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19th May 18 08:44:44Trivia.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
6th Aug 17 12:39:20Paint Hero Black.Tropers M To O
14th May 17 05:58:34Videogame.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
5th Feb 17 11:35:30YMMV.Team Four Star
27th Nov 16 02:33:33YMMV.Dragon Ball Z Abridged
10th Oct 16 08:37:37Funny.Team Four Star Nuzlocke Playthroughs
29th Sep 16 02:35:16Website.The Comment Section
23rd Sep 16 11:03:27Funny.Red Dead Redemption
3rd Aug 16 01:03:20Funny.Team Four Star
4th Jul 16 12:25:19Funny.Team Four Star
20th May 16 10:38:26Funny.Team Four Star
11th Apr 16 11:52:05Funny.Team Four Star
2nd Apr 16 09:45:33Borderlands2.Tropes A To C
12th Mar 16 11:11:20Video Game.Batman Arkham City
19th Feb 16 01:03:48The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything.Fallout
30th Jan 16 10:22:25Funny.Team Four Star
1st Sep 15 05:37:52Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
1st Sep 15 05:21:46Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
31st Aug 15 11:57:31Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
31st Aug 15 11:39:29Webcomic.Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal
19th Jul 15 06:40:51Video Game.Saints Row 2
24th Jun 15 10:14:09Video Game.Grand Theft Auto IV
3rd Jun 15 10:19:12Videogame.Assassins Creed IV Black Flag
18th May 15 08:59:32Characters.Assassins Creed III The Templars
16th Apr 15 06:20:21Tropers.Malph
24th Mar 15 08:37:44Funny.Assassins Creed II
24th Mar 15 08:36:20Funny.Assassins Creed II
15th Mar 15 07:11:39Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
15th Mar 15 07:03:52Headscratchers.Batman Arkham City
21st Aug 14 07:56:04Better Than It Sounds.Video Games A To C
4th Aug 14 02:08:12Literature.The Elder Scrolls In Universe Books
27th Jul 14 05:25:14Game Breaker.The Elder Scrolls
26th Jun 14 05:33:04YMMV.The Elder Scrolls Arena
22nd Mar 14 02:18:40Trivia.Bio Shock 2
20th Feb 14 11:12:56Funny.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
20th Feb 14 11:08:31Funny.The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim
16th Feb 14 05:14:28YMMV.The Comment Section
16th Feb 14 04:56:00YMMV.The Comment Section
16th Feb 14 04:54:15YMMV.The Comment Section
6th Dec 13 02:10:31Talking Is A Free Action
16th Nov 13 11:37:16That One Level.First Person Shooter
16th Nov 13 11:30:28That One Level.First Person Shooter
14th Nov 13 05:32:54WMG.Call Of Duty
13th Nov 13 05:51:05Video Game.Call Of Duty Black Ops
10th Nov 13 09:09:59Series.WKRP In Cincinnati
10th Nov 13 09:03:48Series.WKRP In Cincinnati
2nd Nov 13 02:34:55Funny.Fallout 3
27th Oct 13 10:39:50Funny.Lanipator
19th Oct 13 10:07:34Harmful Healing
14th Oct 13 09:18:53YMMV.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
12th Oct 13 09:15:53Funny.Thirty Rock
12th Oct 13 09:04:46Funny.Thirty Rock
22nd Sep 13 09:36:14WMG.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
22nd Sep 13 09:03:33WMG.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
22nd Sep 13 09:02:12WMG.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
30th Aug 13 12:21:17Nightmare Fuel.Grand Theft Auto IV
30th Aug 13 12:10:29Nightmare Fuel.Grand Theft Auto IV
29th Aug 13 10:52:34YMMV.Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost And Damned
29th Aug 13 10:43:21YMMV.Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost And Damned
29th Aug 13 10:38:43YMMV.Grand Theft Auto IV The Lost And Damned
21st Aug 13 07:10:45Funny.Grand Theft Auto San Andreas
18th Aug 13 08:51:16WMG.Fallout 3
15th Aug 13 07:25:35Synthetic Voice Actor
18th Jul 13 09:15:16Tropers.Malph
11th Jul 13 10:43:09NPC Amnesia
28th Jun 13 11:59:11YMMV.Fallout New Vegas
17th Jun 13 06:12:35Time Abyss
17th Jun 13 06:08:48Time Abyss
30th May 13 11:12:59Characters.The Legend Of Zelda Majoras Mask
24th May 13 11:54:39YMMV.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
24th May 13 11:52:49Video Game.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
18th May 13 11:57:54Nostalgia Level
15th May 13 11:40:41Headscratchers.Metroid
9th May 13 10:47:14Headscratchers.Metroid Prime
9th May 13 10:39:14Headscratchers.Metroid Prime
9th May 13 12:09:44Lost Forever
4th May 13 11:23:47WMG.The Slender Man Mythos
4th May 13 07:19:30Bowdlerise.Western Animation
3rd May 13 02:14:09Funny.Team Four Star
3rd May 13 02:07:55Funny.Lanipator
3rd May 13 01:59:08Funny.Lanipator
3rd May 13 01:58:33Funny.Lanipator
1st May 13 07:43:24American Dad.Tropes A To E
9th Apr 13 10:00:11Long Speech Tea Time
31st Mar 13 10:59:09No Ending
25th Mar 13 10:56:20Tropers.Malph
25th Mar 13 08:46:41Video Game.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
25th Mar 13 04:20:11No Medication For Me
24th Mar 13 07:23:38Redemption Equals Death
9th Mar 13 09:11:55Quotes.Fallout 3
5th Mar 13 10:07:56Memetic Badass.Real Life
4th Mar 13 07:32:31Public Domain Artifact
23rd Feb 13 11:18:33Headscratchers.Tales Of Vesperia
22nd Feb 13 01:30:27Take Your Time
19th Feb 13 02:15:51WMG.Tales Of Vesperia
13th Feb 13 11:59:56Take Your Time
10th Feb 13 11:39:52The All Seeing AI
9th Feb 13 08:32:03Darth Wiki.Useless Notes
5th Feb 13 11:25:39Characters.Fallout 3
5th Feb 13 11:11:58Characters.Fallout 3
5th Feb 13 10:40:03Video Game.Fallout 3
1st Feb 13 02:44:33Nightmare Fuel.Fallout 3
1st Feb 13 02:14:13Nightmare Fuel.Fallout 3
31st Jan 13 10:41:50Characters.Fallout New Vegas Lonesome Road
30th Jan 13 01:56:39WMG.Fallout 3
25th Jan 13 11:16:19Courier
24th Jan 13 10:50:57Nightmare Fuel.Fallout New Vegas
22nd Jan 13 02:31:34Video Game.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
20th Jan 13 10:42:12Characters.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
20th Jan 13 10:23:18Improbable Age
18th Jan 13 09:16:16Characters.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
10th Jan 13 05:57:17Anti Climax Boss
5th Jan 13 11:30:10The Battle Didnt Count
4th Jan 13 06:45:28Escort Mission
4th Jan 13 06:28:12Escort Mission
27th Dec 12 09:54:55Characters.Left 4 Dead
11th Dec 12 02:23:59Game Breaking Bug
2nd Dec 12 07:46:02Eye Scream.Live Action TV
2nd Dec 12 07:42:38Characters.The Walking Dead TV Show
18th Nov 12 07:25:24Funny.Lanipator
13th Nov 12 03:51:21WMG.Pokemon Anime
13th Nov 12 03:50:41WMG.Pokemon Anime
10th Nov 12 06:11:50Artificial Stupidity.RPG
10th Nov 12 05:51:45Franchise.Pokemon
10th Nov 12 05:04:17Video Game.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
30th Oct 12 10:55:48Lead Bassist
27th Oct 12 05:52:45Better Than It Sounds.Video Games N-R
27th Oct 12 05:47:20Better Than It Sounds.Video Games N-R
21st Oct 12 08:32:57Take Your Time
2nd Oct 12 05:08:18Spoiled By The Format
29th Sep 12 08:37:16WMG.The Book Of Eli
29th Sep 12 08:36:35WMG.The Book Of Eli
25th Sep 12 09:52:34WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
25th Sep 12 09:42:19WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
23rd Sep 12 07:34:15Quotes.Malph
22nd Sep 12 10:58:39WMG.Arthur
22nd Sep 12 10:56:02WMG.Arthur
22nd Sep 12 08:50:37WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Ocarina Of Time
22nd Sep 12 03:31:02Late Arrival Spoiler
19th Sep 12 01:17:45Guide Dang It.Simulation Games
19th Sep 12 01:04:19Pair The Spares
17th Sep 12 06:47:17Fridge.Pokemon
17th Sep 12 06:42:31Fridge.Pokemon
17th Sep 12 04:54:05Ending Fatigue
17th Sep 12 04:53:29Ending Fatigue
17th Sep 12 03:26:35Voodoo Shark
15th Sep 12 02:07:26That One Achievement
15th Sep 12 02:03:17That One Achievement
14th Sep 12 09:09:51Video Game.Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
14th Sep 12 08:58:48Video Game.Pokemon Diamond And Pearl
8th Sep 12 01:25:20Trolling Creator
25th Aug 12 06:30:04Transformation Is A Free Action
29th Jul 12 12:08:23YMMV.Xkcd
27th Jul 12 10:27:18That One Boss.RPG
27th Jul 12 10:19:09That One Boss.RPG
24th Jul 12 11:35:14Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
24th Jul 12 11:34:47Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
24th Jul 12 11:27:05Why Did It Have To Be Snakes
23rd Jul 12 08:40:22Creator.Team Four Star
15th Jul 12 10:06:42Save Game Limits
1st Jul 12 08:57:33Bonus Feature Failure
29th Jun 12 10:06:25Invisible Wall
29th Jun 12 10:04:14Invisible Wall
29th Jun 12 10:41:22A Glass Of Chianti
16th Jun 12 08:56:36Characters.Harvest Moon Mineral Town
16th Jun 12 08:48:57Video Game.Harvest Moon
15th Jun 12 10:21:03Arson Murder And Jaywalking.Real Life
14th Jun 12 07:17:50Characters.Burn Notice
13th Jun 12 06:02:42Tropers.Diurnal Brocolli
8th Jun 12 04:51:44Save Scumming
1st Jun 12 11:11:19Tropers.El Rigo
1st Jun 12 11:10:16Tropers.El Rigo
1st Jun 12 11:00:38Tropers.El Rigo
15th May 12 09:20:46Insane Troll Logic
3rd May 12 10:25:27YMMV.Creepypasta
3rd May 12 10:24:16YMMV.Creepypasta
3rd May 12 10:19:24Narm.New Media
27th Apr 12 10:43:18WMG.Pokemon Colosseum
27th Apr 12 10:42:39WMG.Pokemon Colosseum
22nd Apr 12 06:12:20Killer Rabbit
22nd Apr 12 05:57:33Webcomic.Mokepon
22nd Apr 12 05:54:47Webcomic.Mokepon
13th Apr 12 10:38:47Memes.Advertising
12th Apr 12 10:20:42Tropers.Malph
11th Apr 12 01:27:12Video Game.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
10th Apr 12 08:49:21Tropers.Malph
5th Apr 12 12:31:54WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
22nd Mar 12 08:26:54Enemy Civil War
22nd Mar 12 08:23:36Enemy Civil War
22nd Mar 12 08:21:28Enemy Civil War
21st Mar 12 02:08:39That One Boss.Strategy
20th Mar 12 03:09:30Vocal Dissonance
20th Mar 12 03:06:55Vocal Dissonance
20th Mar 12 02:55:17Andrew Jackson
10th Mar 12 06:41:48That One Level.Wide Open Sandbox
9th Mar 12 01:15:27Better Than It Sounds.Film W
9th Mar 12 12:48:40Paint Hero Black.Tropers M To O
5th Mar 12 10:24:02Memetic Molester
5th Mar 12 11:54:57WMG.Pokemon Black And White
5th Mar 12 11:47:25WMG.Pokemon Black And White
3rd Mar 12 12:39:41Credits Gag
2nd Mar 12 11:37:54WMG.Left 4 Dead
28th Feb 12 10:34:07Web Original.Dragon Ball Abridged
28th Feb 12 10:32:24Characters.Dragon Ball Abridged
28th Feb 12 10:29:54Characters.Dragon Ball Abridged
28th Feb 12 10:28:11Web Original.Dragon Ball Abridged
25th Feb 12 10:13:29Stay On The Path
21st Feb 12 03:06:26Better Than It Sounds.Other
20th Feb 12 08:48:48Better Than It Sounds.Literature A-J
20th Feb 12 08:16:55Better Than It Sounds.Video Games A-F
20th Feb 12 03:17:54Lost Forever
19th Feb 12 11:07:14Funny.Mokepon
15th Feb 12 10:26:22Funny.Team Four Star
12th Feb 12 11:56:51Shout Out.Fallout New Vegas
11th Feb 12 11:48:34Funny.Team Four Star
11th Feb 12 11:47:01Funny.Team Four Star
8th Feb 12 09:39:27The Password Is Always Swordfish
8th Feb 12 07:41:03Fridge.Call Of Duty
8th Feb 12 05:52:05Bash Brothers
8th Feb 12 05:50:57Bash Brothers
8th Feb 12 05:46:27Characters.Modern Warfare
6th Feb 12 06:03:33Secret Test
5th Feb 12 08:18:08Memes.Video Games
5th Feb 12 01:03:00Get A Stupid Answer
5th Feb 12 12:37:35Get A Stupid Answer
5th Feb 12 12:18:53Darth Wiki.How Not To Write An Example
5th Feb 12 12:09:28Darth Wiki.How Not To Write An Example
5th Feb 12 12:07:14Darth Wiki.How Not To Write An Example
3rd Feb 12 06:03:00Stop Helping Me.Video Games
3rd Feb 12 06:00:10Stop Helping Me.Video Games
31st Jan 12 12:00:25Headscratchers.The Elder Scrolls
30th Jan 12 11:37:36Stupidity Is The Only Option
29th Jan 12 07:28:03Team Four Star
29th Jan 12 07:23:39Team Four Star
26th Jan 12 11:05:14OOC Is Serious Business
26th Jan 12 12:51:39Kleptomaniac Hero
26th Jan 12 12:20:45Mokepon
25th Jan 12 11:07:43Intercourse With You
25th Jan 12 10:41:19Darth Wiki.Intercourse With You
22nd Jan 12 11:25:44YMMV.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
22nd Jan 12 11:15:14YMMV.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
21st Jan 12 11:24:05Characters.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
21st Jan 12 11:20:00Characters.The Elder Scrolls IV Oblivion
18th Jan 12 09:50:30Metal Gear Solid 3 Snake Eater
18th Jan 12 09:16:32You Cant Thwart Stage One
18th Jan 12 08:59:47WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
17th Jan 12 09:25:30Artificial Stupidity
16th Jan 12 11:40:30Narm.Metal Gear
8th Jan 12 06:37:09Decoy Protagonist
2nd Jan 12 12:47:20Tropers.Bobby G
1st Jan 12 04:09:46Headscratchers.Tales Of Symphonia Dawn Of The New World
30th Dec 11 10:03:22Quotes.Malph
30th Dec 11 09:59:39Tropers.Malph
21st Dec 11 06:52:52Funny.Dragon Ball Abridged
4th Nov 11 10:47:23Goddamned Boss
4th Nov 11 09:35:27Bittersweet Ending.Video Games
4th Nov 11 12:41:29The Dev Team Thinks Of Everything
28th Oct 11 12:00:22Where Are You From
27th Oct 11 08:03:53WMG.The Legend Of Zelda Timeline
26th Oct 11 05:25:04Funny.Shortpacked
23rd Oct 11 10:22:24Trial Balloon Question
23rd Oct 11 01:29:27Tales Of Phantasia
23rd Oct 11 01:27:19Tales Of Phantasia
22nd Oct 11 12:31:08That One Sidequest
14th Oct 11 10:26:08High Octane Nightmare Fuel.Metroid
8th Oct 11 03:05:56Fallout 3
7th Oct 11 02:55:02Last Lousy Point
7th Oct 11 02:51:01Last Lousy Point
7th Oct 11 01:19:28WMG.Pokemon Gold And Silver
7th Oct 11 01:10:42WMG.Pokemon Gold And Silver
6th Oct 11 12:09:07They Plotted A Perfectly Good Waste
6th Oct 11 12:08:34They Plotted A Perfectly Good Waste
6th Oct 11 12:02:13They Plotted A Perfectly Good Waste
4th Oct 11 11:00:37Memes.Advertising
4th Oct 11 09:06:49They Plotted A Perfectly Good Waste
2nd Oct 11 10:26:28Video Game.Donkey Kong 64
1st Oct 11 12:32:45Give Me Your Inventory Item
1st Oct 11 12:09:20Cool But Inefficient
30th Sep 11 09:06:36
30th Sep 11 07:18:17Memes.Other Internet
29th Sep 11 01:45:47Funny.Cracked
28th Sep 11 07:00:37Better Than It Sounds.Literature A-J
28th Sep 11 06:06:42Better Than It Sounds.Video Games A-F
28th Sep 11 05:53:46Better Than It Sounds.Video Games G-M
28th Sep 11 04:07:46Luck Based Mission
27th Sep 11 01:07:57Quotes.Malph
26th Sep 11 11:38:53Nightmare Fuel.Pokemon
22nd Sep 11 03:24:43Franchise Zombie
20th Sep 11 08:19:54WMG.That70s Show
18th Sep 11 03:51:20WMG.Fullmetal Alchemist