Monster Dog's Recent Edits

1st Mar 18 12:04:00Game Breaker.Fallout
2nd Mar 17 03:39:08How Dare You Die On Me
6th Sep 16 12:44:28WMG.Star Trek Enterprise
29th Apr 16 12:25:04Freeze Ray
19th Apr 16 10:22:12Sequence Breaking
2nd Apr 16 12:37:59WMG.Fallout 4
2nd Apr 16 12:28:43WMG.Fallout 4
2nd Apr 16 12:09:42Batman Gambit.Video Games
18th Mar 16 02:52:28Confusion Fu
16th Mar 16 10:11:18Quotes.Know Nothing Know It All
14th Mar 16 06:29:52Headscratchers.Fallout 4
14th Mar 16 01:21:21Fridge.Fallout 4
14th Mar 16 01:07:30Video Game.Fallout
28th Feb 16 10:17:25Video Game.Fallout 4
28th Feb 16 08:46:01Video Game.Fallout 4
28th Feb 16 07:52:13Video Game.Fallout 4
30th Jan 16 08:15:57Centipedes Dilemma
30th Jan 16 08:13:22Quotes.Centipedes Dilemma
28th Jan 16 10:36:53I Just Shot Marvin In The Face
27th Jan 16 09:38:30Scotireland
12th Jan 16 12:29:08Fridge.Fallout
12th Jan 16 12:28:42Fridge.Fallout
12th Jan 16 12:19:14Fridge.The Elder Scrolls
9th Dec 15 05:43:20Never Live It Down.Real Life
13th Nov 15 11:21:35Hollywood Autism
29th Oct 15 02:51:45Video Game.Mount And Blade
29th Oct 15 02:48:42Dream Team
17th Aug 15 05:44:17Laxative Prank
27th Jul 15 11:54:37Headscratchers.Fallout
19th Jul 15 06:47:37Refining Resources
4th Jul 15 11:13:24No Fair Cheating
3rd Jul 15 09:50:27Video Game Long Runners
2nd Jul 15 10:57:04Lets Play.Many A True Nerd
2nd Jul 15 10:54:32Exactly What It Says On The Tin
2nd Jul 15 03:21:46STD Immunity
30th Jun 15 06:54:05Explosive Stupidity
30th Jun 15 06:53:27Explosive Stupidity
23rd May 15 08:50:17Web Video.Extra Credits
19th May 15 06:39:43Early Installment Weirdness.Live Action TV
8th May 15 08:07:13Lets Play.Many A True Nerd
25th Apr 15 11:25:28Yes Man
17th Mar 15 11:24:31The Virus
15th Mar 15 06:14:21Alien Space Bats
5th Feb 15 06:55:50Ultimate Showdown Of Ultimate Destiny
10th Dec 14 10:02:39Noodle Incident.Video Games
8th Nov 14 12:08:42Energy Weapon
7th Nov 14 11:56:45Money For Nothing
28th Oct 14 07:57:37Underdogs Never Lose
8th Oct 14 06:51:49Characters.Fallout New Vegas The Courier
8th Oct 14 03:18:57Characters.Fallout New Vegas The Strip
4th Oct 14 11:13:56Extreme Omni Goat
3rd Oct 14 07:57:54Fun With Acronyms.Video Games
2nd Oct 14 12:43:55Planet Of Steves
28th Sep 14 08:02:21Corpsing
24th Sep 14 09:21:19Video Game.Mount And Blade
24th Sep 14 09:09:36Screw This Im Outta Here
23rd Sep 14 10:33:09Chaotic Neutral
23rd Sep 14 04:47:29Nightmare Fuel.Fallout New Vegas
21st Sep 14 11:28:55Sliding Scale Of Alternate History Plausibility
8th Sep 14 09:37:39Word Salad Philosophy
8th Sep 14 09:33:34Word Salad Philosophy
8th Sep 14 09:27:31Shaped Like Itself
27th Aug 14 05:40:00WMG.Falloutnew Vegas
26th Aug 14 06:44:19X Meets Y.New Media
26th Aug 14 06:42:03X Meets Y.New Media
26th Aug 14 06:41:18X Meets Y.New Media
21st Aug 14 11:02:48Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Recorded And Stand Up Comedy
15th Aug 14 09:22:41Annoying Arrows
15th Aug 14 04:24:58Made Of Plasticine
15th Aug 14 04:13:06Continuity Lockout
15th Aug 14 02:54:36YMMV.Footloose
14th Aug 14 05:05:29Artistic License Economics
29th Jul 14 12:28:40Useful Notes.Cuisines In America
29th Jul 14 12:14:20Useful Notes.Cuisines In America
29th Jul 14 05:14:03Item Crafting
29th Jul 14 04:53:02What You Are In The Dark
27th Jul 14 07:35:31Web Video.Game Theory
5th Jul 14 01:08:25Home Field Advantage
5th Jul 14 10:44:08Please Select New City Name
5th Jul 14 10:43:16Please Select New City Name
30th Jun 14 01:13:22Klingon Promotion
30th Jun 14 10:29:17When All You Have Is A Hammer
28th Jun 14 05:09:37One Stat To Rule Them All
26th Jun 14 03:27:59No Stat Atrophy
26th Jun 14 02:57:30The Computer Is A Cheating Bastard
25th Jun 14 09:58:02Painting The Medium
18th Jun 14 09:36:56The Scottish Trope
17th Jun 14 11:09:28Chocolate Frosted Sugar Bombs
17th Jun 14 05:22:21Disc One Nuke.Fallout
16th Jun 14 04:47:11Fridge.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
16th Jun 14 02:48:32Absurdly Low Level Cap
14th Jun 14 06:52:08Mohs Scale Of Lyrical Hardness
14th Jun 14 06:27:50Mohs.Physics Plus
14th Jun 14 05:21:56Useful Notes.Mc Donalds
9th Jun 14 04:50:14Star Trek Deep Space Nine.Tropes A To D
30th May 14 08:43:54Useful Notes.Boston
30th May 14 04:52:28The Bad Guy Wins.Live Action TV
29th May 14 05:41:02Fridge.Startrek Deepspace Nine
29th May 14 04:44:12YMMV.Startrek Deepspace Nine
17th May 14 08:56:56Lite Creme
13th May 14 04:31:31Scavenger World.Video Games
7th Apr 14 02:02:37Useful Notes.Belarus
1st Apr 14 06:30:41STD Immunity
19th Feb 14 10:56:30Pre Climax Climax
29th Aug 13 11:55:18Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Live Action TV
26th Aug 13 01:23:45Brilliant But Lazy
24th Aug 13 01:09:44Apocalypse How.Class X- 4
24th Aug 13 01:08:47Apocalypse How.Class X- 4
24th Aug 13 12:35:32Groundhog Day Loop
24th Aug 13 12:23:15My Own Grampa
24th Aug 13 11:30:04Wall Bangers.Star Trek Enterprise
24th Aug 13 10:40:35Nightmare Fuel.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
24th Aug 13 10:16:04YMMV.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
22nd Aug 13 10:36:56Trademark Favorite Food.Live-Action TV
22nd Aug 13 10:35:49Trademark Favorite Food.Live-Action TV
22nd Aug 13 04:21:46Narrative Filigree
22nd Aug 13 04:10:20Forgotten Trope
22nd Aug 13 04:09:16Trivia.Fallout New Vegas
22nd Aug 13 01:14:57Punch Punch Punch Uh Oh
21st Aug 13 10:53:38Headscratchers.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
21st Aug 13 07:10:00Meganekko
7th Aug 13 04:59:00Headscratchers.Star Trek
7th Aug 13 04:22:46Headscratchers.Star Trek Deep Space Nine
11th Aug 12 05:01:36Shaped Like Itself
9th May 12 09:50:50Side Quest
9th May 12 09:47:59You ALL Look Familiar
9th Jan 12 02:15:32All Take And No Give
24th Nov 11 08:03:44Fallout 1
24th Nov 11 07:59:36Hey Its That Voice.A To H
24th Nov 11 07:05:51Funny.A Night At The Opera
7th Nov 11 03:03:30Good Feels Good
2nd Nov 11 05:54:48Absurdly High Level Cap
2nd Nov 11 05:13:00Gamer Chick
2nd Nov 11 12:52:08Southies
2nd Nov 11 12:11:45Awesome Mc Coolname
31st Oct 11 08:55:13Not Making This Up Disclaimer
31st Oct 11 01:14:50Fallout New Vegas
31st Oct 11 11:08:27Luck Stat
24th Oct 11 04:47:10Tethercat Principle
24th Oct 11 04:20:33Australian Rules Football
24th Oct 11 03:38:10Twenty Percent More Awesome
24th Oct 11 03:25:24Tropers.Monster Dog
24th Oct 11 03:25:10Tropers.Monster Dog
21st Oct 11 08:12:46Sidetracked By The Gold Saucer
21st Oct 11 06:19:27Only Fatal To Adults
14th Oct 11 09:09:38Video Game Caring Potential
14th Oct 11 08:30:28Video Game Cruelty Punishment
14th Oct 11 06:40:48Oxygen Meter
14th Oct 11 06:36:43Painfully Slow Projectile
14th Oct 11 06:21:45Hollywood Silencer
16th Sep 11 06:28:49Awesome Mc Coolname
16th Sep 11 04:53:03Funny.Fallout New Vegas
15th Sep 11 04:53:25Funny.Horse Feathers