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7th Dec 12 09:22:11Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 09:17:46Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 09:12:55Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 09:01:38Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 08:56:19Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 08:53:25Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 08:51:52Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 08:49:20Characters.Animorphs
7th Dec 12 08:30:51Characters.Animorphs
5th Dec 12 08:52:51Quotes.Taking You With Me
5th Dec 12 08:44:44Characters.Animorphs
5th Dec 12 08:37:15You Gotta Have Blue Hair.Literature
5th Dec 12 08:32:47The Social Darwinist
5th Dec 12 08:32:47The Social Darwinist
4th Dec 12 12:28:20Characters.Animorphs
4th Dec 12 12:25:01Characters.Animorphs
4th Dec 12 11:45:46The Three Facesof Eve
4th Dec 12 11:33:07Couldnt Find A Pen
4th Dec 12 11:07:09Kidnapped By The Call
4th Dec 12 11:04:05King Of The Homeless
30th Nov 12 09:13:32Easy Amnesia
30th Nov 12 09:09:00Create Your Own Villain
30th Nov 12 09:04:59Creepy Awesome
30th Nov 12 08:56:51YMMV.Animorphs
25th Nov 12 01:19:31Reasonable Authority Figure
25th Nov 12 01:15:43Sunglasses At Night
25th Nov 12 01:13:17The Three Faces Of Adam
19th Nov 12 07:25:42Creepy Awesome
18th Nov 12 08:17:34Master Character Heroes
17th Nov 12 08:30:05Not So Omniscient Council Of Bickering
17th Nov 12 07:56:20Not So Omniscient Council Of Bickering
17th Nov 12 07:56:20Not So Omniscient Council Of Bickering
15th Nov 12 05:53:16Smug Snake.Anime And Manga
15th Nov 12 05:42:57The Strategist
15th Nov 12 05:40:48Slouch Of Villainy
14th Nov 12 03:36:07YMMV.Mobile Fighter G Gundam
9th Nov 12 10:26:55Invincible Villain
9th Nov 12 10:17:28Replacement Scrappy
9th Nov 12 10:16:13Replacement Scrappy
9th Nov 12 10:15:39Replacement Scrappy
8th Nov 12 04:14:50YMMV.Mobile Fighter G Gundam
4th Nov 12 01:33:09Magic Plastic Surgery
2nd Nov 12 07:03:58Apologetic Attacker
2nd Nov 12 06:59:38Characters.A Game Of Gods Overlords
2nd Nov 12 06:56:59Characters.Animorphs
2nd Nov 12 06:54:31Unexpected Character
31st Oct 12 05:14:09Silly Rabbit Idealism Is For Kids
31st Oct 12 05:13:49Silly Rabbit Cynicism Is For Losers
31st Oct 12 05:12:58Tear Jerker.Animorphs
31st Oct 12 05:11:55Funny.Proton Jon
31st Oct 12 05:11:31Ninja Pirate Zombie Robot.New Media
31st Oct 12 05:10:07Family Unfriendly Violence
31st Oct 12 05:08:18X Meets Y.Literature
31st Oct 12 05:07:24Cherry Tapping
31st Oct 12 05:06:44Animal Title Index
31st Oct 12 05:06:00Comes Great Responsibility
31st Oct 12 05:05:21Cover Blowing Superpower
31st Oct 12 05:04:03WMG.Buffy The Vampire Slayer
31st Oct 12 05:03:18Puppeteer Parasite
31st Oct 12 05:01:28Cain And Abel
31st Oct 12 05:00:29Video Review Show
31st Oct 12 04:58:25Short Cuts Make Long Delays
31st Oct 12 04:58:06Short Cuts Make Long Delays
31st Oct 12 04:48:58Fragile Speedster
31st Oct 12 04:46:53Lamprey Mouth
30th Oct 12 06:57:29Insane Admiral
30th Oct 12 06:45:47Terminally Dependent Society
30th Oct 12 06:45:02Loads And Loads Of Races
29th Oct 12 09:01:58Intrinsic Vow
29th Oct 12 09:01:15Lopsided Dichotomy
29th Oct 12 09:00:18The Chessmaster
29th Oct 12 08:59:26Premature Empowerment
29th Oct 12 08:58:20Fridge.Merlin
29th Oct 12 08:57:34Legacy Vessel Naming
29th Oct 12 08:56:53Legacy Vessel Naming
29th Oct 12 08:56:30Try To Fit That On A Business Card
29th Oct 12 08:55:23Foot Focus
29th Oct 12 08:53:24Got Volunteered
29th Oct 12 08:51:35Dawn Attack
29th Oct 12 08:50:43Dead Ex Machina
29th Oct 12 08:49:46Trivia.Animorphs
29th Oct 12 08:47:38Shoddy Knockoff Product
29th Oct 12 08:44:11Creators Pet.Literature
29th Oct 12 08:23:37Negative Space Wedgie
29th Oct 12 08:22:09World Of Chaos
29th Oct 12 08:18:59Technically A Smile
29th Oct 12 08:18:01Rotating Protagonist
29th Oct 12 08:16:55Lovable Jock
29th Oct 12 08:16:33Large And In Charge
29th Oct 12 08:15:37Game Breaking Bug
29th Oct 12 08:07:07Pivotal Boss
28th Oct 12 08:55:12Mercy Kill
28th Oct 12 08:53:01Unwinnable Training Simulation
28th Oct 12 08:50:25They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character
28th Oct 12 08:46:05Reptiles Are Abhorrent
28th Oct 12 08:45:20Reduced To Ratburgers
28th Oct 12 08:44:47Non Action Big Bad
28th Oct 12 08:42:33Minor Major Character
28th Oct 12 08:42:06Military Brat
28th Oct 12 08:36:21YMMV.Everworld
28th Oct 12 08:33:25Friendly Playful Dolphin
28th Oct 12 08:29:09Evil Is Bigger
28th Oct 12 08:26:52Challenging The Chief
28th Oct 12 08:23:18Captain Crash
28th Oct 12 08:21:39Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
28th Oct 12 08:18:33The Problem With Licensed Games
28th Oct 12 08:09:39Trivia.Animorphs
28th Oct 12 08:08:42Trivia.Animorphs
28th Oct 12 08:08:10Trivia.Animorphs
28th Oct 12 07:04:08Characters.Animorphs
26th Oct 12 06:00:47Literature.Animorphs
25th Oct 12 04:15:14Characters.Animorphs
25th Oct 12 01:53:45The Baroness
25th Oct 12 01:53:24The Baroness
24th Oct 12 04:16:20Characters.A Song Of Ice And Fire House Stark
20th Oct 12 11:50:31The New Rock And Roll
20th Oct 12 11:49:43The New Rock And Roll
20th Oct 12 11:46:30Characters.Animorphs
20th Oct 12 11:44:03Characters.Animorphs
20th Oct 12 11:34:59YMMV.Animorphs
20th Oct 12 10:45:35Enemy Without
20th Oct 12 10:45:00Dead Guy Junior
20th Oct 12 10:43:50Caligulas Horse
20th Oct 12 10:43:05Bizarre Sexual Dimorphism
20th Oct 12 10:42:48Alternative Calendar
20th Oct 12 10:40:58Not So Extinct
20th Oct 12 10:40:26Non Malicious Monster
20th Oct 12 10:39:48Rodents Of Unusual Size
20th Oct 12 10:39:23Reluctant Ruler
20th Oct 12 10:38:44Young Conqueror
20th Oct 12 10:38:24The Stoic
20th Oct 12 10:37:41Cain And Abel
20th Oct 12 10:37:19Big Friendly Dog
20th Oct 12 10:36:13Alone In A Crowd
20th Oct 12 10:36:12Alone In A Crowd
20th Oct 12 10:35:47All Of The Other Reindeer
20th Oct 12 10:06:25Left Hanging
20th Oct 12 10:03:34Mercy Kill
20th Oct 12 09:57:44Science Hero
20th Oct 12 09:57:23Science Hero
20th Oct 12 09:56:33Guile Hero
20th Oct 12 09:54:26Fish Out Of Water
20th Oct 12 09:52:12Taking You With Me
18th Oct 12 09:57:07Literature.Animorphs
16th Oct 12 02:43:49Cornered Rattlesnake
15th Oct 12 05:11:27Ultimate Evil
15th Oct 12 05:03:59Quotes.Giant Space Flea From Nowhere
15th Oct 12 04:56:24Minion With An F In Evil
15th Oct 12 04:56:07Minion With An F In Evil
15th Oct 12 04:13:42YMMV.A Few Good Men
15th Oct 12 04:09:35Film.A Few Good Men
15th Oct 12 04:09:03Film.A Few Good Men
15th Oct 12 04:05:23Film.A Few Good Men
15th Oct 12 02:02:02Nature Is Not Nice
15th Oct 12 01:59:07Everythings Squishier With Cephalopods
15th Oct 12 01:54:16Literature.Animorphs
15th Oct 12 01:46:35Face Heel Turn
15th Oct 12 01:35:59Cornered Rattlesnake
15th Oct 12 01:34:51Cornered Rattlesnake
15th Oct 12 01:26:57Obfuscating Stupidity.Literature
15th Oct 12 01:25:10Outdoorsy Gal
15th Oct 12 01:23:29Through The Eyes Of Madness
15th Oct 12 01:18:35Honor Before Reason.Literature
15th Oct 12 01:09:29Characters.Animorphs
13th Oct 12 09:55:46Literature.Animorphs
13th Oct 12 09:55:09Literature.Animorphs
13th Oct 12 09:53:04Literature.Animorphs
12th Oct 12 10:53:54YMMV.Supernatural
12th Oct 12 10:01:19Series.Animorphs
7th Oct 12 09:59:13Right Wing Militia Fanatic
7th Oct 12 08:54:20Super Prototype
7th Oct 12 08:49:15Heavy Worlder
7th Oct 12 08:48:39Heavy Worlder
7th Oct 12 08:32:09Renaissance Man
7th Oct 12 08:31:45Renaissance Man
7th Oct 12 08:28:50Synthetic Plague
7th Oct 12 08:28:32Synthetic Plague
7th Oct 12 08:26:31The Professor
7th Oct 12 08:26:31The Professor
7th Oct 12 08:25:24Minored In Asskicking
7th Oct 12 08:23:52The Man Behind The Man
7th Oct 12 08:21:56Chekhovs Gunman
7th Oct 12 08:20:01Chekhovs Gunman
7th Oct 12 08:10:45Improbable Aiming Skills
7th Oct 12 08:05:37Extraordinarily Empowered Girl
3rd Oct 12 08:57:03Cool Pet
3rd Oct 12 08:54:58Characters.Animorphs
3rd Oct 12 08:50:51Conflicting Loyalty
2nd Oct 12 02:30:30Characters.Animorphs
2nd Oct 12 02:07:17Stepford Snarker
2nd Oct 12 02:07:16Stepford Snarker
2nd Oct 12 01:57:21Casanova Wannabe
2nd Oct 12 09:32:01The New Rock And Roll
2nd Oct 12 09:15:19Characters.Animorphs
2nd Oct 12 08:32:46Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
2nd Oct 12 08:32:29Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
2nd Oct 12 08:29:12Alternative Character Interpretation.Literature
2nd Oct 12 08:08:39Worthy Opponent
1st Oct 12 07:39:02What Measure Is A Non Human.Literature
1st Oct 12 07:32:37Characters.Animorphs
1st Oct 12 07:22:27Bizarro Episode
1st Oct 12 07:13:15Spiders Are Scary
1st Oct 12 07:12:58Spiders Are Scary
1st Oct 12 07:12:17Spiders Are Scary
1st Oct 12 07:10:42Polar Bears And Penguins
1st Oct 12 07:10:42Polar Bears And Penguins
1st Oct 12 07:09:39Morally Ambiguous Ducktorate
1st Oct 12 07:09:39Morally Ambiguous Ducktorate
1st Oct 12 07:08:56Morally Ambiguous Ducktorate
1st Oct 12 07:06:40Characters.Animorphs
1st Oct 12 07:04:34Threatening Shark
1st Oct 12 07:01:30Everythings Worse With Bees
1st Oct 12 06:58:31Creepy Cockroach
1st Oct 12 06:57:43The Consigliere
1st Oct 12 06:56:29Brilliant But Lazy
1st Oct 12 06:53:04The Everyman
30th Sep 12 09:56:00Quotes.Surrounded By Idiots
30th Sep 12 09:48:21King Of Beasts
30th Sep 12 09:44:25Mildly Military
30th Sep 12 09:35:39She Fu
30th Sep 12 09:34:33Never Smile At A Crocodile
30th Sep 12 09:33:26Never Smile At A Crocodile
30th Sep 12 09:30:06Hero With An F In Good
30th Sep 12 09:29:28Hero With An F In Good
30th Sep 12 02:29:18But Not Too Black
30th Sep 12 02:24:12Affably Evil.Literature
30th Sep 12 02:24:12Affably Evil.Literature
30th Sep 12 02:15:16Kick The Dog.Literature
30th Sep 12 02:10:29Jumping Off The Slippery Slope
30th Sep 12 02:10:29Jumping Off The Slippery Slope
30th Sep 12 02:05:41Sociopathic Soldier
30th Sep 12 02:05:41Sociopathic Soldier
30th Sep 12 02:02:17Good Girl Gone Bad
28th Sep 12 11:19:15Emotional Bruiser
26th Sep 12 09:07:31Dumb Blonde
26th Sep 12 09:01:54Androcles Lion
26th Sep 12 08:58:59Achilles Heel
25th Sep 12 02:29:46Karma Houdini.Literature
25th Sep 12 08:35:58The Chosen One
25th Sep 12 08:31:52Karma Houdini.Literature
25th Sep 12 08:25:19Genius Bruiser
24th Sep 12 10:52:04Characters.Animorphs
24th Sep 12 10:48:54Characters.Animorphs
24th Sep 12 10:48:11Characters.Animorphs
24th Sep 12 10:31:14Omnicidal Maniac
24th Sep 12 07:09:36Ensemble Dark Horse.Literature
24th Sep 12 07:07:09YMMV.Animorphs
24th Sep 12 07:06:55YMMV.Animorphs
24th Sep 12 03:32:37Quotes.The Stoic
23rd Sep 12 10:07:49Even Evil Has Loved Ones
23rd Sep 12 10:04:12Superpowered Evil Side
22nd Sep 12 07:14:22Cannibalism Superpower
22nd Sep 12 07:11:34Starter Villain
22nd Sep 12 07:04:15Out Of Character Moment
22nd Sep 12 06:55:32Mook Lieutenant
22nd Sep 12 06:49:23Asshole Victim
22nd Sep 12 06:38:35Evil Cannot Comprehend Good
22nd Sep 12 06:33:48Dangerously Genre Savvy
18th Sep 12 06:49:26One Man Army.Literature
18th Sep 12 06:49:11One Man Army.Literature
18th Sep 12 06:47:16Non Action Guy
18th Sep 12 06:43:23Mission Control
18th Sep 12 06:41:40Mr Exposition
18th Sep 12 06:41:19Mr Exposition
18th Sep 12 06:38:39Heavy Worlder
18th Sep 12 06:36:38Guest Star Party Member
14th Sep 12 08:02:31Big Bad Wannabe
14th Sep 12 07:57:49Smug Super
14th Sep 12 07:56:56Smug Super
14th Sep 12 07:55:30Monster Of The Week
14th Sep 12 07:54:04Super Speed
14th Sep 12 07:52:38Super Speed
14th Sep 12 07:49:01Polite Villains Rude Heroes
14th Sep 12 07:45:07Eccentric Millionaire
14th Sep 12 07:42:14No One Could Survive That
14th Sep 12 07:35:57Multi Armed And Dangerous
14th Sep 12 07:34:41Muck Monster
14th Sep 12 07:28:53Stronger Sibling
6th Sep 12 11:52:14Characters.Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
6th Sep 12 11:41:59Anime.Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam
5th Sep 12 11:40:05Life Or Limb Decision
5th Sep 12 11:36:52Giant Squid
5th Sep 12 11:31:10Blond Guys Are Evil
5th Sep 12 11:30:50Blond Guys Are Evil
5th Sep 12 11:28:45Big Badass Bird Of Prey
5th Sep 12 11:26:39Attack Attack Attack
5th Sep 12 11:25:30Action Fashionista
5th Sep 12 04:26:17Horrible Judge Of Character
5th Sep 12 01:44:47Insane Admiral
5th Sep 12 06:22:23Insane Admiral
4th Sep 12 09:27:08Sensitive Guy And Manly Man
4th Sep 12 08:42:09Insane Admiral
4th Sep 12 08:42:09Insane Admiral
4th Sep 12 08:12:35Insane Admiral
4th Sep 12 02:13:19Heroic Dolphin
4th Sep 12 02:09:26Bat Out Of Hell
4th Sep 12 02:04:37Good Is Not Nice
4th Sep 12 02:01:38Fly Crazy
4th Sep 12 01:59:37Fallen Hero
4th Sep 12 01:57:26Dreaming Of Things To Come
4th Sep 12 01:54:29Alternate Self
4th Sep 12 01:54:11Alternate Self
4th Sep 12 09:24:41The Juggernaut
4th Sep 12 09:21:06The Caligula
4th Sep 12 09:11:49Ax Crazy
4th Sep 12 09:11:09Ax Crazy
4th Sep 12 09:05:56You Have Outlived Your Usefulness
4th Sep 12 09:02:13Bad Boss
4th Sep 12 08:57:47Badass Arm Fold
4th Sep 12 08:54:51Zero Percent Approval Rating
4th Sep 12 08:53:13Zero Percent Approval Rating
4th Sep 12 08:46:45Cyborg
4th Sep 12 08:42:16Alpha Bitch
4th Sep 12 08:36:31Villain Episode
4th Sep 12 08:32:26The Quisling
4th Sep 12 08:29:48The Quisling
4th Sep 12 08:29:48The Quisling
4th Sep 12 08:22:29Incorruptible Pure Pureness
4th Sep 12 08:14:56Happily Ever After
4th Sep 12 08:02:04Game Breaker.Other
4th Sep 12 07:57:07Superpower Lottery
4th Sep 12 07:51:18Termite Trouble
4th Sep 12 07:48:05Remembered I Could Fly
4th Sep 12 07:48:03Remembered I Could Fly
4th Sep 12 07:42:20Born Winner
4th Sep 12 07:38:23Big Badass Wolf
4th Sep 12 07:33:31Beat Them At Their Own Game
4th Sep 12 07:32:37All Up To You
4th Sep 12 07:30:23Beat Them At Their Own Game
4th Sep 12 07:29:01Beat Them At Their Own Game
4th Sep 12 07:18:27Badass.Literature
4th Sep 12 07:12:51Comes Great Responsibility
4th Sep 12 06:56:38Nice Job Breaking It Hero.Literature
4th Sep 12 06:50:38Reptiles Are Abhorrent
4th Sep 12 06:44:46Rodents Of Unusual Size
4th Sep 12 06:44:43Rodents Of Unusual Size
4th Sep 12 06:44:18Rodents Of Unusual Size
4th Sep 12 06:44:16Rodents Of Unusual Size
4th Sep 12 06:43:49Rodents Of Unusual Size
4th Sep 12 06:37:23Fragile Speedster
4th Sep 12 06:33:16Got Volunteered
4th Sep 12 06:30:57Cain And Abel
4th Sep 12 06:30:24Cain And Abel
4th Sep 12 06:27:17Cain And Abel
4th Sep 12 06:19:40Big Friendly Dog
4th Sep 12 06:17:34Lovable Jock
4th Sep 12 06:13:35Young And In Charge
4th Sep 12 06:11:55Young Conqueror
4th Sep 12 06:09:19Large And In Charge
4th Sep 12 06:03:54Alone In A Crowd
1st Sep 12 11:51:53Xanatos Speed Chess
1st Sep 12 11:38:38The Watcher
31st Aug 12 08:10:48Literature.Animorphs
31st Aug 12 12:50:51Beware The Silly Ones
31st Aug 12 12:43:15Divide And Conquer
31st Aug 12 12:43:10Divide And Conquer
31st Aug 12 12:27:57Flaw Exploitation
31st Aug 12 12:26:52Flaw Exploitation
31st Aug 12 11:36:21Ambition Is Evil
31st Aug 12 11:19:35Took A Level In Badass.Literature
31st Aug 12 11:06:19Insane Admiral
31st Aug 12 11:01:40Literature.Animorphs
19th Aug 12 03:48:20Crazy Survivalist
18th Aug 12 04:31:27Spot The Imposter
17th Aug 12 08:45:39Torch The Franchise And Run
17th Aug 12 08:23:17From Nobody To Nightmare
17th Aug 12 07:55:58Took A Level In Badass.Literature
17th Aug 12 07:44:24Spot The Imposter
17th Aug 12 07:42:16The Dog Bites Back
17th Aug 12 07:39:35Surrounded By Idiots
17th Aug 12 07:34:33Ungrateful Bastard
17th Aug 12 07:34:29Ungrateful Bastard
17th Aug 12 07:30:12What Happened To The Mouse.Literature
17th Aug 12 07:21:00Verbal Tic
17th Aug 12 07:20:07Verbal Tic
17th Aug 12 07:13:03With Great Power Comes Great Insanity
17th Aug 12 07:07:48Achilles In His Tent
17th Aug 12 07:07:46Achilles In His Tent
16th Aug 12 02:52:36Trivia.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 10:28:42Literature.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 10:11:13Trivia.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 09:44:11Series.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 06:10:23Characters.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 05:34:47Literature.Animorphs
16th Aug 12 05:12:35Extruded Book Product
16th Aug 12 04:59:05Trope Overdosed
15th Aug 12 08:20:00YMMV.Animorphs
15th Aug 12 08:11:01Characters.Animorphs
15th Aug 12 07:58:19Characters.Animorphs
15th Aug 12 06:58:31Literature.Animorphs
14th Aug 12 02:14:39Characters.Animorphs
14th Aug 12 01:46:36The Worf Effect
12th Aug 12 12:48:15Literature.Animorphs
12th Aug 12 12:43:33Literature.Animorphs
11th Aug 12 09:38:24Super Weight.Literature
11th Aug 12 09:38:24Super Weight.Literature
11th Aug 12 09:37:05Super Weight.Literature
11th Aug 12 09:29:42Literature.Animorphs
11th Aug 12 09:16:22Literature.Animorphs
8th Aug 12 07:54:02Literature.Animorphs