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22nd Jan 13 03:35:14Demonic Spiders.Pokemon
18th Jan 13 09:55:59That One Level.RPG
18th Jan 13 09:39:21That One Sidequest
29th Dec 12 07:05:21That One Attack
18th Dec 12 09:47:19That One Boss.Card Battle Game
12th Dec 12 04:18:48Game Breaker.Card Battle Game
1st Dec 12 02:06:45Memes.Pokemon
28th Nov 12 08:59:43That One Level.Action Adventure
22nd Nov 12 07:40:20YMMV.Pokemon Black 2 And White 2
4th Nov 12 06:49:22Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
25th Oct 12 01:05:00That One Attack.Final Fantasy
25th Oct 12 12:59:17That One Attack.Final Fantasy
25th Oct 12 12:55:42That One Attack.Final Fantasy
12th Oct 12 03:58:58Scrappy Mechanic.Pokemon
8th Oct 12 11:55:37That One Boss.Touhou
8th Oct 12 11:41:07That One Boss.Touhou
8th Oct 12 03:40:56Player Punch.Visual Novels
8th Oct 12 12:33:16Interface Spoiler
5th Oct 12 10:12:10Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
14th Sep 12 07:12:41Scrappy Mechanic
8th Sep 12 11:39:17Wake Up Call Boss
8th Sep 12 08:25:24That One Level.Real Time Strategy
7th Sep 12 03:30:01Game Breaker.Real Time Strategy
3rd Sep 12 12:48:03Game Breaker.Pokemon
30th Aug 12 07:28:40That One Level.The Legend Of Zelda
27th Aug 12 11:56:42Awesome Bosses.Touhou
25th Aug 12 06:30:31Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
25th Aug 12 06:29:55Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
21st Aug 12 05:28:49That One Level.RPG
21st Aug 12 05:24:10That One Level.Super Mario Bros
18th Aug 12 04:28:49Game Breaker.Action
17th Aug 12 05:27:42Game Breaking Bug
6th Aug 12 04:14:50Game Breaker.Pokemon
6th Aug 12 04:11:12Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
6th Aug 12 01:23:08Good Bad Bugs.Shoot Em Ups
15th Jul 12 02:28:04The Reason You Suck Speech.Webcomics
8th Jul 12 04:31:55Memetic Badass.Chuck Norris
4th Jul 12 05:59:10Lethal Joke Character
28th Jun 12 01:44:56Scrappy Weapon
24th Jun 12 11:15:50Memes.Touhou
23rd Jun 12 11:43:08Demonic Spiders.Pokemon
21st Jun 12 09:23:32Wham Line.Video Games
19th Jun 12 08:55:45Awesome Music.Touhou Other Works
9th Jun 12 09:02:03That One Level.Action Adventure
2nd Jun 12 11:30:46That One Attack.Touhou
29th May 12 07:32:01Money For Nothing
29th May 12 11:30:46Game Breaking Bug
24th May 12 08:33:00Quintessence
9th May 12 12:56:35That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
4th May 12 05:49:05Skill Gate Characters
3rd May 12 05:46:17Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
30th Apr 12 07:45:55That One Attack.Touhou
30th Apr 12 07:31:44Awesome.Player Accomplishments
27th Apr 12 12:52:01Goddamned Boss
23rd Apr 12 07:04:58That One Boss.Final Fantasy
21st Apr 12 03:00:05That One Boss.Touhou
21st Apr 12 07:34:03Game Breaker.Role Playing
21st Apr 12 07:33:58Game Breaker.Card Battle Game
20th Apr 12 04:48:03Memes.Pokemon
17th Apr 12 08:48:13Lord British Postulate
14th Apr 12 01:57:41I Never Said It Was Poison
10th Apr 12 09:51:50Memes.Touhou
9th Apr 12 10:02:54YMMV.The Ugly Barnacle
9th Apr 12 10:02:31The Ugly Barnacle
8th Apr 12 08:54:51Self Imposed Challenge
8th Apr 12 08:36:58Serial Tweaker
8th Apr 12 08:12:28The Ugly Barnacle
6th Apr 12 11:02:27Marathon Level
26th Mar 12 12:53:59Infinity Minus One Sword
25th Mar 12 04:45:22Boss In Mook Clothing
23rd Mar 12 04:14:01Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
23rd Mar 12 04:13:32Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
22nd Mar 12 10:27:13Game Breaker.Castlevania
13th Mar 12 09:23:36That One Attack.Touhou
13th Mar 12 09:20:20That One Attack.Touhou
12th Mar 12 02:27:25That One Boss.Pokemon
11th Mar 12 10:24:30Game Breaker.Super Mario Bros
10th Mar 12 10:48:33Game Breaker.Pokemon
8th Mar 12 07:13:31Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
4th Mar 12 08:17:12Guide Dang It.Japanese Role Playing Games
29th Feb 12 10:14:00That One Boss.RPG
24th Feb 12 09:11:04Lethal Joke Character
22nd Feb 12 10:39:49That One Level.Platform Game
20th Feb 12 03:07:10Munchkin
20th Feb 12 03:01:46Character Tiers
20th Feb 12 03:00:36Character Tiers
18th Feb 12 08:05:45Post End Game Content
11th Feb 12 12:25:36Laconic.That One Level
8th Feb 12 02:43:51That One Boss.Yu-Gi-Oh
5th Feb 12 11:16:09Difficult But Awesome
4th Feb 12 04:24:18Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
4th Feb 12 10:07:09Awesome.Bosses Touhou
1st Feb 12 11:58:18Game Breaker.Role Playing
15th Jan 12 11:51:26That One Attack.Touhou
12th Jan 12 02:42:04That One Attack.Touhou
12th Jan 12 02:41:49That One Attack
12th Jan 12 02:40:51That One Attack
12th Jan 12 02:40:39That One Attack.Touhou
12th Jan 12 02:40:39That One Attack.Final Fantasy
8th Jan 12 02:24:01Boring But Practical
7th Jan 12 10:17:23Miko
7th Jan 12 10:10:48Quotes.Physical God
5th Jan 12 09:08:50Dump Stat
3rd Jan 12 09:04:52Game Breaker.Final Fantasy
31st Dec 11 09:22:29Lethal Joke Item
27th Dec 11 04:51:24Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
27th Dec 11 04:50:54Game Breaker.Shoot Em Ups
4th Dec 11 10:34:27Memes.Fire Emblem
19th Nov 11 12:24:54Awesome.Player Accomplishments
15th Nov 11 06:32:56That One Attack
14th Nov 11 12:47:37Awesome.Bosses Touhou
12th Nov 11 05:58:47That One Boss.RPG
12th Nov 11 05:17:57That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
11th Nov 11 10:45:03Memes.Pokemon
11th Nov 11 03:00:26That One Boss.Tales Series
8th Nov 11 10:07:05Wake Up Call Boss
8th Nov 11 01:20:18Low Level Run
8th Nov 11 01:19:48Low Level Run
7th Nov 11 09:17:27Memes.Pokemon
2nd Nov 11 12:22:54That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
28th Oct 11 01:01:18Game Breaker.Role Playing
27th Oct 11 09:23:54That One Boss.Strategy
24th Oct 11 08:21:02Troper IRC Channel
24th Oct 11 07:18:32Demonic Spiders.Platformers
22nd Oct 11 08:46:13Horrible.Video Games
20th Oct 11 05:01:07Made Of Win
15th Oct 11 10:57:43That One Attack
15th Oct 11 01:24:05Game Breaker.Role Playing
13th Oct 11 11:59:19Scrappy Mechanic
11th Oct 11 11:10:17That One Sidequest
11th Oct 11 06:25:35That One Boss.Driving
10th Oct 11 05:10:23Game Breaker.Pokemon
9th Oct 11 11:37:39That One Attack
8th Oct 11 01:35:43Game Breaker.Role Playing
4th Oct 11 11:05:11That One Level.Shoot Em Ups
3rd Oct 11 11:36:28Game Breaker.Pokemon
29th Sep 11 04:01:32Joke Character
29th Sep 11 08:25:51That One Boss.RPG
26th Sep 11 03:43:53Awesome.Video Game Levels N-S
26th Sep 11 03:43:19Awesome.Video Game Levels N-S
22nd Sep 11 10:04:51The Dragon.Video Games
21st Sep 11 12:43:22Game Breaker.Pokemon
17th Sep 11 01:30:09YMMV.Pokemon Colosseum
17th Sep 11 01:17:59Game Breaker.Pokemon