Midna's Recent Edits

14th Sep 17 04:33:37Merchandise Driven
13th Sep 17 07:04:20Creator Backlash
11th Sep 17 02:33:49Moe.Video Games
10th Sep 17 06:32:55Audience Alienating Premise.Anime And Manga
10th Sep 17 06:30:08Audience Alienating Premise.Anime And Manga
8th Sep 17 09:01:34Porting Disaster
8th Sep 17 08:17:30American Kirby Is Hardcore
8th Sep 17 07:54:16Laconic.Tastes Like Diabetes
6th Sep 17 08:11:27Pandering To The Base
6th Sep 17 08:06:23Pandering To The Base
4th Sep 17 07:38:17Demonic Spiders.Third Person Shooters
4th Sep 17 07:36:04Demonic Spiders.Third Person Shooters
3rd Sep 17 07:11:38Denser And Wackier
3rd Sep 17 05:50:38Memes.Splatoon
2nd Sep 17 07:58:47Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
30th Aug 17 02:11:29Horrible.Anime And Manga
30th Aug 17 09:16:05Game Breaker.Super Mario Bros
29th Aug 17 12:25:01What Could Have Been.Video Games A To F
29th Aug 17 12:14:23What Could Have Been.Video Games A To F
29th Aug 17 06:27:50What Could Have Been.Super Mario Bros
28th Aug 17 10:18:29Sprite Polygon Mix
24th Aug 17 09:36:50Demoted To Extra.Video Games
23rd Aug 17 12:30:19Out Of Focus
19th Aug 17 04:55:35Off Model.Video Games
16th Aug 17 01:33:53Iconic Sequel Character
13th Aug 17 11:50:38Jitter Cam
12th Aug 17 02:27:29Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
11th Aug 17 07:24:27Frothy Mugs Of Water
11th Aug 17 01:11:16Everythings Better With Plushies
10th Aug 17 11:16:24Ugly Cute.Video Games
10th Aug 17 09:58:59Off Model.Video Games
9th Aug 17 09:10:27Out Of Focus
9th Aug 17 08:56:57Quotes.Out Of Focus
7th Aug 17 05:48:37Copy Protection
7th Aug 17 04:33:25Copy Protection.Nintendo
7th Aug 17 03:53:07Copy Protection.Lucas Arts
7th Aug 17 03:43:37Copy Protection.Electronic Arts
7th Aug 17 03:31:50Copy Protection.Sierra
6th Aug 17 06:42:07Selective Localisation
6th Aug 17 11:30:09Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
6th Aug 17 10:00:29Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
6th Aug 17 07:59:35Vague Age
5th Aug 17 02:38:12Horrible.Animated Films
5th Aug 17 12:05:08Horrible.Animated Films
4th Aug 17 11:29:56Horrible.Animated Films
3rd Aug 17 06:19:45Hijacked By Ganon
2nd Aug 17 11:52:41Public Domain Soundtrack
2nd Aug 17 11:00:15Award Bait Song
1st Aug 17 10:15:49Solemn Ending Theme
31st Jul 17 12:42:33Boss Remix
31st Jul 17 12:07:27Sad Battle Music
31st Jul 17 03:06:48Informed Ability.Video Games
31st Jul 17 12:47:05Triumphant Reprise
30th Jul 17 07:38:00Mascot With Attitude
30th Jul 17 06:50:48Quotes.Surprise Difficulty
30th Jul 17 11:07:39My Species Doth Protest Too Much
30th Jul 17 08:35:54Awesome Bosses.Other Games
30th Jul 17 01:52:27Evil Costume Switch
29th Jul 17 11:37:53Sad Battle Music
29th Jul 17 10:27:16Awesome Bosses.Other Games
29th Jul 17 09:26:10Game Breaker.Super Smash Bros
29th Jul 17 02:47:35Orchestral Bombing
20th Jul 17 01:11:16No Export For You.Video Games
18th Jul 17 12:10:02The Anime Of The Game
18th Jul 17 11:55:26The Anime Of The Game
21st Jun 17 09:44:43Country Matters
19th Jun 17 08:57:26Hello Insert Name Here
19th Jun 17 03:18:56Inventory Management Puzzle
17th Jun 17 11:05:00South Of The Border
17th Jun 17 11:02:54South Of The Border
16th Jun 17 10:55:42Dub Induced Plot Hole
16th Jun 17 10:54:37Dub Induced Plot Hole
15th Jun 17 10:42:48Creator.Nintendo
14th Jun 17 02:55:57Boss In Mook Clothing
14th Jun 17 01:15:37Video Game.Mario Plus Rabbids Kingdom Battle
13th Jun 17 01:59:18Video Game.Super Mario Odyssey
13th Jun 17 12:45:28Video Game.Mario And Luigi
13th Jun 17 12:42:33Video Game.Mario And Luigi
13th Jun 17 12:04:49Useful Notes.Japanese Pronouns
13th Jun 17 12:00:19Useful Notes.Japanese Pronouns
13th Jun 17 10:48:35Video Game.Super Mario Odyssey
13th Jun 17 10:13:02Franchise.Metroid
13th Jun 17 10:11:33Screwed By The Lawyers
13th Jun 17 09:56:35Trilogy Creep
13th Jun 17 09:54:33Franchise.Metroid
13th Jun 17 09:44:52Video Game.Super Mario Odyssey
12th Jun 17 02:27:50Screwed By The Lawyers
12th Jun 17 01:39:38Screwed By The Lawyers
9th Jun 17 04:32:52Franchise Killer.Video Games
9th Jun 17 09:38:59Disney Acid Sequence
9th Jun 17 09:33:40Segregated Commercial
9th Jun 17 09:31:36Merchandise Driven
9th Jun 17 09:28:42Merchandise Driven
9th Jun 17 09:13:20Canon Immigrant.Video Games
9th Jun 17 08:13:55Inventory Management Puzzle
9th Jun 17 08:08:47Inventory Management Puzzle
7th Jun 17 09:03:55Mouse Hole
6th Jun 17 05:00:21Product Placement.Video Games
6th Jun 17 04:53:38Capcom Sequel Stagnation
6th Jun 17 04:53:14Capcom Sequel Stagnation
6th Jun 17 08:29:31Updated Rerelease
6th Jun 17 07:58:58One Game For The Price Of Two
5th Jun 17 02:46:49Conspicuous CG
4th Jun 17 03:51:04Broken Base.Super Smash Bros
3rd Jun 17 02:19:56The Four Chords Of Pop
3rd Jun 17 02:18:52Doo Wop Progression
3rd Jun 17 07:55:43Doo Wop Progression
3rd Jun 17 03:30:43Palmtree Panic
2nd Jun 17 07:25:23Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
2nd Jun 17 12:35:11Tear Jerker.Super Smash Bros
1st Jun 17 11:30:14Trivia.Super Smash Bros
1st Jun 17 09:51:14Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
1st Jun 17 06:56:13Gender Blender Name
31st May 17 04:01:20Videogame Dashing
31st May 17 08:45:11Mythology Gag.Archie Comics Sonic The Hedgehog
31st May 17 08:25:44Mythology Gag.Video Games
30th May 17 03:12:20Abridged Arena Array
29th May 17 04:06:08Off Model.Video Games
29th May 17 08:49:34Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
28th May 17 05:13:13Nightmare Fuel.Super Smash Bros
27th May 17 09:11:25Human Focused Adaptation
26th May 17 09:03:55Urban Legend Of Zelda
26th May 17 02:09:38Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Western Animation
25th May 17 11:22:18Urban Legend Of Zelda
25th May 17 10:42:35Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Video Games
25th May 17 07:48:36Shallow Parody
25th May 17 07:42:03All Adult Animation Is South Park
25th May 17 05:10:33Radar.Video Games
25th May 17 03:16:27YMMV.Super Smash Bros
24th May 17 12:39:55Laconic.Getting Crap Past The Radar
24th May 17 12:29:12Radar.Video Games
24th May 17 12:27:10Radar.Video Games
23rd May 17 12:12:45Dethroning Moment.Literature
22nd May 17 06:25:59Creator Thumbprint
20th May 17 04:34:24Quotes.Face Heel Turn
20th May 17 04:33:25Quotes.Face Heel Turn
20th May 17 04:30:54Quotes.Face Heel Turn
18th May 17 04:52:14Quotes.Face Heel Turn
16th May 17 06:19:08Broken Base.Video Games
16th May 17 10:36:39Boss In Mook Clothing.Final Fantasy
15th May 17 09:56:06Interface Spoiler
14th May 17 09:12:42Covers Always Lie.Western Animation
14th May 17 02:54:15Off Model.Western Animation
14th May 17 11:02:25Covers Always Lie.Animated Film
14th May 17 09:32:19Radar.Video Games
13th May 17 02:03:44Special Effect Failure.Video Games
13th May 17 09:32:44Special Effect Failure.Western Animation
13th May 17 02:15:08Special Effect Failure.Live Action Film
12th May 17 11:02:06Extreme Graphical Representation
12th May 17 08:17:46Ambidextrous Sprite
12th May 17 08:16:14Ambidextrous Sprite
12th May 17 10:56:34Horrible.Advertising
12th May 17 07:03:51Audience Shift
10th May 17 04:29:47Special Effect Failure.Doctor Who
10th May 17 01:32:16Values Dissonance.Live Action TV
9th May 17 06:19:30Obligatory Swearing
9th May 17 05:13:56We All Live In America.The Amazing World Of Gumball
9th May 17 03:40:06Same Content Different Rating
9th May 17 12:02:23Mission Pack Sequel
8th May 17 04:41:49Segmented Serpent
8th May 17 09:44:36Horrible.Animated Films
8th May 17 09:25:23All Adult Animation Is South Park
7th May 17 01:12:46Cerebus Syndrome.Video Games
7th May 17 12:25:12Good Bad Bugs.Sports Game
7th May 17 12:15:46Good Bad Bugs.Simulation Game
6th May 17 11:47:48Good Bad Bugs.Roguelike
6th May 17 11:38:12Model Dissonance
6th May 17 06:55:52Video Games.Not The Intended Use
6th May 17 01:25:27Gameplay Derailment.Mass Effect
6th May 17 01:16:21Gameplay Derailment.Pokemon
6th May 17 01:08:23Gameplay Derailment
6th May 17 04:14:41Artifact Title.Video Games
5th May 17 03:43:35Video Game.Mario Kart 8
5th May 17 03:33:10Video Game.Mario Kart 8
4th May 17 02:10:45Running The Asylum
3rd May 17 07:58:27Video Game.Mario Kart 8
2nd May 17 03:47:34Urban Legend Of Zelda
2nd May 17 03:41:49Urban Legend Of Zelda
2nd May 17 09:25:13Franchise Killer.Video Games
2nd May 17 07:53:23YMMV.Mario Kart 8
1st May 17 11:55:05Nothing Is The Same Anymore
1st May 17 09:24:18Quotes.Status Quo Is God
1st May 17 11:33:09We All Live In America.The Amazing World Of Gumball
30th Apr 17 09:46:42Video Game.Mario Kart 8
29th Apr 17 01:43:43Video Game.Mario Kart 8
29th Apr 17 01:41:20Video Game.Mario Kart 8
29th Apr 17 01:37:37Video Game.Mario Kart 8
29th Apr 17 01:19:02YMMV.Mario Kart
29th Apr 17 12:33:14Double Standard Abuse Female On Male.Film
27th Apr 17 07:22:09Video Game.Mario Kart 8
27th Apr 17 07:21:44Video Game.Mario Kart 8
27th Apr 17 07:17:09Video Game.Mario Kart 8
27th Apr 17 07:02:34Fandom Berserk Button.Video Games
27th Apr 17 10:55:43Fandom Berserk Button.Western Animation
25th Apr 17 05:34:26Franchise Original Sin.Video Games
24th Apr 17 01:28:42Bottom Of The Barrel Joke
23rd Apr 17 02:58:22Quotes.Pandering To The Base
20th Apr 17 11:14:28Shallow Parody
20th Apr 17 12:41:38Casual Competitive Conflict
18th Apr 17 01:24:48Totally Radical.Live Action TV
17th Apr 17 09:56:17Blank White Eyes
16th Apr 17 04:39:42Bittersweet Ending.Video Games
14th Apr 17 01:07:23Thriving Ghost Town
14th Apr 17 12:23:43Overworld Not To Scale
11th Apr 17 10:06:22Off Model.Anime And Manga
10th Apr 17 04:55:08Stuck On Band Aid Brand
9th Apr 17 09:46:11YMMV.Super Smash Bros
8th Apr 17 03:36:49Inconsistent Dub
7th Apr 17 10:11:29Unwinnable By Design
2nd Apr 17 12:30:23Quotes.Breakout Character
1st Apr 17 05:46:54April Fools Day
1st Apr 17 01:41:27April Fools Day
31st Mar 17 03:12:55Sequelitis
30th Mar 17 08:54:02Animation Age Ghetto
29th Mar 17 11:43:25Quotes.Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
29th Mar 17 08:22:09Noblewomans Laugh
28th Mar 17 08:41:29Ensemble Darkhorse.Mega Man
28th Mar 17 12:31:34Channel Hop
27th Mar 17 04:45:30Unique Enemy
27th Mar 17 04:44:23Unique Enemy
27th Mar 17 12:26:21Kafka Komedy
27th Mar 17 12:21:24Grossout Show
25th Mar 17 04:44:42Screwed By The Network.Cartoon Network
24th Mar 17 05:13:40Quotes.Squick
23rd Mar 17 10:36:17Uncanny Valley.Toys
23rd Mar 17 08:01:06Disney Acid Sequence
23rd Mar 17 07:58:17Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
23rd Mar 17 03:56:56Ondo
22nd Mar 17 10:31:47Seashell Bra
22nd Mar 17 05:08:43Character Tiers
21st Mar 17 01:49:30Heartwarming.Super Smash Bros
19th Mar 17 06:36:34Cut And Paste Translation
19th Mar 17 06:28:12Bloody Hilarious
19th Mar 17 05:47:08Misaimed Marketing
19th Mar 17 02:12:58Too Long Didnt Dub
19th Mar 17 12:49:26Obligatory Swearing
19th Mar 17 12:47:09Vanilla Edition
19th Mar 17 12:25:00Limited Special Collectors Ultimate Edition
17th Mar 17 06:27:25No Export For You.Video Games
17th Mar 17 06:12:34No Export For You.Video Games
17th Mar 17 06:04:21No Export For You.Film
17th Mar 17 05:16:45No Export For You.Other
17th Mar 17 10:22:54Most Annoying Sound
17th Mar 17 12:42:20Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
15th Mar 17 04:41:17Game Breaking Bug
14th Mar 17 07:45:46Audience Shift
13th Mar 17 06:29:47Avoid The Dreaded G Rating
13th Mar 17 05:27:30The Problem With Licensed Games
13th Mar 17 04:16:01The Problem With Licensed Games
13th Mar 17 03:05:38Fandom Rivalry.Video Games
12th Mar 17 04:29:58Allegedly Free Game
12th Mar 17 12:31:15Multiple Demographic Appeal
12th Mar 17 12:19:11Multiple Demographic Appeal
10th Mar 17 02:38:46Truck Drivers Gear Change
8th Mar 17 11:23:59Scrappy Mechanic.Final Fantasy
8th Mar 17 10:50:30Scrappy Mechanic.Thesims
8th Mar 17 12:00:53Scrappy Mechanic.Action
7th Mar 17 02:37:33Scrappy Mechanic.Platform Game
7th Mar 17 11:27:35Broken Base.Video Games
7th Mar 17 09:41:54Broken Base.Video Games
7th Mar 17 01:08:54Allegedly Free Game
6th Mar 17 09:18:52Anti Grinding
6th Mar 17 09:18:32Anti Grinding
6th Mar 17 09:17:24Anti Grinding
6th Mar 17 09:07:08Diurnal Nocturnal Animal
4th Mar 17 01:58:57Hollywood Homely
3rd Mar 17 07:22:41Cut And Paste Translation
3rd Mar 17 03:23:51Murder Simulators
3rd Mar 17 01:43:44Dummied Out.Sonic The Hedgehog
3rd Mar 17 11:21:20Quotes.They Changed It Now It Sucks
28th Feb 17 08:59:06Laconic.Tareme Eyes
27th Feb 17 04:11:35Beam Me Up Scotty.Literature
27th Feb 17 03:48:24Beam Me Up Scotty
27th Feb 17 07:17:21Unwinnable By Mistake.ZX Spectrum Games
26th Feb 17 08:40:59No Export For You.Video Games
26th Feb 17 08:39:34No Export For You.Video Games
26th Feb 17 06:47:07Trivia.Mario Kart 8
23rd Feb 17 04:50:05All Animation Is Disney
21st Feb 17 08:10:56Casual Competitive Conflict
20th Feb 17 09:06:13Creator Breakdown.Western Animation
20th Feb 17 07:12:23No Export For You.Video Games
20th Feb 17 06:13:32Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
20th Feb 17 06:07:41Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
20th Feb 17 06:06:15We All Live In America
20th Feb 17 06:05:47Creator Provincialism
20th Feb 17 06:04:53Creator Provincialism
19th Feb 17 10:45:40Misaimed Marketing
19th Feb 17 08:29:28Misaimed Marketing
18th Feb 17 02:40:16Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
17th Feb 17 05:57:37Executive Meddling.Live Action TV
17th Feb 17 05:38:35Edited For Syndication
17th Feb 17 11:38:38Executive Meddling.Toys
17th Feb 17 10:16:53Straw Character
17th Feb 17 01:03:21Dethroning Moment.Super Smash Bros
17th Feb 17 01:00:03Dethroning Moment.Super Smash Bros
13th Feb 17 02:44:39Video Game.Mario Kart 8
12th Feb 17 06:47:42All Adult Animation Is South Park
12th Feb 17 06:47:00All Adult Animation Is South Park
12th Feb 17 06:08:57Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
12th Feb 17 05:53:04Disappointing Last Level
12th Feb 17 05:19:11Animation Age Ghetto
10th Feb 17 10:11:22Waiting Puzzle
10th Feb 17 10:05:45Waiting Puzzle
10th Feb 17 08:17:26Lets See YOU Do Better
9th Feb 17 12:48:45Trivia.Undertale
9th Feb 17 12:28:26Narm.Live Action TV
9th Feb 17 12:58:23Narm.Sonic The Hedgehog
6th Feb 17 09:55:17What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Video Games
6th Feb 17 09:52:20What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Video Games
6th Feb 17 09:50:50What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
6th Feb 17 05:58:25Hello Insert Name Here
6th Feb 17 09:29:55Useful Notes.The Great Video Game Crash Of 1983
4th Feb 17 10:56:33Hilarious In Hindsight.Video Games
3rd Feb 17 07:17:54Revenue Enhancing Devices
2nd Feb 17 03:39:17YMMV.Mario Kart
1st Feb 17 04:50:13Quotes.Wangst
31st Jan 17 05:12:11Video Game.Mario Kart 8
30th Jan 17 02:44:15Undertale.Tropes A To G
29th Jan 17 05:30:49No Smoking
29th Jan 17 05:11:16Undertale.Tropes H To P
29th Jan 17 04:38:32Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Video Games
29th Jan 17 03:23:36Creator Backlash.Live Action TV
28th Jan 17 04:40:21Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
28th Jan 17 02:15:02Narm.Sonic The Hedgehog
28th Jan 17 12:45:34YMMV.Mario Kart 8
28th Jan 17 09:11:38Undertale.Tropes H To P
28th Jan 17 06:39:17Sandbox.Tropes Forever
28th Jan 17 05:55:31Sandbox.Tropes Forever
28th Jan 17 04:27:10Sandbox.Tropes Forever
28th Jan 17 04:23:03Sandbox.Tropes Forever
28th Jan 17 04:16:07Sandbox.Tropes Forever
28th Jan 17 04:11:53Sandbox.Tropes Forever
27th Jan 17 10:59:55Undertale.Tropes H To P
26th Jan 17 10:25:04Unintentional Period Piece
26th Jan 17 08:18:23Graphics Induced Super Deformed
23rd Jan 17 11:22:04Bland Name Product
23rd Jan 17 10:44:13Never Trust A Trailer.Film
23rd Jan 17 09:47:45Sequelitis
23rd Jan 17 06:17:30YMMV.Undertale
22nd Jan 17 10:23:20Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
22nd Jan 17 08:31:45American Kirby Is Hardcore
22nd Jan 17 03:28:43Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Film
22nd Jan 17 02:49:00Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Film
21st Jan 17 05:29:58No Dub For You
21st Jan 17 03:46:10Horrible.Advertising
20th Jan 17 06:57:05Weapons Grade Vocabulary
18th Jan 17 04:13:35Tear Jerker.Undertale
17th Jan 17 09:37:50Author Filibuster
16th Jan 17 09:32:57Wolverine Publicity
16th Jan 17 09:28:39Wolverine Publicity
16th Jan 17 12:19:35What Could Have Been.Video Games N To S
14th Jan 17 09:24:52Radar.Calvin And Hobbes
13th Jan 17 05:35:28Blank White Eyes
11th Jan 17 11:42:44Narm.Fan Fiction
11th Jan 17 11:42:35Narm.Fan Fiction
11th Jan 17 11:42:07Narm.Fan Fiction
11th Jan 17 11:41:24Narm.Fan Fiction
11th Jan 17 11:38:00Dethroning Moment.Fan Fic
11th Jan 17 10:59:59Dethroning Moment.Star Trek Films
11th Jan 17 09:45:15Dethroning Moment.Literature
11th Jan 17 09:44:38Dethroning Moment.Literature
11th Jan 17 09:42:27Dethroning Moment.Literature
11th Jan 17 09:36:04Dethroning Moment.Doctor Who
11th Jan 17 09:32:05Dethroning Moment.The Big Bang Theory
11th Jan 17 09:31:24Dethroning Moment.The Big Bang Theory
11th Jan 17 09:30:44Dethroning Moment.Live Action TV
11th Jan 17 07:20:01Dethroning Moment.Web Original
11th Jan 17 07:05:08Dualvertisement
11th Jan 17 04:53:41Quotes.Dethroning Moment Of Suck
9th Jan 17 12:20:16Cut And Paste Translation
8th Jan 17 05:39:48Executive Meddling.Video Games
5th Jan 17 08:51:59Dethroning Moment.Web Original
5th Jan 17 08:50:48Dethroning Moment.Web Original
5th Jan 17 08:15:59Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
5th Jan 17 08:12:57Ethnic Scrappy
4th Jan 17 02:24:08Blind Idiot Translation.Comic Books
3rd Jan 17 08:04:54Totally Radical.Western Animation
3rd Jan 17 05:19:10Powerup Letdown
3rd Jan 17 02:07:37Promotional Powerless Piece Of Garbage
30th Dec 16 01:45:41Product Placement.Live Action TV
29th Dec 16 09:01:58Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
29th Dec 16 06:50:05Game Breaker.Super Smash Bros
29th Dec 16 04:37:58Hilarious In Hindsight.Super Smash Bros
27th Dec 16 06:19:26Disappointing Last Level.Role Playing Game
27th Dec 16 02:02:43Nostalgia Level
27th Dec 16 01:00:55Disappointing Last Level.First Person Shooter
26th Dec 16 10:31:42Useful Notes.Separated By A Common Language
26th Dec 16 09:30:28Disappointing Last Level.Action Game
26th Dec 16 09:00:01The Mockbuster
26th Dec 16 06:57:52Conspicuous CG
26th Dec 16 06:57:51Conspicuous CG
25th Dec 16 11:12:57Misaimed Marketing
25th Dec 16 05:23:33Urban Legend Of Zelda
24th Dec 16 09:36:15YMMV.Super Smash Bros
23rd Dec 16 01:53:47Poorly Disguised Pilot
22nd Dec 16 10:19:36Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
22nd Dec 16 08:34:19Values Dissonance.Music
22nd Dec 16 08:32:29Values Dissonance.Music
22nd Dec 16 06:30:34Audience Shift
22nd Dec 16 05:48:03All Adult Animation Is South Park