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16th Nov 15 07:11:19Film.Diamonds Are Forever
16th Nov 15 07:04:32Utopia Justifies The Means
16th Nov 15 07:03:56Utopia Justifies The Means
16th Nov 15 07:03:30Utopia Justifies The Means
15th Oct 15 03:57:44Characters.SHIELD
15th Oct 15 03:57:10Characters.SHIELD
8th Aug 15 12:36:49Blind Idiot Translation.Video Games
23rd Jun 15 07:48:21You ALL Share My Story
23rd Jun 15 07:44:20You ALL Share My Story
28th Apr 15 01:38:19Mayfly December Friendship
17th Jan 15 11:02:41I Was Quite A Looker
17th Jan 15 11:02:09I Was Quite A Looker
20th Jul 14 07:26:14In The Past Everyone Will Be Famous
20th Jul 14 04:46:00Drought Level Of Doom
20th Jul 14 03:52:23Living Memory
20th Jul 14 03:51:51Living Memory
20th May 14 12:00:09Summon Bigger Fish
29th Mar 14 09:33:37Guest Star Party Member
28th Feb 14 05:10:40Gecko Ending
28th Feb 14 04:59:49Gateless Ghetto
27th Feb 14 01:20:23Gecko Ending
26th Feb 14 06:08:41Recap.Twitch Plays Pokemon
24th Feb 14 06:00:30Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon
24th Feb 14 06:00:22Lets Play.Twitch Plays Pokemon
16th Feb 14 01:05:49Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
16th Feb 14 01:03:59Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda A Link Between Worlds
16th Feb 14 09:40:46Brave New World
16th Feb 14 09:40:04Brave New World
13th Feb 14 04:56:34Significant Double Casting
12th Feb 14 08:55:32Roleplay.Record Of Lodoss War
12th Feb 14 08:51:20Roleplay.Record Of Lodoss War
12th Feb 14 07:40:59Weapon Jr
12th Feb 14 01:33:13Peninsula Of Power Leveling
12th Feb 14 11:18:40Bland Name Product
4th Oct 13 10:25:26Welcome To Corneria
28th Sep 13 04:54:21Awesome Bosses.Tales Series
28th Sep 13 04:53:11Video Game.Tales Of Phantasia
21st Apr 13 06:27:06Year Inside Hour Outside
20th Apr 13 09:06:56Anime.Nadia The Secret Of Blue Water
18th Apr 13 10:40:16Relationship Voice Actor.English Anime
3rd Apr 13 11:32:36Honorary Uncle
25th Mar 13 09:01:56Seventh Episode Twist
25th Mar 13 04:16:10So Long And Thanks For All The Gear
25th Mar 13 01:08:39Characters.Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
25th Mar 13 12:52:18Oktoberfest
25th Mar 13 08:08:00Air Vent Passageway
23rd Mar 13 09:32:15No Longer With Us
23rd Mar 13 09:31:56No Longer With Us
23rd Mar 13 09:17:44Sacrificed Basic Skill For Awesome Training
23rd Mar 13 07:36:14Engineered Heroics
21st Mar 13 05:27:42Brats With Slingshots
13th Mar 13 11:44:05Interscene Diegetic
30th Jul 12 09:34:02Film.The Hobbit
30th Jul 12 09:32:57Film.The Hobbit
22nd Jun 12 08:39:05Franchise.The Legend Of Zelda
27th Mar 12 09:25:43Sore Thumbs
16th Feb 12 03:58:57Hyperactive Metabolism
17th Nov 11 01:49:34Background Magic Field
15th Nov 11 07:06:15Fake Defector
14th Nov 11 01:13:42The Mafiya
14th Nov 11 12:13:17Brand Name Takeover
14th Nov 11 11:39:50Delicious Distraction
14th Nov 11 11:39:10Delicious Distraction
14th Nov 11 11:04:55Date Crepe
14th Nov 11 08:29:08Un Equal Rites
14th Nov 11 07:55:17Transhuman
14th Nov 11 07:32:46Transhuman
13th Nov 11 06:42:34I Got You Covered
13th Nov 11 06:25:08Proud Merchant Race
13th Nov 11 06:21:43Proud Merchant Race
13th Nov 11 06:14:09Sirens Are Mermaids
12th Nov 11 01:08:14Luck Manipulation Mechanic
12th Nov 11 07:44:16Unwanted False Faith
12th Nov 11 05:26:26Leitmotif
1st Nov 11 04:37:03The Nondescript