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26th Apr 17 09:09:39Health Meter
26th Apr 17 09:08:29Fan Fic.A History Of Magic
26th Apr 17 09:06:53Monster.Western Animation
26th Apr 17 09:06:17Monster.Western Animation
26th Apr 17 09:06:09Monster.Web Original
26th Apr 17 09:06:00Monster.Video Games
26th Apr 17 09:05:52Monster.Literature
26th Apr 17 09:05:39Monster.Comic Books
26th Apr 17 09:04:52Monster.Other Media
26th Apr 17 09:04:24Awesome Music.New Media
26th Apr 17 09:04:06Awesome Music.Jon Tron
26th Apr 17 09:03:37YMMV.Jon Tron
25th Apr 17 07:14:38YMMV.Kurt Russell
25th Apr 17 07:14:32Leaning On The Fourth Wall
25th Apr 17 07:14:24Launcher Of A Thousand Ships.Live Action TV
25th Apr 17 07:14:17Exact Words.Live Action TV
25th Apr 17 07:14:11Authority Equals Asskicking.Live Action TV
25th Apr 17 07:14:05Role Association.Live Action TVE To M
25th Apr 17 07:13:59Headscratchers.Macross Delta
25th Apr 17 07:13:53YMMV.Marvel Universe
25th Apr 17 07:13:47Characters.Marvel Vs Capcom Infinite Marvel
25th Apr 17 07:13:39Meaningful Funeral
25th Apr 17 06:48:15Killer Cop
25th Apr 17 06:48:08Box Office Bomb.I Through R
25th Apr 17 06:47:58In Spite Of A Nail
25th Apr 17 06:47:50Hostage Situation
25th Apr 17 06:47:43Hollywood Healing
25th Apr 17 06:47:36Hair Of Gold Heart Of Gold
25th Apr 17 06:47:28YMMV.Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 2
25th Apr 17 06:47:22WMG.God Of War Series
25th Apr 17 06:47:14Fanfic Recs.Girl Genius
25th Apr 17 06:47:07Role Association.Film S
25th Apr 17 06:46:59Female Gaze
25th Apr 17 06:46:51Combat Pragmatist.Fan Fiction
25th Apr 17 06:46:45Evil Running Good
25th Apr 17 06:46:36Early Bird Cameo
25th Apr 17 06:46:27Due To The Dead
25th Apr 17 06:46:14Awesome.Doctor Strange 2016
25th Apr 17 06:46:07WMG.Doctor Strange 2016
25th Apr 17 06:46:00Fan Fic.Crossover Q To Z
25th Apr 17 06:45:52Cop Killer
25th Apr 17 06:45:45Continuity Lock Out
25th Apr 17 06:45:34And The Fandom Rejoiced.Comic Books
25th Apr 17 06:45:26Covers Always Lie.Comic Books
25th Apr 17 06:45:16Dis Continuity.Comic Books
25th Apr 17 06:45:08Older Than They Think.Comic Books
25th Apr 17 06:45:00Captain Obvious Aesop
25th Apr 17 06:44:53Cant Kill You Still Need You
25th Apr 17 06:44:42California Doubling
25th Apr 17 06:44:28Bulungi
25th Apr 17 06:44:19B Team Sequel
25th Apr 17 06:44:12Fanfic.Ben 10 Plumbers Of Bellwood
25th Apr 17 06:44:04Badass Beard
25th Apr 17 06:43:28Mythology Gag.Avengers Assemble
25th Apr 17 06:43:20Arc Fatigue
25th Apr 17 06:43:13Arbitrary Skepticism
25th Apr 17 06:43:00Amoral Attorney
25th Apr 17 06:03:01Mythology Tropes
24th Apr 17 07:43:59Pink Girl Blue Boy
24th Apr 17 07:43:53Pie Eyed
24th Apr 17 07:43:47One Gender Race
24th Apr 17 07:43:40Old New Borrowed And Blue
24th Apr 17 07:43:32Offscreen Crash
24th Apr 17 07:43:14My Little Panzer
24th Apr 17 07:43:08Narrator
24th Apr 17 07:43:01Useful Notes.National Rail
24th Apr 17 07:37:24Funny.Mx Bones
24th Apr 17 07:35:29Last Episode New Character
24th Apr 17 07:35:16Last Of His Kind
24th Apr 17 07:35:10What Could Have Been.Literature
24th Apr 17 07:35:03Have A Gay Old Time.Literature
24th Apr 17 07:34:57Signature Scene.Live Action Films
24th Apr 17 07:34:51Role Association.Live Action Italian
24th Apr 17 07:34:42Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Live Action TV
24th Apr 17 07:34:36Leitmotif.Live Action TV
24th Apr 17 07:34:31Mac Gyvering
24th Apr 17 07:34:24Funny.Mad
24th Apr 17 07:33:14Pantheon.Land And Sea Travel
24th Apr 17 07:33:06Sandbox.Land And Sea Travel
24th Apr 17 07:32:58Characters.Killer Is Dead
24th Apr 17 07:32:51Creator.Keith Wickham
24th Apr 17 07:32:44Western Animation.Ivor The Engine
24th Apr 17 07:32:38Fan Fic.ITSMYLIFE
24th Apr 17 07:32:32YMMV.ITSMYLIFE
24th Apr 17 07:32:26Inspector Javert
24th Apr 17 07:32:17Creator.Hikaru Midorikawa
24th Apr 17 07:32:08High Pressure Emotion
24th Apr 17 07:27:07Fairytale Wedding Dress
24th Apr 17 07:26:58So Bad Its Good.Fanfic
24th Apr 17 07:26:50Running Gag.Fanfic Theater 3015
24th Apr 17 07:26:38Quotes.Fantastic Racism
24th Apr 17 07:26:31Mundane Made Awesome.Film
24th Apr 17 07:26:25Happiness In Slavery
24th Apr 17 07:26:18Anime.Girls Und Panzer Der Film
24th Apr 17 07:26:10Franchise Zombie
24th Apr 17 07:26:03Playing Against Type.Foreign Dubbing
24th Apr 17 07:25:53First Day From Hell
24th Apr 17 07:14:17Everybody Laughs Ending
24th Apr 17 07:14:11Dub Name Change.English And Other Languages To Foreign
24th Apr 17 07:14:01Dynamic Character
24th Apr 17 07:13:55Dramatic Curtain Toss
24th Apr 17 07:13:40Disowned Adaptation
24th Apr 17 07:13:32Debut Queue
24th Apr 17 07:13:25Cool Train
24th Apr 17 07:13:11Conjoined Twins
24th Apr 17 07:13:05Hilarious In Hindsight.Comedy
24th Apr 17 07:12:51Trivia.Chuggington
24th Apr 17 07:12:25Western Animation.Chuggington
24th Apr 17 07:12:17Character Rerailment
24th Apr 17 07:12:11Channel Hop
24th Apr 17 07:12:04Celebrity Voice Actor
24th Apr 17 07:11:58Cat Smile
24th Apr 17 07:11:51Funny.Cartoon Lover 98
24th Apr 17 07:11:41WMG.Cars
24th Apr 17 07:11:35Anthropomorphic Shift
24th Apr 17 07:11:28Animation Bump
24th Apr 17 07:11:21Role Association.Animated Film Japanese
24th Apr 17 07:10:54Americans Are Cowboys
24th Apr 17 07:10:46Webcomic.All Over The House
24th Apr 17 07:10:38All Musicals Are Adaptations
24th Apr 17 07:10:14Afterlife Express
24th Apr 17 07:08:59Completed Migrations.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:08:40Administrivia.Wick Namespace Migration
24th Apr 17 07:08:07Superlative Dubbing.Tropers
24th Apr 17 07:07:59Tractor Beam
24th Apr 17 07:07:52Tornado Move
24th Apr 17 07:07:38Throw The Book At Them
24th Apr 17 07:07:32Visual Novel.They Are My Noble Masters
24th Apr 17 07:07:26The Verse
24th Apr 17 07:07:15Video Game.The Tower Of Druaga
24th Apr 17 07:07:08The Stoic
24th Apr 17 07:06:59WMG.The Slender Man Mythos
24th Apr 17 07:06:51Website.The RPG Cliches Game
24th Apr 17 07:06:20YMMV.Tales Of Phantasia
24th Apr 17 07:06:10Video Game.Tales Of Phantasia
24th Apr 17 07:05:56YMMV.Tales Of Rebirth
24th Apr 17 07:05:50Video Game.Tales Of Rebirth
24th Apr 17 07:05:42YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia
24th Apr 17 07:05:36The Red Mage
24th Apr 17 07:05:29Executive Meddling.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:05:14Memetic Molester.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:05:06Needs More Love.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:04:58Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:04:36No Indoor Voice.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:04:30Real Men Wear Pink.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:04:24Victory Quote
24th Apr 17 07:04:18Underground Monkey
24th Apr 17 07:04:12Fairy Tail.Tropes Q To S
24th Apr 17 07:04:06TV Tropes As A Gateway Drug.Tropers L To R
24th Apr 17 07:03:07Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:58Mad Scientist.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:53Made Of Iron.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:48Lethal Chef.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:42Idiosyncratic Episode Naming.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:36Heroic BSOD.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:30Hammerspace.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:11Fantasy Gun Control.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:02:03Fandom Rivalry.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:56Family Unfriendly Death.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:45Executive Meddling.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:36Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:29Deconstructed Trope.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:23Badass Normal.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:16Anti Villain.Video Games
24th Apr 17 07:01:08Characters.Tales Of Legendia
24th Apr 17 06:59:51Video Game.Tales Of Eternia
24th Apr 17 06:59:44Characters.Tales Of Hearts
24th Apr 17 06:59:38Video Game.Tales Of Hetalia
24th Apr 17 06:59:31WMG.Tales Of Legendia
24th Apr 17 06:59:25Video Game.Tales Of Legendia
24th Apr 17 06:59:16Characters.Tales Of Legendia
24th Apr 17 06:59:05Video Game.Tales Of Symphonia
24th Apr 17 06:58:55Technician Versus Performer
24th Apr 17 06:58:49The Battle Didnt Count
24th Apr 17 06:58:43Roleplay.The Cauldron
24th Apr 17 06:58:37The Chosen One
24th Apr 17 06:58:27The Heavy
24th Apr 17 06:58:22Characters.The Idolmaster Cinderella Girls Passion Type
24th Apr 17 06:58:15The Last DJ
24th Apr 17 06:58:09Theme And Variations Soundtrack
24th Apr 17 06:58:02Literature.The Red And The Rest
24th Apr 17 06:56:52Sacrificial Lion.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:46Spiritual Successor.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:39Steam Punk.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:31The Mole.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:22Verbal Tic.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:16Well Intentioned Extremist.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:10Wham Episode.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:56:02You Gotta Have Blue Hair.Video Games
24th Apr 17 06:55:56Video Game 3 D Leap
24th Apr 17 06:55:49The Unfought.Video Game
24th Apr 17 06:55:43Team Pet
24th Apr 17 06:55:37Taunt Button
24th Apr 17 06:55:30And The Fandom Rejoiced.Tales Series
24th Apr 17 06:55:21Awesome Music.Tales Series
24th Apr 17 06:55:15Fridge.Tales Series
24th Apr 17 06:55:07Funny.Tales Series
24th Apr 17 06:55:01That One Boss.Tales Series
24th Apr 17 06:54:54Characters.Tales Of Xillia 2
24th Apr 17 06:54:47Video Game.Tales Of Xillia 2
24th Apr 17 06:54:35Video Game.Tales Of The World
24th Apr 17 06:54:23Video Game.Tales Of The Tempest
24th Apr 17 06:54:14Video Game.Tales Of The Abyss
24th Apr 17 06:53:57YMMV.Tales Of The Abyss
24th Apr 17 06:53:42Headscratchers.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
24th Apr 17 06:53:30YMMV.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
24th Apr 17 06:53:13YMMV.Tales Of Graces
24th Apr 17 06:53:00Video Game.Tales Of Eternia
24th Apr 17 06:52:38YMMV.Tales Of Destiny 2
24th Apr 17 06:52:26Characters.Tales Of Destiny
24th Apr 17 06:52:26Characters.Tales Of Destiny
24th Apr 17 06:52:04WMG.Tales Of Berseria
24th Apr 17 06:51:42YMMV.Tales Of Berseria
24th Apr 17 06:51:12Take Your Time
24th Apr 17 06:51:03Super Strong Child
24th Apr 17 06:50:51Trivia.Super Robot Wars Gaiden
24th Apr 17 06:50:43Super Move Portrait Attack
24th Apr 17 06:48:11Super Mode
24th Apr 17 06:48:03Summon Magic
24th Apr 17 06:47:53Summer 2016 Anime
24th Apr 17 06:47:47YMMV.Street Fighter X Tekken
24th Apr 17 06:47:37Story To Gameplay Ratio
24th Apr 17 06:47:29Roleplay.Shifting Worlds
24th Apr 17 06:46:58Status Buff Dispel
24th Apr 17 06:46:51Standard Status Effects
24th Apr 17 06:46:40Standard RPG Items
24th Apr 17 06:46:29Spin Attack
24th Apr 17 06:46:21Sphere Of Power
24th Apr 17 06:46:15Sphere Of Destruction
24th Apr 17 06:46:08Sorting Algorithm Of Weapon Effectiveness
24th Apr 17 06:45:54Sorting Algorithm Of Evil
24th Apr 17 06:45:47Machinima.Smash King
24th Apr 17 06:45:40Sliding Scale Of Video Game World Size And Scale
24th Apr 17 06:45:33Sliding Scale Of Silliness Versus Seriousness
24th Apr 17 06:45:25Slice And Dice Swordsmanship
24th Apr 17 06:45:18Silliness Switch
24th Apr 17 06:45:11Shockwave Stomp
24th Apr 17 06:45:05Shining Goodness
24th Apr 17 06:44:59Roleplay.Shifting Worlds
24th Apr 17 06:44:49Set A Mook To Kill A Mook
24th Apr 17 06:44:40Series Franchise
24th Apr 17 06:44:33Save Point
24th Apr 17 06:44:26Salt And Pepper
24th Apr 17 06:44:19Royal Decree
24th Apr 17 06:44:09Road Runner PC
24th Apr 17 06:44:00Religion Is Wrong
24th Apr 17 06:43:52Recurring Location
24th Apr 17 06:43:43Shout Out.Recettear An Item Shops Tale
24th Apr 17 06:43:37Real Men Cook
24th Apr 17 06:42:32Razor Wind
24th Apr 17 06:42:26Rare Candy
24th Apr 17 06:42:18Rapid Fire Fisticuffs
24th Apr 17 06:42:09Quirky Bard
24th Apr 17 06:42:02Funny.Project X Zone
24th Apr 17 06:41:54Pre Mortem One Liner
24th Apr 17 06:41:47Plot Coupon That Does Something
24th Apr 17 06:41:39Playing The Player
24th Apr 17 06:41:25Platform Fighter
24th Apr 17 06:39:43Mascot Fighter
24th Apr 17 06:39:35Medieval European Fantasy
24th Apr 17 06:39:25Characters.Metaspace Mooks
24th Apr 17 06:39:18Minigame Zone
24th Apr 17 06:39:11Mythology Gag.Mobile Suit Gundam 00
24th Apr 17 06:39:05Creator.Motoi Sakuraba
24th Apr 17 06:38:55Awesome Music.Motoi Sakuraba
24th Apr 17 06:38:46Manga.Moyashimon
24th Apr 17 06:38:38Gush.Namco Bandai
24th Apr 17 06:38:22Names To Know In Anime
24th Apr 17 06:38:15Fanfic.New Reality
24th Apr 17 06:38:01No Arc In Archery
24th Apr 17 06:37:53No Hugging No Kissing
24th Apr 17 06:37:36No Item Use For You
24th Apr 17 06:37:21Non Elemental
24th Apr 17 06:37:13Non Indicative Difficulty
24th Apr 17 06:37:03Nostalgia Level
24th Apr 17 06:36:54Web Video.Omnicomms
24th Apr 17 06:36:47Optional Character Scene
24th Apr 17 06:36:40Orchestral Bombing
24th Apr 17 06:36:30SNK Boss.Other Fighting Games
24th Apr 17 06:36:12Parody Sue
24th Apr 17 06:36:00Penultimate Weapon
24th Apr 17 06:35:53Physical God
24th Apr 17 06:35:43Pillar Of Light
24th Apr 17 06:34:14Trivia.Marvel Vs Capcom 3
24th Apr 17 06:34:07Marathon Boss
24th Apr 17 06:33:56Manual Leader AI Party
24th Apr 17 06:33:47Magic Missile Storm
24th Apr 17 06:33:29Magic Missile Storm
24th Apr 17 06:33:22Magical Incantation
24th Apr 17 06:33:14Quotes.Magical Incantation
24th Apr 17 06:33:07Magic A Is Magic A
24th Apr 17 06:32:59Mad Lib Fantasy Title
24th Apr 17 06:32:51Luminescent Blush
24th Apr 17 06:32:43Lucky Rabbits Foot
24th Apr 17 06:32:34Luck Stat
24th Apr 17 06:32:27Loose Canon
24th Apr 17 06:32:19Dethroning Moment.Live Action TV
24th Apr 17 06:31:58Little Miss Snarker
24th Apr 17 06:31:48Linear Warriors Quadratic Wizards
24th Apr 17 06:31:38Heroes Prefer Swords
24th Apr 17 06:31:11Lazy Backup
24th Apr 17 06:30:51Law Of Cartographical Elegance
24th Apr 17 06:30:45Kill It With Water
24th Apr 17 06:30:34Heroic Mime
24th Apr 17 06:29:11God Before Dogma
24th Apr 17 06:29:02Friendly Fandoms
24th Apr 17 06:28:53YMMV.Fate Grand Order
24th Apr 17 06:28:42Massive Multiplayer Crossover.Fan Works
24th Apr 17 06:28:28Experienced Protagonist
24th Apr 17 06:28:17Elemental Punch
24th Apr 17 06:28:09Expendable Alternate Universe
24th Apr 17 06:27:51Eldritch Location
24th Apr 17 06:27:38Dying To Be Replaced
24th Apr 17 06:27:27Dem Bones
24th Apr 17 06:27:17Crutch Character
24th Apr 17 06:27:00Combat Medic
24th Apr 17 06:26:50Cherry Tapping
24th Apr 17 05:08:20Monster.X Men
24th Apr 17 05:07:59Monster.Mortal Kombat
24th Apr 17 05:07:38Monster.Gundam
24th Apr 17 05:07:18Monster.Fan Works
24th Apr 17 05:06:27Monster.Video Games L To Z
24th Apr 17 05:05:47Monster.Video Games A To K
24th Apr 17 05:04:04Monster.Shin Megami Tensei
24th Apr 17 05:03:37Monster.Live Action TVM To Z
24th Apr 17 05:03:06Monster.Live Action TVA To L
24th Apr 17 05:02:27Monster.Literature M To Z
24th Apr 17 05:02:04Monster.Literature A To L
24th Apr 17 05:01:33Monster.Film P To Z
24th Apr 17 05:00:37Monster.Film F To O
24th Apr 17 04:59:58Monster.Anime And Manga A To J
24th Apr 17 04:57:53Characters.Final Fantasy VII Playable Characters
23rd Apr 17 08:44:04Administrivia.Wick Namespace Migration
23rd Apr 17 08:42:33Badass Grandpa.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:42:27Betty And Veronica.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:42:20Big Bad.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:42:13Blatant Lies.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:42:05Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:41:56Blood Knight.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:41:49Boring But Practical.Videogames
23rd Apr 17 08:41:41Bratty Half Pint.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:41:35Breakout Character.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:41:27Cerebus Syndrome.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:40:54Badass Adorable.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:40:47Action Girl.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:40:40Abusive Parents.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:40:34X Meets Y.Video Games Games M To Z
23rd Apr 17 08:39:55Visible Silence
23rd Apr 17 08:39:43Visionary Villain
23rd Apr 17 08:39:37Voiceover Letter
23rd Apr 17 08:39:31Wanted Poster
23rd Apr 17 08:39:25Welcome Back Traitor
23rd Apr 17 08:39:18You Dont Look Like You
23rd Apr 17 08:39:04Circling Birdies.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:38:54Complacent Gaming Syndrome.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:38:45Crazy Awesome.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:38:37Cross Over.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:38:23Damn You Muscle Memory.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:38:17Damsel In Distress.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:34:30Welcome To Corneria
23rd Apr 17 08:34:15White Magician Girl
23rd Apr 17 08:34:08Wholesome Crossdresser
23rd Apr 17 08:33:59Why Fandom Cant Have Nice Things
23rd Apr 17 08:33:52Wind Is Green
23rd Apr 17 08:33:47Wolfpack Boss
23rd Apr 17 08:33:39Pantheon.Words
23rd Apr 17 08:33:33World Tree
23rd Apr 17 08:33:21So You Want To.Write An RPG
23rd Apr 17 08:33:15You Dont Look Like You
23rd Apr 17 08:33:07Darker And Edgier.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:33:00Demoted To Extra.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:32:51Designated Hero.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:32:44Did You Just Punch Out Cthulhu.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:32:37Discontinuity.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:32:30Does This Remind You Of Anything.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:31:45Yamato Nadeshiko
23rd Apr 17 08:31:37Yin Yang Bomb
23rd Apr 17 08:31:28You Cant Get Ye Flask
23rd Apr 17 08:31:21You Dont Look Like You
23rd Apr 17 08:31:14You Get Knocked Down You Get Back Up Again
23rd Apr 17 08:31:08You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
23rd Apr 17 08:31:00Your Days Are Numbered
23rd Apr 17 08:30:52Your Princess Is In Another Castle
23rd Apr 17 08:30:46Trivia.Yuri Lowenthal
23rd Apr 17 08:30:37Zettai Ryouiki
23rd Apr 17 08:30:29Dysfunction Junction.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:30:19Earn Your Happy Ending.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:30:13Ensemble Darkhorse.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:30:05Face Palm.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:58Fan Fic.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:48Fantastic Racism.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:41Flanderization.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:33Foil.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:26Foreshadowing.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:29:19Franchise Original Sin.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:28:15Freudian Excuse.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:28:09Genius Bonus.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:28:01Genre Deconstruction.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:27:54Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Video Games
23rd Apr 17 08:27:46Greater Scope Villain.Video Games