Midna's Recent Edits

27th Nov 15 08:33:07Cerebus Syndrome.Live Action TV
25th Nov 15 04:41:14Narm.Fan Fiction
25th Nov 15 03:46:42So Bad Its Good.New Media
25th Nov 15 09:01:09Bad Export For You
24th Nov 15 10:34:49So Bad Its Good.Advertising
23rd Nov 15 10:53:06Nintendo Hard.Adventure Games
23rd Nov 15 04:57:42Redundancy.Web Original
23rd Nov 15 04:51:18Redundancy.Video Games
22nd Nov 15 06:26:22Name Change.Pokemon
22nd Nov 15 04:08:33Ruined FOREVER.Video Games Specific
22nd Nov 15 02:55:40Pandering To The Base
22nd Nov 15 02:16:07Scrappy Mechanic.Pokemon
20th Nov 15 06:55:55Nightmare Fuel.Pokemon Adult Horrors
19th Nov 15 02:56:16Off Model.Web Original
19th Nov 15 04:17:43Manual Misprint
18th Nov 15 09:13:51Offscreen Inertia
18th Nov 15 07:48:39No Pronunciation Guide
17th Nov 15 08:16:26Too Long Didnt Dub
16th Nov 15 10:11:02Game Breaking Bug.Role Playing Game
16th Nov 15 07:54:19Fake American.Live Action TV
15th Nov 15 03:49:27They Copied It So It Sucks
12th Nov 15 10:54:24Lighter And Softer.Anime And Manga
12th Nov 15 10:51:40Lighter And Softer.Comic Books
12th Nov 15 06:06:42Values Dissonance.Video Games
11th Nov 15 09:12:25Dummied Out.Sonic The Hedgehog
11th Nov 15 08:59:33Series Hiatus
11th Nov 15 04:32:31Fake American
11th Nov 15 04:31:43Fake American
10th Nov 15 07:41:53Helpful Mook
9th Nov 15 11:33:23Artistic License Biology
8th Nov 15 01:29:22Manual Misprint
7th Nov 15 03:08:19Covers Always Lie.Video Games
7th Nov 15 03:06:46Covers Always Lie.Video Games
5th Nov 15 07:30:32Artist Disillusionment
4th Nov 15 09:10:19Guide Dang It.Eastern RPG
4th Nov 15 08:20:32Guide Dang It.Eastern RPG
3rd Nov 15 06:13:44Unwinnable By Mistake.Final Fantasy
2nd Nov 15 05:34:13Sad Battle Music
1st Nov 15 08:20:44Horrible.Anime And Manga
1st Nov 15 09:08:09Video Game.Splatoon
1st Nov 15 07:02:58Video Game.Splatoon
30th Oct 15 03:16:36Orphaned Series
30th Oct 15 01:24:24Lets Play.Boatmurdered
29th Oct 15 03:06:51Horrible.Advertising
29th Oct 15 03:43:51Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
28th Oct 15 05:04:14Video Game.Splatoon
28th Oct 15 03:47:50Video Game.Splatoon
27th Oct 15 11:13:56Moe
25th Oct 15 04:59:03Dethroning Moment.Advertising
25th Oct 15 02:54:15Mythology Gag.Anime
25th Oct 15 02:45:04Urban Legend Of Zelda
24th Oct 15 07:31:14Broken Aesop
23rd Oct 15 09:09:03Never Live It Down.Real Life
23rd Oct 15 09:04:16Unfortunate Implications
23rd Oct 15 04:58:40Market Based Title
23rd Oct 15 04:36:19Blind Idiot Translation.Real Life
22nd Oct 15 07:30:43Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
21st Oct 15 12:21:32Shout Out.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
20th Oct 15 07:06:45Once Per Episode
20th Oct 15 03:23:20Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
19th Oct 15 05:56:27Dummied Out.Sonic The Hedgehog
19th Oct 15 04:51:27Bottomless Pits
17th Oct 15 06:36:42Needs More Love.Video Games
16th Oct 15 06:29:04Video Game.Splatoon
15th Oct 15 06:33:42Funny Aneurysm Moment.Live Action TV
15th Oct 15 06:15:31Funny Aneurysm Moment.Film
15th Oct 15 05:35:45Funny Aneurysm Moment.Comic Books
15th Oct 15 12:45:15Shout Out.Nintendo
15th Oct 15 11:35:31Cap
14th Oct 15 08:42:29Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
14th Oct 15 08:22:24Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
14th Oct 15 07:38:58Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
13th Oct 15 04:13:44World Of Snark
13th Oct 15 02:40:22Uncanny Valley.Western Animation
13th Oct 15 02:00:17Screwed By The Lawyers
12th Oct 15 10:22:16What Do You Mean Its Not Political
12th Oct 15 04:21:33Memes.Jo Jos Bizarre Adventure
12th Oct 15 03:45:37Translation Train Wreck
12th Oct 15 12:22:50Cultural Translation.Video Games
11th Oct 15 07:35:25Theremin
11th Oct 15 03:07:18Screwed By The Lawyers
11th Oct 15 02:44:04What Could Have Been.Super Mario Bros
11th Oct 15 02:38:14Shout Out.Nintendo
11th Oct 15 01:52:48Cross Dressing Voices
11th Oct 15 01:30:39Pac Man Fever
10th Oct 15 01:49:14Awesomeness Withdrawal
10th Oct 15 01:14:52Nothing Is The Same Anymore
10th Oct 15 02:16:21Bilingual Bonus
10th Oct 15 02:04:06Bilingual Bonus
9th Oct 15 10:23:39Easter Egg
8th Oct 15 11:28:23Refitted For Sequel
7th Oct 15 10:13:29Medium Blending
6th Oct 15 08:06:53Video Game.Splatoon
6th Oct 15 07:29:03The Missingno
5th Oct 15 04:07:52Punny Name
5th Oct 15 11:37:42Unreliable Illustrator
4th Oct 15 10:21:00Video Game.Splatoon
3rd Oct 15 07:51:19They Copied It So It Sucks
3rd Oct 15 06:51:27Video Game.Splatoon
3rd Oct 15 09:06:16By The Lights Of Their Eyes
2nd Oct 15 03:17:33Theme Tune Cameo.Western Animation
2nd Oct 15 12:51:05Modesty Shorts
2nd Oct 15 12:42:11Magic Skirt
2nd Oct 15 12:35:40American Kirby Is Hardcore
2nd Oct 15 12:34:30American Kirby Is Hardcore
29th Sep 15 01:56:10Space Compression
29th Sep 15 03:05:23Allegedly Free Game
29th Sep 15 02:38:11Characters.Friendship Is Magic Supporting Cast
29th Sep 15 02:08:09Giggling Villain
28th Sep 15 05:09:14Off Model.Video Games
28th Sep 15 04:02:23Adaptation Displacement.Live Action Film
27th Sep 15 05:57:54Steam Punk
27th Sep 15 01:33:46Genre Motif.Jazz
27th Sep 15 12:58:31Narm.Western Animation
27th Sep 15 12:48:09YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 17 Made In Manehattan
27th Sep 15 12:22:47Narm.Western Animation
27th Sep 15 10:11:09Disney Owns This Trope
27th Sep 15 10:03:40Once Per Episode
27th Sep 15 09:28:43Leaning On The Fourth Wall
27th Sep 15 12:10:12Values Dissonance.Western Animation
27th Sep 15 12:07:37Values Dissonance.Western Animation
26th Sep 15 12:23:57Ascended Glitch
26th Sep 15 12:08:59Characters.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
26th Sep 15 12:08:31Characters.Friendship Is Magic Supporting Cast
26th Sep 15 12:07:02Characters.Friendship Is Magic One Shots
26th Sep 15 12:06:48Characters.Friendship Is Magic One Shots
26th Sep 15 09:01:34YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 17 Made In Manehattan
26th Sep 15 08:53:49YMMV.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic S 5 E 17 Made In Manehattan
26th Sep 15 03:23:19Broken Base.Video Games
25th Sep 15 03:44:51Box Office Bomb
25th Sep 15 02:45:44Cracked.Tropes A To H
25th Sep 15 02:20:54Cracked.Tropes A To H
25th Sep 15 06:49:39Quotes.Cerebus Retcon
24th Sep 15 07:07:53Small Reference Pools.Video Games
24th Sep 15 06:46:07Bread Eggs Breaded Eggs
24th Sep 15 04:50:36Dolled Up Installment
22nd Sep 15 02:23:38What Do You Mean Its Not For Little Girls
22nd Sep 15 03:46:57Reprise Medley
21st Sep 15 04:59:21Logo Joke
21st Sep 15 04:03:24Narm.Chick Tracts
21st Sep 15 09:35:56Free Range Children
20th Sep 15 05:51:32Bootstrapped Theme
20th Sep 15 09:31:58Stuck On Band Aid Brand
20th Sep 15 09:20:47Disney Owns This Trope
20th Sep 15 07:42:18Loading Screen
19th Sep 15 02:42:59Your Size May Vary
19th Sep 15 06:34:58Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
19th Sep 15 06:20:48There Are No Bedsheets
19th Sep 15 04:20:25YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys World
19th Sep 15 04:11:51Nightmare Fuel.Five Nights At Freddys 3
19th Sep 15 04:09:37Nightmare Fuel.Five Nights At Freddys 3
19th Sep 15 01:25:10Call A Smeerp A Rabbit
18th Sep 15 04:51:48Platform Fighter
18th Sep 15 03:31:39Funny.Five Nights At Freddys 4
17th Sep 15 03:31:16The Problem With Licensed Games
17th Sep 15 08:33:29Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys 4
17th Sep 15 06:59:10The Board Game
16th Sep 15 01:59:42Not Even Bothering With The Accent
16th Sep 15 11:52:42Broken Base.Super Smash Bros
16th Sep 15 08:33:00What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Live Action TV
16th Sep 15 08:22:58What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Literature
16th Sep 15 08:21:56What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Literature
14th Sep 15 11:59:05Values Dissonance.Western Animation
14th Sep 15 10:35:22Cash Cow Franchise
14th Sep 15 09:03:58Ascended Meme
14th Sep 15 07:09:22Off Model.Video Games
14th Sep 15 04:11:10Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Western Animation
14th Sep 15 03:47:14Speculative Documentary
14th Sep 15 03:33:18Stoner Flick
14th Sep 15 02:08:40Heart Symbol
14th Sep 15 02:03:23Hey Its That Sound
14th Sep 15 01:13:18Role Ending Misdemeanor
14th Sep 15 12:56:00Human Focused Adaptation
14th Sep 15 10:54:32Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Newspaper Comics
14th Sep 15 08:13:09Refitted For Sequel
14th Sep 15 08:00:55Commercial Switcheroo
14th Sep 15 05:58:54Real World Episode
14th Sep 15 03:56:45Saved For The Sequel
13th Sep 15 11:34:06Conspicuous CG
13th Sep 15 11:28:37Doing It For The Art.Video Games
13th Sep 15 10:18:31All CGI Cartoon
13th Sep 15 10:17:49All CGI Cartoon
12th Sep 15 01:37:24Nightmare Fuel.Five Nights At Freddys 4
4th Sep 15 05:43:21Empty Room Psych
3rd Sep 15 08:05:59Epileptic Flashing Lights
31st Aug 15 09:25:01Dethroning Moment.Garfield
31st Aug 15 04:39:04Gratuitous English.Video Games
31st Aug 15 12:21:32Horrible.Live Action Films
30th Aug 15 05:37:47Spice Up The Subtitles
30th Aug 15 05:36:52Spice Up The Subtitles
29th Aug 15 08:19:52Dethroning Moment.DC Comics
29th Aug 15 08:12:08Dethroning Moment.DC Comics
28th Aug 15 08:50:32Dethroning Moment.Film
28th Aug 15 08:50:10Dethroning Moment.Film
28th Aug 15 08:18:51Take That Audience
28th Aug 15 03:47:51Dethroning Moment.Home Stuck
28th Aug 15 03:41:55Dethroning Moment.Shortpacked
28th Aug 15 03:38:13Dethroning Moment.Sin Fest
28th Aug 15 02:16:11Dethroning Moment.VG Cats
28th Aug 15 12:23:00Values Dissonance.Literature
28th Aug 15 12:13:38Values Dissonance.Live Action TV
27th Aug 15 11:10:31Limited Animation
27th Aug 15 09:38:03Dethroning Moment.Webcomics
27th Aug 15 09:25:57Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
27th Aug 15 09:17:38Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
26th Aug 15 09:11:23Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
26th Aug 15 08:05:53Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
26th Aug 15 05:00:57Dethroning Moment.Western Animation
26th Aug 15 04:17:26Dethroning Moment.Advertising
26th Aug 15 03:32:39Dethroning Moment.Anime And Manga
26th Aug 15 01:25:01Dethroning Moment.Fan Fic
26th Aug 15 12:29:11Horrible.Live Action Films
26th Aug 15 09:08:48Dethroning Moment.Live Action TV
26th Aug 15 05:28:34Cut Short
26th Aug 15 05:28:08Cut Short
25th Aug 15 08:49:20Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
24th Aug 15 08:53:05Obligatory Swearing
24th Aug 15 06:19:59Obligatory Swearing
24th Aug 15 04:18:21Redundant Parody
24th Aug 15 02:34:22Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
24th Aug 15 12:31:39Darth Wiki.So Bad Its Horrible
24th Aug 15 12:28:04Horrible.Film
24th Aug 15 12:12:06Obligatory Swearing
23rd Aug 15 04:39:13Biting The Hand Humor.Fox Animated Series
23rd Aug 15 04:11:20Product Placement.Video Games
23rd Aug 15 04:08:25Video Game.Splatoon
23rd Aug 15 01:56:11Gilligan Cut
22nd Aug 15 07:37:22Rated M For Money
21st Aug 15 06:03:27Narm.Digimon
21st Aug 15 05:39:23Narm.Anime
20th Aug 15 11:33:23Scoring Points
18th Aug 15 01:07:24Nightmare Fuel.SCP Foundation
17th Aug 15 04:46:24In Name Only.Live Action Films
16th Aug 15 01:13:43Suspiciously Similar Song.Western Animation
15th Aug 15 09:24:19Dethroning Moment.Web Original
15th Aug 15 09:07:11Dethroning Moment.Team Four Star
15th Aug 15 09:05:55Dethroning Moment.Smosh Games
15th Aug 15 09:05:15Dethroning Moment.Movie Bob
15th Aug 15 08:58:41Dethroning Moment.Movie Bob
15th Aug 15 08:41:32Dethroning Moment.The Irate Gamer
10th Aug 15 05:04:32Product Placement.Video Games
7th Aug 15 11:11:34Horrible.Fan Film
7th Aug 15 08:12:02Never Trust A Trailer
7th Aug 15 07:16:11Foregone Conclusion
7th Aug 15 05:57:38Misaimed Marketing
6th Aug 15 10:52:01Did Not Do The Bloody Research
6th Aug 15 09:08:50Translation Train Wreck
3rd Aug 15 04:09:01Suspiciously Similar Song.Western Animation
3rd Aug 15 04:04:46Suspiciously Similar Song.Commercials
2nd Aug 15 12:01:34Horrible.Voice Acting
30th Jul 15 09:42:26Funny.Five Nights At Freddys 4
29th Jul 15 07:03:03All Abusers Are Male
27th Jul 15 10:59:35Radar.Advertising
27th Jul 15 10:59:04Radar.Advertising
27th Jul 15 08:36:29Accidental Innuendo.Western Animation
27th Jul 15 07:24:22Accidental Innuendo.Video Games
26th Jul 15 05:07:44Artistic License Physics
26th Jul 15 03:47:21YMMV.Five Nights At Freddys 2
26th Jul 15 03:01:45Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys 4
26th Jul 15 02:51:13Videogame.Five Nights At Freddys 4
25th Jul 15 08:57:49Contested Sequel
24th Jul 15 01:57:01Market Based Title
23rd Jul 15 06:19:54You Dont Look Like You
22nd Jul 15 11:33:51Shout Out.Nintendo
20th Jul 15 11:58:47Tyop On The Cover
20th Jul 15 02:29:14Darker And Edgier
20th Jul 15 02:02:07Darker And Edgier.Web Original
20th Jul 15 01:54:08Darker And Edgier.Video Games
20th Jul 15 10:37:44Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Architecture
19th Jul 15 07:48:08American Kirby Is Hardcore
19th Jul 15 11:22:10Artistic License Biology
19th Jul 15 09:18:25Conspicuously Light Patch
19th Jul 15 07:09:56Be The Ball
18th Jul 15 08:07:42Canon Discontinuity
18th Jul 15 08:02:31No Ending
18th Jul 15 08:22:21Death By Newbery Medal
18th Jul 15 08:21:29Death By Newbery Medal
18th Jul 15 04:43:31Special Effect Failure.Live Action Film
16th Jul 15 07:42:39Wake Up Call Boss
16th Jul 15 10:42:41Cultural Translation.Anime And Manga
14th Jul 15 11:30:17Dreamworks Face
13th Jul 15 11:08:35Rated M For Money
12th Jul 15 04:06:32Horrible.Video Games Other
12th Jul 15 02:01:32Nonstandard Game Over
12th Jul 15 12:47:34Family Unfriendly Aesop
12th Jul 15 12:46:37Family Unfriendly Aesop
12th Jul 15 11:50:22Broken Base.Music
12th Jul 15 06:22:06What Measure Is A Non Human.Literature
12th Jul 15 06:09:50Fridge Brilliance.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
12th Jul 15 02:36:28Darth Wiki.So Bad Its Horrible
12th Jul 15 02:33:01Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
11th Jul 15 07:06:29Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
11th Jul 15 06:41:56Nightmare Fuel.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 5
9th Jul 15 02:05:02Friday Night Death Slot
9th Jul 15 01:58:02Bizarro Episode
9th Jul 15 01:38:18Informed Ability.Video Games
8th Jul 15 10:41:19Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
8th Jul 15 10:31:12Recursive Adaptation
8th Jul 15 10:03:57Shallow Parody
8th Jul 15 09:23:53What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Music
8th Jul 15 06:15:50Political Correctness Gone Mad
8th Jul 15 01:46:06Get Back In The Closet
8th Jul 15 01:31:07Smoking Hot Sex
8th Jul 15 01:30:09Smoking Hot Sex
8th Jul 15 12:29:21Real Is Brown
8th Jul 15 12:17:09Real Is Brown
7th Jul 15 10:43:28Dethroning Moment.Cracked
7th Jul 15 09:09:22Nightmare Fuel.Public Service Announcement
7th Jul 15 09:07:05Nightmare Fuel.Public Service Announcement
7th Jul 15 09:04:03Nightmare Fuel.Public Service Announcement
7th Jul 15 08:59:11Nightmare Fuel.Advertising
7th Jul 15 08:57:07Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped
7th Jul 15 07:23:17Shown Their Work.Western Animation
7th Jul 15 07:03:42Shown Their Work.Live Action TV
7th Jul 15 05:59:51Shown Their Work.Comic Books
7th Jul 15 05:58:36Shown Their Work.Comic Books
7th Jul 15 05:19:52Book Ends.Video Games
7th Jul 15 05:04:04Here We Go Again
6th Jul 15 06:58:36Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
6th Jul 15 06:00:00The Scrappy
6th Jul 15 05:35:20The Scrappy.The Legend Of Zelda
6th Jul 15 05:31:37The Scrappy.Video Games
5th Jul 15 09:52:10Scrappy Mechanic.Action
5th Jul 15 08:29:28Scrappy Mechanic.Pokemon
5th Jul 15 07:52:16Video Game.Pokemon Super Mystery Dungeon
5th Jul 15 07:06:42Broken Base.Super Smash Bros
5th Jul 15 06:41:39The Mourning After
5th Jul 15 06:36:46Dream Apocalypse
5th Jul 15 06:34:47Shocking Swerve
5th Jul 15 06:34:19Shocking Swerve
5th Jul 15 06:26:17Shocking Swerve
5th Jul 15 06:25:12Shocking Swerve
5th Jul 15 06:04:11Dethroning Moment.Garfield
5th Jul 15 06:03:48Dethroning Moment.Garfield
5th Jul 15 10:24:07Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Live Action TV
5th Jul 15 12:05:14What Could Have Been.The Legend Of Zelda
4th Jul 15 11:34:11And The Fandom Rejoiced.Pokemon Ruby And Sapphire
4th Jul 15 11:17:32Name Change.Pokemon
4th Jul 15 10:36:29Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
4th Jul 15 09:57:38Informed Ability.Video Games
4th Jul 15 09:30:10Informed Ability.Video Games
4th Jul 15 09:26:52Informed Ability.Video Games
4th Jul 15 05:26:25Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
4th Jul 15 04:50:14Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
4th Jul 15 12:56:31Invincibility Power Up
4th Jul 15 12:48:20There Are No Bedsheets
4th Jul 15 10:22:57Dummied Out.Fighting Games
4th Jul 15 08:43:39Quotes.Allegedly Free Game
4th Jul 15 08:43:15Quotes.Allegedly Free Game
4th Jul 15 02:29:17Allegedly Free Game
3rd Jul 15 01:26:05Mega Twintails
2nd Jul 15 11:36:52Biting The Hand Humor
2nd Jul 15 07:26:07Nightmare Fuel.SCP Foundation
2nd Jul 15 01:29:01YMMV.Mario And Luigi Partners In Time
2nd Jul 15 01:21:35WMG.Mario And Luigi Paper Jam
1st Jul 15 10:59:10Dethroning Moment.Webcomics
1st Jul 15 10:55:11Dethroning Moment.Kingdom Hearts
1st Jul 15 10:53:56Dethroning Moment.LA Noire
1st Jul 15 10:52:28Dethroning Moment.Mass Effect
1st Jul 15 10:49:41Dethroning Moment.Mortal Kombat
1st Jul 15 10:48:36Dethroning Moment.Persona
1st Jul 15 10:46:05Dethroning Moment.Warcraft
1st Jul 15 10:44:45Dethroning Moment.Video Games
1st Jul 15 10:38:36Dethroning Moment.Professional Wrestling
1st Jul 15 10:33:42Dethroning Moment.Music
1st Jul 15 10:32:26Dethroning Moment.Live Action TV
1st Jul 15 08:48:37Dethroning Moment.Fan Fic
1st Jul 15 08:43:44Dethroning Moment.Film
1st Jul 15 08:29:01Dethroning Moment.The Dark Knight Trilogy
1st Jul 15 08:24:10Dethroning Moment.Transformers Film Series
1st Jul 15 08:21:44Dethroning Moment.The Hunger Games
1st Jul 15 08:19:36Dethroning Moment.Harry Potter
1st Jul 15 08:17:22Dethroning Moment.Literature
1st Jul 15 01:24:19Aluminum Christmas Trees
1st Jul 15 12:27:09Creator Breakdown.Live Action TV
30th Jun 15 05:19:16Shout Out.Nintendo
29th Jun 15 02:41:27YMMV.Minecraft
29th Jun 15 02:26:22Easter Egg
29th Jun 15 02:16:03Parallel Porn Titles
29th Jun 15 02:23:39Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Video Games
29th Jun 15 02:19:00Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Theme Parks
29th Jun 15 02:02:28Ethnic Scrappy
28th Jun 15 06:17:42Spice Up The Subtitles
26th Jun 15 04:08:08Patchwork Fic
26th Jun 15 12:51:33Nintendo Hard
26th Jun 15 12:28:37Off Model.Western Animation
25th Jun 15 10:48:44Big Ball Of Violence
25th Jun 15 10:42:08WMG.Mario And Luigi Paper Jam
25th Jun 15 02:27:42They Changed It Now It Sucks
25th Jun 15 02:26:07They Changed It Now It Sucks.Western Animation
25th Jun 15 02:04:40They Changed It Now It Sucks.Real Life
25th Jun 15 01:55:33They Changed It Now It Sucks.Anime And Manga
25th Jun 15 01:40:40They Changed It Now It Sucks.Comic Books
25th Jun 15 01:36:11They Changed It Now It Sucks.Film
25th Jun 15 01:32:40They Changed It Now It Sucks.Literature
25th Jun 15 01:29:59They Changed It Now It Sucks.Live Action TV
24th Jun 15 09:02:56Reformed But Not Tamed
24th Jun 15 06:57:27Non Singing Voice
24th Jun 15 06:17:08Did Not Do The Bloody Research
24th Jun 15 04:04:14Executive Meddling