Midna's Recent Edits

27th May 16 11:57:50Commuting On A Bus
27th May 16 11:30:11Characters.We Are Our Avatars
27th May 16 02:48:57Four Fingered Hands
27th May 16 02:42:46YMMV.We Are Our Avatars
27th May 16 02:37:57Characters.We Are Our Avatars
26th May 16 11:18:31Funny.Undertale
26th May 16 07:17:33Puni Plush
26th May 16 06:42:07Avoid The Dreaded G Rating
26th May 16 05:38:57Precision F Strike.Video Games
26th May 16 05:38:35Precision F Strike.Video Games
25th May 16 09:20:27Four Fingered Hands
25th May 16 08:15:05Screwed By The Lawyers
24th May 16 12:55:22Spiders Are Scary
23rd May 16 11:28:01The Woobie
23rd May 16 11:27:15The Woobie
23rd May 16 10:36:40Undertale.Tropes A To G
23rd May 16 05:23:56Broken Smile
23rd May 16 05:19:54Recurring Riff
23rd May 16 05:08:02Cute Monster Girl
22nd May 16 09:36:15Perpetual Smiler
22nd May 16 07:40:54Skippable Boss
22nd May 16 07:26:37Skippable Boss
22nd May 16 02:26:28What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Live Action TV
22nd May 16 02:18:43What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Video Games
22nd May 16 12:15:03Ensemble Darkhorse.Video Games
21st May 16 12:09:36Recap.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
21st May 16 12:07:37Characters.Friendship Is Magic Supporting Cast
21st May 16 11:38:52Undertale.Tropes H To P
21st May 16 11:34:50Characters.Friendship Is Magic Supporting Cast
21st May 16 12:26:29Trivia.Undertale
20th May 16 07:50:33Tear Jerker.Undertale
20th May 16 06:04:34Haiku.Undertale
20th May 16 01:26:14Undertale.Tropes A To G
20th May 16 10:16:51What The Hell Player
19th May 16 07:13:43Jitter Cam
18th May 16 03:53:48Cute Monster Girl
17th May 16 11:33:03Creepy Cute
17th May 16 05:29:33Smashing Survival
16th May 16 05:32:41Anti Villain.Western Animation
16th May 16 03:51:28Sudden Anatomy
16th May 16 03:24:14Blood From The Mouth
16th May 16 12:14:04Off Model.Western Animation
16th May 16 11:47:31Off Model.Western Animation
16th May 16 11:35:42Sudden Anatomy
16th May 16 10:08:03Songs In The Key Of Panic
16th May 16 08:36:47Polished Port
16th May 16 07:42:13Dethroning Moment.Cracked
15th May 16 07:48:32Dethroning Moment.Cracked
15th May 16 07:33:32Dethroning Moment.Cracked
15th May 16 07:32:31Dethroning Moment.Cracked
15th May 16 10:22:24Undertale.Tropes H To P
15th May 16 08:27:34Undertale.Tropes H To P
12th May 16 03:10:31Yet Another Baby Panda
11th May 16 12:26:28Parody Names
10th May 16 03:39:39The Smurfette Principle.Video Games
10th May 16 12:17:33Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
10th May 16 11:09:34Franchise Zombie
10th May 16 11:08:22Franchise Zombie
10th May 16 09:55:35Ethnic Scrappy
9th May 16 12:18:11BLAM.Web Original
2nd May 16 02:10:03Sailor Earth
30th Apr 16 08:38:05Unintentional Period Piece
30th Apr 16 07:28:14Vindicated By History.Live Action TV
30th Apr 16 01:36:12Sprite Polygon Mix
30th Apr 16 01:33:11Sprite Polygon Mix
29th Apr 16 03:58:56Shout Out.Nintendo
29th Apr 16 02:47:52Pop Culture Isolation
29th Apr 16 02:47:17Pop Culture Isolation
27th Apr 16 06:00:51Product Placement.Video Games
26th Apr 16 02:43:44All Adult Animation Is South Park
24th Apr 16 11:07:06Self Fanservice
23rd Apr 16 10:02:33Self Fanservice
23rd Apr 16 09:34:26Voice Of The Legion
22nd Apr 16 11:09:40Useful Notes.British English
20th Apr 16 07:24:29Porting Disaster
20th Apr 16 07:23:50Porting Disaster
20th Apr 16 06:39:59Replacement Scrappy.Video Games
20th Apr 16 06:21:57Level 1 Music Represents
20th Apr 16 06:16:08Level 1 Music Represents
20th Apr 16 04:22:07Germans Love David Hasselhoff.Video Games
20th Apr 16 02:54:28Dolled Up Installment
19th Apr 16 11:31:49Old Shame.Video Games
19th Apr 16 10:43:15Nineties Anti Hero
19th Apr 16 10:42:36Nineties Anti Hero
18th Apr 16 09:02:08Manipulative Editing
16th Apr 16 07:55:01Real Money Trade
16th Apr 16 10:38:29Tomboyish Ponytail
15th Apr 16 07:42:47Bunnies For Cuteness
14th Apr 16 05:14:35Death Is A Slap On The Wrist
14th Apr 16 02:40:17Nintendo Hard.Role Playing Games
14th Apr 16 01:46:34Laconic.Darker And Edgier
14th Apr 16 01:45:48April Fools Day
12th Apr 16 01:20:04Sir Swearsalot
12th Apr 16 11:50:26Trivia.Undertale
12th Apr 16 10:32:05Trivia.Undertale
12th Apr 16 09:26:30Door Closes Ending
11th Apr 16 01:10:32Spider People
10th Apr 16 03:43:18Off Model.Video Games
10th Apr 16 02:34:47Off Model.Video Games
8th Apr 16 05:36:02Star Derailing Role
8th Apr 16 05:35:33Star Derailing Role
6th Apr 16 09:46:20Same Language Dub
6th Apr 16 01:14:12What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Literature
6th Apr 16 12:01:58Follow The Leader.Film
6th Apr 16 06:39:22What The Hell Player
6th Apr 16 05:17:49Slasher Smile
5th Apr 16 05:07:27Some Anvils Need To Be Dropped.Video Games
4th Apr 16 08:08:16Undertale.Tropes H To P
4th Apr 16 05:39:12Undertale.Tropes H To P
4th Apr 16 12:43:11Undertale.Tropes H To P
4th Apr 16 12:41:25Undertale.Tropes H To P
4th Apr 16 12:36:15Undertale.Tropes A To G
4th Apr 16 12:04:04Undertale.Tropes A To G
4th Apr 16 12:02:30Undertale.Tropes A To G
4th Apr 16 09:47:22Nightmare Fuel.Undertale
4th Apr 16 09:08:54Funny.Undertale
3rd Apr 16 09:28:07Autobots Rock Out
3rd Apr 16 06:12:06Unintentional Period Piece
2nd Apr 16 05:45:14Narm.Video Games
2nd Apr 16 03:48:36April Fools Day
2nd Apr 16 01:58:40Recycled The Series
2nd Apr 16 01:45:39Recycled The Series
30th Mar 16 02:04:12Five Second Foreshadowing
30th Mar 16 12:47:12Tareme Eyes
29th Mar 16 04:39:52YMMV.Dwarf Fortress
29th Mar 16 03:51:09They Wasted A Perfectly Good Character.Video Games
29th Mar 16 03:25:08Big Sleep
28th Mar 16 05:01:11Platform Hell
28th Mar 16 03:15:02Noblewomans Laugh
27th Mar 16 11:01:26Freeze Frame Bonus.Live Action TV
26th Mar 16 09:20:37Animesque
26th Mar 16 12:54:48Radar.Garfield
26th Mar 16 12:54:15Radar.Garfield
25th Mar 16 04:09:12Freeze Frame Bonus.Western Animation
25th Mar 16 01:08:11American Kirby Is Hardcore
24th Mar 16 11:26:52Pop Culture Isolation
24th Mar 16 11:26:02Pop Culture Isolation
24th Mar 16 05:20:03Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
24th Mar 16 02:26:27Horrible.Live Action Films
24th Mar 16 11:22:10Misplaced Wildlife
23rd Mar 16 05:51:49YMMV.Undertale
23rd Mar 16 03:53:19YMMV.Undertale
23rd Mar 16 03:08:18YMMV.Undertale
23rd Mar 16 01:32:17YMMV.Undertale
22nd Mar 16 02:14:33Tear Jerker.Undertale
18th Mar 16 07:53:49Real Is Brown
17th Mar 16 08:16:04Video Game.Splatoon
17th Mar 16 03:47:27Talking Animal
17th Mar 16 03:38:22Cut And Paste Translation
17th Mar 16 02:19:11Microtransactions
17th Mar 16 02:15:37Medium Shift Gag
16th Mar 16 05:27:54Nightmare Fuel.Undertale
16th Mar 16 05:09:39Trivia.Undertale
16th Mar 16 05:06:06Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
16th Mar 16 06:22:36The Mockbuster
15th Mar 16 07:01:21Official Couple
15th Mar 16 05:47:26Misplaced Wildlife
15th Mar 16 03:01:57Off Model.Video Games
15th Mar 16 08:39:12Long Song Short Scene.Video Games
15th Mar 16 06:39:20Final Exam Boss
15th Mar 16 05:45:37Cerebus Rollercoaster
13th Mar 16 06:29:07Brick Joke
11th Mar 16 07:46:14Video Game.Paper Mario Sticker Star
11th Mar 16 05:30:38Popcultural Osmosis
11th Mar 16 12:00:17Popcultural Osmosis
10th Mar 16 10:49:38WMG.Paper Mario Color Splash
9th Mar 16 06:23:56Creator Provincialism
9th Mar 16 05:28:29Useless Useful Spell.Video Games
9th Mar 16 04:23:00Popcultural Osmosis
8th Mar 16 07:06:15Temporal Paradox
8th Mar 16 06:52:19Uniqueness Decay
8th Mar 16 06:48:27Uniqueness Decay
8th Mar 16 03:37:47Public Domain Soundtrack
8th Mar 16 03:33:18Public Domain Soundtrack
8th Mar 16 05:50:45Bleep Dammit
7th Mar 16 11:07:50Awful British Sex Comedy
7th Mar 16 04:01:36Laconic.Boatmurdered
7th Mar 16 02:19:58Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
4th Mar 16 09:30:44YMMV.Paper Mario Color Splash
4th Mar 16 06:09:46Video Game.Splatoon
4th Mar 16 05:53:02Pop Culture Isolation
4th Mar 16 04:14:54What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Live Action TV
4th Mar 16 03:57:46What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
4th Mar 16 08:52:26YMMV.Paper Mario Color Splash
4th Mar 16 08:35:15Early Installment Weirdness.Video Games
4th Mar 16 06:16:44Narm.Sonic The Hedgehog
3rd Mar 16 09:52:20Useful Notes.The Eighth Generation Of Console Video Games
3rd Mar 16 09:51:55Video Games Of The2010s
3rd Mar 16 09:50:40Video Game.Paper Mario Color Splash
3rd Mar 16 09:10:03YMMV.Paper Mario
3rd Mar 16 07:06:49YMMV.Paper Mario Color Splash
3rd Mar 16 07:01:48Its The Same Now It Sucks
3rd Mar 16 05:00:51Were Still Relevant Dammit
3rd Mar 16 05:00:28Were Still Relevant Dammit
3rd Mar 16 10:47:15Continuity Snarl
3rd Mar 16 07:19:16Series Continuity Error
3rd Mar 16 03:53:01BLAM.Live Action TV
3rd Mar 16 03:50:57Administrivia.Repair Dont Respond
3rd Mar 16 03:49:45BLAM.Live Action TV
3rd Mar 16 03:47:48BLAM.Live Action TV
1st Mar 16 01:35:48Just For Fun.Trope Epitaph
29th Feb 16 03:34:30Character Derailment.Comic Books
28th Feb 16 03:14:13Blush Sticker
28th Feb 16 02:46:35Allegedly Free Game
28th Feb 16 05:37:11No Sidepaths No Exploration No Freedom
28th Feb 16 05:31:29No Sidepaths No Exploration No Freedom
27th Feb 16 09:51:14Fair For Its Day
27th Feb 16 08:34:17Unfortunate Implications
26th Feb 16 05:00:52Mis Blamed.Anime And Manga
25th Feb 16 10:38:01Forced Tutorial
25th Feb 16 09:30:11Bowdlerise.Anime And Manga
24th Feb 16 12:29:36Avoid The Dreaded G Rating
22nd Feb 16 06:00:06Funny Animal
22nd Feb 16 05:59:02Funny Animal
21st Feb 16 08:47:17Screamer Trailer
20th Feb 16 10:27:42Spice Up The Subtitles
18th Feb 16 06:58:32Darth Wiki.Idiot Programming
17th Feb 16 02:20:09Cut And Paste Translation
17th Feb 16 06:07:29They Changed It Now It Sucks.Websites And Software Designs
16th Feb 16 07:24:52Disney Death
16th Feb 16 04:23:58Conspicuously Light Patch
16th Feb 16 12:33:32Dan Browned.Dan Brown
16th Feb 16 09:55:54Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
15th Feb 16 06:06:48Video Game.Splatoon
15th Feb 16 05:19:46Video Game.Splatoon
14th Feb 16 05:13:55Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
14th Feb 16 04:41:18Spell.Video Games
14th Feb 16 01:06:39Avoid The Dreaded G Rating
13th Feb 16 01:27:08BLAM.Video Games
13th Feb 16 01:19:44Cartoony Eyes
13th Feb 16 01:10:37Black Bead Eyes
13th Feb 16 06:46:30Platform Hell
12th Feb 16 04:24:29Video Game.Splatoon
12th Feb 16 02:45:12Video Game.Splatoon
11th Feb 16 04:18:20Old Shame.Video Games
11th Feb 16 01:54:12Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
11th Feb 16 01:52:14Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
11th Feb 16 12:08:35Intentionally Awkward Title
10th Feb 16 05:30:48Horrible.Live Action Films
8th Feb 16 05:26:08Video Game.Dwarf Fortress
8th Feb 16 05:17:11Demoted To Satellite Love Interest
5th Feb 16 10:38:33Bland Name Product
5th Feb 16 10:37:07Bland Name Product
4th Feb 16 05:30:02Narm.Chick Tracts
4th Feb 16 05:28:52Narm.Chick Tracts
4th Feb 16 09:55:39Conspicuously Light Patch
4th Feb 16 07:48:40Lost Forever.Platform Game
3rd Feb 16 11:31:27Ooh Me Accents Slipping
3rd Feb 16 05:00:21Off Model.Live Action Films
2nd Feb 16 03:34:05Bowdlerise.Video Games
2nd Feb 16 03:14:07Chuck Cunningham Syndrome.Western Animation
1st Feb 16 08:50:39All Adult Animation Is South Park
1st Feb 16 10:25:49Shallow Parody
1st Feb 16 10:14:41Shallow Parody
1st Feb 16 05:07:06Seasonal Rot.Western Animation
31st Jan 16 07:57:16Cicadian Rhythm
31st Jan 16 07:53:42Cicadian Rhythm
31st Jan 16 07:16:12Sequelitis
30th Jan 16 01:39:46Same Content Different Rating
29th Jan 16 02:57:35American Kirby Is Hardcore
25th Jan 16 07:18:40Sequel Difficulty Spike
25th Jan 16 07:11:49Recurring Riff
24th Jan 16 05:36:39Actually Four Mooks
24th Jan 16 05:34:15Actually Four Mooks
24th Jan 16 05:29:52What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids
24th Jan 16 04:01:58Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
23rd Jan 16 09:31:20Death By Newbery Medal
23rd Jan 16 09:30:06Death By Newbery Medal
23rd Jan 16 09:26:49Grand Finale
23rd Jan 16 05:02:55Medium Blending
23rd Jan 16 12:43:34Vaporware
23rd Jan 16 12:24:13Hopeless Boss Fight.Role Playing Games
23rd Jan 16 12:23:39Hopeless Boss Fight.Role Playing Games
23rd Jan 16 12:23:13Hopeless Boss Fight.Role Playing Games
22nd Jan 16 11:21:25Wanton Cruelty To The Common Comma
22nd Jan 16 11:15:23Dub Induced Plot Hole
22nd Jan 16 08:03:25No Export For You.Video Games
22nd Jan 16 02:35:19The Smurfette Principle.Video Games
22nd Jan 16 11:34:02Suspiciously Similar Song.Live Action TV
21st Jan 16 08:02:11The Smurfette Principle.Video Games
21st Jan 16 07:07:20Video Game.Paper Mario Sticker Star
20th Jan 16 10:24:26Franchise Original Sin.Video Games
20th Jan 16 08:24:41American Kirby Is Hardcore
20th Jan 16 07:33:09Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
17th Jan 16 05:17:36Same Content Different Rating
16th Jan 16 09:13:40Uncommon Time
16th Jan 16 11:20:50Regional Bonus
15th Jan 16 11:23:13What Could Have Been.Video Games
15th Jan 16 09:39:15What Could Have Been.Video Games
15th Jan 16 09:37:26What Could Have Been.Video Games
15th Jan 16 09:34:51What Could Have Been.Video Games
15th Jan 16 08:40:58Uncommon Time
15th Jan 16 08:39:45Uncommon Time
12th Jan 16 01:22:53Memes.Sonic The Hedgehog
12th Jan 16 01:03:53Memes.Splatoon
11th Jan 16 10:34:13Film.Mac And Me
10th Jan 16 09:52:04Artistic License Biology
10th Jan 16 09:51:03Artistic License Biology
10th Jan 16 02:07:02Radar.Music
10th Jan 16 02:02:09I Am Not Shazam.Newspaper Comics
10th Jan 16 12:27:58Video Game.Mario Kart 8
10th Jan 16 12:27:26Video Game.Mario Kart 8
10th Jan 16 09:59:02YMMV.Mario Kart 8
10th Jan 16 08:37:28Christmas Rushed
9th Jan 16 04:43:20What Could Have Been.Video Games
9th Jan 16 03:37:04Bowdlerise.Western Animation
9th Jan 16 11:19:21Video Game.Splatoon
9th Jan 16 08:40:46Title Theme Drop
8th Jan 16 12:36:06Acceptable Political Targets
8th Jan 16 07:13:20Reality Subtext
8th Jan 16 07:08:56Death Is Cheap
8th Jan 16 07:02:21Death Is Cheap
7th Jan 16 02:48:42YMMV.Splatoon
6th Jan 16 03:37:56Special Effect Failure.The Irate Gamer
6th Jan 16 06:01:43Video Game.Splatoon
5th Jan 16 04:49:41Executive Meddling.Toys
5th Jan 16 11:32:18Webcomic.Xkcd
4th Jan 16 03:28:27Accentuate The Negative
3rd Jan 16 02:30:07Stylistic Suck.Literature
3rd Jan 16 05:30:11Early Installment Weirdness.Pokemon
1st Jan 16 01:19:15What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Film
1st Jan 16 08:56:30Dethroning Moment.Webcomics
1st Jan 16 08:54:27Dethroning Moment.Web Original
1st Jan 16 08:38:46Dethroning Moment.The Angry Video Game Nerd
1st Jan 16 08:37:49DETHRONINGMOMENT.Bennettthe Sage
1st Jan 16 08:36:48Dethroning Moment.The Blockbuster Buster
1st Jan 16 08:29:35Dethroning Moment.That Guy With The Glasses
1st Jan 16 08:08:45Same Content Different Rating
31st Dec 15 06:26:21Dethroning Moment.Cracked
30th Dec 15 04:29:56Point And Laugh Show
30th Dec 15 04:29:33Point And Laugh Show
30th Dec 15 09:56:42Gratuitous Japanese
30th Dec 15 09:12:18Marth Debuted In Smash Bros
29th Dec 15 11:54:16Tier Induced Scrappy.Low Tiers
29th Dec 15 05:20:32Sweet Dreams Fuel.Western Animation
29th Dec 15 02:31:49Evil Overlooker
28th Dec 15 08:37:14Who Forgot The Lights
28th Dec 15 07:39:36Direct To Video
28th Dec 15 07:37:24First Installment Wins
27th Dec 15 12:53:04Animation Lead Time
27th Dec 15 12:50:56Were Still Relevant Dammit
25th Dec 15 05:27:23Horrible.Voice Acting
24th Dec 15 11:54:30They Changed It Now It Sucks.Websites And Software Designs
24th Dec 15 09:16:34Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
24th Dec 15 07:07:14Lighter And Softer.Video Games
24th Dec 15 07:05:25Lighter And Softer.Video Games
24th Dec 15 06:55:45They Changed It Now It Sucks.Comic Books
24th Dec 15 06:41:51Off Model.Toys
23rd Dec 15 03:36:06Dethroning Moment.Family Guy
23rd Dec 15 03:36:17Unfortunate Implications
21st Dec 15 05:06:44Narm.Final Fantasy
20th Dec 15 04:26:20Suicidal Overconfidence
19th Dec 15 06:44:12Comic Book.Chick Tracts
19th Dec 15 03:22:13The Rule Of First Adopters
19th Dec 15 03:05:23Trivia.XKCD
18th Dec 15 04:51:27Narm.Film Number To H
18th Dec 15 04:30:33What Do You Mean Its Not Didactic
18th Dec 15 12:31:02Broken Aesop.Live Action Films
16th Dec 15 10:42:16Minecraft.Tropes M To R
16th Dec 15 07:54:46Background Music Override
16th Dec 15 12:53:19Broken Aesop.Video Games
16th Dec 15 12:40:15Writer Revolt
12th Dec 15 12:39:39Narm.The Legend Of Zelda
10th Dec 15 08:06:44Animation Bump
10th Dec 15 08:01:29Conspicuous CG
10th Dec 15 07:59:18Conspicuous CG
9th Dec 15 10:30:02Dethroning Moment.South Park
9th Dec 15 04:57:21Narm.Final Fantasy
7th Dec 15 11:54:53Horrible.Live Action Films
7th Dec 15 08:50:30Horrible.Live Action Films
7th Dec 15 08:49:54Horrible.Live Action Films
6th Dec 15 07:53:12Horrible.Live Action Films
6th Dec 15 02:02:16Take That.Real Life
6th Dec 15 06:43:05Spice Up The Subtitles
5th Dec 15 04:02:49Dork Age.Video Games
4th Dec 15 03:28:10Radar.The Simpsons
1st Dec 15 07:19:03Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
1st Dec 15 11:01:22Star Trek Movie Curse
30th Nov 15 03:33:58No Pronunciation Guide
29th Nov 15 07:16:27Battle Theme Music
29th Nov 15 02:50:52Non Singing Voice
29th Nov 15 02:22:52Video Game.Pokemon Red And Blue
29th Nov 15 01:49:54Nonstandard Game Over
29th Nov 15 07:31:24YMMV.Splatoon
29th Nov 15 07:21:42Video Game.Splatoon
28th Nov 15 11:24:49Video Game Remake
28th Nov 15 08:07:50Tonight Someone Dies.Live Action TV
28th Nov 15 01:45:14Contested Sequel
27th Nov 15 08:33:07Cerebus Syndrome.Live Action TV
25th Nov 15 04:41:14Narm.Fan Fiction
25th Nov 15 03:46:42So Bad Its Good.New Media
25th Nov 15 09:01:09Bad Export For You
24th Nov 15 10:34:49So Bad Its Good.Advertising
23rd Nov 15 10:53:06Nintendo Hard.Adventure Games
23rd Nov 15 04:57:42Redundancy.Web Original
23rd Nov 15 04:51:18Redundancy.Video Games
22nd Nov 15 06:26:22Name Change.Pokemon
22nd Nov 15 04:08:33Ruined FOREVER.Video Games Specific
22nd Nov 15 02:55:40Pandering To The Base
22nd Nov 15 02:16:07Scrappy Mechanic.Pokemon