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It's time for the second TV Tropes Halloween Avatar Contest, theme: cute monsters! Details and voting here.
19th Jan 14 03:11:07Tropers.Numbuh 9494
8th Jan 14 09:29:54Tropers.Numbuh 9494
27th Oct 12 10:44:37Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
27th Oct 12 10:32:28Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
2nd Sep 12 07:01:15Just For Fun.Secret Organization Craving Intelligent Enigmatic Tropers Yonder
19th Jul 12 02:33:37Tropers.Numbuh 9494
19th Jul 12 02:32:11Fanfic Recs.Sherlock
16th May 12 10:05:19Fanfic Recs.Phineas And Ferb
13th May 12 03:42:10YMMV.How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying
5th Apr 12 10:32:59Pandemic
15th Jan 12 09:57:25Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
15th Jan 12 09:53:51Tropers.Glenn Magus Harvey
15th Jan 12 03:54:25Tropers.Numbuh 9494
15th Jan 12 03:53:59Tropers.Numbuh 9494
10th Oct 11 08:48:29Funny.Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent
10th Oct 11 08:48:11Funny.Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent
10th Oct 11 08:47:50Funny.Nelson Tethers Puzzle Agent

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