jackie Evancho
5th Jun 12 07:06:17Web Video.Echo Chamber
5th Jun 12 02:14:41The Westing Game
4th Jun 12 05:29:11Triumphant Example.S
3rd Jun 12 09:53:37Radar.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
3rd Jun 12 09:45:53Radar.The Adventures Of Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
3rd Jun 12 09:34:01WMG.That70s Show
3rd Jun 12 09:16:38Just For Fun
3rd Jun 12 09:16:17Just For Fun
3rd Jun 12 09:11:24Foot In Your Ass.That70s Show
2nd Jun 12 07:10:30YMMV.Desperate Housewives
2nd Jun 12 07:10:00YMMV.Desperate Housewives
2nd Jun 12 02:41:07Video Game.Facade
2nd Jun 12 02:40:43Video Game.Facade
1st Jun 12 03:03:48Film.Osmosis Jones
1st Jun 12 02:22:49Radar.Glee
30th May 12 11:38:41Bloodier And Gorier
30th May 12 11:34:24Bloodier And Gorier
30th May 12 07:54:34Characters.Live Action TV
30th May 12 07:51:46Characters.Big Brother
30th May 12 07:48:13Characters.Big Brother
29th May 12 02:12:48Take That.Western Animation
29th May 12 12:19:18Radar.Hey Arnold
29th May 12 12:17:58Radar.Hey Arnold
27th May 12 03:38:52Fanfic.Partially Kissed Hero
26th May 12 06:54:57WMG.Barack Obama
26th May 12 06:50:57WMG.Barack Obama
26th May 12 06:48:36WMG.Barack Obama
26th May 12 06:45:28WMG.Barack Obama
25th May 12 12:52:12Ineffectual Sympathetic Villain
23rd May 12 02:13:56Fridge.Spongebob Squarepants
23rd May 12 02:13:10Fridge.Spongebob Squarepants
23rd May 12 02:12:33Fridge.Spongebob Squarepants
18th May 12 07:00:07Theatre.Hamlet
18th May 12 06:51:38Radar.Rugrats
18th May 12 06:48:46Radar.Rugrats
18th May 12 06:33:12Tear Jerker.Rugrats
18th May 12 05:29:52Series.Roseanne
18th May 12 05:14:51Series.Roseanne
18th May 12 05:14:12Series.Roseanne
17th May 12 09:36:07Mood Whiplash.Music
13th May 12 04:49:37YMMV.Survivor
13th May 12 04:40:16YMMV.Survivor
11th May 12 11:49:49Funny.Family Guy
8th May 12 07:58:00YMMV.Hey Arnold
8th May 12 05:02:52Magnificent Bastard.Anime
8th May 12 02:25:48Characters.Dragon Ball GT Villains
8th May 12 02:22:35Characters.Dragon Ball GT Villains
7th May 12 07:41:02Fan Fic.Twila The Girl Who Waz In Luv With A Vampyre
7th May 12 04:11:11Characters.Codename Kids Next Door
7th May 12 04:09:14Characters.Codename Kids Next Door
7th May 12 01:27:46YMMV.Christopher Paolini
7th May 12 01:25:08Creator.Christopher Paolini
6th May 12 05:11:23Fanfic.Chunin Exam Day
2nd May 12 03:50:07YMMV.South Park
29th Apr 12 10:09:44High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Dexters Laboratory
27th Apr 12 02:39:43Big Brother
24th Apr 12 09:12:56Funny.The Fairly Odd Parents
24th Apr 12 08:57:07Funny.The Fairly Odd Parents
19th Apr 12 06:44:02What An Idiot.Literature
13th Apr 12 03:47:23High Octane Nightmare Fuel.South Park
9th Apr 12 06:43:08Western Animation.Total Drama Island
9th Apr 12 06:42:38Western Animation.Total Drama Island
9th Apr 12 05:08:10Deader Than Disco
9th Apr 12 05:01:44Deader Than Disco
4th Apr 12 11:30:02Music.Fun
2nd Apr 12 11:31:22Deadpan Snarker.Anime And Manga
2nd Apr 12 11:30:44Western Animation.Spongebob Squarepants
1st Apr 12 05:49:51YMMV.Family Guy
1st Apr 12 05:14:07Film.Bridesmaids
20th Mar 12 01:13:41YMMV.South Park
18th Mar 12 09:14:46Hilarious In Hindsight.Western Animation
18th Mar 12 09:13:02Hilarious In Hindsight.Western Animation
18th Mar 12 08:58:43YMMV.Codename Kids Next Door
18th Mar 12 06:46:13Music.The Jonas Brothers
16th Mar 12 01:16:23Music.The Beatles
15th Mar 12 11:07:44The Generic Guy
15th Mar 12 10:55:41The Generic Guy
15th Mar 12 10:31:48YMMV.Boston Legal
15th Mar 12 11:07:57Funny.Ferris Buellers Day Off
13th Mar 12 02:04:29Tear Jerker.Harry Potter
11th Mar 12 09:24:14YMMV.SBB Brothers
11th Mar 12 08:22:38Heartwarming.Harry Potter
11th Mar 12 07:28:48Really Dead Montage
11th Mar 12 07:27:52Really Dead Montage
11th Mar 12 11:44:07YMMV.Mass Effect 3
11th Mar 12 11:41:53YMMV.Mass Effect 3
10th Mar 12 06:26:04Tropers.Patworx
9th Mar 12 12:42:38YMMV.The Ren And Stimpy Show
7th Mar 12 11:21:08Fan Fic.How I Became Yours
7th Mar 12 11:10:49Fan Fic.How I Became Yours
7th Mar 12 06:31:48Doug Walker List
5th Mar 12 05:04:47YMMV.Pong
5th Mar 12 10:20:26Advertised Extra
5th Mar 12 04:03:52Jerkass.Literature
3rd Mar 12 09:53:14YMMV.Monsters Vs Aliens
2nd Mar 12 02:47:57Roseanne
1st Mar 12 09:49:54The Amazing Atheist
27th Feb 12 06:47:41Ruined FOREVER.Western Animation
27th Feb 12 06:28:49YMMV.The Lorax
27th Feb 12 06:28:05YMMV.The Lorax
27th Feb 12 06:22:48Camp Rock
24th Feb 12 01:23:05Radar.Harry Potter
22nd Feb 12 07:34:52WMG.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
22nd Feb 12 07:34:46WMG.The Last Airbender Legend Of Korra
22nd Feb 12 01:16:43Fandom Rivalry
19th Feb 12 07:12:21Only Sane Man.Western Animation
18th Feb 12 08:03:19Tropers.Patworx
18th Feb 12 07:58:40Tropers.Patworx
17th Feb 12 06:19:19Disproportionate Retribution.Live Action TV
17th Feb 12 04:28:12Asshole Victim
16th Feb 12 11:12:50Camp Rock
9th Feb 12 06:55:05Coming Of Age Story
9th Feb 12 06:53:32Coming Of Age Story
9th Feb 12 06:52:43Coming Of Age Story
9th Feb 12 06:51:50Coming Of Age Story
8th Feb 12 02:21:55YMMV.Law And Order Special Victims Unit
7th Feb 12 09:49:18YMMV.The Apprentice
7th Feb 12 12:59:20YMMV.Marc Mues
4th Feb 12 08:27:01YMMV.Big Brother
22nd Jan 12 07:20:37Desperate Housewives
30th Dec 11 08:45:57Woobie.Film
29th Dec 11 07:14:36Fail O Suckyname
28th Dec 11 11:10:00Harsher In Hindsight
27th Dec 11 04:54:18YMMV.Face Raiders
27th Dec 11 04:53:57Face Raiders
27th Dec 11 04:52:59Face Raiders
24th Dec 11 08:18:14Woobie.Harry Potter
23rd Dec 11 10:43:27Trope Makers
21st Dec 11 01:33:53WMG.Poison Oak Epileptic Trees
18th Dec 11 06:26:28Fanfic Recs.Disney Animated Canon
18th Dec 11 06:25:39Fanfic Recs.Disney Animated Canon
18th Dec 11 06:24:49Fanfic Recs.Disney Animated Canon
17th Dec 11 07:20:52Narm.News
17th Dec 11 06:59:15The Everyman
17th Dec 11 03:55:21YMMV.Higurashi No Naku Koro Ni
13th Dec 11 04:05:51YMMV.Real Time With Bill Maher
9th Dec 11 10:02:19WMG.Sorting Algorithm Of Mortality
9th Dec 11 10:01:07WMG.Sorting Algorithm Of Mortality
7th Dec 11 05:34:25X Meets Y.Fan Fic
7th Dec 11 05:33:47X Meets Y.Fan Fic
6th Dec 11 01:47:08YMMV.Two And A Half Men
3rd Dec 11 06:04:26YMMV.Star Wars
3rd Dec 11 05:09:09YMMV.Bioware
3rd Dec 11 01:09:53Horrible.Fanfic I-L
3rd Dec 11 01:09:30Horrible.Fanfic I-L
18th Nov 11 12:39:46Fan Fic.Lisa Is Pregnant
16th Nov 11 08:18:53One Hit Wonder
16th Nov 11 04:11:10YMMV.My Immortal
9th Nov 11 05:51:29YMMV.High School Musical
6th Nov 11 04:45:45YMMV.Miley Cyrus
5th Nov 11 09:25:51Overshadowed By Awesome
2nd Nov 11 10:49:29YMMV.Real Time With Bill Maher
2nd Nov 11 10:49:06YMMV.Real Time With Bill Maher
1st Nov 11 03:38:40Ron The Death Eater
29th Oct 11 04:51:21Anime Hair
22nd Oct 11 01:26:36Alas Poor Villain
20th Oct 11 10:55:26High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Sponge Bob Square Pants
14th Oct 11 07:46:55Five Man Band.Other
13th Oct 11 01:26:23Ear Worm.Western Animation
13th Oct 11 11:01:17Desperate Housewives
13th Oct 11 11:00:37Desperate Housewives
13th Oct 11 10:52:42Characters.Desperate Housewives
12th Oct 11 08:41:15The Scrappy.Literature
12th Oct 11 07:56:58Fridge.Ed Edd N Eddy
7th Oct 11 09:35:50Gainax Ending
3rd Oct 11 11:11:20Reverse Cerebus Syndrome
2nd Oct 11 09:50:29Pittsburgh
2nd Oct 11 09:18:02Bottle Episode
30th Sep 11 08:34:02Insufferable Genius
30th Sep 11 03:07:21The Scrappy.Advertising
29th Sep 11 08:55:48Shocking Elimination
23rd Sep 11 10:09:48Sliding Scale Of Antivillains
21st Sep 11 06:43:20Take That.Music
21st Sep 11 04:24:24YMMV.Rocket Power
21st Sep 11 04:22:16YMMV.Rocket Power
21st Sep 11 03:10:50YMMV.A Series Of Unfortunate Events

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