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6th Aug 17 09:06:19Merchant City
1st Aug 17 06:43:04Join The Army They Said
31st Jul 17 08:57:16The Pete Best
27th Jun 17 02:28:24Full Motion Video
23rd Jun 17 12:40:45Rules Conversions
20th Jun 17 05:10:22Films Of The1980s
18th Jun 17 10:03:34The Empire
27th Apr 17 12:52:58Urban Legend Of Zelda
17th Apr 17 10:20:59Eternal Sexual Freedom
25th Mar 17 07:33:54Video Game.Wolfenstein 3 D
25th Mar 17 07:32:31Covers Always Lie.Video Games
21st Mar 17 12:52:19Tabletop Game.Twilight 2000
21st Mar 17 12:50:35Tabletop Game.Traveller
21st Mar 17 12:49:53Tabletop Game.Twenty Three Hundred AD
21st Mar 17 12:48:19Tabletop Game Companies
21st Mar 17 12:47:48Creator.Game Designers Workshop
21st Mar 17 12:45:46Creator.Game Designers Workshop
21st Mar 17 12:31:53Creator.Game Designers Workshop
21st Mar 17 11:12:32Different In Every Episode
5th Mar 17 08:56:14Webcomic.Subnormality
26th Feb 17 07:26:50Design It Yourself Equipment
26th Feb 17 04:19:09Schematized Prop
24th Feb 17 03:00:49Flying Saucer
19th Feb 17 05:11:13Steven Ulysses Perhero
18th Feb 17 07:32:02Playing With.Catch Phrase
1st Feb 17 07:43:36Website.Atomic Rockets
1st Feb 17 07:42:29Books On Trope
1st Feb 17 07:40:42Website.Atomic Rockets
1st Feb 17 07:21:18Website.Atomic Rockets
1st Feb 17 05:44:26Blog.Things Mr Welch Is No Longer Allowed To Do In An RPG
8th Jan 17 07:55:50Tabletop Game.Traveller
8th Jan 17 10:55:15Death World
6th Jan 17 10:06:02Starring Special Effects
5th Jan 17 08:50:43YMMV.Buzz Aldrin Race Into Space
5th Jan 17 08:49:40Video Game.Buzz Aldrin Race Into Space
26th Nov 16 12:27:57Flying Dutchman
21st Nov 16 12:10:54Funny.Star Trek
4th Nov 16 04:18:16Kitschy Local Commercial
12th Oct 16 06:50:17Fridge.Freelancer
4th Sep 16 03:55:04Eternal English
22nd Aug 16 06:42:44What Do You Mean Its Not Political
17th Aug 16 11:13:42Urban Legend Of Zelda
12th Aug 16 01:40:17Videogame.Doom 2016
7th Aug 16 02:41:41Black Sheep
7th Aug 16 02:41:19Black Sheep
7th Aug 16 09:46:23Unclassified Webcomics
7th Aug 16 09:44:38Webcomic.Dregs
7th Aug 16 09:25:26Webcomic.Dregs
7th Aug 16 08:42:01Better Than It Sounds.Game Mod
23rd Jul 16 04:16:07Shout Out.Undertale
19th Jul 16 05:44:28Sequence Breaking
19th Jun 16 04:04:51That One Level.Space Simulator
7th May 16 03:28:45Awesome Music.Doom
23rd Apr 16 06:46:50YMMV.A Confederacy Of Dunces
21st Apr 16 03:17:57Shout Out.Undertale
8th Apr 16 10:51:37YMMV.Homestuck
29th Feb 16 02:34:10Sugar Wiki.Genius Programming
13th Feb 16 03:32:39WMG.Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them
26th Nov 15 11:28:16WMG.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
19th Nov 15 01:41:46Characters.Final Fantasy VII Machinabridged
17th Nov 15 10:51:05Memes.Dark Souls
17th Nov 15 10:47:49Awesome Music.Space Jam
30th Sep 15 01:14:36Video Game.Retro City Rampage
5th Sep 15 02:21:58WMG.Event Horizon
30th Jun 15 03:51:56Ultimate Evil
31st May 15 02:40:30WMG.The Room
31st May 15 02:37:50WMG.The Room
15th May 15 08:53:29WMG.Resident Evil
9th May 15 06:23:09Walking The Earth
9th May 15 05:47:22Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
3rd May 15 05:53:56WMG.Event Horizon
14th Mar 15 06:34:01Ludicrous Speed
7th Mar 15 11:45:21Characters.Overwatch
28th Feb 15 04:14:25Awesome.Elite
29th Jan 15 01:09:00WMG.Star Wars
27th Jan 15 11:04:43Awesome.Star Control
11th Jan 15 11:00:30Mind Screw.Video Games
10th Jan 15 10:16:18Memes.The Elder Scrolls
1st Jan 15 12:03:45Arc Symbol
21st Dec 14 04:33:06That One Level.Space Simulator
6th Dec 14 01:52:07WMG.Captain Scarlet And The Mysterons
14th Nov 14 02:07:43Game Within A Game
27th Sep 14 04:02:45Sugar Wiki.No Problem With Licensed Games
27th Sep 14 03:21:25WMG.Wallace And Gromit
21st Sep 14 03:42:18Video Game.Wing Commander
1st Sep 14 05:06:17Cerebus Syndrome.Video Games
1st Sep 14 05:06:01Cerebus Syndrome.Video Games
31st Aug 14 12:40:49WMG.Half Life
21st Aug 14 01:59:02YMMV.Daffy Duck
7th Aug 14 02:01:03Boring But Practical.Real Life
30th Jul 14 08:36:44Non Indicative Name.Video Games
23rd Jul 14 03:30:42WMG.Mirrors Edge
23rd Jul 14 11:11:33Useful Notes.Mexico
14th Jun 14 10:01:38Wham Line.Video Games
7th Jun 14 06:23:05WMG.Resident Evil 4
7th Jun 14 06:22:49WMG.Resident Evil 4
7th Jun 14 05:43:43Better Than It Sounds.Web Original
3rd Jun 14 03:16:31Funny.Doom
28th May 14 05:04:12WMG.Wolfenstein The New Order
25th May 14 10:41:54Widget Series
24th May 14 02:39:45Trivia.Wolfenstein 3 D
24th May 14 09:16:27Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
24th May 14 09:02:11Look On My Works Ye Mighty And Despair
23rd May 14 02:05:13Tropes That Will Never Happen.Silly Puns
20th May 14 12:05:29YMMV.The Day Today
26th Apr 14 03:41:13Acceptable Political Targets
22nd Apr 14 06:33:02Playing With.Super Persistent Predator
20th Apr 14 12:34:45Mohs.Speculative Science
5th Apr 14 02:18:23Headscratchers.Half Life
23rd Mar 14 01:59:10Awesome Music.PC Only
15th Mar 14 02:01:41Unintentional Period Piece
15th Mar 14 08:32:22WMG.Resident Evil 4
9th Mar 14 09:28:03Nations As People
8th Mar 14 12:34:11Awesome.Kerbal Space Program
1st Mar 14 03:22:28WMG.Welcome To Night Vale
1st Mar 14 11:25:14Video Game.Kerbal Space Program
26th Feb 14 10:50:40Webcomic.Polandball
14th Feb 14 06:44:58Awesome But Impractical.Real Life
27th Jan 14 12:41:44The World Is Just Awesome
22nd Jan 14 10:00:57Design It Yourself Equipment
11th Jan 14 01:16:54Literature.Frontier
26th Dec 13 04:01:48Fridge.The Worlds End
18th Dec 13 08:47:46Sugar Wiki.Most Wonderful Sound
7th Dec 13 05:09:23Four Is Death
7th Dec 13 08:33:01Growing The Beard.Comic Books
15th Nov 13 05:16:11Art Evolution.Comic Books
15th Nov 13 05:15:52Art Evolution.Comic Books
9th Nov 13 10:02:59Useful Notes.Conspiracy Theories
5th Nov 13 02:49:02Epic Movie
5th Nov 13 01:25:29Cool Starship
5th Nov 13 01:15:58Cool Starship
2nd Nov 13 07:36:23Original Flavour
23rd Oct 13 07:36:58Awesome.Literature
7th Oct 13 02:07:31Textbook Humor
28th Sep 13 05:00:47Final Boss Preview
27th Sep 13 07:40:28Bears Are Bad News
12th Sep 13 03:34:02WMG.Laserblast
30th Aug 13 02:37:44Spent Shells Shower
30th Aug 13 02:37:28Spent Shells Shower
19th Aug 13 04:24:34Awesome Music.Doom
15th Aug 13 12:57:13Wham Episode.Comic Books
15th Aug 13 12:56:57Wham Episode.Comic Books
15th Aug 13 12:56:36Wham Episode.Comic Books
10th Aug 13 01:01:10Trivia.Beverly Hills 90210
10th Aug 13 12:03:39Awesome Mc Coolname
9th Aug 13 01:58:10WMG.Pacific Rim
9th Aug 13 01:57:45WMG.Pacific Rim
3rd Aug 13 09:53:27WMG.Pacific Rim
2nd Aug 13 05:50:51Space Battle
2nd Aug 13 05:50:35Space Battle
30th Jul 13 06:38:04Literary Allusion Title
3rd Jul 13 03:58:50Standard FPS Guns
2nd Jul 13 07:37:54Sugar Wiki.Awesome Art
30th Jun 13 03:07:25Plasma Cannon
29th Jun 13 04:55:43Suicide Mission
29th Jun 13 04:55:31Suicide Mission
27th Jun 13 11:31:17Unintentional Period Piece
27th Jun 13 11:30:37Unintentional Period Piece
8th Jun 13 04:19:49WMG.Ace Attorney
4th Jun 13 10:07:02Literature.Frontier
4th Jun 13 10:06:13Literature.Frontier
6th May 13 09:41:54Tropers.Optimusjamie
6th May 13 09:41:37Tropers.Optimusjamie
6th May 13 09:41:07Tropers.Optimusjamie
17th Apr 13 08:49:54Fridge.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
13th Apr 13 07:46:06Literature.Damnation Alley
7th Apr 13 03:34:10Warrior Monk
5th Apr 13 08:05:08WMG.Doom
1st Apr 13 12:31:38WMG.Judge Dredd
1st Apr 13 12:31:23WMG.Judge Dredd
28th Mar 13 12:40:13WMG.Star Trek
28th Mar 13 06:38:16Music.Iron Savior
17th Mar 13 09:44:08WMG.Fallout
14th Mar 13 09:18:11Tropers.Aondeug
21st Feb 13 10:13:22Useful Notes
21st Feb 13 10:04:15Useful Notes.Air Guns
21st Feb 13 10:01:07Useful Notes.Air Guns
21st Feb 13 09:41:07Film.Le Mans
10th Feb 13 02:39:20Quotes.Democracy Is Bad
10th Feb 13 02:33:54Strawman Has A Point
10th Feb 13 02:32:50Strawman Has A Point
8th Feb 13 03:18:31Margaret Thatcher In Fiction
3rd Feb 13 02:57:32Comic Book.Judge Dredd
2nd Feb 13 03:51:15YMMV.Xkcd
2nd Feb 13 03:50:47YMMV.Xkcd
24th Jan 13 10:53:12WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Royalty
19th Jan 13 03:33:49WMG.Jak And Daxter
19th Jan 13 12:47:28X Meets Y.New Media
19th Jan 13 12:22:45Comicbook.Judge Dredd
19th Jan 13 12:17:13Trivia.Freelancer
16th Jan 13 03:44:18Nightmare Fuel.Transformers The Movie
16th Jan 13 01:09:48Steam
16th Jan 13 01:09:01Video Game.Dead Pixels
11th Jan 13 03:30:11Even Evil Has Standards.Comic Books
8th Jan 13 12:34:34Comic Book.Judge Dredd
8th Jan 13 12:21:41Myth Arc
5th Jan 13 05:08:42Just Here For Godzilla
30th Dec 12 08:13:23WMG.Homestuck Jokes
30th Dec 12 08:12:53WMG.Homestuck Jokes
29th Dec 12 10:18:02Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped
29th Dec 12 06:02:28WMG.Team Fortress 2 Classes
29th Dec 12 05:33:54Fridge.Alien
29th Dec 12 05:19:00Badass Longcoat
29th Dec 12 04:31:46YMMV.Stratovarius
29th Dec 12 04:31:24Music.Stratovarius
28th Dec 12 04:38:19Headscratchers.Half Life
26th Dec 12 04:14:34Villain Protagonist
26th Dec 12 11:41:33Headscratchers.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
26th Dec 12 11:13:17The Lost Woods
26th Dec 12 09:55:28The Eighties
26th Dec 12 09:51:56The Seventies
26th Dec 12 09:43:48Unintentional Period Piece
26th Dec 12 09:17:30Thunderbirds
26th Dec 12 09:17:17Thunderbirds
23rd Dec 12 01:58:51Super Weight.Comic Books
22nd Dec 12 12:06:20Badass Automaton
18th Dec 12 01:37:40Demonic Possession
17th Dec 12 12:53:12Webcomic.Xkcd
14th Dec 12 02:47:27Fridge.Star Trek
14th Dec 12 02:43:40Fridge.Star Trek
14th Dec 12 10:33:18Desert Punk
13th Dec 12 12:06:54Playing With.Book Dumb
11th Dec 12 11:45:57WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Meta
9th Dec 12 12:41:37Creator.Rebellion
9th Dec 12 12:37:31Awesome.Judge Dredd
8th Dec 12 02:46:10Mohs.Speculative Science
8th Dec 12 02:43:22Web Serial Novel
8th Dec 12 02:38:09Literature.Frontier
8th Dec 12 02:36:37Literature.Frontier
8th Dec 12 02:34:49Settling The Frontier
8th Dec 12 02:32:43Web Serial Novel
8th Dec 12 02:31:27Literature.Frontier
8th Dec 12 02:30:01Literature.Frontier
6th Dec 12 01:08:21Hurl It Into The Sun
6th Dec 12 10:43:26Atlantis
6th Dec 12 10:39:40Atlantis
4th Dec 12 12:43:12Soviet Superscience
2nd Dec 12 01:20:40The World Is Just Awesome
2nd Dec 12 10:55:44Cyber Punk
1st Dec 12 06:41:14Darth Wiki.TV Tropes Ruined Your Life
1st Dec 12 11:03:59Arms Dealer
1st Dec 12 08:39:38Morality Chip
1st Dec 12 08:38:24One Of Us.Musical Freaks
1st Dec 12 08:37:12One Of Us.Musical Freaks
29th Nov 12 01:07:29Da Chief
28th Nov 12 09:43:31Artifact Title
25th Nov 12 11:12:43Foreshadowing.Live Action TV
23rd Nov 12 11:17:42War Is Hell
23rd Nov 12 09:20:29The Seventies
18th Nov 12 11:40:24Comicbook.Judge Dredd
10th Nov 12 11:24:33Life Imitates Art
8th Nov 12 01:07:35Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped
3rd Nov 12 06:51:45British Newspapers
30th Oct 12 02:28:08Playing With.Gender Blender Name
28th Oct 12 04:56:11Literature.Frontier
27th Oct 12 04:44:55Western Animation.Tom And Jerry
26th Oct 12 04:32:51Awesome.Other Shows
20th Oct 12 03:26:40Terrorists Without A Cause
17th Oct 12 09:47:54Funny.Team Fortress 2
13th Oct 12 12:42:22YMMV.Judge Dredd
12th Oct 12 12:40:49Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Live Action TV
7th Oct 12 09:29:07WMG.Team Fortress 2 Setting
7th Oct 12 09:16:56Double Reverse Quadruple Agent
4th Oct 12 11:51:07WMG.Grand Unifying Guesses HP Lovecraft
3rd Oct 12 02:16:45Cool Guns.Assault Rifles
3rd Oct 12 02:15:51Cool Guns.Assault Rifles
3rd Oct 12 02:08:38Rare Guns
3rd Oct 12 02:02:15Revolvers Are Just Better
3rd Oct 12 01:57:06Trivia.The Bards Tale Trilogy
29th Sep 12 06:27:00Shout Out.Zero Punctuation
26th Sep 12 09:03:37Sugar Wiki.Visual Effects Of Awesome
22nd Sep 12 12:46:49Series.Trollied
21st Sep 12 11:04:39Awesome.Roblox
14th Sep 12 01:48:37The Cartel
4th Sep 12 12:27:33WMG.Blade Runner
4th Sep 12 12:27:13WMG.Blade Runner
4th Sep 12 12:26:54WMG.Blade Runner
4th Sep 12 11:53:31WMG.Left 4 Dead
2nd Sep 12 06:35:23YMMV.Homestuck
31st Aug 12 11:37:19Light Is Not Good.Real Life
18th Aug 12 12:01:58Tropers.Optimusjamie
18th Aug 12 11:55:07Literature.Frontier
18th Aug 12 11:54:46Literature.Frontier
17th Aug 12 06:49:36Feelies
15th Aug 12 11:33:47Tear Jerker.Music In Media
14th Aug 12 05:28:46YMMV.Team Fortress 2
14th Aug 12 05:27:50YMMV.Team Fortress 2
14th Aug 12 05:27:30YMMV.Team Fortress 2
12th Aug 12 04:50:31Troper Works
12th Aug 12 04:49:39Literature.Frontier
12th Aug 12 04:49:14Literature.Frontier
12th Aug 12 04:48:53Literature.Frontier
11th Aug 12 03:09:48Tropers.Optimusjamie
10th Aug 12 12:19:56So You Want To.See The Index
9th Aug 12 11:47:30Darth Wiki.Tropes That Will Never Happen
26th Jul 12 08:46:43Beware The Nice Ones.Live Action TV
26th Jul 12 08:46:17Beware The Nice Ones.Live Action TV
22nd Jul 12 01:39:04Memes.Other Internet
7th Jul 12 04:19:30Rare Guns
7th Jul 12 04:18:13Cool Guns.Assault Rifles
30th Jun 12 01:12:58Gush.Real Life
17th Jun 12 09:33:46Useful Notes.Twenty Four Hours Of Le Mans
17th Jun 12 09:26:07Useful Notes.Twenty Four Hours Of Le Mans
17th Jun 12 09:06:06Useful Notes
17th Jun 12 09:05:32Useful Notes
3rd Jun 12 11:59:15WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
28th May 12 08:13:47Wham Episode.Homestuck
26th May 12 12:10:38Banned In China
14th May 12 08:31:52Wham Episode.Homestuck
13th May 12 05:12:43WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
8th May 12 09:31:07WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Royalty
10th Apr 12 02:08:49WMG.Big Rigs Over The Road Racing
15th Mar 12 08:17:44Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
15th Mar 12 03:32:21WMG.Homestuck Unified
3rd Feb 12 10:59:47The Falklands War
22nd Jan 12 04:21:08WMG.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
30th Dec 11 09:39:54WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season Two
25th Dec 11 01:49:47WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Meta
21st Dec 11 09:40:50So You Want To.Write A Police Procedural
10th Dec 11 03:13:14WMG.Conservapedia
13th Nov 11 02:45:15Darth Wiki.Tropes That Will Never Happen
5th Nov 11 03:20:16WMG.Half Life
4th Nov 11 12:07:19Gush.Video Games
27th Oct 11 01:48:52Music.WASP
27th Oct 11 01:48:34Music.WASP
12th Oct 11 11:13:03Arma
16th Sep 11 12:53:40WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Royalty