Midna's Recent Edits

22nd Apr 18 10:34:35Glurge
22nd Apr 18 10:41:16Its The Same Now It Sucks
22nd Apr 18 08:57:08Deader Than Disco
22nd Apr 18 08:16:16YMMV.Splatoon 2
21st Apr 18 07:10:27Orchestra Hit Techno Battle
21st Apr 18 06:21:02We All Live In America
20th Apr 18 08:50:50Ironic Echo Cut
19th Apr 18 02:00:27Horrible.Live Action Films
19th Apr 18 12:14:17Franchise Original Sin.Dragon Ball
18th Apr 18 08:16:34Kabuki Sounds
18th Apr 18 08:16:26Kabuki Sounds
17th Apr 18 10:42:49Rated M For Money
17th Apr 18 10:31:05Genre Killer
17th Apr 18 08:22:45Memes.The Legend Of Zelda
16th Apr 18 06:58:57Scapegoat Creator
16th Apr 18 01:49:46Role Ending Misdemeanor
16th Apr 18 01:33:31Product Placement.Video Games
16th Apr 18 12:18:47Sequelitis
14th Apr 18 03:46:07Rearrange The Song
14th Apr 18 01:54:33Out Of Focus
14th Apr 18 01:00:08Pandering To The Base
14th Apr 18 12:41:33Sequelitis
13th Apr 18 09:44:51My Rules Are Not Your Rules
13th Apr 18 06:37:09Inconsistent Dub
13th Apr 18 05:53:35Woobie.Video Games
13th Apr 18 06:39:31Did Not Do The Bloody Research
13th Apr 18 06:28:52Inconsistent Dub
13th Apr 18 06:12:16Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
12th Apr 18 04:55:34Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
12th Apr 18 09:00:12Dethroning Moment.My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic
12th Apr 18 04:44:40Critical Dissonance
9th Apr 18 09:20:08Unintentional Period Piece
8th Apr 18 01:06:56Loot Boxes
8th Apr 18 12:14:39Fake Longevity
8th Apr 18 11:03:04Critical Dissonance.Video Games
8th Apr 18 11:02:33Critical Dissonance.Video Games
8th Apr 18 10:52:56Sequelitis
7th Apr 18 12:04:28And The Fandom Rejoiced.Video Games
6th Apr 18 09:57:49YMMV.Splatoon 2
6th Apr 18 09:54:41Common Knowledge.Literature
6th Apr 18 08:20:29Common Knowledge.Video Games
6th Apr 18 11:05:54Common Knowledge.Video Games
6th Apr 18 10:10:31Color Coded Multiplayer
5th Apr 18 12:11:54Franchise.Spyro The Dragon
5th Apr 18 12:35:02Early Installment Weirdness.Pokemon
4th Apr 18 04:10:08YMMV.Splatoon 2
3rd Apr 18 06:32:23Ms Fanservice.Video Games
3rd Apr 18 06:25:06Ms Fanservice.Video Games
2nd Apr 18 03:55:12Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
1st Apr 18 08:22:22Cultural Cross Reference.Anime And Manga
1st Apr 18 08:22:06Cultural Cross Reference.Anime And Manga
1st Apr 18 04:34:19Sequelitis
31st Mar 18 09:12:02April Fools Day.Web Original
31st Mar 18 09:06:18Shoot The Shaggy Dog.Literature
31st Mar 18 08:37:33Girly Run
31st Mar 18 02:27:44All Adult Animation Is South Park
31st Mar 18 04:27:51That One Level.Simulation Game
30th Mar 18 07:12:34Its Short So It Sucks
30th Mar 18 03:56:48Auto Scrolling Level
28th Mar 18 11:05:09Pop Culture Isolation
27th Mar 18 03:10:08Lava Is Boiling Kool Aid
27th Mar 18 11:50:37Vile Villain Saccharine Show
27th Mar 18 11:40:58Vile Villain Saccharine Show
27th Mar 18 03:04:49Decade Dissonance
27th Mar 18 03:04:20Decade Dissonance
25th Mar 18 01:47:53Trivia.Splatoon 2
24th Mar 18 09:34:31Tear Jerker.Splatoon 2
24th Mar 18 09:33:27Tearjerker.Splatoon
24th Mar 18 11:44:30Credits Gag.Western Animation
24th Mar 18 10:43:17Broken Base.Video Games
23rd Mar 18 05:40:26Outside The Box Tactic
22nd Mar 18 05:25:05Video Game.Splatoon 2
22nd Mar 18 05:08:38Memes.Pokemon
22nd Mar 18 10:45:08YMMV.Splatoon 2
21st Mar 18 06:10:29YMMV.Splatoon 2
21st Mar 18 07:54:56Sad Battle Music
20th Mar 18 08:24:53Truck Drivers Gear Change
19th Mar 18 11:50:01WMG.Splatoon 2
19th Mar 18 10:43:24WMG.Splatoon 2
18th Mar 18 11:45:59Cultural Translation.Video Games
18th Mar 18 08:22:43YMMV.Super Smash Bros
18th Mar 18 06:22:52Canon Discontinuity
18th Mar 18 04:49:22Video Game.Splatoon 2
18th Mar 18 12:42:35Elite Mooks
18th Mar 18 10:41:57Credits Gag
18th Mar 18 12:26:36Tear Jerker.Undertale
17th Mar 18 11:40:13Lull Destruction
17th Mar 18 09:07:10Awesome.Splatoon
17th Mar 18 08:54:41YMMV.Splatoon 2
16th Mar 18 01:21:19Headscratchers.Splatoon 2
16th Mar 18 12:39:09Tsundere.Video Games
16th Mar 18 11:26:11Memes.Undertale
16th Mar 18 11:24:59R Rated Opening
16th Mar 18 11:08:09YMMV.Splatoon 2
15th Mar 18 06:44:07YMMV.Super Smash Bros
15th Mar 18 01:26:10Trivia.Splatoon 2
14th Mar 18 09:02:46Video Game.Splatoon 2
14th Mar 18 08:00:00Nightmare Fuel.Super Smash Bros
12th Mar 18 03:24:32And The Fandom Rejoiced.Video Games
12th Mar 18 08:13:06Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
11th Mar 18 05:56:37Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
11th Mar 18 03:10:15Narm.Anime
11th Mar 18 02:49:22Franchise Zombie
11th Mar 18 09:56:12Funny.Undertale
11th Mar 18 09:13:40Video Game.Splatoon 2
10th Mar 18 03:09:37Narm.Video Games
10th Mar 18 10:36:46Pandering To The Base
10th Mar 18 09:56:18Room Full Of Crazy
9th Mar 18 01:54:59Dethroning Moment.Video Games
9th Mar 18 01:51:13Memes.Undertale
9th Mar 18 09:23:18Nightmare Fuel.Super Smash Bros
9th Mar 18 08:49:21Heel Face Turn.Video Games
8th Mar 18 07:04:45Trivia.Undertale
8th Mar 18 06:32:53YMMV.Splatoon 2
8th Mar 18 06:25:28The Bus Came Back
8th Mar 18 06:20:53Unexpected Character.Video Games
8th Mar 18 06:20:37Unexpected Character.Video Games
8th Mar 18 02:42:30Video Game.Splatoon 2
8th Mar 18 10:05:29Anti Rage Quitting
7th Mar 18 06:56:21Throw It In.Live Action TV
7th Mar 18 06:28:40Ascended Glitch
6th Mar 18 04:26:10Most Annoying Sound
6th Mar 18 02:14:26Franchise Original Sin.Video Games
5th Mar 18 03:45:53That One Level.Sonic The Hedgehog
5th Mar 18 07:16:07Broken Aesop.Animated Films
4th Mar 18 04:51:48Undertale.Tropes Q To Z
4th Mar 18 05:07:15Trope Overdosed
3rd Mar 18 04:38:00Goddamned Bats.Platform Game
2nd Mar 18 09:41:21Badass Decay
2nd Mar 18 04:42:17YMMV.Splatoon 2
2nd Mar 18 04:39:47YMMV.Splatoon 2
1st Mar 18 01:29:34Undertale.Tropes A To G
28th Feb 18 09:57:56Out Of Focus
27th Feb 18 03:27:55Quotes.Hype Backlash
27th Feb 18 03:14:17YMMV.Doki Doki Literature Club
27th Feb 18 11:41:56Memetic Loser
26th Feb 18 01:07:45Nostalgic Musicbox
25th Feb 18 06:15:16B Team Sequel
25th Feb 18 06:14:50B Team Sequel
25th Feb 18 05:55:23YMMV.Undertale
25th Feb 18 01:10:37In Name Only
25th Feb 18 01:10:20In Name Only
25th Feb 18 02:59:17B Team Sequel
25th Feb 18 02:47:03B Team Sequel
25th Feb 18 02:09:36Contested Sequel
24th Feb 18 06:06:33Demonic Spiders.Castlevania
24th Feb 18 05:51:40Demonic Spiders.Action Adventure Games
23rd Feb 18 07:48:35Metal Slime
23rd Feb 18 07:48:20Metal Slime
21st Feb 18 12:07:38Adaptation Species Change
20th Feb 18 06:22:44Headscratchers.CAKE
20th Feb 18 06:20:39No Export For You.Anime And Manga
19th Feb 18 06:07:25Scrappy Mechanic.Tabletop Games
18th Feb 18 04:38:46YMMV.Splatoon 2
18th Feb 18 05:20:01Video Game.Splatoon 2
17th Feb 18 01:22:31YMMV.Undertale
16th Feb 18 11:40:09YMMV.Undertale
16th Feb 18 11:24:30YMMV.Undertale
13th Feb 18 02:43:47The Bus Came Back
12th Feb 18 12:35:06Franchise Original Sin.Anime
11th Feb 18 10:36:11Out Of Focus
10th Feb 18 04:35:15Franchise Original Sin.Mario Kart
10th Feb 18 02:57:37Misaimed Marketing
8th Feb 18 07:57:10Battle Theme Music
8th Feb 18 07:45:54Orchestral Bombing
8th Feb 18 01:54:09Disappointing Last Level.Action Game
8th Feb 18 02:12:44Last Second Word Swap
8th Feb 18 02:10:21Bowdlerise.Anime And Manga
7th Feb 18 07:20:38Boobs And Butt Pose
5th Feb 18 09:26:20Tough Act To Follow
3rd Feb 18 01:31:42Developers Foresight.Undertale
2nd Feb 18 04:06:12What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Video Games
2nd Feb 18 08:40:31Contested Sequel
2nd Feb 18 08:32:32Contested Sequel
2nd Feb 18 08:31:33Contested Sequel
1st Feb 18 12:15:38Laconic.Base Breaking Character
1st Feb 18 12:07:10YMMV.Undertale
31st Jan 18 11:11:18Shout Out.Undertale
31st Jan 18 10:55:30Trivia.Undertale
31st Jan 18 02:26:39Book Ends.Video Games
31st Jan 18 02:14:11Obligatory Swearing
31st Jan 18 02:37:37Series Mascot
30th Jan 18 11:52:15Not Even Bothering With The Accent
30th Jan 18 01:02:23Guide Dang It.Eastern RPG
30th Jan 18 12:30:17What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Animeand Manga
29th Jan 18 01:13:23No Export For You.Light Novels
29th Jan 18 12:25:42No Export For You.Anime And Manga
29th Jan 18 12:24:49No Export For You.Anime And Manga
28th Jan 18 02:11:42Radar.Super Mario Bros
28th Jan 18 02:10:44Radar.Super Mario Bros
27th Jan 18 03:29:54Bowdlerise.Anime And Manga
27th Jan 18 01:03:40Mythology Gag.Video Games
26th Jan 18 01:46:53Dark Reprise
26th Jan 18 01:21:36Recurring Riff
24th Jan 18 02:48:44Same Content Different Rating
22nd Jan 18 05:51:02Narm.The Emoji Movie
22nd Jan 18 05:50:49Narm.The Emoji Movie
22nd Jan 18 01:23:57Audience Alienating Premise
22nd Jan 18 01:22:57Audience Alienating Premise
19th Jan 18 04:50:36Audience Shift
19th Jan 18 04:22:10What Do You Mean Its For Kids
17th Jan 18 12:55:42Dreamworks Face
16th Jan 18 02:06:03Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Live Action TV
16th Jan 18 01:27:44Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Video Games
16th Jan 18 01:07:16Darkness Induced Audience Apathy
15th Jan 18 02:02:29New Work Recycled Graphics
15th Jan 18 10:07:55Video Game.Splatoon 2
15th Jan 18 10:03:12Battle Theme Music
12th Jan 18 02:55:12Video Game.Splatoon 2
12th Jan 18 02:37:03The Bus Came Back
12th Jan 18 11:30:09Memes.Nintendo
11th Jan 18 09:59:00American Kirby Is Hardcore
10th Jan 18 12:31:42New Work Recycled Graphics
7th Jan 18 06:59:42Urban Legend Of Zelda.Final Fantasy
7th Jan 18 03:54:25YMMV.Splatoon 2
6th Jan 18 09:16:36Video Game.Splatoon 2
6th Jan 18 08:33:07Video Game.Splatoon 2
3rd Jan 18 12:33:00Video Game.Splatoon 2
3rd Jan 18 03:57:33Junk Rare
1st Jan 18 07:16:44Player Death Is Dramatic
31st Dec 17 12:02:50Public Domain Soundtrack
31st Dec 17 09:48:31One Steve Limit.Video Games
31st Dec 17 09:32:06One Steve Limit.Video Games
30th Dec 17 01:14:24Powerup Letdown
29th Dec 17 12:51:48Video Game.Splatoon 2
29th Dec 17 07:22:50Video Game.Splatoon 2
29th Dec 17 06:48:33Useful Notes.Japanese Pronouns
29th Dec 17 06:42:38Video Game.Splatoon 2
29th Dec 17 06:41:43YMMV.Splatoon 2
28th Dec 17 12:10:22Memes.Western Animation
28th Dec 17 05:58:52Poison Mushroom
27th Dec 17 03:03:33Cross Popping Veins
25th Dec 17 08:53:11Tear Jerker.Super Smash Bros
24th Dec 17 10:36:25Translation With An Agenda
24th Dec 17 08:46:29Ensemble Darkhorse.Kirby
24th Dec 17 08:34:36Old Shame.Video Games
24th Dec 17 07:52:31Audience Alienating Premise
24th Dec 17 07:51:10Audience Alienating Premise
24th Dec 17 07:01:56Super Smash Bros.Tropes A To D
24th Dec 17 07:01:36Super Smash Bros.Tropes A To D
24th Dec 17 07:01:20Super Smash Bros.Tropes A To D
24th Dec 17 06:54:13Super Smash Bros.Tropes A To D
23rd Dec 17 11:07:52Overshadowed By Controversy
23rd Dec 17 12:32:17No Cartoon Fish
23rd Dec 17 12:30:58No Cartoon Fish
22nd Dec 17 04:33:56Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
22nd Dec 17 04:19:09Orchestral Bombing
22nd Dec 17 04:17:04Orchestral Bombing
22nd Dec 17 01:56:50Misaimed Marketing
21st Dec 17 06:37:15Video Game.Splatoon 2
21st Dec 17 04:23:08What Do You Mean Its For Kids.Literature
21st Dec 17 09:32:28Radar.Sponge Bob Square Pants
21st Dec 17 01:07:15Token Mini Moe
20th Dec 17 10:00:22No Cartoon Fish
20th Dec 17 09:56:10Inconsistent Dub
20th Dec 17 06:53:10Critical Dissonance.Video Games
20th Dec 17 09:56:48YMMV.Splatoon 2
20th Dec 17 02:09:03Vulgar Humor
20th Dec 17 01:23:48YMMV.Splatoon 2
19th Dec 17 11:32:22What Do You Mean Its Not For Kids.Live Action Films
19th Dec 17 11:15:51Radar.Video Games
18th Dec 17 09:53:36Out Of Focus
18th Dec 17 03:31:32Once Per Episode
17th Dec 17 08:09:57Adored By The Network
17th Dec 17 08:09:04Adored By The Network.Teen Titans Go
17th Dec 17 05:40:07Mis Blamed.Video Games
17th Dec 17 05:26:08YMMV.Splatoon 2
17th Dec 17 07:56:04Shout Out.Nintendo
16th Dec 17 11:13:00YMMV.Splatoon 2
16th Dec 17 01:15:49YMMV.Splatoon 2
14th Dec 17 11:40:25Headscratchers.Splatoon 2
14th Dec 17 09:40:44Headscratchers.Splatoon 2
14th Dec 17 07:49:55Video Game.Splatoon 2
14th Dec 17 07:06:42Ron The Death Eater
14th Dec 17 06:49:05Defictionalization
14th Dec 17 05:17:10Happy Birthday To You
14th Dec 17 05:13:31Disney Owns This Trope
14th Dec 17 05:01:34Disney Owns This Trope
13th Dec 17 10:39:04Approval Of God
13th Dec 17 06:29:17Role Ending Misdemeanor
13th Dec 17 04:28:36Quotes.Role Ending Misdemeanor
12th Dec 17 10:45:30Odd Name Out
12th Dec 17 06:35:19Tertiary Sexual Characteristics
12th Dec 17 05:42:18Screwed By The Lawyers
12th Dec 17 02:00:09Theme Tune Rap
12th Dec 17 01:12:13Overshadowed By Controversy.Video Games
11th Dec 17 05:13:49Flanderization.Video Games
11th Dec 17 04:27:31Hilarious In Hindsight.Video Games
10th Dec 17 02:46:49Video Game.Splatoon 2
9th Dec 17 05:35:29Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
9th Dec 17 01:45:55Values Dissonance.Anime And Manga
8th Dec 17 05:40:25Surreal Horror
8th Dec 17 03:30:36YMMV.Splatoon 2
8th Dec 17 02:46:58Super Move Portrait Attack
7th Dec 17 05:23:14Contested Sequel
7th Dec 17 03:13:55Dork Age.Video Games
6th Dec 17 09:49:15YMMV.Splatoon 2
6th Dec 17 04:07:49Scrappy Mechanic.Super Mario Bros
6th Dec 17 02:26:01Redundant Parody
5th Dec 17 10:29:21Overshadowed By Controversy.Literature
5th Dec 17 10:08:29Overshadowed By Controversy.Video Games
5th Dec 17 09:41:18Overshadowed By Controversy
5th Dec 17 09:13:34Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
5th Dec 17 09:11:59Trivia.Splatoon 2
5th Dec 17 07:31:56The Smurfette Principle.Video Games
5th Dec 17 07:25:31Bootstrapped Leitmotif
5th Dec 17 07:21:57Bootstrapped Leitmotif
5th Dec 17 05:51:05Musical Nod
5th Dec 17 05:39:58The Bus Came Back
5th Dec 17 04:10:10Dub Name Change.Foreign To English
4th Dec 17 11:38:30Dork Age.Video Games
4th Dec 17 11:37:45Dork Age.Video Games
4th Dec 17 04:49:53YMMV.Animal Crossing
4th Dec 17 04:34:25Dork Age.Video Games
4th Dec 17 04:11:19Demoted To Extra.Video Games
4th Dec 17 06:22:32Jiggle Physics
4th Dec 17 05:14:04Third Person Seductress
4th Dec 17 05:06:55Video Game.Splatoon 2
4th Dec 17 04:28:50Video Game.Splatoon 2
4th Dec 17 04:08:17Dork Age.Video Games
4th Dec 17 02:08:10Video Game.Splatoon 2
4th Dec 17 12:03:55Unfortunate Character Design
4th Dec 17 12:02:20Unfortunate Character Design
3rd Dec 17 11:57:23Video Game.Splatoon 2
3rd Dec 17 08:23:35Bowdlerise.Video Games
3rd Dec 17 03:25:29Tough Act To Follow
2nd Dec 17 11:12:00Video Game.Splatoon 2
2nd Dec 17 10:40:08Video Game.Splatoon 2
2nd Dec 17 10:36:15YMMV.Splatoon 2
2nd Dec 17 10:18:09Never Say Die
2nd Dec 17 01:52:17Franchise Killer
2nd Dec 17 12:40:43Audience Shift
1st Dec 17 11:07:50Old Save Bonus
1st Dec 17 11:44:55Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
1st Dec 17 11:44:13Super Smash Bros.Tropes E To M
1st Dec 17 11:10:18Dethroning Moment.Video Games
1st Dec 17 12:31:17Urban Legend Of Zelda
30th Nov 17 10:49:10Trivia.Splatoon 2
30th Nov 17 10:44:33Scrappy Mechanic.Final Fantasy
30th Nov 17 10:41:17Scrappy Mechanic.Final Fantasy
30th Nov 17 09:09:49Older Than They Look.Video Games
30th Nov 17 06:44:31YMMV.Splatoon 2
30th Nov 17 06:25:38Forehead Of Doom
30th Nov 17 05:57:15Older Than They Look.Video Games
30th Nov 17 04:34:44Vague Age
30th Nov 17 04:23:41Overworld Not To Scale
30th Nov 17 03:33:53Overly Long Gag
30th Nov 17 03:00:35Theme Tune Cameo.Video Games
30th Nov 17 02:33:49Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Films
30th Nov 17 04:27:41Paused Interrupt
30th Nov 17 03:15:00Bribing Your Way To Victory.Video Games
30th Nov 17 03:01:25Darkness Induced Audience Apathy.Films
28th Nov 17 09:19:05Quintessential British Gentleman
28th Nov 17 09:14:10Quintessential British Gentleman
28th Nov 17 05:03:02Expy.Video Games
28th Nov 17 04:53:00Mouth Cam
28th Nov 17 04:51:33Tooth Strip
28th Nov 17 02:46:19Public Domain Soundtrack
28th Nov 17 02:17:44Everything Is Big In Texas
28th Nov 17 01:57:13What Could Have Been.Video Games G To M
28th Nov 17 01:49:05Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
28th Nov 17 01:48:23Cowboy Bebop At His Computer.Video Games
28th Nov 17 12:58:31Mis Blamed.Video Games
28th Nov 17 12:35:09Conspicuously Light Patch
28th Nov 17 12:34:31Conspicuously Light Patch
27th Nov 17 11:59:11Moe.Video Games
27th Nov 17 10:45:23Suspiciously Similar Song.Video Games
27th Nov 17 09:15:44Anachronism Stew.Films With No Good Excuse
27th Nov 17 09:04:17Real Song Theme Tune
27th Nov 17 07:53:03Verbal Tic.Video Games
27th Nov 17 03:34:41Animesque
27th Nov 17 02:03:03Bokukko
27th Nov 17 01:03:40Translation With An Agenda
26th Nov 17 09:01:13Standard Snippet
26th Nov 17 07:16:10Sequel Hook
26th Nov 17 06:42:38Sequel Hook
26th Nov 17 06:08:38Sequel Hook
26th Nov 17 04:04:35Token Mini Moe
26th Nov 17 04:00:49Quotes.Genki Girl
26th Nov 17 03:51:32Token Mini Moe
26th Nov 17 12:43:32YMMV.Splatoon 2
26th Nov 17 12:40:18Public Domain Soundtrack
25th Nov 17 12:53:19Public Domain Soundtrack
25th Nov 17 11:55:01Public Domain Soundtrack
24th Nov 17 11:52:47Memes.Splatoon
24th Nov 17 02:39:06Video Game.Splatoon 2
24th Nov 17 03:30:47Out Of Focus
24th Nov 17 03:08:05Horrible.Western Animation
24th Nov 17 01:32:26Video Game.Splatoon 2
24th Nov 17 12:21:28YMMV.Splatoon 2
24th Nov 17 12:19:26Video Game.Splatoon 2
24th Nov 17 12:17:39Video Game.Splatoon 2
23rd Nov 17 11:53:13Video Game.Splatoon 2
23rd Nov 17 10:33:24Quotes.Media Watchdog
23rd Nov 17 09:59:50Video Game.Splatoon 2
23rd Nov 17 09:58:18Video Game.Splatoon 2
23rd Nov 17 12:48:20YMMV.Splatoon 2
23rd Nov 17 07:00:23Quotes.Authors Saving Throw
23rd Nov 17 06:56:23Took A Level In Dumbass.Video Games
23rd Nov 17 06:54:20Quotes.Took A Level In Dumbass