1st Dec 14 12:50:50The Stinger
1st Dec 14 12:47:50The Stinger
1st Dec 14 10:08:15No Periods Period
24th Nov 14 07:06:50Funny.Dumb And Dumber
22nd Nov 14 09:38:06Heartwarming.Clarence
22nd Nov 14 09:33:14Funny.Clarence
13th Nov 14 11:50:19Spanner In The Works
11th Nov 14 07:52:45Life Will Kill You
11th Nov 14 07:52:05Life Will Kill You
4th Nov 14 08:43:23Shaped Like Itself
31st Oct 14 08:51:09The Dog Bites Back.Western Animation
31st Oct 14 08:44:59The Dog Bites Back.Western Animation
22nd Oct 14 10:56:19Two Way Tapping
15th Oct 14 05:32:10Laser Hallway
15th Oct 14 05:30:25Laser Hallway
10th Oct 14 08:14:34The Baroness
1st Oct 14 04:49:02Redundancy.Western Animation
1st Oct 14 12:46:55Fleeting Demographic Rule
30th Sep 14 01:48:54Cut Lex Luthor A Check
27th Sep 14 08:37:25Abridged Arena Array
22nd Sep 14 10:50:41Good People Have Good Sex
15th Sep 14 01:51:05Ready For Lovemaking
15th Sep 14 01:50:30Ready For Lovemaking
11th Sep 14 12:38:22Bomb Throwing Anarchists
7th Sep 14 04:06:07Everythings Better With Princesses
5th Sep 14 11:00:33Classical Antihero
3rd Sep 14 05:04:20No Ontological Inertia
31st Aug 14 06:22:21Sanity Ball
29th Aug 14 06:54:52Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
10th Aug 14 10:09:25Manga.Azumanga Daioh
8th Aug 14 11:44:54Reality Subtext
7th Aug 14 10:39:17Canon Wank
29th Jul 14 09:17:57Hotter And Sexier
16th Jul 14 07:23:03Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
15th Jul 14 07:54:58Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
9th Jul 14 10:27:02Furry Reminder
8th Jul 14 02:44:22Fetish Retardant
8th Jul 14 02:44:15Fetish Retardant
1st Jul 14 08:04:17Just For Fun.Super Smash Bros
1st Jul 14 04:40:22Hero Of Another Story
1st Jul 14 04:38:59Hero Of Another Story
1st Jul 14 04:30:36Hero Of Another Story
28th Jun 14 07:45:41Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
28th Jun 14 07:32:05Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
28th Jun 14 07:27:49Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
28th Jun 14 07:26:45Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
28th Jun 14 07:21:42Just For Fun.SUPERSMASHBROS
28th Jun 14 07:18:11Just For Fun
27th Jun 14 08:38:24Just For Fun.Super Smash Bros Brawl
27th Jun 14 08:36:48Just For Fun.Super Smash Bros Brawl
27th Jun 14 08:36:04Just For Fun.Super Smash Bros Brawl
27th Jun 14 08:35:05Just For Fun.Super Smash Bros Brawl
27th Jun 14 10:54:49Odd Friendship
27th Jun 14 10:48:39Odd Friendship
27th Jun 14 10:36:16Odd Friendship
24th Jun 14 10:20:39Omnicidal Maniac
19th Jun 14 11:10:22Obfuscating Stupidity.Western Animation
15th Jun 14 09:49:29Progressively Prettier
12th Jun 14 04:31:45Shout Out.Archer
12th Jun 14 08:26:42Clarkes Third Law
6th Jun 14 04:38:55Real Trailer Fake Movie
3rd Jun 14 10:28:35May December Romance
29th May 14 06:15:52Too Dumb To Live.Film
29th May 14 06:13:25Film.The Christmas Toy
21st May 14 10:10:48Minored In Ass Kicking
21st May 14 09:47:45More Deadly Than The Male
15th May 14 08:33:17Cloudcuckoolander.Western Animation
30th Apr 14 06:08:39Western Animation.Rickand Morty
30th Apr 14 04:32:41Aluminum Christmas Trees
28th Apr 14 08:29:15Difficult But Awesome
23rd Apr 14 04:58:55Legion Of Doom
23rd Apr 14 04:29:15Legion Of Doom
23rd Apr 14 04:14:21Deconstructive Parody
23rd Apr 14 04:08:38Legion Of Doom
17th Apr 14 07:53:45Characters.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
17th Apr 14 07:47:03Chaotic Stupid
17th Apr 14 04:32:25Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
16th Apr 14 04:35:54Amplified Animal Aptitude
16th Apr 14 04:14:13Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
10th Apr 14 10:13:02And Then What
5th Apr 14 08:44:09Indecisive Parody
31st Mar 14 10:24:38Homosexual Reproduction
31st Mar 14 09:58:50Kill Em All
31st Mar 14 09:57:13Kill Em All
31st Mar 14 09:41:37Kill Em All
30th Mar 14 09:59:49Happiness Is Mandatory
29th Mar 14 10:24:39Crapsaccharine World
27th Mar 14 03:43:53Western Animation.Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
27th Mar 14 03:43:29Western Animation.Jimmy Neutron Boy Genius
27th Mar 14 03:21:20Silly Reason For War
25th Mar 14 08:50:59Men Act Women Are
21st Mar 14 06:40:38Book Ends.Western Animation
21st Mar 14 01:19:57Aborted Arc
13th Mar 14 11:10:19Heel Face Door Slam
12th Mar 14 04:15:54Hotter And Sexier
10th Mar 14 07:34:44Flash Forward
7th Mar 14 09:53:16Growing The Beard.Anime And Manga
7th Mar 14 09:40:10Early Installment Weirdness.Literature
3rd Mar 14 06:48:34No Indoor Voice.Western Animation
28th Feb 14 11:34:56Unpopular Popular Character
23rd Feb 14 10:20:18Shoo Out The Clowns
20th Feb 14 03:16:07Aerith And Bob
20th Feb 14 03:04:50Aerith And Bob
18th Feb 14 07:11:24Refuge In Audacity.Real Life
16th Feb 14 01:52:56Expansion Pack Past
27th Jan 14 07:37:38Mental Fusion
16th Jan 14 04:43:52Radar.Calvin And Hobbes
16th Jan 14 03:00:39Heroes Want Redheads
9th Jan 14 05:19:25The Beforetimes
9th Jan 14 05:17:15The Beforetimes
16th Dec 13 05:02:21Golden Ending
14th Dec 13 06:52:39Cybernetics Eat Your Soul
7th Dec 13 11:29:59Manga.Sekai De Ichiban Tsuyoku Naritai
23rd Nov 13 04:47:44Masculine Girl Feminine Boy
11th Nov 13 12:40:27Literal Ass Kicking
3rd Sep 13 10:05:56Acoustic License
27th Aug 13 10:25:51Throw The Dog A Bone.Live-Action TV
26th Aug 13 02:07:49Literature.The Silmarillion
25th Aug 13 04:38:57Cynicism Catalyst
25th Aug 13 04:37:35Cynicism Catalyst
25th Aug 13 04:27:26Cynicism Catalyst
14th Aug 13 03:13:31Fridge.Jumanji
14th Aug 13 03:07:32Film.Jumanji
1st Aug 13 04:36:28Death Of The Hypotenuse
31st Jul 13 04:15:33All Deaths Final
26th Jul 13 09:29:00Gondor Calls For Aid.Video Games
26th Jul 13 03:55:33Woman In White
25th Jul 13 07:26:11Depending On The Writer
24th Jul 13 03:42:35YMMV.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
20th Jul 13 02:56:50Ship Sinking
18th Jul 13 10:18:42Same Content Different Rating
16th Jul 13 04:55:05Film.O Brother Where Art Thou
16th Jul 13 04:54:32Film.O Brother Where Art Thou
15th Jul 13 10:47:35Incest Subtext
15th Jul 13 10:46:37Incest Subtext
14th Jul 13 08:29:20Regular Show.Tropes N To Z
11th Jul 13 04:10:19Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Western Animation
11th Jul 13 02:13:01Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Anime And Manga
11th Jul 13 09:26:20Lost Aesop
10th Jul 13 09:43:57Screwed By The Lawyers
9th Jul 13 08:28:24Furry Confusion.Anime And Manga
9th Jul 13 08:20:35Regular Show.Tropes A To M
6th Jul 13 09:26:18Calling Your Attacks
4th Jul 13 08:18:25Visionary Villain
4th Jul 13 08:12:50Visionary Villain
3rd Jul 13 06:31:23Oh Crap.Anime And Manga
30th Jun 13 05:50:46Characters.One Piece-Straw Hat Pirates After East Blue
30th Jun 13 10:30:26Enigmatic Minion
29th Jun 13 09:53:38Characters.One Piece-Straw Hat Pirates East Blue
29th Jun 13 09:23:35Imagine Spot
29th Jun 13 09:15:19Pair The Spares
29th Jun 13 09:05:58Party Scattering
29th Jun 13 12:19:56Tomboy And Girly Girl
28th Jun 13 08:40:49Antagonist Title
28th Jun 13 07:34:15Artifact Title
28th Jun 13 01:34:33Heel Face Turn.Anime And Manga
28th Jun 13 01:19:35Spoiler Opening.Anime And Manga
28th Jun 13 01:18:49Spoiler Opening.Anime And Manga
27th Jun 13 04:31:28Springtime For Hitler
27th Jun 13 01:39:08Rousseau Was Right
25th Jun 13 08:03:28One Piece.Tropes G-J
24th Jun 13 08:48:17Bilingual Bonus
23rd Jun 13 11:50:53In Name Only
22nd Jun 13 12:16:05Characterization Marches On
21st Jun 13 10:20:41Shrinking Violet.Anime And Manga
15th Jun 13 10:59:49Ojou
9th Jun 13 12:54:55Broken Pedestal
7th Jun 13 09:08:54Evil Costume Switch
7th Jun 13 08:59:06Evil Costume Switch
5th Jun 13 05:22:32Screw This Im Outta Here
31st May 13 03:46:42Regular Show.Tropes A To M
31st May 13 02:33:46Reality Is Out To Lunch
22nd May 13 11:56:19What Measure Is A Non Human.Anime And Manga
12th May 13 09:01:02Lipstick Lesbian
28th Apr 13 07:34:51BLAM.Western Animation
14th Apr 13 10:52:05Literature.Harry Potter And The Deathly Hallows
13th Apr 13 07:26:36Beauty To Beast
6th Apr 13 02:32:31The Quisling
1st Apr 13 10:48:49Innocuously Important Episode
24th Mar 13 07:38:15The Missing Faction
17th Mar 13 01:28:48Video Game.Fire Emblem Awakening
17th Mar 13 11:12:21Mistress And Servant Boy
9th Mar 13 11:02:21Just A Stupid Accent
3rd Mar 13 01:54:18Broken Aesop
3rd Mar 13 12:38:26Best Known For The Fanservice
2nd Mar 13 06:51:04Nobody Over 50 Is Gay
2nd Mar 13 06:48:08Nobody Over 50 Is Gay
2nd Mar 13 10:08:15Bored With Insanity
19th Feb 13 06:57:15Contemplate Our Navels
19th Feb 13 06:56:50Contemplate Our Navels
18th Feb 13 07:35:28Robot Girl
18th Feb 13 05:08:50Why Dont You Marry It
14th Feb 13 03:23:50Unwilling Suspension
9th Feb 13 11:38:42Has Two Mommies
7th Feb 13 04:22:53Misery Builds Character
6th Feb 13 07:03:03It Will Never Catch On
30th Jan 13 04:23:12Bavarian Fire Drill
28th Jan 13 01:24:12Blessed With Suck.Anime And Manga
28th Jan 13 09:18:20You Need To Get Laid
28th Jan 13 09:17:44You Need To Get Laid
24th Jan 13 08:01:40No Saving Throw
18th Jan 13 06:41:22Moral Myopia
14th Jan 13 04:02:30Polluted Wasteland
14th Jan 13 03:52:41Polluted Wasteland
9th Jan 13 04:03:11Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
9th Jan 13 03:55:27Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
9th Jan 13 02:17:11Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
9th Jan 13 02:14:06Sliding Scale Of Gender Inequality
6th Jan 13 12:59:41Superpowerful Genetics
6th Jan 13 12:58:00Superpowerful Genetics
4th Jan 13 09:15:14Zero Effort Boss
3rd Jan 13 01:24:17Imperial Stormtrooper Marksmanship Academy
2nd Jan 13 05:10:27What The Hell Player
30th Dec 12 09:57:42Actor Allusion.Live Action TV
29th Dec 12 09:36:32Ax Crazy.Video Games
29th Dec 12 09:13:59Ax Crazy.Anime And Manga
28th Dec 12 03:17:52Sanity Slippage
18th Dec 12 07:52:06Noodle Implements
18th Dec 12 12:41:41Anime.Cowboy Bebop
18th Dec 12 11:51:33Anime.Cowboy Bebop
18th Dec 12 11:23:12Broke Episode
17th Dec 12 08:56:38Earn Your Fun
14th Dec 12 08:30:58They Changed It Now It Sucks.Film
6th Dec 12 01:38:40Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids
4th Dec 12 10:25:05Galley Slave
4th Dec 12 09:25:10Heroic Fantasy
3rd Dec 12 01:02:50Wake Up Call Boss
1st Dec 12 05:43:18The Little Shop That Wasnt There Yesterday
1st Dec 12 02:39:58Flexible Tourney Rules
30th Nov 12 11:01:09Surreal Theme Tune
29th Nov 12 10:45:11Im Dying Please Take My Mac Guffin
28th Nov 12 08:50:13The Swarm
28th Nov 12 08:39:56The Swarm
27th Nov 12 07:46:42We Hardly Knew Ye
27th Nov 12 07:46:10We Hardly Knew Ye
27th Nov 12 09:11:32Oculothorax
26th Nov 12 08:37:22Regular Show.Tropes A To M
26th Nov 12 08:35:27Regular Show.Tropes A To M
22nd Nov 12 08:56:45Where Are They Now Epilogue
20th Nov 12 07:42:51Double Entendre.Western Animation
19th Nov 12 04:12:14Adventure Time.Tropes A To C
18th Nov 12 12:15:47Great Offscreen War
18th Nov 12 12:06:51Great Offscreen War
16th Nov 12 03:13:54Nerds Are Virgins
14th Nov 12 11:02:09Type Casting
14th Nov 12 10:49:16Genius Bonus
14th Nov 12 10:39:05Genius Bonus
13th Nov 12 06:35:58Imagine Spotting
11th Nov 12 01:00:20Loners Are Freaks
10th Nov 12 08:50:46Dangerously Genre Savvy
10th Nov 12 12:13:12Blue And Orange Morality
9th Nov 12 04:55:39Blessed With Suck.Western Animation
9th Nov 12 04:18:33Mac Guffin
8th Nov 12 08:17:04Retcon
8th Nov 12 04:25:35Handwave
8th Nov 12 03:37:24Fix Fic
8th Nov 12 03:33:55Fix Fic
8th Nov 12 03:32:07Fix Fic
8th Nov 12 03:11:11Fan Preferred Couple.Literature
7th Nov 12 04:40:22Society Is To Blame
5th Nov 12 04:16:22Rousseau Was Right
3rd Nov 12 02:40:37Western Animation.King Of The Hill
3rd Nov 12 02:38:19Western Animation.King Of The Hill
3rd Nov 12 02:33:27Too Dumb To Live.Western Animation
3rd Nov 12 09:07:50Fridge.Redwall
2nd Nov 12 05:13:10Those Two Bad Guys
30th Oct 12 10:01:39Hypocritical Humor
27th Oct 12 08:03:04Geographic Flexibility
27th Oct 12 07:59:24Geographic Flexibility
27th Oct 12 01:15:00The Aggressive Drug Dealer
25th Oct 12 07:16:39Action Girl.Anime
24th Oct 12 04:39:32Genius Ditz
22nd Oct 12 05:02:46Gadgeteer Genius
20th Oct 12 12:01:09Big Guy Little Guy
19th Oct 12 06:24:38The Voyage Of The Jerle Shannara
18th Oct 12 07:13:53Adventure Time.Tropes S To Z
18th Oct 12 10:30:00Adventure Time.Tropes I To R
18th Oct 12 08:32:52Implacable Man
4th Oct 12 08:53:19New Powers As The Plot Demands
4th Oct 12 08:48:45New Powers As The Plot Demands
4th Oct 12 08:46:40New Powers As The Plot Demands
4th Oct 12 08:29:30New Powers As The Plot Demands
29th Sep 12 08:39:04Trivia.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
29th Sep 12 08:32:47Write What You Know
27th Sep 12 08:15:55Raised By Wolves
27th Sep 12 08:10:24Video Game.The Last Story
26th Sep 12 02:03:43Video Game.The Last Story
25th Sep 12 06:36:53Growing The Beard.Newspaper Comics
24th Sep 12 08:39:05YMMV.The Last Story
24th Sep 12 08:22:05Video Game.The Last Story
24th Sep 12 07:47:31The Dulcinea Effect
23rd Sep 12 03:57:44Generic Doomsday Villain
22nd Sep 12 07:21:41Static Character
18th Sep 12 04:05:19YMMV.Family Guy
9th Sep 12 06:14:49Chickification
8th Sep 12 08:13:40We Used To Be Friends
7th Sep 12 08:15:22Technology Marches On
5th Sep 12 06:30:55Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
5th Sep 12 06:29:32Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
4th Sep 12 08:05:00Alas Poor Yorick
3rd Sep 12 03:22:21Goldfish Poop Gang
2nd Sep 12 04:45:29April Fools Day
1st Sep 12 07:08:30The Professor
1st Sep 12 06:23:52High Concept
30th Aug 12 07:41:22Asshole Victim
30th Aug 12 07:37:13Adventure Time.Tropes A To C
29th Aug 12 12:24:16Anime.Queens Blade
29th Aug 12 12:23:11Anime.Queens Blade
29th Aug 12 12:19:41Ho Yay.Queens Blade
29th Aug 12 12:19:07Ho Yay.Queens Blade
29th Aug 12 11:01:36Ho Yay.Anime
29th Aug 12 08:54:58Men Are The Expendable Gender
29th Aug 12 07:47:07Politically Incorrect Hero
27th Aug 12 06:23:55Technology Marches On
27th Aug 12 06:11:38Informed Judaism
27th Aug 12 04:59:07Informed Flaw
27th Aug 12 12:40:38WMG.One Piece Open Three
27th Aug 12 12:40:24WMG.One Piece Jossed
27th Aug 12 12:16:49WMG.One Piece Open Three
27th Aug 12 12:16:34WMG.One Piece Jossed
27th Aug 12 12:11:57WMG.One Piece Open Three
27th Aug 12 12:09:13WMG.One Piece Open Three
26th Aug 12 04:27:55The Smurfette Principle
20th Aug 12 07:34:15Discontinuity.Anime
15th Aug 12 12:36:45Buccaneer Broadcaster
14th Aug 12 03:52:42Series.Its Always Sunny In Philadelphia
14th Aug 12 02:17:05Tiny Guy Huge Girl
14th Aug 12 01:24:50Tiny Guy Huge Girl
14th Aug 12 12:09:38Trivia.SWAT Kats
11th Aug 12 12:26:51Headscratchers.SWAT Kats
11th Aug 12 12:17:01Western Animation.SWAT Kats
11th Aug 12 12:11:00Western Animation.Megas XLR
10th Aug 12 04:42:15Evil Is Hammy
27th Jul 12 07:16:49Western Animation.King Of The Hill
22nd Jul 12 08:23:09Nipple And Dimed
19th Jul 12 07:51:25Happiness In Slavery
19th Jul 12 07:31:06Magitek
19th Jul 12 07:24:35The Kid With The Remote Control
19th Jul 12 06:40:28The Berserker
19th Jul 12 04:10:28Happy Ending Override
13th Jul 12 03:36:40Guess Who Im Marrying
4th Jul 12 03:53:01WMG.One Piece Open Three
4th Jul 12 03:52:33WMG.One Piece Jossed
4th Jul 12 03:50:11WMG.One Piece Confirmed
3rd Jul 12 11:50:41Canon Wank
27th Jun 12 08:39:43Video Game.Super Mario Sunshine
25th Jun 12 04:24:55Shipper On Deck
15th Jun 12 07:57:59Something Completely Different.Video Games
15th Jun 12 06:33:26You Dont Look Like You
12th Jun 12 06:33:39Status Quo Is God
12th Jun 12 06:28:00Status Quo Is God
10th Jun 12 01:28:03Film.Back To School
9th Jun 12 08:56:01Idiot Ball.Anime And Manga
8th Jun 12 06:46:45YMMV.King Of The Hill
7th Jun 12 06:31:05Loophole Abuse
7th Jun 12 04:03:33Family Unfriendly Death.Western Animation
5th Jun 12 08:33:41Headscratchers.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 1
4th Jun 12 07:56:56Characters.Friendship Is Magic-The Princesses
2nd Jun 12 08:47:12Theme Tune Cameo
2nd Jun 12 02:00:59Motive Decay
2nd Jun 12 01:05:23The Ace
2nd Jun 12 12:57:56The Ace
2nd Jun 12 11:10:42I Have You Now My Pretty
1st Jun 12 01:42:01World War II
1st Jun 12 12:26:15Artistic License Economics
31st May 12 09:35:16Values Resonance
31st May 12 08:13:50WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Equestria
30th May 12 08:28:21WMG.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Setting Ponies
29th May 12 08:31:10Mayfly December Romance
28th May 12 09:19:44My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic.Tropes A To G
28th May 12 11:55:50Ship Mates
26th May 12 02:58:57WMG.One Piece Open Three
26th May 12 02:58:42WMG.One Piece Confirmed
26th May 12 02:57:16WMG.One Piece Jossed
26th May 12 02:48:58WMG.One Piece Open Three
23rd May 12 07:54:17Western Animation.The Powerpuff Girls
23rd May 12 10:51:32Fake Ultimate Hero
18th May 12 09:45:29Radar.Hey Arnold
18th May 12 05:46:28YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
17th May 12 09:17:19Western Animation.King Of The Hill
16th May 12 08:02:25I Know Youre In There Somewhere Fight
15th May 12 03:34:18Make My Monster Grow
9th May 12 05:01:35Cheshire Cat Grin
8th May 12 05:06:12Almost Kiss
6th May 12 08:38:54Tastes Like Diabetes
5th May 12 11:42:51Zero Percent Approval Rating
1st May 12 01:55:17What Kind Of Lame Power Is Heart Anyway
30th Apr 12 05:03:24Adventure Time.Tropes A To C
27th Apr 12 12:06:43Furry Reminder
27th Apr 12 12:06:06Furry Reminder
26th Apr 12 04:31:40Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 1 E 7 Dragonshy
1st Apr 12 09:14:04WMG.One Piece Open Three
1st Apr 12 08:58:56WMG.One Piece Open Two
1st Apr 12 08:58:34WMG.One Piece Jossed
23rd Mar 12 08:00:05The Simpsons M-Z
23rd Mar 12 05:52:27The Simpsons M-Z
22nd Mar 12 10:27:36The Simpsons M-Z
22nd Mar 12 10:20:02The Simpsons M-Z
22nd Mar 12 10:14:38The Simpsons M-Z
20th Mar 12 08:27:57Bob Haircut

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